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Worse Than Any Small Company
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Rating: 1/51

Mr Blake,

Based on my experience with your HVAC installations escalation team, I'm certain that your inbox must be flooded with issues, so I will attempt to keep this short.

The statement "CUSTOMERS FIRST!" in the signature line for the team should be removed. Under the lead of Brandi Hyde, I'm ready to cut up my Home Depot card and post on every BLOG and anywhere anyone will listen a very strong warning about doing business with Home Depot. Ms Hyde claims to work directly with you, so I figure you are my last line of escalation.

On July 7, 2013 I went to Home Depot to get a 75 gallon hot water heater replaced. I was up-sold tankless and told that 3K vs 2K expense would provide, energy savings, consistent water temperature and better warranty/reliability. When the sales person (Sal) got to my home, he warned about a 3K tankless providing less pressure and again up-sold me to a 7K solution with "better pressure", "better temperature control" and incredible warranty and reliability. I agreed to his solution and he committed to have the dual tankless system installed in 24 hours and provide me with 24 mos interest free financing on my Home Depot Card. The following timeline (approximate from memory) took place.

1.) 7-8-2013 asked me for a $500 deposit on another card, so he could get the job done "today" as promised and the rest $6600 would be charged to my Home Depot card interest free for 24 mos.
2.) 7-9-2013 Sal called back said they couldn't install today and would install a temporary 50 gal for approx 1 week.
3.) 7-10-2013 Sal called back saying they couldn't install the $7100 units per my city requirements, but, could install a $9600 system, I declined. He called back about an hour later and said he could put the even better units in for $7600 which would give me everything promised and re-circulation. Once again I was uphold and agreed to the new number.
4.) approx 7-14 they removed the 50 gal temp unit and installed new Navien 210a units starting at about 8am. When I got home at 7pm, they plumbers were still there on a smoke break reading the manual. The plumber Tom admitted he had NEVER installed a dual tankless and had no idea how to start of connect the units. (I own a 200 person IT firm and work with technology all day) I offered to help, and Tom thanked me for being patient. I was able to find the grommets and cross connect the two units and start them. They provided sporadic hot water temperature control and my water pressure was 50% of even what the 50 gallon unit produced. Tom assured me that they would send an expert to my home to complete the install in addition to finishing the electrical work and begged me to sign the install form on the fear of him getting fired. I noted the deficiency of the electrical work and signed the form.
5.) approx 7-19 after 5 or more calls, I got confirmation that the "busy" electrician would be to the house and the low water pressure and temperature fluctuations were due to my old water heater. The company sent their "master plumber" Mike out, who pretty much told me they did everything right even though the building inspector disagreed. Upon refusal of the building inspector to sign the installation Mike and his team worked for a full day to comply with the building inspectors request. I still had the same pressure and temperature fluctuations. Mike said they were done and the temperature and pressure fluctuations we my problem, even after I explained I didn't have these issues with my 75 gal or their temporary 50 gal water heaters. I opened a case with Jasmine Tally who offered no support just kept calling they company who screwed up the job and claimed it was good.
6.) Home depot charged my Chase card without authorization for the balance of $7100 – I will skip the 3 pages of writing to get to the end – James of DRF, who agreed to refund the un-authorized Chase charge and only charge my Home Depot card when the install was completed per the manufacturers specs. I can forward that email upon your request.
7.) More than 10 calls with Jasmine took place asking for repair, with no results. I corrected 80% of the issues at my own expense.
8.) DRF/Jasmie/Brandi have all given excuses, the electrician is on vacation, etc but, keep promising to correct the electrical work – It's 8-28-2013 and still not finished current promise is 9-3-2013 at 8am.
9.) 8-20-2013 The manufacturer asked me for photos of the install, I sent them to Navien and they replied next day telling all concerned that the install is NOT correct and does not qualify for warranty coverage. I emailed their written opinion to Jasmine on 8-21-2013.
10.) 8-22-2013 I contacted Jasmine when I got my HD charge bill. Once again the company charged my card without completing the job and no longer here-say it was against the WRITING in both DRF and Home Depot possession.
11.) 8-23-2013 I asked for escalation from Jasmine – After calling back at least 5 times zero out, etc I was assured a supervisor would call me within 24 hours.I did not hear from the supervisor Brandi until 8-26 after 6pm. We exchanged emails and Brandi committed to call me 1st thing in the morning 8-27 to address the issues I emailed her the night prior. No response or call from Brandi, I waited until 1pm (her time) and emailed her. She replied that she would call by 3:30pm, not bad, but, once again late 3:35pm.
12.) 8-27-2013 – Brandi asked till no later than 12pm today and called at 12:14 today – She basically said they don't need to comply with the manufactures installation procedure and they were justified in charging my HD card against the agreed upon writing and she works directly for the CEO and I have NO escalation.

Based on the above, my instinct is to reach out to the attorney general and see if criminal charges are an option for fraudulent use of my credit card, in addition to a civil attorney for damages done to my home, loss of use, etc.

I hope that Home Depot CEO level will not let this happen, as I'm really tired of dealing with this issue and don't want it on my mind for the next 6 to 12 mos during a legal ordeal. I will give you or your team until 9-3-2013 to create an acceptable plan before I take my documentation for legal disposition.

Massively Shedding Carpet From Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We purchased our flooring from the HomeDepot because it has very good reputation previously. We had around 1200 square feet area covered by carpet. We placed our order on Jun 23rd and the carpet installation was scheduled on July 17th.

It was all good until we moved in on July 25th. The massive shedding of the carpet surprised all the family members. The carpet fiber is everywhere and you can easily pick up balls of fiber from it. And I even found carpet fiber in my six-month daughter's poo poo. I used a regular shark vacuum (NV356E) and got full bags of fiber as shown in the photo. Everyday I can get a whole bag of it. I guess there must be quality problems with the carpet.

I called the HomeDepot. There sent the installation persons to come on August 7th. Those experts took pictures and verbally told me there definitely are quality problems with the carpet. One week later, however, the manager called me and said that the vendor told them it is normal for the new carpet to shed!

I understand that new carpet would shed a little bit. But this kind of shedding is beyond what should be called "normal". I request to have my money back and we will have to install new carpet. The manager refused and said after six months if the shedding continues, they can escalate the claim. That does not make sense. We will change carpet before it reaches six months because of the hazard on my babies. I hope HomeDepot treasures its reputation and stop selling something with such poor quality. BTW, it is not the cheapest carpet in HomeDepot.

Subpar Kitchen Cupboards and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SARNIA, ON -- A letter written to Home Depot with no response as yet other than to tell me the very poor options still stand. Certainly anyone that wants a kitchen renovation will benefit from not falling their promises of commitment to great customer service and product quality.

Damaged Item Never Accepted on Delivery but Charged and Not Refunded
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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- On October 7th, 2012 I ordered a bathroom vanity with a mirror for $1,525.45. I was quickly charged and said my order left the manufacturer two days later. The shipper is in Miami and the manufacturer is in California but I was shocked at how quick my item got delivered (within a week) but then I looked at it upon delivery, my 60-inch mirror was in pieces and three sections of the marble top were damaged along with the wood. I refused to accept the delivery. After an hour of speaking to Home Depot I was told the vanity was not on back order till end of October the 28th.

They credited me about $200 back and told me I would get the next one discounted when I placed the order. I then received an email saying expected in stock date was Nov 1. On October 23, 2012 I looked online and my product was available so I ordered it at the discounted price. I had to again speak to someone for an hour to get this placed. It is now November 18, 2012 and after three calls and two billing cycles I still have not been credited for $1,302 and am paying interest on it. I am writing as I sit on hold again. It's been 50:21 sec this time. Any ideas of who I need to talk to to get this resolved? I am going to go to small claims court and request my credit plus my finance charges.

Not a Great Place to Work
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- To anyone who is thinking about joining the Home Depot as an employee, please beware. First of all, I left my last job as an assistant manager to join the Home Depot as a cashier. Why? The pay was better and seemed as if everyone worked together. When I went back to fill out my paperwork I was told that the only position that was available at the time was as a Lot Attendant. So the Human Resource Manager told me not worry, that he knows I have management skills, and that he would not forget about me and leave me in this position. So I went from being an assistant manager to a lot attendant. No problem I don't mind working my way up.

On my first day I learn from my co-workers that there are no other lot attendants other than myself. If you didn't know, a lot attendant's duties include loading customers' merchandise, returns of carts to their designated positions, and cleaning of the outer area of the store. As the first month pass by I continue to do my job and what every else someone ask of me to do. I'm always being told that I am doing a great job, but management has not hired another lot attendant to provide me with help.

Around the beginning of June the garden loader associate quits. Now while most companies would hire more help the position is left opened and I am now being called to also do garden loader work inside and outside. Now keep in mind that the pro-loader only works until 4 p.m., so when he is off, I must also pull that load. Okay now I am starting to get frustrated. I now find myself (a lot attendant) inside of the store pulling and cutting wood because there is no pro loader after four and because customers cannot find any lumber associates. So I continue to do my job without complaining.

In the middle of June Home Depot hires another lot attendant, but get this, he is only part-time. I showed him the ropes and what we would being doing and the first thing that came out of his mouth was why are lot attendants treated like dogs. So now I have another lot attendant here, I would go and talk to the Human Resource Manager and let him know that I would like to come inside to be a cashier now. And get this when I went to talk to this guy he forgot who I was and all about what he said in the beginning.

I want to not just because I wanted to get off of the lot, but because we have a great need for cashiers. Many are going back to school, moving back home, or just quitting. He told me that he would get the ball rolling for me to get me moved to a cashier position. Like I said before I was an assistant manager, I had done returns and exchanges at my last job and I have over five years of cashier experience. Instead of bringing me inside to be a cashier they started hiring and bringing in outside help before considering the people they already had. After a while I just got fed up with the process and stopped asking about the position.

So it comes around to my review. I am told that I am doing an excellent job and that the company wanted me to start forklift training and cashier training. So I am excited that they want me to be a cashier, but that's not the point. They want to train me as a cashier, leave me as a lot attendant, and only bring me on the inside when they need help. Many of my co-worker told me to quit, but I am a hard worker, so I stayed.

A couple of days later I learned that my other lot attendant would be leaving to go back to school. He left in the beginning of July and had already let the company know that he was leaving. It is now the end of August and I have not had any help in the lot since he has left. When I take my breaks and come back to work, management whines about the lot being full of carts. But what am I supposed to do, work on my break and lunch? So now I am pissed. This company care little if anything for your well being and getting some decent help. They knew this guy was leaving beforehand and haven't even tried to get me any help.

So last week I was approached by one the managers who told me he wanted to talk to me about my attendance. I had missed a lot of the days because of being dehydrated from constantly working in the lot by myself. He never even talked to me because he did not want to hear my side of the case. I am a lot attendant at the Home Depot and yet I work in lumber, plumbing, garden-inside and out, building materials, hardware etc. So be forewarned about working at Home Depot. They do not possess a great deal for employee care.

Tool Rental
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On October 16th, I rented an orbital floor sander from the Home Depot in Chicago at 6211 N. Lincoln Ave. When I arrived I met with an associate in the tool rental department. I took the unit home and was going to use it the next morning to do the project. Shortly after I started the project, I noticed that it was getting very dusty in the room I was doing and noticed that the collection bag was not inflating or doing anything. I called the store and they said I needed a shop vac to use with this unit and after some discussion, I said this machine will not work and I should have been informed of this when I got the unit.

At this point I needed to find where to go rent another unit so I could do this job I have already started. A little bit later that day, I tried the sander again at another part of the room near a window for a few minutes because the other sander wasn't getting the floor sanded in that area. It worked fine and then I proceeded to put the sander back in my car so I could return it later that evening. I tilted the unit back to remove the sanding discs and as I tilted it back the handle snapped off.

I then tried calling Home Depot twice to let them know about this and I was on hold each time for over 10 minutes and I didn't have the time to spare at this point, so I would deal with it when I returned it. I brought the unit back, the tool associate saw it on a cart and was just beyond words. I tried to explain what happened but I am not sure he really heard me. In the end I was there for about 45 minutes and they charged me $450 to have the unit fixed. The next day I called and spoke with a store manager there and what they thought was fair was to give me a $200 gift card to compensate me.

I have also been in contact with corporate and they are also standing behind the decision the store manager has made. I have detailed this in the letters I am attaching below. I would really like to hear back from you soon regarding this. Also was I was told about after the fact is that Home Depot does have insurance available on rentals which I was never told about and if the tools associate would have told me about this and I would have taken out the insurance, I would not have to be going through this hassle.

I have just recently heard back from corporate for the third time and they are sticking to their guns and not placing blame whatsoever on themselves or taking any responsibility. I am still required to pay the $450, which I feel is so wrong. I am encouraging everyone out there to please make other choices when shopping at home improvement stores and to choose other places to do your business with. Nowadays customer service should still be a top priority, but not in Home Depot's case.

Why should we shop at places where we are not going to be treated fairly and with respect? Please work with me and choose other stores to go to. I am sure Lowe's or Menards would love more business from people like us.

Home Depot? - Home De NO!
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Rating: 1/51

PEARLAND, TEXAS -- My husband and I decided to make some improvements on our master bath. We shopped Home Depot and the lady in Kitchen and Bath Remodel was very nice... A little too focused on finding the cheap way out, but nice. We ordered our items and that's when it began. Home Depot will only sell the granite and installation service together. You have to use their installation service. Fair enough, we thought. But the installation was a nightmare. We were told that after the measuring we would need to go to their facility to choose the piece of granite we wanted. That helps you get more of the color pattern you want since every piece is different.

When the guy came to measure the vanity, we were informed that privilege was for people who purchased 20 feet or more. We only needed about 6 feet. The day of the installation finally came, the cutting took place on my front lawn and the workers left chunks of the product and shards all over the yard. The guys banged up my freshly painted walls on both sides.

The holes bored for the faucets were too small. They said they only do them one size; standard. These were the “professionals” that did not come cheap. The job looks unfinished. It looks more commercial than residential. The horizontal edge is beveled but not the backsplash side walls that face front. They're just there with the cut edge exposed.

The piece of granite chosen for us does not have the amount of gold inflections that was represented in the sample piece so none of our accessories look good with the countertop. I could have gotten a better installation service from the day workers on the side of the road. The next problem was with Home Depot's delivery service. I think they must really have some unhappy employees in that department and they are beating up the merchandise or trying to destroy the company from the inside out (LOL).

Everything we ordered came in damaged. Our bathtub, vanity, one of the mirrors; all damaged. Every time we had to reorder something, our project was delayed. We went to pick up our re-ordered bathtub after receiving a call that the replacement was in.

When we got it home, we found it was not the bathtub; it was the damaged vanity we had taken back the week before. We finally gave up and just kept the damaged vanity. My sister is having major problems with a kitchen cabinet installation. I don't know if Lowe's is any better, but we ended up getting our bathtub from them without incident. It seems Lowe's is more for the homeowner. Even the look and feel of the store is different. Knowing what I know now, I WILL NEVER GO TO HOME DEPOT AGAIN.

Replace Window
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FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- This was THE worst experience I have ever had with a company! July 2013 I visited my local HD, and ordered a window to replace one in my basement that has rotted from the sprinkler. I tried to do this last year, and never got a response - should have taken that as a clue! I put $300+ as a down and waited for someone to come and measure. Met the measurement guy after taking time from work to do so. He said he would order it, be in in 5 weeks. I figured the window would be installed by end of August, and no problem with winter weather.

September 2013 I called and went into the store and said, "Where is my window?" They hemmed and hawed, and well, someone else will need to come and measure! I meet the guy once again, different person, and he measures. I complain that I already spent last fall trying to resolve this issue and used them with no response. Now when can I expect my window? He says by the end of October! OK and I should probably receive some sort of discount for this hold up. Cool.

Near end of October, I am supposed to have the window installed in the AM on a Saturday... It's after 11 and no one is here! I call them. Well, the guy had decided to install someone else's stuff first, and he will be here between 1 and 3. I say, let me talk to this person. I don't want some Yahoo coming to put in a window last minute I think... I talk to him, tell him what was promised and that if he can't make it by 2 then forget it! He shows up at 1. Nice man, seems to know his business and he gets the window out and it doesn't FIT!!!! I decline to take it. He can caulk it in, but with a three inch gap! No go. They will send someone to measure!!! HA!

End of October. Call and go to Home Depot once again. Well, they will send someone name of ** out. He is handling all their customer service stuff for this 'area'. Ends up he is in a northern Denver suburb! And he comes up on a Saturday to measure! He is sick with a cold. He tells me that Anderson doesn't make a window this size! Hello? I have been trying to buy an Anderson window from them all this time, and he finally tells me that they don't make it? 4 months later? This information was finally relayed to me after several phone calls from him and from me to Home Depot!

So, I say, "OK. I will go with a vinyl window with simulated wood look." It's a basement window and I ask Steve, "So when will I get my window? Before the snow flies? Before Christmas?" He assures me it will be done before Christmas. Well folks. I heard from them once again. They want to come out and show me what the wood vinyl will look like before they order it! They called me middle of December to say this... I say, "Well, so first off, I think I should know the cost of this window," and he tells me it's basically the same $1,300 I was paying for the Anderson wood window. No allowance for all this inconvenience. Nothing. Just suck it up.

I say "Fine. Cancel the ** order." And here I sit 6 months and a year later. No window and now I have to go to the HD and get my money back for the down. What a ripoff. What poor customer service like there even is something called that in this store! Believe me. I will go to Lowe's for everything from now on... The middle finger to Home Depot!

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Rating: 1/51

HELOTES, TEXAS -- I took in a design for a kitchen counter top with dimensions. The supposed design specialist entered the data into their design computer system and came up with a total square footage of 38 and gave me an estimate of the job. I went home to think about it. I went back in 2 days to pay for the job taking advantage of 10% off by getting one of their HD credit cards. The original design specialist was not available and no one else was apparently qualified to access the design system. Therefore, I made an appointment to return that afternoon to meet with another design specialist who was supposed to be able to call up the first estimate so that I could pay for it.

When I came back for the appointment, that specialist was not available. Another gent from appliances tried to do the job, but could not call up the estimate so he tried to just start from scratch. There were about 3 attempts at that before he came up with something. Trying to check out now, the cashier rang it up, charging me on the new credit card but the 10% off did not ring up. Off to the service department to cancel the charge and when they did, it apparently cancelled everything. They actually had to re-enter the whole design again and finally got it rung up with the 10% off.

When the contractor showed up to do the final inspection, he told me how there would be about 2 or 3 more square feet than the original estimate due to small modifications we made. I understood and had no problem with that. According to the contractor, if Home Depot did not contact me in a couple of days to notify me of the difference between the estimate and the actual total cost, I should contact them. Of course, 2 days passed and there was no call from Home Depot. I went in to pay the difference. I was surprised when I was told that the difference was 6.4 square feet at $43 per sq.ft., not 2 or 3. I asked to see where the differences were.

Again, the original design specialist was not available to call up the original estimate. The service department gent printed off a copy of the contractor's final design that I could have compared to the original estimate if only I could see that. I realized that if I wanted to verify the 6.4 sq.ft. difference I was going to have to spend some time studying and comparing all of the dimensions. OK, but then the service department guy would not give me the final design sheet that he printed off! I went home to do my homework. I found that for some reason when the original design specialist loaded my dimensions she came up with 3 square feet less than what my design had.

This left 3.4 sq. ft. difference which is plausible and understandable. Having accounted for the 6.4 sq. ft. difference, I paid the balance due for this job. My problems with Home Depot is that they did nothing to help me in accounting for the difference, impeded my work to do that by denying the final design drawing to me, the time wasted and several trips required to go to that store to get this worked out made this a real exercise in frustration trying to get this work accomplished. I laugh at their commercials where they proclaim all of the help that they provide to home owners.

Furnace Installation Resulted in Gas Leak, No Mechanical Permit
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Rating: 1/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I am writing to document the dangerous and frustrating experience I had with Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort following the installation of a new furnace and air conditioning system in June of 2013. While the installation appeared satisfactory at the time of installation, it wasn't until Oct 20th that I discovered a gas leak left by the installers which caused me to take a more in depth look at the service I received from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort.

On Oct 21 a service technician arrived from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort to repair the gas leak. The technician found and documented that the leak was caused by a damaged fitting that had been used by the installer. Gas leak testing by the installer could have easily uncovered the mistake. Apparently there was no gas leak testing. While the problem has been corrected, gas had been escaping into my home for 20 weeks. I requested that Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refund my installation costs and re-inspect my furnace and air conditioning for any additional mistakes.

Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refused any adjustment to the installation cost but did agree to re-inspect the furnace/AC. The re-inspection appointment was then cancelled because of a conflict with the technician's schedule. I then scheduled an appointment with another HVAC company for re-inspection. **, my salesman, did reassure me that there would be no charge for replacing the damaged fitting and stopping the gas leak. That work, he reassured me, would be covered under my warranty.

While the gas leak was the most serious and dangerous error made by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort, there were several other mistakes made that caused significant frustration and hours of follow-up time to correct. Those errors were as follows. The $200 rebate from Rheem (the furnace manufacturer) was temporarily lost in the mail because Home Depot / A-ABC…/ Total Comfort had given Rheem the wrong address (wrong zip code). Follow up work by the mailman and post office did result in the rebate check being delivered.

A $300 rebate from Center Point Energy and a $450 rebate from Xcel Energy also listed an incorrect house address on the application form but were eventually delivered to my home. A fourth rebate ($100 also from Xcel Energy) had the incorrect address on the application and never did arrive at my home. According to Mr. ** this was the fault of Xcel Energy because they “lost” the rebate application. Once this rebate was resubmitted I did receive the $100 approximately 3 months after furnace installation.

While reviewing the rebate paperwork I did notice that my address and zip code, while incorrectly written on every rebate application, was correctly written on the A-ABC / Total Comfort invoice and Home Depot invoice. When going through the furnace installation documentation in October, I found a letter from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort explaining that the customer, not the contractor, was responsible for arranging final code inspection for the furnace/ AC installation.

While discussing the inspection process with the city, I discovered that the appropriate permits were never pulled for my job by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort. Apparently an electrical permit was pulled but a mechanical permit was not pulled. When I mentioned this to Mr. ** he looked into the issue and told me that it was the city's error. In an unlikely coincidence, the city told the contractor that a mechanical permit was not required for installing a furnace and the contractor apparently agreed and (at least temporarily) saved the $186 permit fee.

In conclusion, I must say that had I been a less observant customer, I would be living with a gas leak approximately 18 inches away from the furnace flame, I would not have received $300 in rebates, I would not have had my furnace installation inspected by the city and the appropriate permits would never have been pulled.
My hope is that this information will lead to a review of the technical, financial and administrative competence of Home Depot /A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort and that it will serve as a wake up call to as many current and future Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance &Heating / Total Comfort customer's as I can inform.

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