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Product failure
Posted by Screeden on 09/23/2003
GEORGIA -- I recently painted my garage floor with the Home Depot (BEHR) 1 part epoxy. I followed the instructions to the letter. I degreased, I acid etched, I primed then put 2 coats of the coatings and 1 clear coat. it looked GREAT until it rained. When I backed out of the garage i heard this ripping sound, all four tires had lifted off the coatings. Behr responded with "WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY" that's great but that is not what I wanted. I spent over 2 weeks on this project and was inconvenienced for longer than that by having to park outdoors. BEHR needs to inform consumers of this defect in the product, correct it or stop selling the product.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-02-22:
ok so you had a problem with behr why are you posting the complaint under home depot?? they dont own behr so the complaint should be with them
Posted by DaveA on 2005-03-08:
The issue, then, is with BEHR paints and not with Home Depot.
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Bad Experience with wood floor installation
Posted by Hana on 11/08/2007

August 27, 2007

In January 2006, we purchased hardwood floors at Home Depot, Arlington, Texas 76011
The floors were installed by Cooper Flooring
Carrollton, Texas 75006

After the floor was installed, my husband wrote a note in the comment section of he sign off sheet, that we were dissatisfied with the installation and that some of the boards were damaged when installed. Also the molding was not flush to the wall in the dinning area. We really thought that someone from Home Depot would contact us about our comments of dissatisfaction. No one called. After a few weeks we started trying to contact someone at Home Depot to help us. We tried numerous times to contact Home Depot to tell them of our concern in regards to the floor and the installation. No one seemed to be too concerned. At one time, my husband and I went to the flooring department at Home Depot and spoke with the salesman in that department and told him that one of the boards had come up on the end and was splintering and a small part had even broken off. The salesman told us we could probably just super glue it back down. I told him, I did not think that would look very good. During the year we tried many times to get help from Home Depot on this matter, with no success.

Finally around March of 2007, I took the paperwork, which showed where my husband had written the remarks in the comment section for the sign off on the installation (of our dissatisfaction), to the store along with the piece of the wood that broken off, and spoke with a Brad at the service desk. I showed him the paperwork where we signed off with dissatisfaction. He said he had no notes where we had been in or called. I told him we had called on numerous occasions, each time thinking someone would contact us. He said the warranty was out and did not know if there was anything that could be done. I told him, we had tried many times to get someone to help us with this problem for a year. He said he would see what he could do. After a couple of weeks, Laura from Home Depot, called and said she had taken over for Brad.

She seemed really interested in helping us get this resolved and I felt like finally someone was interested in getting this resolved. She arranged for a private inspector to come and inspect the floor. Did not hear from Home Depot for several days so I contacted Laura to find results of inspection. The inspector had determined that some boards did need to be replaced. I was given the number to Cooper Flooring and told to call them. This was the first time that I realized that we needed to have someone else involved in our problem. I thought everything was handled by Home Depot and did not realize I was responsible for notifying other parties. It took several days and several calls before they made arrangements for us to pick up one box of wood from Home Depot, which Home Depot had authorized. They were going to repair our floor. This was in April of 2007. At last we felt we would get our problem resolved.

June 20, 2007
Mario, from Cooper Flooring came to repair our floor. I was not sure just what he was going to do. Mario came in and looked around and was surprised to see all the damaged wood and the bad installation. He shook his head and asked “who did this installation?” We told him someone from Cooper Flooring. There were gaps in between boards and also end to end. After looking at the installation and the damaged boards, Mario concluded that it would take 4 ‘more’ boxes of wood to do the repair work.(I was told by Cooper Flooring that Mario was an expert and that repairs was his expertise…so I trusted what Mario said as truth) He said you have to replace a section, not just ‘a board’.

He was on the phone with Cooper Flooring and Home Depot for quite a while, discussing this matter. After he completed his conversation, he told me that Home Depot wanted to talk to me. Laura said she would get back with me. She never called and after several days I called her back and she finally told me to make arrangements to pick up ‘4 more boxes of wood’ and they would pay to repair the floor. Once again, I felt the wait would be worth it. My husband went to Home Depot to pick up the other 4 boxes of wood.

July 3, 2007
Roger and crew from Cooper Flooring showed up to do repair. Roger and crew started getting the boards out to measure what they needed and then said “we have a problem”, “they boards are not the right length”. They had to call their boss to see what to do. While they waited for the boss to make a decision, they talked about the way the floor was installed. They noticed the gaps in between and end to end and said they “use the blue tape to hold the boards so there won’t leave gaps like this, when they do installations”. They also said it looked like the “top layer of wood was coming off”. They also said the “molding should have been nailed to the wall and putted if necessary”. The molding in the dining room, which my husband noted in the comments on the sign off sheet, was not even nailed to the wall, and was not even flush to the wall. It is my opinion that they felt like, from their remarks, that it was not a good installation. Mario, the first repairman that came, out seemed to fill the same way, from his comments. Finally, Laura from Home Depot called me back and said the repairmen found only ‘4 boards out of the entire 5 boxes’ of wood that would fit and that would be all they would repair. She said she cannot continue to send out boxes of wood. I told her we could not continue to pick up boxes of wood either. She said they could repair only the 4 boards or I could take them to court if I wanted to.

Roger said they could only replace the 4 boards that they were authorized to do. He said they could put wood putty in between all the gaps in the floor. That is not ‘fixing our problem’ in my opinion. I think that wood putty on expensive wood floors would look awful. I told Roger and his crew just to leave, that replacing only the 4 boards would not fix the problem. We paid good money for this floor and to half way patch up the job is a messy fix is not acceptable. I called customer service and spoke with Nicole.
I told Nicole my concerns. She tried to get Laura Lee on the phone but could not get her. I spoke with Nicole the next day and she said she spoke with a manager from home depot and the manager would get with Laura and find out what is going on. She said they would call me that same day. I did not hear from Home Depot the next couple of days and I tried to contact Nicole several times and could not reach her. I spoke with a Michelle at Customer care on August 3, 2007 and she pulled up my records and said she would email Nicole and tell her that I had not heard from home depot. I did not hear from Nicole the next morning so I called her. She apologized and said she had been sick.

On Monday, August 6, 2007 I heard from Laura Lee at home depot. She said ‘evidently you contacted someone at customer care…then she asked me “what is it that you want?” I told her I wanted my floor fixed. She said the guys replaced the 4 boards and that was all they were going to do. I told her that they had not replaced any of them. I asked her,” I have 5 boxes of wood and that only 4 boards was all that would fit”? She said they were only going to replace the “delaminated boards”. I asked her what a delaminated board was and she could not tell me. She said I would have to call Armstrong Flooring to find out. She was not too happy at this time. and seemed irritated that I had called customer care.

She then changed her mind and said she would have Armstrong to come out and do another inspection..

On August 14, 2007, an Armstrong inspector came out. He said he would get the report to the retailer the next day. He said I should hear from the retailer within 1 week.

The report was supposed to be turned in on August 15,2007 according to the inspector and I never heard from Home Depot. Finally on August 27, 2007 to pay for installation and repair of only “2” boards according to the report. This is only for the damaged boards according to Armstrong, the wood floor supplier, and nothing to do with the installation.

Home Depot and Cooper Flooring must have felt some responsibility and wanted to make things right by supplying us with one box of wood to use to repair the floor after the examination was done by first inspector. I did not know how much one box would repair. They also much have had some confidence in the repairman, Mario’s judgment in determining that we needed another 4 boxes of wood to repair the floor to a reasonable fix, or they would not have had us to pick up 4 more boxes of wood. I fell that Home Depot is responsible for a good installation and damaged boards. A messy fix and wood putty is not acceptable. I am not sure why the boards did not ‘fit’, but Home Depot should know about wood installations better than us. We have 5 boxes of engineered wood still setting in our living room floor.

We have more than 1 issue, the boards and the installation. If Armstrong Flooring is responsible for replacing only delimited boards, maybe there were only 2, I am not sure, since I do not know what delimited means. However there are splintered and damaged boards. Also, I think that the installation is a big factor and that Home Depot and Cooper Flooring should be held responsible for this. We have done much business with Home Depot, but will not in the future.

Saturday, September 1, 2007, I received a call from Amber at Customer Care for Home Depot. She said my case had been transferred from Nicole to her. She asked me if a resolution had been made to my satisfaction after the last inspection. I told her that I was not satisfied with the last phone message I had from Laura. She told me to call Laura at Home Depot and see if we can work it out. I told her that Laura would probably tell me to take a hike, that the message that she left me was all they were willing to do. I called Laura in the AM on Sept 2, 2007. A lady that worked there said Laura Lee just left to go pick up a prescription and she would be right back. I asked her if I could leave a message, she said yes. I left my name and number and asked her to call me. I did not receive a call from her all day on the 2nd.

In a week or so, Amber, from customer care called me and asked if I had gotten a confirmation number from Home Depot as to the results of the last investigation. I told her I had not heard back from Home Depot since I last talked to her. That was when Laura had called and left a message on my message machine saying that Armstrong would only replace 2 boards and she did not give me a confirmation number. I told her again of my dissatisfaction and frustration. She said she would look in my file and see if she could find any notes where we had called during the first year. She said that customer care was only obligated to honor the warranty and if a store takes it upon itself to go beyond that, it would be up to the independent store to take care of any situation. She told me if she found anything she would call me back.

September 7, 2007 and I have not heard back from Customer care. I suppose that Amber did not find any thing that would help us. I did receive a call from Laura at Home Depot today. She was very nice and said she had not heard back from me since she left the message that Armstrong would only replace the 2 boards and wondered what I wanted them to do. I told her I was not happy with the wood or the installation and did not think that replacing the 2 boards would solve anything for us. Laura said she would talk to her zone manager and have him to call us Monday or Tuesday of next week. She said he could do more on his level than she could. She was very nice and seemed to want to get this resolved.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-08:
Wow, this is some novel. I did read it all though. I think if you have documentation to support everything you say then file a small claims suit and list all of the above as defendants. I'm no lawyer but it reads like you have a decent case.
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Home Depot Flooring Scams
Posted by Chalyse on 01/18/2008
ILLINOIS -- Thank goodness for the reviews on here ... I finally got so suspicious that I did a quick internet search on Home Depot flooring and found nearly the exact same rip-off being pulled on me.

December 24, 2007 I was in Home Depot buying some vinyl flooring pieces in preparation for selling my home 'as-is' (no guarantees) and was pulled aside to be told about carpeting on clearance that, with mat and install on 600 square feet, would be around $500. I had the measuring guy out and he said they'd have to inspect for sub-flooring problems (old house, some plywood subfloor is worn/damaged and needs replacing).

I take another day off work, they send out a sub-contractor to do the inspection, he says he's only install not subfloor and heads out the door, giving me the name and number of yet another guy who promises to show up by afternoon. he arrives 9 pm and says he'll come up with an estimate, but that since he's independent (not subcontracted to HD) can't guarantee they'll honor the carpet install work after he's done.

i call the manager and she tries to tell me (like others here) that they never said they'd install at the price quoted (i have the quote) and that they needed to send another inspector from another sub-contractor because the previous ones had been 'in error'.

fully a month later, the 'correct' subflooring guy shows up, says he'd need to replace all subflooring, and only if they get contract to do the job 'at whatever it costs to repair flooring' will they start job and know if they require joists to be replaced ... and perhaps will want to replace the entire flooring structure on one room (originally a three-season room, converted to extra bedroom 20 years ago)...and as a final potential mark-up... that he thinks the vinyl flooring in one room has asbestos materials in it (ka-ching!).

i ran a sample of the 'asbestos material' down to a certified lab today, it has absolutely no asbestos in it. that was my epiphany. one month, all bait and switch tactics and no estimate without my agreeing to writing them a blank check.

it was enough to send me on the internet to find out if this was happening to others. indeed, here are all the outrageous stories - late this afternoon HD and I agreed to part ways. I lost $130 on inspections that lead nowhere ... and two full days of work ... not to mention a full month off the timeline I have for putting the house on market.

I've now called three other companies who do not have horrible reviews showing up on the internt (one chain, two local) and whoever quotes the lowest gets my business.

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Illegal Charges for Installation - Won't refund
Posted by Bimmer-rr on 03/27/2006
BELLINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I contracted with Home Depot to have them install a ceramic tile kitchen floor, ceramic tile backsplash, and Silestone countertop. Home Depot was responsible for the measurements and installation of all three projects. In the case of the backsplash, the job was grossly overestimated. I paid for materials and installation of 216 square feet of backsplash. Only after the job was completed, when eleven (11) of the fourteen (14) cartons of tile were left in my garage, did I realize how much I had overpaid. The prepaid labor on these eleven (11) cartons came to $1,013.49 (labor at $5.55 per sq. foot). In addition, Home Depot double charges for the border tile, charging an additional $5.00 per linear foot for border tiles, without reducing the estimated square footage of the backsplash tile. Finally I was charged for more wall outlets that were not present.
My kitchen floor experience was similar, although not as grossly overestimated. I paid for installation 472 square feet of ceramic tile (at $7.97 per sq. foot). When the job was completed, I had two unopened cartons of tile (for which installation was prepaid).
Home Depot refused to refund the labor charge on unopened cartons of tile. The store management cites an "industry standard" policy of "materials handled". According to this policy, if the installer simply brings the cartons of tile to your house, you must pay for installation regardless of whether the cartons were even opened. For the kitchen floor, this resulted in an unethical, and I believe illegal overcharge of $271.00.
The store refuses to refund this overcharge. Home Depot corporate refuses to credit this amount unless a sign a "settlement and release" agreement that requires me to:

"fully release and discharge Home Depot, and its officers and employees from any and all claims, causes of action, and liability of every kind which customer had or may have arising from or concerning The Transaction."

I don't believe anyone should have to sign such a release for an unethical and illegal overcharge.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-27:
I'm assuming the installation is complete. If you're satisfied with the job and are comfortable that it was done correctly (important), consider signing the release. Unless another problem arises, a court case would still only be for the overcharges, which they are willing to pay right now. Be it weak or not, they also feel they could litigate the right to keep that money and their contract may back it. Releases are not that uncommon with pressing customers. They're basically saying, if we give you what you want to go away, then go away you will. It's a concession, consider signing it or you may not see that offer again.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-28:
You could also learn to do such projects yourself if you are physically able. There are stacks of books at the local library. Also Black and Decker has a great flooring project book. Tiling is not that difficult providing you can physically crawl on the floor. Would have saved you thousands of dollars.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-28:
Slim - good post. I'm not sure about the industry standard thing, Viper...I'd call Lowes and see if you could get that verified. Also about the release...like slim said, if your satisfied then take what they're offering. They could, under protection of the original terms of the work order, give you nothing. Return the unused product for the full refund. DsSmith...you're right, too...I've saved a ton of $ installing stuff myself. It took longer...and maybe isn't AS perfect as it might be if I had it done by a contractor...but it was therapeudic if nothing else.
Posted by KenPC on 2006-03-28:
I would file a small claims action on this. In most states you can file for triple damages in cases of unfair and deceptive business practices. They are well aware that their case will not stand up in front of a magistrate, and they will reimburse you rather than defend it in court.
Posted by WWYD on 2008-11-26:
This is not an industry standard.

My own theory is they've over-charged you more than you realize and are hoping you won't catch on.
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Home Depot and Wood Floors
Posted by Gus419 on 10/27/2003

I would like to bring to your attention a problem I had with the management at Home Depot, Inc., and I hope someone can do something about it. . This incident has left me quite annoyed

About 6 months after Home Depot from the Florida Pensacola store installed my Bruce hard wood floor, the Floor came unglued! they came and fixed it and said if any more planks come up call us. Many more planks came up! I called Home the Depot and the Floor Manger came to my home, as well as the Bruce floor rep, the installer, and his worker. they took up a plank and sent it to the Bruce lab. The Bruce Rep did a moisture Test 2 times, the same Day the plank was pulled up in front of the installer, Home Depot manager, the installers worker, my wife and myself, no moisture was found, the lab report came back and said it appeared to be installation/site related, including but not limited , to indication of moisture present, substance from the sub floor pulled up by glue there was also indications or undulations in the sub floor.

Then Home Depot called and said we will replace the whole floor, come to the store and pick out the one you want, my wife and I picked out the floor and they said it will take 2 weeks to come in, we waited 2 weeks and called and now they said we are working on it. and they don't know how long it will take, I called customer care as well and I was told it is in the legal dept. they are trying to get Bruce to pay for it.

I had contacted the Store again and they said there is nothing we can do for you anymore goodbye! Bruce did give me $500.00 to help me out somewhat! Home Depot did nothing but gave me a big runaround I went with Home Depot because the said they will stand behind their work!! the house is 2 years old and I had a bad floor for 2 years I think I waited long enough. I have a lifetime warranty on the install, and 15 years on the finish to this Day Home Depot did nothing for me! And now it going to cost me about $7,500 to replace.. P.S I just received a letter today from the Better Business Bureau stating to this Date we have not received the courtesy of a written reply from the company concerning your complaint..

As a result of this incident I will do everything I can to avoid Home Depot, Inc. in the future, and I will certainly advise others to avoid your store.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: Keep their word and fix my floor!! or return my money

I hope you are willing to address my concerns. I look forward to receiving a response within 10 business days.

Sincerely Gus B "Milton Florida"
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-07:
Re: Home Depot They Have to many complaints for me!!
I think what we can do is complain to Better Business Bureau, and just load Home Depot down with paper work
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-14:
I am having so many problems with The Home Depot, but do NOT know where to write or phone. Everyone ignores me!

Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-14:
Brent; Go to the top of this page were it reads consumer service click the small box and file all your complaints the more the better Good Luck Gus
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-15:
A good place to start is a letter to the CEO.
Contact Information
Robert L. Nardelli, CEO
2455 Paces Ferry Rd SE
Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-20:
Some advice to all about Home Depot, just go on your computer and search for home depot complaints . Then decide if this is the Store for me!!
Posted by stupid people on 2004-03-11:
oh please!!! the only reason home depot has more complaints then lowes and stuff is because home depot is much bigger then lowes whcih means more stores, more customers to complain about little stupid things.. if the floor comes up like that then its bruce floors who is at fault or who installed it which is just a contractors they dont really work for home depot. home depot just sells the stuff...
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Flooring Review
Posted by Mattyrn on 10/18/2005
KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- On August 12, 2005 I purchased Travertine Tile on sale at The Home Depot in Kissimmee, 4 pallets(104 boxes). At that time I also put in for an estimate for the tile to be put in my home. The measure was supposed to be done in three days....I called when no one showed up on the day of the measure and was told my measure date got mixed up. A week later my floors were measured. I waited several days for the estimate, when I called to find out about it I was told that I needed to pick out a grout color for the estimate to be complete.

I went to The Home Depot on August 25 and picked a grout color out. While I was there I decided that I wanted the tile I had purchased to be delivered to my home. I paid for delivery and it was supposed to arrive at my house in 3 days. It was never delivered. I called The Home Depot and was told a delivery date was not yet set up....So I set up another delivery date. The tile was never delivered.

This time when I called Sept 2, 2005. I was told the tile had been sold to another customer and that the store was in the process of looking for tile for me. I spoke with several people at the store including the Manager Chris and the Assistant Manager Mildred and Anna. By the end of the day Mildred informed me there was no more tile like that to be found. I was told by Mildred that they were ordering more Travertine and that I could have my 4 pallets from that order. I told her that I would need to see it before I decided. She informed me that it would not be the same tile but if there was a difference in price that The Home Depot would make up the difference and deliver the tile to me at no extra charge.

On September 21, 2005 Mildred called to let me know "my" tile was in and to come down and look at it to make sure it was acceptable. I went to the Home Depot, looked at the tile, liked it as much, and told her that it was fine. I asked when it could be delivered. She left, came back in a few minutes and told me that I could not have that tile because it was $1 more a sq ft and that I would have to pay the $930 difference.

I just could not believe this. I had waited over a month for them to find me tile and now they were charging me for their mistake. I contacted The Home Depot Customer Care and found out that they can do nothing for their customers.

I was told that Mildred would be looking into finding me a "more comparable" tile.
It is now over two months later. I had not heard from Mildred, Customer Care, or the Home Depot so I called Customer Care again today, Oct 18. I was told that The Home Depot's only offer was to refund my money or I can go and pick a more expensive tile and receive 20% off. The last time I was at Home Depot (September 21) I had seen a sign offering all customers 20% off tile. I still want the original tile I had purchased, or at least the tile I was promised after they sold my tile to someone else.

This has been a complete nightmare and I wanted everyone to know that The Home Depot is not a customer oriented store and there is no place you can turn within the company for satisfaction.

Thanks for listening.

Oh, buy the way, I still have never received and estimate for installing the tile...The company states they lost the measurements.....good grief.
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Posted by papi on 2005-11-06:
Next time get your material at a tile store. Use their tile Subs or hire youself tile setter. A very good one will charge you about $2.50 a s/f. Look in the Yellow Pages, Mostly good craftmen advertise there....Papi..
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All What I Wanted Is A New Floor...
Posted by Cashu on 01/11/2010
TORONTO -- I ordered a wood floor for my basement at "home depot". the basement was measured twice and payment done. upon delivering the boxes of wood, about one week before installment I came back to the store (#7073) wondering if 8 boxes will cover the space and was promised that it is the right amount.

On the first installment day (by 2 people) after about 70% of the floor was done I was told by the senior of them that "engineered wood" is not suitable for my sub-floor..the two took apart the floor piece by piece and left. the "senior installer" returned after 4 days and installed the "engineered floor" using the "nail method". According to him, "engineered floor" can be nailed as well as glued, and it is even written on the box (made in Quebec, Canada).too bad he did not have that information on the same day he installed the floor, in spite of many frantic phone calls to his office.

By that time he realized that there is not enough wood to cover the floor. it was on a weekend and I had to wait until Monday to discover that the supply of the 2 boxes (20% of the floor, not a small mistake of calculation) will take at least 2-3 weeks because it is a "special order". my floor is "Santos Mahogany", a regular stock item made in Canada and not in china. 3 weeks later the senior installer came to complete the job with the 2 boxes - colour is not a good match to what was already done.

Upon installing the "quarter round" finish he shut a nail straight to the main water pipe of the house...that was on December 18 and was discovered only on January 04, 2010.the nail plugged the hole and the leak of water was minor but after few days damaged some area of the new floor which is close to the pipe. the installer was aware of the water-pipe and worked around it with the floor. the "city" had to come and shut off the main water supply from the street to have the plumber pull out the nail and repair the hole. 2 holes, since thew nail went all the way through the pipe to the other side. I took good pictures with a "close up" showing the nail through the pipe. i also took pictures on the first day of installment before they took it apart.

I transferred the photos to "home depot" and notify (to Anna, who did report to Graham).i thought that Home Depot will send someone to fix the damage floor, as well as compensate me for my plumbing expanses. I had to take off 2 extra days from work to deal with the water pipe, I had no water the whole day until midnight. my house was in chaos from November 26, 2009 until January 04,2010. and what Mr. Graham (from store # 7073) had to say about it? he suggested that I will call a very simple #, 1-800-home-depot, and promised that someone will "call me within 72 hours" regarding repairing the damage, plumbing expenses...no one called. the customer does not know who is the company who is installing the product and simply "fall between the chairs". Home Depot was not the less expensive estimate I got before the job (i got 3) but I choose them because I thought they know what they are doing. BIG MISTAKE. it is a warning: don't order any services from them because if there is a problem no one cares.
one more bitter customer,
Dalya Nussbaum
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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-01-11:
I'm a flooring rep who used to deal with HD. I've stated what you discovered many many times. Even reading a review or two would have told you that before you started.
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2010-01-12:
My name is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry that your experience with us turned out the way it did. I will be glad to look further into this for you. Please send an email to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
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Sloppy Kitchen Laminate Flooring Installation
Posted by Auntarl on 01/23/2014
I had a laminate floor installed in my kitchen. This was done by ACS, the installers for Home Depot. The work was sloppily done and I Emailed the installers and Corporate Headquarters of Home Depot, with pictures of the problems attached. No response from either one.
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Posted by Homedepot Rob on 2014-02-07:
Hi auntarl,

We're so sorry to hear this. We'd be happy to help, if you could just forward that email to TeamSocial@homedepot.com Sorry for the delay in response.

Rob G
HD Customer Care
Social Media Team
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Flooring Install Nightmare
Posted by Drori on 10/18/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- DO NOT DO IT, do not go to Home Depot for flooring purchase and installation and do not use Romanoff flooring. I wanted to install hardwood in both of my master closets so I decided to go to Home Depot. I took a sample of the flooring already installed in my house in an effort to purchase hardwood as close as possible to what I already had however I did not want to pay $5.00 sq foot which was the cost of what was installed in the rest of the house. I asked the lady for assistance explained what I wanted she immediately replied " I can't tell you what to install in your closet". My question was " could she give me some suggestions or pros/cons on the different wood options close in color to what I had for my closet advising I didn't want to pay $5.00. After I specifically advised her I asked for some suggestions and assistance with matching the color we began walking down the aisle holding the board against what they had. Well you would think they would know to bring the customer and flooring out in the open under good lighting or take outside, now that the flooring has been installed it is considerably darker than what I already have however she stated and it did appear to be almost a perfect match down the flooring aisle.

After walking back to the desk discussing pricing her behavior seemed to suggest she didn't think I was going to make a purchase this I was wasting here time. When I she realized I was ready to move forward with the measurement etc. her demeanor quickly changed. A nice gentleman called me re my quote while I was driving after work, I gave him my cc info for the purchase and advised him to call my local store to advise I would be picking up the flooring in a couple of hours on my way home after the mall to have it pulled and waiting up front. Couple of hours later I stopped by to pick up, the flooring hadn't been pulled the rude gentleman stated it was paid for just a couple of hours ago and it takes that long for the order to process and flow down to the store. I advised him of my earlier conversation with Home Depot, he advised it would be pulled however it would take a few minutes however I could come back later if I liked. It was 7ish pm, the store was almost empty and everyone knows how much gas is in addition that wasn't convenient for me then I was advised a piece had to be ordered. I called them the following week to get my appt on the books however I was advised they would not schedule until the ordered piece arrived, this is crazy.

5 days later I called Home Depot inquiring about my piece the lady answering advised she would have the flooring escalator lady call me the next day to provide an update. No call by lunchtime the next day, I had already been advised she leaves at 5 each day and works M-F. The same lady answered the phone she remembered me, was puzzled as far as why I hadn't been called and agreed to call me back. When she called back she advised the requested expedited shipping and it would arrive the next day. After picking it up I attempted to schedule installation, previously I was advised Saturday install was available and if they had to they would use another company if the one they normally use could not accommodate. WRONG...because Sept is a slow math for flooring installs Romanoff said no to a Sat appt in addition the Home Depot flooring employee stated another company wasn't an option. She committed to calling the Romanoff manager on his cell to beg for a Sat appt, successful. He called me to confirm the Sat appt stating his employee would arrive at 12, work until around 5 or 6 and if not finished he would finish up on Sunday within an hour or 2. The installer arrived alone with no helper stating his helper stood him up, he ripped up the carpet and advised he was leaving after being at my home a couple of hours, because he needed a helper for the rest and would return Sunday (he left the carpet in my front yard, I had to drag it around the side of my house, in addition he didn't have shoe covers for his shoes). He and his helper arrived Sunday 20 minutes late. Still no shoe covers and finished the install 5 hours later, with a helper this could've been completed Sat. He gave me a paper stating someone would call me to evaluate his work etc. I immediately began to clean the new floors and noticed a bunch of small nail holes, why would a professional leave the nail holes visible? I immediately snapped pics and called his manager, the number on the sheet he gave me.

By lunch time the next day I had not heard from him is I called, Jeff the manager answered and stated he received my email and phone call from the previous day however he needed to talk to his installer and would call me back by EOB. Would you not call your customer 1st thing after receiving the complaint to advise you needed to obtain some info however you will call back. Of course no call by EOB, so after arriving home from work around 7ish pm, I called my local store, reached the flooring dept, was advised the flooring escalating employee left at 5 thus I asked to speak with a manager. He listened, explained Romanoffs lack of follow up was against their contract committing to he and or Romanoff calling me the next day early am. Of course no call. After lunch time I called my local store, reached the flooring escalating flooring employee, she wasn't aware of my situation and advised she would call Romanoff and call me back. She called me back staying Jeff would call me by EOB, still no call neither has anyone called me thus far inquiring about my installation experience. I called my local store the next day to advise, was advised I would receive a call no call late pm after work I called the HD complaint line in GA. Jasmine took my complaint, committed to resolving my issue stating I would only deal with her going further etc. I sent Jeff/Romanoff an email from the same email address used for the 1st correspondence with advising I had my bedroom carpet cleaned a few weeks prior to installation, his installers were back and forth cutting flooring etching addition one of my closet doors would not close.

The only response I received from him re to this is asking was I in the house with the basement, do you not care enough to ask your installer which customer I was, look on your paperwork, call HD or Google my address it will tell you I do not have a basement, ridiculous. Romanoff and I agreed on a time/ date to fill in the holes, I had to leave work in done, rush home to meet the installer only for him to call me 15 minutes after my appt time to advise he just left HD and they didn't have the filler in stock, he ordered it and it would be in the following week. At this point I'm at my wits end with both companies, I called Jasmine to share the details, she said she would escalate the filler called me back to say it would be in Wed. Wed no call from Jasmine nor Romanoff. Thursday I called Jasmine left a msg, no return call, called her Friday, no returned call (Jasmines vmail states if you need immediate assistance contact her sup Tina at ext 76211, this is Jasmines ext). I called the 800 GA customer service # early Sat asked to speak to Tina the gentleman proceeded to run interference advising he could assist, called my local store. 3wayed all of us together so that I could hear him say the filler was in. The HD employee offered to have it delivered to my house, what was I going to do with it, it advised Romanoff needed to complete the installation. 1 hour later the Romanoff installer called me to advise the filler still wasn't in however he would call me the following week, I advised him it was in and I had just gotten off the phone with HD. He stated Jeff advised him it wasn't however he was calling Jeff back. No call from anyone so I called my local store to update them on all of this nonsense and to schedule an appt to complete installation. She called me back stating Romanoff would call me.

No call, she continued to call me each day for 2 days inquiring if Romanoff called. I advised her to stop wasting my time inquiring if they had called, schedule my installation and my next call had better be someone calling to confirm the day of install based on my availability I provided in addition to my credit of at least 1/2 of what I paid. My daily job was interrupted with all of the follow up I was required to do in addition my time was wasted. Jeff called asking if I was avail that evening to complete installation after I specifically advised HD I wasn't communicating my availability. Driving home around 7ish the same day the installer called me on my cell inquiring if he could come by to complete installation since he was in the area to save gas and time and the next day he had a big job, luckily my previous plans were cancelled, however there seems to be a big communication gap with these 2 companies. After arriving the installer wasn't aware of my door not closing issue, he seemed to not be to happy, to fix the issue he took my door outside and cut some off the bottom. Previously Jasmine communicated an adjustment would be discussed after install completion, no call. I called Sat am was advised Jasmines boss, a gentleman would call me Monday. No call.

Tuesday pm right before I called back Jasmine called to ask if my install was completed Sat prior, I advised it was completed Wed prior, I mentioned I had been calling her leaving mags with no return call advising her v-mail states her boss is Tina with her ext to call, no response, I advised I was told her male boss was to call me the past Monday returning my call re an adjustment. she offered 50.00, an insult, I advised her of my conversation with the local store advising no less than half begging for an executive to call me. She immediately replied 1/2 wouldn't happen asking what was the response from the local store when 1/2 was mentioned committing to Tina calling by end of week. Jasmine leaves me a msg Thursday pm stating 100.00 gift card is the only offer from my local store, still haven't heard from Tina, her male boss nor an executive, does HD not have upper mgmt or do they refuse to talk to aggravated customers. Gift card are you kidding me, I'm not purchasing anything else from you guys in addition this is not acceptable. I expect to hear from someone with HD.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-10-18:
What a nightmare. It's a shame they did not have the knowledge needed. Did HD even mention options like cedar ( for moths) etc since it was in a closet?

When we did our entire downstairs in wood we went and bought our materials ourselves direct from the mfr. Then we used a highly recommended local installer. We called a couple of his references, they loved his crews work quality. Some of these big and important home projects you just have to take control and work it through yourself, trust no one till they are checked out.
Posted by auntarl on 2014-01-23:
I would never have work done by Home Depot again, nor would I purchase anything from them. They and their installers are totally unreliable and judging from the reviews I've read, everyone is having exactly the same experience as I have had. For all that Home Depot, has made such a name for itself, don't be fooled. They are not anywhere close to being what they claim to be.
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Unprofessional, Inexperience And Bad Home Depot Company Policy
Posted by Eaton2 on 09/15/2013
WASHINGTON, MICHIGAN -- Went to the local Home Depot to upgrade our 20 year old Formica kitchen countertops and vinyl flooring. Interviewed two different department agents and signed a contact in each department to start the work process. The first thought was to replace the countertops first before the floors were replaced. The Home Depot process for countertops is to pre-pay in full up front before a single thing is done. Didn't like this policy because as a client you lose all your power to insure satisfaction but that is Home Depot's policy so we when ahead with the contact and pre-paid in full. We were to hear from the contractor to make an appointment for a final measurement.

In the flooring department we decided on the vinyl flooring and completed the contract in that department as well, no upfront payment was asked for. We left with a flooring measurement scheduled for the next Saturday morning. On the way out we paid in full for the countertop work.

This is where everything fell apart. The contractor for measuring the counter top didn't call as claimed to schedule an appointment so we called them and setup a time slot for the next day between 4 and 6pm. By 6:15 we hadn't heard anything or receive a courtesy call so we decided to eat dinner. During dinner the measurement contractor was at the front door. I indicated we just sat down to dinner and asked if he could return in 15 minutes. His response was to throw up his arms say no and walked away. The lack of respect was too much for me to tolerate therefore another trip to Home Depot to cancelled the countertop contract and request a full refund which they did comply with. Never again will I ever prepay a contractor in full before any work has even been started, that is crazy. Stay away from Home Depot for countertops, or at your own risk.

When ahead with the flooring anyway but again the contractor never showed for our scheduled Saturday measurement. After making a couple of calls it was discovered that the contractor for the final measurement was never paid the $35 fee required to setup the appointment. As it turned out at Home Depot I was to pay the $35 when exiting the store but was never informed to do so. Needless to say at this point I cancelled the contract for the flooring. Lessoned learned to stay away from Home Depot for any contracted home improvement upgrades or the very lease make sure the agent is competent.
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