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Cabrio Washing Machine
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Rating: 3/51

TENNESSEE -- I filed a complaint with the BBB and finally got Whirlpool to call after many, many attempts on the company site and phone calls. They did offer to buy back the machine but not the dryer, so to avoid a mismatched pair, and the fact that the new machines of another brand are about the same, I did not let them have the machine. I keep it set on deep water and seem to get a better wash.

I do not like the fact that the consumer is out of control of this washer, it has a mind of its own. I tried adding clothes at the end of the cycle, but I could not restart the cycle, it completed that cycle and I started from the beginning. Conventional washers allow the consumer to start wherever needed in the cycle. The load also takes nearly an hour and there is no way to shorten it. It is programmed a certain way and you have to live with it.

Top Load HE Washers Fail
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, WASHINGTON -- My Cabrio set is six months old and is the worst purchase decision I have ever made. All the complaints here mirror my experience. In general, the washer does not adequately clean laundry. It frequently completes the wash cycle without even getting the load wet. Soap or softener residue is present. I literally have to clean the inside of the dryer because it fails to rinse and that's where the soil ends up.

Whirlpool denies any ongoing problem and if the service tech says it is functioning as designed, I'm out of luck. My mistake was reading reviews after my purchase instead of prior. Additionally, it is not just a Whirlpool issue. Every HE top load washer on the market, regardless of brand, has identical complaints. The only resolution I see is a class action lawsuit. I worked delivery end for Whirlpool for fifteen years and never witnessed such disregard for their customers.

Whirlpool Cabrio H2Low Worst Machine. Doesn't Clean, Leaves Soap Scum and Shreds Fabric! Seldom Use "Hate" Word, but I Do!
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Rating: 4/51

AVONDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Doesn't use enough water to clean and rinse... Shreds fabric, leaves soap scum. Worst top loader in history. Shredded a Pottery Barn comforter!

Whirlpool Cabrio Almost Caught Fire!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer about 6 years ago. Never had any problems out of either one and have always had Whirlpool appliance my entire adult life. Suddenly, about a month ago, I had a load of clothes on and began hearing an odd noise coming from the laundry room. As I walked to investigate, I smelled smoke. When I walked into my laundry room, there was smoke coming from under the lid of my washing machine! I was so scared that my house was about to catch on fire. Thank God I was home!!! I immediately turned it off and unplugged it. I lifted the lid and smoke just billowed out!

When my husband returned home, we talked about how odd that was and how we've never seen or heard about anything like that happening. He got on the internet to look up that particular model and saw that there had been a class action lawsuit a few years back on that exact model because of defective issues with it. The next day, I contacted Whirlpool and when I explained what happened, they put me through to their "Safety Department." They told me they would either pay for the repairs OR get me a washing machine at a discounted price (???) I'm thinking "discounted"??

I should be getting one FREE considering your faulty machine could have burned my house down!!! Because if their faulty machine had burned my house down - not only would they be buying me a new washer - they would be paying for my new home!!! Anyway, they sent S&S Appliance out the next week to take a look at the machine. My husband was there with them as they "inspected" it (which consisted of them taking the front panel off and looking under it and inside it - never removing any parts - never attempting to plug it in or turn it on).

He was there 15 minutes and basically told my husband he couldn't say exactly what was wrong with it, but it "might" be this or it "might" be that. Boy, that narrows it down! But he also could not say that it wasn't the "U joint" that the class action lawsuit was about. After that, I spent a week and a half going back and forth with Whirlpool about the issue. Because the prices they were quoting me for a new machine were just too high, I told them I wanted my machine fixed. I could tell they weren't very happy with that decision and really kept pushing me to pick a new machine. I declined several times and said I only wanted my machine fixed.

After days without hearing anything, I called S&S Appliance myself to see when exactly they were coming to fix my machine. They told me they had "declined" the repair - however, no one had bothered to tell ME that!! So, I called Whirlpool and when I couldn't get ** on the phone (the representative in the Safety Department I had been dealing with) and after leaving numerous messages, I was put through to a supervisor, who in turn immediately put me through to **. ** told me they did decline the repair because it was going to involve too much.

So, once again came the hard push for me to purchase a new machine. At this point, I had no choice since they were telling me they were not going to fix my machine. My whole beef is this - Whirlpool had a class action lawsuit against them over this model of washer. I happen to have this model washer and it could have burned my house down had I not been home - yet they make me PAY a "discounted" price for a new washer? And "discounted" for me just means that is probably Whirlpool's price before markup meaning they're not losing a dime!!! Ridiculous! And I certainly did not want to get another Whirlpool or any of their related products.

I feel they should have sent me a check for the amount it would have cost to repair my washer and let me go out and purchase any washer I wanted to. Instead, I was forced to purchase a Whirlpool or Maytag product. I guess I'll have to make sure I'm home any time I put on a load of clothes in case another of their washers starts to catch on fire!!

Another Cabrio Washer Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a Cabrio washer model WTW8100BW0 in July of 2014, after only finding glowing reviews on the sites I had previously trusted. We were replacing a 10 year old LG front loader so instead of repairing some minor parts that had failed, we decided on a top loader as I thought one might work better for me. While I do not have some of the issues people are complaining about, I suspect this is just a matter of time. Our buttons are sticking (control board issue) and the paint is already rusting off the tub.

I spoke with Whirlpool customer service and was told that we were out of warranty and that since we had purchased an Extended Warranty (from Warrantech) Whirlpool no longer had any legal responsibility to help me. So I called Warrantech, they do not cover rust. And the issue we are having is "intermittent" so they don't cover that either. I am sure both Whirlpool AND Warrantech are fully aware of the control panel issues which, apparently, have been causing consumers problems since 2010 or earlier.

I am writing Jeff Fettit, the President of Whirlpool, as well as letters to the CEO of Warrantech and the owner of the local company I purchased the washer from. None of them can be so blind as to not be aware of these ongoing issues. BTW, buyers be careful! Many Kenmore machines (highly rated by several consumer ranking groups) are ALSO made by Whirlpool. And Maytag is also a subsidiary of Whirlpool. I think I will dig out my old LG and have the parts replaced if that is still an option and try for another 10 years with that machine.

Cabrio top loader washer and dryer
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Rating: 1/51

DUNN, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever spent a lot of money for. My husband did not want to spend that much on the washer and dryer but I thought it has to be good. Well I have had errors the whole time and have to adjust load after load. Then the display starts to bubble on both washer and dryer. Then glass starts to lift and warp on washer lid. Then latch for dryer door starts messing up and we have to watch how we shut the door.

But of course it has finally broke and we can't repair ourselves. Well my solution will def be NEVER purchase from WHIRLPOOL again. I am never been so unsatisfied with a product before. They def have lowered their product standards when they made these.

Cabrio Top Load Washer
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPLE, TEXAS -- I bought a Cabrio top loading electric washer. It did very well for a long time. Then I started. Getting the ''The code UL", and I had to rearrange the load. At first it was just every now and then, but then it was almost every load. Plus it sounded like it was a plane taking off whenever it hit the spin cycle.

Then today I washed three loads. But I had three or four more, when the washing machine started beeping loudly and it gave me the code F51. When it's turned off it gives a code of F50. Now in researching what might be wrong I've had an opportunity to read a lot of comments, very similar to my experience. So I'm feeling fairly sure that I have another lemon that your company could care less about. I could be wrong, and if I am I believe your company will make it right! I hope to hear from you soon.

What it is like to own a Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I have owned a Cabrio washing machine for years. At first I thought it was great, because I didn't have to worry about an agitator getting in the way, so I would have more room for my whatever I was washing. Also, I liked the fact that I could wash large comforters. What a bonus. About 2 1/2 years after I bought it, my washing machine began to have the same problems that other Cabrio owners have experienced. The electronic board went out and then the bearings went. You can't miss when the bearings go out, because it sounds as if you have a train running through your home.

Thank goodness I had the extended warranty, or I would have had to just get rid of this machine. It just wouldn't have been worth putting that kind of money into it. It hasn't been that long since the tub and bearings were replaced. I don't know if the bearings are going out again or what, but it's making noise again. The service people are trying to find out what's causing it. I've talked to people at Whirlpool and when I've mentioned the complaints I've read about the Cabrio online and my experience with it, they don't say a word.

When you open the lid of a Cabrio, the first thing that you notice is the enormous capacity of the tub. What I wasn't told when I bought it, but learned afterwards, is that you can only fill it to the top of the stainless steel tub. I can't wash my big comforters in it, because they well exceed that. My biggest complaint about the Cabrio is how it washes. Sometimes I stand over the loads being washed and look in through the see through top and I don't feel as if my clothing is getting cleaned properly. You can see the clothing on top is not being agitated in the water. The clothing under it is, but not the clothing on top.

How does the Cabrio clean? Just imagine if you didn't wash dishes for two days and then stacked all of them at once in one large kitchen sink, filling it 1/4 of the way up with water, and used just a drop of liquid dishwashing soap. Instead of washing each item in the sink separately, you just swish the water around with your hands, so that the whatever was at the bottom of the sink had the slightly soapy water moved against it.

After doing this for a while, you take the sprayer on your faucet and spray cold water from the top of the sink over the dishes. After repeating this a couple of times, you then take everything out of the sink and put them back in your kitchen cupboards and drawers. Would you want to eat off of them? I wouldn't want to. I also don't want to wear clothing that isn't completely cleaned either.

I have actually done loads of laundry, where the clothes are actually dry in spots when they come out of the washer. I wash them again only to have the same thing happen again. When you buy a Cabrio, you have to forget everything you've ever learned about using detergent. I was told that you use very little detergent, because it cleans with just a few gallon of water per load. There are things about the Cabrio that I love. The fact that it spins the clothes so fast that they come out much dryer than the typical washing machine.

I also love the fact that it has that larger capacity tub and it doesn't have that large, center agitator that takes up precious laundry space. I also love the fact of how gentle it is on your clothing. It's wonderful, because it doesn't cause any wear and tear on your clothing. I live in California, where it's very important that we save water. The fact that this washer saves so much water is also a real plus, as so many of us are on metered water, so we have to pay for every drop of water we use.

What I want is a washing machine that I can depend on. Also, a washer that will clean my clothes to my satisfaction. I'm tired of washing white clothes for almost 90 minutes and the socks still come out almost as dirty as when they went in. I want to go back to the old style of washing machine where you have the agitator and it fills up with water, and uses a normal amount of detergent, and all of my clothing gets agitated in the soapy water.

I would love for someone here to tell me which make and model I should look for in an old fashioned style washing machine that is both dependable and does a wonderful job at washing clothes and yet is gentle on them. I wish I still had my old Maytag washer. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer, Multiple Problems, Falling Apart, 1 yr old
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio washer in Nov 2010. Right away it would NOT bring enough water into the tub to get a light load of hand washables (5 of my stepdaughters light wt sweaters) wet. Also, heavier loads were not getting clean. We called for service and with the push of a button the test cycle was on and the tech. deemed it "working as designed" and told that our machine is hooked up wrong. It was not, it was installed like every washer except that we have a check valve on our drain system as we have high water table here and at times have had issues with water from that system backing up into the house.

Should have NOTHING to do with the washer and it didn't, BUT we took the check valve off!! The tech. also told me we had to put heavier items in for the hand wash cycle to recognize the clothing. Kind of defeats the purpose of the "hand wash" cycle!! The other complaint during this service call was the machine will AT TIMES bleach the load following a bleached load. Don't you dare slip over that bleach line a tad!!! So I will confess to a bit of operator error on the bleach side of my complaint.

Growing weary dealing with the same issues, I called for service again. I have to wash a stained item as many as three times to remove the stain in spite of using a spotting agent. Grass, coffee, dirty washcloths, forget it, you will have to wash more than once! Again, the tech deemed the machine "working as designed". I've tossed a laundry basket of stained towels, washcloths etc away since buying this washer.

Again, called for service after the machine did not remove treated soil on a fitted sheet. Cleaning is a ongoing problem for this machine, so this was a last straw for me! Sheets should wash up beautifully! Whirlpool Customer Service told me that I would pay for the visit if the machine functioned as designed, even though the machine is still UNDER the 1 year WARRANTY!

I called the repair service company myself and they gladly sent a tech. out to my house but they are the same company Whirlpool uses for this area so... once again the tech did the usual push of the button and put this machine in test cycle, and it ran through the cycle and he deemed it "working as designed" it doesn't matter that is can't even wash a load containing a set of sheets w one light blanket! I was accused of using tooooo much soap by the tech this visit. Did I complain about too much SUDS? NO!! I religiously measure out the recommended dose of two tablespoons! WTHeck is up with this?!

Three days after the last visit the plastic portion above the tub is literally shredding like cheese on a grater! (I would LOVE to post a pic. here). I noticed the outer edge of that area looked discolored (a brownish color) and since I have probably NEVER washed anything dirtier than a pair of work gloves in with a load of jeans it was surprising. Closer look shows me that that area is literally shredding off! I picked the loose stuff off so it would not snag our clothing and have not touched it since. The area has continued to shred out about a inch. Called Whirlpool today and they won't come take a look unless I pay them.

Are washers made to last a YEAR!? I didn't think so! Needless to say we didn't buy the dryer and are still using a 20 year old dryer until we find the best deal out there for the money and replace this THROW AWAY washer. Be prepared when you buy appliances today, from the looks of this site, it isn't just Whirlpool! I am writing a letter to the President of Whirpool today and including pictures. Good luck everyone! This machine's "operation as designed" is very dysfunctional!

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