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Lousy Place to Do Business
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Rating: 1/51

CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA -- Ordered a microwave hood on August 6, 2017. Of course they never have what you want in stock, in Cedartown, Georgia. I had tried to order it online to be shipped to my home but was told I had to call the store for this. I called the store and asked them to order it for me and have it shipped to my home. They said they could no longer do that for some reason that I didn't understand. Something about shipping damage. My husband and I went in to the store in Cedartown and had them order it and of course I had to pay for it up front. It was supposed to be in on August the 10th and they would call me when it arrived.

A week later I went online to check the status of it and it said they were processing my order. Another week later and still no call. Today I checked online and it said they were still processing my order so I was angry, to say the least, so I called the store. They check on it and said it was sitting at the service desk ready to be picked up. It may have been sitting there since the 10th, who knows. I asked why no one had called me and the lady said that someone should have but they didn't. My husband has tried to tell me that the employees working there apparently come and go so often that they don't know about the products in their work area and/or don't care.

They are friendly but of very little help when you need someone you can trust to know what you are asking them about. I will no longer order anything from them. I'd rather pay more and get treated like a good customer with good service provided to me. After all how much trouble is it to make a phone call to me... I have an answering machine. Just leave a message. If I could rate them a zero then that is what I give them. Oh, and by the way Cedartown is not the only Home Depot I am talking about. We have dealt with the one in Hiram, Carrollton and another one or two and they are all the same.

THE BEST! Could Not Have Been Better.
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Rating: 5/51

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA -- Unit began making loud noise. Fan motor needed replacing, as well as control panel. Home Depot/Assurance Extended Warranty Company responded quickly, sending LG Technician within 2 days. Parts ordered and replaced within a week. It was labor-intensive, but Roger ** did all the work without problems. Excellent work. Unit working perfectly.

We have used Home Depot Extended Warranty plans on Dish Washers, Laundry units, AC units, Ranges, and Refrigerators for 30 years. We operate many rental units, so we need dependable and prompt service. Home Depot does not disappoint! All-too-often consumers only write when dissatisfied. It is a pleasure to write a positive review!

One Size Doesn't Fit All
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Rating: 1/51

VINELAND, NEW JERSEY -- We had a remodel done a couple of years ago in our kitchen by Home Depot. We even applied for and received their card along with a "24 month interest free promotion". This past Saturday we happened to be in Lowe's where my wife saw two bathroom vanities she liked and they were also on sale. On a lark, we asked management if we could get at least a 36 month interest promotion if we did the complete project with Lowe's. Answer, "YES." So we went over to Home Depot.

Bottom line is after talking with several people in Customer Service, Credit Department and several managers, the answer was a resounding "NO!" In addition, Home Depot only has ReBath of Delaware as their service provider in our area. We are planning on a free standing tub and they don't install them. How can a business sell a product but fail to have a service provider who can install the product? We love our kitchen from Home Depot. Wish I could tell you in a few months that we love our bathroom as well.

Never Shipped Item, Service Aweful
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO -- I am giving this a one-star because of my experience with the order fulfillment. The actual set is nice and comfortable. I originally ordered this set from Home and they royally screwed up this order that I nearly waited 1 month before I was able to get my hands on this set. The only time I was able to receive the correct product is after I went into a store and asked for a manager to locate this item and have it delivered because it was apparent that was not going to fulfill the order.

Before this happened, I waited nearly a month for delivery of this item. It was scheduled to arrive at my home in early June, but a few days after the latest estimated arrival date has come and gone, I began to call the service line continuously. I was first told they didn't know what happened to the item and will call me back when they find out. A few more days went by and I had to call in to be told that the item was lost by the shipper! I was told that they will reorder the item.

Another few days go by and instead of reordering the item, I was told that the item was never shipped in the first place and is on back-order (this was never explained earlier and it quickly became clear that Home Depot had no idea what was happening). I had to call several more times just to have them follow through on their promise and actually refund the money for this product. At the end of this ordeal I had spent hours of total time on the phone over 7 different phone calls and got nowhere.

Online Item Never Shipped. Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- Ordered an item online on 25th May 2017. Item never received by the store. Visited store, wasted time waiting in lines, called HD on the 10th of June again to find out, the item could not be traced. Bottom line, no trace of item, no communication to the customer. After two weeks of wait, they offered to reorder. No regrets or consideration for customer's time and its value. Their system should have picked it up. That items is not shipped and they should have kept the customer apprised. Wrote review on their website which they rejected to publish as it will expose their quality of customer service. Will never buy online again.

Home Depot Does Not Value My Time or Business
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA GA -- It is not the actual product but the service I received from Home Depot. I needed a new fridge for a second home in the Mountains of NC so I went to Home Depot in Hendersonville for the item I wanted to purchase and spent 20 minutes looking for someone to sell it to me - before the sales person wrote up the item he asked me if I wanted it delivered. I told him that I did and he asked if there could be any obstacles to delivery, and I told him that the driveway is somewhat steep. He said it could not go to a house with a steep driveway and would not sell me the refrigerator.

Remember this is Home Depot in Hendersonville, NC - where all driveways, roads, etc. are steep! I leave the store and called online sales and the lady I talked to checked the area told me there were no restrictions for delivery and I purchased the item online and scheduled it to be delivered on Friday, which was great since I had taken three days off work to go to the mountains to get this and some other projects done. I live over 2 hours from this house.

The following day I received an email to inform me that my online order had been canceled. When I called to find out why I was informed it was because the delivery zip code and billing zip code were not the same. The person on the phone helped me place a new order for item, but at that point all the delivery time slots for that week were gone and the soonest that I could get delivery was the following Tuesday. I had to take another day from work and drive about 5 house meet the new delivery date.

When the refrigerator finally did arrive (incidentally the Home Depot truck had no issue getting up the driveway) - the guys got the old fridge out of the house and the new one into the dining room - and informed me that it would not go through the kitchen door. I had measured carefully using the specification on the Home Depot website and knew the opening of the door to be 29.5" and the refrigerator with the doors removed was 28.5". The two delivery guys told me that if they did take the doors off it still what no go through the doors and they REFUSED to try taking the doors off and left.

I should at that point have called and had them pick up the fridge, but they had the old one with them. I had to go buy some tools and was able to remove the doors myself and was able to push the refrigerator through the doorway myself.

At this point I called customer care and they were going to call the delivery guys and see if they would come back and finish moving the fridge into place and hooking up the ice maker. He assured me someone would call me back - they never did. I had to hire someone to help me move the refrigerator into place myself - but the icemaker and water dispenser are still not hooked up - I guess I will have to hire someone to come do that.

I called and talked to someone in online purchases the next day about my experience, they were going to do some research and get back with me - so I called again, had to explain this long story again and was told they needed to transfer me to another department, I was transferred to a lady and had to relay the story yet again. When she told me that it was out of her hands that she needed to transfer me to yet another person - I lost it. The situation has cost me so many hours - and time is the one thing I do not have extra of.

My last attempt to give Home Depot once last chance to make this situation better was I call the consumer relations department and talked to Terry. Before going into detail I told him I was very unhappy with Home
Depot's service related to a purchase and was he the best person for me to explain the situation and see if he somehow could try and make amends. He told me he was the best person to take care of and proceeded to tell me how much Home Depot values my business.

After explaining my story - he asked me what I wanted in terms on a refund. I told him that I would prefer for them to give me an offer rather than me come across as trying to get something for free. He told me he would have to meet with his "team" and would get back to me no later than Monday June 6th. I did not hear from him until today June 14th (over a week later) and he has offered me a $50 Home Depot gift card. I told him that "Let me see exactly the extent of how much Home Depot's Values my business."

I have shopped there exclusively for years (as well as Home Decorators) and have used them for a complete kitchen makeover, appliances, garden equipment, lumber and building material, installations and even a new roof. $50 doesn't even cover the money I had to pay someone to help get the fridge in, tools I had to buy to take doors off myself, the amount of gas I spent having to have made a 2nd (and still have to make a 3rd trip back up there to get this working) not to mention the time away from work, etc, etc, etc.

I see exactly how much Home Depot Values their customers. I will pay off my Home Depot Card and never use it again. I will not ever buy from Home Depot again or for that matter enter one of their stores. Thanks for reading this review - I highly recommend going somewhere else to make any Home Improvement Purchase.

Home Depot Extended Service Plan for Water Heater Is a BIG RIP OFF
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TX, TEXAS -- I purchased a 50 gal electric water heater from Home depot in 2008 with installation, Extended Service Plan and the whole nine yards. Last year Aug 2015 I had problems and HD hot line referred to a Company called ASSURANT. (If you break up their name ASS you RANT.) They sent a serviceman on 4 occasions. First visit: reset the heater reset switch - stopped working after 2 hours. 2nd Visit - changed one of the elements - failed after a day. 3rd visit - changed the second element. Failed again in a day. 4th visit - changed the thermostat. Finally fixed it.

During this above episode I had no water heater for close 20 days, waiting for serviceman, failing, repeat call, waiting for special order thermostat etc. On Feb 28 of 2016 this year - the water heater stopped working. Called ASS you RANT again.

First visit - March 2 - the service man comes reset the reset switch and said if after this it fails nothing can repair this because a sensor gone bad inside - not repairable. March 4 called ASS you RANT again and they said will need to file a claim for new water heater because of multiple service calls, the request for replacement explaining the unrepairable heater was to be explained and worked by the service tech in this case "**". They said will take 3 business days for an answer and so including the weekend waited for 5 days. No calls from them.

March 9 - called ASS you RANT after the 3 business day rule. They said nothing has happened and no progress. In this case the service repair company didn't do a squat. Called the next level mgr to explain and he called the service provider placing me on hold and said to give 24 hours for an answer.

March 10 called after the 24 hour notice, the same Warranty company ASS you RANT, and they said no progress - nothing happened repeat of previous day and another 24 hrs will be taken care of. March 11 Friday called ASS you RANT for an update, and still the same. This time I vented my anger for lack of any action, and they gave me a new claim # and said I have to have 3 strikes rule ie: after 3 separate incidents still not working then that will qualify for a new water heater.

March 12 - A tech from RR (service provider) comes takes measurements quotes me a price and says he will call first thing Monday morning ie: today with claims and new heater etc. In the meantime he quoted extras like I need a new pan - old pan was small costing $119.98. Same sells at HD for $19.98.

He also said I need an upgrade to have a electrical disconnect switch for the heater since my breaker box with Circuit breakers was on the outside wall and quoted another $150 for that. (I checked with the local city Building planning Engr who said it is not true and gave me a number to have them call if they push for that.) I said figure out the new replacement heater details and then we will go over.

Today - March 14. The service guy from RR that came on Saturday was a no show broken promise nothing done - and new service guy came gave a nice lip service said he will take care of it all. After 15 minutes with ASS you RANT on the phone says "my heater is not covered because the ser # doesn't match in the system". This was really adding insult to injury. I did my own investigation calling ASS you RANT of this and discovered that they never had a ser #/mode # in their files and it was the tech who came last week gave a wrong ser #... Finally after calling 3/4 different #s at ASS you RANT they said they will take care of replacing it.

The Final verdict from ASS you RANT was: They will not replace the water heater but will give me a credit of 60% on the cost of HEATER ONLY after depreciation. So here I am having an installation done by Home Depot, with extra money paid for ESPlan, and I am told since it's unrepairable even though within the warranty period (in this case Lifetime of 12 years!), their terms are will give cash only of $440 plus take it or leave it. WHAT NONSENSE IS THIS with an ES Plan. Went to Home Depot again this evening their answer was we don't know how it works and it may just be this.

To test their latest same day plan, called HD installation hot line and having burned with all these surprises posed them a hypothetical question - if I buy an ESPlan and the water heater fails and unrepairable during the warranty period what will happen, the lady said, "You will get a FREE replacement." I asked what replacement meant. She said, "Since you bought an install the replacement will be a free installation and I pay permit fee which I don't mind."

The MORAL OF the story - Don't trust Home Depot/any of these plumbers bait and switch at low price on phone and then upcharges. You go to a big corporation, hoping you will get a good service. They just don't stand up to their promise. Shame on you Home Depot and Assurant (the warranty company for the runaround - the ASS you Rant is a better name), and the service provider who didn't give a care to follow up.

Replaced Under Warranty, Immediately Leaked
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We had bought and had installed a Home Depot water heater, and discovered it had begun leaking. It had rusted out at the bottom. It was fortunately still under warranty so I contacted Home Depot and I worked with them to get it replaced. I paid the difference in price between the old and new one. Also I paid for the installation. The third party company used in Virginia Beach was Perez Enterprises. The two gentlemen that did the replacement did not seem to show much respect for the property, dragging in mud etc onto the carpet. The replacement took about an hour. They also sprung extra charges onto me during the install which was suspect.

That evening I heard a dripping sound coming from the attic where the new water heater was installed, and investigated. I discovered that the new water heater was leaking very quickly from the cold water line soldered to the PEX water pipes via a fitting. I immediately called Perez Enterprises, and they sent someone out that evening about an hour later. He informed me that the original installers had not soldered the pipe all the way around on the cold water line. He changed the fitting, mopped up some of the water, and told me the manager of Perez Enterprises would contact me the following day to sort out all the damage caused by the leak.

It had leaked all the way through two ceilings and a wall to the first floor. The following day Mr Perez came and inspected the issues, and firstly informed me that they would wait for the water to dry and then pay to repaint the stains created in the ceiling from the leak. I was of course concerned with this course of action due to large amount of water that had leaked and the possibility of mold. Eventually Mr Perez had a company come and setup fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the ceiling/wall/attic quickly, and treat for mold. This took 3 days.

Fortunately I was having the house repainted, and so asked my painter to paint the ceiling, and Mr Perez agreed to the charge for the ceiling painting. Overall, a simple water heater replacement became a massive headache, causing damage to the property that needed to be rectified. If the original installers had taken more care over their work, this would not have been necessary.

Home Depot Cannot Install Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- Do not use Home Depot for appliances delivery and installation. Home Depot vendor for appliance delivery and installation for the New York area is Home Delivery of America. Home Delivery of America has multiple bad reviews all over the internet and lawsuits pending for extremely poor service. I read one on Yelp that was similar to my situation. I wish I had read it before the dishwasher was ordered.

We ordered a dishwasher from Home Depot that was supposed to be installed and the old one hauled away. All we got was 2 bullies with attitude that did not want to do their job. When the workers arrived they quickly determined they could not install the dishwasher. I asked them to remove the old dishwasher and leave the new one for the handyman to install. They said no. I asked if I can sign for the dishwasher so they can leave the new one. They said no.

By then my handyman came up from working downstairs and quickly determined that the dishwasher can easily be installed. It took four times asking the workers to allow me to sign the paper to keep the new dishwasher. My handyman ended up installing the dishwasher and helped me carry out the old one to the curb.

I called Home Delivery of America to complain. It took three times to get through to speak with customer services. Once I did they did not care to hear anything about the situation. I searched the internet and found several lawsuits pending from upset customers. Also, they had several bad reviews from other customers with similar situations. A single delivery did not matter to them.

Bottom line; use a local appliance store for when shopping for appliances. They have friendly, reliable delivery staff and want to satisfy their customers. They understand the important of customer service for repeat business and referrals. Home Delivery of America only cares about delivery volume and are not considered about customer service. Home Depot should take the time to read the bad reviews on the internet for Home Delivery of America. If they had they would not be using them as a vendor.

Don't Buy Home Depot Extended Protection Plan
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- Buyers should be aware that Extended Warranty is not serviced by Home Depot!!! But a Subcontractor who is out to make money from you! Terrible experiences from Home Depot extended warranty service!! This is not first time that I had a BAD EXPERIENCE. I purchased Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers and the extended protection plan. After it went in for warranty service... my lawn mower is cutting the grass unevenly! I had a similar experience 4 years ago with the extended warranty service. The customer service, I should say, is one of the worst I've encountered. I called H.D warranty dept. explaining to them of how my lawn mower wasn't cutting evenly...

Next day BPT warranty company?, not Home Depot called and asked about my tractor. I explained to the representative that the lawn mower was cutting the left side of the grass shorter than the right side. She asked me "Did you check tire pressure?" I answered "Yes." Nothing was wrong with tire pressure and that I did check it. But she ask me 3 times about tire pressure. And her exact words to me,"You need maintenance" and pushed persistently that I needed to have maintenance.

I said "I don't need a maintenance." And that I had this issue previously... Maybe balance needs to be adjusted and requested to have it service (under my purchased Extended Warranty). We went back and forth with the same issue at hand. She did everything in trying to TELL me that I needed to be scheduled for Maintenance. PAY for it of course (this went on for more than 30 minute). She said "THAT'S WHY YOU NEED A MAINTENANCE... YOU NEED PAY FOR MAINTAIN FEE."

I said "You did not even look my tractor yet telling me to schedule and PAY for maintenance." She replied, "I KNOW, I'M DOING THIS BUSINESS FOR LONG TIME... Maintenance mean is oil change, filter change, and belt change..." Lol lol... I went along and asked her,"How is oil, filter, belt change related to the uneven leverage cutting of the grass?" She replied "It does." Does she take me for a fool? Does Home Depot even screen the subcontractors when they pass on the Extended Warranty that their clients purchased?

I strongly advise people from purchasing their Extended Warranty! Just know that when a problem starts from your equipment know that you're not dealing with Home Depot! You will get easy 30 minute of run around and "so called specialists" just trying to rip you off into PAYING for something other than using your warranty! I want to share my terrible warranty service experience with future Home depot extended protection plan buyer.

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