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Flooring Installation Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

GA -- Received 4 estimates for the same job and they went up to over $8,300 from the original estimate. I was asked to prepay the project in its entirety upfront (no hold back). I discovered that the labour hours expended on the installation totaled 116 hours (installer, helper and labourer) for this I was charged over $9600! They refused to give me any credit for labour as they claimed the labour quote was "untouchable."

I have been writing to Home Depot including Head Office Canada and Head Office USA since November 8, 2016 until today, July 3, 2018 with NO RESOLUTION! I advised the flooring Manager at the Nepean Ottawa Home Depot of the deficiencies in the flooring on October 6, 2017 and to date they have not been fixed. I am forced to go public with my experience. What a way to treat a senior!!!

Hardwood Flooring Issue After Installation
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Rating: 4/51

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Purchased $9300 worth carpet & hardwood flooring and installation service from Home Depot in April 2018. Excellent work done on carpet installation. Contacted Home Depot (HD) after having problem with installed flooring in both kitchen and living room. Several places, popup noise comes out when you walking on the floor. So far they responded very efficiently and investigating the problem.

According to their staff, during my conversation when they send floor installer to investigate the noise issue, it could be the defective flooring. Per HD staff, there were few similar complaint of popping noise on newly installed flooring of High Glass Santos Mahogany (SKU 0000-614-495). They are planning to send their staff to further investigate the issue during week of June 25th. It appears that they have to reinstall the floor with different product. I am sure they will do the right thing. So far, I am happy with their response on addressing this issue.

Defective Carpet
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Rating: 1/51

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN -- Ordered TRAFFICMASTER 12/31/16. Delivery and install date of 01-25-2017. Prior to delivery date, removed furniture, had room painted, and had the carpet and pad removed. Delivery day came, today. Installer came out with carpet and rolled it out. I went to inspect the carpet and it was severely defective. Patches of pile were dense in some areas and light in others. Additionally, there were lines in the weave that could only be caused from an un-calibrated loom.

Taking a full day off, having scheduled for furniture to be delivered tomorrow and have a room with no carpet does not bode well to completing things on time. Like they think that their schedule is more important than mine? Called Home Depot and of course, they knew nothing about this and also, there had been absolutely no inspection process along the way. Mohawk, the manufacturer sure didn't care about sending out DEFECTIVE PRODUCT. Home Depot didn't inspect and identify that the mill had sent out defective product.

So what was the result... Home Depot said it would take another 4 days to 3 weeks for the replacement carpet to come in. That there would be no guarantee that there wouldn't be the same issue once the carpet came in for round 2. All the meanwhile, poor service, no heroic recover, just plain their time was more valuable than mine.

In conclusion, Mohawk failed. Home Depot failed. I sent it back and cancelled my order. I am going to go to another provider. The manager of Home Depot called me tonight to see if there was anything he could do. My response was, "if you don't protect the consumer from failures like this, you will not have customers." Now that I have vented, I can guarantee you all that Home Depot is way at the bottom of the food chain. SHAME ON THEM.

Massively Shedding Carpet From Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We purchased our flooring from the HomeDepot because it has very good reputation previously. We had around 1200 square feet area covered by carpet. We placed our order on Jun 23rd and the carpet installation was scheduled on July 17th.

It was all good until we moved in on July 25th. The massive shedding of the carpet surprised all the family members. The carpet fiber is everywhere and you can easily pick up balls of fiber from it. And I even found carpet fiber in my six-month daughter's poo poo. I used a regular shark vacuum (NV356E) and got full bags of fiber as shown in the photo. Everyday I can get a whole bag of it. I guess there must be quality problems with the carpet.

I called the HomeDepot. There sent the installation persons to come on August 7th. Those experts took pictures and verbally told me there definitely are quality problems with the carpet. One week later, however, the manager called me and said that the vendor told them it is normal for the new carpet to shed!

I understand that new carpet would shed a little bit. But this kind of shedding is beyond what should be called "normal". I request to have my money back and we will have to install new carpet. The manager refused and said after six months if the shedding continues, they can escalate the claim. That does not make sense. We will change carpet before it reaches six months because of the hazard on my babies. I hope HomeDepot treasures its reputation and stop selling something with such poor quality. BTW, it is not the cheapest carpet in HomeDepot.

Flooring Install Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- DO NOT DO IT - do not go to Home Depot for flooring purchase and installation and do not use Romanoff flooring. I wanted to install hardwood in both of my master closets so I decided to go to Home Depot. I took a sample of the flooring already installed in my house in an effort to purchase hardwood as close as possible to what I already had. However I did not want to pay $5.00 sq foot which was the cost of what was installed in the rest of the house. I asked the lady for assistance, explained what I wanted - she immediately replied "I can't tell you what to install in your closet".

My question was could she give me some suggestions or pros/cons on the different wood options close in color to what I had for my closet advising I didn't want to pay $5.00. After I specifically advised her I asked for some suggestions and assistance with matching the color we began walking down the aisle holding the board against what they had. Well you would think they would know to bring the customer and flooring out in the open under good lighting or take outside. Now that the flooring has been installed it is considerably darker than what I already have however she stated and it did appear to be almost a perfect match down the flooring aisle.

After walking back to the desk discussing pricing her behavior seemed to suggest she didn't think I was going to make a purchase this - I was wasting her time. When she realized I was ready to move forward with the measurement etc. her demeanor quickly changed. A nice gentleman called me re my quote while I was driving after work. I gave him my cc info for the purchase and advised him to call my local store to advise I would be picking up the flooring in a couple of hours on my way home after the mall to have it pulled and waiting up front. Couple of hours later I stopped by to pick up, the flooring hadn't been pulled.

The rude gentleman stated it was paid for just a couple of hours ago and it takes that long for the order to process and flow down to the store. I advised him of my earlier conversation with Home Depot. He advised it would be pulled however it would take a few minutes however I could come back later if I liked. It was 7ish pm, the store was almost empty and everyone knows how much gas is in addition that wasn't convenient for me then I was advised a piece had to be ordered. I called them the following week to get my appt on the books however I was advised they would not schedule until the ordered piece arrived. This is crazy.

5 days later I called Home Depot inquiring about my piece. The lady answering advised she would have the flooring escalator lady call me the next day to provide an update. No call by lunchtime the next day, I had already been advised she leaves at 5 each day and works M-F. The same lady answered the phone - she remembered me, was puzzled as far as why I hadn't been called and agreed to call me back. When she called back she advised the requested expedited shipping and it would arrive the next day.

After picking it up I attempted to schedule installation. Previously I was advised Saturday install was available and if they had to they would use another company if the one they normally use could not accommodate. WRONG... because Sept is a slow month for flooring installs. Romanoff said no to a Sat appt in addition the Home Depot flooring employee stated another company wasn't an option. She committed to calling the Romanoff manager on his cell to beg for a Sat appt, successful. He called me to confirm the Sat appt stating his employee would arrive at 12, work until around 5 or 6 and if not finished he would finish up on Sunday within an hour or 2.

The installer arrived alone with no helper stating his helper stood him up. He ripped up the carpet and advised he was leaving after being at my home a couple of hours, because he needed a helper for the rest and would return Sunday (he left the carpet in my front yard, I had to drag it around the side of my house. In addition he didn't have shoe covers for his shoes). He and his helper arrived Sunday 20 minutes late. Still no shoe covers and finished the install 5 hours later. With a helper this could've been completed Sat. He gave me a paper stating someone would call me to evaluate his work etc.

I immediately began to clean the new floors and noticed a bunch of small nail holes. Why would a professional leave the nail holes visible? I immediately snapped pics and called his manager, the number on the sheet he gave me. By lunchtime the next day I had not heard from him. As I called, ** the manager answered and stated he received my email and phone call from the previous day. However he needed to talk to his installer and would call me back by EOB. Would you not call your customer 1st thing after receiving the complaint to advise you needed to obtain some info? However you will call back.

Of course no call by EOB, so after arriving home from work around 7ish pm, I called my local store, reached the flooring dept, was advised the flooring escalating employee left at 5 thus I asked to speak with a manager. He listened, explained Romanoff's lack of follow up was against their contract committing to he and or Romanoff calling me the next day early am. Of course no call. After lunchtime I called my local store, reached the flooring escalating flooring employee, she wasn't aware of my situation and advised she would call Romanoff and call me back.

She called me back saying ** would call me by EOB - still no call. Neither has anyone called me thus far inquiring about my installation experience. I called my local store the next day to advise, was advised I would receive a call - no call late pm after work. I called the HD complaint line in GA. ** took my complaint, committed to resolving my issue stating I would only deal with her going further etc.

I sent **/Romanoff an email from the same email address used for the 1st correspondence with advising. I had my bedroom carpet cleaned a few weeks prior to installation, his installers were back and forth cutting flooring etching. Addition one of my closet doors would not close. The only response I received from him re to this is asking was I in the house with the basement, do you not care enough to ask your installer which customer I was, look on your paperwork, call HD or Google my address - it will tell you I do not have a basement, ridiculous.

Romanoff and I agreed on a time/date to fill in the holes, I had to leave work and then rush home to meet the installer only for him to call me 15 minutes after my appt time to advise he just left HD and they didn't have the filler in stock, he ordered it and it would be in the following week. At this point I'm at my wit's end with both companies. I called ** to share the details, she said she would escalate. The filler called me back to say it would be in Wed. Wed no call from ** nor Romanoff. Thursday I called ** left a msg, no return call. Called her Friday, no returned call (**'s vmail states if you need immediate assistance contact her sup ** at ext **, this is **'s ext).

I called the 800 GA customer service # early Sat asked to speak to **. The gentleman proceeded to run interference advising he could assist, called my local store. 3-wayed all of us together so that I could hear him say the filler was in. The HD employee offered to have it delivered to my house. What was I going to do with it? It advised Romanoff needed to complete the installation. 1 hour later the Romanoff installer called me to advise the filler still wasn't in however he would call me the following week. I advised him it was in and I had just gotten off the phone with HD. He stated ** advised him it wasn't however he was calling ** back.

No call from anyone so I called my local store to update them on all of this nonsense and to schedule an appt to complete installation. She called me back stating Romanoff would call me. "No call", she continued to call me each day for 2 days inquiring if Romanoff called. I advised her to stop wasting my time inquiring if they had called, schedule my installation and my next call had better be someone calling to confirm the day of install based on my availability. I provided in addition to my credit of at least 1/2 of what I paid. My daily job was interrupted with all of the follow-up I was required to do in addition my time was wasted.

** called asking if I was avail that evening to complete installation after I specifically advised HD I wasn't communicating my availability. Driving home around 7ish the same day the installer called me on my cell inquiring if he could come by to complete installation since he was in the area to save gas and time and the next day he had a big job. Luckily my previous plans were cancelled, however there seems to be a big communication gap with these 2 companies. After arriving the installer wasn't aware of my door not closing issue, he seemed to not be to happy, to fix the issue he took my door outside and cut some off the bottom.

Previously ** communicated an adjustment would be discussed after install completion, no call. I called Sat am was advised **'s boss, a gentleman would call me Monday. No call. Tuesday pm right before I called back ** called to ask if my install was completed Sat prior, I advised it was completed Wed prior. I mentioned I had been calling her leaving msgs with no return call advising her v-mail states her boss is ** with her ext to call, no response. I advised I was told her male boss was to call me the past Monday returning my call re an adjustment. she offered 50.00, an insult.

I advised her of my conversation with the local store advising no less than half begging for an executive to call me. She immediately replied 1/2 wouldn't happen asking what was the response from the local store when 1/2 was mentioned committing to ** calling by end of week. ** leaves me a msg Thursday pm stating "100.00 gift card is the only offer from my local store", still haven't heard from **, her male boss nor an executive. Does HD not have upper mgmt or do they refuse to talk to aggravated customers? Gift card are you kidding me? I'm not purchasing anything else from you guys in addition this is not acceptable. I expect to hear from someone with HD.

Disappointing, Unprofessional, Never Again!!
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK -- I had a horrible experience with Carpet installation from Home Depot! On 6/14/13, after installing 2 of the 4 rooms, the installers noticed that some of the carpet for the remaining rooms was defective. They told me they had notified their supervisor & someone would call me to schedule another installation date. They were very professional & knowledgeable & I appreciated that they had caught this issue instead of installing defective carpet. I called Home Depot & left messages on 6/18, 6/19 & 6/20 to find out when I could expect to get the job finished, as it requires me to take time off work & leave the rooms to be carpeted empty.

I finally received a call from Andrea** on 6/21 telling me that the carpet would arrive 6/28 & so someone would call me then to arrange for installation. The next call I receive is from ** on 6/25 telling me the carpet wouldn't arrive until 7/3. I was annoyed and asked why it would now take even longer than originally estimated, when It seemed like the carpet hadn't even been ordered until 6/21, a full week after the defective carpet was discovered. ** was unconcerned with my concern, stating that she hadn't realized the carpet was coming "all the way from California."

The general sense of lack of urgency I was detecting worried me a little, since I had unfinished flooring in my house, furniture from the unfinished rooms all over the house, and new furniture deliveries that were on hold until the carpet installation was complete. Plus, I have to plan the days off work, so I just wanted to know that someone out there knew that the job I had paid $6,100 for was as yet uncompleted. So, I called the store a couple of days later and spoke to **, the assistant manager, about my concerns. She was initially very friendly and promised to follow up on the situation and "stay with me" until the project was finished.

I felt better when I got off the phone with her. I shouldn't have. After 2 days of following up with me to let me know where en route the carpet was, I hear from ** that the new estimated arrival of the carpet is 7/8!! She blames the vendor who supplies the carpet. This is now a full 3 weeks after the initial installation attempt, and neither ** nor ** have even acknowledged the mistake or apologized for the inconvenience or anything - it was just an infuriating lack of customer service. I expressed my annoyance and received the same unconcerned response I had been getting - there's nothing she can do, all they know is what the vendor tells them, etc.

Finally, I get the call and schedule the installation for 7/12/13. The installers arrive 2 hrs late, and then tell me that their office had cut carpet for the WRONG ROOMS, the 2 rooms that had ready been completed instead of the 2 rooms and hallway that had been left incomplete on 6/14 because of defective carpet. They said they could attempt to complete the job by repurposing the carpet they had, or I could wait for new carpet to be ordered... Are you kidding me??!! I let them finish the job with the cuts of carpet they had because I couldn't even imagine how much longer I would have to wait this time around.

The job was completed and I was pretty happy with the results, but felt like Home Depot had absolutely dropped the ball in every area. I went to the store the following Saturday to speak to ** in person, and with the same lack of concern she asked me what I would like her to do. I request a percentage off because I do not believe I received the product and service I paid for. She tells me OK she'll have to speak with the vendor and see if "they're willing to take responsibility"... She says she'll call me on Monday. Surprise, surprise, no call.

I call on Tuesday and learn that "unfortunately, the vendor has refused to take any responsibility" so the "best we can do is a $100 Home Depot gift card." Does Home Depot not realize that I paid THEM $6,000, so THEY, not their vendors, are the ones Accountable for crappy service??? I am so disgusted at the amount of money I paid for such awful service - I have many other home projects in the works and will NOT be using Home Depot for Any of them!! It's a shame too because it would be so much easier to be able to go through them for flooring, HVAC, kitchen and bathrooms renovations, ETC. I do NOT recommend - stay away and keep your sanity!!

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

TEHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA -- On Sept 1, 2012 I purchased windows, doors and flooring for my residence. My wife and I sat with ** of Home Depot and picked out the windows. All through the process we discussed price and the 24 month 0% deferred interest financing and how much it would cost per month to have it paid off in 24 months. Toward the end of the purchase ** said "Good news - I can save you an extra 10%" (no mention of it only being a limit of $200) and we said "As long as we still get 24 months deferred interest" and he said that it would not be affected by the 10%. We ordered and paid for the windows, doors and flooring.

When I received my first bill I signed up for online billing and began to pay my bill. Since I believed I was getting what I was told I just went online every month and paid the bill. In June when I went to pay my bill it dawned on me that the balance was not going down like I had expected. When I looked into it on my statement I realized that I was being charged roughly $75 to $80 per month in interest charges. Called Credit Card Company and was informed that according to their records I accepted a 10% discount in lieu of 24 month 0% interest. And that Home Depot was the only one who could fix the problem.

After 2 months of trying to work with Home Depot (both in the store and Corporate offices) and getting the run around ** the store manager said we have it all worked out, so I met her at the store after work. She indicated she needed me to come by the store with my paperwork and statements and she would work it out. So after work at 4:30 PM I took all of my paperwork to the store. Upon arrival I met ** walking out of the front door, she said she had to walk some guy out to the parking lot (assumed it was her husband, not a customer by the way she and he were acting).

After standing at the service desk for 15 minutes she finally returned and acted like she was working hard wiping her face and hands with alcohol wipes meant for the carts. She looked at my paperwork and said she did not have the correct receipt and that is why our paperwork did not match. She told me that Home Depot was willing to re-ring the transaction and start the 24 months 0% interest over and discount it by $700 the amount of the interest, but they would charge me $200 because it took me 9 months to discover the error. I asked “if I had found this right away I would have still received both?” and she indicated yes.

Then she went on to say that I had admitted that it was my fault and that is why they were going to charge me $200. I told her "That was not the verbal deal that was offered to me when we purchased the items and I want what was offered to me". I also informed her that I had a witness with me at the time of purchase and she said she did too. It was her salesperson, to which I replied "That is not a witness. That is one person's word against another's and ** was up here when I originally brought it to the store's attention" (to which he had no reply). She started to become angry and annoyed that I would not accept the offer.

She indicated that this was the first time she had heard of it, so I told her that ** had told me she talked to you about this weeks ago. I started to bring up talking to a lawyer and she said “if you want to bring up a lawyer our conversation is over”. I called up the Cooperate office later that night and left a message about what happened (my calls were not returned for a week). Every time I want to contact someone there I have to start over, no one answers their ext and no one returns their calls.

Yesterday I received and call and email stating: "I'm circling back on the concerns that you shared with me regarding interest charged on your Home Depot credit card. I spoke with Store Manager ** after your meeting with her, and she confirmed that she made an offer of $500.00 to compensate you for your trouble. I understand that you were dissatisfied with that offer, so I escalated this to our District Manager. After some consideration, the District Manager informed me that he supports **'s offer. In the coming days, you will receive an official denial via postal mail and I apologize because we were unable to meet your expected resolution."

I responded by asking for the name and number of the District Manager (I am pretty sure they will not give it to me). So we are continuing to be charged interest (25.99% with a 720 credit score) unless we take their reduced offer.

Home Depot and Inferior Beaulieu Carpet
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We purchased enough carpeting to cover approx. 2,200 square feet in 2003 at our local Home Depot store in West Knoxville at a cost of almost $8K for the carpet, premium padding, installation and moving several large pieces of furniture. I contacted the local store within months regarding shading variations in rooms and that we were still getting a lot of "fuzz" each time we vacuumed. We have large rooms and alcoves in our bonus room so we have several seams. The installers also cut separate pieces to complete the closets so we have seams there as well. Home Depot sent the installers back to deal with the issues.

We were told the fuzz would stop after 3 to 6 months. To deal with the seams being very visible, they trimmed them down with scissors and pounded them with a rubber mallet. Of course next time we ran the vac, they were visible again. They came back 2 more times to try to deal with the seam issues. They stated that the color variation was normal and due to the exterior lighting from windows in those areas. We also had enough excess carpet left over from the job to probably do a 10x12 room. About a year later, I contacted the local store because the carpet on the stairs was beginning to pack down very badly. We were also still having seam and fuzz issues.

They sent an outside inspector from a company called All Floors to review the situation. This inspector seemed to look and comment on every aspect of my home except the carpet. When he submitted his report, he stated that there was nothing wrong with my carpet, installation or product wise. He also stated that my expectations regarding carpet seams was unrealistic and if I did not want visible seams, I should purchase shag carpeting! At this point I hired an outside certified flooring independent flooring inspector who pointed out that the carpet had been "run" in the wrong direction on the stairs which was causing the crushing pattern when walked on.

He showed me there were arrows on the back of the carpet so that it could all be installed in the same and correct direction. This was also the reason for color variations in my alcoves because they weren't installed in the same direction. I had similar problems in all of the closets. He also pointed out that it was not necessary for them to have cut the carpet at the closets, it could have been one continuous piece. He also stated that the carpet should not be shedding after this amount of time. I presented all of this information to my local Home Depot. I also sent a sample of my carpet to Beaulieu for inspection along with details of the issues.

Beaulieu responded nothing was wrong with their product. The local HD manager offered to reimburse me for having the carpet on the stairs replaced. He had also checked and my carpet color and style was no longer available. I did not want to have mismatched carpet on my stairs, nor did I feel this addressed the multitude of other issues, so I declined his offer. I contacted Home Depot Corporate in Atlanta with my issues. They were very delinquent in responding and keep switching me over to different representatives due to training schedules and vacations.

At this point I submitted a complaint to the BBB. This prompted a more frequent response from corporate, but still no resolution. They keep stalling and gathering more information while still telling me they were going to do everything they could to resolve the issue. Suddenly, when we reached the one-year mark from when I had filed the most recent complaint to the store manager, corporate informed me they would send me $500.00, and use the excess carpet I had in my basement to redo my stairs but I would have to sign a waiver against any future complaints. They also stated that I had not notified them of the issues in a timely manner.

This was sent to me in the mail and followed up by an email. They also sent this to the BBB as their final resolution. Even though I never accepted any of this, all parties involved now considered my case closed. When I contacted corporate, they stated that was all they were willing to do, that the local store manager had authorization to provide different resolution if he so desired. When I contacted him, he refused to discuss it with me since I had contacted corporate and the BBB.

After that, neither corporate nor the local store manager would even discuss the issue with me any further stating that whether or not I accepted the resolution, my case was closed. And the clincher from the very beginning of this ordeal is that my warranty from Home Depot states that I have a lifetime warranty in regard to product defect and installation.

Home Depot states that they changed this policy within a few months of my purchase and refused to honor my warranty. I even hired a lawyer, but he advised me against pursuing it because Home Depot had strung me along until I was past one year of them being notified of the issues prior to me seeking legal representation. I still have this carpet in my home and I have paid to have it stretched two or three times. I also have it cleaned by an outside source which makes it look better for a short period of time until it packs back down.

The seams look horrible after this amount of time. The shading and fading also continue to be a problem. And it still sheds fuzz each time it is vacuumed. After the last professional cleaning, it needs to be stretched again. For what good it is worth, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have personally boycotted Home Depot for the last 8 years anytime it comes to making a major home improvement purchase or renovation.

Home Depot Installation is a SCAM!
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I ordered a complete house flooring install from Home Depot after comparing with other companies. It was over $5000. They were so nice up front and sent someone out to measure the house. I notified not only Home Depot but also the measurement company that we had one room that was badly soiled from pets due to keeping them in there during an ice storm outage while we were at a hotel. Both Home Depot and the measurement company made no issue of this fact up front. They gladly accepted my money for the job. Then the trouble started.

First of all I got no call to set up the install. I called and the lady said "Oh sorry I thought you had been called. There is some confusion I will get back to you on that." So she did call back and they were scheduled to come out on a Monday between 8 and 10 am. I finally got a call that Monday about 9:30 saying they would be late because they were doing another job. The installer which was one man for a full house didn't show until 12:00. My husband and I both took off this day.

He shows up and starts remeasuring the whole house telling me we'd need new items for the install. Then he says "I will need to go buy felt pads to keep the floor from getting scratched." I ask him where to get those and he says "Lowe's". This was a man representing Home Depot!!! So he tells me he needs to go out to his truck and make some calls because he's got to do some renegotiation because he wasn't getting paid enough for this job. Then he comes back in and I asked him point blank "Are you going to leave me hanging with concrete floors?" and he said "No ma'm we will get you taken care of."

He then went to my bedroom moved all of the furniture and took my bed apart. After that he came in and said he needed to run to Lowe's (again he works for Home Depot) and get some supplies. Meanwhile I call Home Depot and they tell me because of the soiled carpet they will not do the job. So I have to remove it myself if I want it done. Well it's now 2:30 pm and my husband and I have wasted a day off work and can't take any more time. I told Home Depot this should have been made aware to me up front and that both the measure company that assigned this man to the job and Home Depot were aware of the situation.

The operations manager at Home Depot was very unapologetic. She had a very uninterested attitude. When I asked for my money back of which I paid in cash they told me it would take 3 weeks to get it back by a mailed check because it was policy. I asked the ops manager again if she could call a higher manager and she said "Well no they are in conference calls". I said "All of them?" and she said "Yes". I said "When will they be done?" She said "4 pm". So I told her to call me back at 4:30.

Strangely they were finished well before 4 pm. But now the story was that they could give me back cash but it may take up to 3 weeks for the store to acquire that much cash. After talking to the store manager and asked for the regional manager to call me which still has yet to happen I am finally getting my cash back. I called Lowe's and they immediately said "Yes we want your business. We have no problems with the install and we will be out there to do it as soon as you sign the contract." Lesson learned: Home Depot takes your money but then tries to get away with doing a halfway job. Never again will I shop at Home Depot.

All What I Wanted Is A New Floor...
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TORONTO -- I ordered a wood floor for my basement at "Home Depot". The basement was measured twice and payment done. Upon delivering the boxes of wood, about one week before installment I came back to the store (#7073) wondering if 8 boxes will cover the space and was promised that it is the right amount. On the first installment day (by 2 people) after about 70% of the floor was done I was told by the senior of them that "engineered wood" is not suitable for my sub-floor.. The two took apart the floor piece by piece and left. The "senior installer" returned after 4 days and installed the "engineered floor" using the "nail method".

According to him, "engineered floor" can be nailed as well as glued, and it is even written on the box (made in Quebec, Canada). Too bad he did not have that information on the same day he installed the floor, in spite of many frantic phone calls to his office. By that time he realized that there is not enough wood to cover the floor. It was on a weekend and I had to wait until Monday to discover that the supply of the 2 boxes (20% of the floor, not a small mistake of calculation) will take at least 2-3 weeks because it is a "special order". My floor is "Santos Mahogany", a regular stock item made in Canada and not in China.

3 weeks later the senior installer came to complete the job with the 2 boxes - colour is not a good match to what was already done. Upon installing the "quarter round" finish he shut a nail straight to the main water pipe of the house... That was on December 18 and was discovered only on January 04, 2010. The nail plugged the hole and the leak of water was minor but after few days damaged some area of the new floor which is close to the pipe. The installer was aware of the water pipe and worked around it with the floor.

The "city" had to come and shut off the main water supply from the street to have the plumber pull out the nail and repair the hole - 2 holes, since the nail went all the way through the pipe to the other side. I took good pictures with a "close up" showing the nail through the pipe. I also took pictures on the first day of installment before they took it apart. I transferred the photos to "Home Depot" and notify (to **, who did report to **). I thought that Home Depot will send someone to fix the damage floor, as well as compensate me for my plumbing expenses. I had to take off 2 extra days from work to deal with the water pipe.

I had no water the whole day until midnight. My house was in chaos from November 26, 2009 until January 04, 2010. And what Mr. ** (from store #7073) had to say about it? He suggested that I will call a very simple #, 1-800-home-depot, and promised that someone will "call me within 72 hours" regarding repairing the damage, plumbing expenses. No one called. The customer does not know who is the company who is installing the product and simply "fall between the chairs".

Home Depot was not the less expensive estimate I got before the job (I got 3) but I choose them because I thought they know what they are doing. BIG MISTAKE. It is a warning: don't order any services from them because if there is a problem no one cares. One more bitter customer.

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