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Calypso is the biggest lemon ever
Posted by Whirlpoolsucks.com on 07/02/2005
STONE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI -- This washer is absolutely the worst thing I have ever purchased. The customer service at Whirlpool is horrendous. I purchased my Calypso on Jan 15,2002. The first thing I noticed was it did not clean the clothes very well. I paid $1090.33 and still had lint on my clothes. Then in September of 2003, I started getting error messages showing a long drain. Whirlpoo (sic) told me the drain was clogged (nope), too much detergent (nope), wrong detergent (nope). The repairman they told me to contact was in a different state, but he did come to see the problem once but didn't fix anything and never called back. After months (yes months) I started calling every day to try to get someone out. Everyone Whirlpoo told me to call "didn't service my area." I live 40 miles from the second largest city in the state!!! 30 miles from a major city, but noone could help me. I begged Whirlpoo to come get the thing and give me a refund. I talked to them at least twice a week from March to May of 2004. I talked to supervisors, supervisors' supervisors - no one could get anything done! I had even figured out the problem on my own - the pump motor was burned out. But Whirlpool was still telling me I used the wrong detergent. Finally a really great repairman agreed to come out. Turns out he was only 20 miles away the whole time. Why couldn't they give me his name to start with? This guy listened to me and agreed it was the pump. He replaced it and it worked from May 7 2004 till July 1 2005. (Still leaves lint on my clothes) Now guess what? The pump stopped working again. I'll call the same guy out but I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool anything. PS I own the rights to Whirlpoolsucks.com and my hubby is a web engineer.

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Posted by jvo on 2005-07-11:
I completely agree with you about the Calypso p.o.s.! I've had the exact same problems, and anyone who questions what are 'WE' doing wrong, ask them to sit on hold with Whirlpool and then ask the customer service reps,"what the hell are doing? Because it sure is not customer service, when they don't even believe what the customer tells them!
Posted by magnbay on 2005-08-30:
We have had a Calypso for less than 3 years. Cleaning is awful, but 3 of the contol boards have gone. It took over a month to fix the first time (2 boards) and now one of them has gone again in less than a year. It will cost us over $500 to repair. Whirlpool is useless and not willing to admit anything. There are numerous class actions against them. It is a LEMON. We will never buy Whirlpool again.
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Bad products, bad service from Whirlpool
Posted by Rhandler on 12/30/2005
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a stackable Kenmore washer dryer for my first home. It almost caught on fire after 2 years, with the repair person saying we were lucky to be alive and that it would be cheaper to replace than repair. We replaced it with a wonderful Maytag Neptune, which we sold with the house. For the new house, we bought a Calypso washer and its companion dryer. The dryer doesn't dry, regardless of the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" and the washer has been down six times, equaling 16 weeks of non-use. As for the refrigerators, we bought a Kenmore (made by Whirlpool) in 1997. By 2002, the liner had multiple cracks, so Sears replaced with a similar model. By 2002, the Kenmore/Whirlpool replacement side-by-side refrigerator had cracks in the liner. After a small battle, Sears gave me credit. I bought GE!!!

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Posted by garden on 2005-12-30:
We bought a 22 cu. ft. Kenmore refrigerator from Sears made by Whirlpool 2 years ago. First a relay died, then the compressor died when it was 18 months old. I lost two refrigerators full of food. Sears was as helpful as a toothache! They told me I would have to wait weeks for a repair. I bought another refrigerator at Lowes. I wouldn't buy a Kenmore or Whirlpool product again, and I certainly wouldn't buy anything from Sears.
Posted by afirehawk1 on 2008-02-29:

Thank you for visiting the KitchenAid web site. We appreciate hearing from you.

We are sorry to learn that your are dissatisfied with the crack liner repair.

We, as consumers, can certainly understand and appreciate your feelings and
frustrations. We must work through factory-qualified service representatives to
resolve all parts and service related problems. Feedback from our customers is
an important source of information. It is through customer feedback that we are
able to correct, and make changes to, our products in respect to their quality
and overall design. You may be certain that we have documented your comments.

We sincerely regret the frustration you have experienced and we have documented
your comments.

You are a valued customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this concern
may have caused.

We invite you to contact KitchenAid again either by calling (800) 422-1230
between 8:00am to 8:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises.
When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a


Jina P.
KitchenAid Customer Loyalty Team
KitchenAid Customer eXperience Center
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Tub Rusting
Posted by Bstr on 09/15/2008
RED OAK, IOWA -- We have had this Whirlpool washer for 7 years and have had to replace the porcelain tub 4 times due to rusting. Each time the tub has been covered, but I had to pay $60 to install it. Even though it has a lifetime warranty, I was told this last time that they had to send a certified representative out to verify the rust, and pay $60 for that, plus another $60 to install it if they justified sending me a replacement. I could have purchased a brand new washer for the money I have spent on this one. This is not customer service.

This is not how you stand behind your product. I will never buy another Whirlpool product, or any other brand they make, again-ever.
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Posted by litebub on 2008-10-17:
The Cabrio washer is doing the same thing & the device is only 7 months old. This is the worst washing machine on the planet. For what was paid for this washer, it should be ironing & hanging up my clothes for me. Instead, it is quickly ruining my clothes.
Don't buy one....or any other Whirlpool product for that matter.
Posted by smythes16 on 2008-11-14:
Thank GOD, I found your comment. I had to double check to see if I wrote it. I have the EXACT same problem. In fact what prompted me to look up other complaints is that yesterday when the Sears repairman came to my house to "verify" my rust issue he told me that I was the ONLY person to EVER have a tub replaced multiple time. I too bought this washer 7 years ago and this is my FOURTH replacement. I had the extended warranty until Jan of this year. My last replacement was Sept 07. What infuriates me is that not only does this type of problem ruin clothing but I have to contiually have to be inconveienced AND pay to have a warranted part repaired! In 07 the repairman actually told me that is was my fault because I get WATER in the washing machine. I thought water was actually NECESSARY to wash clothes. He also told me that when not in use I was suppose to keep the lid up. My laundry room is IN my home and nothing else in the 11 years I have lived there including the dryer sitting right next to the washer has rusted. I was contacted in Jan to re-new the service agreement again for about $300?? What?? I vowed to push the machine into the street if this ever happened again. Well you guessed it, like clockwork, once a year, rust all over my daughters new school clothes. The repairman also told me that it was obviously something I was doing since NO other customers have EVER had this problem. I assured him that being a 44 year old woman I have done some laundry before and in fact I am sure my previous Kenmore machine was still working like a charm for whomever received the donation. I only bought new machines to look good in my home. Big Mistake. I will never purchase another THING from Sears. Really Insulting!! I plan to print out your compaint and show it to the repairman whenever he feels like returning. New machines after the new year, NOT from Sears!
Posted by pam h on 2012-05-18:
i to have a tub start rusting out. the holes are starting to show rust and it is quess what WHIRLPOOL. I BOUGHT IT IN 2008. THEY TOLD ME WHEN I CALLED WHIRL POOL THAT A TUB IS NOT SUPPOSE TO DO THAT BUT THEY WHERE SORRY THAY COULD DO NOTHING FOR ME. i wonder about small claims. how do they view this stuff. i mean being riped off. thanks i dont buy anything there any more they sell porn.
Posted by R Cipres on 2012-11-23:
I have a Whirlpool that is only 3 years old and the tub is already rusting. It began rusting after only about 18 months! Not only that, but the tub and agitator constantly build up scum that I have to scrub out on a weekly basis! In my almost 50 years of washing clothes I have never had that with any other washer I have owned. This washer regularly goes off balance, and gets stuck on the wash cycle regularly, requiring me to manually advance it. Of course I got it through a home warranty company, to replace my 20 year old Maytag, that was still running strong, except for the rust in it's tub. Wish they had just replaced the tub in that one. It probably would have run another 10 years. I hate this washer with a passion!! What a piece of CRAP! And it costs me $60 every time I want it looked at and they fix some little part that just stops working again 6 months later.
Posted by afrancom on 2013-09-21:
So glad to know I am not the only one experiencing this problem!!!! I have had my Whirlpool for over 10 years and have had the drum replaced twice and it has needed to be replaced again for quite sometime because of the rust! It is so annoying!!! Every time I wash whites I have to move them to the dryer immediately so that they don't get any rust on them! So many things have been ruined and I wish I could afford a new washer right now.....it will never be a whirpool again!
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Don't Buy A Whirlpool Cabrio Washing Machine Wtw5500xw1
Posted by Theing on 03/20/2013
Wish I had seen the reviews for this machine before I bought it. Apparently, I am not the only one who am having problems with the performance of this machine. I bought it 1 1/2 years ago, and this month it started to make a horrible grinding and sometime banging noise for about a minute straight during the washing cycle, and again during the rinse cycle (think airplane landing in your house, thats what it sounds like). I paid a good amount for this unit which is now 6 months out of warranty. It washes, but the noise is unbearable and I don't know if something is about to break.

Sears wants me to pay $229 for a repair call and fix for one year, but only up to $500 repair. And from the sounds of all of these hundreds of negative reviews on the web, it sounds like the best thing is to just junk it. I don't want to have to keep on buying one-year warranties. BUYER BEWARE!!!!! First and last Whirlpool purchase for me.

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Posted by WP2008 on 2013-03-21:
Hello theing. My name is Amber and I am a representative with Whirlpool. We truly apologize for the frustrating experience you have endured regarding your washer. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please email us at Whirlpool.Digital@Whirlpool.com and provide us with your complete contact information as well as the model and serial number of your appliance. Please also include the name of the site you were contacted on (My3Cents) along with your user name (theing), and your ticket number (38131). We would be happy to review your concerns further. Best regards, Amber.
Posted by colleen on 2013-07-15:
I to purchased a Whirlpool junk washer paid over $800.00 dollars for it. Have had it only 15 months and the drum has dropped. I purchased an extended warranty through Lowes and now have to wait until Thursday for someone to come look at it. Pure junk.
Posted by Jenni on 2013-07-18:
We too have had nothing but trouble with this machine. I hated it from day one. It was purchased about 18 months ago, It DOES NOT wash the clothes properly, leaving lint marks, especially worse on black clothing which have to be re-washed....where is the eco friendly saving there????? We also had an issue with the terrible grinding noise and had to have a repair man come, the drum had shifted through breakage of frame which is plastic. I am truly over it!!!! Come on Whirlpool - do something about it - your website is also so user unfriendly. So unfair to the consumer. I want a replacement washing machine!!!!!
Posted by Susan on 2013-08-02:
I too have this Cabrio and less than two years after purchasing this expensive model, the machine no longer drains and spins. The authorized whirlpool technician was unable to get a diagnostic reading and said the board was bad. The owner of the repair company said this model has had many problems and he would not spend any money to fix. A call to Whirlpool to discuss resulted in their giving advice on purchasing extended warranties. I didn't buy a Whirlpool with expectation of it lasting less than two years. I miss the GE washer I had for 14 years.

In case Whirlpool is reading, the CSR supervisor is unaware of these issues. Maybe he is new because I have to beleive calls are made regularly based on the internet postings.
Posted by Phillipa on 2013-09-25:
I have to rewash the black clothes too due to lint being left on them. I want to add more water to this machine as feel it would do a better job. I use the extra rinse with each cycle so am not saving water at all. I would like to dump it but it cost me a lot of money and is less than 12 months old. Makes a lot of noise too. I wish Whirlpool would do a recall and replace it with something that works.
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Do not recommend buying Whirlpool Front Load Washer/Dryer
Posted by K&LL on 12/27/2010
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- When it was time to buy another washer/dryer, I bought Whirlpool because in the past, I had very good luck with the brand -- good performance, minimal repairs.

I have been extremely disappointed in the performance of what I thought would be a reliable washer/dryer purchase. I purchased my machines in early 2005, and since that time, the washing machine has required two major repairs which cost me over $500 in parts/labor combined, and I'm in the process of getting a third repair (now, as I write this review) which will cost an additional $300+ in parts/labor. So with the completion of this third repair, I've essentially paid out almost as much as I paid originally for the purchase of the washing machine. I guess I've been lucky that the dryer has cost less than $200 in repairs to date!

I run an average of 6 loads weekly -- so I would consider my use of these machines over the past 6 years to be rather light. So my advice to anyone thinking about a front load washer/dryer purchase from Whirlpool -- think again!

I called Whirlpool customer service to relay my concerns, and was told that all that can be done is to document my complaint, and that this documentation will go into a file. When I inquired what would happen to the complaint, I was told that as far as the CSR taking the call knew, someone would read the complaint, but I would not be contacted.

So on top of a very poor product quality experience, I've been treated to a very poor cusotmer service experience.

Personally, I will not puchase another Whirlpool product (of any sort) again.

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Posted by Zeigs on 2010-12-27:
you are not alone. we bought our front loading whirlpool duet washer in may 2010 and it's been a nightmare.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-27:
From what I'm seeing about these front loading washing machines, it sounds like the owners get it in the opposite side.

6 loads a week sounds heavy to me, but that is because I do about 1. As a single person, I'd hate word to spread I do laundry any more often than that.
Posted by ljm63043 on 2012-11-02:
I purchased the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer in April 2005. I'm a single person and do about 4 or more loads a week. I've spent a small fortune on repairs even though I had an extended warranty. So far, inlet water valve, pump, and now the control panel which I've been told will cost about $300. The repair man said he has the same washer and it's a lemon. My friend whom I gave me old Maytag to is still using it. I know it's at least 20 yrs old and still going strong. I hate Whirlpool and will never buy another Whirlpool product.
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Taken By Whirlpool
Posted by Taken by whirlpool on 09/08/2010
I got a new Whirlpool washer and dryer from Lowes. Two weeks later the washer wouldn't complete a load. It leaked water causing damage to my basement. We called and a tech came out. Two weeks after that the part arrived and he came back to install. The washer didn't complete the first load after repair. Called and 2nd Tech came out telling me we needed a motherboard. Five weeks later still waiting for the part. Called Whirlpool and they could care less, Why? They already have my money. In the meantime we are going to the laundry mat spending additional money to wash.

Whirlpool sells crap. They got me and will get you if buy.

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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-08:
If Whirlpool had any integrity, this would be an embarrassment to the company. If they couldn't care less, why would anyone buy anything from them again? I wouldn't.
Posted by Marilyn on 2013-01-25:
I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowes, the washer does not clean the clothes. It is to sense the size of load I when I stopped the washer and unlocked the lid there was no water in the bottom of the tub, the clothes were wet but there was no water to wash them in. If you place a pair of slacks in folded they come out folded with washing residue in the folds and they have to be rewashed. This is the worst appliance I have ever purchased and I regret the purchase every time I have to wash clothes because they never get clean! Your product is crap!
Posted by Mike on 2013-07-25:
Washer never cleans clothes 75% of the time
Clothes stink half the time and its broke down more then it runs
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Avoid Whirlpool At All Costs!
Posted by DD33 on 01/07/2009
WISCONSIN -- At this very moment I am sitting on hold with Whirlpool for the sixth time regarding my less than one year old washing machine. I have a family of six so we purchased the top of the line washing machine because we expected that it would last at least a few years.

On Dec. 4th I called Whirlpool for service and they do not have anyone local to me so they referred me to their service agent. The service company came out within a couple of days and checked on the problem. The service person stated that the machine needs a "Total Overhaul". There is some sort of bracket in the back of the thing that broke that now lets the barrel spin into the door causing a LOUD BANGING NOISE on almost all activities.

The parts were ordered and there was one part with no ETA from Whirlpool. Two weeks passed and finally when I was frustrated I called the service company and they told me that they did not know when my machine would be fixed and that if I wanted to help things along I should contact Whirlpool personally.

I called Whirlpool and have been getting the message from the people there that the parts have been ordered and they are waiting on an ETA.

Finally, even though it has been more than a month without a washing machine one of the managers there told me that she was going to send me a replacement.

They lied....no replacement on the way I just hung up again with the service department and because it looks like the parts may be shipped Friday they want me to wait "again" for service.

I explained how costly and ridiculous this was but they are wanting me to wait 24 to 48 hours (their favorite answer) for someone to call me back.

Soon it will cost me less money to go and buy a new washer than it will to wait for service.

I will be posting this message on every appliance site possible so that no one else goes through this tremendous pain.

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Terrible Customer Care Experience
Posted by Mscan on 10/16/2008
The Whirlpool washer that we purchased in Feb 08 stopped working in Sept 08-- over 3 weeks ago, and we have had the runaround from Whirlpool since then. We have had to call Whirlpool numerous times to find out the status of our part and service. Each time waiting an hour on hold. On our first call a technician was booked, though he chose to diagnose the problem without seeing the washer. He ordered the probable part (a pump) in an effort to speed up the repair. Sounds fine. We were told that the part would be in in 2-3 days if it is in stock. A pump, right? That should be in stock! No way. We called the following week to learn that the pump had not actually been ordered. Not to worry, the tech probably just hasn't registered the order.

We called a few days later to confirm. Yep, the part is now on order, but will be a week or so because it has to come in from Montreal. A week later, still no pump, and no call from Whirlpool. So, we spend another hour on hold to find that the pump is not in stock in Montreal, now it has to be ordered from Calgary. No problem, they will put in that order right away. A few days later we call again. Now the pump is out of stock in Calgary and has to be ordered from the US. They will place an order for us RUSH and it will take 5-7 business days.

Why is there no pump in Canada? Why do they not take some initiative when a piece is out of stock and order it for us? Why do we have to keep calling them?

I even wrote to Whirlpool Canada to register a complaint a week ago. They promise to respond within 2 or 3 days, and you have fallen down on that. NO SURPRISE.

Needless to say, I am very disappointed. More than 3 weeks since our washer broke, and we are still lugging clothes to the laundromat.

Terrible terrible service. Do not buy from Whirlpool.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-16:
If you would have bought your machine from a shop that services what they sell,you wouldn't be dealing with the factories lack of customer service.

Good Luck!
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Whirlpool Appliance WTW6600SW2 is not reliable - Washing machine WTW3300SW2
Posted by Talkstraighttoyourface on 12/13/2007
UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I had posted about a month ago regarding my Whirlpool WTW6600SW2 washing machine WTW3300SW2. This machine is totally a piece of crap and Whirlpool is still selling it with high price tag. I am wasting my time, my energy, and my money with Whirlpool.

This washing machine had broken down three time with the same problem after three repairs. The error message was "LID" and it mean the unit would not be able to close the switch; as a result, the system will not start washing cycle.

I called their service department 5 times and they agreed to come out one more time to fix the problem. I am totally let down by Whirlpool. I am telling myself that I will not get a piece of Whirlpool appliance for the rest of my life not even there is only Whirlpool there in the future and I spread my experience across my friends, my colleagues, and my relatives.
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2007-12-14:
It sounds like the big problem is the service company not being able to fix the machine. I remember your last post, but looked it up to be sure. You said that they were not sure if it was the board or the lid switch, and they decided it was the board. The most likely cause of the error message is a faulty lock assembly, or possibly an alignment problem with the lid itself. I checked your area and it seems that other than Payless there is only one other independent servicer, you may want to try them, but by all means, stay away from Sears/A&E. As a rule their technicians are clueless with the newer designs.
Posted by Talkstraighttoyourface on 2007-12-14:
Thank you for the information. Payless came over and they could not fix the problem. After that, Sear had A&E came over and the problem still them same. All the control electronic parts are replaced and the problem still come back. Payless came over twice and A&E also came over twice but the problem did not get fixed. Whirlpool told me that either one of the service company has to come to my place three time and if the problem did not get fixed then they might replace it. I think this is a catch.

If I did not have warranty, all these fixes might have been more expensive than what I paid for the washing machine. This washing machine cost around $1000 and the amount they charges for servicing was around $1300.
Posted by qualityappliance on 2007-12-15:
Give these a try, they are listed on Whirlpool's web site. If no one has replaced the lock assembly yet that is probably the problem.


Alt. #: (510)226-0400

Posted by Talkstraighttoyourface on 2007-12-16:
Thank you. I will give it a try.
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Unsatisfactory Design of Lid Switch
Posted by Dubyaa97 on 08/28/2007
WEST LAKE VILLAGE, CALIFORNIA -- The lid switch for Whirlpool washer Model LXR9445JQ1 is totally unsatisfactory.

On 1/31/02 we purchased the above washer. This is supposed to be a commercial quality washer.

After about 100 washes, the lid switch came apart in pieces (3/25/05). This is obviously a design problem with the switch. $143 later, we had a new switch. I sent Whirlpool a letter explaining the problem and they sent me a form letter back explaining the warranty coverage.

On 3/6/07 (75 washes later) the maintenance man was out again because the lid switch wasn't making contact. He took a pair of pliers and bent the lid bracket and got the switch to work. It appeared that he had done this before. He charged me $45.

About 3 months later the switch wouldn't work unless we pressed down on the front right of the lid. On 8/3/07 the switch wouldn't work at all.

I spoke with Whirlpool customer service on 8/28/07 and they suggested I get the maintenance man out again. I told her not hold her breath.

I made a modification to the lid switch so I can wash clothes until I can buy a reliable washer - - like a Kenmore. The mod is a paper clip attached to the lid portion of the switch with duct tape.

Modification to the Whirlpool washer lid switch - paperclip

I am recommending to Whirlpool that they include this mod in their installation procedures. I can provide details on attaching the paper clip with the duct tape.

I conclude that the acceptance of responsibility by Whirlpool is totally lacking. Maybe they are practicing to go out of business. They certainly have lost me.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-28:
I'm guessing you don't realize Kenmore washers ARE Whirlpools.
Posted by SilverWngs71 on 2007-08-28:
go to Appliance411.com

Click on The Purchase then
Click on #4 Who makes what. Everything is there.
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