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Carpet Installed Is a Cheap Imitation of Showroom Sample
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISTON, IDAHO -- I selected one of Home Depot's top of the line carpets, Platinum Plus, Harvest III for installation in the living room and master bedroom, a total of 127 yards costing more than $7000. When the installers arrived on Oct. 10, I checked the tags on the pre-cut carpet which indicated it was Platinum Plus, Harvest III. The installation was completed that day and before the installer left, as we were assisting with sweeping and vacuuming up loose yarns and I was having difficulty vacuuming, the installer told me that it would be necessary to vacuum in one direction only. I had never heard such a thing.

Right away I noticed that every footprint showed on the carpet. I thought I had selected a carpet with more resilience, so I located the sample and compared them. The only resemblance was in the color and even that was a little off. The installed carpet fibers were thinner, silkier and very much less resilient resulting in crushing and matting with each step.

I called the store immediately and took a sample of the installed carpet along with my sample to the store. The manager and another person both agreed that they did not seem the same, but said it was not their decision, that testing needed to be done. The carpet was manufactured by Engineered Floors in Georgia, and the testing done by a lab in Dalton, GA. Pile weight, density, and pile height were tested, and they were determined to be within the 7% manufacturing tolerance, so Engineered Floors denied my claim.

Then Home Depot sent out an inspector. He took photos of a ruler he held to show pile height and not much more and in his report said the sample and installed carpet were "the same." I insisted that any lay person who felt the carpet and looked at the fibers--no need for a carpet expert--could tell that these two carpets were NOT the same, that Home Depot or the carpet manufacturer pulled a "bait and switch," substituting a look-alike carpet of lesser quality. Next I took samples to a university professor whose expertise is in textiles and with a visual and "feel" test, she said they are not the same--the pile height and diameter of the yarns is different.

I have asked for a full refund and removal of the carpet from my home. I have filed a complaint with my state attorney general. It is now December and Home Depot continues to drag its feet, asking for another piece of carpet to conduct yet another test, even after I told them that on their own website the 8"x8" sample specifications show a pile height of .625 and a density of 4032 while the carpet by the yard shows a pile height of .6875 and a density of 3665.

The high quality samples are still in the store showroom and are still being sent out (I ordered samples of Platinum Plus, Harvest III on two separate occasions after Oct. 10, and they have not varied--none is the same as the carpet installed.) The "Resolution Expediter-Executive Escalation" person assigned to my case has been polite, but really only receives my emails and is unable to make a decision. He forwards everything to "store leadership" whoever that might be.

Carpet Installation
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Rating: 1/51

GILLETTE, WYOMING -- After my husband and I remodeled our house, I will not set foot on Home Depot property again. We made the horrible mistake of buying our carpet (among other thousands of dollars in materials) for our entire house here. Once the credit card was swiped, we were sitting ducks. Nothing we were promised prior to the sale was followed through on.

Installers didn't show up on the day of the appointment, when they did show up a week later they had inferior padding to what we purchased so they had to leave and get the correct padding, installers left for 2+ hours in the middle of the install, finally returned and then claimed they didn't have enough carpet to finish the job as it was 'mis-measured' so they had to leave. (Found out later that was a blatant lie).

Used a HATCHET during the installation and scuffed, scratched and scraped all the walls. The lines between carpet and linoleum were anything but straight. Seams were left un-sealed. Couldn't even get a business card from the installers - did get a phone number but trying to call them "no voicemail has been setup". Trying to deal with Home Depot and their sub-contractors (HOM Solutions) were nothing but HELL. They are pro's at talking around you, have a knack at blaming YOU for their horrible customer service.

Employees even pulled us off to the side and expressed how crappy the store procedures are and how sorry they are for what we were going through. We ended up hiring an independent carpet installer from another town to come finish and repair the horrid carpet installation. Go anywhere else... anywhere!!!

Carpet Nightmare
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Rating: 3/51

HILO, HAWAII -- We purchased our carpeting from Home Depot for two of our rooms, within the first year we noticed that it began developing spots even on horizontal surfaces, and upon lifting up area rugs we could see how much it had changed. We notified Home Depot because we purchased the more expensive carpeting and it hadn't even been a year.

They sent out an "inspector" who must be getting paid by the carpet mill, because he starts blaming us saying that it's probably due to some lotion my wife was using or from pets, neither of which was the case. He leaves our house firmly convinced that it was because of something we did and not due to any problem with the carpet's quality. Our local Home Depot essentially did nothing, and were ignoring us in spite of the carpeting being well within the warranty that they were so proud of while they were making the sale.

Eventually when we realized that they would do nothing to help us, I contacted the Atlanta Head Office of Home Depot and spoke with a customer representative. She was very helpful and after I had sent her photographs of our carpeting she did follow through, and eventually it was replaced with new carpeting. What I learned is that if you really want service you need to move up the food chain.

Stay Away: Bad Products, Bad Installation. But Oddly, Good Customer Service!
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Rating: 2/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Sadly, I did not read the Carpet Professor website, which warns against big box stores like Home Depot for carpeting. I had a higher end carpet installed in 2007. I used Home Depot's contractor. Within a week it had wrinkles all over, but I didn't do anything because of the hassle of moving furniture and lack of time. In the process of preparing to sell, I had a stretching company come in. The installation was incompetently done, bent wood nails where there was cement, far more seams than there should have been, and the carpet was delaminating like a zipper.

Note that the Home Depot warranty for delamination: ONE YEAR. Yup, and because I used Home Depot's installers, they of COURSE would not mention if they were installing old, delaminating carpet to begin with. So why two stars and not one? Because when I called Home Depot with this, they always promptly responded and were courteous right up to the point where I learned how poor the warranty was. So...kudos for customer service, but a big STEER CLEAR based on product and services.

Life Proof Carpet Poor Quality
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Rating: 1/51

MEDFORD, OREGON -- Made the mistake of purchasing a textured pattern Life Proof Fancy Flair carpet from Home Depot. The carpet had a 25 year wear rating and after only 13 months the pattern has disappeared under normal use traffic areas. The pattern can be improved with vacuuming, but then turns into a footprint as soon it's stepped on. The carpet looks like tan cement in these areas.

HD representative and installer representative took pictures and clearly noticed our complaint. Home Depot sent a piece of brand new leftover carpet to a textile lab for testing. The carpet rated 3.0 on a scale of 5, which is moderate change, passing the test. As a result, Home Depot tells us there is nothing more they can do for us. We suggest avoiding Home Depot for carpeting your home.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I wanted to re-carpet one room — a family room in a very old beach house. The Home Depot measurer told me there was an original wooden floor with a thin “indoor/ outdoor” carpet glued on top of it from many years ago, and that the previous carpet installers had simply put the new padding and carpet over this thin layer. She told me the installers for HD would do the same, as it might damage the old floor to try to pull up the indoor/outdoor carpet.

HD quoted a price of over $1800 for the mid-sized room. They didn't tell me when the carpet would be available. Worst of all, they told me that the installers would have to “tear up” the first layer. When I told them their measurer, who had actually looked at it, said it shouldn't be torn up, the HD representative didn't care. When I told them the last carpet installers from a few years ago hadn't had any problem, they didn't care. The supervisor didn't care, either. Terrible people; avoid if at all possible.

Home Depot Does Not Provide You With A Warranty, Then Does Not Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

LIHUE, HAWAII -- In January, 2014 I purchased carpet from Home Depot and it was installed in March 2014. Installation was great, but the carpet, made by Beaulieu America Carpet started to wear, fade and fail after about a year. I contacted Home Depot and they asked me to send pictures, which I did. Home Depot said that this was not their problem, contact Beaulieu. I contacted Beaulieu, and they said it was Home Depot's problem because any warranty claim had to go through Home Depot. I was never given warranty information by Home Depot when I bought the carpet.

Now, I have had to file a lawsuit against Home Depot in order for them to pay me back for the faulty carpet (about $4,000). Home Depot gives you the runaround and hopes that you just quit and give up. This has been an awful experience with Home Depot because they should give you a copy of the warranty when you buy the carpet (or before). If you have other options, explore them!

Complete Shambles
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Rating: 1/51

WHISTLER -- Ordered carpet and underlay from Home Depot (for 6 rooms). Paid for it and booked the install for 3 weeks later. Two days before the install got a phone call that the carpet wasn't ordered and wouldn't be available for two months. Went to Home Depot and told "well nothing we can do - pick another carpet or we will give you a refund."

Picked another carpet that we "could live with" then told 4 days later that the carpet missed the shipment and it won't be here in time for when our renter moves in on Dec. 15th. Managers now won't return phone calls. Now told "well you can choose another carpet." Called rapid install which is garbage or we can get our money returned. Thanks a lot Home Depot!!!

Do Not Buy Carpet Here! Ever!!
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Rating: 1/51

AVON, COLORADO -- I went to Home Depot early in July to order some carpet (because it is the only supplier in the area). After waiting nearly 45 minutes for a representative to assist me at the carpet counter, I got my quote scheduled for someone to come out and measure. You would think that something as simple as coming on the right day for the measurement would be an easy task, but they showed up on the wrong day when I was at work, so therefore they were unable to get in the house. Delaying the measurement until another day when we could reschedule.

We finally settled on a day when I could get them in the house (that we were not yet living in at the time) to measure, and I told them to call me when they got there so I could be sure that they got the correct rooms measured. Of course they did not, and I received a quote for $500 dollars over what they had initially estimated. I reviewed the measure, and found that they had added on an additional room DOWNSTAIRS, when I specifically told them that it was only the upstairs that I wanted carpeted. Normally, I would be shocked by the quote, but after seeing how shady Home Depot is with the quotes and estimates, I kind of expected it.

After straightening things out, we finally ordered the carpet and they told me it would be a few weeks until the carpet arrived. They then send you off to some company called Home Solutions that takes care of the install. You have a better chance of getting hit with lightning than you do getting a hold of these people on the phone. 6 WEEKS LATER, they call and tell me that the carpet had arrived and we were ready to set up an install date. We decide on a date and then they told me they would call the day before to specify an exact time.

After calling them and leaving several voice mails the day before to try to figure out when these yahoos were coming, it climaxed with 0 success... leaving me to wonder if they were actually going to come or not. The next day, which I had requested off from work (day of supposed install), I call several more times in the morning to try to figure out when these mystery men were coming to lay my carpet. NO ANSWER ALL DAY LONG. They finally called the next day to apologize on their techs calling in, and we proceed to set up another install date.

At this point, I would've gladly taken my service elsewhere, but we live in a remote mountain area with good ole' Home Depot being our only option. Anyways, we set up another install day, which I can't make, but my dear wife who had just had a baby was able to get off work in order to be there. Two days of missed work out of our budget to try to accommodate these people to lay our darn carpet that we paid plenty of money for. Well, wouldn't you know it, the same issue of not being able to get a hold of anybody to figure out when the hell they were coming to our house.

The day of rescheduled install, we've finally got a call from one of the techs saying they wouldn't be there until the afternoon now. Perfect. Wife has an appointment for our infant son to get to, so I leave work early to get to the house to let them in. More money gone. The installers work until late that night, and you think at this point, with the steam coming out of my ears from this whole ordeal that they would be sure to clean up well. They left all of their scraps and the giant leftover pad that I now have to take to the dump and spend more money on.

WOW Home Depot, I hope you're proud of your customer service and glad to know that I will never be coming back to you stores anywhere in the country as for the rest of my friends and family. I will deliberately drive 50 miles out of my way just to make it to another store where they will actually appreciate us as customers. For anybody out there trying to decide if Home Depot is the right place for you for your install, say NO, just like you'd say no to drugs. Run away as fast as you can. I am not the only one with this same heartbreak. I have had friends and family from other store locations with the same problems. Hope this helps!!!

Carpet Nightmare From Home Depot!
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In February 2010, I went to purchase a carpet with Home Depot. I had so many problems with the purchase that, I should've realized right then and there that this was a bad sign. At first they wouldn't do it because, they said, "you might have asbestos tiles" and told me I would have to rip them all out before they could come in and, do the carpet. I called EPA and the guy said, "NO DO NOT RIP THEM UP!!!" EPA said, "if the tiles are good don't rip them up, if you do that's when the get in the air." There was only one that was broke and I went to Home Depot and purchased another identical tile!!! Hhhmmm!!!

They had to order the carpet from out of state and, have it shipped from either, N. or S. Carolina. Unfortunately, it took 2 1/2 weeks to ship. Once I finally received the carpet, I was happy and they did a wonderful job putting it in. Then a few months later, I started having problems itching. I had blood work done with my UC Davis doctor and my doctor found out that I was highly allergic to something. Come to find out, the beautiful carpet came with a price I didn't expect. I had carpet beetles and they have been eating up my clothes and shoes and furniture. And I didn't just have the varied carpet beetles but the black one too.

Thank you Home Depot!!! (I am exaggerating!!) I had purchased the carpet on my Home Depot card because, of the no interest for one year deal. That seemed like a good deal and, with the recession I didn't pay it off in one year. I thought my payments might go up possibly about $20 - $30 dollars more a month. I had tried to use my card to purchase a home spray to kill these carpet beetles from Home Depot and was denied with my card. I had to pay cash to purchase the bug spray for the carpet beetles that their carpet gave me! Without my permission, they had re-run my credit without me asking and, lowered the maximum amount on my card in February 2011.

They lowered it to the amount I owed! The next month because I didn't get to completely pay of the amount on the credit card within 1 year, they added all the interest of $800 onto the amount of the loan and made it look like I was over the limit! My payments went from $28 a month to $135 a month. Almost a car payment!!! The interest on the card is 26.99%. It just doesn't seem legal to me. I called the Home Depot card and let them know about the carpet beetles but they didn't care and said they only deal with the amount owed. I told them that I was not expecting the payment to increase so much and they said there was nothing they could do about it.

They said that is the amount due. I asked if I paid off the $800 interest amount would my payment go down. They said only to $99.00. Now, I'm paying more than I should monthly for a carpet full of carpet beetles. They said the only way they could help me is if I don't make my payments for a few months then they can try to put me in one of their programs. So I would have to let my credit go down the drain! No, no, no!!! Please, I'm trying to save anyone else a headache!

My plan is to try to go through my own bank to get a lower interest rate. This was carpet hell!!! I will never purchase anything with them on any of their cards and I'm scared of their products that they have to order out of state!

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