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MONROE, NEW YORK -- My son purchased Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White Kitchen and Bath paint. He primed his bathroom walls and proceeded to put on the paint. He had purchased the paint earlier that day. An associate took the can down from the shelf for him. The paint in the can was an aqua type color. He thought this was odd, but knew Glidden made a paint that went on pink and turned white when it dried and this was a mold and mildew resistant paint with so called nano guard and was an innovative paint, so he felt confident that things were fine. He figured Behr did the same thing with this color as Glidden did with theirs.

The can had never been opened from its looks and there were no marks on it. It was first quality and from Home Depot. Well, the paint dried and it never turned white. I called Home Depot in the morning at 7 am and spoke to a manager. I told him I would be there at 4:30 or so (my son doesn't get off work until after 7 so I dealt with it) and asked him who would be there to talk to. He gave his name and the name of the manager on after him. When I went to the store, customer service called down to the manager and he told her to just give me a new can of paint. I told her I wanted to talk to him that there was more involved.

He was the same man I spoke to in the morning so he was aware of the basic situation and I was surprised he wasn't going to try to make it up front. She relayed this and he said he was busy and would send another manager up. He ended up coming himself and told me he was doing inventory. I told him I had spoken to him earlier and felt a bit put off by his "customer comes last" attitude. He said he felt that my son should have known the paint would not be white when he opened it. I explained that my son entrusted Home Depot and they handed him the product.

Never having used it before, how was he to know this was unusual. After all, Glidden, which Home Depot carries, does this color change when drying. The manager basically said he's going above and beyond by giving me more than the can of paint. He never apologized for the mishap or showed any concern that it was a large inconvenience. I told him my son used primer, which he now needed to use again, brushes (there were two painters), rollers for the primer and the paint, and disposable trays as well as the tape for the edges. All products were bought at Home Depot at the same time as the paint. I had the receipt with me.

My son was upset at the prospect of having to repaint (I even brought in pictures to show how much he painted of the walls and ceiling) and really felt all of the materials he had gone through should be replaced as the job must be redone. Again, the manager reiterated that he was going above and beyond with what he was doing. He did not replace the primer, gave me paint, a tray and brush/roller set that he felt should do, plus a couple of liners. He again said he was going above and beyond, not "I'm sorry for all of this inconvenience."

So my son got one tray but had used two, one brush but had used two, two rollers but got two because there were two people. When I said that this was silly and that we depend on the product to be what it says, he said, "Oh someone probably mixed it and put it back on the shelf." Well, that may be okay by him, but it sure doesn't sit well with me. What kind of excuse is this? Now you don't know what is in what you're buying without proving it. It's a good thing pharmacies don't run by this mantra.

I really felt that the customer did not matter. I was inconveniencing him and taking him away from what he was doing. Forget my discomfort at being at the front of the store having to defend my son using the paint Home Depot provided. Forget all the time lost painting as well as returning. Perhaps he will go to a smaller local paint store next time.

Resolution Update 02/13/2008:

Home Depot customer care e-mailed and said they were sorry about the incident and appreciated feedback. They were going to send a gift card.

Great customer service
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Rating: 5/51

MIAMI -- I can't explain how happy I am to found the paint section at Home Depot. They were nothing short of fantastic. I was treated like a valued customer and they even pointed me in the right direction for a discount instead of up selling me like most companies would do.

False Advertising on Both Home Depot Shelf Tag and Website
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Rating: 2/51

I was shopping for paint thinner today and stopped at Home Depot. I had the usual metal gallon can in my hand from the lower shelf, and noticed the plastic containers at eye level said "Safer" on them. I'm not green and I don't care about safe, but I care about price. I noticed the shelf tag said "Safer Klean Strip Thinner GAL $9.47." Then I saw the shelf tag for the can in my hand, and it said "Klean Strip Thinner GAL $9.97." I was seriously considering the Safer product, until I noticed "120oz" on the label. I looked at the can in my hand, and sure enough it said "128oz." Then I looked at "quarts" of the Safer variety, and sure enough they said "30oz." The shelf tag said "QT."

So, I arrived home and visited the HD website. The Safer item is advertised in large bold letters as "1-Gal," and down in the "specifications" area it says "128 oz." But looking at the picture in the listing, well, you can look for yourself - 120 oz! Maybe Klean Strip bamboozled HD, but HD needs to get their advertising fixed. I was also in Lowe's today and noticed their tags are *correct*.

Dismal Customer Service
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- On 1/18/07 I went to the paint area to purchase paint. There were two sales assistants working the area. The one assisting me was mute and unable to communicate beyond a few grunts and had difficulty understanding all of my request. When I asked the other assistant ** for help he responded that he was "busy cleaning up and could not assist." I then asked could he not simply answer my question wherein he responded, while "cleaning" in the exact same area that I was in, that "he could not be in two places at once." I then asked to speak with a manager and was told that I needed to go to Customer Service.

At Customer Service Assistant Manager ** was paged. After waiting several minutes a person who looked like she might be employed by Home Depot passed by me. After several more minutes this person passed by me again and went to the Customer Service desk and spoke with the person who paged her. She then approached me, and without identifying herself, asked if I needed help. I responded by asking her had she not noticed me standing there when she first passed by. She stated that she had but she wanted to address the person who "said what they said to me before they left and did I still need help?"

I told her yes that was why I was at Customer Service and that I would have expected her to acknowledge my presence before speaking to the attendant. She told me that she was now ready to help me. As we turned to walk toward the paint center she abruptly stopped and said "Wait I forgot something" and walked away to assist another customer waiting in Customer Service.

At this point I went back to the initial person in Customer Service and stated that I wanted to see a Manager and not an Assistant Manager and was told that ** was the only Manager on duty. After another five minutes ** came back all smiles and said "I am ready to help you now." This is my third time at this particular Home Depot and each time the customer service has been dismal.

Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer Really Works
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Let's face it, nobody really enjoys painting. It's a drudgery that you want to complete in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort. Having recently moved I wanted to convert one of the small bedrooms into a home office. The walls were painted this gag me ugly hunter green. The kind of color that looked like it would bleed through with anything that you threw at it. I'm old school figuring I'll need a primer plus 2 coats of paint. This is a lot of work. You're painting the same room 3 times. Grrr.

Home Depot advertises their Behr Premium Paint & Primer for $33.00 a gallon. Consumer Reports rated it Number One. Tried a sample first of the "Indulgent Mocha PWN-70" (where do they get these names?) before I took the plunge. Seemed to work okay.

Fast forward. This paint is thick & odorless with no dripping problems. Easy to work with and clean-up. The first coat covered about 85% of the nasty green with little bleed through. Dry to the touch in 2 hours, repaint after 4 hours. The second coat nailed it to perfection with a rich eggshell finish and NO bleed through. The results were fantastic, I couldn't believe how good it looked. This is high quality paint sold at a reasonable price that works as advertised. Highly Recommended.

Paint Counter
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HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- I spent most of my life at the Home Depot paint counter. There were 10 people waiting today at noon for paint to be colored. There was 1 man on the counter! Another associate relieved him for lunch to leave the 10 of us standing there! I think it is extremely bad management to leave 1 paint man on the counter during the rush hours (especially lunch time).

Beside leaving 1 man alone to service the counter when there were two, for the fleeting moment, they talked, kidded around, and ignored the 10 staring at them. When someone comes and asks a question they stop what they are doing to answer the question when we waiting in line for them to service us. It stinks and I will go elsewhere. There is no competition in the area. We need a big competitor in Miami near the Home Depot at 5500 NW 167 St Hialeah, FL 33014. I'll be their 1st customer.

Wrong Paint
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Rating: 2/51

PORTLAND, MAINE -- I spent over $1,000 to redo my bath at Home Depot and then I order the color paint - I wanted a light gray. I hired it all done because I am a senior citizen and needed to install a shower to walk into in place of my tub. I spent 800 on my shower and bought plywood, a light, towel bars and equipment to install. When I found out my gray was so dark that it looks awful and I did not realize until half done.

I called the store to complain. I have the card that shows the color I ordered and am so unhappy with this color. I was offered a refund or another gallon of paint. What good would that do me as I cannot paint and have to hire it redone. I was told to find out the cost of painting. This turned out to be 35.00 an hr. and 4 hrs of work. I will never be able to redo this bathroom as I am an old lady and wanted it done right. All I want is a gallon of paint and someone to do it.

Bad Customer Service - Manager Could Care Less
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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO -- During my lunch hour today (only an hour) I head into Home Depot to get my weekend paint mixed up. No one available in the paint center and two people ahead of me wondering why there are 10 people in the front customer service department chatting, laughing and basically doing nothing when there are customers needing quick help to allow them to get on with their projects.

Turns out the paint person is at the door greeting people and can't leave her post!! The paint department is basically unavailable until 2 o'clock. I ask for a manager and finally 10 minutes later he walks up, wiping off his mouth from his own lunch. He couldn't care less what my complaint was or how he could possibly fix the problem. The other two customers waiting for paint left and by that time half of my lunch hour is gone.

I explained what the situation was and he suggested I come back at 2 instead of relieving the paint girl from her greetings duties to help me. I wound up going to Ace Hardware where customers are still treated like customers. I will never go to this Home Depot again. This past year I have spent over $10,000 there. They have lost my business.

Parking Lot/Paint
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I went to the Home Depot where I do all my home improvement shopping. And when I parked and got out of my truck I noticed that there was Red paint on the ground and it was now all on my tire. I nicely told the gentleman at the door that there was fresh red paint on the ground in the parking lot. He said OK and that was that. I GOT WHAT I CAME TO BUY AND AGAIN TOLD THE LADY AT THE CUSTOMER DESK ABOUT THE PAINT. All they did was look at me like (what am I supposed to do). It is getting to the point where I will have to start going elsewhere to get my things.

I have been shopping there at that store for 10 years AND HAVE NEVER BEEN LOOKED AT LIKE THAT BEFORE IN MY LIFE. I had to buy paint thinner to try to get the paint off so I won't track it onto my cement driveway. So now I have brand new tires with one with Red paint on it. Thank you.

Home Depot Employee Goes Above and Beyond!
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ROANOKE, TEXAS -- I recently decided to repaint my dining room. On three occasions, I had the opportunity to work with ** in the paint department to select tools and paint to do the job. ** was a joy to work with!! I wanted a specific color matched and he spent over 30 minutes doctoring the formula to match the color I wanted. Was very patient, even when the first (several) tries didn't quite match. Chatted with us and helped other customers as they came along. He also suggested several tools to make the job easier. There are many great employees at this location, but ** stood out in the crowd!!

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