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Home Depot Kitchen Remodel - Beware – hidden costs and delays and be prepared to be your own general contractor
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700 REED ROAD, BROOMALL, PENNSYLVANIA -- Home Depot Kitchen Remodel:

Beware – hidden costs and delays and be prepared to be your own general contractor

My daughter decided that her 70’s, 8’X10’ kitchen with cabinets that would not close and drawers that would not open needed to be redone. Although the project extended into the adjacent powder room and dining room and left to DYI relatives, the kitchen was to be handled by professionals with the aim of minimizing the time she would be without a the convenience of a kitchen. She turned to Home Depot (HD) for help. A project scheduled to be completed in 4 -5 weeks took 9 with hidden costs and delays.

When dealing with the “big box store” remodeling services (heavily advertised and promoted in the stores), one might assume that aside from making final design selections, the store will coordinate the work, effectively acting as a general contractor. Not so!

The kitchen remodeling services at HD or Lowes start with a consultation with a designer in the kitchen department. They can, and do, help clients through the design process including selection of cabinets and counter top. And while suggestions may be given regarding appliances and flooring, the shopper is left with meeting the “experts” in those departments and making final selections. This is fine, but one learns that the only communication/coordination that occurs between these departments is via the orders placed. Project coordinators at the stores to whom the projects are assigned do nothing but schedule the subcontractors assigned to do the work. National and/or regional contracts are with a firm that handles demolition and installation of cabinets (they also sub out any electrical work) and with a flooring installation firm.

All this might work if someone was truly acting as the general contractor and if HD were to communicate effectively with the client. After several weeks, my daughter asked for my help. Here is what I learned:

Beware, changes may cause delays and will cost. HD requires all changes to go through them – they tack on a percentage.

Kitchen Design:
Pro - After many hours of discussion and looking at alternatives, HD came up with a design that was pleasing. The associate was very cooperative and it appeared that the project was off to a good start.
Con - The associate failed to communicate the complete process. For example, a granite countertop was selected from the standard small block samples at the store. And while the “advantage” of selecting a HD “sealed” stone was explained, no one explained that the actual color and detail of the stone varies and that you must select the actual stone slab. Nor was the template process explained or the fact that the client may want to meet with the supplier to review template layout. In fact the local supplier was not identified until an inquiry was made. A scramble just before the scheduling of the template date prevented a delay.

Pro - The associate was helpful and a good deal was made on the dishwasher.
Con - No one told my daughter that when you take delivery and don’t have the appliances installed, any delayed installation handled by HD will be at an added cost. Note, as the floor was being replaced, the stove was not to be installed (albeit needed to be in place for counter fit) and, of course, the refrigerator cannot be in place when the floor is installed.

The cabinet installer took care of the microwave, dishwasher, and initial install of stove. We took care of the refrigerator installation.

Cabinet Demo & Installation:
Pro - This work was handled by Housecrafters. They sent a representative who took final measurements and reviewed details of the installation (a definitive contract). The assigned installer was a knowledgeable professional and handled the work efficiently (fast). Overall quality was good.
Con - Communication could have been better off site. New cabinets were installed over damaged walls leaving a more difficult finishing job. (Note I did some of the patching and all of the painting and would have preferred the walls to have been repaired and painted before the cabinets were installed leaving only touch-up to do.) The design and location of the base cabinets required the relocation/installation of a floor vent. Further, complications with the flooring resulted in a shifting of schedules resulting in delays that accumulated in over two weeks of lost time.

Pro - Housecrafters provides electrical work through sub-contractors. The firm on this job was timely and did quality work.
Con - As with any total rehab job, you run into issues, often with electrical installation. A change in location of a light switch required HD approval (and added cost). Existing receptacles had to be moved – no flexibility by the electrician – added delay.

Pro - The sub-contractor was USIG. The crew was excellent. The required demolition was difficult and the crew did a good job cleaning up the mess. They obviously had a lot of experience as installation (tile) was done efficiently and without error. They spent a total of three long days on the project.
Con - This was the worst part of the project and the most poorly handled by HD. They never looked at the job and as such wrote the contract as removal of existing old floating wood floor with replacement (backer board, glue and tile). The outfit that measures the floor is yet another sub-contractor. Due to a change, this contractor was sent out a second time. I asked about the depth of the floor and interference with the outside door (a main entrance to the house). They know nothing. When the issue was raised to HD, they insisted that the job could be done as written. When asked what they were going to do with door when it would not close due to the height of the new floor, they responded “We don’t do doors. That is left to the client.” Further discussions with HD “coordinator” as to why no one inspected the flooring job yielded a response that this was not normally done and that if we wanted it inspected before the installers arrived, there would be a charge. An additional follow up resulted in the conclusion that the USIG would make the determination of what should be done. Two minutes on the job and the USIG supervisor agreed that the old floor had to be removed. Before they could proceed, they had to contact the HD “coordinator”. Surprise, that work would require a change and the add-on fee was not insignificant.

Oh, by the way, the original contract called for applying quarter-round. Of course once it was declared that the floor had to be removed, the baseboard had to go as well. When asked about replacement, HD noted that this was up to the client. They would ask the installers to do – but of course there would be an added charge! I elected to install the baseboard and following additional confusion/miscommunication over the trim, obtained and painted shoe molding which the flooring crew installed.

As a side note, the powder room adjacent to the kitchen was also redone. The flooring installer was to remove and replace the old toilet. This was done except that a new toilet was to be installed. This was technically a contract issue but was done (at least to the point that it was discovered that the feed line would have to be re-plumbed).

There are other small annoyances that are involved with a job of this scope (even though this was a very small kitchen).

In sum, a word of caution: Do not assume that HD or Lowes fills the role of a general contractor. If you do not have the time or knowledge, find a relative or friend who does or price your job through a full service remodeling firm (my experience is that you may still be talking to sub-contractors). Don’t think that just because you have a remodeling contract with HD or Lowes that they will coordinate details between departments or that all costs (including potential changes) have been discussed, let alone disclosed. Finally, realize that a full remodel involves sacrifice and inconvenience. So do allow for contingencies, including a slip in schedule, and, as noted by other reviewers, potential follow-up hassle with the stores if mistakes are made.

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"You can do it, we can help!" Bullcorn!
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- On September 22, 2007 we made an appointment with one of the stores kitchen and bath designers, after four grueling hours of working with the designer, we came up with a new full kitchen design and ordered the materials. We gave the store rough measurements but paid the extra $100.00 for a Home Depot "expert" to come out and verify measurements. We received the new cabinets on October 4, 2007. We had arranged for the cabinets and kitchen appliances to be installed by a contractor. We found out that six of the cabinets had been ordered incorrectly based on the original floor plan not the floor plan where the "professional" came out to measure. We also chose a style of cabinets that we liked but only because we were told by the designer that the "clear" glass in them could be changed. We received the cabinets with clear glass. At first Home Depot was not going to do anything. They said we signed the order documents so it was our fault. When I asked why the glass in the cabinets were "clear" I was told that it was an oversight by the designer and it would be an additional $700.00 for the glass to be changed.

We would have never selected that cabinet design if we knew the glass would not be changed or it would be an additional $700.00 to do it. I explained that I had signed whatever the designer had put in front of me after four hours and that I was not a designer, a contractor, or a cabinet maker. That's why we used their "design professionals."

After fighting for it the store agreed to order the correct cabinets but it would take additional time so we had to put our contractor on hold. On November 19,2007 the new cabinets finally arrived thus our Thanksgiving was ruined. In the meantime our appliances were also arrived and we had to return the fridge because it had an electrical short. Our kitchen finally got installed December 14, 2007 but not completely because the designer forgot to order some finishing pieces which we are still waiting on to be delivered. I will have to say they did add these at no extra charge but still the glass issue is unresolved and Home Depot says that they will pay for half of the glass to be replaced if I take the doors to someone they suggest. I talked with my contractor and he says they are still ripping me off because he could get the glass much cheaper. Now for the granite that we paid Home Depot to install...

They did not install a sub top under the granite so there is nothing but the granite to secure the dishwasher to. The company that Home Depot uses changed the thickness of the granite so they say that's why there was no sub top put down. My contractor does not want to accept responsibility in order to drill holes in the granite nor does the granite company or Home Depot want to do anything, so there is still no resolve. So here it is January 7,2008 and I still have a kitchen the is not finished. I went as far as to write a letter to the President and CEO of Home Depot to let him know about the problems and how unhappy I was as a customer but have never received any response in return.

At first I didn't want any compensation for the being so inconvenienced I just wanted my kitchen to be what I ordered and complete but now four months later I believe I should see some type of compensation. In short my advise if your planning a remodel... Go to Lowe's!
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User Replies:
Principissa on 01/07/2008:
If I was ever planning a remodel I would go straight to a place that does nothing but counters and cabinets. I wouldn't trust the products or the installers and contractors that HD or Lowe's uses. Not to mention I could probably get things for much cheaper by going someplace else. Hard lesson learned and I do hope the resolve this for you. I've never heard of anyone not using some kind of subsurface underneath granite. I would get angry every time I looked at the bubbles and hair line cracks from the drilling. Granite may be thick, but it is still fragile. I highly recommend you get something put under there before installing the dishwasher.
madconsumer on 01/07/2008:
if you signed the order form without verifying your order, that is your fault. you signed the order without reading it.
driven2bfit on 01/07/2008:
The lure that Home Depot uses is no payments, no interest for 12 months. We plan on having the kitchen paid off before the payments and interest kick in. As to the signing issue. True we did sign... but we thought we were just signing the charge authorization and the permission to order the materials. As a business we had legit complaints and a "good" business practice is to make it right. Customer Service has "gone to hell in a hand basket." I believe Home Depot has the "home improvement" market cornered and they don't really care if "they make it right." If you don't like it the only other place to go is Lowe's so they don't seem to really care. I was a regional manager for a retail establishment 20 years ago and we did all that we could to make the customer happy and not loose their business. We valued a returning customer and didn't want to loose their business to a competitor. Times have changed and not for the better.
CYH on 01/08/2008:
Before there was a Lowes, or Home Depot, what did people do? I suggest doing what was done long before these super chains took over and made life miserable. You're stuck between two big evils, go for the little guys. As for writing the CEO, it's no surprise you got no answer. Home Depot has had unstable management for a while now. Thanks for the review though, cause I'll be damned if I sign anything without having my lawyer look it over first when dealing with these businesses.
driven2bfit on 01/08/2008:
It took some diligence but Home Depot did finally come through and made right what was wrong. Just a note to the consumer... You have to be tenacious with some companies when you feel that they have not followed through on their end and made you a happy, returning customer. Thank you Home Depot.
ladyoh on 01/31/2008:
I wonder why no one choosesto go to small claims court. I have a friend who is one fo those people who will not let anything drop. He took GM to small claims court, believe me the case was settled beforehand.
sunshine619 on 02/14/2008:
I think your complaint is very valid. You go to a well known reputible company instead of some unknown mom and pop shop. That is totally understandable. and like you said you aren't a cabinet professional, they are, so you trust you are getting what you paid for. Obviously upon signing the form you were under the assumption you were signing for what you ordered! I notice so many people on this site who are so quick to jump down someones throat or belittle their situation. Id say you are the norm in what most consumers would do, and they totally did you dirty. Thank goodness its fixed now, but what a crappy ordeal.
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Don't Use Home Depot for Remodels
Posted by on
SCOTTSDALE, CALIFORNIA -- A couple years ago I had Home Depot do a kitchen remodel. Reface the cabinets and new countertops. I feel that they totally abused me. I was going through a depression at the time and they made everything worse. When the guy did the cabinets he moved my 1954 gas range - I had the house about 8 years with no problem with the range. After he moved it, the oven no longer worked. They had some guy from the store come out and check the pilot out and couldn't light it so that was it. They had their call me and tell me that I couldn't prove it worked before so too bad. DO YOU BELIEVE IT!!!! So I have gone ever since without an oven - just this past week or so I brought a new range and I am waiting for a guy to install it. But that's not all, the countertops were done by someone else badly. they measured wrong by the sink and the side next to the refrigerator is short. it doesn't go all the way to the edge but about a 1/4" short. It has a piece vertical on that side to keep water from splashing from the sink down the side of the fridge so it's hard to take a picture and I can't move the fridge (tight fit) to get a better picture. But physically you can see it and see the globs of glue too on top of that 1/4" of cabinet that isn't covered. Home Depot would not even send someone out to look at.

The guys that came and looked at the oven saw it and at the time told me in person that it was badly done, BUT according to Home Depot they said it was all fine. I will never use them again and I am trying to make sure I tell everyone I can about their bad customer surface and taking advantage of a single woman at the time.

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User Replies:
you r stupid on 10/03/2007:
So you had them do this work years ago and you are just now getting a new oven? And how long do you really think oven last for?
Anonymous on 10/03/2007:
1954 gas range. Work done a couple of years ago.
Why are you complaining now ?
Good luck.
Justusryan on 10/03/2007:
agree with above
Anonymous on 10/06/2007:
Little bit late on everything? Next time use a contractor. Home Depot and Lowe's aren't noted for good installations of anything.
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Doing It Wrong!!!
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CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- We have been customers of Home Depot our entire lives.

We actually had our entire Bed and Breakfast built from a Home Depot Pro Book and shipped out of Miami to the shores of a little island called Roatan a few years ago. So, upon returning to the USA, there was little doubt where we would go for house remodeling. In the space of a few weeks we had signed tile, counter tops, cabinet, carpet, and hurricane shutter contracts.

What a HUGE mistake!

Never sign a contract with Home Depot!

This contract is ALL about getting to the customer! And it will NOT end with a price you are seeing--nor the time period you're being told--nor with any close to customer service when it all falls to pieces and you're sitting at the house over and Over and OVER again for the entire day waiting for an installer to show up-- who never does--and never calls.

1. When you sign you are agreeing to allows "bait and switch" price increases of ANY amount to do the job you "think" is being bid on. Expect an over $600 increase like I got on a still uncompleted hurricane shutter job--or more! (a price now putting this installation above the price of other bids I would've taken had I known this up front) They'll tell you this or that has changed--or mistakes have been made--and YOU'LL pay for it even tho it's for the same job you asked for a bid on. Or you can--for example--be forced to have hurricane shutters installed that don't cover AN ENTIRE DOUBLE SET OF GLASS FRENCH DOORS that they somehow just didn't see????

But I digress--and I could write a book on the many problems we've had with all these jobs--this is just ONE OF THEM!

And, get ready for this, YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE without destroying your credit record! If you really screwed up and put it on a Home Depot credit card forget it! You can bet there's no "disputing the charge--not that there would be anyway after 2 MONTHS!

Unfortunately, tho you CAN throw someone is jail for this "bait and switch" routine in most states, in Florida they can do this IF your sign a 5 PAGE set of papers for hurricane shutter installation without reading ALL the fine print.

2. This contract also allows installers to treat you ANY way they choose -- to not show up for multiple appointments and leave you and the government building inspectors sitting for an appointment for as long as two days in a row without calling. They can turn a promised 2 week installation time frame into 2 month installation --STILL without the first thing done. AND YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO GET OUT OF THIS!

3. So you'll know, if you get fed up with all of this you cancel or try to get rid of this headache you'll lose your 10% deposit--again with no recourse--if not that they'll bill you more than the 10%.

If you think this is harsh--or just sour grapes--or just some crazy southern gal talking--call Home Depot's home installation department for Cape Coral Florida 239-242-8093 and pretend to be Sandra or Waylon Sims. Ask for info on the hurricane installation job # 3227016 we've had pending for two months--ask how many appointments to do this one job alone have ended in a no show without a call to cancel--ask what the original price to cover all windows was on the contract and what it is now.

I dare you Home Depot to prove me wrong!

Even worse, my guess is if you do it this time next month the results will still be the same.

They tell me you company policy includes~~


Such lofty words are just words when not backed by actions that speak MUCH louder to customers.

Waylon and Sandra
Cape Coral, Fl.
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User Replies:
Pomona Guy on 08/15/2007:
Home Depot sure went downhill fast. They used to be good, too. Guess success killed them.
moneybags on 08/15/2007:
Contact the state attorney general about this fraudulent practice AND the city/county licensing/permit office. Thresat pf losing the business/contractor's license usually gets the job finished. TAKE PICURES!!!
MRM on 08/15/2007:
The following members I agree with:
• Pomona Guy
• Moneybags
MRM on 08/15/2007:
Do you guys hear that? ♫♫♫♫ birds are singing ♫♫♫♫
MRM on 08/15/2007:
Oh, No, I'm hallucinating again☻
Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
WFS, I think they should do away with all the fine print so people might be able to understand what they are signing.
jktshff1 on 08/15/2007:
One of the things people need is a lawyer they can go to with things like this. Maybe, a friend at church or a club they belong to. They shouldn't charge too much for looking over contracts over 10 words long.
I am lucky enough to have an excellent lawyer that I pay a retainer to. It costs a few hundred $'s year. He has saved me several thousand over the years. I've told both my insurance man and lawyer I'm glad I'm older than them so I won't have to find another one before I die.
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Horrible experience from start to finish!
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HARRISBURG AREA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went to Home Depot for our bathroom remodel to avoid problems, thinking a large store would do a good job or at least take care of any problems, but as soon as they got our money they handed us over to an inept contracting company who sent a real jerk to do the job. What should have taken 10 days turned into over 2 months without a bathroom! The guy complained every single day about the job and how he wasn't getting paid enough from his company. I heard over and over again about his problems and how no one wanted this job and he got stuck with it. Home Depot sent the wrong tile (half wrong half right) and this guy wouldn't bring it back to the store to get the right stuff since he wasn't getting paid for his time. Then the counter top was cut wrong so that extended the time by another week. My husband had to show him how to do the wiring since this guy kept blowing fuses and blaming our wiring when he was actually doing it wrong! He wouldn't install the tile we picked out saying it was too tall, he just didn't want to be bothered cutting it to fit. He even insulted us calling our bathroom a cubby hole and we shouldn't bother tiling it. There is one floor tile right in the center of the floor that is different than the rest, the installer didn't notice, I did, but it was already in. We've been fighting Home Depot and the Contractors about this for a while now since they won't guarantee that the floor won't get ruined by replacing the tile. The idiot who put it in told us not to mess with it since they took a short cut on the floor and installed the new tile over the old tile rather than digging up the old floor. (which was in the estimate)They claim that we underpaid for the bathroom since they underestimated the time it would take to do it so they don't owe us anything. Whatever happened to good customer service? Home Depot doesn't care about repeat customers, we spent over 15k on that bathroom and would have used them for our kitchen if this didn't happen! After we finally resolve the floor tile problem I'm calling the Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau on Home Depot and the Contracting company!
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User Replies:
JennyB on 06/13/2007:
Wow- this sounds unbelievably like the 3-day flooring install I hired Home Depot for that took 62 days and was the most miserable ordeal I'd ever experienced in my life. I sent 2 letters to the home office, as well as the local store- all I received was a form letter. I spent 12K on these floors, plus another $700 worth of instore purchases over the course of 3 months, and all I got was the form letter. I will never shop there again, nor will any of my friends/family that I shared my experience with.
surfrog on 06/13/2007:
I looked up the Home Depot in Mechanicsburg PA who did our job on Better business Bureau. They had so many complaints that the central PA office doesn't even handle the claims anymore, you have to contact the Atlanta office. That says a lot about the whole company. Very sas...
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I Don't Think So, Thanks to Your Review
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK -- I'm planning to remodel my kitchen, two contractor estimate the job for about $17 - 22 thousand. I was considering Home Depot, but after reading the reviews on this site, I don't think so. I shop at Gun Hill Road, Bronx location and my experience with service for smaller job was the worst punishment one can inflict on them self. I thought with a bigger project and spending more money would be different, apparently there incompetence, inexperienced, and poor quality in over all service has no boundaries or limitation.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 07/23/2012:
A $17 to $22K kitchen remodel is not something I would trust H.D. with. When you're spending this kind of money I would go with a local contractor with references.
Wisconsin on 11/25/2012:
We did remodel our kitchen using Home Depot - Crew 2. BIG MISTAKE! I would not recommend Home Depot or Crew 2. When the job was quoted, "Ken" neglected to mention that the person handling the job would be doing so from Minnesota. We found this out after the job was started and "Dana" wanted us to email him pictures. We were like WHAT! That's when we found out the person handling our job was doing so from another State. We don't even shop at Home Depot anymore because of the terrible service we had for our remodel.
x crew2 on 06/19/2013:
part of the reason for your problems is when crew2 subcontracts out jobs they keep 75-80 percent of the install Home Depot pays including half of the furniture moving fee the trip fee almost everything .then pay the subcontracters the rest and you can amagine what kind of installers are left .this is flooring and everything
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Beware of Home Depot
Posted by on
OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I had Home Depot do my kitchen remodel because I did not want to deal with the contractors myself. I thought Home Depot would make them toe the line. That was a foolish assumption, since Home Depot virtually ignored all aspects of the project management. I had to coordinate their work myself. I foolishly paid in advance since I trusted Home Depot. However, when they were getting later and later in doing the work (months), they refused to cancel the contract and at one time even said they could not find any contract with me in their records. When the work was finally done (about three months after the promised time), it was of inferior quality and I had to constantly monitor the work because Home Depot had not told them exactly what I had paid for. I had to do much of the work myself, such as appliance and hardware installation The whole process was scandalous, an outright rip-off.
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User Replies:
PepperElf on 05/27/2010:
wait they wouldn't cancel
and then they said they couldn't find the contract.

to me... I'd say if they tell you "we can't find the contract"
the answer is "well in that case, you have no legal right to bill me."

homedepot_michael on 06/09/2010:
Hi, this is Tinzley with Home Depot Customer Care; I'd like to make sure your feedback gets to the right people to assure you are contacted about this. Can you send an email with your order number and the store you initially visited to tinzley_care@homedepot.com?
Dinkeydow on 06/06/2013:
HOME DEPOT is a rip off... 15 years ago I did 5 homes using them and they were OK. Now the contractors they use are all about how fast and how much can they rip you off for. They wanted 5,000.00 just to demo my kitchen. I rip it all out in 1 day.
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How Do I Get A Manager To Listen Or Get Compensated In Some Way?
Posted by on
VALDOSTA, GEORGIA -- We have been remodeling our whole house. We special ordered a granite kitchen counter top, they sent the wrong one. took a month to get it right. Also special ordered sink counter tops for both bathrooms they measured wrong and they didn't have holes drilled in right spot. Had to redo. still waiting on them. special ordered faucets for Whirlpool tub that We also bought from them. Faucet does NOT fit! They now say I have to order a different tub that is $1,000 more. Don't they measure, before they order to make sure it will fit?!!! the lady that ordered Faucet said But that is the one you wanted... Trying to blame me! I don't work there but if I did, I would tell the customer if it would fit before I made them pay for all this special ordering. We also ordered a Front full glass leaded double exterior door when we got it, there was a big dent in it. That was 3 weeks ago still waiting..... They have put us 3 months behind! And we are paying all our workers to wait around on Home Depot!!!!

We were supposed to be done November 20th. HELP PLEASE! I think we need compensated in some way...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/10/2008:
There is a consumer advocate at their corporate headquarters. You might try getting through to them and telling your tale.
BuckeyeHome on 12/24/2008:
If you have already paid you have no control except to find another contractor, keep all receipts, get your kitchen done, take pictures b4/after and then file a lawsuit.
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Michael in the pop-up works
Posted by on
ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- Our kitchen remodel seemed to come to a big halt,
and I was ready to writE a scathing review, but decided to give Michael a shot. what a difference! everything restarted uickly...although we didn't meet our deadline. We have now met with the store manager at his request. MESSAGE IS; IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS CALL THE STORE MANAGER
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User Replies:
SadSackSam on 11/23/2009:
In ost stores they just deligate it down a little. Yesterday it was funny. I was on lunch and the store manager was dealing with one of those "I am too important for you get me the store manager" people. The customer would ask him a question he would have to think about it and walk in the break room and ask me or the other ASM. OH how I hate my job sometimes.
FaireMaiden on 02/06/2010:
So glad you got your remodel worked out. Glad, too, that Michael is on the ball over at Home Depot.
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Posted by on
HOBBS, NEW MEXICO -- We are in the middle of remolding some of the rooms in our home which means buying certain supplies from Home Depot. Although we are a small town we do have a couple of other supply store, however the Home Depot in Hobbs, NM has a wider choice of merchandise, which is terrific, but you can NOT get help unless you hunt down someone and then you are treated like you are imposing on them.

We are having a building boom here and I realize getting worker has posed somewhat of a problem but if need be PAY the workers more or import people, I don't really care. Hobbs just needs HELP in this store.

We could go to Lubbock, TX. but that is a 2 hour drive!!! So PLEASE help, a training class comes to mind.


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