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High impact window nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

COCONUT CREEK, FLORIDA -- I ordered high impact windows and accordion shutters from Home Depot and the first installation was July 2016. The shutters went in without an issue; however, the lower windows were mismeasured and could not be installed. The upper half-moon windows were installed but the installer broke the middle window when he tried to get it to fit with a rubber mallet. It took a month for the lower windows to be made again and they were installed in early September 2016. The replacement upper window wasn't correct (window #2), as it was missing the inside framing and had to be made again.

A month later, October 2016, the new replacement came (new window #3) and the inside frame wasn't correct again. Once again, it had to be remade. In December, the correct window (window #4) finally arrived and when the installer opened the box, the window was broken and could not be used.

It is now February. The window, without the frame (window #5), was delivered this week and is sitting on my dining room table, as the installer was "overbooked" and couldn't install it. Somehow it was delivered without any outside frame around it and a new installer was supposed to go to PGT (the horrible manufacturer who can't seem to make the window correctly) and get beads to install my window. He called yesterday to reschedule installation to today.

I contacted our project manager at Home Depot to see if it was actually going to be done today and was told that the documentation at Home Depot said installation was set for the day after tomorrow (news to me!) and that the product wasn't even at the warehouse. I really regret not reading these reviews before ordering my windows from Home Depot, so lesson learned. I will never, ever order anything from Home Depot again and I can't understand why the manufacturer of windows can't get one simple window made properly.

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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLIN, WISCONSIN -- I am beyond frustrated by my terrible experience with Home Depot and would like to warn other home owners. To summarize, I purchased 3 Simonton windows and a sliding door to be installed by Home Depot. I had problems from beginning to end and do not want anyone else to go through what I did. The ordeal lasted over a year without Home Depot ever fixing the numerous problems, mostly to do with the shoddy installation. They had at least 6 different HD employees try to remedy the problems and they all failed! A representative from the Simonton Window and Door Company was even called and he replaced the screen door, it still didn't fit right and he indicated it was because of the installation. Not only that but I was “ghosted” for months, only to find out my contact person no longer worked there. Then they gave me a new guy and same thing…he was let go too after verbally promising to have the windows sealed. I then reluctantly agreed to a partial refund, only because I was so tired of the run around for over a year and only because they wanted this problem (me) to go away. Just 2 weeks later 2 of the windows were leaking during a rain storm and soaked the carpeting in my bedroom, which now has to be replaced. I contacted them again and they said I signed off and they were not obligated to help any further. That may be true, according to the document I signed, but this is a problem that was supposed to be fixed and would not have happened had they followed through with the promise to seal the windows. I'm not sure I have recourse except to save someone else from the agony, yes agony, of what I've been put through. Mentally and financially. I have a full timeline of the numerous ways Home Depot failed me, starting when they sold me a bad product in May 2018 to September 2019 when I came home from work to find the windows leaking. Please share and help warn other home owners about this. DO NOT BUY FROM HOME DEPOT AND NEVER LET THEM INSTALL ANYTHING!!!

Installation of Vinyl Replacement Windows
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Initially we were ok with the replacement of our windows with new vinyl windows. The installer did a poor job caulking around the trim and we had to mention it while he was here and fix it. It's been 6 mos and the caulking has continued to shrink and change color which looks horrible since the windows are white and the caulk is now yellowish brown. There is also mold growing in some places. I have called four times, each time being promised by customer service that someone would call back right away.

To this date, no one called me back and I am super irritated. Their windows cost us over $24,000 and our house now has a problem that Home Depot created. With the rain we get here in Georgia, I do not appreciated paying that much to get leaky windows. Apparently they don't care despite their alleged warranty. DO NOT make the same mistake by going with Home Depot.

Window Replacements
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Rating: 1/51

RIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO -- Wooden interior, vinyl exterior windows were ordered in March of 2017 in good faith. The final job was unsatisfactory completed in October 2017. What could go wrong, did go wrong. If that wasn't bad enough, all the dishonest employees, from the sales man, all the way up to higher administration. After the wrong windows came in...I was told there was no such thing as wooden interior windows. Lie! The top manager told me there was no such thing as 4'inch walls. Lie! Everyone knowing windows know that many of the older homes are 4 inch walls. My final windows are two inch larger then my walls, sticking out outside my home. I am so fed up with the lies, I don't want them near my home again. EVERY promise was an empty promise. NO ONE had any work integrity. Never again will I deal with dishonest Home Depot.

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Rating: 1/51

LONE TREE, COLORADO -- AVOID ALL SPECIAL ORDERS. Ordered a $4,000 custom front door and had multiple factory and mishandled ordering (HD order entry) issues. Had to pay installer to come back and spend 6 man hours doing repairs to get it fixed but cosmetic issues remain. Vendor gave very small refund that barely covered the additional labor but certainly didn't cover cosmetic issues remaining or many hours of time. HD did nothing at all. Their comical policy is that a door order is considered complete when the local delivery guy drops off. Never mind that many issues can't be detected until the crating comes off and the door is actually installed. I'd like to see a delivery guy wait for 3-5 hours for that all to occur before a customer deems it acceptable. I will take my business to Lowes and never purchase anything large from HD again (or small if I can help it). They hide behind ridiculous corporate policies and leave the customers holding the bag.

Bad Door, and Bad Install
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Rating: 1/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Installer cancelled and rescheduled 3 times. When the door was finally installed, alarm wires were damaged, alarm components "disappeared", and a filler piece was used at the top instead of using a sub-sill, as it should have been. A slant on my slab to shed water was not taken into account. They are just now making the sub-sill right by reinstalling the door and adding concrete to support the outer edge of the sill, but it's still poor. This visit is the third by the installer, plus another from the area supervisor.

On to the door: Its appearance is beautiful. Unfortunately, it is smaller than a standard door (the original door) and the lockset is predrilled at 33" above floor (should be 36"). Measuring crew failed to account for size of the new door, lockset height, and slope of the existing sill, while the salesman did not make us aware of the size difference and lockset location difference.

In short, I could have done better and I don't do this for a living. Don't buy a door from these guys! Call your favorite carpenter, and have him/her measure to get the correct door, and then let them install it. I am now stuck with a marginal install of a cheap door. HD and their installers have permanently lost my business, and I will actively deter anyone I hear mention Home Depot installations from having them do the work.

Poor Customer Service and Management
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I purchased two 70 Series Double Buck Hung American Craftsmen Replacement Windows online. When we installed the second one we noticed its keepers (lock) were broken in half, one completely off the window. I called Home Depot in Concord and spoke with ** (handles special orders) and she said she would have American Craftsmen expedite two new ones to my home.

We cannot lock this window (safety issue) and it's very cold out! We still have not seen any new keepers in the mail and it's been 3 days so I called the manager ** at the Concord Store to see if he would just give us two keeper off a display window or something so we could lock the window and stay warm. He refused to do so and gave no other alternative. This is very poor customer service from Home Depot. They do not take care of their customers! Now we are left hanging with an unsecured window and cold getting into the house and it's winter!

Ordered a Matching Bay Window Through the Home Depot... A Simonton Bay Window
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Rating: 1/51

LAKE ORION MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN -- I was lied to by the Home Depot sales representative. I told him that I wanted a bay window that would match the Bay Window in my Living Room. Match means same color inside and outside, as all the windows in the house was white inside and out. Match means the same size window panes. Match means the outside and inside structure would be the same.

The Sales Rep cancelled our 3:00 pm appointment because he said..."he had been given a 2:30 pm appoint on the same Saturday." He called us at 2:45 pm. I asked him to call us after he was through with his 2:30 pm appointment to set up an appointment for Sunday as he had to work. He never called and arrived during our dinner hour. The man I thought was writing down all the information I was giving him, plus he took many pictures of the window that he was going to reproduce. He measured everything, but never wrote it down as far as I can see. He had me sign a blank page that indicated my down payment.

I asked him what the new Bay Window will cost, and he said..."he would have check a few things and call me back on Monday, Monday Afternoon at the latest." He never called on Monday or Tuesday. I finally got through a daisy chain of four corporate women that said "they have no authority as to this matter but will call another woman who called the sales representative to call me."

After waiting 2 hours I went through the daisy chain again, and again received no call from the sales representative. It is the next day and through the daisy chain I was able to get a hold of the sales manager ** and was no help because of a very week spine. His position does not allow him to make any decisions or he is afraid to make any decisions. Meanwhile, the installing company came to check on the sales representative paperwork.

** was a very nice gentleman... and when I told him I wanted a duplicate of the living room bay window... size of window panes, exterior and interior white, the seat is to be insulated along with the sides and top. He took notes and many pictures. He stated "... that he did not trust the sales representative " during our discussion about my frustration.

When the delivery and installing the bay window it was noted that a major part of the interior was birch instead of white. The window panes are smaller than the one to be copied. We lost four inches off the center window, which can be seen from the street. I wanted a balance, as both original windows we balanced from on the house and could be seen from the street. The outside of the new Bay Window is built in a colonial style that does not match the original Bay Window.

As of this date, the Home Depot window fogs up with high humidity (Four Times from July 19th. While all my other windows made by North Star did not fog up either time. I also asked the Home Depot Sales Rep.If they sell any other brand of windows that I could select from, and I was told "... that is my only choice, The Simonton Brand."

When I went to Home Depot I was shown several brands including Anderson, which I would have chosen. The Presidents of Home Depot and Simonton will not talk to me. My only choice is to take them all to District Court #52 in Rochester, Mi. Which my attorney has already started. And do every possible to get the sales rep. and the sales manager fired.

Install Door Cause Blackout My House for 2 Days, and Insist Because of My House Is Defected.
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Contractor of Home depot finally complete installation of front door. I requested to everything to Home Depot include installation. Then my house had blackout from that night. I thought it was breaker down or electric panel broken so I called electrician to check. What a surprise, when they install the front door, they use long nail to hit electric tube inside drywall cause short for electric of my living room. It cost 850$ for fix so I took piece of paper proof why electric tube broken because of nail hit and I took pictures and go to Home Depot.

They (Mr. Supervisor of customer support of installation) insist "Electric tube cannot be close to door." "Electric tube inside drywall should not be close to door that's your house' fault, Home Depot can nothing they can do."

HOW COME I CAN CHECK ELECTRIC TUBE INSIDE THE DRYWALL. Electrician told me there is not illegal location or location was right place and even staple to the side of front door. There is enough space if they did not use long nail so there is no illegal location, no contract of installation said location of electric tube (actually location of electric tube is right place).

  • I paid $50 extra money for checking the house before installation.
  • Not illegal location no contract of installation told me location of electric tube.
  • Only reason they break it because using long nail and hit electric tube cause 2 days blackout.

Why I change the door? Why people buy the new door and install?
A. Because of there is no door for house? No!
B. Because of the door does not work for open and close? No!
C. Because new door has some new technology such as wireless network? same for 50 years!

Because we want house LOOKS BETTER. Now the cracking of drywall (they break it, but they insist there was almost crack before installation, so they don't fix it. ugly!) with huge big hole with ugly electric tube inside for one week and no response from the supervisor.

I try not complain quality of the door installation was lower than average quality (lock seem loose, location of lock is not straight), cracked drywall because of the wall had hairline. Cost of installation was 1.5 to 2 times expensive than regular contractor. But long nail hit electric tube and make my house black out for 2 day and it cost $850 for fix it. It takes 4 days already with keep opening drywall because Home Depot inspector need to come to my house check 5 days!! And their response was "electric tube inside drywall should not be close to the door."

Please tell me any customer convinced by this response and agree their response? "Oh sorry I should open drywall and checked the location of electric tube before requesting installation of front door." I don't think so. They think we do not have any knowledge about electric tube, so try to cheat us to convinced me with such a stupid excuse. We are very lucky electrician was at home and that was totally not truth. (This supervisor of Home Depot try to cheat me and avoid responsibility. His position call "supervisor of customer support of installation.")

What I hear from them and their attitude and what I can hear is only: "HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER", "HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER", "HOME DEPOT DOES NOT CARE CUSTOMER"

Replacement Window Installation Nightmare
By -

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Last year we hired Home Depot to replace some windows in our home. It was supposed to be done before the end of December, but the man who came to measure them did it wrong. When the installers came to put the windows in, they didn't fit. New windows had to be ordered, and the whole process was pushed back a couple of months. When the installers came again, we were the victims of the worst possible work. Naively, I thought they were Home Depot employees. I had no idea that they were subcontractors with their own “company.”

First, they smashed the windows out without taping them or doing anything to make sure the glass did not go all over our yard. All they had was a tarp one story or two stories below the windows to catch the glass. This was in the midst of a windy winter day. They used a reciprocating saw to cut the wooden frames of the windows out. In the process, they damaged our existing moulding. That was ignored. They got caulking on the floor and tracked it throughout our first floor. Again, that was left for us.

However, the worst part of the job did not immediately come to light, and that was the extreme amount of broken glass left all over our yard and driveway. We did not immediately realize the glass was there because there was snow on the ground. As the snow melted and our dog's feet were cut, we recognized what we had been left with.
For two months we attempted to rid our yard of glass by picking it up as we saw it. The problem was that the area involved was extensive. Not only had the installers smashed out windows on two sides of our house, but they had drug the tarp covered with glass around the house and to the driveway. Glass was being dumped the entire time.

Finally, in early April I contacted Home Depot about the problem. They claimed to be very supportive of our situation. However, one of their resolutions was to send the same incompetent crew of window installers back to pick up the glass. We had already told them that a professional landscaper said the only way to clear the area of glass was to scrape it off and put in new sod. However, we were subjected to the people who caused the problem again being in our home.

They picked up glass for a couple of hours and came to tell my husband they were done. He walked out and promptly picked up another hand full of glass. When he showed them, they stayed for another ½ hour and left. No surprise, our yard is still full of glass. We were then told to get a professional to come out, evaluate the situation, and place a bid to resolve the problem. We had two companies come out. However, now that the bid for repair has been submitted, we are being jerked around again.

It has been over two weeks, and we are now told that it may take up to 90 days for their insurance company to approve repairs. That means that the bulk of the summer will be spent avoiding our yard because it is still dangerously glass covered. Plus, by the time they approve payment, it will be too late in the summer for sod to be put down. We will then be left with a huge area of exposed dirt once the glass filled sod is scraped off. The bottom line…We paid to have windows replaced. We trusted Home Depot to send us quality workmen. They sent us subcontractors who did a terrible job, and we are still dealing with the aftermath.

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