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Bait & Switch
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, DE -- On Thursday night I checked HD website for a GE Laundry Center-listed as an extended Black Friday sale for $1098. I have the item printed. There was no expiration date listed on this item. The following day I attempted to purchase it, however, the price was $1178. I called online C/Service and the gal said the price increased and I could go into the local store and ask the MGR if they would sell for that price. I called the store, MGR said to hold on & he would conference the online C/Service representative and question what they said however, he now employed his in-store customer service representative to handle the situation. Online C/Service repeated that the store MGR could make the call to sell for the online price. He would not agree to that price.

After that call, I told the in-store C/Service representative that I would pay them the $80 additional, but would like to purchase it in the store so that they would get credit for the sale. She said to come in... her name began with T and to ask for her. I immediately left home at 8:30 pm to drive to the store in the rain to order the item with the printed sale price of $1098 in hand expecting to pay $1178 ($80 more). She started to order the item on her computer and put in the original advertised sale price of $1098. Her system accepted this price and she exclaimed "Oh!" Then she removed that sale price and plugged in the item number which showed $1399 as the MSRP purchase price.

She then looked up the item on Home Depot Online and it showed $1259. She told me I would have to pay $1399 for the item if I wanted to purchase it from the store. This woman purposely misinformed me. Furthermore, I planned to use the 24 month free interest offer & was told by the C/S representative that I was saving a lot of money using that offer...already. That remark was not appropriate nor business to state. She tied me up at the customer service desk for over an hour asking questions & detailing all of my information in their system. The store closed while I was there at 10:00 pm. I am polite & courteous as I have worked in sales my entire life.

The fact she would invite me into the store knowing I expected to pay $1178 to purchase the item and then switch the price to full MSRP. It was changed not once, but 4 times in less than 24 hours. $1098, $1178, $1259 & $1399. Not sure how these stores are structured, but regardless- it is a shame how they treat their paying customers. I ordered the item from Hawkins & Son, a local appliance store- for less money and received exceptional customer service. I will close my business account with Home Depot and will give all of my business to Lowe's. I expect this company, Home Depot... to be out of business soon.

Scams and Issues From Roof at Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I was Home Depot customer for many projects, I didn't have major issue with appliances and cabinets. However, I currently have major unresolved issues with replacing new roof by Home Depot that I purchased at this location as one of stores handle by roof team. I'm helpless and frustrated to find out ways to resolve or contact someone for help. I was shocked that I just found out the link above that I'm not alone with many scams and issues on roofing from Home Depot. I am busy and normally don't have time to write such review, however I can't stand on the issues on roof that I am dealing with Home Depot such that they totally ignored the leaking issues at my house for several months.

The salesman from Home depot on roof acted nice to me with sound good deal with discount on price and so I totally trusted him without checking their reviews or comparing with other companies. He initially recommended me to buy the most expensive roof with lifetime warranty, he showed me the brochure of the roof with blue color which distinguishes from lower quality with brown color which he installed on my neighbor's roof.

However, after they installed my roof, I found out that it looked like my neighbor's roof with brown. I suspected and made several calls and found out from one person from their ordered team as he said that my materials were incorrectly ordered. After several calls and the manager seemed to cover up and didn't say anything or didn't provide anything and no way I can verify what my roof really is. I bought the most expensive and top line materials for lifetime warranty, I suspected they installed my roof with less quality roofing materials though I received the paperwork with lifetime warranty.

Couple months later, after storms and rains, the roof leaked worst at first time with sagging on drywall which part came off from the ceiling underneath the roof with bubbles on drywall on ceiling. I called hundreds times to customer service at center for about four months and they kept put me on waiting list for these month with excuses that they are too busy and not available any time sooner. I fixed the leaking ceiling while waiting for them to fix the roof. Then the leak came back again though less severe than the first time with stained on ceiling the same area underneath the roof. I also stopped by store several times and all they gave me some phone numbers at center to call and got nowhere rather than to wait.

Lately, after my several calls to customer care at headquarters and region to complain, then local installation manager Mr. Norris **, Jr contacted me then ignored me for several weeks with all excuses to delay. Then I called back to customer care at headquarters, and guess they contacted him, then he called me.

After dealing with him for about a month and half, he and his team (young Hispanic guys about teenagers or 20yrs) who barely speak English came out and checked on my roof then claimed no issues on roof and blamed for window all the way on top level at front. The leaking is at lower level on left and back where above is intersection of the lower roof on left of the house with the siding of loft area. And there is nothing above the loft area. It's ridiculous and intolerable that he excused for delay for six months with he's new about six months and his new busy subcontract roof company.

The roof issue doesn't automatically go away without fixing it, and it doesn't get better with times, only get worst and it's critical as water can create mold. Once it leaked, it will leak again, leak more during first hard storm and rains but will leak more if storms and rains come back. I had plumbers rechecked my house again and they pointed out to me that it's clearly the leaking issues from the lower roof on left. I called and emailed Mr. ** again and told him this, however he's totally ignoring me and didn't contact me back. So, I was frustrated over roof issues and I am stuck with Home depot not fixing leaking issues as I can't get other company to fix it, otherwise, my warranty will be voided.

So, lessons to learn that Home Depot doesn't care customers after they got your money. Three screenshot of 4 stars reviews on their home websites were scams. No way you find out their contacts or their bosses to report/contact issues from services and products. Don't waste your times and money to do roof with Home Depot. You don't save money while you have to deal and stuck with bad roofing team and third parties with inexperience who don't care customers and don't want to take responsibility to resolve the issues. For integrity and improvement, HD should have real reviews at HD homepage and should have clear process to followup the status/issues and able to provide contacts and help customers ASAP.

Consumer Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I agree with all the negative reviews on this site. NEVER buy an appliance from Home Depot unless you plan to do delivery and installation on your own. It appears from the reviews and my own horrible experience that Home Depot turns over the "delivery and installation" to 3rd parties that are not competent or even honest and some actually, as in my case, have employees that are actual thieves. In PA the culprit is RAS delivery. After 3 trips out to my home my oven wasn't installed and half of my old oven wasn't removed. I had to have my goddaughter's boyfriend and friends dismantle the old stove to make it light enough for RAS to take that part away. The first 2 crews flatly refused to haul away the 2 level oven.

The first crew actually damaged the new stove and then claimed they couldn't remove the old oven without putting the new one in which they couldn't do because the new one was damaged. The second crew claimed the old stove wouldn't fit through the door (a lie) and that the new oven also wouldn't fit. When I suggested they remove the oven handle (2 screws) they told me that the handle didn't come off. Actually when I finally read the manual it turns out the oven door actually lifts out and off without unscrewing anything. The 2nd crew did drop my new oven in the back room of my first floor and then stole a new 20V Dewalt impact wrench with a 4 hr. battery on their way out.

I called Home Depot Appliance delivery support service and carefully explained the situation. The best they could do was send a 3rd crew 7 days later. The 3rd crew arrived and told me they only had an order to haul away the old, now dismantled old oven but had no order to install the new one. At first they told me the same lie about the ovens not fitting through the door. But finally, moaning and groaning they did haul away the 1/2 of the dismantled oven. They refused to take away the top half of the old oven. Again complaining all the while they did take the new oven up the 1 flight of steps to my 2nd floor kitchen but refused to install it.

I called Home Depot support again and was told installation was not included. And installation was easy because of the color coded wires. I checked the website and installation is included and the cord the 3rd crew left was not color coded. Fortunately the same people that dismantled the old oven installed the new one. So all I am out is the stolen tool and the cost of 2 dinners for my goddaughter's friends. A total of about 200.00 dollars. By the way when I took off the handle (before I knew the door lifted out) the front cover came away revealing surface rust on the inside panel of the door.

All in all I would rather cook over a fire in my backyard than order another appliance from Home Depot. Based on the reviews on this site and other sites my opinion is the same as the overwhelming majority of consumers that have made the unfortunate mistake of thinking that a big chain like Home Depot must be consumer friendly.

Bad Experience With Spirit Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

AVON -- I purchased 5 appliances at the Home Depot - Avon, Massachusetts about 2 weeks ago! My purchase was LG which it's GE. On the same day of the purchase the delivery was set up for Saturday June 9, 2018. My husband did not work that afternoon due to the delivery!

My delivery time was set up for 1-5 and I had a bad feeling that something was not right! The reason for that is, I called right before 5pm to make sure they were on their way, but I did not get any answer. I kept on calling for about 45 minutes. Still no answer. I decided to call Home Depot, they answered but they had to transfer me to the appliances dept. When they answered, they looked up my delivery status and I was told that it says 1-5.

Right after that call, I called Spirit customer service center, someone answered but for some reason she couldn't see my information, then I was placed on hold for about 15 minutes and in between she kept on coming back to tell me to give her few more minutes to check up on something! When she returned, her response was "Sorry but you are confused." I said confused about what? She said, “Your delivery is scheduled from 6-10 pm”, I said, “What??? Are you looking at the paperwork that says Delfina?” She replied yes!

I said, “Listen to me, I knew from the start that something was wrong because the delivery team did not call me half hour before the delivery time and now I'm told that it'll happen between 6-10 pm”. After that she spoke with me and told me that my delivery was #17 and that they were at delivery #10. After I had explained to her everything that was wrong with this delivery, she placed me again on hold! When she returned, I told her I had to go down the Street to go help feeding someone in which I volunteer to do so every Saturday!

I asked her what town they were at, she told me Norton, MA! She told me to go ahead and go feed this person and she specifically told me not to worry about nothing that the supervisor is well aware of what's going! Also she told me, on their way before delivering my stuff, which they had to do anyway because they changed my delivery time and I will get a phone call half hour before the delivery and that they'll wait for me!

Well, right after that conversation with the lady, I left my house and right about half way to where I was going to, I got a call from a nasty lady named "Ashley" that the delivery team is waiting for me outside my home! I said to her that I was told they they'll call me half hour before they arrive, she did not answer me! Then she told me well, “I'll give you 15 minutes the most”, I said, “Okay, I'll be there!”

When I arrived on time, they were gone or weren't there in a first place! I had disconnected all of my appliances, they were all outside for about 2 days and still till today 06/12/2018, I do not have my appliances! I was told on Monday 06/11/2018, that I'll get my stuff on Thursday 06/21/2018. I cannot cook, I had to go get my dishwasher outside to hook it up again due to the water that was draining from its original location due to not having a shut off valve for the dishwasher. Water everywhere!

The delivery team changed my delivery time and my house is a mess due to this stupid delivery and I am spending money for food and other unnecessary things that I shouldn't have to. This will be my last of any stores that has "SPIRIT" as a their delivery company! They were also nasty to the Home Depot employees! Their customer services sucks and they can never compare their company to be one of the best!

That's why I love "JORDAN FURNITURE". The best company out there and I wished that they had appliances! I do not blame Home Depot at all, it's not Home Depot fault. It's SPIRIT DELIVERY FAULT! Spent $4,404.00 in total and the company shouldn't have been GE/LG. One day they'll realize what their employees are doing to the customer from their home office all the way to their warehouse! Thanks GE/LG!!!

Online Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Due to a lack of in-store choices on a replacement sink for our powder room, we had to order one online. The one my husband chose with a very nice design to it was not inexpensive and there was NO indication that this sink would not fit into a "normal home powder room". Even in reading the specs, there was nothing that led us to believe that this sink sat so close to the wall that the current plumbing would not fit into it correctly. The main pipe coming into it would have to be cut down to fit properly and the drain stopper both rubbed on the inside and dug into the wall behind it.

After paying for the plumber to start installing this, we decided there were too many issues with it and had to have him come back to uninstall this one and install the replacement we found. I contacted Home Depot to let them know of the issues and suggesting that the proper thing for them to do would be to send out an installer, for this 2nd one, at no cost to us. They refused. Then I suggested they pay the very low cost of our plumber for the re-install, and they still refused.

The person that I was in contact with seemed to NOT care in the least about their customer relations or trying to make the situation right, even though this was caused by their website not having a full, proper description of the item. On other sites, they clearly state the sinks are "small', or "tiny" or "full size", etc. Home Depot had no such words in the description and since the cost of this was more than many others, we had no reason to believe it may not fit in our small powder room. The least Home Depot should have done to make this right was somehow cover the re-install. We had to pay twice for their inaccurate website information.

Online Order Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I am a realtor and have an out-of-town client selling a local house. The house needed some updates due to being a rental for the last few years. I had my client order the materials online so he could make the payment. We scheduled a contractor for July 1-5, immediately after the tenants moved out. My client placed the order mid-June requesting a delivery of July 2. It turns out Home Depot uses a carrier that has an 8 day delivery window. When you order for a July 2 delivery, the estimated date is July 2-10.

Today I called and was told the delivery would be July 11th. I spoke to Christina in the Home Depot Resolution department. She did not give a hoot about our situation and spent most of the phone call telling me about their delivery policy. By the way, they supposedly suggest you don't schedule a contractor until after the materials are in. That is nowhere on the website and, Home Depot, I don't know when you last scheduled a contractor but you need more than a days notice!! I will never use them again after this experience.

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Rating: 5/51

WOODLAND, WASHINGTON -- My product was delivered a day early and was here after 6p m, which was wonderful. The delivery personnel was very courteous and put the items in the garage per my request. Your personnel represents Home Depot very well and I will have no problem having products purchased at Home Depot and have items delivered.

Home Depot Does Not Value My Time or Business
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA GA -- It is not the actual product but the service I received from Home Depot. I needed a new fridge for a second home in the Mountains of NC so I went to Home Depot in Hendersonville for the item I wanted to purchase and spent 20 minutes looking for someone to sell it to me - before the sales person wrote up the item he asked me if I wanted it delivered. I told him that I did and he asked if there could be any obstacles to delivery, and I told him that the driveway is somewhat steep. He said it could not go to a house with a steep driveway and would not sell me the refrigerator.

Remember this is Home Depot in Hendersonville, NC - where all driveways, roads, etc. are steep! I leave the store and called online sales and the lady I talked to checked the area told me there were no restrictions for delivery and I purchased the item online and scheduled it to be delivered on Friday, which was great since I had taken three days off work to go to the mountains to get this and some other projects done. I live over 2 hours from this house.

The following day I received an email to inform me that my online order had been canceled. When I called to find out why I was informed it was because the delivery zip code and billing zip code were not the same. The person on the phone helped me place a new order for item, but at that point all the delivery time slots for that week were gone and the soonest that I could get delivery was the following Tuesday. I had to take another day from work and drive about 5 house meet the new delivery date.

When the refrigerator finally did arrive (incidentally the Home Depot truck had no issue getting up the driveway) - the guys got the old fridge out of the house and the new one into the dining room - and informed me that it would not go through the kitchen door. I had measured carefully using the specification on the Home Depot website and knew the opening of the door to be 29.5" and the refrigerator with the doors removed was 28.5". The two delivery guys told me that if they did take the doors off it still what no go through the doors and they REFUSED to try taking the doors off and left.

I should at that point have called and had them pick up the fridge, but they had the old one with them. I had to go buy some tools and was able to remove the doors myself and was able to push the refrigerator through the doorway myself.

At this point I called customer care and they were going to call the delivery guys and see if they would come back and finish moving the fridge into place and hooking up the ice maker. He assured me someone would call me back - they never did. I had to hire someone to help me move the refrigerator into place myself - but the icemaker and water dispenser are still not hooked up - I guess I will have to hire someone to come do that.

I called and talked to someone in online purchases the next day about my experience, they were going to do some research and get back with me - so I called again, had to explain this long story again and was told they needed to transfer me to another department, I was transferred to a lady and had to relay the story yet again. When she told me that it was out of her hands that she needed to transfer me to yet another person - I lost it. The situation has cost me so many hours - and time is the one thing I do not have extra of.

My last attempt to give Home Depot once last chance to make this situation better was I call the consumer relations department and talked to Terry. Before going into detail I told him I was very unhappy with Home
Depot's service related to a purchase and was he the best person for me to explain the situation and see if he somehow could try and make amends. He told me he was the best person to take care of and proceeded to tell me how much Home Depot values my business.

After explaining my story - he asked me what I wanted in terms on a refund. I told him that I would prefer for them to give me an offer rather than me come across as trying to get something for free. He told me he would have to meet with his "team" and would get back to me no later than Monday June 6th. I did not hear from him until today June 14th (over a week later) and he has offered me a $50 Home Depot gift card. I told him that "Let me see exactly the extent of how much Home Depot's Values my business."

I have shopped there exclusively for years (as well as Home Decorators) and have used them for a complete kitchen makeover, appliances, garden equipment, lumber and building material, installations and even a new roof. $50 doesn't even cover the money I had to pay someone to help get the fridge in, tools I had to buy to take doors off myself, the amount of gas I spent having to have made a 2nd (and still have to make a 3rd trip back up there to get this working) not to mention the time away from work, etc, etc, etc.

I see exactly how much Home Depot Values their customers. I will pay off my Home Depot Card and never use it again. I will not ever buy from Home Depot again or for that matter enter one of their stores. Thanks for reading this review - I highly recommend going somewhere else to make any Home Improvement Purchase.

Lousy Place to Do Business
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Rating: 1/51

CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA -- Ordered a microwave hood on August 6, 2017. Of course they never have what you want in stock, in Cedartown, Georgia. I had tried to order it online to be shipped to my home but was told I had to call the store for this. I called the store and asked them to order it for me and have it shipped to my home. They said they could no longer do that for some reason that I didn't understand. Something about shipping damage. My husband and I went in to the store in Cedartown and had them order it and of course I had to pay for it up front. It was supposed to be in on August the 10th and they would call me when it arrived.

A week later I went online to check the status of it and it said they were processing my order. Another week later and still no call. Today I checked online and it said they were still processing my order so I was angry, to say the least, so I called the store. They check on it and said it was sitting at the service desk ready to be picked up. It may have been sitting there since the 10th, who knows. I asked why no one had called me and the lady said that someone should have but they didn't. My husband has tried to tell me that the employees working there apparently come and go so often that they don't know about the products in their work area and/or don't care.

They are friendly but of very little help when you need someone you can trust to know what you are asking them about. I will no longer order anything from them. I'd rather pay more and get treated like a good customer with good service provided to me. After all how much trouble is it to make a phone call to me... I have an answering machine. Just leave a message. If I could rate them a zero then that is what I give them. Oh, and by the way Cedartown is not the only Home Depot I am talking about. We have dealt with the one in Hiram, Carrollton and another one or two and they are all the same.

Return Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Could not return items left over from my house renovation. I spent over $60,000 in this Home Depot. When I had items left over I wanted to return them. I will NOT keep 100 receipts or more and dig through them so I just took the left over items for a return. They denied my return as TRE reported a suspicious return. Read all about the TRE as many people have been denied as I was.

Funny thing is that I ordered several special order sliding doors for about $10,000. One was returned as it was not made according to the building code so the city inspector rejected it. Well they returned 2 orders to my card by mistake. I received a call the next day from Home Depot asking me to come in and pay again for a door that they returned money to my credit card. Their return process takes 7 business days so they wanted me to pay again from my own money before I received a refund. I did not realize they made a mistake, but after looking at the return receipt I verified they did.

Well, I am honest so I went to Home Depot and returned $1,800. Again that is before even I got the return on my credit card. Now I was denied a return for a total of $404.00??? Stupid me... Should have never returned anything to them. I will never shop in Home Depot again and I will tell all my friends how Home Depot treated my for my honesty and for me spending there over $60,000. I will be a Lowe's customer from now on and my foot will never enter Home Depot again. Stay away from this business as they DO NOT appreciate you at all!!!

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