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THE BEST! Could Not Have Been Better.
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Rating: 5/51

ST. AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA -- Unit began making loud noise. Fan motor needed replacing, as well as control panel. Home Depot/Assurance Extended Warranty Company responded quickly, sending LG Technician within 2 days. Parts ordered and replaced within a week. It was labor-intensive, but Roger ** did all the work without problems. Excellent work. Unit working perfectly.

We have used Home Depot Extended Warranty plans on Dish Washers, Laundry units, AC units, Ranges, and Refrigerators for 30 years. We operate many rental units, so we need dependable and prompt service. Home Depot does not disappoint! All-too-often consumers only write when dissatisfied. It is a pleasure to write a positive review!

One Size Doesn't Fit All
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Rating: 1/51

VINELAND, NEW JERSEY -- We had a remodel done a couple of years ago in our kitchen by Home Depot. We even applied for and received their card along with a "24 month interest free promotion". This past Saturday we happened to be in Lowe's where my wife saw two bathroom vanities she liked and they were also on sale. On a lark, we asked management if we could get at least a 36 month interest promotion if we did the complete project with Lowe's. Answer, "YES." So we went over to Home Depot.

Bottom line is after talking with several people in Customer Service, Credit Department and several managers, the answer was a resounding "NO!" In addition, Home Depot only has ReBath of Delaware as their service provider in our area. We are planning on a free standing tub and they don't install them. How can a business sell a product but fail to have a service provider who can install the product? We love our kitchen from Home Depot. Wish I could tell you in a few months that we love our bathroom as well.

Never Shipped Item, Service Aweful
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO -- I am giving this a one-star because of my experience with the order fulfillment. The actual set is nice and comfortable. I originally ordered this set from Home and they royally screwed up this order that I nearly waited 1 month before I was able to get my hands on this set. The only time I was able to receive the correct product is after I went into a store and asked for a manager to locate this item and have it delivered because it was apparent that was not going to fulfill the order.

Before this happened, I waited nearly a month for delivery of this item. It was scheduled to arrive at my home in early June, but a few days after the latest estimated arrival date has come and gone, I began to call the service line continuously. I was first told they didn't know what happened to the item and will call me back when they find out. A few more days went by and I had to call in to be told that the item was lost by the shipper! I was told that they will reorder the item.

Another few days go by and instead of reordering the item, I was told that the item was never shipped in the first place and is on back-order (this was never explained earlier and it quickly became clear that Home Depot had no idea what was happening). I had to call several more times just to have them follow through on their promise and actually refund the money for this product. At the end of this ordeal I had spent hours of total time on the phone over 7 different phone calls and got nowhere.

Online Item Never Shipped. Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- Ordered an item online on 25th May 2017. Item never received by the store. Visited store, wasted time waiting in lines, called HD on the 10th of June again to find out, the item could not be traced. Bottom line, no trace of item, no communication to the customer. After two weeks of wait, they offered to reorder. No regrets or consideration for customer's time and its value. Their system should have picked it up. That items is not shipped and they should have kept the customer apprised. Wrote review on their website which they rejected to publish as it will expose their quality of customer service. Will never buy online again.

Company fails to communicate about issue regarding missing paycheck
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Rating: 1/51

MERRIAM, KANSAS -- During 2016 my daughter realized that she was never paid for her first two weeks of work in early June. This realization came about one month after she began working at Home Depot. She brought the error to the attention of the HR representative assigned to her store, but doing so was difficult as this person had no voicemail and was never in the office when my daughter visited her office.

After emailing the store rep, who ignored her, my daughter then began working with the corporate office to remedy the situation. She left voice messages and sent three emails from mid-July to early September. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. No one returned her calls, and no one responded by email--with one exception. An HR representative from corporate informed her in late August that a check had been mailed to the store. After my daughter miraculously made contact with the store HR rep, she was told that a check was never mailed to her.

More than three months have transpired since the payroll period ended for which she should have been paid. As my daughter's legal counsel, I contacted Home Depot using every means possible, and all but one time I was met with curt, rude responses to my inquiries. I am embarrassed for Home Depot. They ignore their employees, neglect to pay them, cannot communicate well with employees nor among themselves, and have constructed an internal phone system that makes it extremely difficult--if not impossible--to speak with a payroll representative.

Home Depot Extended Service Plan You Buy For Water Heater Will Not Cover Installation If It Is Unrepairable
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Rating: 1/51

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a 50 gal Electric water heater (12 yr Warranty), along with Home Depot installation and an ESP (Extended service plan) paying another $99 for the worry free repair and replacement. This purchase was made in 2008. The water heater worked for 7 years. Started having problems. Free service because of ESP, 4 service visits to repair each time one of the items being replaced. Good way for service tech to milk the warranty company...

After 6 months in Feb 2016, the heater went dead. Called the warranty company (Assurant) and they dispatched a service tech - He made 1 visit to Reset the ECO switch. Next day died. Then made 2 trips to take measurements to work on a new heater under warranty claims because it was UNREPAIRABLE. While doing this he submitted a wrong service # off the heater and the warranty claims was denied as though I was a cheat and making a fake claim.

Anyway after 10 days of phone calls they decided to pay a prorated balance of water heater cost and said that is what is called "REPLACEMENT IF UNREPAIRABLE". They won't cover installation cost etc. You just get a check for a part of the water heater cost to buy a new one. Believe me that's what I found out the hard way while the sales people tell you free replacement. NOT SO.

Absolutely Dissatisfied
By -

WAITE PARK, MINNESOTA -- We recently purchased a special order, $6000 fence, through Home Depot and were told we would receive it in 7-14 days. My husband is in the military and took time off work, after that projected 14th day, for a week and a half, to be here, along with several friends, to install the fence. After waiting over 2 weeks we called Home Depot to ask about our fence and found out that they over charged us and cancelled the order, then put in a new order. After putting in that new order Home Depot failed to tell us that the company who makes the product was completely out and all of our order was on back-order.

They also failed to tell us that they knew this company only produced this fence 1x/month, causing problems because the second order was placed late. After 5 weeks we finally received the product. We received a phone call in the morning stating that someone had to call them back to OK the delivery of our order, which no one did as I was at work and they only called my cell phone. Come to find out, when I got home, they delivered it anyway. Because my husband is in the military and could not take any more leave, we then had to call a contractor for another $3000 minimum to install this fence.

After several phone calls and complaints the store decided they could give us approx $500 to help us out. Yeah right! That's not even helping. So the contractor showed up to install the fence, only to find out that the people at Home Depot have no clue what they are doing and didn't even order everything we needed. When I walked into the store 6 weeks prior and said "I have this fence plan, here is the layout, please tell me what I need and I'll give you the money." I expected that they knew a heck of a lot more than I did and would be able to get the order right.

So we had no end posts and no corner posts. This caused our contractor to have to get his own posts and router out the holes to make them match our current order. Then, after getting all the posts concreted in, we now realize we are short 3 panels because Home Depot said we could cut the panels to fit, only that isn't what you do at all. So we actually need a panel for each section, whether the section is 6 feet or not. On top of that, the dimensions were wrong that Home Depot advertised for the product and the contractor had to redig the holes that we previously dug, with the intent of installing it a lot sooner.

So now the panels will go up but we will have an 18 foot section with no panels. And now we have to re-order 3 more panels and Home Depot can't guarantee that they can get the product to us any sooner than the 1st time. Meaning our dogs will continue to remain chained up when outside and we still can't enjoy our back yard. I am absolutely disgusted with Home Depot and I have and will continue to tell everyone I meet why they should NEVER go to Home Depot!

The Continuing Saga of the Home Depot Nightmare
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The Nightmare at the Corona Home Depot continues. The final chapter with the Corona Home Depot Store #6665. Well, I called the Store Manager Giuliana ** on Monday April 5th and discussed the issue I had with Joseph ** and she assured me she was going to deal with him (but after what happen over the past two days I am sure that was lip service too). I expressed my concern over the way I was treated in the store and she assured me that if I wanted to purchase the merchandise I had originally planned on purchasing she would personally help me and offered me a 25% discount. I agreed to her offer.

I went into the store at noon on Friday April 9th. We reviewed the materials I wanted in the supplier catalog, provided by Home Depot, which were cement pavers that came in multiple colors. I wanted the Terracotta and Sandstone. She had her employee in the Job Desk (which you would think they knew what they were doing, later I learned she couldn't recognize a piece of wood in a lumber yard) Paula work with me - yup - so much for the personal help.

She shoved the responsibility off to a person that was as incompetent as they come. She called the supplier to see if they were in stock and when could I get them. During the conversation I interrupted her at least 7-9 times to ask the supplier if they the two color pavers were the exact same size. Each time she came back and said yes.

Giuliana ** then asked me if I had her blackberry number from the previous conversation. I confirmed I did. She told me at least 4 times during our conversation quote- "I have my Blackberry with me at ALL TIMES, call me if you have problems." I paid the Corona Home Depot #6665 $988.21 for the pavers, pallet deposit and delivery. We confirmed that delivery date of April 19th in the morning.

Sat afternoon at approx 1:30 PM I received a call from Paula, the incompetent employee at the Job Desk that took the order and she informed me the supplier called her and told her the two pavers were totally different sizes - not even close to what they advertised in the catalog Home Depot provide their customers. I asked her to call Giuliana and have her call me. At 2:02 PM on April 11, 2010, I also called Giuliana on her Blackberry (Please refer to the previous quote from Giuliana about her having her Blackberry on her all the time.).

Well I left her the information I was given and told her if I did not hear from her by 3:00 PM I was going to cancel the order and get my money back. I did not hear from her by 3 PM nor did I hear from her at all on that Sat. I went back the store #6665 and had them credit my credit card the full amount of the transaction. The jest here is Giuliana LIED to me. So obviously integrity and honesty was not at the top of Giuliana's list of qualified attributes for store manager.

To date I was bullied around by Joseph ** because he thought he was the manager for the day he was immune from providing customer service. Then I wasted over an hour of my time dealing with a lying store manager and an extremely incompetent store employee (Paula) who totally screwed the entire order up. Giuliana did eventually call me on Sunday morning trying to justify her lying screw up. I listened to her trying to justify all of the errors and screw ups by her and her employees. I finally got tired of listening to her and just hung up.

I drove to Lowe's and purchased the same pavers without the 25% discount for $5.00 less. The folks at Lowe's were professional, they knew exactly what they were selling, and they were able to complete the entire transaction in less than 30 minutes.

Home Depot - you need to study Lowe's and learn from them what customer service and professionalism is.
I guess Home Depot is big enough to employee people like Giuliana, Paula and Joseph in order to continually run customers off and continually lose business. HELL WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE I EVER GO BACK INTO A HOME DEPOT STORE!!

Tool Rental
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On October 16th, I rented an orbital floor sander from the Home Depot in Chicago at 6211 N. Lincoln Ave. When I arrived I met with an associate in the tool rental department. I took the unit home and was going to use it the next morning to do the project. Shortly after I started the project, I noticed that it was getting very dusty in the room I was doing and noticed that the collection bag was not inflating or doing anything. I called the store and they said I needed a shop vac to use with this unit and after some discussion, I said this machine will not work and I should have been informed of this when I got the unit.

At this point I needed to find where to go rent another unit so I could do this job I have already started. A little bit later that day, I tried the sander again at another part of the room near a window for a few minutes because the other sander wasn't getting the floor sanded in that area. It worked fine and then I proceeded to put the sander back in my car so I could return it later that evening. I tilted the unit back to remove the sanding discs and as I tilted it back the handle snapped off.

I then tried calling Home Depot twice to let them know about this and I was on hold each time for over 10 minutes and I didn't have the time to spare at this point, so I would deal with it when I returned it. I brought the unit back, the tool associate saw it on a cart and was just beyond words. I tried to explain what happened but I am not sure he really heard me. In the end I was there for about 45 minutes and they charged me $450 to have the unit fixed. The next day I called and spoke with a store manager there and what they thought was fair was to give me a $200 gift card to compensate me.

I have also been in contact with corporate and they are also standing behind the decision the store manager has made. I have detailed this in the letters I am attaching below. I would really like to hear back from you soon regarding this. Also was I was told about after the fact is that Home Depot does have insurance available on rentals which I was never told about and if the tools associate would have told me about this and I would have taken out the insurance, I would not have to be going through this hassle.

I have just recently heard back from corporate for the third time and they are sticking to their guns and not placing blame whatsoever on themselves or taking any responsibility. I am still required to pay the $450, which I feel is so wrong. I am encouraging everyone out there to please make other choices when shopping at home improvement stores and to choose other places to do your business with.

Nowadays customer service should still be a top priority, but not in Home Depot's case. Why should we shop at places where we are not going to be treated fairly and with respect? Please work with me and choose other stores to go to. I am sure Lowe's or Menards would love more business from people like us.

Furnace Installation Resulted in Gas Leak, No Mechanical Permit
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Rating: 1/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I am writing to document the dangerous and frustrating experience I had with Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort following the installation of a new furnace and air conditioning system in June of 2013. While the installation appeared satisfactory at the time of installation, it wasn't until Oct 20th that I discovered a gas leak left by the installers which caused me to take a more in depth look at the service I received from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort.

On Oct 21 a service technician arrived from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort to repair the gas leak. The technician found and documented that the leak was caused by a damaged fitting that had been used by the installer. Gas leak testing by the installer could have easily uncovered the mistake. Apparently there was no gas leak testing. While the problem has been corrected, gas had been escaping into my home for 20 weeks. I requested that Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refund my installation costs and re-inspect my furnace and air conditioning for any additional mistakes.

Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refused any adjustment to the installation cost but did agree to re-inspect the furnace/AC. The re-inspection appointment was then cancelled because of a conflict with the technician's schedule. I then scheduled an appointment with another HVAC company for re-inspection. **, my salesman, did reassure me that there would be no charge for replacing the damaged fitting and stopping the gas leak. That work, he reassured me, would be covered under my warranty.

While the gas leak was the most serious and dangerous error made by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort, there were several other mistakes made that caused significant frustration and hours of follow-up time to correct. Those errors were as follows. The $200 rebate from Rheem (the furnace manufacturer) was temporarily lost in the mail because Home Depot / A-ABC…/ Total Comfort had given Rheem the wrong address (wrong zip code). Follow up work by the mailman and post office did result in the rebate check being delivered.

A $300 rebate from Center Point Energy and a $450 rebate from Xcel Energy also listed an incorrect house address on the application form but were eventually delivered to my home. A fourth rebate ($100 also from Xcel Energy) had the incorrect address on the application and never did arrive at my home. According to Mr. ** this was the fault of Xcel Energy because they “lost” the rebate application. Once this rebate was resubmitted I did receive the $100 approximately 3 months after furnace installation.

While reviewing the rebate paperwork I did notice that my address and zip code, while incorrectly written on every rebate application, was correctly written on the A-ABC / Total Comfort invoice and Home Depot invoice. When going through the furnace installation documentation in October, I found a letter from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort explaining that the customer, not the contractor, was responsible for arranging final code inspection for the furnace/ AC installation.

While discussing the inspection process with the city, I discovered that the appropriate permits were never pulled for my job by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort. Apparently an electrical permit was pulled but a mechanical permit was not pulled. When I mentioned this to Mr. ** he looked into the issue and told me that it was the city's error. In an unlikely coincidence, the city told the contractor that a mechanical permit was not required for installing a furnace and the contractor apparently agreed and (at least temporarily) saved the $186 permit fee.

In conclusion, I must say that had I been a less observant customer, I would be living with a gas leak approximately 18 inches away from the furnace flame, I would not have received $300 in rebates, I would not have had my furnace installation inspected by the city and the appropriate permits would never have been pulled.

My hope is that this information will lead to a review of the technical, financial and administrative competence of Home Depot /A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort and that it will serve as a wake up call to as many current and future Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance &Heating / Total Comfort customer's as I can inform.

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