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Death, Taxes and the F-01 Error Code
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In March of 2010, I decided to surprise my hardworking wife with a new washer and drier. The snazzy yet costly features of the Whirlpool Duet series washer seemed justified, as the washer and drier combo promised to save her considerable time doing laundry. Turns out, the pricey pair have proven to be the most dreadful purchase I have ever made (really). The washer has failed 4 times in 10 months, with each failure resulting in considerable downtime (more than a month total), painful exchanges with customer service, and time out of our busy schedules waiting for service teams to “fix” our unit. Needless to say, the only thing actually cleaned by my Whirlpool washer has been me.

What is most frustrating is that with each failure, Whirlpool has been content to simply replace the failed part with an identical, soon-to-fail part. As if the 3rd cpu will suddenly work where the previous two have failed. I get the distinct feeling Whirlpool is simply hoping to push me beyond the 12 month warranty period so they can begin charging me for their bait-and-switch part exchange program. Right now, I am being told to wait a week as an engineer reviews my problem. I don't need an engineer and a week to diagnose the issue and offer a solution; the washer represents a full-failure of modern technology and I deserve a new model.

I have three wardrobe-busting kids, one with honest-to-God, medically-treated sensitive skin. We are supposed to wash his clothes and bedding frequently to avoid rashes. Unfortunately, the flashing “F-01” error on my washer makes that difficult. While the problem is not funny, I jokingly call any rash popping up on my son during washer-less periods “Whirlpool Rash.” I may start forwarding his dermatology bills to Whirlpool. What's worse, another of my children is currently battling pink eye. The doc told us to wash everything he contacts to avoid spreading the misery. Ha. Not sure he meant hand 5 in the retention pond across the street.

Anyway, to anyone considering a Whirlpool washing machine, I urge you to run like the wind. I know my wife wishes I had in March 2010. Honestly, I long for the errorless el-cheapo's we had prior to this God-forsaken Whirlpool. The only thing I appreciate about the growing pile of clothes in my laundry room is that it eventually blocks the flashing F-01 error code that haunts my dreams at night. I know I am not alone. That is why I have purchased and am planning to launch to serve as a forum for people suffering from their own “Whirlpool rashes.” Should I find not satisfactory resolution to my problem (new washer), I'll launch the site lickedy-split.

Gasket problem with Whirlpool Duet washers
By -

DAMASCUS, OREGON -- In July of 2007, my husband and I purchased a new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer set. A few days ago, we started smelling a musty odor coming from our laundry room and discovered the floor around the washer was wet. Both of our older kids sometimes do their own laundry, so we asked them if they knew why there was water on the floor. Neither one had any idea.

I decided to try a load of wash to see where the leak was coming from, so I set up a chair next to the machine. About ten minutes into the wash cycle, it started leaking from under the machine (ours sits on a pedestal, so it was leaking between the washer and pedestal). The repairman came today and told me the gasket was torn and would need to be replaced. Fortunately, for us, the machine is still under warranty. I asked him what would cause such a thing to happen, and he said it could be from a belt buckle or something else with metal that could get caught up on the gasket and tear it.

I asked if he had seen other Duets with the same problem and he said there had been quite a few. That made me suspicious, especially since I don't wash clothes with belt buckles in my washing machine, and could not think of anything else that could cause such damage. Ironically, when I was at the grocery store that same day, I happened to mention to the checker that I had my washer repaired that day. He asked me what was the brand and I told him Whirlpool. He said that he and his wife had just repaired their Whirlpool Duet because it leaked and ruined their hardwood floors and that it was because of a torn gasket! Their machine was only one month old.

I plan to write to the company and file a formal complaint. There appears to be a serious design/gasket quality flaw in this machine. I am expecting this to happen again very soon and, once the warranty runs out, this would probably be an expensive repair, as the top and front of the machine has to be removed in order to remove and replace the gasket. We thought we were paying for and receiving a high-quality product. Now I'm not so sure!

Whirlpool Is Not What It Used To Be
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Rating: 2/51

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- 4/2013: Contacted Corporate office AFTER 1.5 year old Duet washer needed new control panel at the cost of $940. When using the washer, there is and always has been a severe vibration and the machine walks out of place. Repair person # 1 came just after washer install and told me nothing wrong. N/C. Repair person # 2 several months later, the repairman told me the same thing, but advised me to put a commercial grade non slip rubber mat under the machine, which I did, at the cost of $80 + $99 service chg.

4/2013: Told that I need to have $940 work & advised me to take the unit OFF the pedestal to reduce the excessive vibration in the machine. It was this vibration that caused the need to replace the control panel. The repair man told me that this is a common problem with these machines and not an isolated incident. Cost of pedestal: $263.67.

After speaking with your customer relations people in the executive office, ** gave authorization to pay for the panel replacement but not the removal of the machine from the pedestal. If Whirlpool had placed the correct panel in the correct box, I would have had only one service call to repair this on 12 April. However, I had to stay home this afternoon to wait for the repair man to come again to bring the correct replacement part. Not only have I spent money for the repairs, I have lost money by having to take off the time working to wait for the repairman and I am losing precious storage space.

One would think that a washing machine of this quality would not be problematic in the first 2 years. Would you recommend a Whirlpool after having this experience? I believe that Whirlpool should take responsibility for these problems and compensate me not only for the repairs but also lost hours at work.

The people selling this merchandise need to be aware of the conditions where these machines are going to be used and advise customers accordingly. I would have NOT bought the pedestal had I know I was going to have vibration problems and soon need the replacement of the control panel. The washer itself does an excellent job of getting the clothes cleaned, better than any machine I have used previously. I am sorry to have experienced these problems.

Warning: Do Not Buy A Whirlpool Product
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON CHARTER TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool Duet Front loading washing machine on November 21, 2011 for around $1200.00. By April, (5 months later) it stopped working. I called Whirlpool since it was under warranty and I was told they were contacting an independent repair company that they have a contract within my area to schedule a service call. I was told the next available appointment was a week later. When the repairman showed up, he said the motor went and it would take another week to get the part. He would be back on the following Friday.

After waiting home all day and taking off a day of work, I was shocked to see a package from a local Sears show up and no repair man. When I called Whirlpool to ask what it was, I was told it was the new motor for my washing machine and now they can schedule a repairman to come to my home. Why did I have to wait one week to receive a part from a store that was 10 minutes from my home? Five days later, (that was the first appointment they would give me and they guaranteed the first appointment of the day), a different repairman shows up at 2:00 in the afternoon and spends 2 hours trying to fix the washing machine.

He seems as though he has NO CLUE as to what he is doing and concludes that it's not the motor (which he just replaced), but the mother board in the machine, "he thinks". He will order the part and when it gets delivered to my home, I should call Whirlpool to schedule a service call. I now have 2 MISSED DAYS OF WORK, will be out of a machine for at least 4 WEEKS if they can figure out how to fix it when they come back, and Whirlpool couldn't care less.

I spent $1200 on a piece of junk that the service company WHIRLPOOL contracted with can't repair. I have no other options. I am at WHIRLPOOL's mercy because the product is under warranty and I am forced to use the company that they contracted with. Can someone please help me? What can I do? STAY AWAY FROM WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS!!!!!

Whirlpool Builds Junk
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Being a landlord for nearly 30 years I have purchased "new" appliances for many of my apartments. I have always preferred Whirlpool over others because of the success I've had in the late 1970's through the '80's. In the last 12 years I have purchased 27 appliances... Refrigerators, stoves, washers, dishwashers and dryers. Their products are designed to fail or are poorly engineered. I have replaced $600.00 stoves or a $450.00 Dishwasher with electronic touch pads after 5 years mainly because the parts are so expensive to replace that it makes more sense to buy new.

More recently, the new front load washers are the worst. I purchased a washer dryer pair in June 2007. After 2 weeks the washer vibrated so severely it walked around the room and vibrated the entire home. Whirlpool sent 4 different repair companies to try to deal with the problem. The truth, most of them didn't know what to do. Finally the 4th time the repair man finally figured out the problem and properly balanced the machine. Now, after 4 and 1/2 years of use the machine is not cycling properly... requiring you to reset it and start your wash cycle over.

From the vibration problem, to the awful smell coming from the inside to water leaking on the floor to now cycle fail I'm ready to throw it into the river. On a whim I decided to call Whirlpool to see if they would display any sympathy for my grief. All they told me is I could pay to have them send a repair man and I could pay for an extended warranty. They lost me permanently as a customer... When I opened the door on that washer to give them the serial number and saw that it was made in Mexico, that told me more than any customer service representative I will never buy a Whirlpool/Maytag again.

Duet Washer Stinks!
By -

The smell isn't the only problem. My washer is only 2 years old and needs a repair job that will cost $565. The tub and basket need to be replaced because now the machine sounds like a train coming through my house. A cheaply made major part inside has broken down according to the repairman sent from my extended warranty company. I ALSO recently found small little FLAKES OF PLASTIC-LIKE STUFF BREAKING APART and coming into the laundry. It was stuck to my microfiber face towels and that's how I found out WHEN I RUBBED MY FACE WITH A TOWEL AND THERE WERE THESE VERY TINY HARD THINGS STUCK IN THE TOWEL SCRATCHING MY FACE.

Then I found these things stuck to all my microfiber towels and they're all ruined. I can't tell if there are smaller bits in other fabrics that cannot be seen with the eye. I did save the towels to show the repairman when he returns. Someone may get hurt by this; hopefully not a BABY. I have noticed by reading complaints this part failure is a problem for many consumers with this machine. So much so that the part is hundreds on back order at Whirlpool as of 1/19/11. I waited so far a month for the part on back order then decided to call Whirlpool.

The parts person said it could be years before the part becomes available, if ever. Doesn't that mean they should replace the washer? The parts person said to look around to see if other vendors have the part out there; that would be my best bet. Well, I did buy an extended contract with someone else. I let them know what Whirlpool said and now I am waiting to see if they will come through for me. No more Whirlpool for me. There should be a recall.

Whirlpool Duet Washer - So Disappointed
By -

I bought my Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer in April 2009 when I bought my first home. I used my tax credit to pay about $2000 total for the set. It started leaking in November 2010 and I hadn't bought the extended warranty.

My husband took the washer apart and discovered that the plastic casing around the metal tub had a tear all the way around the opening. The metal rubbed against it so much it ripped it apart. This is clearly a manufacturer defect. The washing machine is just poorly made. It knocks so loudly that we turn it off mid cycle and then begin it again when we leave. I could handle the sound... What I can't handle is the 2 inches of water all over our laundry room floor and hallway.

I spoke with Whirlpool and the representative didn't even act surprised or ask me what the problem was. When she looked up my name and saw the machine type she offered to pay for parts but I would have to pay for labor. My husband already had the washer apart - We know what the problem is! Then Whirlpool offered to pay for labor instead - but not both. We simply can't afford to pay for either.

We live paycheck to paycheck and the cost of going to the laundromat is almost too much. We only have one child and do laundry only once a week so it's not like we overuse it. I am so disappointed because initially I was super excited to have a nice looking good washing machine that would last at least ten years. I think Whirlpool should replace my washer but I don't want a Duet - it is simply junk. It's amazing to me that a company so big treats its customers so badly.

I thought I had done my due diligence when researching this washer. I will never buy another Whirlpool again and I am telling everyone I know about this situation. It's sad that a company that was once so respected and reliable has dropped to such a low level that it takes advantage of hard working people.

Very Disappointed
By -

ALASKA -- After researching new washers for a couple months, I decided to purchase the Whirlpool duet rather reluctantly because I didn't really care for all the electronics on all these new machines, but there isn't a lot of choices for front loaders and we only have room for stackable in my home. The electronic part of this machine so far has worked fine but after using the machine for 2 months, it leaked water out the front door... I happened to notice right away and stopped the cycle. I thought perhaps something had gotten caught in the door. It ran fine for at least another week. I was in the room adjoining the washer installing hardwood floors when I noticed water underneath the pad...

It was coming from the washer. It had spilled out quite a bit and I again had to stop it. This time, I called Lowe's and said, "You know, this must be defective and I would like to take it back." They said it was past the 30 days and that I would have to call the local service repair company to do the warranty work. They came out and took the washer apart in the back looking for flow level indicators etc. and couldn't figure out what was wrong. They called Whirlpool technical support and were told that they have been having trouble with the doors and to order a whole new front panel. The repair guys call in 3 weeks to say the part is in and they can install it.

When they show up, they say they will have to remove the dryer. "Why?" I ask. To install the door and gasket, they have to take off the top. After they repair the machine and put the dryer back, they wrote me a bill for $80.00 for removing the dryer. I said I was not paying for that and that Whirlpool should pay. I called the repair company's office and they were very rude when I said I would not pay... We are not on very good terms right now... They are threatening collections.

I have talked to Whirlpool employees and supervisors and they will not pay stating that the dryer was of a different make and they did not have to pay. It probably takes 5 minutes to uninstall and reinstall the dryer. I could have done this myself if I had been told ahead of time that the dryer had to come off.

I'm very angry that both companies are telling me I need to pay for this extra fee and citing the need for their wash machine to be accessible. Their wash machine almost flooded my home and who's to say if it's really fixed and it won't happen again. Also, my guess is they don't pay the repair company enough to do warranty work and they in turn, try to charge extra. I feel Whirlpool knows about this problem with the leak because their technician sure did.

The duet washer
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- After reading reviews on this piece of junk that Whirlpool put out I'm getting more and more angry. I too have the duet washer and dryer. The washer is a stinking, no good, expensive piece of crap. Whirlpool's customer service people are **holes in the first degree. My duet is 2 years old. I've had nothing but problems since day one.

First to go up the CCU, then the door lock, then the gasket 2 times that was replaced and no I don't wash anything sharp. I've thrown away countless articles of clothing because it was ruined by this garbage machine. I made the mistake of using bleach to wash some whites. Next load was colors. Seems leftover bleach stays in the dispenser or somewhere and lo and behold next load colors with big white dots on them from leftover bleach.

My hardwood floors were ruined when this junk leaked. Now the dispensers don't work. My laundry supplies are going down the drain. Our clothes stink and yes I used the recommended products to kill the mildew and no to the person that said it was from too much soap.

I measure the detergent and I use the h.e. products. This machine should be banned. I've gotten the daylight's shocked out of me from water leaking into the inside of the machine. The damn door has locked and not unlocked with clothes in it and these were ruined when I've had to wait weeks for a repairman.

I wish a class action lawsuit would start. I'd be in line in a heartbeat. Next income tax time I'm going to have to buy a new washer the dryer isn't so good either it takes 99 or more minutes to dry a load of even towels jeans take at least 3 hours this is a gas dryer. I'll be buying a new dryer too and you better believe it won't be whirljunk. They can take their junk and put it where the lord split them. Whirlpool is no good. Buyer beware.

F35 / Suds code, Whirlpool Duet Steam Washing Machine
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- WFW9500TW01 - "F35" / "Suds" code 14 months after we purchased washer. Hose / air trap is clear and the hose from the analog pressure switch is connected properly. The appliance tech we had come out to look at the washer determined that the analog pressure switch was defective. He told us that this is a common problem with this washing machine.

Whirlpool supervisor ** (female) stated that they could send tech out - and charge us for the call - to diagnose problem. She refused to transfer me to someone who could help and couldn't comprehend that the "it's out of warranty" excuse isn't a proper defense for a product defect. There are MANY posts about Analog Pressure Switch problems with this washing machine.

The posts about Whirlpool's poor customer service are absolutely accurate. They are horrible - good luck in getting them to work with you. We read the reviews for the Whirlpool Duet Steam washing machine before purchasing one and we disregarded the bad ones as disgruntled customers. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE MADE. After my conversation with their customer service dept today, I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product again. Defective parts happen. Refusing to fix a known problem is unacceptable.

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