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Posted by Barba on 02/22/2007
This is the very worst survey I have ever come
across. it goes on and on and I do not like to
give my information before seeing the survey itself. shame on home depot for a lousy job on this

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Posted by phoooooie on 2007-03-23:
All I wanted to do was to compliment a salesman.
This is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Homeowner on 2007-04-01:
left store knowing I would probably never be heard from managers response to my complaint. Leaving my message on everything hoping someone who cares will listen.
Posted by Richard Cary on 2007-12-07:
I worked for Home Depot for 6 1/2 years. It was a great company until Bob Nardelli became ceo and destroyed the company. I cant believe
Chrysler is so stupid as to hire him.
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Not a great place to work
Posted by Sooperman on 08/28/2007
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- To anyone who is thinking about joining the Home Depot as an employee, please beware. First of all, I left my last job as an assistant manager to join the Home Depot as a cashier. Why? The pay was better and seemed as if everyone worked together. When I went back to fill out my paperwork I was told that the only position that was available at the time was as a Lot Attendant.
So the Human Resource Manager told me not worry, that he knows I have management skills, and that he would not forget about me and leave me in this position. So I went from being an assistant manager to a lot attendant. No problem I don't mind working my way up.

On my first day I learn from my co-workers that there are no other lot attendants other than myself. If you didn't know a lot attendants duties include loading customers merchandise, returns of carts to their designated positions, and cleaning of the outer area of the store. As the first month pass by I continue to do my job and what every else someone ask of me to do. I'm always being told that I am doing a great job, but management has not hired another lot attendant to provide me with help. Around the beginning of June the garden loader associate quits. Now while most companies would hire more help the position is left opened and I am now being called to also do garden loader work inside and outside. Now keep in mind that the pro-loader only works until 4 p.m., so when he is off, I must also pull that load. Okay now I am starting to get frustrated. I now find myself (a lot attendant) inside of the store pulling and cutting wood because there is no pro loader after four and because customers cannot find any lumber associates. So I continue to do my job without complaining.

In the middle of June Home Depot hires another lot attendant, but get this, he is only part-time. I showed him the ropes and what we would being doing and the first thing that came out of his mouth was why are lot attendants treated like dogs. So now I have another lot attendant here, I would go and talk to the Human Resource Manager and let him know that I would like to come inside to be a cashier now. (And get this when I went to talk to this guy he forgot who I was and all about what he said in the beginning.) I went to not just because I wanted to get off of the lot, but because we have a great need for cashiers. Many are going back to school, moving back home, or just quitting. He told me that he would get the ball rolling for me to get me moved to a cashier position. Like I said before I was an assistant manager, I had done returns and exchanges at my last job and I have over five years of cashier experience. Instead of bringing me inside to be a cashier they started hiring and bringing in outside help before considering the people they already had. After awhile I just got fed up with the process and stopped asking about the position.

So it comes around to my review. I am told that I am doing an excellent job and that the company wanted me to start forklift training and cashier training. So I am excited that they want me to be a cashier, but thats not the point. They want to train me as a cashier, leave me as a lot attendant, and only bring me on the inside when they need help. Many of my co-worker told me to quit, but I am a hard worker, so I stayed.

A couple of days later I learned that my other lot attendant would be leaving to go back to school. He left in the beginning of July and had already let the company know that he was leaving. It is now the end of August and I have not had any help in the lot since he has left. When I take my breaks and come back to work, management whines about the lot being full of carts. But what am I supposed to do work on my break and lunch. So now I am pissed. This company care little if anything for your well being and getting some decent help. They knew this guy was leaving beforehand and haven't even tried to get me any help.

So last week I was approached by one the managers who told me he wanted to talk to me about my attendance. I had missed a lot of the days due to the fact of being dehydrated from constantly working in the lot by myself. He never even talked to me because he did not want to hear my side of the case.

I am a lot attendant at the home depot and yet I work in lumber, plumbing, garden-inside and out, building materials, hardware etc. So be forewarned about working at Home Depot. They do not possess a great deal for employee care.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-28:
sooperman That does not sound like a very good place to work. I'd probably quit and find another job. Isn't there OSHA regulations regarding working in extreme heat. Where I work we get heat-cons all the time in EMAIL which state for every 30 minutes of work the employee is to have 30 minutes of rest plus a quart of water. Good write up. I was thoroughly intrigued by your plight. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'!
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-08-28:
Wow, I didn't know Home Depot had associates to load customer's merchandise! I've heard Home Depot isn't a great place to work.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-08-28:
Your management experience must not have been great, if a lot attendant at HD paid better!
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-08-28:
You really need to evaluate your life. A goal to be a cashier at Home Depot is not the way to live life.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-28:
A friend of ours son worked in electrical at HD. After three weeks they had him doing store wiring so they would not have to pay a licensed electrician. He asked for electricians wages when doing electrician work, they laughed, he quit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-28:
"First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country." History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: 'The histories of bilingual and bi-cultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.' Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy, if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, and Corsicans."
Posted by Crown Jules on 2007-08-28:
sooperman, I suggest you put one foot in front of the other as quickly as possible and run, don't walk, out of that store and that company. That sounds like a truly horrible work environment. I'm sure you are a hard worker but that's no reason to put up with the disrespect you seem to be experiencing on a daily basis. It appears to me that things started to go wrong since day one when they put you in the Lot Attendant position instead of the cashier position you had been expecting and which I presume they said they'd give you when you applied, interviewed and were hired. Now they probably figure they can treat you any way they like and have you perform any job function imaginable since you've put up with it this long. I wish you luck in finding another job where you are treated better.
Posted by runaway on 2007-08-29:
Welcome to the Home Depot way! Let me assure you, it won't get any better! Add to it the facts that they are continually cutting benefits, cutting hours at this time of year, don't offer ANY type of employee discount, and your Christmas bonus will probably be the same as last year; a 20% off coupon so you'll have shop there.
Posted by BBast on 2007-09-02:
dude you are too dumb to be a cashier, hurry quit while you can
Posted by Jacq2121 on 2007-09-06:
I wouldnt have accepted the Lot Attendant job in the first place. I would have told them to call me when a cashier job opened... Plus on the Lot Attendant job you made yourself irreplaceable. They were probably used to young kids slacking and you came in and was Superman...why would they move you?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-06:
Hey, find another job, then quit.
It's easier to look for a job while you have one.
Posted by Edwin Gonzalez on 2012-12-07:
I'm a pro loader at the homedepot and like I'm the only one out in the lot but because of that I've learned a lot I run the forklifts I cut wood I make keys and now I'm training to be cashier certified its hard work but its the only way to make it and I get a lot of support from my co workers I love working at the homedepot
Posted by Tamiko Williams on 2013-03-20:
I was the top credit leader at store 0383 in gonzales la for 3 out of the 5 years i was employed at Home Depot.I was a pro cashier the best of the best.I won every award store 0383 had to give.But i also gave back Birthday parties and event i did all the food with my own money.I won a 500 hundred doller homer award.I split that award with evey employee that worked with me that day.I bought gift card and passed them out to the employees i said to them them,this from home depot,the company thank you for your service.Every dime of that money was mine.But i did it because i wanted the employees to feel just as good as i did.I honestly loved my job and the company.Oct 11 2012 i was fired from gonzales Home depot by a employee who missed 26 days of work lied to the company and destroyed my career based on a lie.This employee stated that i threated her this was a lie i saved this young ladies job by asking management to give her a chance she have kids help her.But keep in mind if i was a nobody or a trouble maker on the job how could i know all this employee inf to help her by stating that why would i threaten her it made no since to me.That employee and the dirty click she was with all got together lied on me and i got fired for work place violence.OCT 12 WOULD HAVE BEEN MY 5 YEARS 120 HOURS VAC PAY EVERYTHING I WORKED FOR GONE.I AM SINGLE NO KIDS PUT MY LIFE IN MY JOB TO BE THE BEST AND HELP PEOPLE AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME.BUT I AM VERY STRONG IF YOU READ MY STORY PRAY FOR ME I HAVE PROOF BEYOND PROOF I WILL NEVER LET THIS GO...WHO KNOWS MY STORY MAY BE ON OPRAH ONE DAY..PRAY FOR ME
Posted by Joseph on 2013-05-27:
I know exactly what he means I'm going through that with myself right now I've been working for over a year and I'm yet to at least see a raise
Posted by derrek on 2013-06-16:
I am also a lot attendant at home depot, ive been working there for probably 6 months with no other help, every time I go in to work, im always the only one, meanwhile the head cashier always bitches at me because of carts....
Posted by Jared on 2013-06-23:
i work there as well and yeah they do stuff like that all the time. they are under staffed and i am on the lot as well. i have come to terms that trying to grow with this company is not possible. so i would just treat it like a job, not a career.
Posted by Miles on 2013-07-04:
I think I'm about to get fired for making up a customer's license number in order to process a return for them. I've seen many other cashiers do this, and also other cashiers type in the customer's license number that the customer claims to have memorized. That is also against the rules, I believe. I didn't know or expect this to result in disciplinary action. I have seen others do it, so I thought it was okay. Home Depot is pretty dumb and their management system is corrupt.
I've been told that it is up to the people in Atlanta what my punishment will be. I hope that I can remain a lot attendant or a greeter so that I can afford to pay my college loan payments. I'm a human and I make mistakes.

I havent been given any idea of a time-period of how long it will take for Atlanta's review of the situation to come to me. I don't even know what the extent of my punishments can be: whether I will be fired, changed from a cashier to a lot associate, or fined or sued... etc...
Posted by Nick on 2013-09-25:
In my experience, Home Depot is a great place for hard working, talented people. if you want to move up, you have to work really hard and prove yourself BEFORE they start paying you real money. I'm getting really tired of seeing so many people out there whining about how bad Home Depot is - if you think you're so talented, find a different job and see if they treat you as well as Home Depot! Not likely!
Posted by Andre on 2013-11-14:
maaaaaan does this sound like me or what. luckily I was the pro lot loader with a set schedule and weekends off. but I worked from 6-3. trust me waking up at 5 as a 20 yr old isnt fun. but thats how I started. I was by myself soooooooo much all day everyday bcus the next guy didnt show up until I left. ill tell you what, whenever I could not get a load I would say im busy right now, whenever a call to the garden is made and you see the stupid watering people standing there just tell management im not going to do it while theyre standing there. find a head cashier or asm that is cool. kiss up a bit and honestly just stand up for yourself like I would. I need help. or I cant get to that right now. and also keep bringing up how good of a cashier you'll be and how your ready. thats how I was. and within 5 months I was cashier certified and covered peoples lunches and was outside maybe twice all day after that. good luck!
Posted by Ckasnoff on 2013-11-25:
To the author of the article.... I find it interesting that someone with management experience is getting hired on as lot and staying there. I was a supervisor for a bank years ago and I started at Home Depot in June as a cashier and within 2 weeks was promoted to the back office with a raise.... Maybe it's your location or maybe, just maybe.... It's you.
Posted by Steve on 2014-01-20:
Missed a lot due to dehydration? What? Are you kidding me? Where is the Home Depot store located, on the surface of the sun?
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Opinion Survey
Posted by Blueduck on 09/25/2007
SENECA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The sales person wrote his name on the bottom of my receipt told me to go to the website listed at the bottom and take the survey for a chance to win a $5000.00 shopping card for Home Depot. The website is homedepotopinion.com, the site is a rip-off, it`s nothing but a sign-up site for someone trying to get your name and address and email address to sell you things.

SO BEWARE!! I will never fall for this stores crap again, they should be checked out, maybe they are funding some outfit over-seas !!!

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-09-25:
The site is legitimate, but you are correct - they are harvesting email addresses. The value of good email addresses far outweighs the costs of a few $5000 shopping sprees. If you still want to play, get yourself a throwaway free email account from GMail or Yahoo and use that to register.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Blueduck: Beware of identity theft...
Posted by BJ1985 on 2007-10-25:
Throw in some fake info with a throwaway address(like Hugh mentioned) to avoid unwanted spam. The site is real. after about a week or so of your posting, even the store will get a printed copy and post it in the break room for all to see. this is used to recognize employees who are credited with good customer service (these personal mentions earn employees badges which add up and earn them monetary bonuses), and point out issues that need to be resolved. My store at least takes this information seriously. Our service score was pretty low a few months ago, and since then we've changed our policy on weekends to customer service only- no projects. Since then our customers have noted the difference on the VOC. (Voice of the Customer)
Fake your personal info all you want, but please be honest in your review. I know it's cheesy , but where the VOC is concerned, your opinion really can make a difference.
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Don't buy from HomeDepot.com
Posted by Nancy22204 on 05/04/2006
I ordered an electronic timer (to turn lights on and off) from HomeDepot.com. The timer arrived promptly, though as soon as I attempted to program it, it became clear it was defective. On the packing slip was written: "FOR RETURN AUTHORIZATION, PLEASE CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE: HOMEDEPOT.COM 800.430.3376"

I have tried calling that number morning, noon, and night for three days now--sometimes spending up to an hour waiting on hold--and all that I get is jazzy music, blurbs about Home Depot, and the message that I should stay on the line. Frustrated, I tried calling other numbers for Home Depot and pushing other extensions. I have on those occasions reached real people promptly, but each time I was told that they are aware of the problem in reaching customer service but they are themselves unable to give me a return authorization.

In ten years of buying things online, I have NEVER had such a miserable, frustrating experience. I have been told that I cannot return the merchandise to a Home Depot store, but I may just try as I am at the end of my rope.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-04:
Terrible, Home Depot online is selling refurbished or returned items. I would not buy anything with a return sticker on it (Fry's does this too). Home Depot online won't get my business.
Posted by GRANNYLKM on 2006-05-05:
According to gethuman.com, you can get through to Home Depot by calling 1-800-793-3768, and hit the # key 3 times. Hope this helps.
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Home Depot, bad experience has taught us a good lesson.
Posted by Gus419 on 11/21/2003
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- Home Depot, bad experience has taught us a good lesson.

To: Home Depot, Inc.

I wanted to tell you about a recent experience with your store, located at Pensacola, Florida, Needless to say this experience has taught us a lesson and that is to use independent contractors for home improvement work. Its also taught us to search a company for complaints as well.Their Customer care service Department was a big waste of time as well..

Some advice to all about Home Depot, just go on your computer and search for home depot complaints Then decide if this is the Store for me!!... I hope you have better luck then I did. my complaint letter was posted on 10/27/2003 Gus B

Gus B.
Milton, FL
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-24:
Home Depot's Customer Care Department has twice demonstrated to me that it does not care about customer complaints. Beware when they tell you that they are going to file a "formal complaint on your behalf. That's their way of saying, "End of discussion," "Get lost," No one is taking your complaint seriously." For me, Home Depot is too large and impersonal. Complaining to Customer Care online is a waste of time. It is impossible to contact any executive about any thing of importance.
Posted by alphadork on 2006-04-14:
Go into the store and ask for a Help form. The postage is prepaid, so you can take it home and mail it. It goes to the district head office (at least that's where the ones at my store are preadressed to) and the district head office sends them back to the store manager with notes. The forms do get read at staff meetings, and individual employees are dealt with as needed. If there are enough complaints about a certain store and there are no improvements made, the store manager will be fired.
Posted by samuelblueshoes on 2007-06-03:
went into the home depot in greenville,N.C needed wall switchs 3 way for my hall light.The genius gave me the wrong switches.drove the 25 miles back home(I was in greenville at the time) he put no receipt in the bag.the switches would not do what they were supposed to do.waited the next week till I was in greenville again the customer service rep would not give me the money back,no receipt,but home depot bag wanted to give me a store credit for around $1.69 they were out of three-way light switches.the salesman substituted me the wrong switches.well it's been around 5 years now and I have not bought anything from home depot and I left the wrong switches on the return counter and told the manager to shove them up his A_ _ I have spent close to a thousand dollars at lowes home improvement in the last 5 years.so look at what a bad employee can cost a business.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Radarroy on 05/08/2008
The following letter was sent to Home Depot
May 8, 2008

Dear Sirs,
Two months ago my wife and I began renovating our new home in Morristown Arizona. Since starting our project my wife and I shopped exclusively at your Surprise Arizona Home Depot Store located at Bell Road and US 60 to purchase all our home improvement products. My wife even opened a new Home Depot credit card with your company two weeks ago.

Combined over the past six weeks, we spent over $50,000.00 at your store and planned on even spending more, until tonight!

This evening I filled up a shopping cart which included electrical and plumbing supplies and had a brochure for a water softener that I was planning on purchasing. When it came time to check out the only cashier open were four self service checkout lanes.

I first approached the clerk at the self service check out and asked if I could check out at his station. He said no, that I had to use the self service checkout, that he was busy.

Now I understand that perhaps the reasoning your company chooses to institute self service checkouts is a way to perhaps speed up lines for those who choose such a service. But as for myself I prefer the “human touch” and appreciate human interaction and customer service.

I explained to the clerk that I didn’t want to use the self service lanes and asked if someone would be available to check me out. He replied “no, everyone is busy”.

I then walked over to your customer service counter and asked if they could check me out or find me a clerk that would. I was first they directed back to the checkout area but after explaining they didn’t have anyone available other then self service and I didn’t want to use that service. The customer service associate then called someone on the phone. After this short call, he told me to return to the checkout area, that there would be someone there that could assist me.

As I returned to the checkout area, I noticed the self service clerk checking out a customer out that only had one item. I approached again asked if he could check me out and he “smugly remarked” head over that way, they may open a register for you. In the direction he pointed to were two female associates that were chatting. I approached them and asked if they would be opening a register and they replied “no, you have to use self checkout.”

Being totally frustrated at this point I returned to customer service and told that associate that there were still no registers open, his reply “Sorry, I cannot help you.”

I then told this associate that the few minutes it would had taken to assist me would be shorter than the time it was going to take to restock all the items that I had in my shopping cart. I then walked out of your store, drove to the Lowes Store one block away and filled another shopping cart. And there they had “humans” that gladly checked me out.

From my experience at your Surprise Home Depot store tonight I doubt if I’ll ever return and shop there again as the lack of respect and customer service that your associates afforded to me was dreadful!
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Posted by steve101 on 2008-05-09:
For all the time you wasted trying to play store manager you could have gone through the self check out and be on your way. Now you will waste more time and gas money driving to another store where you will waste even more time finding your things and waiting on line because all the big box stores are cutting down on employees. Your mention of spending 50k at the store only adds to your elitist attitude.
Posted by cherpep on 2008-05-09:
I don't mind checking myself out if I only have a couple of things - but a cartful should be handled by a cashier. For one thing, those self checkouts are too difficult to use when you have a lot of items - there is not enough room on the counter many times to hold everything, and you can't remove them until you are done. Now, I can understand why the guy monitoring the self serves couldn't help you - he is there to monitor others. But, not calling up a cashier to help you is ridiculous. They should NEVER plan on only having the self-serve open. I would have done the same thing - left everything. That was a very poor scheduling choice by management.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-05-09:
radarroy, I agree with you 100%. I would have let them restock their stuff as well. They obviously wanted to keep the merchandise and did not want it leaving the store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-09:
I also would have walked out.
Posted by puppymom38 on 2008-05-09:
I hate comments like "I appreciate the human touch". Really? Do you really? I worked in banking and people used that reason for not going to the ATM. It's not that they wanted a person for the "human touch", they just didn't want to do it themselves, which is fine, but just say that! I have too many items for self service, I don't know how to use it and don't want to learn, whatever, just don't make it sound like you want a cashier so you can make a new friend!! I agree that they should have a regular lane open or be able to handle the transaction at customer service though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-09:
Great post! Home Depot lost a valuable customer. Noting that you spent $50K with them is not 'elitist'. It simply illustrated that, over time, you spent a good sum of money with them. If so, it is odd that they did not remember you ($50K worth of home supplies would be memorable). I applaud you for walking out. I would have let them do the re-stocking. The 'self-service' exploitation of consumers has gotten so bad, I expect to be handed a mop and bucket and directed to a 'spill on aisle three' when I go into some places to shop.
Posted by yoke on 2008-05-15:
I can't believe they had no line open with a cashier. I would have left the stuff also. I don't mind doing self check, but there are times I just don't want to , I want someone else to do it for me, that is their job.
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A Purchase from “Home Depot” landed me in “PERGO”tory
Posted by Izamagill on 06/21/2001
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- A Purchase from “Home Depot"left me in “PERGO”tory!
On March 9,2001, I purchased what I believed to be Authentic Pergo Presto flooring. During installation, more than 25% of the total product was found to be defective. It’s an inferior product it does not have the Pergo logo/name on back. Neither, Home Depot nor Pergo will honor the warranty or make right this disaster. I have spent more hours and monies than I care to even admit, gaining no ground, (or floor) Accomplishing NOTHING!!! Shocked... I realized all my hopeful efforts were more like useless dead ends!
I kept trying and believing that my efforts would soon resolve this matter, NOT EVEN. Just more wasted energies!! Its now June, 2001. I have a huge mess, lots of inferior product, and a loan to pay off, ...still, NO FLOORS! This is a nightmare..…
This deceptive cycle has coast others, and myself in more ways than cash.
Doesn’t this warrant some sort of Investigation?!!... Lawsuit, Or Something? I’m in need and interested in pursuing this matter. Apparently many others have had similar dealings and problems with both, Home Depot and Pergo. They sure do not look anything like the image they portray... Home Depot's web page is claiming.” They go the extra mile for you-” and have in place policies that read.... "No Hassle Return Policy” & “ Home Depot stands behind every product we sell. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with any purchase, return it for a full refund or exchange, No questions asked.” This has NOT been my experience in fact quite the opposite! They mention: "Opening a new store every 43 hours. “ Beware... CUZ they are the "WORLD'S LARGEST HOME IMPROVEMENT RETAILER celebrating its 1,200TH -STORE MILESTONE" the day this fiasco fades far from my memory I’ll celebrate. Please share with me any similar incidents.

Not a HOME in” PERGO”tory,

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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-14:
I couldn't disagree more. I have had many, many countless times when the staff of home depot was wonderfull to deal with. The store is clean and well stocked and carries good quality, namebrand merchandise. We have had to return a few things without receipt and have never heard so much as Boo. Sucks to be you- but Home Depot has been great for everyone I know!
Posted by grandma005 on 2008-12-23:
Hello Izamagill What ever happened to your floor problem? Was it fixed?
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Very Unsafe Item
Posted by Nick100 on 04/30/2007
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I bought the Dana Point 5-piece dining set (patio furniture) last week. I also bought the coordinating Dana Point Umbrella and Umbrella base.

Today the glass table top broke "exploding" in thousands of pieces, hurting my sister in law who got several cuts to her body. A sudden wind gust caused the umbrella to tilt and apply pressure to the center of the glass table top, which broke instantaneously in thousands of sharp pieces that were projected all around, hitting and cutting my sister in law who happened to be the only one person sitting at the table at that moment.

Please be advised that the Dana Point fragile glass table top, in coordination with the heavy Dana Point umbrella, is a very unsafe and dangerous item.

I would suggest that HD consider removing it from their stores until appropriate corrections would make it safer. However, sadly enough, the manager at the HD store was not interested in what happened. The customer service at the local store turned out to be very superficial and even provoking. It is clear that we will have to look elsewhere for our home remodeling business from now on.

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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-04-30:
Sounds like the glass wasn't properly tempered. Probably made in China, but hey, it was cheap...
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-04-30:
Shyt happens!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
sue them
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
nick100, thanks for the informative post, doesn't matter how much you paid for it, the glass shouldn't have shattered like that. Have you tried calling the manufacturer directly to a)notify them of the faulty product and b) see if they will refund you?
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-05-01:
Call the manufacture first and then call your attorney. Your sister-law could had been seriously hurt.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-05-01:
I had the exact same thing happen but with Sears bought stuff.
Posted by nick100 on 2007-05-01:
Thanks all for your feedback. I do understand that bad things happen and it might have been just a single faulty glass top that we happened to buy, but there is enough concern to suspect a bad design of the product overall, IMO. And cheap materials, of course.

That was the main reason I contacted the HD customer center, to let them know about my concerns of serious harm to others. The manufacturer is Hampton Bay, they redirect customer inquiries to the HD customer center. I was surprised at the HD store manager's attitude, I wasn't half way through explaining the details of what happened, that she started interrupting and putting herself on the defensive side, basically saying that whatever happened, it was not their fault; they're sorry for my sister-in-law (she actually used the word "we apologize", huh?) but there was nothing else they could do about it. A defective component would have broken during installation, on her opinion (huh?). She said they would not offer a refund.

I do not care about a refund. I will just build a sturdy ceramic tile table top and use that in place of the glass. We were lucky that the wounds to my sister-in-law were mostly superficial, with the exception of one cut to her foot that would require a couple of stitches. Mostly, it was some blood and a big shock and panic. I am just concerned that more serious harm can possibly come from that table breaking again into someone else's face. I can't help but picturing a kid, as tall as the table, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again, obviously and unfortunately bad things happen all the time but I still do believe that Hampton Bay and HD should investigate the episode for the safety of their customers. I have informed them of the facts so they can make a decision. Meanwhile, I will use the internet and other means to express my opinion and concerns. I will consider other actions if needed. I am not thinking about filing a proper legal suite but perhaps a complaint to the consumer protection division of the Office of the Attorney General. That would seem to me an appropriate action, any comments on this or other suggestions? I do have pictures and evidence of what happened but am not interested in getting a few hundred dollars refund from HD, they simply have lost a good customer (at least at that particular local store), just want to spread a warning around.
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Home Depot Is Dishonest With It's Customers!
Posted by Customer on 01/12/2005
I ordered 2 products from Home Depot. I printed out the copy of their product and pricing from their web site. I verified that the products were in stock and would ship right away.


Home depot Customer Service management 1-800-430-3376 first lied and told me that the order was at their warehouse (Your other Warehouse) 1-800-947-7000. I checked and it was not. Then they stated that the item was discontinued. I checked and it was not. Then they stated that they could no longer get the item. I checked and they could. Their warehouse management even called them with the order number and requested they send them a fax confirmation so that they could ship the products to me. Then they stated that there was some kind of a mistake on their web site so they had to cancel my order.

The truth was that they had posted a very low price and Home Depot management did not want to honor their word. Home depot management cancelled my order and all of their other customer orders for those product to avoid having to be honest.

One day later, Home Depot tripled the price on the items and started filling orders on them. Customers that called back in, were told that their orders were cancelled, but they could place a new order for the products at the new price.

Home Depot never even apologized to their customers for the fraud they committed.

Home Depot's corporate office (CEO/President -Robert Nardelli)1-770-433-8211 ext 87742 was contacted. Richard's response was that they do not control what Home Depot does, but they would like to see them deal honestly with customers.

This is obviously a real caring attitude from Home Depot Corporate.

-----------WARNING !!!!!!--------------

Do not buy from a company that is this dishonest and corrupt. They have proven that the customer means nothing to them. The almighty dollar is their pride and joy.
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Posted by gradual_grunt on 2005-03-20:
I will support you and never buy from them again.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-22:
How do you know Home Depot tripled the price and again started to take orders? The public ALWAYS seems to know how business run. I would like to know what item you are speaking about.
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Poor product support for good customers
Posted by Grb on 08/25/2004
REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a lawnmower from Home Depot a few years ago to mow my very small grassy patch about once a month. Twice the carburetor came apart and I took it to the store and they showed my how to fix it. Now I fix it myself. Recently the pull start mechanism jammed when I tried to start it.

I took it back to the store and they sent it out for repair. Their repair people said they don’t fix equipment brands that the store no longer carries. Home Depot said I would have to find a local repair shop and get it fixed on my own money. Speaking to the manager and calling the corporate office produced no change of attitude.

This is the second tool I have bought there that didn’t hold up to very light occasional homeowner use. As I told them the only conclusion I can draw is that I shouldn’t buy products at Home Depot because they won’t stand behind the quality. I estimate I have used the mower for less than a total of 10 hours. That is half the amount of time they allow for each oil change. The oil is original and looks brand new. This mower has not gotten hard use.

According to my records I have spent $3500 in the past three years at my local Home Depot so they are losing a small but regular customer. I thought these large chains had a better customer policy than this for their regular good customers.
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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-25:
Quit buying from home depot! Also, Home Depot and many other stores do NOT fix the brand names that they sell. You have to deal strictly with the brand that you bought from (such as the name of your mower. I would contact that company and discuss it with them-do you have a warrenty (spelling?) or did you throw that away with the instructions upon purchase?
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-26:
Well said Beetle. Its hard to spike Homey Depot, I love their free how-to classes!!!
Posted by you r stupid on 2004-08-27:
I'm so tired of people blaming the stores for things not working (unless its a brand made by the store itself),your real complaint is with who made the mower not Home Depot. Home Depot will only take back gas powered stuff up to 30 days after you buy it and everything else is 90 days, and they also take stuff back longer then that but they have to draw the line somewhere.
Posted by carann on 2004-11-09:
Perhaps yours is a Home Depot complaint, but I tend to think it is a Poulan Complaint. I purchased a Poulan Pro blower/vac from Lowes at the end of May 2003. I used it approx. 4 times and the pull starter ?broke/jammed. I took it to Lowes for their repair person to fix it and instead they exchanged it for a new one (very nice of Lowes). Unfortunately, I didn't have cause to open or use the new one until May 2004. After 3-4 uses, the same thing happened. It was still under warrenty, so I contacted Poulan and took it to the repair shop they recommended. First, the repair shop said that it was either bad/old gas or oil that caused the problem (?a ring/gasket stuck?) said that Poulan refused to repair it. I told them that it was not old gas and the oil was the bottle that Poulan provided for use with the equipment. I also told them that this exact same thing happened with the last one. The repair shop did call Poulan back and said that they thought this should be covered under warrenty, but Poulan still refused, saying that the problem had to be caused by old gas and/or oil. Finally, the repair shop said that yes, in fact this happens with a lot of the Poulan stuff, that it falls apart and that Poulan will do their best to not honor any warrenties. The shop finally recommended that I not buy anymore Poulan, Weedeater, or Sears Craftsman lawn equip. as they are all made by the same company. I also checked with 3 other repair shops that supposedly did warrently work for Poulan and all 3 had quit doing it for the very same reasons, that the stuff is junk and Poulan will not honor warrenties. They said they were tired of the customers being angry, taking it out on them and felt it was giving their shops a bad reputation.

P.S. Lowes wouldn't take back the second one either. Not sure I blame them, just think that maybe they too should quit carrying the Poulan/Weedeater products.
Posted by Rem Man on 2004-11-17:
Let me get this straight... you used a product for A FEW YEARS and are now upset because they won't fix it for you? Take off the rose colored glasses and understand two things. One, stores are in business to sell stuff... that's what they do and how they make their money. Unless your Home Depot has a lawn mower repair center built in and/or promised you in writing that they would take care of your lawn mower forever and ever and ever. Second, we live in a country that, for better or worse, has a 'use it and lose it' mentality. We import cheap goods because we would rather pay a little as possible over and over again than buy a good product the first time around, take care of it and expect it to last for a few years.

Don't knock the store that sold you the product... they didn't make it! Call the manufacturer and ride them about it.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-22:
Another stupid consumer. If you would have kept your receipt, and warranty papers, am sure you could have found an authorized repair station who would have taken of your product if fact it was covered under warranty service. Get A Life it is not the retailers who offer repair service, it is the manufacturers and I do NOT understand why the public feels the Retailers have to replace/repair damaged products once they have been utilized for any length of time.
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