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Adventures with Washers
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Rating: 1/51

I have been reading some of the sad commentary from people who recently purchased front loading washers. I have to admit that I now have a crying towel hanging from my doorknob as well. My machine is about 3 years old, is now nearly ready for its third door boot, has a second set of shocks, tub and stainless drum. I am presently working on the rear counterweight which fell from the tub and severed the pressure sensing tube in the process. We have water dribbling from the door, and also had to replace the black drain hose from the drum to the pump. This sprung a leak and caused flooding in the laundry area.

Like many others, this washer-dryer combination was purchased due to our being retirees, and wanting to have a robust product that would hopefully outlive us and be passed on to appreciative family members. This, like many of the best laid plans of mice and men have us presently going to the laundromat with our clothes. Pushing 70, we did not foresee this predicament. However, we are not alone. While at the laundromat, my wife met a woman who was 75 with the exact same problem.

There are many experiences cited about the money spent for what was imagined to be good quality laundry products. The average unnecessary expenditures on these washers seem to be in the under $1000.00 range. Enough to sting, but not quite enough to cripple. Most of the folks here will probably do their share of grumbling, put their washers out at the curb and then stomp off to buy some other product. However, adding up the combined losses to all these customers may amount to a very substantial piece of change!

Putting this into another perspective can be very illuminating. Imagine if these were cars instead of washers. A short time after purchasing a car, say the window and door gasket failed, letting weather enter the passenger compartment. In another year the crankshaft bearings seize. The year after, the transmission fails and needs to be completely replaced. Then the car computer, etc. On top of this, the car would sound like a foundry when it went down the street. Then the mechanics would have no idea what was wrong. The manufacturers would all blame the drivers for the condition of the cars.

This would be not only a disaster, but could push the public to the point of bankruptcy. No one would permit a situation like this to happen with their automobiles. True, the car is priced out at several thousands of dollars and the washer at under a thousand. But the parallel comparisons are equally valid. There is a saying in industry that goes: "The Quality Control Department is not located on the customer's premises."

Remember the head of a well known Asian car company was summoned from his country to testify before Congress? He had to explain why the cars he produced were showing serious faults. After that, real progress was made in his manufacturing. In other words, accountability was responsible for the product improvement, not simply complaints.

PS. It appears to me, as I read it; that these door boots have become a class action suit in Ohio. It seems the manufacturer appealed legal issues eventually to the Supreme Court level and had their arguments rejected. I read this in a class action blog. You may want to check into this yourself and see if my information is accurate.

Whirlpool Wfw70he Washing Machine Broke Within 2 Months
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- We bought this washer and dryer set this past summer (2013) as a way to prepare for our expectant child. About 2 months after we bought it, the door locked shut with wet clothing inside. We followed the troubleshooting guide and instructions that the Whirlpool representative gave us on the phone. Nothing worked.

8 days later a tech came to break the lock off the door to get our clothes out. He said he will be back in the next week or so to replace the lock but until then, our washer would be unusable. He also said that when he come back, he will show us how to get the lock off the door should this ever happen again, so our wet clothes would not be trapped. I asked "so this will probably happen again?", He said "yes".

Meanwhile, our clothes were 8 days wet, our brand new washer (which I had been taking care to leave the door open in between loads as per instructed), smelled moldy and stunk up our whole house. It is now the middle of the third week without our washing machine working. We haven't heard back from Whirlpool, and we have a huge pile of musty, dirty clothes waiting to be cleaned. We feel incredibly ripped off as a young couple who has saved for a long time to buy a washer and dryer set.

Do not buy this washer! The reviews look good but this machine had not been on the market long enough to prove that it stands the test of time (Tech's words)... If you must buy it, get the warranty like we did. At least that way, every time it breaks down, you can have someone come and break the lock off for you and replace it several weeks later.

Washer Spins Loudly, Can Not Be Fixed, Replacing the Part Will Cost More Than the Washer Only 4 Yrs Old!
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I replaced my washer with a Whirlpool Cabrio 4 yrs ago, the washer is one of the new appliances environmental friendly, I thought. This washer leaves the clothes dirty, the design of the lid of horrendous, anything you place on top of the washer will slide off; the lid is slanted and everything slides off as the washer spins and washes. Designers and engineers never thought of the vibration doing this! A year ago the washer started making an extremely loud noise when it spinned so we call a repairman.

He diagnosed the problem as a bad clutch that would cost more to repair than the original cost of the appliance! Do not buy washers that have the low agitator, they do not wash well! The repairman said that the best washers are the ones that have the tall agitators in the middle of the tub! No more Whirlpool appliances in my house!

Whirlpool High Efficiency Washer - the Worst Washer Ever
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Rating: 1/51

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- I bought this so call Whirlpool Top Loading High Efficient low-water washer 5 months ago. I have never ever ever had to wash my clothes 3 to 4 time just to get them clean. I have to literally take my clothes out and hand wash them. This is bullcrap!!! I am totally disgusted! I tried to keep my white clothes white by putting bleach in that damn Whirlpool Washer and the clothes still come out like I am damn homeless!!! I am done. If I have to carry this washer on my back to take it back to Best Buy. Sorry but for this item "Worst Buy". I am done! Sincerely, Dying for clean Freaking Clothes!!!

2 Years Old and Ripping My Clothing
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Rating: 2/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- My washer / dryer is 2 years old. I've inspected both for sharp edges and defaults. Nothing. However, I've had several Under Armour shirts and shorts get shredded, cotton t-shirts, wife's light sweaters and football jerseys get ruined. I've inspected both washer and dryer, inspected my clothing before putting them in, changed the detergent (because I heard Tide HE is too abrasive for light materials), changed fabric softener, changed temp of dryer setting, changed the temp of water settings and in the past two months I've lost over $200 in clothing. It is getting ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVED how clean and fluffy my clothes have become since getting them. However, losing my favorite clothing... feeling sad and frustrated. If anyone has any other suggestions or found a resolution, please email me at **. Have a great day!!

Washing Machine Repair
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Rating: 1/51

ONTOAGON, MICHIGAN -- We bought a top load washing machine in 2011 and loved it, that is until this year. The machine is only 2 years old and of course the warranty is up (only good for one year). First it became out of balance and had to call a repair man, then just recently it just stop working, so we called the repairman again and he told us that the transmission was shot.

We were then told to call Whirlpool to see if there was anything they would do seeing how it is only 2 years old. So I did and the gentleman that I spoke with said that because there is no recall and the warranty is up there isn't anything they could do. He did say that they could try and fix it but the cost to fix it would be as much as buying a new one.

Needless to say we are very disappointed that Whirlpool does not stand by their product and a machine that is two years old should not fall apart in just 2 years. We have always bought Whirlpool products but after this we will never again.

Whirlpool washer wfw9150ww00
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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ^bought Whirlpool washer wfw9150ww00 2 years ago in June. It is a front load washer which I never had before. I ^bought HE detergent because that is what I was ^told to buy. The first month or two ^were OK but it took a long long time to wash - 2 1/2 hours to be exact and just didn't seem right, but I never had a frontload. I called Fullerton and they ^said that is normal with front loads - energy efficient etc etc. OK. A few months later I called cause it really seemed weird that ^there was still a leak and it sounded a little louder which fullerton didn't seem to think was an issue either. ^Said to check front door, things get caught in front door and can be leak etc etc.^

I called or stopped down beginning of June last year. ^Said same thing, something probably in door, check door - OK. Nothing ^there, still a leak. I ^said it "just doesn't seem right". ^Said "well front loads are a little different". I went back last week of June last year and ^said it just really isn't right. They "^said we will send someone out but you aren't in warranty". I ^said "I talked to you before the warranty expired" and they ^said "well, that's natural for it to be a little louder and take a longer wash cycle. ^Its a front loader but now you aren't in warranty".

So just lived with it cause they kept saying it was 'normal' and it did wash clothes but sounded louder and louder and everyone that heard it said it sounded like a jet plane. I had workers over a couple weeks ago while I happened to be doing laundry. They said they used to work Best Buy and it sounded like bearing - don't know what bearing is but he said that people that installed it should have caught that and it had to be a bad machine. I said "I have ALWAYS had Whirlpool appliances and was loyal to them." They said its a lemon and should have seen this when they installed it and it had to be a bad machine to begin with.

OK, called fullerton Tuesday and they said out of warranty - won't do anything but they did come and checked it this morning and drums are bad bearing and 2 other things! I said how can that be when it is 2 years old??? I called Whirlpool yesterday and they basically said they don't stand by their product and couldn't care less that I've been a loyal customer for 20 years and I'm out of warranty and that was that. I said "you won't stand by your product when it is a damaged unit to begin with and it is only 2 years old??".

Fullerton called Whirlpool this morning and Whirlpool said they would replace parts of 815.00 but it would cost me 320.00 to fix and take 2 weeks??? Um - I paid 700.00 for the washer, why don't they just replace it?? Why are they paying 815.00 for parts and making me wait 2 weeks to get this bad unit repaired and making me pay half of the cost of a new washer to do so???

So now I have to either pay 320.00 to get a washer repaired that may not work again??? and wait 2 weeks to do laundry when I bought a brand new washer 2 years ago expecting it to last more than 2 years! Shame on you Whirlpool!!! I used to talk and talk about how wonderful your appliances were and was loyal for 20 years as was my mother - your products used to last and you used to care about your customer service.

It would make more sense to replace the washer with another one and also save yourselves money and me money and aggravation - I stuck with this machine for 2 years out of loyalty and this is your resolution??? I tell you what - you give me the 815.00 parts and I will sell them back to you for 800.00 and go buy a new washer that actually works!

Poor communication from Customer Service
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My husband and I bought a Whirlpool top loader in June 2006. We paid over $700.00 for the machine. About 2 weeks ago I put in a load of wash and when I later went to put the clothing in the dryer, found that the washer had stopped working and the clothes sitting in water with detergent. According to the timer the washer had only run a few minutes before shutting down. I repeated the cycle and the same thing happened so I used another cycle and the machine functioned without issue.

My husband and I read the manual and performed all the indicated tasks to troubleshoot the problem. We could not find anything so I called the customer service department for further instructions as was stated in the manual. I spoke with a very polite woman after answering questions to a computerized voice and after explaining the problem she stated that an appointment was needed to have a service person come out and determine the problem. On the day of the second appointment date {the first appt. date never reached the service company via computer so no one showed} the technician stated that the entire computer was shot and that I needed a new one.

Since it was costing me $80.00 just to have the guy find the problem and it is very expensive to go to a laundromat I told him to replace the computer {If I told him not to and called the Whirlpool representative and they assisted us with the purchase of the part I would still have to pay another $80.00 to have the guy come back and put it in}. It took 10 minutes for the technician to replace the computer and the total cost was $354.00 which was half the total cost of the washer. I was very upset at the cost of the repair, which was one half the price of the machine. The washer is only three years old and we do not abuse our appliances.

I went back to the place where I bought the machine and the guy said that I probably would not get any assistance from Whirlpool because we did not buy the extended warranty but that he would e-mail the appropriate person and they would get in contact with me. I never received a call after a week and called them myself. I spoke with a man who basically stated that he could not help me because the service man had already replaced the part.

I stated to him that "nowhere did it state and that not one person that I spoke to from Whirlpool tell me that if a part needed to be replaced that the service technician should not perform any work on the appliance until the customer called the company with a request for reimbursement or assistance."

If I refused to let the technician fix the machine and Whirlpool refused any compensation then it would cost me another $80.00 for another service call plus the cost of the part. Let us not mention again that the machine is only three years old and that I was also advised to obtain an extended warranty if available because there was a good chance that the electronics would have to be replaced again. I was very disappointed that Whirlpool would not stand behind their product and provide some sort of compensation-we have always purchased Whirlpool appliances but will probably not purchase another in the future due to this experience.

Horrible Washing Machine
By -

A little over 2 1/2 years ago, I purchased a brand new front loading Whirlpool washing machine (Whirlpool LHW0050PQ) with stacking dryer. About a month ago, it stopped working (the warranty for the machine was 1 year, so it is no longer covered). The power would come on - but the machine would no longer begin wash cycles (the Start button did nothing). I had a repair person in who took several visits to diagnose the problem.

In the end, it was determined that the machine required a new control panel. The control panel cost over $500. With labor, I have spent approximately $800 now. When the part was replaced, as soon as the repair person left, I did a load of laundry, only to discover that the problem still existed *exactly* as it had before. I called the repair company - who wanted to take the machine to their shop to diagnose it. What they found was that the new part had almost instantly shorted out as soon as the machine was used for the first time after replacing it. They contacted Whirlpool technical support who told them that something in the machine must be causing the short.

According to the person at the repair shop that I spoke to, Whirlpool offered to give them a door latching mechanism for free for the washing machine so that they could perhaps see if it was causing the short (my repair people did install this part). In addition, Whirlpool gave me a new control panel (a new $500 part to replace the one that I bought that had burnt out - because it was still under warranty as a new part purchase). I now have the washing machine back and it seems to be working, but I have no faith whatsoever that it will continue to work for any length of time.

Here are my concerns: Obviously, it positively sickens me that I would have to spend $800 to repair a washing machine that is only 2 1/2 years old. The washing machine was not cheap. I thought I was buying quality. This obviously wasn't the case. Upon learning that the replacement part would cost so much, I would have just bought a new washing machine (not from Whirlpool!). However, the repair shop explained to me that my stackable Whirlpool dryer was only going to fit on top of a Whirlpool washing machine. So, to replace the washing machine would mean that I would also have to sell my dryer.

Weighing the pros and cons of the situation, I decided to fix the washing machine even though it positively sickened me to give Whirlpool another cent. I find it equally repulsive that, when one buys a stackable unit, they're basically stuck if one part of it fails (this would be more acceptable, of course, if the machines lasted considerably longer than 2 1/2 years).

When the repair person first brought the replacement part to my house, he mentioned that the replacement part was now being sold as part of a kit (control board with motor board - that's how they had purchased it from Whirlpool). He mentioned that, when parts come in a kit, it usually means the company has had problems with the part (so they sell the parts in a way that makes the many repair jobs easier).

If Whirlpool has been having problems with this part, I have to wonder why they wouldn't instead compensate customers who'd bought the part in the first place. The fact that the replacement part had *exactly* the same problems as the original part makes me wonder the exact same thing.

I have to wonder how much Whirlpool is making off of these replacement parts. It is absurd to me that any washing machine part should cost $500 - unless, of course, the company selling the part is marking up its value considerably. I really have to wonder if this isn't part of the company's business model: selling units that fail shortly after the warranty expires and then selling the parts required to fix the units at a jacked up price.

Related to the above point, the $500 replacement part has a guarantee of 3 months. Three months for something that cost over $500! In other words, if the part goes again in 4 months (and the machine's history tells me that this is a great possibility), I am completely out of luck again. I have never - ever - spent $500 on something that didn't come with a guarantee that wasn't at least a year long. You can buy a $30 toaster anywhere and it comes with at least a 1 year warranty! But I guess, considering what I believe to be their business model (see above), I'm not really that surprised by this.

I am extremely confused by Whirlpool technical support's involvement in this. You would think that the nature of their involvement was an admission that something in the machine had caused the $500 part to go in the first place. This is especially suspect since they offered another part for free to try to make that determination. I just have to wonder why I should have had to pay $800 to replace a part that was caused by a fault with the machine in the first place.

I have spent $800 and been without a working washing machine for over a month now. That alone is ridiculous. But, to add potential injury to insult, I now have a washing machine with parts that have proven to short out because of a deficiency with the machine. In other words, I now have to wonder if my washing machine is going to catch fire every time I use it!

I have written to Whirlpool 3 times now about this situation. All they really told me in return was that they appreciate my business and that they have added my concerns to their database. I don't think I need to explain to anyone what little consolation that has given me...

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer
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Rating: 2/51

Washer does not use enough water to get clothes clean, constant uneven loads, excessive wrinkling of clothing. Average time to do a load of wash, ONE hour.

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