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Rebate Rejected - Sorry There Is Nothing We Can Do
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Rating: 2/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I submitted a $400 rebate for the Whirlpool Ice Collection. This rebate was rejected because the postmarked date was 5 days past due. The rebate was postmarked 6/4, but should have been postmarked 5/30. I explained my situation to the rebate team, but they said that no exceptions can be made. I explained that I was told by HHGregg to wait to submit my rebate until the appliances were delivered on 5/25 and they said, "HHGregg told you wrong and you should have submitted the rebate before you received the shipment." So this left me only 5 days to submit my rebate as well as remembering that my rebate should be sent in the next few days.

To make matters worse after I moved into my new house, my basement was flooded within a week of moving in. The rebate team did not sympathize with me and told me that no exceptions can be made. I talked with a manager and found out that the rebate team isn't even Whirlpool employees. Now things are starting to make more sense, no wonder the rebate team didn't care that I said I would take my business elsewhere in the future, because they don't even work for Whirlpool.

I asked them how I could get in touch with someone from Whirlpool because I would assume Whirlpool would want to keep a customer for the long-term. They said, "you can submit a fax to the Exceptions Department." Later, I found out from another manager at the rebate team that the Exceptions Department is really just a Complaint Department that doesn't make exceptions on rejected rebates. I need to get in touch with a Whirlpool employee. I tried calling Whirlpool's Customer Service Department, but they refused to work with me because this is dealing with a rebate rejection and they said that I need to work with the Rebate Department.

So here I am posting a complaint with a sole purpose of trying to get in touch with a Whirlpool employee to get my rebate. I spent over $4,600 for my Whirlpool appliances and all I want is the promised $400 rebate. I have purchased 8 Whirlpool appliances in my life and I'm only 30 years old. Imagine how many more Whirlpool appliances I will purchase if Whirlpool keeps me happy. I'm having a very difficult time understanding why Whirlpool won't just fork over the $400 to keep a customer. Whirlpool's customer service department needs to think long-term not short-term.

I was curious how other appliance companies handled this situation, so I called GE's Online Rebate Center (1-800-871-8893) and mentioned that my GE rebate was rejected because it was 5 days past the postmarked date. **, the GE customer service agent that I spoke with, mentioned that he would be able to make an exception for me.

He specifically mentioned that he could make an exception as long as the postmarked date isn't 20 days past the final due date. I didn't have to ask to speak to his manager or send a fax in requesting for an exception. GE made this process simple and I think their customer service department does a good job at making their customers happy.

When Whirlpool responds to this message, I would ask that a ticket number is provided as well as a phone number. I would love to get this simple complaint resolved and continue being a happy Whirlpool customer that speaks highly about Whirlpool appliances.

The WORST Customer/Repair Service
By -

I purchased a new Whirlpool Side-by-Side Refrigerator from HH Gregg in May of 2010 when we bought our new house. In January of 2011, my husband opens the freezer and notices that everything had defrosted. After further investigation, we discovered that neither the freezer or refrigerator were cooling. What a mess! I called HH Gregg and they connected me with the Whirlpool warranty repair department to schedule for a contracted repair person to come repair the problem. The earliest I was told a repair man could come was a few days out and they gave me an estimated arrival time of 1:00-5:00 pm.

In order to ensure that someone would be home, I had to take a day off from work to sit at home and wait. 5:00 came and went with no sign or word from the repair company. We/I called to see when they were coming, all I was told was that they needed to reschedule. This was on a Tuesday and the next earliest available day for service was going to be on Saturday! I called Whirlpool back and told them that Saturday was NOT acceptable because that would be 2 weeks without a working refrigerator.

They gave me the name and number of another repair company that could process warranty repairs but the only problem with this company is that they only come to the city I live in 2 days a week! I went ahead and set up an appointment with them for Thursday (after all that is 2 days earlier than Saturday). When the repair man came, he said that the compressor had gone out and that he would have to order the part. Great! Now the earliest we can get this fixed will be on Tuesday. Another 5 days without a refrigerator. Tuesday came and went... nothing! Thursday came and went... nothing! We are now at 3 weeks without the refrigerator.

I called Whirlpool back demanding that they get this problem solved. They looked into the situation and said that the product was on back order, but that they had one they could ship to the repair company. I'm not really sure how something can be on back order yet they have one they can ship, but that is what I was told. They were so polite as to offer to ship the compressor overnight to the repair company, so they would have it on Friday. That really doesn't do me any good since the company still won't come to my house until Tuesday!

Whirlpool has not and will not make any extra effort to help me out. They won't give me a credit toward the appliance that isn't even paid for. They won't do anything to compensate for the food that was lost or especially the inconvenience of being without a working refrigerator for nearly a month! I have never been more surprised and disappointed in such a HUGE lack of customer service in my life. Needless to say that I will NEVER buy from Whirlpool again!

Circuit panel replacement for double wall oven by Whirlpool
By -

I cannot believe the runaround we have been getting from Whirlpool regarding getting a replacement part for our double wall oven. We bought it in 2003, have already replaced the circuit control panel once before (ORIGINAL PART #83001917 IS NOW PART #10244191) and now again the top oven controls went out first, then two weeks later the bottom oven has done the same thing. We had a hard time locating the part the first time, and now we can't find it anywhere in the USA. (Exact words from the Whirlpool phone Rep.) who I must say had attitude. I said I will look into having the part repaired if that was the case, he said they cannot be repaired.

Told me that they have stopped using certain vendors, when I asked what country these vendors were in that they were dealing, when he said he was not at liberty to tell me. I still have the original part that we replaced before, and the sticker on that one said it was manufactured in Mexico. I have been trying to locate the part since August, with the same results as one of the other people who posted a message on this website. Each time you call, you are told another month out. We are now being told end of January. Which we don't believe will happen. What a sorry tale this is, I have a wonderful looking wall oven that is a piece of crap and not worth a dime.

There must be something that the government consumer protection agency can do about a company as large as Whirlpool, not having the parts available to repair appliances that are less than 10 yrs old. I said this to the last girl I talked to from corporate office and she told me they are obligated to have the parts available for the term of the warranty on the appliance. I don't believe that. So after the warranty, you are on your own. I am ready to call to see what can be done by the government regarding these issues. Like the others have already said, to have to go out and spend another $2000 on an appliance that is only seven yrs old is absurd.

The ovens I replaced with this piece of crap were over 25 years old, working fine, and the only reason I changed them was color. Boy did I make a terrible mistake. Holidays were no fun in our house. We are a large Italian family. No cookies this year. I already sent a registered letter to corporate office regarding this issue, and when I heard from them two weeks later, was a call from some secretary telling me what I already knew. That the part was not available. I asked to talk to a higher company representative and she said she was told to call me and tell me there was nothing they could do. The part was on back order.

I know that already, it has been on back order for over five months. I am a real estate agent and I deal with people all the time looking to makeover their kitchens. The first thing out of my mouth is stay away from Whirlpool appliances. I told the phone representative to tell the corporate heads to go on the computer and read all the negative reviews from unhappy consumers like me. I TRULY FEEL THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

Whirlpool-spend more on another brand and end up paying less!
By -

I purchased an upright freezer from Lowe's in Sept 2008 and I have had to have it repaired three times and am now waiting on the repair tech to come to my house again! I was told yesterday that they would come today, but today they informed me it will be tomorrow. In the meantime, I have lost another freezer full of food. It was repaired twice before the 12 month warranty went out and I have told them I am not paying for them to come and replace the same defective part every 6-9 months, and if they can't get someone to my house when they say they will, it is obviously because they have too many defective appliances for their repair techs to keep up with.

I paid $600 for this freezer and it is worth about $6 for scrap metal, which is about all it is good for. If they can't get it repaired this time, then I am going to tell them to bring a truck and haul it off because after I pay $129 for a service call, pay for the parts, and replace all the lost food, I will be better off to go out and buy a new freezer, but I can promise you it WILL NOT be a Whirlpool! I also intend to tell everybody I know that Whirlpool appliances are pieces of junk and not worth the stress.

I would rather have paid $1200 and gotten something that actually works than to have to deal with the spoiled food and having to deal with their Customer Service folks on the phone and being told someone would be here today, and then after I make arrangements to have someone there to let the repair tech in, they inform me they aren't coming today. Sure glad I didn't take a vacation day today and sit home waiting on them to show!

*** Update - I finally got a call from their repair tech who told me that even if the problem was a defective part, I would still have to pay him $129 just to knock on my door, and then pay for parts and labor because the last part was over 90 days old. I told him that wasn't happening. He told me to contact Whirlpool directly and see if they would give me concessions so I contacted Whirlpool. Even though they said there has to be something else wrong to cause this part to keep going bad, which means the original warrantied repair tech didn't find the real problem, they refused to give any concessions, or even admit their product was defective.

They also told me that this model freezer had not been reported as having problems so there was nothing they could do since the warranty was out. (I went to the Whirlpool recall site and put my model and serial number in, and it said that my product was on the list of recalled heater defrost elements, but when I told the CS rep, that he just told me I must have typed the wrong information in the computer). They told me I would have to pay the service call charge and parts and labor, even though they did offer a small discount on the replacement parts.

He also told me that even if Whirlpool sent me the free recall part replacement kit that I told him the computer said I needed for my freezer, that I would have to pay to have this installed because I was no longer under warranty and I told him that recall repairs are supposed to be done at no cost to the customer, and he reinformed me that my unit was not eligible for recall parts. I told them I was not paying that kind of money to have someone show up at my house and tell me the same part needed to be replaced again so I hung up and called a local repairman, who is coming tomorrow and is only charging $60 to come to the house and tell me what is wrong.

I'm going to wait and see if I get the recall replacement kit and have this man come back and install it for me. His hourly labor rates are also a lot less than the Whirlpool repair tech rates. So, best thing to do for a non-warranty repair is to call a local appliance repair service and let them fix it for you for a lot less, and they will probably do a better job and even show up when they say they will. Even if I have to pay full price for more part, I will still come out cheaper. Hopefully he will even be able to use generic replacement parts if Whirlpool doesn't send what I need. It's my way of NOT giving Whirlpool any more of my money AND supporting local businesses.

Whirlpool doesn't know the meaning of customer service
By -

I ordered a complete house full of appliances directly from Whirlpool for our newly constructed home. All items arrived in good shape and several weeks later they were installed into the home. The under counter ice maker for the bar didn't work from day one. The machine would make ice but then melt as fast as it was made.

I made a service appointment via Whirlpool's website and before their service contractor, A&E, came out to look at the unit, a tech with another service company who was out to look at another appliance said that the fan blade had come loose and put it back on. Turns out that the fan blade had fallen off of the motor and the whole unit was heating up. Shortly after he left, it began to heat up again. The A&E tech came a day later and re-installed the blade and said it was fixed but said that he would order a new blade just in case. Within a couple of hours it was hot again and not holding ice. The new fan blade arrived and a different A&E tech came out to replace it.

Turns out (according to the tech) that the part that is specified in the parts catalog is not the part that fits this unit. The tech re-installed the original fan and said that it wouldn't come off this time. Within a couple of hours it was back to the original problem. At this point I'm calling Whirlpool to find out what can be done about the unit. I'm told that all that can be done is to schedule another service call. I tell them that the techs keep doing the same thing and the problem keeps coming back. "The policy states that all we can do is service the unit". I remind them that the unit hasn't worked since we received it.

They don't care, in fact one of the CS reps says, "it's not our fault". Wow. Is it my fault, I wonder. Another service call is placed. This time the A&E tech calls me on his way to the house and says, "I'm the guy who replaced the blade last time". He tells me that he won't be coming to the house because there is nothing more he can do and Whirlpool tech support insists that the replacement blade that was sent was the correct one. So, now it's been three weeks of this back and forth and we're days away from our housewarming party and no ice maker.

I call Customer Service and am told that all they can do now is send a different repair company to give a second opinion. I tell them that I've got three opinions and don't need another one. At this point I ask for a supervisor and am given to ** who appears to have gotten the job by being the least sensitive person they could find when it comes to customer issues. She tells me that, "we haven't had any service issues with these units". Once again it must be my fault that I ordered and received this unit. Maybe I should apologize to them. She does offer to extend my warranty period by a year to make up for my inconvenience.

That's nice but all I want is an icemaker that works today. She tells me again about "policy" and says that she cannot replace the unit but will send out another tech. I tell her to forget it. I want nothing more to do with this company. Here's where Whirlpool has gone incredibly wrong in this whole process: First, their CS personnel are the most unfriendly and insensitive of ANY company that I've ever dealt with. No exaggeration. They have absolutely no clue to how to take of customer issues. They've been trained to say a lot of the right words but deliver them as if they've got a gun to their heads.

It's clear that they really don't give a da*m about the customer. Second, the last thing I want to hear about is their "policy". Your policy should be to take care of the customer at any cost. How many times are you willing to send a tech out at a $100 a pop on my $1000 ice machine? Your policy just cost you a future customer and one who has a big mouth and isn't afraid to use it.

Lastly, I don't want to hear about fault and whether or not they've had problems with a particular model. I'm having problems with my unit and that should be all they care about. When considering the purchase of major appliances, think about how you'll be taken care of (or not) if something goes wrong. Skip Whirlpool and save yourself the frustration.

Serious money - a lemon, but no lemon law @ Whirlpool
By -

The long and short of it was, I purchased a Whirlpool Duet HT set - washer and dryer with pedestals - a little over $2200 in March of 2006. The washer without the pedestal base cost $1100 back then. Soon after I bought it, I noticed when I put bleach in the bleach dispenser, it leaked directly onto the clothes. I never got around to calling about that because I was so busy. Very shortly out of warranty, the machine started stopping mid-cycle in one of the wash settings ("Active Wear"). It happened intermittently. Then it started happening in another setting (Heavy Duty), again, intermittently.

I called for service, and when I discovered I had to pay a minimum of $60 for a service call, and likely another $100 for a timer (can't recall if that was what they called it), possibly more, I decided I'd live without those cycles. I was so irritated that I spent $1100 on washer that was going to cost me another couple hundred to fix about 15 months after I bought it. Then I started having intermittent problems with the wash cycles finishing, but I'd open the door to find clothes sitting in 3 inches of water and would have to rinse/Spin them again.

Then this same thing happened only I opened the door and thought the storm drain opened backwards flow - smelly water, soap. Called the store I bought it from, said the machine was only 2and a half years old (at that point) and they told me how to take it apart and check the drain - a full man's sock was stuck in the drain INSIDE the machine - how did that happen? We never overload it.

Then it started getting noisier and noisier when it spun - still with ALL the problems happening above - can't use bleach dispenser, finding clothes sitting in water at end of cycle, finding cycles stopping mid-way (clothes sopping wet/soapy), and once more finding a piece of clothing in the drain. Along the way, the door with the oddly contoured plastic front that jutted out was bumped by one of my kids and it cracked right down the middle. Cosmetic damage since it was the outside only, but looked pretty tacky. Should those things break THAT easy?

Now the entire gasket around the drum has ripped out after the machine made a God awful rattling noise (yes, it was leveled - checked that when it first made noise) and it is unusable. I can't live with the problems anymore and am looking for a new machine. The store salesman suggested I call Whirlpool to see if they'd at least give me a break towards a new machine when I told him why I didn't want a Whirlpool front loader again, and asked if any other manufactured washer would fit on that $200 pedestal. So I called Whirlpool - the answer from ** was, "you should have bought an extended warranty". The supervisor ** told me, essentially, not their problem. The washer is 4 yrs old and I didn't have "extensive service calls" registered.

When I explained I wasn't willing to pay hundreds more on service calls on an already outrageously priced machine and choose to live with it, AND the problems were pretty much all different issues, again... not their problem. They weren't even willing to give me a discount coupon or something towards the purchase of another outrageously priced washer.

I'm not complaining about how much I spent upfront for this machine, but I'd expect it would last longer than a few years without so many issues, and at very least, a customer service department that could understand I shouldn't have had to pay hundreds of dollars for several different fixes for a quality product when I'd already spent $1100. So, live and learn.

Either don't drop so much money on a washer, or go to a company which cares enough about the quality of a product enough to back it up with at least "something" when there are this many problems. I clearly got a lemon (or am cursed?) and see that the company doesn't care once they've sold it. Out of warranty, out of luck.

Extended Warranty Is Worthless
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Rating: 2/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased the extended warranty on a Whirlpool refrigerator. After 2 years of trouble-free service, I now have a small problem. I have called the phone # listed 9 times and have been on hold for a total of 4 hours... and have yet to speak to a human. This phone # is the ONLY way to contact them and they refuse to answer! A product is only as good as their service and Whirlpool's service is non-existent...

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Rating: 1/51

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Purchased Whirlpool refrigerator 6 months ago, and the handles which were not even, was corrected only by the doors now being uneven. Also, constant water drips off of waterline on door regardless of being used or not. Just recently refrigerator started a piercing, ear ringing annoying sound when running. What happened to quality control in the U.S.A?

Piece of Junk
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Rating: 1/51

CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND -- I would happily dump the pieces of junk Whirlpool duet system. Paid 1500.00 for a new set recently. Dryer only works on one cycle and washer does not work at all. Plus the damn company does not service their own product. They sub out the work to whoever bids the lowest. So the service gets even "better".

Shreds Clothing
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Rating: 1/51

ALABAMA -- Whirlpool knows the washer is defective but refuses to fix or recall. So I will start mailing the CEO my shredded clothing with an invoice to replace what their defective machine shredded.

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