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Wish I'd Seen Reviews Before Becoming a Home Depot Victim
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I wish I had seen these reviews before I trusted Home Depot to be an honorable online retailer. Maybe this information will help others avoid the aggravation and frustration of being stuck with inferior merchandise and being told by Home Depot customer disservice that it was my problem and there was nothing they could do. I asked them to escalate my call to their escalation team and I waited 25 minutes before realizing I had been hung out to dry. The issue was a set of fitted sheets I bought online that disintegrated in the exact center of the bottom sheet after about 4.5 months of use.

I had bought the sheets in April 2019 and noticed the sheets rotting away January 2020 but I live part-time at three different locations and that is why there was only about 4.5 months of actual use before they rotted away. As a marketing professor, one thing you teach is that it costs up to 70% more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. In the classroom, you use examples of how not to conduct business and thanks must go out to Home Depot for providing an egregious example of catastrophic unprincipled customer service policy.

Unprincipled business managers fear the transparency of online customer service because they don't want their dirty laundry aired in public. Principled managers welcome such transparency because they empower their customer service reps to satisfy customers so there is no dirty laundry, and because they want customers to see that any issues are resolved immediately. That is what trust is about and trust is critical to online merchandising.

Finally, anybody that shops Home Depot has seen plummeting employee morale in the brick and mortar locations and this points to the fact that typifies how mismanaged enterprises disenchant customers and employees alike. So, after being hung out to dry on the phone for half an hour, the Home Depot corporate voice directory did not recognize Craig Menear CEO. His email address is not easy to locate but can be found but don't waste your time. He doesn't care about you, as if that is a surprise from how you get treated by his minions. He doesn't care based on a lengthy explanation about the rotted sheets and a request for help that included a phone number to reach me. Crickets. Buyer beware.

Inconsiderate and unhelpful
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Rating: 1/51

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- Yesterday I walked into The Home Depot, hoping that someone there would have a bit of knowledge about the plants and flowers available (versus a cheaper competitor). The Garden Center outdoor help/cashier plainly told me that she doesn't know anything about gardening or even which products were available.

Being on the opposite end of a plant/gardening aficionado myself, I had already walked amongst the racks of options in search of some mosquito-repellant potted plants and flowers, only to discover the search trying. The woman on the floor made no effort to help, other than to, at a loss, direct me indoors. No doubt she could see me instantly turn disagreeable.

I wandered back through the aisles, hoping something would jump out at me to no avail. When I walked past her she asked if I had found anything and I simply said "no" and continued walking toward the back of the garden area. She calls after me then and shows me on her phone that she looked up a certain item and it shows they don't have it in the store. By this time, it didn't matter. I had wasted my precious morning wandering around to no satisfaction. Had she begun by helping me, perhaps it would not have been such a miserable experience.

It doesn't stop there, however. Indoors, 3 or 4 people are standing around with one of them climbing up a stock ladder and one of them dragging some metal shelf full of products across the concrete floor. The commotion and noise combined were like nails on a chalkboard. All I wanted was to peruse the 3 rows of plants they had displayed, but no one so much as budged to move out of my way as I tried to maneuver the cart in between and around the gossiping group.

I finally make my way to the pot/planter aisle, where 3 employees are arguing about the importance of which of their jobs needs to get completed first. I ignore them and continue browsing the pots, careful not to back into the random grill parked behind me when all of the sudden I catch it moving out of the corner of my eye and see one of the Arguers lugging it sort of toward me as he maneuvered it into a position in which he could push it out of the aisle.

He caught my eye as I guardedly eyed the grill, ensuring he didn't accidentally run into me, and he kindly asked if I was finding everything okay. Although I had a lot or responses on the tip of my tongue, I simply said, "yes."

The store is fortunate that I purchased anything at all.

Other Home Depot stores have also been just as inconsiderate and unhelpful. I will not be shopping any Home Depot again.

Online Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Due to a lack of in-store choices on a replacement sink for our powder room, we had to order one online. The one my husband chose with a very nice design to it was not inexpensive and there was NO indication that this sink would not fit into a "normal home powder room". Even in reading the specs, there was nothing that led us to believe that this sink sat so close to the wall that the current plumbing would not fit into it correctly. The main pipe coming into it would have to be cut down to fit properly and the drain stopper both rubbed on the inside and dug into the wall behind it.

After paying for the plumber to start installing this, we decided there were too many issues with it and had to have him come back to uninstall this one and install the replacement we found. I contacted Home Depot to let them know of the issues and suggesting that the proper thing for them to do would be to send out an installer, for this 2nd one, at no cost to us. They refused. Then I suggested they pay the very low cost of our plumber for the re-install, and they still refused.

The person that I was in contact with seemed to NOT care in the least about their customer relations or trying to make the situation right, even though this was caused by their website not having a full, proper description of the item. On other sites, they clearly state the sinks are "small', or "tiny" or "full size", etc. Home Depot had no such words in the description and since the cost of this was more than many others, we had no reason to believe it may not fit in our small powder room. The least Home Depot should have done to make this right was somehow cover the re-install. We had to pay twice for their inaccurate website information.

Water Heater Installation Cost
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Rating: 3/51

SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I went to Home Depot in anticipation of purchasing and having an installation of a replacement electric water heater for my home. After viewing, and because there was no Home Depot associates to assist me and with the small amount of knowledge I have of water heaters, I choose an intermediate Rheem electric with a price of $609.00. I have always installed my own water heaters but because I am now in my mid 80's I decided to consider a Home Depot installation. I had already drained and uninstalled the current water heater and removed it to outside.

The new installation is quite simple. All that had to be done was place the new heater in position under the "Flex" pipes left from the previous installation and connect those two pipes and then connect the electrical wires left from the previous heater. Then turn the cold water on to fill the new heater and turn the power back on at the service box. One technician should be able to do this in about an hour, after making my selection of heater as I mentioned above.

I walked around the store again finding a gentlemen wearing an orange apron, I asked him if he had knowledge of installation costs for a water heater? He proceeded to and said it varies, but it's anywhere from $800.00 to $1,200. I assumed he misunderstood my question and rephrased it again. He reaffirmed that his price range was correct. I then went to the Customer Service Desk to ask the same question and was told that the installation charge is the same as the price of a water heater. Therefore in my case the installation charge will be $609.00. I immediately went to Lowe's across the street and asked the same question and was told the water heater installation cost is $279.00. Needless to say that Home Depot lost a sale.

Lousy Place to Do Business
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Rating: 1/51

CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA -- Ordered a microwave hood on August 6, 2017. Of course they never have what you want in stock, in Cedartown, Georgia. I had tried to order it online to be shipped to my home but was told I had to call the store for this. I called the store and asked them to order it for me and have it shipped to my home. They said they could no longer do that for some reason that I didn't understand. Something about shipping damage. My husband and I went in to the store in Cedartown and had them order it and of course I had to pay for it up front. It was supposed to be in on August the 10th and they would call me when it arrived.

A week later I went online to check the status of it and it said they were processing my order. Another week later and still no call. Today I checked online and it said they were still processing my order so I was angry, to say the least, so I called the store. They check on it and said it was sitting at the service desk ready to be picked up. It may have been sitting there since the 10th, who knows. I asked why no one had called me and the lady said that someone should have but they didn't. My husband has tried to tell me that the employees working there apparently come and go so often that they don't know about the products in their work area and/or don't care.

They are friendly but of very little help when you need someone you can trust to know what you are asking them about. I will no longer order anything from them. I'd rather pay more and get treated like a good customer with good service provided to me. After all how much trouble is it to make a phone call to me... I have an answering machine. Just leave a message. If I could rate them a zero then that is what I give them. Oh, and by the way Cedartown is not the only Home Depot I am talking about. We have dealt with the one in Hiram, Carrollton and another one or two and they are all the same.

Home Depot Cannot Install Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- Do not use Home Depot for appliances delivery and installation. Home Depot vendor for appliance delivery and installation for the New York area is Home Delivery of America. Home Delivery of America has multiple bad reviews all over the internet and lawsuits pending for extremely poor service. I read one on Yelp that was similar to my situation. I wish I had read it before the dishwasher was ordered.

We ordered a dishwasher from Home Depot that was supposed to be installed and the old one hauled away. All we got was 2 bullies with attitude that did not want to do their job. When the workers arrived they quickly determined they could not install the dishwasher. I asked them to remove the old dishwasher and leave the new one for the handyman to install. They said no. I asked if I can sign for the dishwasher so they can leave the new one. They said no.

By then my handyman came up from working downstairs and quickly determined that the dishwasher can easily be installed. It took four times asking the workers to allow me to sign the paper to keep the new dishwasher. My handyman ended up installing the dishwasher and helped me carry out the old one to the curb.

I called Home Delivery of America to complain. It took three times to get through to speak with customer services. Once I did they did not care to hear anything about the situation. I searched the internet and found several lawsuits pending from upset customers. Also, they had several bad reviews from other customers with similar situations. A single delivery did not matter to them.

Bottom line; use a local appliance store for when shopping for appliances. They have friendly, reliable delivery staff and want to satisfy their customers. They understand the important of customer service for repeat business and referrals. Home Delivery of America only cares about delivery volume and are not considered about customer service. Home Depot should take the time to read the bad reviews on the internet for Home Delivery of America. If they had they would not be using them as a vendor.

Don't Buy Home Depot Extended Protection Plan
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- Buyers should be aware that Extended Warranty is not serviced by Home Depot!!! But a Subcontractor who is out to make money from you! Terrible experiences from Home Depot extended warranty service!! This is not first time that I had a BAD EXPERIENCE. I purchased Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers and the extended protection plan. After it went in for warranty service... my lawn mower is cutting the grass unevenly! I had a similar experience 4 years ago with the extended warranty service. The customer service, I should say, is one of the worst I've encountered. I called H.D warranty dept. explaining to them of how my lawn mower wasn't cutting evenly...

Next day BPT warranty company?, not Home Depot called and asked about my tractor. I explained to the representative that the lawn mower was cutting the left side of the grass shorter than the right side. She asked me "Did you check tire pressure?" I answered "Yes." Nothing was wrong with tire pressure and that I did check it. But she ask me 3 times about tire pressure. And her exact words to me,"You need maintenance" and pushed persistently that I needed to have maintenance.

I said "I don't need a maintenance." And that I had this issue previously... Maybe balance needs to be adjusted and requested to have it service (under my purchased Extended Warranty). We went back and forth with the same issue at hand. She did everything in trying to TELL me that I needed to be scheduled for Maintenance. PAY for it of course (this went on for more than 30 minute). She said "THAT'S WHY YOU NEED A MAINTENANCE... YOU NEED PAY FOR MAINTAIN FEE."

I said "You did not even look my tractor yet telling me to schedule and PAY for maintenance." She replied, "I KNOW, I'M DOING THIS BUSINESS FOR LONG TIME... Maintenance mean is oil change, filter change, and belt change..." Lol lol... I went along and asked her,"How is oil, filter, belt change related to the uneven leverage cutting of the grass?" She replied "It does." Does she take me for a fool? Does Home Depot even screen the subcontractors when they pass on the Extended Warranty that their clients purchased?

I strongly advise people from purchasing their Extended Warranty! Just know that when a problem starts from your equipment know that you're not dealing with Home Depot! You will get easy 30 minute of run around and "so called specialists" just trying to rip you off into PAYING for something other than using your warranty! I want to share my terrible warranty service experience with future Home depot extended protection plan buyer.

Don't Take a Job in Refacing Unless
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Rating: 1/51

PHILLY REGION, PENNSYLVANIA -- I started working for Home Depot in Oct with three other--two of which were smarter than me and quit before training was over. Basically 998 out of 1000 appointments that reps go on are people that have no interest in refacing their kitchen they were in buying something else and a lead generator pressures them into taking an appointment.

The problems with this are many, 1) you must be a high pressure salesperson in order to convince someone to spend 12,000-20,000 on prefacing, 2) You must be willing to spend 40.00 a day and travel as much as 300 miles to do this and drive an hour to each appoint. Must be willing to make that commitment and realize that some won't even answer the door because they really didn't want the appointment. Be ready to make this hour drive for an appt at 8pm if you get in the door an appt is a minimum of 2 hours. You will have many bank turndowns for the financing of the kitchen.

Also be ready for 1 of every three sales will cancel the next day. Most of all Home Depot runs this like amateurs. Not only supplying you with completely inadequate train two weeks at an average of 3 hours a day. You will be asked to sell things from a book such as back splash and in the end we were given a black and white sheet of paper that the customer had to use to pick out hardware with because there was not enough new hardware ordered. How embarrassing is it to work for an 90 billion dollar company and people have to pick out hardware for their 15,000 kitchen from a black and white piece of paper.

Last but not least you will never get paid correctly because of your lack of training you will make mistakes that will be deducted from your check you will find this out when you get it because there is ZERO communication between the measure people and your sales manager. Home Depot has no regard for you personally and they will run you into the ground if you let them. They couldn't care less about the quality of the lead because it doesn't cost them anything to send you there. The lead generators will say whatever they have to get the lead even if it i™s not true.

Estes Terrible for Home Depot Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- Ordered vinyl flooring from Home Depot online. Estes called to confirm date and time that it was going to be delivered. Estes made it perfectly clear that if no one was home to take the order, we would be charged to reschedule delivery. They never came in the time frame that they stated. I was home ALL DAY.

I called Estes a 1/2 hour before the end of the time frame to see what the problem was and the person who answered the phone was laughing as she answered and said that all the dispatchers were gone for the day, and she could not tell me anything about my order as to whether the driver was on his way or not. This was on a Friday. The following Monday my husband called Estes and the person who answered said that the driver had attempted delivery on Friday - this was a lie. Estes did not attempt to make a delivery, they never showed up and then they lied about it.

They rescheduled the delivery for the following Wednesday. The driver was totally unprofessional...I asked him to please put the vinyl in the garage because it was raining, he refused to do this because he said it was too heavy. He was rude and told me that I was lucky to have him place it where he did, which was just a few feet from the back of the truck.

Why are they delivering things that cannot be delivered properly? I hesitate to EVER order anything from Home Depot again if they continue to Estes as a delivery company. Also when my husband called to find out why Estes did not deliver on the first date, they could not find our order - very frustrating. Estes had no clue that there was merchandise that had not been delivered on the previous Friday.

Return Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Could not return items left over from my house renovation. I spent over $60,000 in this Home Depot. When I had items left over I wanted to return them. I will NOT keep 100 receipts or more and dig through them so I just took the left over items for a return. They denied my return as TRE reported a suspicious return. Read all about the TRE as many people have been denied as I was.

Funny thing is that I ordered several special order sliding doors for about $10,000. One was returned as it was not made according to the building code so the city inspector rejected it. Well they returned 2 orders to my card by mistake. I received a call the next day from Home Depot asking me to come in and pay again for a door that they returned money to my credit card. Their return process takes 7 business days so they wanted me to pay again from my own money before I received a refund. I did not realize they made a mistake, but after looking at the return receipt I verified they did.

Well, I am honest so I went to Home Depot and returned $1,800. Again that is before even I got the return on my credit card. Now I was denied a return for a total of $404.00??? Stupid me... Should have never returned anything to them. I will never shop in Home Depot again and I will tell all my friends how Home Depot treated my for my honesty and for me spending there over $60,000. I will be a Lowe's customer from now on and my foot will never enter Home Depot again. Stay away from this business as they DO NOT appreciate you at all!!!

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