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Don't Use Home Depot Dishwasher Installers. They Are Not Qualified and Give You the Run-Around.
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I spent $74 to have my dishwasher installed by technicians using the proper tools and to have the old one hauled away. 7/4/2016 - the dishwasher was ordered for delivery on 7/26/2016. I paid $74 for installation and haul away and I ordered the side cabinet brackets for $6 to assure the installation would be solid. Believe it or not, the brackets would be delivered sooner and delivery was extra or I could pick them up at my local store. I saved myself the separate delivery charge and picked up the brackets myself, but the installation kit would be delivered with the dishwasher. Neither was a stock item so the split delivery was strange.

7/25/2016 - nobody called to advise the delivery/installation window. I called 7/26/2016 in the morning and the person acted like I should know that my delivery would be sometime in the afternoon between 12:30 and 4:30 pm. My wife had surgery and would not likely be able to answer the door quickly so I requested they not to come before 1:30 pm.

They actually arrived around 3:20 pm. They didn't bother to pilot drill the holes for the screws and split the wood of the cabinet and stripped the screw head too and could not fully seat the one screw. They test ran the dishwasher with the sample soap, rinse aid, and coupons on the top rack. And they left without leveling the unit. The installer actually waved his wrench at the leveling screw and declared he was done.

7/26/2016 - we noticed the racks would slide forward too easily when the door was opened. 7/28/2016 - I verified the installation instructions that the dishwasher was supposed to be plumb. It was an estimated 10 degrees away from plumb.

7/29/2016 - I contacted Home Depot. Recording says they are sorry I am having installation trouble. Hope says she needs to contact the installer and after being on hold for a few minutes she says she sent an email and I would be called within the hour. I asked who would be calling and was told it was Home Delivery. But I need a service technician, I already received the delivery. I was assured I would be contacted within the hour and that person would work out what was needed. Nothing of course happened. I even checked my emails to see if they had responded that way. I could not find any company called Home Delivery and so I waited.

8/8/2016 - I called Home Depot again and explained I had not received a call. I was told they had no record of my previous call and Hope did not work in that department. I insisted I had called the same number and menu options. So Holly put me on hold and then advised I needed to call back during business hours.

I pointed out that it was not even 4:30 local time and she said I had to call when the contracted delivery company would be open to answer their phones. I advised it was not convenient for me to call the next day and asked why she couldn't contact them and get back to me and she said she would but I should also follow up. I assured her I would after my earlier experience.

8/12/2016 - Tiesha answered my follow-up call and after putting me on hold told me to call Home Delivery Link. I questioned why I should be calling them since I was not their customer. Tiesha simply stated I needed to "authorize” them to come fix the installation.

8/12/2016 - I called the phone number Tiesha had given me, which was for a hairdresser, but Dawn confirmed they were the technicians for Home Delivery Link. I explained that the installation was not done per the manufacturer's instructions and requested a qualified technician to come fix the installation. Dawn told me someone would come check it and arrange return. I explained there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher, only the installation. I asked if the person who checked it would have tools and be qualified to do the installation per the manufacturer's instructions.

Dawn put me on hold and after 4 minutes I was connected to a voice mailbox so I hung up. 8/12/2016 - I then received a call from Nicole, who said she was Dawn's supervisor. I explained I hung up because I was transferred to a voicemail box. Nicole advised there was no capacity on the truck to make a delivery for several days and I explained to Nicole that we already have the dishwasher and just need a service technician with tools who is qualified to install my dishwasher. I was advised I would be contacted on 8/15/2016 between 12 and 3 to confirm an appointment for 8/16/2016.

I reiterated the number to use to reach me because my wife needs to rest and recover from her surgery. Nicole assured me she would update my profile. Of course, I never received that call either. But I found out that they called and disturbed my wife.

8/16/2016 - 3 guys showed up and I asked them if they had tools and were qualified to install my brand of dishwasher. One guy responded, “We do a little bit of everything.” He moved the front leveling screw feet some but the dishwasher was still not plumb. I got my small level and saw that it was still about 5 degrees off. They continued to level the dishwasher using my level.

I questioned them if they didn't have the appropriate tools and he said his level was the same size as mine and could not reinstall the mounting screws because he was not the original installer, but had he done the installation he would have pilot drilled the holes and set the dishwasher properly but all he could do now was adjust the leveling screws. He seemed to do a pretty good job eventually getting the dishwasher level even though he did not remove or even loosen the screws into the cabinet or countertop. Hopefully the wood will not split further and everything will remain secure.

I am disgusted that Home Depot charges for expert installation and then uses a fly-by-night company operating from a hairdresser's business. And then that they expect their customers to know what they are scheduling, and to continue to call back when it is convenient for Home Depot and their contractors rather than caring about their customers. I love the new dishwasher but next time, even though I am not young and fit, I will probably install it myself.

Terrible Customer Service and Won't Give Me a Refund
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Rating: 1/51

CICERO, ILLINOIS -- I have had a problem with Home Depot since May 1st of 2020. I came to the store to look for a washer and dryer for Mother's Day and pick out the one for her now I usually don't deal with Home Depot for stuff like this because of your ratings and yes I read all reviews before purchasing anything from a store. So I purchased a washer and dryer from the Home Depot because she said she wanted it from there because it was close to home. I was very leary but that was where she wanted so I went.

Purchased the MVWB765FW washer@642.00 and MGDB765FW dryer@ 753.00 with a 10 % discount on appliances@ 396.00. So they never checked to make sure the product was in stock when I paid the money. They sent me an email on May 8th stating that the dryer was not availableuntil Saturday, July 18th which I thought was ridiculous so I went to Home Depot and asked them why so long for the dryer, they never told my mom that they would have to build a whole new dryer because they were out of the one she wanted. So I tried calling a couple of times just to get hung up on which is very disrespectfulat any given time.

When I got to the store they had already talked with someone through customer service so they were gonna upgrade her to the newer model which was fine at the price we alreadypaid for. So when salesperson Janette ** called back to find out if they were gonna still give me the deal they said o.k but when went to the Manager who was on Duty that day of May 11th he didn'twant to do it so I had to pay for an upgrade and to redo the whole transaction over with me owing them 166.43 which I paid since she was getting the upgrade.

Lo and behold the day of delivery they come with the color of white which should have been Metallic slate what I paid for. It was just too much to deal with at the time so I went up to the store and asked for the manager named Jo who never since the whole process has begun to come and say, "Well I'm sorry this keeps happening and that we will do this for you for your time coming up here." Just nothing, wouldn'teven show his face which I think is bad customer service for him and the entire store. But the delivery guys were awesome. Juan ** and Jose' ** very respectful gentlemen. These other salespersons are very nasty and rude **- Janette and ** - Sally also **- Ariel.Order No. **.

I will never ever purchase anything as long as I'm living and breathing from Home Depot store number 1911 Cicero, Il ever again. All I want is my money back from the upgrade and you will never hear from me again and if I don't receive it I will take you to small claims court over it. I work too hard for my money and to be treated this way is unheard of. This will also go on your reviews so that you know how your employees are "UNBELIEVABLE". Patricia

Horrific Experience with Washer/Dryer Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKAWAY -- I've never been met with a worse customer experience than what I had to go through to get my washer/dryer. Keep in mind, at the time of this review, I haven't even received my washer/dryer from Home Depot yet, and I put in the order more than 10 days ago.

While the ordering process at the Home Depot store was not bad, promising me an economical way to haul away my old units and reinstall some new hardware. However, this delivery company or team doing my deliveries has the honor of giving me the worst customer experience I have ever had, and is way more trouble than it's worth. Had I known how bad they were, I would never in a chance in hell go with them.

First, when they came almost a week after I put in my order (not complaining about the time, I understand these things take time to come in), the workers that came refused to take my washer/dryer. Granted my washer was taken apart because I had tried to fix it myself, and the dryer was still connected to the gas.

Mind you, the workers that came hardly spoke any English, so they could not communicate this to my wife. They were even telling my pregnant wife to try to disconnect the gas line by herself. She tried shimmying her way in that cramped and dirty space, but for obvious reasons couldn't do it. This continued when they called their manager and the manager spoke to my wife, the manager was clear, but perhaps a bit too clear because her tone was rude and irritable. Well, after they made it clear to my wife that it could not be done, my wife called me (I was at work at the time) to explain the situation. I agreed reluctantly to return (I only live 5 minutes from where I work) to sort out the situation. I had to take time off work.

But before I could return and without warning, the workers LEFT; I was hoping I could talk and sort out the situation with them, but it seems like they were completely unwilling. They didn't warn my wife, didn't make another appointment. NOTHING. They just ghosted us. It was on us to reschedule... WTF?!

Livid as we were when I returned, my wife and I collected ourselves and called Home Depot. The person on the line was actually courteous and understanding and we were able reschedule. BUT considering everything we went through, we couldn't get it rescheduled until the Tuesday after (the day was Friday). Disappointing, but I guess we could bite the bullet.

Fast forward to Tuesday, and I had spent the night before reassembling the washer and making absolutely sure everything was set up easily for the team to haul the old washer/dryer. So, the team came way earlier than their time slot (unexpected but not too bad), and hauled away the old units. Great. Chances are they were the same dudes that gave my wife a hard time, and ghosted me, but whatever, I can overlook it if they just get the work done.

But when they were finished hauling the old units away, they were signalling to me that they were done here. I was like: "wait a minute, where's my new washer and dryer??" The man just replied: "the delivery will be later, if you have any questions, please contact Home Depot." "ok..." I hesitantly responded. I thought to myself: "ok, they're here to pick up the old units ahead of the time, so I'm guessing the time slot they gave me earlier was for delivering my units."

This made all the more sense when I checked their site, and it read: "Units are ready to be delivered." But that wasn't the case. And as I'm irritably typing this review right now, it's right after the time slot and after a disappointing phone call with Home Depot.

So if it's not clear, the units NEVER came. When I called Home Depot to ask where they were, the customer service person went to investigate what happened. She returned with some unbelievable news: "When the appointment was rescheduled, only the haul away was rescheduled, but not the delivery." Needless to say, I was utterly floored at how incompetent these people were. I didn't pay $1800 to just have my old units taken away, wouldn't you think I would want what I actually paid for too???

NOO obviously I paid all this money to have people tell me they can't move the old units out, tell my pregnant wife to endanger herself and our child, have their manager be a (female dog) to her on the phone, to have me reschedule, but when it is rescheduled they only do half of the job, while telling me that I didn't reschedule the other half. SERIOUSLY. YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

So what are some key takeaways from this review?

Don't go with Home Depot appliances, unless you like paying money to be treated like trash.

Delivery Of A Dishwasher
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Rating: 2/51

CAMILLUS, NEW YORK -- I ordered and paid for an LG dishwasher, the parts needed for installation, delivery and installation and haul away for the old appliance. The salesperson in the store was very helpful. He explained that there was a 2 week wait for the installation and I agreed. The day before delivery I received a call that the dishwasher would be delivered between 1-5 and would receive a call 30 minutes before delivery. At 4:30 I still hadn't had a call so I called the delivery service which was automated and stated that the delivery was delayed. It did not tell me how long the delay was so I called the store where I purchased the dishwasher. It took me 10 minutes and three calls to talk to the right person who after 20 minutes. She spoke to the delivery people and told me that they were on delivery 12 and I was 15.

I asked for a time they would arrive but she tell me. I explained I waited for the 4 hours I was told to but now I need to leave and asked if they could just drop it in the garage. She said someone had to be there to sign a paper. My installation was scheduled for the following day so I asked what they are going to do and she said, “There is nothing I can do so I'll transfer you to the store manager Keith.” He got on the phone and after another 20 minutes of babbling said well there is nothing he can do. Once they send it to the delivery company it's their issue and I need to call them.

I stated that I didn't purchase the dishwasher from them nor did I choose them to deliver it but Keith refused to help me anymore and put me hold for 10 minutes when I eventually hung up. At 7:30 that night I got a call from the delivery person who said he was 20 minutes away. I told him I wasn't home but he could drop it in the garage. He did that. When I got home I found they delivered the wrong one. I bought an LG and they delivered a Bosch. I called back the delivery guy and he said, “Well it must be on the truck. I'll come get that one and they will deliver the correct one tomorrow.” I told him, “I won't give it back until I have mine.”

The next morning I called the delivery company and they gave me a different number to call Home Depot. I finally spoke to someone who helped. It was the Home Depot corporate service. ** a number they never advertise. She got everything together. Unfortunately I had to wait for the delivery then wait for the installation. There went my Saturday. She also gave me 100 dollar credit. Which was nice but I would have preferred to get the 8 hours back I spent dealing with this! I will never order an appliance from Home Depot again.

Non Existent Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MURELLS INLET, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The nightmare with Home Depot goes on and on. I ordered a Kitchen suite two weeks ago and was told that they would be delivered in a few days. The day before the delivery the delivery company called to let me know that the refrigerator had come in damaged. I could either have the other three appliances delivered and installed or wait until the replacement fridge came. I selected to wait. A few hours later I got a robot call from the delivery company letting me know that the appliances would be delivered the next day within a four hour window. I figured, they just must not have understood that I said to deliver them all together when the fridge came in.

The next day I waited and, of course, they were not delivered. I called and they said, “We told you we would call you when the fridge came in and deliver them together.” Of course, I asked why I got the delivery call the night before. They said, "sometimes they are made even after the delivery is set up." I went round and round with them and Home Depot about letting people know if there is a chance of a false call coming in. No good resolution was made. I was told that the new fridge had been ordered by the delivery company.

5 Days later I called to find out about a delivery date. "We will not know if it is on tomorrow's truck until the truck is unloaded around 10 a.m." I called at 10 and they said they would call me back. I called after 12 and was told it was not on the truck but could be on Friday's truck or Monday's truck. I called Home Depot again and got the run-around that they did not sell from inventory but from the manufacturer. I said, “Could you find out from the manufacturer if it is being shipped.” The manager I spoke to said he would call the manufacturer and get back to me.

He did call me back in a timely fashion to give me the good news: "Whirlpool will give you a call within 72 business hours to let you know about delivery." I asked him if that meant that the delivery company would get the fridge within 72 hours? He told me that he could not answer that. What happens if it does not come in within 72 hours? His answer: "I will get in touch with the manufacturer." My reply: "They will tell you that they will get back to me within 72 business hours?" "Exactly!"

My point in writing this is that when things go sideways that Home Depot is absolutely no help to its customers. I ordered the appliances because my fridge had died. We are going on three weeks with no resolution in sight. Right now I must say that I HATE HOME DEPOT! Friends don't let friends order from Home Depot. If you really need the appliance, go somewhere where they have it in stock.

After Poor Fridge Installation, Floor Damage, HD Does Nothing!!
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Rating: 1/51

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH -- On March 20, 2017 I accompanied my 80 yr neighbor and friend to HD to purchase a Whirlpool refrigerator when her old one quit. We had to wait for several other customers, but when we finally were waited on, the clerk was really helpful and efficient. This was on a Monday and install was scheduled for Sat. WE WERE HAPPY!

Sat. they came to install the refrigerator about 12:00. After, she took a nap. When she got up she found water all over the floor and water coming from the back of the refrigerator. She called HD and they came right out to fix it (Ice Maker Tube had come out of the fridge). It had been about 4 hrs since install by then. They told her someone would come out to assess any floor damage. (Hers floors are wood) No one ever came and it didn't seem there was any damage so we did not call back.

Forward to July 2. The ice maker stopped working (This was a day after burying her son). She called HD on Mon. July 3rd and they said someone would come in the next couple of days. By Wed. July 5th, no one had come, so she called again. Later that day, the floor in front of her fridge starting buckling. Thur, July 6th a repairman called and said they would be there in about 30 min. (around 11:00) by now, water was on her floor, leaking downstairs and starting to puddle there. The floor under her fridge was very wet. By 2:00 no one had come. We tried to call the repairman's # several times but he did not answer or return our call.

So we called a REAL plumber and had them come to fix the leaking fridge. He found the connector at the bottom to be at fault. The water stopped leaking downstairs. Friday, there was no ice coming so we did not know if that was going to work. Then Sat. July 8, it looked like that had started working, but on Sat. afternoon there was water all over the floor again.

I looked behind the fridge and found the ice maker tube had come off again. (I assume the force from the water tube had pushed it out) I pushed it back in. The ice maker was working, no more water was on the floor, and the HD repairman showed up on Mon. July 10. I went over the story with him. He inspected the fridge and found the clamp had fallen down on the ice maker tube so he tightened that up and left. Said everything looked good.

An "investigator" Chad, came out July 12. Reviewed saga again with him. He said he would report his findings to "Judy" @ ** and she would make the decision but he thought they would fix the floor. To shorten this saga, I have made 6 phone calls since then to Judy, Brandon **, and Jeb at HD store in American Fork about the problem. I was told it is being handled by Sedgwick Insurance Co. Escalation Team and HD has nothing to do with it anymore.

The next day we received a letter from Bailey's Logistic Services stating they are unable to honor the claim because "Home Depot and a plumber were involved and we were not initially contacted to verify our liability and to date nothing has been presented to us indicating any of the issues were related to the installation we cannot assume liability." Signed: ** Logistics. There is no phone #, address listed on letter or way to contact this company.

I assume my friend (who depends on others to help her) was supposed to call this company?? I guess the people at HD could have told me when I first contacted them (July 7th) if that was needed. Instead, I was told they would take care of it and referred to Brandon ** who was on vacation until the next week.

I have talked to so many people during all of this who could have told me the correct procedure to follow if I needed to. I have not included everyone and every call made during this time. Well, we are all tired and HD and the Insurance Co. and Bailey's probably know eventually everyone will wear down and forget it. IT is so sad to me that a huge corporation like HD handles things in this manner. Letter after letter states the same type of treatment of their customers. It is either someone else to talk to, wait for, make a decision, or a sub contractor at fault. This is what we get! I will never walk into a HD for something serious again.

I will also share our experience. It pays to go to the little "guys" and local company's in the long run. HD you're not worth my time and mental health to save a dollar. I am sure you will continue to have plenty of customers. Sad for everyone isn't it?

Dishwasher Fiasco
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Rating: 1/51

TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a GE Dishwasher from our local Home Depot. We then were told that they will install and remove the old dishwasher. We paid extra for this service of installation, along with an extended warranty. Upon the day that it was to be installed, the two men came in a large truck that was not marked with Home Depot on it. We found out why. They told us that they will NOT disconnect, nor could we. Also, we stated that we would shut off the water fully to the house. They said that COULD NOT be done. We told them we are the home owners and we could do that. They stated It had to be done at the connection for the dishwasher.

We then asked about disconnecting the hoses and reconnecting them. Again we were told they would not do that. They said that they would talk to their person, and we then were given the phone. That women on the phone stated that everything had to be done before they got there. They would not do any disconnecting or reconnecting.

The two men were only interested in talking between each other in Spanish. That to us is very rude as we do not understand what they were saying. The one thing we did understand one of the men was more interested on was one of the females. It was then told to us that they are only WAREHOUSE men. NOT INSTALLERS. And that we could hire a handyman to do the removal and install. I told him that handymen are NOT licensed in this state.

We said that the unit will need to go back. We called Home Depot and told them about the problems. The female from Home Depot told me to come in in about three or four days to get the refund. And my husband thought that it would be automatic since it went on our credit card that they have the paperwork for the purchase.

We were expecting a plumber or electrician since we were paying for an installation of the new dishwasher and removal of the old one. Especially, since Home Depot has people to do these things on their list. So, beware of Home Depot and their use of warehousemen that only deliver and not install. Even after paying a hefty price for the install. We had originally thought that we would also hire Home Depot personnel to take care of our interior doors and tile work that we needed to have done. After this fiasco, no way. We will NOT hire Home Depot to do anything for us.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, MINNESOTA -- I bought an LG refrigerator at on May 13th, 2018. It was suppose to be delivered on May 15th. There was a place for us to write down any special delivery notes to the driver, so we wrote that we'd be available anytime after 2:00pm that day. We got home at 1:00pm and I called Home Depot to find out an ETA for our refrigerator since we hadn't gotten an e-mail or calls on our cell phones.

After waiting on hold for over a half hour, I was told that our driver had been scheduled to come between 11-2pm, and that they had already been by and wouldn't be back. We had already moved furniture around and emptied out our fridge to be ready for the new one.

We asked if they could contact the driver to see if they could come back since we had left them a note to come after 2pm and they said, "Oh-- we don't look at those notes..." When I pressed for them to reconsider, they said they could come in two days between the hours of 7am and 7pm. Are you kidding me??? I said no, I want my appliance today- and they said: "No, would you like to cancel your order?" I then asked to speak to this persons supervisor.

I spoke to three more people over the course of the next hour and a half and every one said they would not contact the driver-- and would I like to cancel my order. Finally I cancelled. The last guy I spoke to then informed me I would be reimbursed in 7-10 business days. Are you kidding me??? Nothing more I could do so I just cancelled.

Well, it's been two weeks and still no money has been returned. This is over $1300, so we've been stuck with a broken fridge and no money to buy another one. I called today, again and after waiting over a half hour on hold while they tried to locate my transaction, they finally came on and said my PayPal account would be credited within 10 business days. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This is the single worst transaction I have ever been involved in. The single worst customer service experience I have ever had. Our family will NEVER buy from Home Depot again! Terrible Company! Terrible Customer Service!

Broken Washer
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Rating: 1/51

COVINGTON, LOUISIANA -- I purchased a Whirlpool washing machine from Home Depot in July 2015. I also purchased the extended warranty. It broke on May 22, 2017 and it's under warranty and it's not even 2 years old. I called on May 23 and they said a company named Sherwood Appliances was coming out on Friday May 26. Well they did not show so I called the warranty company back and they set me up with Solar appliance co. who came out May 31. The tech said they needed to order parts and the Solar tech came back on June 9 He came out and worked on the washer for a couple of hours and he said something is wrong with the new parts, they are defected so he had to order the same parts again which will not come for another 7 days. Now he said he's coming back around June 16.I've had to make 5 trips to the laundromat and have spent $54.00 so far. I'm told the insurance will reimburse me up to $50.00. I'm 70 years old and this is not easy. Why were the new parts defective? Are the refurbished parts? Is this really the problem? Is my machine going to be fixed next week? I don't know. I spent over $2,000. On washer, dryer, dishwasher and a hood. I've got 2 more payments to go. I've called everyone possible and they refuse to give me a new machine until the same part breaks 3 times. I am very, very unhappy now . Will someone please help me. I'm posting this as a last resort. Cameback on June 16. Put new parts in now it's making noises plus it does not spin tight so the washed clothes are very wet at the end of the cycle. They are sending the second appliance repair company out to see what they can do . I haven't had a washer in a month.I still don't have a washer . They promised to come out on Saturday, no show, then Tuesday now Thursday. Now I'm told they may have to come out 8 times before it's declared Unrepairable. June 27, still don't have my washer repaired. 4 service calls . The latest is that they are saying I need a new transmission, a new motor, a new drum, new belts, new motor switch, new bearings. In other words they don't know what's wrong so they decided to change everything in the machine and hopes it works. This is sad. They prefer to replace everything in the $449.00 machine than give me a new machine.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL, QC -- Completely dissatisfied with Home Depot's customer service and relationship with Samsung Appliances. We moved into a new house with no appliances and the best date Home Depot and Samsung could give us was a week and a half after we moved in. I explained that we had a baby and they couldn't care less! Then our delivery got ended up getting delayed another week! Two and a half weeks with no appliances at all. Samsung confirmed all the appliances arrived BUT sitting in a warehouse 5 hours from where we live and still could not be delivered until a week after!

Both companies have no care or sympathy at all for their customers. Do not shop at Home Depot if you're expecting to get fast, efficient, and quality customer service. The valued customer service that they promote is BS!!! I will never shop at Home Depot again! I will be choosing Leon's, Canadian Tire or the Brick. Do yourself the favor.

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