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Electric Clothes Dryer Hamper door Broken after a month of use !
By -

NEBRASKA -- Dear Consumers,

I bought a set of laundry machine and electric dryer hamper door ( to make a match to the washer ) on Best Buy April 27th 2010. They delivered April 30th 2010. Installed in my laundry room. By the time I bought this dryer, I did not realized that the hamper door is an extrmeely incovenience to any dryer. It is difficult to reach clothes in the back. But I trusted the Whirpool design and regret deeply. Yesterday, my 10 year old child was trying to grab a sock in the back of this machine and the door just bended like PAPER !!!! The metal holding the door came out of the door. Whe I bought the set a month ago at Best Buy, ( anther comapny I do definitely do not recommend to do business ) I got 3 year extended warranty. so in my mind I though that they would cover to fix that. I toally dissatisfied with this dryer, but since I got it, I assumed my decision. Now, Best Buy sent me today what is called : GEEK SQUAD " . That is the most ridiculous service I have ever seen. They do not know what to do and cannot take any decision ! After half an hour outside my house discussing the matter with his manager at Kansas City ( Hey, I live in Lincoln ), the guy comes back and said the $ 100 I paid for extended warranty for Best buy did not cover the bended metal, and that I had to assume the out of pocket to fix the dryer. MY question : how much ? Answer : $ 450 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is after I paid a 3 year warranty to Best Buy ! And 1 year warranty to Whirpool included when I bought this paper machine .

Thinking that Whirpool would be more responsible for their production and provide a better consumer service, I called them. Talked to customer service that said : It was my fault that the door bended. And that the dryer did the function : drying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My question. Great, how can I get clothes from all the way in if a door opens like a hamper and when I put a bit of pressure bends like a paper ?!

Result : They tell me to either buy a new dryer : I just spent $ 600 on this one a month ago or pay $ 450 for fix with the " BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD " .

I have a name for it : Bad product, bad consumer service, no accountability for the products you sell.

So for your information : Keep away from Whirpool. I already had two issues of bad attitude as company with them. Shoul have known better not to get the set from them, but sometimes takes a second lesson to learn. Go for my advise. Pay the $ 200 more and get a better brand, with better customer service, and accountability. A company that when you call, listens to you, and make sure they know what they are selling.

Another 3 cents : Be careful with extended warranties : They serve for nothing !!!!! Best buy ones are just a rip off in your pocket. When they sell something for you they say they cover everything the factory does not. That is LIE. They did not cover mine ! And when they say in their website they have a reasonable fee if the warranty does not cover the fix, please, do not believe. They wanted $ 450 to fix a dryer door !!!!! new one ! , he said that just to come to my home he charges $ 100, and $ 100 per hour. so, do you call that reasonable ? !

Again :

KEEP AWAY FROM WHIRPOOL MATERIAL. ELECTRIC DRYER MODEL WED 5300VW SUPER 7.0 CAPACITY 29' . The metal is extremely thin and will bend for anything .

Thank you for reading my opinion and hope I saved some $ 500 for someone !!

Whirlpool Duet Quality
By -

I have a Duet series washer and dryer...I thought I'd post my experience here.

2007 - X-Mas..I bought a Duet washer and dryer for around $1,950 less rebates.
2008 - The washer motor died and it was replaced under warranty.
2009 - A good year because nothing broke.
2010 - The Dryer's inlet thermister and heater went out. I fixed it and they paid 1/2 of parts. (Thanks Stephanie)
2011 - It's April and the Dryer's control electronics went out. The dryer is currently dead.

So, I emailed and called Stephanie on 4/18 for help again - No reply. I emailed and called Stephanie again on 4/20 - No reply. I figured maybe she doesn't work there now or is on vacation so I sent an email in for assistance from anyone - No reply. So I called (866-640-7146 ) in to talk to someone...anyone for help. I went into the line of people waiting to talk to a rep....15 minutes later.....Keanna answered.....I told her my history of issues....I asked for Whirlpool to pay to fix my dryer this time....I was assured they could not do anything to help me (this took maybe 10 minutes)....I asked for a supervisor.....15 minutes later....Lisa comes on and I make the same request....she assures me as well that they could do nothing to help and that there was nobody else I could speak to.

No, I never purchased an extended warranty because I believe what Dennis posted - "The quality of your product and how you stand behind it should be your warranty, not an extended warranty". I should have taken the warning the first Whirlpool repairman told me when replacing the washer motor, for he said "They don't make these to last 15 years anymore. They make them to last half as long if that, and when they do break its cheaper to just buy new rather than have them repaired". Whatever happened to quality? I thought I was paying for it when I bought these.

Whirpool, if you what to make this right, then contact me. I'll post the results of how you handle this.

Many problems with my Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer set
By -

I bought my Whirlpool washer and dryer set in 2007. I've had many issues with it:

  1. Within the first three months, we had a repair man out to the house three times because water kept letting loose out of the washer and flooding our floor. The problem was a bad seal. Mind you, three trips does not mean the seal actually went bad three times. The first time, the technician cleaned some items out of the trap and said it was my own fault the washer leaked because I was not checking pockets closely enough. The second time he came, he had the wrong part. Third time, he fixed it and I've not had the problem since.

  2. I've also had a repair man out twice to find out why sometimes, when I start laundry, the fabric softener lets loose with the soap as the washer is filling. He told me I "overfill" the fabric softener cup and there was nothing he could do. I fill the cup below the line and I don't feel this should be happening.

  3. The washer periodically "freezes" up and I have to pull the unit out (there is a dryer on top) and unplug it to reset it, plug it back in, and wrestle the unit back in.

  4. For the first few months I owned the units, I could not figure out why I would find the dryer full of wet clothes, light on, with the door closed. Why wasn't it running? It turns out there is one door clamp at the 11:00 position that has to be specifically pushed on HARD to lock. The weight of the clothes against the door and the door not clicking shut all the way was resulting in the door being pushed open just enough to shut the dryer down and turn the light on inside. I now give the door one extra "bop" at that 11:00 spot and make sure I hear the "click" before I start the dryer.

  5. My clothes are always a twisted mess at the end of the wash cycle. I have to untangle all of the pants before drying. I've lost two delicate shirts, washed on the DELICATE cycle to tangling and twisting.

  6. There is a grey gasket between the door and the washer well. I have a gap of about half an inch between the two. I frequently find it full of socks, which are soaked with the fabric softener that was supposed to go into the load.

  7. I don't think the detergent cups are well designed. The little one way to the back for bleach is a problem for me. It's hard to get to with a full bottle of bleach.

  8. About half of the lint in a dryer load goes to the lint trap. The rest blows out the dryer vent and is in my flower garden in front of my house.

  9. My clean laundry comes out of the dryer smelling like mildew. Since the day we got the washer / dryer set, my husband has complained that his clean towels stink.

Overall, my husband and I have been very unhappy with the quality of the units, considering they were at least $800 each. Our laundry area is designed for stackables only and we have 8 kids, so we needed something sturdy with a large capacity. Is front loading technology new and problematic? Or is it just Whirlpool?

Whirlpool Electric Dryer WED8500BWO
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator from Home Depot in January, 2014. Refrigerator is on the second service call. Smelled burnt popcorn one day, took clothes out of dryer, discovered there were burn marks on them. Called service, they came out, said rubber on wheels are disintegrating. Ordered new wheels, said not to use dryer. Called Home Depot, said to call 1800-HomeDepot, who said to call Whirlpool. Whirlpool said we need to try new wheels and see how it goes. I am scared to use the dryer, afraid the house may burn down. They said they hope it won't and to call back if there is a problem after the new wheels are installed. good news, only need one more service call on frig, then they have to replace. However, the safety hazard is the dryer and I do not feel they care. Never again for Whirlpool, bad, bad company. Just cost us $4,000+ to discover this. Don't buy this product!!!

Whirlpool Dryer Problems
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased a Whirlpool Dryer Model WED5500 in 2008. During the 2nd year, we started getting dark stain which looked like burn marks on our clothes, especially on shirt collars. We paid over $200 to have a Whirlpool registered technician repair the unit by replacing the gasket around the drum. This worked for a few months, then the problems started again. We've ruined countless articles of clothing, and Whirlpool will not rectify the problem. Rather they offer warranty programs that cost hundreds of dollars.

I would highly recommend against purchasing an appliance by Whirlpool. This has been a horrible experience in customer service with shoddy product quality.

Worst Purchase I Ever Made
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- 2 1/2 years ago we purchased a Cabrio Washer and Dryer. Six visits from the repairman couldn't fix it so Lowe's let us returrn it and get a washer/dryer from the Bravos line. They are horrible. The washer vibrates and if my house weren't on a slab I'd fear for it going through the floor. The clothes are twisted and tangled in the washer. After using softener in the washer and dryer sheets in the dryer, I still have to iron most clothing. Calls to the company resulted in someone reading the manual to me. A woman from CEO Fettig's executive board finally responded to 2 set of letters written to about 5 of the company's execs assured me that all washers vibrate at times - even her own machine. I've been doing laundry for over 55 years and never had such horrible appliances and expensive too. I think the Maytag repairman retired because he was embarrasssed!

Whirlpool charges way too much for repairs
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Whirlpool dryer 2 years ago. It had a one year warranty. OK understood, no problem. Called customer service to get an estimate on repairs. Got 2 offers. First offer was $95.00 for them to come check the issue plus the cost of parts and labor. Second offer was $269.00 which would cover everything and include another 1 year service warranty. That's awfully close to the original purchase price of the dryer! One can find the part in question on-line at a reasonable price. I called a local business and they came out, fixed it, told me how to fix it myself(if I should decide too) in the future and charged me 147.00 total. They also told me that Whirlpool is aware of the problem with this particular dryer(which in my case was the timer). I want to know why they don't recall this product if they know about the problem? Consumers should not have to pay for repairs for a defective product Whirlpool is aware of! I do not recommend anyone purchasing this particular dryer from Whirlpool. I do recommend doing your research to find a better deal on service if you already own one of these dryers. I mean really, why pay almost as much for repairs as the purchase price of this dryer? Don't give Whirlpool more of your hard earned money.

Musty Smell on clothes after washed and dried.
By -

I've had my Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Washer/Steam Dryer for a little over a year, and almost from the first the clothes that come from dryer (not steam cycle) smell horribly musty -and almost with a too hot, or almost scorched scent, and I rarely use any cycle except the normal cycle on the dryer. There is a particularly unpleasant, almost dirty smell on clean towels and wash cloths immediately upon re-wetting for use. I always air dry my dirty towels if not washing immediately and never let them get soured before washing. I wash and dry 7 to 8 loads a week, rarely missing more than two days between doing laundry.

I clean my washer with Affresh regularly, and can detect no smell coming from either the washer or dryer when setting idle - only a hot (but not unpleasant) smell from the dryer immediately after use, and definitely from the clothes themselves after removal from the dryer. I've used Cheer HE, dryer sheets, Tide HE detergent and Snuggle Fabric Softener - all with the same results. I've tried using extra an rinse cycle just in case I'm using too much detergent. Our city water is clean and fresh and has no odor.

I wipe out the washer door seal frequently, and always leave the washer door open a couple of inches when it is setting idle. As I said, I cannot detect any odors in the washer, or the dryer.

I am thoroughly disgusted with this problem and wonder if other consumers are also experiencing the same.

The worst appliance I have ever own. Don’t Buy (What a hunk of junk.)
By -

The Worst Company Ever A & E Factory Service is  code for "someone who has no idea how to fix anything" I can think of NOTHING to recommend them.  MAKE sure that you avoid A & E Factory Service Oh, and if you search on their name, you will find links to numerous other complaints stemming back for YEARS. Unfortunately, I did not know this was who Brands Mart USA was sending to my house. If I could give them minus zero, I would IF YOU CAN POSSIBLY AVOID THEM, DO IT!!! I'm making sure to NEVER use A & E Factory Service / Brands Mart USA and / Whirlpool again. Whirlpool IS the WORST Customer/Repair Service and what a hunk of junk. The worst appliance I have ever own. Don’t Buy

From: "Whirlpool_Digital@whirlpool.com"
To: c
Sent: Fri, February 11, 2011 9:35:55 AM

Dear Mr. C:

I am sorry that you never received my messages. I have been working on your file, speaking to Brandsmart on what the delay was in your dryer being delivered.

I contacted Brandsmart again yesterday February 10, 2011 and they did advise it was out on the truck for delivery. I followed up today February 11, 2011 to confirm that you did receive your new dryer.

I apologize for the delay but our exchange process can take from ten to twenty-one business days for the consumer to receive it. I do understand it is a long time without an appliance.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Mandy C.

Reply to Mandy C. AT Whirlpool_Digital@whirlpool.com

Dear Mandy C.
Are you the same person who initially responded to me at my 3 cents .com? You are the first person that has E Mail me or call me back in responded to this matter. I am not going into full detail about my horrible experience with Whirlpool, A and E, and Brandsmart U. S. A. but it has taken over 3 months to take care of this problem. I want you to know at the end of the day my wife and I had no choice but to pay more money and change the appliance manufacturer brand. Upon delivery, the wire needed to be replaced again because it was not long enough and more money was laid out. No one did anything for me, accept caused me to pay more money and caused more frustration due to lack of care and consideration for me, as a customer.

I want you to know, my children are getting married and I WILL NOT be purchasing your companies junk in their new homes nor will I ever recommend your junk or the above companies.

Thanks for taking my money and wasting my time,
Luis C.

Washer and Dryer Eating my Clothes & they don't do ANYTHING!
By -

MICHIGAN -- OK, So we have 3 month old washer and dryers that we purchased, and about a month ago the washer "ate" my sons shirt. I never seemed to be able to call during the "correct hours" and I finally did so today as I was off work (we are on the West Coast). The washer ATE my husbands best work dress shirt and now 2 of my sons shirts...and I am furious! I called them at Whirlpool and they do NOTHING! I think they should at least give replacement value to the items! All the woman did was kept repeating my name saying that they don't do anything about it...and if I read my warranty...blah, blah, blah...so we spent a fortune on these machines thinking we would have them for many years to come, and now they have cost us the insane price we paid, and 3 shirts...and now a day off work to meet them on Friday to see why this is happening in both the washer and dryer! Oh, did I mention that she told me that she has had this complaint already with a few other customers...I NEVER saw this on line when we were researching these machines! I would NEVER buy WHirlpool again! I think they should do way more for you when you spend that kind of money on a washer and dryer! Or...if you spend anything on a new appliance! Just poor service! And, poooooooor attitude!

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