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Swift to Accomodate the Sale, Worse Experience With Contractor and Project Management
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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- The Home Depot has a reputation that lured us to buy from the roof replacement on our house. The sale process was fine. Motivated seller helped to accommodate financing options. Once the contract was signed on June 7, 2017 we started to grow our confidence when different people started to contact us from the Project Management and Supervisor for the installation. Confidence started to come down when I requested (several times) an inspection before the installation starts so we know in advance how much additional material would be needed.

The Home Depot first failed in understand the ask and later the Project Manager confirmed me that this step was already taken. I had to ask when was it done because we were 90% of the time at home and never saw somebody to come and look at the house. Two days later I receive a call from the Installation Supervisor indicating that she was on her truck in front of the house, that was raining and she already saw the roof... Could not believe that this consider that an Inspection.

Weather conditions prevented the project to really start until August the 8th. That day we had the contractor on site early in the morning but no materials (at all) were delivered until noon. Living in South FL you do not want to dismantle a roof without material to cover the minimum area in the event of sudden rain but still The Home Depot pushed the contractor to start the work at 8 AM. The contractor hired by The Home Depot removed a gas vent without proper permits so The Home Depot had to send a contractor later on to fix what was not supposed to be touched in the first place.

Before the first was due we had some rain and we started to have leaks where we did not have before. We called The Home Depot but we were not able to locate the supervisor for the installation and neither could the Project Manager. Several hours later, out of the blue, the contractor called to ask about the leak and he replied that won't be at the house to perform repairs until the next day. The same day the inspector arrived 1st stage inspection and he rejected the work because of the leak. The contractor arrived one day later and fixed what caused the leak so we had to wait for another inspection before the shingles can be installed.

The City Inspector arrives several days later and approves the first stage. The roofer installs the shingles on Saturday August the 19th. On August the 22nd the city performs the last inspection but the work is not approved. Apparently the gap where the Cobra Exhaust Vent was installed was not opened on both sides of the roof top. According to the inspector the permit was requested for an opening on both sides.

Today is October the 20th and The Home Depot still did not performed the last fix. According to them, the permit in the City was modified but we did not get any clarification about what was changed. Also The Home Depot, always using the same contractor, failed to provide a scope of work for the remaining activities to be performed after several documented requests on our side.

The contractor needs to fix what is documented in the attached photos. My advice, stay away but if for some reason you still want to hire the services from The Home Depot, do yourself a favor and document each step. You may never know.

Roofing and Window Installation Warranties
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- We were approached by Mr. ** about roofing after we had had some windows installed in 2016. We were pleased (didn't know at that time that the flashing on all the windows was NOT done!) so hired the Home Depot roofing services. I believe we paid $12,000 with $450 extra for plywood. The installers were little Latino guys and only one spoke English. The oldest little guy didn't even seem to do much. Seemed to be in really poor health. I don't know why, but they took an entire week to do the installation and had really antiquated equipment. Like I said, only one guy seemed to really be doing the job. We were worried.

We went to sell our home this summer to move out of state. The inspector found bulging and damage on the roof. We fell out of the first escrow because of delays in getting any help from Home Depot, although Mr. ** was incredibly patronizing and promised to get things done on both the windows AND the roof.

After several weeks, nothing had been done and I couldn't get hold of him. He had said to get three bids and he would send me further information on how to contact the Warranty Division because "Home Depot is out of the roof installation business now." I called the Warranty Division, talked to a guy named Willy who was going to leave a message for Jazlyn Davis to get back to me, as she was in charge of the roofing installation warranties. It took a week for her to get back to me. She said if the roof wasn't "leaking" there was nothing she could do. She said to get the warranty from Mr. ** and if it leaked they would honor the warranty.

Well, the first escrow fell out. We went threw all the hassle of another open house, etc., got new buyers and once again had an inspection. AGAIN the roof failed inspection. I was STILL trying to get any response from Mr. **. He said he couldn't believe they wouldn't cover delamination of the plywood and said he had a call later that day with his boss and they would go to bat for me. He himself went to get the windows flashed correctly, it took two different service calls to actually get the windows done right. At this point, he even threw in painting the caulking. He said he would send me the warranty for the windows and pictures of the finished product. Never received either.

I called the Warranty Division and got hold of Willy. He "forwarded me" to Ms. **' desk and it rang and rang. I tried calling back about 8 times and it just went to a dead call. No Home Depot greeting, nothing. Have no idea what happened. Willy had given me Ms. **' direct text line and I wrote to inform her that our roof had failed TWO inspections and she needed to get that warranty to me AND call me about which bid they were going to take. Incidentally, she said we had only needed two bids, but she "could not" drop the lowest bid, which was not for a full roof, but just to fix the venting that seemed to be the major problem. It had not been vented correctly, and the heat was damaging all the wood. The other two bids were for completely new roofs.

It's all such a blur of phone calls to her, only speaking to Willy and having him say she was away from her desk. We finally spoke and she agreed to send it over to legal. Later that day she sent an email with an attachment offering a "NO WARRANTY settlement" for about half the original cost of my two year old roof. SERIOUSLY? I called back, spoke to Willy again. Told him how urgent this was that she call me and he was very compliant. She called back and we argued about the fact that in no way was this a fulfillment of a 20-year roof warranty. She said I could either take that or "Wait until the 1st of September when GenCo takes over".

I still have no warranty in my hand. Only the original contractors received and the GAF warranty that came with the roof originally. I have since tried to contact all of the above with no contact. none. I had to pay for a completely new roof or my buyer would walk. I am stuck sending in to get a half original price refund and no warranty. These people should be taken to court. There should definitely be a class action against Home Depot and refunds to the owners for all these broken warranties.

Horrible And Unethical And Just Out To Make Money
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Rating: 1/51

GOLETA, CALIFORNIA -- On February 23, 2017 I signed contract to have my home re-roofed for $13,572.00. Home Depot representative David ** from the Goleta, California Home Depot store also signed. The contract stated the work would include: remove and reset or replace flashing - 2 layers.

If rotted or damaged wood is discovered after removing the existing roofing, or could not be identified at the time of sale, there will be an additional $75 per sheet of 4x8 sheathing and/or $9.00 per linear foot of dimensional lumber/fascia/planking. If additional layers of roofing are discovered after removing the first layer, or could not be identified at the time of sale, to remove each additional layer based on product on be removed: $29 p./sq. for composition shingles, $29 p./sq. wood shingles and $29 p./sq. for low slope roofing.

The current roof tiles are to be used; however, any broken tiles were to be replaced with new tiles and put in a location on the roof that would not be visible as the current tiles are no longer available. The approximate start date was March 10, 2017 and approximate end date was March 14, 2017.

As David ** forgot to get the $1000 down payment when he was at my house and did so afterwards; my credit card turned out to be charged twice. It took several weeks for this to be straightened out as for some reason the charge was not registered at Home Depot; yet I had $2000 unavailable to me for two weeks which I needed to pay bills. Finally the correct deposit of $1000 was recorded. This was over two months ago.

Then almost 2 months after the initial contract, on April 14th at 5:00 p.m., I got a call from Keith **, Home Depot's installation manager, saying he finally came to see my house (I had been calling him for weeks to do this and received multiple promises from him which were not honored that he would come within the next few days) and that Home Depot was going to break the contract. I told Keith ** that this is unacceptable and I will hold Home Depot to the contract.

Keith ** then told me he would contact various people at Home Depot to see how this situation could be resolved. When I called him the following Monday morning I discovered that he was on vacation. I left him a message to call me immediately and as of today May, he has not returned my call. Upon hearing that Keith ** was on vacation, I spoke with another Home Depot installation manager who told me that he would take care of things and that if need be, a roofing company from Los Angeles would be employed. That afternoon this other roofing installation manager called to tell me the contract would not be honored as my home's roof was would require scaffolding.

I have carefully read my roofing contract with Home Depot and the contract states that Home Depot may cancel the contract if undisclosed information is found; yet, there was no undisclosed information. Nothing was withheld from Home Depot. The roof was clearly visible and there should have been no surprises. My house is a four-story home and it was obvious from the beginning that scaffolding would be needed.

My situation now is extreme. My home is for sale and I have adjusted the sale price given our roofing contract with Home Depot for someone who wants to buy the house. A new roof is part of the deal we have established as is the selling price. I will not allow Home Depot to break their contract. Our $1000 has been held for two months now and although Home Depot has not honored their contract, they have not returned my deposit.

Roofing Job
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Rating: 1/51

LOMPOC,CA, CALIFORNIA -- I have tried to file a claim and they keep saying we need to pay for half of the damages Home Depot's $22,000.00 dollar roofing job did to the wall on the front of our house! If there is a first class action suit being filed in California please contact me! I think this is the only way Home Depot is going to take responsibility for the damage and honor their 20 years warranty for workmanship! I thought it was illegal to promise that and not back it up! It's called a "Breach of Contract".

No Action for 3 Months After $1000 Deposit and No One Answering the Phone Numbers Given
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Rating: 1/51

MUIR BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I was suckered by a seemingly honest sales team. After waiting a couple weeks for an estimator to arrive at my house, some preliminary measurements were made. One month later (a few days promised) I was presented with a proposal that was competitive with other bids I had received, but Home Depot had a great sounding warranty. I was given a cell phone of the manager in case there were any problems.

Then nothing. For 3 months. Home Depot still needed to get on my roof for a final measurement before they could even order materials, and then schedule the job. I called the cell phone number and was promised an initial measurement several times but it never happened. Then they stopped answering their phone. I called a supervisor in Texas a couple times and was promised action which didn't happen.

After 3 months, I hired a local company that professionally installed my roof in 6 weeks! I am still trying to contact Home Depot to ask about my $1000 deposit (for nothing) and still no one answers the phone! A warranty is only good if someone answers the phone and acts on it. I have to believe that if I had a problem after installation (however long that would have taken) no one would have answered the phone to address it. My suggestion: find a local roofer with local recommendations. AVOID Home Depot ROOFING AT ALL COST!

Electronic Contract
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- BUYER BEWARE!!! I had my roof replaced by Home Depot. They did an excellent job on the roof, and they were neat and friendly. My BIG problem is with the paperless method of doing business. I received my "receipt" through email, which I have no problem with. But then I missed a VERY important part of that email, which is that somehow the color of the roof was changed! I saw the money part and thought that was what I needed to review (wouldn't you)? I never dreamed that the color would not be what I ordered.

The blame falls on me because I did not catch the error until the roof was put on, and there was no hard copy showing my selection. I'm VERY UNHAPPY that my roof isn't the color I had expected. If you use the Home Depot for installation, review EVERY INCH of your contract!!!

They Don't Back Their Warranty Like They Claim!
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Rating: 1/51

LOMPOC, CALIFORNIA -- In 2005 we signed a contract with Home Depot to roof our house. They had a warranty that was too good to be true, and we found out that it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on! They claimed they have a 20 year warranty, that will cover any problem that arises, from the workmanship, and they will fix it, at no extra cost to us. This is a lie! After 14 years we discovered that they did not put flashing where the wall meets the roofing and for 14 years rain leaked down the wall and rotted the wood siding and a window and everything behind it.

When I called in a claim I was told, we should have put a rain gutter! Then I was told that California had a new law that only let warranties last for 10 years. I then was told that the cost to fix the damage would be around 5000 and we had to pay half. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! First of all what happened to the warranty? We are on a fixed income and don't have that kind of money! Secondly we paid this company 22,000.00 to roof our house! I don't think we should have or even 1/3 of the cost! They still offer the same warranty, but don't believe it it's a total lie! I don't understand how they can just get away with it, and if anyone has a lawsuit pending please let me know, please! Pictures to follow!

Expensive Roof Pricing
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Rating: 1/51

WARRINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Rep came out from Home Depot to gives us a quote on a new roof. He measured the around the house, but never got on the roof to check it out. He then proceeded to write up an estimate (total time spend doing all of the above was 7 minutes). He then gave us a price, which included 15% off if we agreed to have them do the work and sign the paperwork right then. The price was over $15,000 with the 15% discount. No mistakes. The number was over $15,000. I replied firmly, "Thank you for your time". He then asked what I thought a roof would cost and I stated that was between me and the individual.

Bottom line, I know that a roof in my area runs between 5,000 and 7,000 because I did my homework and I had worked in the real estate industry for years. We hired a company that offered the same roofing material and services Home Depot offered (minus 25 yrs on labor, our guy was 10 yrs on labor) for $6300. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! I don't be taken advantage!

Don't Ask for Help Because You Won't Get Any
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Rating: 3/51

TOPEKA, KANSAS -- I went in the store with my 3-year old son & wife. When I first came in, the guy at the front door offered his help and took me directly to the item. I went to meet up with my wife who took our son to the restroom. We decided to get an extender as well and walked the store looking for the item. After a time we asked for help at the front of the store and were told to go to the back of the store.

We couldn't find the item and asked an associate for help. He said we should be able to find it based in his directions alone and refused to take us to the item. Eventually a customer who heard us asking for help took us to the very corner of the store where the item was. That's pretty bad although the customer service received seems to average out.

Home Depot scammed me
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a roof for my home from Home Depot in April 2011 and have been fighting since to have it properly installed. I paid with my Home Depot credit card. During one of my many calls to the customer service department, I was asked if I wanted to dispute the charge. I agreed it was worth disputing and that my roof (still to this day) is not satisfactorily installed. The dispute was opened on May 9th, 2012.

The dispute was finalized in my favor and $12,110.00 was provisionally credited to my account on September 9th, 2012 with a note that if further “significant evidence” was found that the amount would be reapplied to my account. I called the customer service and asked what “significant evidence” would entail and how much more investigation would there be. I asked these questions as $12,110.00 is a lot of money and with the initial letter opening the dispute claimed that the initial investigation could take up to 60 days, and by the time I received the letter stating that the charge had been reversed was 128 days, double what was quoted.

I was told that it was closed and no further investigation would be completed. However, around October 1st, 2012 I received a phone call from the Phoenix office asking if someone could come down and inspect the roof and make sure that everything was taken care of. On October 6th, 2012 a gentleman came down to my house and instead of getting out a ladder to get on the roof, he pulled out some paperwork. He explained that this form was a copy of a previous form that I had signed and that the person who had the form in Atlanta “had died” and because they “had died, no one can find the paperwork that was originally signed.”

Reviewing the paperwork, I noted that the form was a Customer Service Order form and stated that the work to be completed was to fix some exposed nails, torn shingles, and repaint the metal trims and that those specific items were completed. It also states that the balance remaining was $0.00.

With the suspicious circumstances surrounding this, I asked the gentleman if this had anything to do with the disputed charge. I was told that it had nothing to do with the charges and that it was only replacing a lost form. I reluctantly signed the form, the gentleman never did go on top of the roof and he left. Several weeks later I received a letter dated October 18th stating that the $12,110.00 has been reapplied to my account and that “Additional information has been received that provided significant evidence for the amount to be reapplied to your account.” Attached to the letter was a faxed copy of the form I signed on October 6th, 2012.

This was clearly a scam to trick me into signing a form stating that the roof had been satisfactorily completed in an attempt to defraud me of the amount that was returned to me. This is obviously a bait-and-switch, which is an illegal practice in the United States. I am writing for corrective action in returning the credit of $12,110.00 back to my account. Home Depot cheated me out of a properly installed roof, and then scammed me into paying for it after the disputed charges were dropped from my account. Permanently re-credit the $12,110 back to my account, zeroing my balance.

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