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Worse Than Any Small Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Mr Blake,

Based on my experience with your HVAC installations escalation team, I'm certain that your inbox must be flooded with issues, so I will attempt to keep this short.

The statement "CUSTOMERS FIRST!" in the signature line for the team should be removed. Under the lead of Brandi Hyde, I'm ready to cut up my Home Depot card and post on every BLOG and anywhere anyone will listen a very strong warning about doing business with Home Depot. Ms Hyde claims to work directly with you, so I figure you are my last line of escalation.

On July 7, 2013 I went to Home Depot to get a 75 gallon hot water heater replaced. I was up-sold tankless and told that 3K vs 2K expense would provide, energy savings, consistent water temperature and better warranty/reliability. When the sales person (Sal) got to my home, he warned about a 3K tankless providing less pressure and again up-sold me to a 7K solution with "better pressure", "better temperature control" and incredible warranty and reliability. I agreed to his solution and he committed to have the dual tankless system installed in 24 hours and provide me with 24 mos interest free financing on my Home Depot Card. The following timeline (approximate from memory) took place.

1.) 7-8-2013 asked me for a $500 deposit on another card, so he could get the job done "today" as promised and the rest $6600 would be charged to my Home Depot card interest free for 24 mos.
2.) 7-9-2013 Sal called back said they couldn't install today and would install a temporary 50 gal for approx 1 week.
3.) 7-10-2013 Sal called back saying they couldn't install the $7100 units per my city requirements, but, could install a $9600 system, I declined. He called back about an hour later and said he could put the even better units in for $7600 which would give me everything promised and re-circulation. Once again I was uphold and agreed to the new number.
4.) approx 7-14 they removed the 50 gal temp unit and installed new Navien 210a units starting at about 8am. When I got home at 7pm, they plumbers were still there on a smoke break reading the manual. The plumber Tom admitted he had NEVER installed a dual tankless and had no idea how to start of connect the units. (I own a 200 person IT firm and work with technology all day) I offered to help, and Tom thanked me for being patient. I was able to find the grommets and cross connect the two units and start them. They provided sporadic hot water temperature control and my water pressure was 50% of even what the 50 gallon unit produced. Tom assured me that they would send an expert to my home to complete the install in addition to finishing the electrical work and begged me to sign the install form on the fear of him getting fired. I noted the deficiency of the electrical work and signed the form.
5.) approx 7-19 after 5 or more calls, I got confirmation that the "busy" electrician would be to the house and the low water pressure and temperature fluctuations were due to my old water heater. The company sent their "master plumber" Mike out, who pretty much told me they did everything right even though the building inspector disagreed. Upon refusal of the building inspector to sign the installation Mike and his team worked for a full day to comply with the building inspectors request. I still had the same pressure and temperature fluctuations. Mike said they were done and the temperature and pressure fluctuations we my problem, even after I explained I didn't have these issues with my 75 gal or their temporary 50 gal water heaters. I opened a case with Jasmine Tally who offered no support just kept calling they company who screwed up the job and claimed it was good.
6.) Home depot charged my Chase card without authorization for the balance of $7100 – I will skip the 3 pages of writing to get to the end – James of DRF, who agreed to refund the un-authorized Chase charge and only charge my Home Depot card when the install was completed per the manufacturers specs. I can forward that email upon your request.
7.) More than 10 calls with Jasmine took place asking for repair, with no results. I corrected 80% of the issues at my own expense.
8.) DRF/Jasmie/Brandi have all given excuses, the electrician is on vacation, etc but, keep promising to correct the electrical work – It's 8-28-2013 and still not finished current promise is 9-3-2013 at 8am.
9.) 8-20-2013 The manufacturer asked me for photos of the install, I sent them to Navien and they replied next day telling all concerned that the install is NOT correct and does not qualify for warranty coverage. I emailed their written opinion to Jasmine on 8-21-2013.
10.) 8-22-2013 I contacted Jasmine when I got my HD charge bill. Once again the company charged my card without completing the job and no longer here-say it was against the WRITING in both DRF and Home Depot possession.
11.) 8-23-2013 I asked for escalation from Jasmine – After calling back at least 5 times zero out, etc I was assured a supervisor would call me within 24 hours.I did not hear from the supervisor Brandi until 8-26 after 6pm. We exchanged emails and Brandi committed to call me 1st thing in the morning 8-27 to address the issues I emailed her the night prior. No response or call from Brandi, I waited until 1pm (her time) and emailed her. She replied that she would call by 3:30pm, not bad, but, once again late 3:35pm.
12.) 8-27-2013 – Brandi asked till no later than 12pm today and called at 12:14 today – She basically said they don't need to comply with the manufactures installation procedure and they were justified in charging my HD card against the agreed upon writing and she works directly for the CEO and I have NO escalation.

Based on the above, my instinct is to reach out to the attorney general and see if criminal charges are an option for fraudulent use of my credit card, in addition to a civil attorney for damages done to my home, loss of use, etc.

I hope that Home Depot CEO level will not let this happen, as I'm really tired of dealing with this issue and don't want it on my mind for the next 6 to 12 mos during a legal ordeal. I will give you or your team until 9-3-2013 to create an acceptable plan before I take my documentation for legal disposition.
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Subpar Kitchen Cupboards and customer service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
A letter written to Home Depot with no response as yet other than to tell me the very poor options still stand. Certainly anyone that wants a kitchen renovation will benefit from not falling their promises of commitment to great customer service and product quality.

June 12, 2012

xxxx xxxxx, President
Home Depot of Canada Inc.
900 - 1 Concorde Gate,
Toronto, On, M3C 4H9

RE: Concern about Lack of Follow-up into Kitchen Installation Problems

Dear Mr. xxxxx,

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the many unresolved issues I have experienced with Home Depot Sarnia since installing a new kitchen in my residence - August 2010.

I will give you a concise timeline overview first and then the detail:

August 2010 - Installation of new kitchen cabinets by Home Depot.

September 2010 - Installation complete - but:

1. I cannot use all the burners on my stoves because the side cabinets overhang the stove. Initially, I was not aware this was a design flaw.

2. I cannot open a corner door by the stove all the way because the door hits the control knobs on the front of the stove and could inadvertently turn on the gas burner.

3. I cannot open the corner cabinet by my sink all the way as it strikes the front of my expensive porcelain farmhouse sink.

I learn that this was the Kitchen Design experts first design job. All of the appliances were new and the specifications were made available to the Home Depot designer.

February 2011 - The chocolate brown stain on the cabinets begins to visibly fade in unusual patterns on all cabinets in large random areas. I call Home Depot and they agree there is a problem with the stain as well as the poor cabinet design placement which they promise they will rectify.

February 2011 to June 2012 has been one frustrating process after another resulting in a final and insulting letter from your resolution specialist asking me to choose one of two very poor options and to sign off on the issue.

Home Depot - Sarnia, initially fully agreed with me that there were major problems and health and safety design flaws that needed to be addressed but now your head office has decided not to follow through.

As a customer I am extremely frustrated with your company's lack of communication and engagement in resolving the issues. To be clear, throughout this process I have experienced poor customer service and misleading commitments by senior agents and/or affiliates of Home Depot stating they would correct the defects and issues and then a complete turnaround with no explanation other than they cannot fix the problem because the original cabinets chosen will not hold the colour they offer them in. I have made a very large financial investment into this project, I have chosen complimentary tile and backsplash based upon my initial choice. I cannot use my stove safely. I have further agreed to compromise by altering my cabinet colour choice. In the end I have been left with a very minor offer of help.

The more in-depth background of my Home Depot kitchen experience follows:

Leading up to August 2010, I devoted a great deal of time and effort into budgeting and planning for a large scale new kitchen design and renovation. My dream kitchen installation began in mid August and was substantially completed near the end of September, 2010. There were some issues experienced with the design and the way the kitchen “worked” and the stove cabinets were not to code.

In early February 2011, I notice unusual patterns of fading on the kitchen cabinetry facings. The flaws were clearly noticeable and these observations were not disputed by Home Depot sales and design staff, who visited to review my concerns. Mainly, the issues cited were in relation to numerous cabinet facings 'fading out' and displaying signs of defect in workmanship. The unsafe cabinet placements were also discussed.

During the next few months I received numerous visits to my home from staff of Home Depot and/or affiliate agent(s) namely, MasterBrand Cabinets Inc., and National Installations Ltd. They sent managers, Regional representatives, design staff, and installers to make assessments and review. Each time I was told not to worry as the issue would be resolved to my satisfaction. During this period all the door and drawer facings were replaced to address the fading that had exposed the raw maple cabinetry.

Within the next six months (near August, 2011) the facings of the cabinets and drawers were observed to again fade and Home Depot - Sarnia was again immediately contacted. This time, I did not receive a response from the store. I then placed a call to your customer service center and Home Depot -Sarnia returned my call the same day.

Since involving Home Depot customer service, a Home Depot, Kitchen Manager, and Store Manager visited my home. Both stating and acknowledging the fade-out in the cabinetry and the design issues. Again, I was assured the errors would be taken care of and I was advised not to worry. This began a process of many representatives again entering my home for various reasons. More frustrating was reviewing over-and-over the product defect issue with each representative who was making enquiry. Many of these visits and/or phone calls were lengthy in duration and exhausting. Each time I was promised that Home Depot and their affiliate companies would stand behind and resolve the issue. I have never before experienced such a horrible and unpleasant situation.

In March, 2012 after speaking with a Regional Manager from MasterBrand a shipment of many boxes arrived at my front door. This was totally unexpected because it was discussed and agreed that - I was to be given the opportunity for input as to a resolution. Clearly this did not occur. I called, xxx xxx, Regional Manager of MasterBrand asking what these boxes were as I did not want the same facings again. I believe I had given MasterBrand ample opportunity for resolution with replacement facings. With this new delivery it would be the third replacement. To satisfy my concern, I was provided a copy of the attached letter. In brief, MasterBrand's Director of Sales and Marketing for Canada, xxx xxx assured me in writing that the newly arrived facings had gone through additional 'quality measures' to safeguard the integrity of the product. Additionally, the Regional Manager for the same - visited my home and acknowledged the issue with the assurance that it would be addressed to my satisfaction and all necessary work would be completed as required.

When the installer unpacked the delivery, numerous facings had arrived damaged and there were already visible signs of fading. He replaced some door/drawer facings and returned those to the supplier that were defective.

At this point the whole process was getting ridiculous.

I again called the Kitchen Manager at Home Depot, and the Regional Manager of MasterBrand. Both apologized and assured me they would get back to me with options.
Their initial offer and plan was to reface the cabinetry, but later stated this could not be done as doing so would compromise the integrity of the cabinet boxes. At this point I was offered new kitchen cabinetry.

The process for planning and choosing new cabinetry began again. To be honest, I was initially encouraged at this point by your affiliate company's commitment to stand behind their product. Both parties agreed and stated that this was also an opportunity to correct Home Depot's significant design flaws which were overlooked during the initial design. Specifically, the cabinets over the gas stove appliance which were not to code. As stated earlier they were installed too low and not at the correct clearance height and they infringe width wise. As a result I am only able to use certain interior burners and due to safety concerns I have asked my teenage children not to use the stove at all. Not good!

Also as stated above the adjoining lower corner cabinet opens and hits the gas control knobs. Further, the position of the lower corner storage cabinets near the sink is also a major design flaw. The doors do not extend freely without the knob handle striking the center of the very expensive porcelain farm sink basin. I have to hang a towel over my sink as a buffer. Again - unacceptable.

In April 2012, I was requested by the Kitchen Manager, xxx xxxx to visit the Sarnia Home Depot outlet to conduct a design consultation to plan for the new kitchen cabinetry installation. Along with Home Depot's design staff assistance we began to put the process in motion again. I met with design staff and picked out new cupboards. We discussed the original design flaws and how to rectify them. I let the Regional Manager know that the new cupboards I had chosen were a completely different finish that was much lighter in colour and not prone to fading and he assured me they were willing to waive the up charge because they were unable to resolve my initial kitchen issues. He stated, “this direction comes from the top.” Again, many hours were dedicated to the process. A representative from National Installations, Mr. xxxx xxxx - Kitchen Install Co-ordinator, came to my

home and spent time taking pictures and measurements. All parties were satisfied we were moving forward including the Kitchen Manager of Home Depot.

I had an appointment to meet with the kitchen designer to review the design on the computer. When I arrived, she did not have this work done and instead advised me to speak with the Kitchen Manager, xxxx xxxx. xxxx advised me the Store Manager, xxxx xxxx and herself were waiting to receive something in writing. They had not received anything from the agents at MasterBrand. Specifically, I was told that they were awaiting a response from the Director of Sales & Marketing Canada, xxxx xxxx and she had not been responding to their many emails.

The process then came to a complete halt and the company has apparently changed their mind about fixing the problem. The local Home Depot has said they can no longer “talk to me”.

I have since received a couple of letters offering me a minimal fix. They will now not replace the cabinets with new ones in a safe design and in a colour which will not fade. Instead the new offer is to take down the two cabinets by my stove and replace a few others. I am appalled at this turn in events. I have been very patient and I am now faced with this extremely insulting scenario - where I am now treated like a problem that needs to go away.

I have attached copies of the correspondence that ensued throughout this process that proves that I have an initially agreed upon legitimate complaint. Upon reading the correspondence I trust you will see that it is very evident that Home Depot admitted that:

1. The cabinets were defective, and;
2. The kitchen installation contained design errors that are not to code.

Both of these represent extremely serious issues that I expect Home Depot to resolve to my satisfaction. I do not accept the offers that have recently been given to me. In addition I find the tone of them very insulting.

At this point, I will only settle for either:

1. A complete kitchen replacement or;
2. A complete un-install and a full refund with compensation for the wall tiles that no longer match and will now need replacing.

Lastly, I would like to add that originally I was interested in purchasing the Kraftmaid product line of cabinetry and was led to the Thomasville line by the Kitchen Designer as this product was new to Home Depot. I later learned that it is your house brand. I am sure that you do not want such poor product quality, or this type of customer service representing the Home Depot.

Mr. xxxx, I am asking for your help in resolving this matter. This kitchen is the center of our very busy home and we were looking forward to enjoying our dream kitchen for many years to follow. I feel that I have legitimate problems that need to be addressed.
I thank you for any help you can give me and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.
If you have any questions, I can be reached at home at xxx xxx xxxx, or on my cell phone at xxx xxx xxxx.

Respectfully submitted,

xxxx xxxxxx

CC: Home Depot Resolution Specialist
CC: MasterBrand, Director Sales & Marketing Canada


Copy of letter dated April 2, 2012- MasterBrand’s Apology and Commitment to Quality.
Copy of letter dated May 21, 2012 - MasterBrand’s Initial Offer of Settlement
Copy of letter date May 28th, 2012 - Home Depot’s Final Resolution Offer
Copies of email correspondence
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/20/2012:
From the looks of this you may want to consult with an attorney and see if they have any options for you.
digiweb on 10/26/2012:
I am so sorry you are going through this. Your documentation is amazing. It will definitely help your lawyer get Home Depot's attention.

MasterBrand has been a nightmare for us. We bought Omega cabinets that are peeling and disintegrating.

The warranty reps blame our sponge and dogs. They say, "What do you expect? It's paint."

As if every other painted object in my kitchen is falling apart.

The problem is opaque (paint) on maple. That combination is a defective product.

I'm looking for MasterBrand victims who feel they're getting nowhere on their warranties.

I want MasterBrand to declare their products defective, issue a recall, and make us "whole."

Please consider posting your story and pictures to


You can read more about my Omega cabint failures at

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Damaged item never accepted on delivery but charged and not refunded
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- On October 7th, 2012 I ordered a bathroom vanity with a mirror for $1525.45. . I was quickly charged and said my order left the manufacturer two days later. The shipper siim Miami and the manufacturer is in California but I was shocked at how quick my item got delivered . ( within a week ) but then I looked at it upon delivery, my 60 inch mirror was in pieces and three sections of the marble top were damaged along wi the wood. I refused to accept the delivery. After an hour of speaking to Home Depot I was told the vanity was not on back order til end of October the 28th. They credited me about $200 back and told me I would get the next one discounted when I placed the order. I then received an email saying expected in stock fat was Nov 1. On October 23, 2012 I looked online and my product was available so I ordered it at the discounted price I had to again speak to someone for an hour to get this placed. It is now November 18,2012 and after three calls and two billing cycles I still have not been credited for $1302. And am paying interest on it. I am writing as I sit on hold again its been 50:21 sec this time. Any ideas of who I need to talk to to get this resolved I am going to go to small claims court and request my credit plus my finance charges.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 11/18/2012:
Your photo was of great help. It shows the damage was not that of a minor scratch, but massive damage.

What doesn't make sense is why a full refund would be given and a commitment to a discount be provided at a later time. It would seem more likely that a discount may have been offered if you wanted to keep the item on order, receiving it at a later date. If a full refund was provided, it would only make sense that it would close out the transaction and give H.D. no way to track any further commitment to a better price later on.
BigAl on 11/18/2012:
You did the smart thing, you refused delivery. Now you need to contact your card company and dispute the original charge. I do not understand why you would want to continue to do business if you have already been shown that your patronage is not appreciated.
HomeDepot_Care on 11/18/2012:
Hi my name is Sheronda and I'm with Home Depot Customer Care. I'm sorry for the damaged vanity you received. Please email me your order information to sheronda_care@homedepot.com. I will partner with our online escalations team for a status on your refund.

The Home Depot
trmn8r on 11/18/2012:
It sounds like the $200 was the discount, and their plan was to not refund the original amount, but I'm not sure. Why give you $200 back and not the entire amount?

I would contest the charge with the credit card company, but only if the $1300 isn't what paid for the new order. Did you pay a second time, for the replacement?
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Do NOT reface your kitchen with Home Depot
Posted by on
I've wanted to fix up my kitchen ever since I moved in my house, so when a sales representative at Home Depot approached me about kitchen refacing I decided to give it a shot. I figured a large corporation like that would do a good job, I might just have to pay a little more. WRONG. I have a small kitchen, so the quote seemed reasonable enough. I was having the cabinets, drawers, countertop and sink replaced. The salesman explained that I would be responsible for reattaching the garbage disposal because the contractors aren't licensed plumbers, but he made it sound easy enough (though I was still a little tentative about that part). Everything else would be taken care of!

Well, the contractor finished up and everything looked OK except the faucet wasn't installed on the sink. I figured I knew someone to help me with that, so I let it go. Turns out, the sink wasn't even attached to the countertop. None of the parts of the sink were together, and the pieces to put it back together weren't even all there...I think some got carted away with the old sink. So now, after having no sink for 3 days, I have to wait another 4 days..HOLIDAY WEEKEND :(... to see if someone will rectify this situation or to try to do it myself. So much for only having to reattach the garbage disposal. When I spoke to customer service, he went on & on about them not being licensed plumbers, no matter what I told him the salesman said. And he was not very concerned with my complaints... I think he just called for the "thumbs up, all's good", not to actually make sure I got my money's worth.

Well then I look at the cabinets. The knobs are on all crooked. The knobs on adjacent cabinet doors are off by 2 millimeters in some places, which doesn't sound like a lot but is HIGHLY noticeable. Then there's the molding they tore off and replaced. They replaced the molding with a much smaller piece so that the holes and discoloration from the old piece are now visible. Then I go to use some of the kitchen equipment. The exhaust fan/light above the stove that he took down no longer works!!! The small light above my sink doesn't work!!! What did he do??? I can't figure it out. So now, I'm supposed to call a plumber and an electrician to fix problems that didn't exist before Home Depot came into my home? MORE MONEY??? I'm a single mom who can do minor projects around the house myself, but fixing these issues is beyond me. Plus there's dust everywhere & chips out of the paint. Good thing I didn't repaint the kitchen before all this happened or I'd be even more furious.

When you do a job, do it right, and don't create extra problems. Don't give the customer anything that would be unacceptable for yourself. That's my view in my line of work. Apparently it isn't Home Depot's. It's the holiday weekend, so I'm still waiting to see how my complaints will be resolved, but I'm not optimistic at all....I will not be returning to this store for ANYTHING. Nails, screws, plants...NOTHING. I should have saved up the money to have a professional completely redo the kitchen. I will NEVER waste money on refacing again. Honestly, it doesn't even look all that good.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/02/2011:
I would worry if I needed a sink installed and was told the contractors were not licensed plumbers. I also would have taken a better look at the work before they left. The problems you mentioned sound easily noticeable. I don't know how much good it would have done had you brought these things to the contractor's attention, but at least you would have known more than you know now.

It sounds like a shoddy job, and I hope Home Depot is willing to finish the work properly.
trmn8r on 07/02/2011:
I'm really sorry this happened to you.

Honestly, the salesman should have WARNED you that you would need a plumber, not passed off the plumbing as something you could do on your own. That's deceitful. I do my own plumbing, and I can think of only one other person who does too.

I hate to say it, but this is a typical HD remodeling story. They will tell you that the paint damage is your problem, and I bet they will say the same for the electrical work.
Venice09 on 07/02/2011:
Every time my husband does plumbing work, I understand why plumbers get paid so much! It's fine if nothing goes wrong, but something always goes wrong! And it's always when the stores are closed. DIY plumbing is risky business.
old fart on 07/02/2011:
I leave plumbing to the pros...One amateur mistake and you're off to the races...
ok4now on 07/03/2011:
I can fully understand your frustration. You paid H.D. for cabinets, drawers, a counter-top & sink. It was explained to you that the plumbing was your responsibility. H.D. is not a general contractor who would have done this. H.D. is responsible for the defective cabinets and should make good on this.

I recently had new granite counter-tops installed. I was told by all of the dealers that they would disconnect the plumbing but the new hookup was my responsibility. Having no ability to do this I called in a professional master plumber. The complexity of this job was a nightmare. Having absolutely no room to work under the cabinet he had to install the sink plumbing, garbage disposal, faucets, shutoff valves and a complete reverse osmosis water filtration system. He had a helper and had to leave 3 times for parts. They never finished until 8:30 pm. He charged me $450 and earned every dime of it. This is why H.D. doesn't want to do your plumbing hookups.
HomeDepot_Care on 07/05/2011:

I'm sorry to hear about your refacing troubles. I'd be happy to look into this for you. Can you email me your order information, and the best way to contact you at stephanie_care@homedepot.com?

Thanks kindly,
Home Depot Customer Care
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Water Heater Installation Upcharges
Posted by on
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- On 7/16/2008, I needed a new water heater to replace the one that went bad.

I decided to go with Home Depot to get the unit installed. The reason for selecting Home depot being that I deal with a reputed corporation, and they would be fair and just in the pricing and that I won't have to face any surprises.

I visited Home Depot, and the CSR walked me through the installation charges, and then mentioned that I will have to call an 800 number and get the order going. She also mentioned that an installer or plumber's rep will visit the site and give an estimate and I order from there.

I went with a 50 gal electric heater priced at $349.00 and the installation charge quoted was $285.00. I felt that this was reasonable, considering that I needed the heater the same day.

So, I came home called the toll free number and ordered the water heater model. During the course of the order, I was asked several questions relating to the current heater it's location, placement, size height, capacity, access to it etc etc. The order desk quoted the same price I heard at the store ($285 + cost of water heater + permit fee 0f $70). I asked when will the installer come to look and tell me a firm price before I place a formal order. The order desk clerk said, no need to visit.. we have gotten all the information... you should be OK at this price... and if any code related issues, it will be extra and emphasized that it won't be much.

The installer (a husband and wife team) was a good guy and I have nothing to complain except for some additional items he said I needed to get into city code compliance. He said I needed the following items and they are detailed below.

1. A stand to keep the heater above the ground level. It is a galvanized 21" x 21" X 16" high stand capable of supporting the weight of the heater and the water.
I was told that it will be $195.00 plus taxes.
2. I was told I need a pan under the heater for collecting any leaky water. It is an Aluminum pan that looks like a Pizza pan, made of .032" aluminum. I was told that it would cost $90.00 plus taxes.
3. The 3rd and the last item I needed was a ball valve for water shut off, and I was told that it will cost $95.00.

These 3 additional items along with taxes were $391.00. I asked the installer why is it these trivial items are so expensive and I was told that's how much they cost. I had no choice at that time to go myself to the store and buy the 3 items for under $65.oo, because they can't wait while I am shopping. Basically I was put on a spot and had no choice and had to go with the situation I am stuck in.
Since I am dealing with Home Depot, I said I was going to take care of it with them rather than the installer. On calling Home Depot about the exorbitant prices for 3 items ( more than the cost of the new heater), they said they have no control over what contractors charge.
My question is: I pick Home Depot based on the fact that they select contractors based on their work integrity, service ethics, and their honesty and reasonableness of cost of services. I go with them because I feel that I won't get ripped off. In this case it was a grand day light robbery. The gal at the other end at Home Depot couldn't help resolve the robbery.
Just around the time of completion a person introducing himself as Home Depot service manager (with an HD red Apron) stopped by to see if every thing went OK. I brought the above subject on the over pricing, and his answer was that these are fixed by Home Depot... (contrary to what I heard from the gal earlier who wanted to get my credit card approval for extras). He was just a good old boy nodded head and told me to see the store manager.
I found out later according to the HD store clerk that this inspector who came was not a HD employee and he was a private contractor.

Here are my questions to the extras that I was charged for in the name of Code compliance that added up another approx $400.00.

1. The Stand retails at Lowe's for $34.98 (Lowe's model # 40S22U. This is a 1" tall stand rated for up to 65 gal heater and 900 lb capacity.
2. The drain pan 24", retails at Lowe's for $15.98 (Model # 34078). The similar pan in 26" size sells at HD under SKU # 424-804 for $19.97.
3. The 3/4" threaded ball shut off valve that was part of code compliance sells at HD for $7.97 (HD's SKU # A365-297).

The above 3 items (part of code compliance) the material cost is 35 +20 + 8 + $63, whereas in the final bill the 3 items were charged at $ 170 for stand, $90 for pan and $ 95 for the valve.
What a rip off! A mark up of 500% on 3 piddly parts.

I called the store manager on Monday 7/20, and he seemed to agree with my plight of over charges and said he will talk to the contractor and come back. He never called back for 3 full days. So finally I called him on Thursday the 24th to find out what he heard from the installer and what his resolution was. His answer was that these are standard charges for the items and it costs labor to install them and that is why the add ons are what they are. Basically in conclusion his answer was I am putting it in quotes as said by the HD store manager.
"Home repair services is a separate division and it is run by contractors, and we at HD have nothing to do, and you should call their number and deal with it". I asked him then why you advertise these services and push it big time in stores and can not monitor or control it or resolve the customer issues. His answer was the same gentle one I am sorry I understand your feeling. these are charges to install the items and you have to deal with them if you have any questions.

I am really upset with the whole thing. My prime reason for using HD was that a big company was backing up the work and I will be safe from fly by and dishonest contractors.

In this case Home Depot totally let me down. I have no respect or regard for these so called big corporations any more. It leaves a very bad and bitter taste after this experience. Each one Home depot and the contractor says the other one is the one that fixes these prices, and Home Depot totally let me down.

The final analysis:
The new water heater was an identical size to the previous one. The final job involved 4/5 soldered joints using flex copper pipe and 4 threaded connections and the re attachment of the wiring besides of course moving the heater to the location and setting it up. For a water heater costing 350 + $60 additional parts + $ 70 permit fee for a total of $480, the final price was $1207.
The labor for 1.5 hrs of work was roughly $727.00, as against an original estimate of $285. My question is what does the original $285 labor quoted get you in terms of services.

I request someone from Home Depot to respond to me their justification for these exorbitant mark ups on parts with no installation labor in the name of "CODE COMPLIANCE".
If Home Depot is honest and sincere should refund the excess, and come out clean.
In the mean time, I will go to every source available on the Internet to publicize this over charge, call local TV stations and media to investigate HD of these hidden surprise up charges and bring this business practice into compliance.

I did not realize that you could make $350 per hour installing water heaters.... may be I should quit my high tech engineering job and move on to this line of work, and choose my own time to do it!

A very upset CUSTOMER.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/27/2008:
Interesting post. About 3 years ago, I opted to buy the 6-year 50G tank from HD. Installing it myself was laborious, but not technically difficult. Of course, when it failed (in warranty) it was up to me to have to call GE several times to get an RA. Then, remove the tank and cart it back to HD and re-install the replacement. If nothing else, if your tank fails HD will be on the hook for replacing it, labor included. Don't blame you for being upset about the additional charges, they sound excessive.
Anonymous on 07/27/2008:
You really want to bust this plumbers ass? I'd be willing to bet a fair sum that he never went and got that permit from the city that you gave him $70.00 for. It would be almost impossible for him to do this job with a permit the same day you talked to him. If he had permit a city inspector would have come out once the job was complete. Did one? If not, call the city and ask them about the permit that you paid a plumber for. Those guys pocket that permit money all the time.
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/28/2008:
I would also be curious about the water heater stand being required by code. If it was a gas water heater, that would make sense - a lot of municipalities have added that rule in recent years, especially if the heater is in a garage.

The reasoning is, if gasoline is spilled near the heater, the vapors being heavier than air will stay low to the ground and by raising the heater, any possible combustion source is above the level of the gasoline fumes.

But an electric water heater? With no open flame, I can't see the danger in placing it on the ground. Check with your local code enforcement folks - I wonder if that rule only applies to gas heaters and if this guy lied to you about the need for a stand. Good luck.
Tinn on 08/03/2008:
My husband and I are also victims of The Home Depot poor practice. We just spent $40,000.00 with them to build our home and we are now being treated inhumane. They over charged our account on many invoices. They kept our money(which was money credited from their overcharges on account and would not refund it except in gift cards.So we were held hostage to have to spend the rest $5,000.00 in their store. In May they delivered wood that we did not order and it is still sitting in our front yard. We ordered cabinets, doors and tile that mistakes were made on and still waiting for the tile ordered in May. We have asked for our money back on the $350.00 tile order so that we can order from another company and they are refusing. At present, I have contacted the attorney generals office for help.Most of all it saddens me that we have been kicked to the curb after making Home Depot our home for the past 2 years and giving them our money. Try calling the corporate office, they don't know what they are doing there either. for a company this big, I am not sure what is going on.
Neveragainhome depot on 09/03/2008:
Here is an update to my original complaint.


I finally put together a formal complaint to Home depot pretty much detailing what is posted here in my original complaint along with some pictures of the installation and price chart and the mark ups.
I contact their Toll free number and also a written complaint through the site link below.


Initially, the CSR offerred to refund $150. I refused to take it and mentioned that unless I was refunded $300, which I felt as the over charge on the parts, I don't need the money and they can keep it.
After a couple of days, they agreed to refund $300 but only in the form of a gift card thus forcing you to spend the money at their store. I received the card last week along with a note that said "At Home Depot we take Customer satisfaction seriously and would like to continue for you to shop at HD etc...etc.
getting the refund was not easy... I had to spend considerable time to write a detailed letter and pursue it. Being a big corporation they did respond favorably.
The big question is whether they are going to take my recommendations and implement it. For every one like me there are probably another 100 that think of it as a bad experience and give up their claim. This is where they make their money.
We as consumers need to fight back and keep these kind of practices in check. No body is going to fight for you.
Finally a lesson learned from this is: Always have someone come look at the job site and give a quote free of charge with no obligations and if they won't someone else is waiting to do the same.
Thanks to all those who sympathized with my plight.

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
The following letter was sent to Home Depot
May 8, 2008

Dear Sirs,
Two months ago my wife and I began renovating our new home in Morristown Arizona. Since starting our project my wife and I shopped exclusively at your Surprise Arizona Home Depot Store located at Bell Road and US 60 to purchase all our home improvement products. My wife even opened a new Home Depot credit card with your company two weeks ago.

Combined over the past six weeks, we spent over $50,000.00 at your store and planned on even spending more, until tonight!

This evening I filled up a shopping cart which included electrical and plumbing supplies and had a brochure for a water softener that I was planning on purchasing. When it came time to check out the only cashier open were four self service checkout lanes.

I first approached the clerk at the self service check out and asked if I could check out at his station. He said no, that I had to use the self service checkout, that he was busy.

Now I understand that perhaps the reasoning your company chooses to institute self service checkouts is a way to perhaps speed up lines for those who choose such a service. But as for myself I prefer the “human touch” and appreciate human interaction and customer service.

I explained to the clerk that I didn’t want to use the self service lanes and asked if someone would be available to check me out. He replied “no, everyone is busy”.

I then walked over to your customer service counter and asked if they could check me out or find me a clerk that would. I was first they directed back to the checkout area but after explaining they didn’t have anyone available other than self service and I didn’t want to use that service. The customer service associate then called someone on the phone. After this short call, he told me to return to the checkout area, that there would be someone there that could assist me.

As I returned to the checkout area, I noticed the self service clerk checking out a customer out that only had one item. I approached again asked if he could check me out and he “smugly remarked” head over that way, they may open a register for you. In the direction he pointed to were two female associates that were chatting. I approached them and asked if they would be opening a register and they replied “no, you have to use self checkout.”

Being totally frustrated at this point I returned to customer service and told that associate that there were still no registers open, his reply “Sorry, I cannot help you.”

I then told this associate that the few minutes it would had taken to assist me would be shorter than the time it was going to take to restock all the items that I had in my shopping cart. I then walked out of your store, drove to the Lowes Store one block away and filled another shopping cart. And there they had “humans” that gladly checked me out.

From my experience at your Surprise Home Depot store tonight I doubt if I’ll ever return and shop there again as the lack of respect and customer service that your associates afforded to me was dreadful!
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User Replies:
steve101 on 05/09/2008:
For all the time you wasted trying to play store manager you could have gone through the self check out and be on your way. Now you will waste more time and gas money driving to another store where you will waste even more time finding your things and waiting on line because all the big box stores are cutting down on employees. Your mention of spending 50k at the store only adds to your elitist attitude.
cherpep on 05/09/2008:
I don't mind checking myself out if I only have a couple of things - but a cartful should be handled by a cashier. For one thing, those self checkouts are too difficult to use when you have a lot of items - there is not enough room on the counter many times to hold everything, and you can't remove them until you are done. Now, I can understand why the guy monitoring the self serves couldn't help you - he is there to monitor others. But, not calling up a cashier to help you is ridiculous. They should NEVER plan on only having the self-serve open. I would have done the same thing - left everything. That was a very poor scheduling choice by management.
tnchuck100 on 05/09/2008:
radarroy, I agree with you 100%. I would have let them restock their stuff as well. They obviously wanted to keep the merchandise and did not want it leaving the store.
Anonymous on 05/09/2008:
I also would have walked out.
puppymom38 on 05/09/2008:
I hate comments like "I appreciate the human touch". Really? Do you really? I worked in banking and people used that reason for not going to the ATM. It's not that they wanted a person for the "human touch", they just didn't want to do it themselves, which is fine, but just say that! I have too many items for self service, I don't know how to use it and don't want to learn, whatever, just don't make it sound like you want a cashier so you can make a new friend!! I agree that they should have a regular lane open or be able to handle the transaction at customer service though.
Anonymous on 05/09/2008:
Great post! Home Depot lost a valuable customer. Noting that you spent $50K with them is not 'elitist'. It simply illustrated that, over time, you spent a good sum of money with them. If so, it is odd that they did not remember you ($50K worth of home supplies would be memorable). I applaud you for walking out. I would have let them do the re-stocking. The 'self-service' exploitation of consumers has gotten so bad, I expect to be handed a mop and bucket and directed to a 'spill on aisle three' when I go into some places to shop.
yoke on 05/15/2008:
I can't believe they had no line open with a cashier. I would have left the stuff also. I don't mind doing self check, but there are times I just don't want to , I want someone else to do it for me, that is their job.
Nazarana lLji on 06/12/2014:
I can feel your pain. Today I went to Home Depot. I needed something from the plumbing department and as usual there was no one to help me. I saw an associate talking a customers so when he had a moment I said to him "Excuse am really sorry but, if you get a moment can you please page me someone from the plumbing department?" And he goes to me "what kinda person are you? Can't you see that I'm in a middle of a conversation? You have no manners!!" I was so upset and told the guy really? I told you that i am sorry and when you have a moment please page me a plumbing person. And although I shouldn't have but he yelled at me so loud infront of everybody that I called him an asshole. So the manager comes up and without listening to me says I should leave the store or he will call the cops.! Really? I've filed a complaint with him. I hope something happens but I'll never go to Home Depot every again!
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Not a great place to work
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- To anyone who is thinking about joining the Home Depot as an employee, please beware. First of all, I left my last job as an assistant manager to join the Home Depot as a cashier. Why? The pay was better and seemed as if everyone worked together. When I went back to fill out my paperwork I was told that the only position that was available at the time was as a Lot Attendant.
So the Human Resource Manager told me not worry, that he knows I have management skills, and that he would not forget about me and leave me in this position. So I went from being an assistant manager to a lot attendant. No problem I don't mind working my way up.

On my first day I learn from my co-workers that there are no other lot attendants other than myself. If you didn't know a lot attendants duties include loading customers merchandise, returns of carts to their designated positions, and cleaning of the outer area of the store. As the first month pass by I continue to do my job and what every else someone ask of me to do. I'm always being told that I am doing a great job, but management has not hired another lot attendant to provide me with help. Around the beginning of June the garden loader associate quits. Now while most companies would hire more help the position is left opened and I am now being called to also do garden loader work inside and outside. Now keep in mind that the pro-loader only works until 4 p.m., so when he is off, I must also pull that load. Okay now I am starting to get frustrated. I now find myself (a lot attendant) inside of the store pulling and cutting wood because there is no pro loader after four and because customers cannot find any lumber associates. So I continue to do my job without complaining.

In the middle of June Home Depot hires another lot attendant, but get this, he is only part-time. I showed him the ropes and what we would being doing and the first thing that came out of his mouth was why are lot attendants treated like dogs. So now I have another lot attendant here, I would go and talk to the Human Resource Manager and let him know that I would like to come inside to be a cashier now. (And get this when I went to talk to this guy he forgot who I was and all about what he said in the beginning.) I went to not just because I wanted to get off of the lot, but because we have a great need for cashiers. Many are going back to school, moving back home, or just quitting. He told me that he would get the ball rolling for me to get me moved to a cashier position. Like I said before I was an assistant manager, I had done returns and exchanges at my last job and I have over five years of cashier experience. Instead of bringing me inside to be a cashier they started hiring and bringing in outside help before considering the people they already had. After a while I just got fed up with the process and stopped asking about the position.

So it comes around to my review. I am told that I am doing an excellent job and that the company wanted me to start forklift training and cashier training. So I am excited that they want me to be a cashier, but that's not the point. They want to train me as a cashier, leave me as a lot attendant, and only bring me on the inside when they need help. Many of my co-worker told me to quit, but I am a hard worker, so I stayed.

A couple of days later I learned that my other lot attendant would be leaving to go back to school. He left in the beginning of July and had already let the company know that he was leaving. It is now the end of August and I have not had any help in the lot since he has left. When I take my breaks and come back to work, management whines about the lot being full of carts. But what am I supposed to do work on my break and lunch. So now I am pissed. This company care little if anything for your well being and getting some decent help. They knew this guy was leaving beforehand and haven't even tried to get me any help.

So last week I was approached by one the managers who told me he wanted to talk to me about my attendance. I had missed a lot of the days because of being dehydrated from constantly working in the lot by myself. He never even talked to me because he did not want to hear my side of the case.

I am a lot attendant at the Home Depot and yet I work in lumber, plumbing, garden-inside and out, building materials, hardware etc. So be forewarned about working at Home Depot. They do not possess a great deal for employee care.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/28/2007:
sooperman That does not sound like a very good place to work. I'd probably quit and find another job. Isn't there OSHA regulations regarding working in extreme heat. Where I work we get heat-cons all the time in EMAIL which state for every 30 minutes of work the employee is to have 30 minutes of rest plus a quart of water. Good write up. I was thoroughly intrigued by your plight. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'!
jenjenn on 08/28/2007:
Wow, I didn't know Home Depot had associates to load customer's merchandise! I've heard Home Depot isn't a great place to work.
Justusryan on 08/28/2007:
Your management experience must not have been great, if a lot attendant at HD paid better!
Pomona Guy on 08/28/2007:
You really need to evaluate your life. A goal to be a cashier at Home Depot is not the way to live life.
Anonymous on 08/28/2007:
A friend of ours son worked in electrical at HD. After three weeks they had him doing store wiring so they would not have to pay a licensed electrician. He asked for electricians wages when doing electrician work, they laughed, he quit.
Anonymous on 08/28/2007:
"First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country." History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: 'The histories of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.' Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans."
Crown Jules on 08/28/2007:
sooperman, I suggest you put one foot in front of the other as quickly as possible and run, don't walk, out of that store and that company. That sounds like a truly horrible work environment. I'm sure you are a hard worker but that's no reason to put up with the disrespect you seem to be experiencing on a daily basis. It appears to me that things started to go wrong since day one when they put you in the Lot Attendant position instead of the cashier position you had been expecting and which I presume they said they'd give you when you applied, interviewed and were hired. Now they probably figure they can treat you any way they like and have you perform any job function imaginable since you've put up with it this long. I wish you luck in finding another job where you are treated better.
runaway on 08/29/2007:
Welcome to the Home Depot way! Let me assure you, it won't get any better! Add to it the facts that they are continually cutting benefits, cutting hours at this time of year, don't offer ANY type of employee discount, and your Christmas bonus will probably be the same as last year; a 20% off coupon so you'll have shop there.
BBast on 09/02/2007:
dude you are too dumb to be a cashier, hurry quit while you can
Jacq2121 on 09/06/2007:
I wouldn't have accepted the Lot Attendant job in the first place. I would have told them to call me when a cashier job opened... Plus on the Lot Attendant job you made yourself irreplaceable. They were probably used to young kids slacking and you came in and was Superman...why would they move you?
jktshff1 on 09/06/2007:
Hey, find another job, then quit.
It's easier to look for a job while you have one.
Edwin Gonzalez on 12/07/2012:
I'm a pro loader at the homedepot and like I'm the only one out in the lot but because of that I've learned a lot I run the forklifts I cut wood I make keys and now I'm training to be cashier certified its hard work but its the only way to make it and I get a lot of support from my co workers I love working at the homedepot
Tamiko Williams on 03/20/2013:
I was the top credit leader at store 0383 in gonzales la for 3 out of the 5 years I was employed at Home Depot.I was a pro cashier the best of the best.I won every award store 0383 had to give.But I also gave back Birthday parties and event I did all the food with my own money.I won a 500 hundred doller homer award.I split that award with evey employee that worked with me that day.I bought gift card and passed them out to the employees I said to them them,this from Home Depot,the company thank you for your service.Every dime of that money was mine.But I did it because I wanted the employees to feel just as good as I did.I honestly loved my job and the company.Oct 11 2012 I was fired from gonzales Home depot by a employee who missed 26 days of work lied to the company and destroyed my career based on a lie.This employee stated that I threated her this was a lie I saved this young ladies job by asking management to give her a chance she have kids help her.But keep in mind if I was a nobody or a trouble maker on the job how could I know all this employee inf to help her by stating that why would I threaten her it made no since to me.That employee and the dirty click she was with all got together lied on me and I got fired for work place violence.OCT 12 WOULD HAVE BEEN MY 5 YEARS 120 HOURS VAC PAY EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR GONE.I AM SINGLE NO KIDS PUT MY LIFE IN MY JOB TO BE THE BEST AND HELP PEOPLE AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME.BUT I AM VERY STRONG IF YOU READ MY STORY PRAY FOR ME I HAVE PROOF BEYOND PROOF I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO...WHO KNOWS MY STORY MAY BE ON OPRAH ONE DAY..PRAY FOR ME
Joseph on 05/27/2013:
I know exactly what he means I'm going through that with myself right now I've been working for over a year and I'm yet to at least see a raise
derrek on 06/16/2013:
I am also a lot attendant at Home Depot, I've been working there for probably 6 months with no other help, every time I go in to work, I'm always the only one, meanwhile the head cashier always bitches at me because of carts....
Jared on 06/23/2013:
I work there as well and yeah they do stuff like that all the time. they are under staffed and I am on the lot as well. I have come to terms that trying to grow with this company is not possible. so I would just treat it like a job, not a career.
Miles on 07/04/2013:
I think I'm about to get fired for making up a customer's license number in order to process a return for them. I've seen many other cashiers do this, and also other cashiers type in the customer's license number that the customer claims to have memorized. That is also against the rules, I believe. I didn't know or expect this to result in disciplinary action. I have seen others do it, so I thought it was okay. Home Depot is pretty dumb and their management system is corrupt.
I've been told that it is up to the people in Atlanta what my punishment will be. I hope that I can remain a lot attendant or a greeter so that I can afford to pay my college loan payments. I'm a human and I make mistakes.

I haven't been given any idea of a time-period of how long it will take for Atlanta's review of the situation to come to me. I don't even know what the extent of my punishments can be: whether I will be fired, changed from a cashier to a lot associate, or fined or sued... etc...
Nick on 09/25/2013:
In my experience, Home Depot is a great place for hard working, talented people. if you want to move up, you have to work really hard and prove yourself BEFORE they start paying you real money. I'm getting really tired of seeing so many people out there whining about how bad Home Depot is - if you think you're so talented, find a different job and see if they treat you as well as Home Depot! Not likely!
Andre on 11/14/2013:
maaaaaan does this sound like me or what. luckily I was the pro lot loader with a set schedule and weekends off. but I worked from 6-3. trust me waking up at 5 as a 20 yr old isn't fun. but that's how I started. I was by myself soooooooo much all day everyday bcus the next guy didn't show until I left. ill tell you what, whenever I could not get a load I would say I'm busy right now, whenever a call to the garden is made and you see the stupid watering people standing there just tell management I'm not going to do it while they're standing there. find a head cashier or asm that is cool. kiss up a bit and honestly just stand up for yourself like I would. I need help. or I cannot get to that right now. and also keep bringing up how good of a cashier you'll be and how your ready. that's how I was. and within 5 months I was cashier certified and covered peoples lunches and was outside maybe twice all day after that. good luck!
Ckasnoff on 11/25/2013:
To the author of the article.... I find it interesting that someone with management experience is getting hired on as lot and staying there. I was a supervisor for a bank years ago and I started at Home Depot in June as a cashier and within 2 weeks was promoted to the back office with a raise.... Maybe it's your location or maybe, just maybe.... It's you.
Steve on 01/20/2014:
Missed a lot due to dehydration? What? Are you kidding me? Where is the Home Depot store located, on the surface of the sun?
Anonymous on 06/13/2014:
I wouldn't recommend doing this whole lot attendant business for more than a week. at our store, we lost 5 lot attendants due to injury, military leave, walkouts, ect. now it's just me and some other older gentleman, and to be honest, I won't be lasting long there either, since i'm graduating as soon as i'm done with all my credits and whatnot. Okay, it's a job, but there's only so much you can do, especially when there's no help and you're all by yourself out there and I guess it's an understandable thing. if Home depot had more hands willing to help, especially with crazy heavy loads, it'd be a much better experience but since I look like a big guy, most other associates will assume you can pick anything up in the store, and that's not always true. if you're applying to work at home depot, DO NOT FILL IN FOR LOT ATTENDANT. worst mistake you can do to yourself, period. Also, if you do end up in a lot position, do stand up for yourself from time to time, because you never know if you're going to end up against another egotistical employee, like an arrogant cashier who will think they're on top of you or whatever. small hint: just make sure you know what you're signing up for. do research before hand or whatever
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Tool Rental
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On October 16th, I rented an orbital floor sander from the Home Depot in Chicago at 6211 N. Lincoln Ave. When I arrived I met with an associate in the tool rental department. I took the unit home and was going to use it the next morning to do the project. Shortly after I started the project, I noticed that it was getting very dusty in the room I was doing and noticed that the collection bag was not inflating or doing anything. I called the store and they said I needed a shop vac to use with this unit and after some discussion, I said this machine will not work and I should have been informed of this when I got the unit. At this point I needed to find where to go rent another unit so I could do this job I have already started. A little bit later that day, I tried the sander again at another part of the room near a window for a few minutes because the other sander wasn’t getting the floor sanded in that area. It worked fine and then I proceeded to put the sander back in my car so I could return it later that evening. I tilted the unit back to remove the sanding discs and as I tilted it back the handle snapped off. I then tried calling Home Depot twice to let them know about this and I was on hold each time for over 10 minutes and I didn’t have the time to spare at this point, so I would deal with it when I returned it. I brought the unit back, the tool associate saw it on a cart and was just beyond words. I tried to explain what happened but I am not sure he really heard me. In the end I was there for about 45 minutes and they charged me $450 to have the unit fixed. The next day I called and spoke with a store manager there and what they thought was fair was to give me a $200 gift card to compensate me. I have also been in contact with corporate and they are also standing behind the decision the store manager has made. I have detailed this in the letters I am attaching below. I would really like to hear back from you soon regarding this. Also was I was told about after the fact is that Home Depot does have insurance available on rentals which I was never told about and if the tools associate would have told me about this and I would have taken out the insurance, I would not have to be going through this hassle.

I have just recently heard back from corporate for the third time and they are sticking to their guns and not placing blame what so ever on themselves or taking any responsibility. I am still required to pay the $450, which I feel is so wrong. I am encouraging everyone out there to please make other choices when shopping at home improvement stores and to choose other places to do your business with. Nowadays customer service should still be a top priority, but not in Home Depot's case. Why should we shop at places where we are not going to be treated fairly and with respect. Please work with me and choose other stores to go to. I am sure Lowes or Menard would love more business from people like us.
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Replace Window
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- This was THE worst experience I have ever had with a company!

July 2013 I visited my local HD, and ordered a window to replace one in my basement that has rotted from the sprinkler. I tried to do this last year, and never got a response..should have taken that as a clue! I put $300+ as a down and waited for someone to come and measure.
Met the measurement guy after taking time from work to do so..he said he would order it, be in in 5 weeks..I figured the window would be installed by end of August, and no problem with winter weather.

September 2013 I called and went into the store and said where is my window? They hemmed and hawed, and well, someone else will need to come and Measure! I meet the guy once again..different person..and he measures..I complain that I already spent last fall trying to resolve this issue and used them with no response..now when can I expect my window? he says by the end of October! OK..and I should probably receive some sort of discount for this hold up..cool..

Near end of October, I am supposed to have the window installed in the AM on a Saturday...its after 11 and no one is here! I call them,. well, the guy had decided to install someone else's stuff first, and he will be here between 1 and 3. I say, let me talk to this person..I don't want some Yahoo coming to put in a window last minute I think...I talk to him..tell him what was promised and that if he can't make it by 2 then forget it! he shows up at 1..nice man, seems to know his business..and he gets the window out and It doesn't FIT!!!! I decline to take it..he can chaulk it in, but with a three inch gap! no go..
they will send someone to measure!!! HA!

End of October..call and go to Home Depot once again..well, they will send someone name of Steve out..he is handling all their customer service stuff for this 'area'..Ends up he is in a northern Denver suburb! and he comes up on a Saturday to Measure! he is sick with a cold..He tells me that Anderson doesn't make a window this size! Hello? I have been trying to buy an Anderson window from them all this time, and he finally tells me that they don't make it? 4 months later? this information was finally relayed to me after several phone calls from him and from me to Home Depot! So, I say, OK..I will go with a vinyl window with simulated wood look..its a basement window..and I ask Steve..so when will I get my window? before the snow flies? before Christmas?
He assures me it will be done before Christmas..

Well folks..I heard from them once again..they want to come out and show me what the wood vinyl will look like before they order it! they called me middle of December to say this...I say, well, so first off, I think I should know the cost of this window..and he tells me its basically the same $1300 I was paying for the Anderson wood window..no allowance for all this inconvenience..nothing..just suck it up..I say fine..cancel the *^&$% order..and here I sit..6 months and a year later.. no window..and now I have to go to the HD and get my money back for the down.

What a rip off..what poor customer service..like there even is something called that in this store! Believe me..I will go to Lowes for everything from now on...the middle finger to Home Depot!
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nikalseyn on 12/31/2013:
I would suggest you find a local window sales and installation company. A small firm that will be more reliable.
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HELOTES, TEXAS -- I took in a design for a kitchen counter top with dimensions. The supposed design specialist entered the data into their design computer system and came up with a total square footage of 38 and gave me an estimate of the job. I went home to think about it. I went back in 2 days to pay for the job taking advantage of 10% off by getting one of their HD credit cards. The original design specialist was not available and no one else was apparently qualified to access the design system. Therefore, I made an appointment to return that afternoon to meet with another design specialist who was supposed to be able to call up the first estimate so that I could pay for it. When I came back for the appointment, that specialist was not available. Another gent from appliances tried to do the job, but could not call up the estimate so he tried to just start from scratch. There were about 3 attempts at that before he came up with something. Trying to check out now, the cashier rang it up, charging me on the new credit card but the 10% off did not ring up. Off to the service department to cancel the charge and when they did, it apparently cancelled everything. They actually had to re-enter the whole design again and finally got it rung up with the 10% off.

When the contractor showed up to do the final inspection, he told me how there would be about 2 or 3 more square feet than the original estimate due to small modifications we made. I understood and had no problem with that.

According to the contractor, if Home Depot did not contact me in a couple of days to notify me of the difference between the estimate and the actual total cost, I should contact them. Of course, 2 days passed and there was no call from Home Depot. I went into pay the difference. I was surprised when I was told that the difference was 6.4 square feet at $43 per sq.ft., not 2 or 3. I asked to see where the differences were. Again, the original design specialist was not available to call up the original estimate. The service department gent printed off a copy of the contractor's final design that I could have compared to the original estimate if only I could see that. I realized that if I wanted to verify the 6.4 sq.ft. difference I was going to have to spend some time studying and comparing all of the dimensions. OK, but then the service department guy would not give me the final design sheet that he printed off!

I went home to do my homework. I found that for some reason when the original design specialist loaded my dimensions she came up with 3 square feet less than what my design had. This left 3.4 sq. ft. difference which is plausible and understandable. Having accounted for the 6.4 sq. ft. difference, I paid the balance due for this job. My problems with Home Depot is that they did nothing to help me in accounting for the difference, impeded my work to do that by denying the final design drawing to me, the time wasted and several trips required to go to that store to get this worked out made this a real exercise in frustration trying to get this work accomplished. I laugh at their commercials where they proclaim all of the help that they provide to home owners.
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