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Home Depot Installation Nightmare
Posted by on
BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- If anyone reads this, please please listen how horrible my situation had become with Home Depot and NEVER EVER have them install anything!

OK, my wife and I were remodeling our house. On a visit to the Home Depot store my wife picked out a granite countertop (for the kitchen) she wanted installed. After measuring it out, I came back to the store to purchase it installed. The bill came to 5400.00. I purchase a new granite sink, and a 200.00 faucet. Total bill $5800.00. A week later three non-English speaking guys come out to make the template. They also take my sink because its needed to put on a computer to make the cutouts. No problem. A day before the installation (Monday installation is set for Tuesday), a guy calls me from the granite company and leaves a message that there is a problem with the sink. I call him the very next morning since they were closed by the time I got the message. He asked me several questions about my sink, saying there was a mix-up and please describe the sink. Finally he says OH! OK we got it. Two hours later a woman from the company calls and tells me they cannot make it out that day. I say what? I took out my sink to make it easier for the guys to take out the old countertop. After telling me it isn't her fault and to not get upset with her, she gives a phone to a guy.

The guy says that they have to cut the opening for the sink and its not something that can be done in a few minutes. Granite requires hours and polishing. So I say OK, next day then? Yes, no problem he says.

The next day they arrive at 9am. Two guys who don't speak English. One guy starts to take out my old countertop and the other sets up sawhorses in my driveway and starts to cut the opening to the sink!!!!!!!!

Fine I say to myself since it will be installed. After spending six hours at my house they leave, but somehow my full backsplash for the opposite counter wasn't put on the truck and they will come another day. The next day the plumber arrives. Goes to hook up the faucet and lo and behold the installers cut the hole for the faucet too close to the backsplash and the faucet won't fit, it knocks against the backsplash. By the way, the plumber speaks broken English at best.

No word on when the granite people will be back. So the next day I call the local manager, explain the situation, he calls back and says they will be out Monday. If you have followed along it is now Friday. My wife and I go to Home Depot to take the old faucet back and find one that may be will taper away from the backsplash and will work. Out of all of them we decide on a special order Kohler listed as 400.00. We pay the extra 7.95 to have it over nighted so its here when the granite people arrive on Monday. Saturday, no delivery of faucet. Monday noon, still no delivery, I call Home Depot, where is my faucet? They reply that for some reason the order didn't get received until Saturday, its going out today. I tell them to that the granite people are coming, you need to tell them that I don't have the faucet. Sure no problem.
Tuesday, and 9 days without a faucet.

The granite people call and say they got a message not to come out until I get faucet. I said yes because I expected it today but I want the granite people there at the same time to fix the hole. She replies well we are going to send them anyway to install full backsplash we owe ya and if faucet there OK, if not we do another day. Finally I said OK, send your crew out. They never show up.
Wednesday, ten days without a sink. I call the corporate number and explain in detail what's going on. After conversing with one guy he hands the phone to an "expediter" and she is rude and snotty and I finally blew my cool and told her that if my countertop wasn't done and finished by Friday, they can have it all back, and I will make a sign in my truck explaining their poor service and parade it around their parking lot and hung up.

After I relaxed, I called the local store manager, he got in contact with the granite company and after two hours they called me and said they are sending one guy(the most experienced) to fix the faucet problem, and another crew that will arrive later to install the backsplash.

The experienced guy arrives, and lo and behold he manages to enlarge the hole so that the faucet fits. Sink is installed, drain, etc.
The "other" crew never arrives.

Now its Thursday. I call the granite company to find out when my full backsplash will be installed. The reply: I'm going to call the guy who was out yesterday to install it, I will call you back before noon. Noon comes and goes no call back. I call him back, ask him if they will make it out today, he says no, the guy is real busy. I say OK how bout tomorrow(Friday), he says yeah Friday is good, but then wavers and says, let me find out, I will call you back. Never does.
Friday morning, granite people call at 8am, says they are sending a guy with my full backsplash and will arrive sometime this morning. I called at noon and got answering machine. Here I am, its 1:30 and still no backsplash.

Home Depot sucks. Their contractors suck. I will never ever ever shop there again. I implore all of you who are reading this, take my advice, go to Lowes!!!!!
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User Replies:
jlmgodzilla on 03/25/2005:
I can sympathize with you. I had a new floor put in by a guy who I swear was either VERY hungover or still drunk. Can't decide. It was a one-piece floor and he put it over some "pebbles" (probably from his filthy work shoes). The floor still has little bumps here and there that I can see daily. Thank goodness it was only a $700 floor. I will never again use Home Depot for any new installations. I would have been better off if I installed the floor myself!
consumeradvocate12 on 04/10/2006:
Sounds like a similar thing that happened to me except I PAID Expo design center in Redondo Beach Ca to do the choosing of items and they screwed up. Thanks for your story.
johnrh on 11/27/2007:
I too have had troubles with Home Depot and granite counter tops here in Kansas City. From poor taking three times as long as promised to install, shoddy workmanship(leaving off corners,bad edging,uneven thickness of granite,cracking entryway tile,two colors of granite slabs, etc..) promises of discounts and not following through. Unable to contact granite department(mail boxes full, will not return phone calls,poor communications between each other, etc..etc..). Mines still going on. bought 8-1-07 now 11-27-07, Please don't patronize the Home Depot Granite here in KC area. Thanks John
johnrh on 11/29/2007:
I wanted to follow-up today. I escalated the issue to 1-800-home-depot#. The representative was vary helpful she worked out at settlement which honored original agreement. reached a few weeks back.

In retrospect, I wish I would of not taken as long to escalate the issue. I think it would of solved the problem sooner.

exclusiveken on 01/19/2009:
don't count on any warranty from Home Depot, we bought our countertops, paid $6000.00, a crack appeared about 16 months later, they came and looked at it and told me they cannot see how that would have happened, BTW THERE IS NO WARRANTY FOR CRACKING. Thanks Home Depot, During the sale they told me all this great stuff "its the last one you will ever buy", "you cannot hurt it unless you hit something on the edge", etc. Well the crack is nowhere near an edge, it is in the seam and goes through the middle.And there is nothing they will do about it. SO DON'T BUY GRANITE FROM HOME DEPOT, if you get it somewhere else get them to put the no cracking on paper.
Sandy on 11/14/2012:
You think 10 days without a faucet is bad?? Try 5 months without a kitchen!!! Due to screwed up orders (cabinets) and waiting a month each time a replacement had to be sent (had a to replace a replacement--3 months just waiting). Store mgr has been very helpful though...we'll see the end result...someday!
Walt on 06/07/2013:
Never, ever allow the store contractors to install purchased products. They aren't paid the prevailing rates and you will be last on there list of jobs as well as terribly disappointed in the hurry up job they perform. The stores products are also sub-par when compared to an actual Granite supplier.
Zach on 06/28/2013:
Dealing with them now trying to get counter top installed. First of all, we are supposed to remove the old counter. It is an older house and I wasn't sure how to do it, Home Depot rep says the whole thing needs to come out. Upon further research, I manage to take out the old counter, there would be another 2 week delay if they remove old counter, we need to be moved out of our current home in 2 days. it has taken nearly a month to actually have the installers come out. Find out, there is a support piece that is supposed to run along the back wall holding up the back side of counter. There was no such piece when I removed the old counter top and I removed what Home Depot told me to remove. the installers won't do any work without that wood piece. I told them to just leave the new counter and I will install myself. Also told them I understand that they did not foresee the problem, but it's ridiculous that I'm paying them to install the new counter myself.
mb on 07/18/2013:
I feel your pain here in Canada. $32,000 for a deck that is sinking. Sub contractor came after us for more $ (paid personally to him) and is now harassing us to sign off warranty. Original contractor keeps referring us to other people. Everyone at the Home Depot installation centre is pleasant and is keeping track of our complaints, but still no resolution to our sinking deck, just a lot of headache.
ss on 08/29/2013:
Don't make the same mistake I did when I allowed Home Depot and CTI to do my kitchen granite countertops. They cracked the pantry slab and covered it up with epoxy hoping I would not notice. They cracked the bottom edge of two other pieces, made me wait 8 weeks and came back with the identical pieces and tried to install them again. My bathroom vanity was installed off square by 3/4 of an inch. I have spent 9 months locked in this nightmare and they have finally agreed to give me my money back. Learn from my mistakes. Google "Home Depot Disasters/ Nightmares" and then decide.
aw on 10/25/2013:
I stopped Home Depot from installing a nightmare in my house before it happened. I went to the store and set up for someone to come to my house to give me an estimate on CORIAN countertops and cabinet refacing. I witnessed the girl at the store writing this down. The guy shows up with absolutely no corian samples and with dark cabinet door samples instead of lighter which I also specified I wanted. He was pushing and pushing that fake granite looking laminate. He would not let off of it. After small talking us for 3 hours and showing us picture after picture of refacing he estimated a 15 grand job. I finally had to kick him out of my house. He could very well see we had 2 very small children who needed us and needed to go to bed and continued with the small talk until 8:30pm. I felt it to be so rude. And it was so bad that my husband will now refuse to have anyone ever come into our house to sell us something. If a customer has their mind set on what they want, don't bring in something totally different (he probably got a bigger commission off that other stuff). He was also bashing the heck out of corian. My mom and mother in law have both had corian for 20 years and have put hot pots and pans on it and it has never ever melted....something he insisted happens. Do not let these creeps into your house! And by the way we went to several places like country kraft kitchens and got a much lower estimate. Get out of here Home Depot!
Josh on 11/08/2013:
Home Depot and Lowes are in the process of trying to drive honest tradesman out of business. The prices they pay are less than a true professional can do the job for, hence the illegals doing the work. There are countless guys like me who have spent twenty plus years in our trade, pay our taxes, carry insurance, maintain our state mandated licenses, meet our state mandated continuing education requirements, etc. Just to have these big box stores "compete" against us even though a large portion of their sales come directly from the contractors that they are taking business from....unbelievable!!!! Please don't support these companies in their quest to destroy good tradesman. Do your homework and seek out honest professionals. We may be a few dollars more...but you are not saving a red cent by using these people as you can tell by reading these reviews....
Rich Jan on 12/14/2013:
Am in the process of getting granite counters from lowes right now... Think the prob is their sub contractors, so seems where ever you go you get the run around
Douglas on 02/17/2014:
I was an installer for Home Depot ( a contractor for Home Depot who does counter tops and sunrooms ) they never paid on time and in Two years we never had even one happy customer ... Never buy from Jacksonville Fl Home Depots ! I mean never they only sub-contract the work to unskilled subcontractors .... Call your local building department and ask them what they think of Home Depot Contractors ? They hate them and will not be scared to tell you .. They warned me about subcontracting work from them and getting or I mean try to collect your hard earned money ...
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Granite Purchase Through Home Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased granite from Home Depot and their third party company installed two year ago. Early spring I started seeing some defect on the surface and contacted Home Depot for warranty claim. The warranty company told me to call the installer. The installer wanted $250 to come and evaluate the damage.
I filed a complaint with BBB and a day later the operation manager called to schedule a visit at no charge. He claimed that the surface is ok for the stone. I asked him to show me a finished product from his store for the same type of granite. I see a huge difference between what is in my kitchen and a finished product. The person who showed me the pieces claimed that the material is normal but will be willing to come out and polish at no cost to me. Now I am thinking something is wrong because the manufacturer is trying to hide something from me.
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Cracked Granite Countertop
Posted by on
PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA -- I had the Home Depot install a granite countertop. About 14 months after installation, a hairline crack appeared on the countertop in front of the sink.
I called the store and they sent someone to look into it. We were told that we must have cracked the countertop and that it was no longer under warranty. They refused to take responsibility and said that it would cost $1000 to repair.
It has now been almost 3 years since installation. the hairline crack has now "spidered" and is 17 inches long and the granite is sinking. The crack is wide enough for food to get stuck in there. I have repeatedly tried to have this store address the problem and they keep ignoring me! They've had so many different managers in the last 3 years that I just keep getting lost in their changes and no one cares.
The most recent manager gave me false hopes of finally resolving this matter. He told me he would call me "tomorrow" to set up an appointment to come over and see the damages for himself. It has now been 4 weeks and I have not heard from him. I will NEVER again buy anything from the Home Depot.
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Home Depot Duracite Granite Counter Tops
Posted by on
ATASCADERO, CALIFORNIA -- On approximately 2/16/09 Duracite came to remove the counter tops that had been installed on 1/7/09. Damage occurred to the stainless steel that filled the space between the counter tops and the upper cabinets. This happened when the window sill was removed because that it was too thick and the window could not be removed with it installed. .After many weeks of discussion with representatives of Home Depot and calls to Duracite the decision was made to remove and replace the granite counter tops due to defects as listed above. Damage occurred to the lower cabinets at this time due to the removal of the defective counter tops. [snip] of Duracite stated that they do not refund money spent on defective counter tops but work to resolve or replace the tops.

After the initial installation by Duracite I felt that the company was not willing or capable of doing the quality of work that I wanted. Attempts were made to repair some of the damage to the left of the sink where the granite had been chipped during the installation of the tops. Two workers returned approximately 2 weeks after the initial installation to fill and re-polish. The polishing equipment made the black granite appear different (dull) in the worked area. The workers said it was the best they could do. I called J and said the repair was unacceptable and I wanted the tops removed which was done.

On 2/23/09 Duracite returned to re-install counter tops after they had been removed approximately 1 week before on 2/16/09. I had been told that new counter tops would be installed. This was according to D at Duracite. J from Home Depot was present when the first slab was installed. Immediately the fist slab raked down the wall and destroyed another piece of stainless steel that was in place. A different piece than the first time which had been replaced. I am now out of stainless steel and a new 4 X10 foot sheet must be ordered to replace the new damage. The first thing I noticed about the fit was that there were huge gaps between the granite and the wall that didn't exist before.

This is because that it was not new granite at all as J had stated I would get. I discovered they had just reworked the pieces that they had removed and therefore now under sized. The bad polish area was still there also. I called J and told him I did not appreciate being deceived, I was told that I would get new tops. He did some double talking about how they always try to repair due to match problems. They had left one piece of granite in the kitchen that was located on the island. This is after he told me it would be replaced with new material. This whole experience had been a total nightmare and I wish that I had never ordered any of the 20 thousand worth of product from Home Depot. I'm out of 4-5 days of work running my business, labor by workers to repair the stainless steel, meetings at my home with Home and Duracite. Too many phones calls chasing people that never returned my phone calls. To me all indications point to retaining a attorney if this is not resolved soon. My proposition is this at this time.

Refund $3000.00 to me for all the lost time and damage to components listed about and I will accept the tops that are in place to end the nightmare. The back splashes still need to be installed and another piece made to complete the job. Or remove all the granite form the kitchen and lets start over again. If more damage occurs to the lower cabinets with the removal of the tops again I want the lower cabinets replaced also because they are so cheap and are now falling apart from all the prying. Didn't I get a great deal for my money spent? Almost 30 thousand invested in product and labor and I have a pile of crap. Good deal huh. Now it's 12:30 at night and I have to spend more time trying to resolve other peoples bad work. If the new counter tops are installed I still have to be reimbursed for all the lost time and money involved in this failure. We are at about $1500.00 to $2000.00 not counting the almost $5000.00 spent on the crap counter tops. This morning I found water leakage under the sink so the particle board bottom is going to fall apart more.

The plumbing was re-installed by the Duracite people so now I will have to call a plumber to see if the leaks can be stopped. If you think you are sorry for my experience think how I feel. Lots of money for a bunch of particle board carp and defective counter tops. It just doesn't end. Now Duracite will be back a forth time to look at the same problems like they are going to change.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/05/2009:
You should definitely retain an attorney. You deserve a full refund and punitive damages for the thousands of dollars lost, damage incurred, and time wasted in this.

Good luck.
shauntah harshaw on 05/10/2013:
I used to work for that company in nv. They treat there employees the way they treat there customers. Like crap.
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Do Not Buy Granite Countertop From Home Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- The company that Home Depot in Delaware uses to install granite uses workers that do not know
what they are doing. Very poor quality work. They came to my house three times and still did not
get it right.

I realize now that I made a huge mistake by purchasing granite from home Depot.

I went to Home Depot to explain the problem that I had with the installers and they just wasted my time by telling me that someone would come to my house to see the terrible work that the installers did and no one showed up.

I would never, purchase or recommend Home Depot for Granite to anyone..

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User Replies:
ok4now on 09/10/2012:
This is a lesson learned the hard way. I stay away from the box stores when it comes to this type of job. They use sub-contractors which can be hit or miss. I recently had level 4 granite installed by Colonial Marble & Tile, located in King of Prussia PA. The granite selection is mind blowing with excellent pricing. This is their only business so the estimator and installers are all company employees. They got it right the first time and did a beautiful job.

Alain on 09/10/2012:
Ok4now is right. Big Box stores are just not capable of the quality control or skill it takes to do a custom remodeling job.
trmn8r on 09/10/2012:
I wouldn't use a home center to arrange any kind of installation under normal circumstances. The one time I did was to put carpeting in an old house that we knew we would be selling and we didn't care about the quality. In fact the quality was below par.
ript on 09/11/2012:
The mistake was not in purchasing granite from Home Depot, the mistake was the installers contracted by Home Depot.
ok4now on 09/12/2012:
I'll make this quick. After much research and many estimates I found an experienced local electrician who specializes in home generators. Not the portable gas jobs that power just a couple things with extension cords. I'm talking the Generac 20kW entire house generator. The electric goes out and in 10 seconds the A/C, Heater, TV's, Computers...everything works uninterrupted with full power.

Here's my point. The electrician is also a subcontractor for Home Depot. He gets paid the same no matter if it's a Home Depot job or private residence like me.

Here's the difference. When a customer buys the generator plus installation through Home Depot the price increases $1500, they want their cut. This is what the electrician told me. By bypassing and going directly to the electrician I saved this huge markup. Again he makes the same money, Home Depot is out of the deal lowering the price for the customer. This makes sense.

Conclusion: Don't get home improvements done through the box stores. Go directly to the contractor and eliminate the markup they want to charge you.
shauntah on 05/10/2013:
Home depot sales people need to be better educated on what they are selling
ss on 08/29/2013:
I learned the same lesson the hard way. After a nine month ordeal and three slabs, Home Depot has agreed to refund my money. CTI was bought by Home Depot and does their installs. However, they broke and chipped every piece and tried to cover it up with epoxy hoping I would not notice. I waited 8 weeks to have them re-seam a piece in the shop and they brought the same identical piece out again (without any repair) and tried to install the same piece I had previously rejected a 2nd time. It has been a nightmare. Do not, I repeat, do not make the same mistake I made. Run, don't walk, out of their kitchen department.

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Faulty Granite Undermount Sink Installation
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- As part of a total kitchen renovation in 2007 Home Depot supplied and installed all the cabinetry and granite counter-tops. In upstate NEW YORK all HD granite is supplied and installed by INNOVATIVE STONE'S Syracuse NY shop.

Two years after the granite and undermount sink were installed a 1/8" gap developed between the sink and the granite, water was leaking into the cabinet. An inspection under the sink revealed why this occurred.

The sink clips holding the sink to the granite were:

1) too few in number (compared to sink manufacturer recommendations)
2) the clips were bending due to being flimsy and too few supporting the sink
3) the clips were not evenly spaced around the perimeter of the sink (per the sink manufacturer's recommendations)--there were no clips across the entire 36" front of the sink
4)some of the clip screws had loosened due to waste disposal vibration as the screws had not been dressed with Locktite or even silicone caulk.

Clearly this sink was improperly installed.

When I contacted the selling HOME DEPOT on Washington Ave. in Albany NY I was curtly told it was past the 1 year installation warranty and there would be a $250 fee to reset and recaulk the sink.

After many calls to HD's Atlanta headquarters HD agreed to reset the sink and absorb the $250 fee.

The same people from INNOVATIVE STONE reset the sink. After they finished I again viewed the underside of the sink. All the initial install faults described above were still present --my sink is certain to fall again!!

I sent an e-mail with pictures to the regional HD installations manager and to HD Atlanta.

After several weeks I received a call from INNOVATIVE STONE'S Syracuse NY shop stating my sink was installed properly, and this is how they install all their sinks! Subsequently I received a letter stating the same from HD Atlanta.


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Defective Granite Countertop
Posted by on
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- WARNING!!! Don't trust Home Depot or their subcontractors. We spent $5800.00 for a granite countertop for our kitchen. Home Depot contracted the job out to Sosa Granite in Livermore, California. As soon as the installation was completed, we noticed multiple defects in the granite (e. g., a crack all the way through the granite from the sink to the edge of the counter, multiple chips that I can stick the end of my finger into, numerous deep scratches). When I called Sosa Granite to voice my concern, Ruben was rude and insulting. He insisted that granite doesn't crack, chip, or scratch, and noted that I must be lying, stupid, or crazy if I thought that the granite was damaged. He dispatched a technician, who filled in the imaginary crack, chips, and scratches with epoxy. If we wanted defective merchandise and a patch job, we wouldn't have spent that much money.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 12/06/2011:
This is worth taking to small claims court. I hope you took pictures of the damaged granite and the patch job. It's completely unacceptable.

This is a good warning to examine the granite before its installed. That would have been the best time to complain. Unless the damage occurred during installation. Did you notice it while the installer was still there?
trmn8r on 12/07/2011:
That's great advice, Venice. Be there while it is being installed, and inspect before it is semi-permanent. They work fairly quicky, so you'd have to be prompt.

This is too bad, but doesn't shock me considering the fact HD was involved. I won't use a big box outfit to arrange installation again after a flooring experience.
Venice09 on 12/07/2011:
I've never used a big box chain for installation, but Lowe's seems to have better installers based on what I've read here. I think a lot depends on the location of the store.
ok4now on 12/07/2011:
Spending this kind of money I would never trust Home Depot. They use subcontractors who you know nothing about. The proper measuring and installation of granite is highly specialized. I visited six granite dealers before I found the perfect colored stone and felt confident about the installation. To get exact measurements they use markers at key points where the counter-top will be installed. Then then use a laser connected to a laptop computer to accurately measure it. This process takes over an hour. The job was completed by master craftsmen and the results were fantastic.

FYI: Granite is now the most popular option for counter-tops. When shopping for this you need to do your homework. Granite is sold in different levels and there is no industry standard for this, it's determined by the dealer. The levels range from one to fifteen or even higher. The most common advertised price is $2000 for 50 sq. ft. installed. Here's what they're not telling you. This price is for level one granite. It's plain & boring and you won't like it. You want the wow factor to make this counter-top really jump out. You then need to jump to level three or four. The price also jumped another $1000. Nobody said this was going to be cheap. Let's talk options now. You just put out big bucks. Do you really want the single cut edge? No, you want the double or triple cut custom edge. Tack on another $200 to $500. To do this right is expensive. But OMG does it look good when it's in your home to enjoy.
madconsumer on 12/07/2011:
granite being a natural product can have many defects.

if you could post a picture it would be helpful.
Venice09 on 12/07/2011:
A picture isn't necessary, drmellee99. You don't have to prove anything to us. However, it would be great if you have pictures to support a court case. I wouldn't just let this drop. $5,800 is a lot of money! Your countertop should be perfect and not have cracks and chips.
CowboyFan on 12/07/2011:
Take a lot of photographs (100+) from all angles and directions. Pick the best photos, print the photographs in color, gather your contract paperwork, and consult an attorney. Their advice would be worth it, whatever you ultimate decide to do.
madconsumer on 12/07/2011:
drmellee99, pictures will help other people researching Home Depot/granite to see what defects can be possible.
At Your Service on 12/07/2011:
I agree madconsumer. This is a good reason for having the option of uploading a picture. Having the extra photograph on a complaint like this can help tremendously.
HomeDepot_Care on 12/08/2011:
Hi drmellee99,

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with Sosa Granite and Home Depot. I would be more than happy to look into this for you and help resolve this matter. Please email your information to teamsocial_care@homedepot.com and we will be glad to assist. (Please enter My3cents/Countertops into the subject line)

Thanks kindly,

Home Depot Customer Care Team
sara on 12/01/2013:
I too bought a kitchen granite counter top from Home Depot and they subbed it out to a local granite contractor in l.a. - Andrew Lauren. The granite I chose was a boring regular pattern and paid several thousand dollars for it. However, what they put in was not the pretty boring pattern but a center island that contained a significantly ugly very dark brown 4 inch blemish across the entirety of the center island, the desk, and part of the back counter immediately to the left of the stove. I wasn't present when they installed and they had one of the work men present sign an Acceptance of the work which they now used to fight any issue of defective stone. They came out to look at the job and then I never heard from them again. They are disputing my claim and request for a charge back of the credit card. They refuse to remove and take it back, replace and/or refund my money. They are the worse. I have had several kitchens done (by other people-not this contractor who I never hired or Home Depot) and never had this problem. DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE FROM HOME DEPOT. THEY ARE THE WORSE AND WILL NEVER SIDE WITH THE CUSTOMER. YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY IF YOU BUY FROM THEM.
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Granite Countertop Installation Nightmare
Posted by on
Do not ever buy granite countertops and installation from Home Depot. We have big problems with our installation. It has been 18 months and still no resolution. We are still waiting for the 3rd backsplash, cut incorrectly, too short. They cut into our wall which was perfectly straight. They put our granite sink in crooked. Seam is coming apart on coutertop. Measured 1/4 inch incorrectly. They know they did it wrong.

Want to give us a $500 gift card out of the goodness of their heart. We want resolution to the problems. Also we had the no interest financing for 12 months, had it extended once for 6 months, had it extended for another, at least we were told it would be from the local store. The associate wrote on our bill that we had a six month extension. Why should we pay when issue not resolved. Guess what, we received our bill and the extension was not put on and we are now billed over $900 finance charge. They said they can't extend over 18 mo, but did not contact us at all to tell us that. Even though we have it in writing that they would. They will not do anything else for us. Have contacted the BBB twice. Have the worst customer service. Do not care about the consumer. Our installers could not speak English.

I will only go to Menards and Lowe's. They have lost so many customers because of their poor quality installation and management.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
What's funny is I've read that all the Menard's and Lowe's customers are all switching to Home Depot. I guess it will even out in the end.
SAJ on 09/19/2009:
Who made the measurements? If it was the Home Depot contractor, then you have a valid issue via small claims court. If it was you (Home Depot will sometimes accept customer measurements), then you are SOL.
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Misleading Billing Practices on Granite Countertop Order
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WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently ordered custom cabinetry and granite countertops for two rooms in my house. I was pleased with the process all the way up through installation, until 1month after install, when I received an $700 "adjustment" to my bill for 5.5 extra square feet of granite. (Mind you, the total original drawing was for 29 sq ft, so 5.5 is quite a large adjustment!)

The original receipt listed the square footage as countertops/backsplash for 29 sq. ft. Consequently, when the templators came and asked about the backsplash, I assumed that this was already included in the measurements and therefore already paid. According to HD, the original measure was only for the countertops, so now I owe $700 for the backsplash.

I was never informed that this would be an additional charge, let alone $700 worth, which should have been specifically discussed before adding it to my order. The original receipt clearly states "countertops/backsplash" which is misleading. These items should be listed separately.

To others out there--beware! Confirm all numbers between original receipt and the templators because they will stick you with additional charges without notifying you that have now incurred new charges!
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User Replies:
BBast on 11/24/2007:
you were informed and signed a form stating the cost was from your measure and the final cost would be adjusted up or down depending on the template.
Anonymous on 11/24/2007:
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kyle carlson on 06/25/2014:
After three canselations for a back splash installation.clearly HD can't come up with a way to police sub contractors. I will never have HD install anything else ever again. buyer be ware.
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