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Home "Creepo" Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CREEPY ST -- Thought about having HD reface a small kitchen. OMG their estimate was close to $20,000!!! ARE THEY NUTS????? And, to make matters worse, I had to sign up NOW!!!! I couldn't think about it overnight or wait for the wife's input. What creeps HD has working. Over 2 1/2 hours to FINALLY get to a bottom number that I had to agree upon NOW!!!!! or the price would go up 2,000. No more HD for us thanks.
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tnchuck100 on 2012-11-09:
This may have been a helpful review had you included where this took place. "Creepy St." doesn't cut it.
Rosie M Banks on 2012-11-09:
How did they even come up with that number? Were the doors gold lined? I'd be upset too!
madconsumer on 2012-11-09:
depending on the quality of the cabinets, and kitchen, 20k is not bad. considering new kitchen cabinets can be as much as 50k or more.
BigAl on 2012-11-09:
Anytime anybody says you have to make up your mind "right now" walk away, it's a scam.
I love my son on 2012-11-09:
I don't think they were trying to run a scam on you Home Depot is way to big of a company to do that, I do think maybe they were pushy with you..Also depending on how many cabinets and type they are refacing the quote may not be off..Refacing isn't cheap its just cheaper then full kitchen remodel..
FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-09:
Highballing you doesn't equal "creepy" in my book. They offered you, what you considered to be a high estimate. You said no, No big deal.

The reason they were adamant about getting a commitment out of you is that IIRC, they charge you $35-$65 for the estimate. After two and a half hours, the people doing the estimate had burned through their hour/two hours of paid labor for the estimate, and they are eager to move on to the next job. If the OP balked at their initial offer, they may have thought figured that they weren't going to make enough money on the job for it to be worth their while and they just wanted to leave, hence the ultimatum. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it's a plausible explination.

dijon509181 on 2012-11-10:
I watch HG TV and have seen professionals remodel homes including more than one room with furnishings for much less than 20K. The cost nowadays for just a simple item is ridiculous and usually will not last very long. I would like to replace some appliances in my home but fear that they will be short term junk with a mega price tag. Keep your old kitchen if possible because it will probably last longer than what you will end up with.
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Home Depot borderline harassment....
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- Went in Home Depot like I have been doing for years to purchase items-for the last time by the way----Little did I know what harassment will ensue from a sales representative stopping me for Cabinet refacing/installation--It is amazing to me that you could call a phone number that many times in a 4 day period--which is how long they had to give the estimate---NO SIR--HAS TO BE DONE WITHIN 4 DAYS FROM TODAY____????What a joke-or what?I can't get the refacing deal of a lifetime unless I end the harassment first?? Horrible company---Done with them. They need to address this sales pitch here. LOWES RULES!!!
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User Replies:
HomeDepot_Care on 2011-10-23:

Hi there. Sorry to hear about your store experience. I would be happy to look into this for you. Please email me with details at robert_care@homedepot.com

Thanks kindly,
HD Customer Care
Social Media Team
Starlord on 2011-10-26:
I am very impressed that companies are checking out the reviews and offer help to those who have a problem. Kudos to Home Depot!
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I big headache - wasted over $14,000 tons of time and energy
Posted by on
BALDWIN PARK, CALIFORNIA -- Yes, Home Depot will come in with the cheapest price for cabinet refacing, but that is exactly what you get cheap and the unprofessionalism to go with it. And the time and energy you expend trying to get the job done correctly is not worth it.
I had all the cabinets refaced in my home. First their installer was rude and obnoxious. Smoking in my garage, leaving the door open with flies and smoke streaming into my home. I had to call At Home Services (Home Depot) and ask for another installer. I won’t list all the details of his behavior as you would probably not believe that someone would be this rude in a customer’s home.

They cut 2 cabinet doors incorrectly, and 2 cabinet doors were damaged. It took months to get this problem straightened out. Less than 2 years later, a cabinet door fell off. Recently a strip of plastic molding that snaps onto the front of each shelf split and would no longer stay on the shelf edge. I called At Home Services to order a new piece of molding and was told they don't carry the molding anymore - nothing they can do. So now I have an ugly old shelf edge showing in this cabinet. There is no good deal here. Even 5 years later I'm still having ongoing problems with the cabinets.

And this is only the cabinet refacing story, you should hear the bathtub replacement saga….it’s even better!
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azRider on 2011-06-03:
so they did a bad job on the cabinets.. and you went back to have the tub done?

maybe a 3rd time with something else will be lucky.
Whiteduck on 2011-06-03:
Touch of sarcasm there Az?
THD_Daniel on 2011-06-03:
Hi Terry,

I;m sorry to hear about all troubles. My name is Erfon with Home Depot's social media team. I am happy to look into all this for you. What is left to be done, and have you heard anything in reference to the repairs since you called Home Services? Please feel free to email me your order #, contact info, & more details.

Thank you,

Home Depot Social Media
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HD doesn't stand behind their product
Posted by on
In September 2007 I paid almost $9,000 to Home Depot to get my cabinets refaced. The price seemed high, for the mid-range cabinet doors and drawer fronts I had chosen, but I wanted the work done right and I thought that by going with a large, reputabel company, I'd get better workmanship and a better finished job overall.
The workman who did the refacing did a great job. They looked amazing, and I was really pleased.
That was 3 years ago, and now the drawers are disintegrating and some of the veneer is starting to peel.
I called their customer service folks only to be told that my warranty was up and they'd charge me by the hour to come out and fix the cabinets. They wanted $75 over the phone before they would even schedule an appointment and couldn't give me any real idea of what it would end up costing me. Not sure how they'd fix them in any case, since they are basically falling apart.
I understand that the warranty is up and I was prepared to pay something, but to be told that I had to pay the $75 UP FRONT was insulting;over the years, I'm sure I've spent well in excess of $20,000 with this company and it's galling that they take no responsibility for their products. For $9,000, cabinets should last more than 3 years, warranty or not.
I'll find someone else to fix them and they have lost a good customer. If you're shopping for cabinet refacing, be warned. After a year, you're on your own.
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jktshff1 on 2010-10-11:
"I thought that by going with a large, reputabel company". Going with a small local company (which usually does the installs for them) and dealing direct is usually a better option.
trmn8r on 2010-10-11:
"The workman who did the refacing did a great job." If this were true, and the cabinets have not been abused, they wouldn't be falling apart. I didn't realize HD farms out cabinet refacing. That is a tricky and expensive job - personally I would have located an independent company with a good reputation. I am sorry you are going through this. 3 years is a long time (humidity an temperature changes, wear and tear), and it is the warranty that will dictate if they cover any repairs. If it is expired, you are out of luck.
Venice09 on 2010-10-12:
Many people think that going with big companies like Home Depot, Sears, etc. means they will get the best service, but it's a false sense of security. Just because they are well known names doesn't mean they can always be trusted. And they are usually more expensive than smaller companies.

I think Home Depot should have sent someone out for free to give you an estimate for repairs. I agree that $9,000 is a lot of money. It sounds like the materials caused more of a problem than the workmanship. Maybe mid-range priced materials are only meant to last three years or so.

My parents had the kitchen cabinets refaced a long long time ago, and when my father sold the house many years later, they looked as good as new. The wood underneath was probably high quality, which might make a difference.
werelucky on 2010-10-12:
One of the reasons that Home Depot is supposed to have lower prices is because they sell lower quality materials. Walking in their kitchen display area shows what garbage they sell. You do much better with a local contractor using a local non chain building material supplier. Avoid big box home centers if you want quality.
jktshff1 on 2010-10-12:
Most people go to these stores to get the cheapest price vs quality work.
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Bath Vanity Cabinet Came Broken Twice
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CANANDAIGUA, NEW YORK -- I ordered a bathroom vanity online. It was just what I was looking for, right size and color. First one came in damaged, reordered, second one broken marble top. Called resolution center talked to a nice person, was going to give me a discount and extra packaging will be added to the package. I said I'd give it one more try. But not so fast, its out of stock!

BIG SCREAM !!!!! Never, never, never again will they get a penny from me!!
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Kitchen Cabinet Install 3 Months and Still Not Complete
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE about their customers! They get your money and expect that you will work on their time frame not yours, they hope you will accept faulty work, they don't even act sympathetic, they treat you like your the problem not their hired people. I could not be any more upset with this situation and the workmanship they tell you your going to get is a lie. I will NEVER BUY from HOME DEPOT again, I surely will not recommend anyone use their INSTALL services they are not qualified people.
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Karnamay on 2013-06-25:
I heard this morning from a relative, that HD in Calgary, Alberta is selling a flat of water for $42!! Tens of thousands have had their homes flooded and destroyed and HD is taking advantage of people in need. I am disgusted!
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Order your cabinets anywhere but Home Depot
Posted by on
BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT -- I special ordered my Kraftmaid Cabinets from the Home Depot in Bridgeport, CT. The order was processed by Home Depot and fulfilled by Kraftmaid. At the time of cabinet selection I brought along a photo of a door style, which I showed to the representative. He then showed me an actual door panel which was a very close match. I then selected this style for the unit I was ordering (for a desk, 2 cabinets, 7 drawers). When my cabinets arrived, the drawer fronts did not match the cabinet doors. I called Kraftmaid, who pointed the finger at Home Depot. They informed me that in the line that I ordered, the drawer fronts are different than the cabinet doors. At the time of ordering, I was not informed of this, nor was I shown what the drawer fronts would look like. Seeking a solution through Home Depot was frustrating and did not yield any results. They felt I should have known the styles were different, though they could not tell me how I was supposed to know that. Refused to exchange the drawer fronts or cabinet doors to achieve a matching set of cabinet/drawer fronts. Offered to order new doors for me at my expense. No thanks. Go to Lowes or a reputable local kitchen contractor.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 2010-12-13:
This sounds like the H.D. employee who placed the order to Kraftmaid made a small mistake that is now causing you a major headache. The blame clearly falls on H.D. Rather than admit their mistake & correct it they generously offered you new doors at your expense?? Pleezzze. I hope you used a C.C. so you can dispute this. Try contacting the Corporate Office for a resolution. The store manager is definitively not helping or doing their job. I prefer Lowe's over H.D. but the same mistake could have just as easily happened there. It's how they correct the problem that counts. Keep us posted.
john on 2013-05-25:
fairly easy to resolve replace the cabinets front , before doing so make sure you have the right match a photo can be misleading , some door have slabs .
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Ask what color your cabinets will be!!!
Posted by on
We're in month 3 of our cabinet refacing job. There have been many professional touches during the project that are satisfying. UNTIL the cabinet doors came in yesterday. They were a completely different color than the ones that we ordered. We have a sample door, the designer has a sample door, and ours came in at least 2 shades lighter. All of our decisions (granite, etc.) were based on the sample doors, and we're going into an existing space. The color matters. There has been no effort to fix the problem. They say they'll get darker with age - that doesn't matter! We can order them again, wait 5 weeks, but they said the color might not be right (like our sample). Might be a nice kitchen when it's done, just not in our house. Very disappointed.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 2010-03-02:
I don't know why people don't try to do things for themselves. I literally stained my kitchen cabinets myself and sealed them too, it's easier than painting. So easy in fact I dare say a caveman could do it.
localgod on 2010-03-03:
Really, ask a guy...we don't care if the color matches. Really! We say we do, but we really don't care! (I hope my wife isn't reading this!) Don't bother asking, we'll lie about it.
homedepot_michael on 2010-03-03:
Hi, this is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; I work very closely with Michael. I would like to help you get this taken care of. Mind emailing me with more details like what store and your order number to tinzley_care@homedepot.com.

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA. 30339
gmason1 on 2010-04-19:
Update on kitchen remodel - It's still not done! Many cabinet panels with measured wrong and needed to be reordered. New panels came in damaged with wrong edge. We are still waiting. This project is definitely too big for Home Depot.
Ytropious on 2010-04-19:
Next time just gut and put new cabs in, it's a weekend job really.
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Never Use Home Depot
Posted by on
NAPLES, FLORIDA -- My husband and I contracted Home Depot for installation of cabinets and countertops. Dealing with this store has been absolutely horrible!!! From start to finish everything has gone wrong! We finally got our cabinets in two months later than the salesperson told us it would take. That was only after constantly calling them to get things scheduled such as measurements. The salesperson assured us after we paid way more money than we expected to, that there would be no hidden costs or any extra money expected. My husband asked him at least ten times if there would be anything else we would have to pay after the $8,000.00 that we spent and he swore that we were done. So, with that said, I am now being told that we have to pay an extra $800.00 because there was a "glitch" in the computer at Home Depot which made the measurements wrong.

Finally after multiple phone calls I speak to the store manager and she tells me that she is willing to cut the amount in half so that we only have to pay $370.00, I of course start laughing hysterically and couldn't believe what she was saying! She also said "If I wasn't as nice of a person, I could make the $800.00 stick because you signed a document stating that there could be changes. This of course is after she said the computer had a "glitch". She also said that it is our word against Roberts that he told us there would be no further cost! We thought by going with a big company we would be safe! Ha! I will never so much as buy a light bulb from Home Depot again and I will let everyone I know to never use Home Depot for anything. I work in customer service and If I ever acted like these people I would have already lost my job!

What happened to making the customer happy? Oh wait, that is before you pay $8,000 and sign on the dotted line because after that they've got you and your screwed! The only bright spot in all this has been talking to a very nice person by the name of "Krista" who works for the customer service 800 line. She is the only one that actually wanted to help and seemed to care. People like her should be working on the sales floor not the people who are currently there!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
Not that this is relevant, but I can't think of a bigger waste of money than to spend $8,000 on new cabinets. JMHO. Buy a can of paint and some new brass handles and save $7,972.00.
Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
Oops, I missed the fact that you were also buying a countertop. I can see buying one of these if you need it.
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Cabinet - Counters - Flooring
Posted by on
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Three projects, three nightmares. What are the odds?

Nightmare 1: kitchen cabinet refacing. Three day project took five weeks. Seems they showed me samples from one manufacturer and delivered product from another manufacturer with crappy quality and wrong stain color.

Nightmare 2: Silestone counter top in kitchen. Ordered and paid extra for the beveled edge. Counter installed had beveled edge but the edge was not polished. Had to remove counter top, take to factory to fix then reinstall. One day project took 10 days.

Nightmare 3: Kitchen floor. Paid to have old floor that was installed in 1988 removed, floor leveled and new vinyl put down. Guy shows up at 8:00 a.m., said he had to get an additive for the filler to level the floor, never came back. One day project took seven.

NEVER... EVER... USE HOME DEPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 2007-10-01:
We have not had too many good installation experiences with HD... Your best bet is to find a contractor on your own... Home Depot doesn't really do much screening of the contractors they send out... and they don't work for HD... they are all independent companies.
Principissa on 2007-10-01:
I agree with Sparticus. You are better off going to a store that specializes in flooring and hiring a contractor for your counter tops. When you go through stores like this, you are essentially getting what you pay for. I have a friend who installs flooring for a living and he told me that he constantly goes on jobs to clean up after one of these so called "experts" from stores like this install things.
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