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Roofing Scam
Posted by Cousteau on 07/31/2005
NEW YORK -- I contracted with Home Depot At Home Services to replace the roof on my house for several reasons. First, I wanted to go with an installer who was certified by the manufacturer, thereby allowing the highest level of warranty protection. I researched the project thoroughly and worked closely with the Home Depot salesman, [snip], for several months before signing the contracts. Mr. [snip] assured me that the work would be performed by a Home Depot crew, and not a subcontractor.

Imagine my horror when I arrived home unannounced one morning to find a crew of illegal alien, day laborers installing my roof. They were under the direction of an American foreman, and took great pleasure in urinating in my bushes. The extent of this problem came to light some months later when a neighbor's child described to her parents, in detail, the characteristics of an uncircumcised penis. Several shrubs were damaged along with this poor child's innocence.

The installation was completed the next day. The end product looked exactly as one might expect, given the qualifications of the "installers." GAF Camelot shingles (their most premium product)were jammed and buckled against the dormers. At least two bundles of a different color shingle - the GAF representative was later able to name the errant color from fifty yards - were used in the roof. Nonlinear shingle courses gave the illusion of a deep valley in the center of one roof. When shingle courses ended in wildly variable lengths, the excess was simply hacked off. It looks more like the excess material was bent back and forth until broke off, leaving a jagged edge.

Needless to say, I was very dissatisfied with the finished product. I was able to arrange a site visit with the regional GAF representative, a Home Depot representative, and the subcontractor. Yes, a subcontractor, after I had been assured that the work would be performed by Home Depot employees. The subcontractor drove up in a brand new Mercedes Benz and claimed that his "partner" had supervised the entire project. I had never seen this person before, and he had certainly never been on my property. He described a crew that was about two generations removed from the illegals who installed my roof. Luckily, I have a pretty sophisticated video security system and was able to capture some resolute portraits.

The GAF representative was mostly unwilling to acknowledge the roofing errors, preferring to inquire as to whether the month-old roof was leaking. If it wasn't leaking, he said, the matter was one of esthetics, a subject in which he was completely uninterested. I reminded him that the old roof (30 years old to be exact) wasn't leaking either, but I sure wouldn't pay $25,000 for it.

Home Depot is not sure who installed my roof, but they admit that there are serious problems. They have offered to have the subcontractor of record correct the errors. I have informed Home Depot that I prefer to avoid the robberies, home invasions, sex crimes, and homicides associated with the undocumented-alien workforce.

Had I wanted to expose my family to these perils, I would have a chosen a roofing company from the yellow pages, and taken my chances. Instead, I selected the most recognized name in home improvement. They sold the job to a subcontractor, who in turn sold it to a sub-subcontractor.

I would like to thank those of you who have contacted me with information. You will be happy to know that local media have expressed an interest in the case. One investigative reporter has offered to bring in experts to oversee the removal of the Home Depot roof. The entire process will be documented on tape for later broadcast. Footage from my security system will supplement the professional footage. Images of the roofing crew will be sent to law enforcement for comparison to known fugitives.

Please learn from my experience and avoid Home Depot At Home Services. They are prostituting their name and reputation at the expense of the consumer.

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Posted by tpebop on 2005-08-01:
I am not sure what a figative is but I would have called INS as soon as I saw those unducumented workers
Posted by KenPC on 2005-08-01:
INS doesnt care about illegals...and will not respond if you complain. Not really their fault, they have never been staffed to do so, and instructed not to detain anyone.

But... the trick to resolving this is to directly to Home Depot corporate. A Home Depot Manager's yearly bonus is largely based on how many customer complaints do not reach corporate level. Once they know that you are going over their head, they will scramble to make you happy. DOnt back down, and dont give up... you'll get a whole new installation out of this.
Posted by socal1 on 2005-08-07:
How do you know they were illegal? Did you demand to inspect their DL's or Green Cards?

To claim that they are illegal without any stated proof significantly belittles your valid complaints about the quality of work you received. These claims cast serious doubt about the validity of your complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-08-07:
Posted by CGB on 2005-09-14:
I have had a similar experience with defective GAF shingles (Grand Sequoia). Even though we had an agreement with the GAF reps, orally and in writing to get new comforming shingles and GAF would pay all damages the representatives later tried to cover-up that there was a defect. The legal department at GAF also has perpetuated this scam. We also have video survellence and caught the GAF reps in lie when they said they evaluated the shingles and opened 8-10 packs. The surveillence video contadicts that statement. Can you refer me to the investigtion person that is interested in your case? My e-mail is: CGBREHAB@aol.com
Posted by Truth Prevails on 2006-06-27:
Having recently quit Home Depot At-Home Services as a Sales (roofing) Consultant, I cannot begin to tell you how unethical this company really is.
First of all, HD is in most cases 100-150% higher in cost than the highest estimates consumers would show me for similar work and materials. This constitutes PRICE GOUGING of the highest kind, and in it's purest form.
Home Depot install services also requires AS A CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT, that the new hire SIGN a waiver form, allowing the company to rob their salepeople of their HARD earned commissions that are owed to them, when they quit HD. This is the salespersons punishment for daring to quit the ALMIGHTY HOME DEPOT! Home Depot owes me over $1,300.00 dollars.
When I was interviewed for the sales consultant position, I asked the sales manager, "What happens to the money if in estimating a roof I am over in price?" He told me that when the PROJECT MANAGER conducts a "PII" Pre-installation inspection, if the PM finds a overage in cost estimate, the customer would receive a credit on their final payment, and if the amount is minimal, the customer would be issued a HD Gift Card. Well to the day I quit HD, none of my customers who trusted me with their orders ever received a refund. I have proof of this! I made the Human Resource dept. privy to all my complaints. No Replies yet.
In closing, I could not any longer work for this company. My conscience was terribly troubled. One last note. Please do not have HD come to your home for a roofing, window, or siding estimate. Don't say I did not warn you. You are inviting trouble!
Posted by Larry The Roofer on 2009-01-16:
Just for yor information. Home Depot doesn't install anything. The people you deal with are independant contractors using Home depot's Name and pay them a royalty.
The sales force are commissioned salesmen and the workers are independant subcontractors. As far as your roof problems, it sounds like you only had minor problems. I've been in the roofing business for over 40 years and YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE NUT CASES WE ALL EXPERIENCE ABOUT I IN 1000 CUSTOMERS. By the way these contractors don't even use HOME DEPOT Materials, they order from the local roof suppliers.
Posted by smkur50 on 2009-09-15:
You obviously don't know how construction works. You really think HD has any construction crews? It is almost always subcontracted. You act like you did all this homework for a perfect experience and roof..but failed in many aspects.
Your claims of illegals takes away from validity to your claims. I don't think even bothered to check any green cards/ID's before making these claims. They have to urinate somewhere, why didn't you offer your bathroom or request a port-a-potty? They can't hold it all day you know?

Why would GAF care or cover ANYTHING? Their shingles were not defective, they didn't install them.
Your complaint is with the subcontractor and they should be insured.
I agree with a few folks here. You may have had a valid complaint in the appearance of your roof but decided to exagerate your whining to get attention and stereotype a very hard working group of people. Check your facts before crying. You are on of the 1 in 1000 people that we run across also!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-15:
Though to be honest.... how can you tell if the crew is really full of "illegals"?

Many legal citizens also use their own languages when talking to each other.

Hell in the Navy, I got use to hearing Tagalog a lot, because many of the Filepeno sailors would use it to talk to each other.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
Smkur, you are aware that this complaint was made in 2005. I highly doubt the OP is going to come back to this site and see your response. But, stranger things have happened.
Posted by Cat312 on 2010-12-15:
I had my roof installed by Home Depot in 2007. The sales person at Home Depot offered me several packages to choose from and I selected the higher priced package because it came with a 'Lifetime Peace of Mind' guarantee. The sales Rep also guaranteed if there were any damages inside my home due to any leaks from their roof, that they were fully insured and would be responsible. The roof began leaking in 2008, again Sept 2009. They came to 'fix' these leaks. In April 2010 the leaks worsened causing a great deal of damage to my home. Home Depot sent their 'field team' to investigate the issue, and this is when they discovered the installation was done incorrectly. Their installers used aluminum and copper around the skylights causing a chemical reaction, deteriorating the frames of the skylights, causing $86,000 of damages. It has been 3 months of dealing with Home Depots insurance company, Sedgwick, of which Mr. Dwayne Smith has avoided my calls, and my attorney’s calls. When finally getting Mr.Smith on the phone, he claims he lost the estimate provided by both a private adjuster, and my General Contractor. Meanwhile, Mr. Smith never provided his adjusters estimate. A total run around and stall tactic.
Now Mr. Smith Claims the issue is being investigated, this was the last we heard from him and that was November 18th. No Investigator has contacted us and it has been 4 weeks.
Though Home Depot admitted their error caused these damages, their insurance company refuses to be cooperative, and clearly dragging out my claim, making a bad situation severe. Home Depots ‘lifetime Peace of Mind guarantee" is an absolute joke. After three years they are ignoring my phone calls. I am left with a 27,000 roof that leaks, and a house that is inhabitable. It has been a homeowners NIGHTMARE.
Posted by Cat312 on 2010-12-15:
Would love to know what media took interest. I have the same problem, however with 86,000 of damages from their installation! Any advise would help greatly, they are stalling my claim for over 3 months!!
Posted by Bel on 2013-02-12:
I wish I have seen this page prior opting for GAF with All pro siding and windows as the installer.I have seen problems with the workmanship and neither the contractor nor GAF want to take responsibility. It's about about 50 shingles to be re-worked, how about if there was leaks?
I'll hire a new company and use their report to sue both GAF and all pro.is this the right thing to do?
Thank you
Posted by Anthony on 2013-05-29:
Why in gods name would you of hired Home Depot in the first place . You should of done some research and picked a smaller company with the owner on the jobsite . GAF is the best shingle on the market , plus you over paid for your roof with Home Depot , by atleast 3 to 5 thousand . Maybe next time you will do your homework
Posted by Lance on 2013-06-01:
Sometimes it seems like a competitor of Home Depot makes up a story and that sure is a doozy.

As far as the price being higher, it may very well be in some case but not 100% higher as some one claimed.

If you look at warranties on gaf website you could be getting the ten year prorated shingle by an independent contractor that is giving you a five year craftsmanship warranty if he is even still in business in five years. Just because two guys use the same shingle does not mean your getting the same warranty or quality done for that matter.

And to the ex sales person if you only were owed 1300 when you left, you are disgruntled because you couldn't make a living and didn't understand the products.

Posted by ROOFSYSTEMS on 2013-07-24:
Posted by Denise on 2013-09-01:
I had the same experience in 2007. We built a new home and hired Home Depot for carpet installation. The day of install, a beat up truck pulled up loaded with Spanish speaking installers. Not one spoke English. They had zero ID that they were " employed" by Home Depot. But, they had our carpet. They were quick with the job, however left holes in our Sheetrock , dings in the baseboard . The carpets have since separated at the seams . We have had nothing installed by them since. I told the supervisor at the Depot of our dissatisfaction , they were unconcerned. Never again.
Posted by General Contractor on 2013-10-14:
"I have informed Home Depot that I prefer to avoid the robberies, home invasions, sex crimes, and homicides associated with the undocumented-alien workforce."

Most crimes in this country are committed by American Citizens, both in the aggregate and in relative percentages. I am curious what nationality your ancestors are... Unless you are pure blood native American, you have no right to generalize illegal aliens.

You chose Home Depot because they offered the cheapest rates. If you had contacted a legitimate contractor their rates would have been much higher. You get what you pay for.

Hopefully you learned your lesson..

PS They peed outside because you didn't let them into your home to use the bathroom or pay to have a portable toilet on site. Try working an 8-12 hour shift without access to a bathroom.
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Posted by on 05/04/2003
ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- In 10-2001, I paid HomeDepot $9995.00 to install a new roof for my 2000 square feet house.

The workmanship of the subcontractor was so poor that the roof leak a month later. The leak was so serious that a section of the ceiling collapsed, the wall cracked, and the mold grew.

Instead of replacing the wall and insulation, cleaning up the mold, HomeDepot did only cosmetic repairs. They put the cocking on the wall, and repaint the ceiling.

The Alhambra City required the return of the rubbish receipt to finalize the roof, but the subcontractor never returned the receipt, even after my many phone calls. I asked the City Hall what was the consequence of without the receipt, they said then the was illegal. I paid HomeDepot $9995.00 just for an illegal roof.

After installing the roof, a lot of materials were left over. The subcontractors took all the left over materials without asking my permission. The left over materials showed that there was an error in the measurement of the roof, and they overcharged me for the roof.

During the consultation, the consultant said that " we do not hire the druggies ", " we bought $100000.00 of worker compensation for our workers " to mislead me into believing HomeDepot would do the project themselves, instead of subcontracting it out to someone whom I know nothing about.

Home depot should refund me $5000.00 for the damage they did to my house.
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Top $ roof -- no service
Posted by Eddiekmg on 01/31/2005
ROYAL PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- My name is Chris. I have been a loyal and satisfied customer for over 17 years. That is until my wife and I called At Home Services for installation of our new roof. The nightmare began when hurricane Frances hit (Sept. 3-6, 2004). We needed a new roof. Sunday's newspaper (9/12/04) advertised that Home Depot At Home Services is now doing roofs. We have had a previous good experience with At Home Services and we want to go with a big company who will do a good job on our roof. We call on 9/12/04. On 9/13/04 Chris (salesman) comes to our home, sells us a new roof. He explains that there are no payments, no interest for 6 months.

Our contract amount is $14,254.00 --- this is top dollar - we are paying for top service. I was so impressed with Chris' presentation (he was at my home for more than 2 hours) and especially the professional service that Home Depot guaranteed. Chris told me that he was part of a team. There would always be a Home Depot representative to work with us every step of the way. Making sure the job was done up to Home Depot standards. He advised that we, the buyers would be contacted by phone by a project coordinator. No project coordinator called us. Home Depot had already either dropped the ball or totally misrepresented themselves to us.

Andy arrives the following week, introduces himself as the project manager. He is to look at the roof and confirm that the measurements are correct. Great. Meanwhile, Hurricane Jeanne (Sept. 26th) hits and does even further damage to our compromised roof. My wife and I, like millions of Floridians are stressed beyond belief by the recent events. One good thing, we have already called Home Depot and are in the works to get a new roof. The second Hurricane knocked out power and phones and it is impossible to get in touch with Home Depot.

We call Chris in early Oct. and ask what is going on. We haven't been called by a project coordinator. Chris can't believe it. He provides us a phone number for the first project coordinator, Penny Napa. Penny says no problem. The job is in the works and it won't be long until we receive a call telling us the scheduling date. By mid-late October we don't hear anything. We call Home Depot and are told that Penny is no longer our project coordinator. Now we have been assigned to Courtney. We finally get in touch with Courtney, she says no problem we should be scheduled by the end of the week and she'll call us with the scheduling date. No return call.

We call Courtney repeatedly, only to reach voice mail which states "all calls will be returned within 24 hours". We leave messages ---We never receive a return call. Now why would you have to state on your voice mail message that all calls will be returned within 24 hours - are calls not being returned? At this point the communication between the customer (us) and the seller (Home Depot) starts to deteriorate and we begin to be unhappy and unsatisfied. We call At Home Services office in Delray Beach, Florida, and complain to the person who answers the phone that we can never get our project coordinator on the telephone. We express our disappointment and are assured that Courtney will call us back. Courtney has Andy (the project manager) call us. We express frustration with Andy that no progress is being made. We are passed the 4-6 week period for work to be completed.

Andy provides excuses, we have to be patient, we have to understand that no one expected two hurricanes. We say we are trying to be patient but we want Home Depot to deliver on their promises. Andy advises that there is a problem obtaining the shingles. It will be an additional 1-2 weeks. We are again assured that we will be called and things will get better. Early November - no call - we call Courtney. Again, where is the communication? What is going on? We are growing more frustrated by the way we are being treated. We are called by a roofing company - during the day while we are work and a message is left on our answer machine that we have been scheduled for January 13, 2005! We are stunned! My wife goes crazy. Calls the roofing company the following morning and states January 13th is totally unacceptable.

My wife tells receptionist at Roofing company to please call Courtney and tell her that an upset and angry customer has called and Courtney has to deal with the situation before it explodes. My wife is contacted at work by Courtney. My wife explains that we were told our roof would be done in 4-6 weeks. Now we are expected to wait into the new year!! My wife thinks there has been a major screw up and tells Courtney so. Courtney only offers excuses to my wife --- My wife doesn't want any more excuses - we want answers and action!! Courtney can't deal with my wife and puts my wife on the phone with her boss, Ben, manager of At Home Services in Delray Beach. My wife tells our story to Ben and complains that there is no communication. Ben offers more excuses. My wife begs Ben to please keep her in the loop, we can't deal with Courtney any longer. We are very unhappy customers and all we want is to be happy customers. We ask Home Depot to make it right. We ask Home Depot to deliver the services we were promised. You are a large company and if you have taken on more work than you can handle we the customer should not suffer at your expense.

Again my wife asks Ben to take advantage of the opportunity to make us happy. Ben says he will keep us "in the loop" -- now shingles are available --- but there aren't enough roofers to go around. He reminds my wife that two hurricanes have just made things difficult. My wife tells Ben she realizes this --- we survived the stress of the hurricanes and really don't need any more stress in our lives - at the hands of Home Depot.. Ben tells my wife Home Depot is working on getting more roofers and Ben says that his "team" will go back to the drawing board and see if it is possible to get our start date moved up. My wife says thank you. Apologizes again but frustration got the better of her. WE NEVER HEAR FROM OR SPEAK TO BEN AGAIN! So much for communication. Another opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one is lost by Home Depot. :-( November 23, 2004 (2 days before Thanksgiving) Home Depot truck arrives in the middle of the day while we are at work to deliver shingles. No prior phone call is made to us. We have no idea to expect them. 6 palates of shingles are left in our driveway. No one signed for the shingles. It is now Home Depot's policy to deliver materials without letting the customer know?

Again, no communication from Home Depot to us. What happened to the professional service? By the time we got home from work that night it is almost dark. We are left with no choice but to move these heavy shingles into the garage for safekeeping as people are desperate for shingles and they are being stolen from job sites. We, the customer, do not appreciate being put in the position to be forced to do difficult physical labor at our age and we were very, very upset, not only with the lack of communication but with the thought of being physically injured moving those heavy shingles. What happened to the Home Depot team? We are left to shake our heads in disbelief again. What is going on with Home Depot are they now delivering materials and expecting the customer to store them for approximately 2 months? :-(

Early December, 2004, we are called by Home Depot At Home Services who inquire if we happened to receive shingles. Uh yeah they came all right. Does this mean we might just get our new roof by the end of the year? Home Depot representative advises they will call the roofer and see. Once again, no communication between customer and Home Depot, no communication between Home Depot and roofer and no communication between roofer and customer. :-( Mid December we call roofer - have you received a call from Home Depot and are you going to start the job early? We have shingles stored in our garage. We are told January 13, 2005. We are disappointed but it is the middle of December we only have to wait one more month! :-) However, we are very inconvenienced by Home Depot as we cannot keep ours cars in the garage. More frustration. Bob (title unknown) from Home Depot calls my wife at work January 11th and says would it be okay if the roofer starts a day earlier?

My wife says great news. My wife asks Bob point blank - "the roofer isn't going to start the job and then leave us hanging for 2-3 weeks before completion are they?" Bob says "oh no --- that would be a nightmare" !! January 12, 2005, one day early job starts ----- this is 121 days after contract is signed. 6 weeks is 44 days. Only 66 days late --- The Home Depot Way! Roofer sends a "prep" crew on January 12, 2005. They don't know anything about the shingles in the garage (why not? We told them in mid December we had shingles?). They are very unhappy they are required to now haul these heavy shingles up to the roof by way of ladder. I personally helped them put the shingles on the roof. I say are you coming back tomorrow to finish the job? Crew foreman states - No. We are only the prep crew. We are finished.

Another crew will come to finish the job and lay the shingles. When will the shingles go on I ask? A couple of days --- "You'll come home one day and your roof will be done" the foreman says. Roofer leaves the paperwork for the job taped to the front screen door and we are told not to remove it or the ladder left on the side of the house. The inspector from our town will need to come. This was January 12, 2005. I call Roofer the next day, January 13th to inquire if I am scheduled for next week to finish the job. I am told that they were working on the scheduling and I'll be advised. I am happy - I ask for 1 days notice to make arrangements for my pet to be boarded elsewhere. No call the following week :-( No inspector :-( Now what is going on?? January 26, 2005, Joe (last name and title unknown) from Home Depot, calls my wife at work - wants to know if we are happy with our new roof! Ha! My wife says what new roof? Job was started but we are waiting for the roofer to come back - it is now 2 weeks after the start of the job. My wife is not happy with Joe.

Joe advises he will contact the roofer. Joe arrives at our house the very same afternoon. He tells me that the roofer advised the job was done. My wife says well look at the roof - does it look done to you? Joe explains he is the new project manager. He will call the roofer and find out what is going on. We want to know why the inspector hasn't come. My wife says maybe somebody forgot to call the inspector. Joe says well maybe the inspector is behind and lately he says, the inspectors have been coming by, taking pictures and signing off at the end. My wife expresses frustration and disappointment with the way we have been treated. Joe offers excuses but no answers!! This is a reoccurring theme. My wife tells Joe that Bob told her that the job would be started and finished and we would not be left hanging for 2-3 weeks - that would be a nightmare according to Bob. My wife tells Joe we are living the nightmare. Joe is not sympathetic with our story. Again, is it Home Depot's policy to change project managers and not make the customer aware of it. Total lack of communication on the part of Home Depot. More frustration.

I feel better at this point because Joe the project manager has arrived on the scene and is going to fix everything. Great! :-) I am waiting for a call from Joe. My wife tells me not to hold my breath. My wife says the story about the inspector taking pictures and coming back at the end of the job doesn't sound right to her. I tell my wife Joe said he would take care of it. My wife says we've heard that before. At this point I still have some faith in Home Depot. No call from Joe. No call from roofer. No inspector. What is going on!!!!!! January 29, 2005 (Saturday), Roofing crew arrives at 7:30 am - no phone call? No 24 hour notice?? Okay, what the heck, we are finally getting somewhere. This nightmare is almost over :-) Crew checks paperwork on door --- has not been signed off by inspector! Crew says they cannot finish the roof without signature from the inspector. I say no, no, Joe my project manager was here 3 days ago and he said we didn't need an inspector to sign off.

Crew foreman walks away and calls boss. Comes back and tells me sorry we have to leave. I say what! No. no. don't leave. Foreman tells me that I can call for an inspection. Well not today--- it is Saturday and every place is closed!!! Am I supposed to call for an inspection? I thought my Home Depot "team" was in charge of the job. How come no one told me on January 12th that I was supposed to call? Again, no communication and lots of frustration for us. I am kicking myself at this point for putting faith in Joe. I have no business card and no way to get in touch with him. I have Andy (the old project manager's) phone number. I call Andy. I tell him what happened today and what happened with Joe. Andy says "sounds like somebody dropped the ball!" He'll get in touch with Joe and Joe will call me. I call Roofing Company --- get answer machine and leave message.

I wait all day for a return call from Joe. No call. No one to call and say gosh we are sorry. We will make it right. No call, no inspection, no communication NOTHING :-( This ISN'T THE HOME DEPOT WAY. This is not what we were promised and what we are expected to pay for! I am left to stew all day and my frustration gets the better of me. I call and leave messages on at least 8 different voice mails. I am now at this point pleading - will someone please help me! Will someone give me answers! I finally figure out how to get the phone number for Home Depot Corporate Headquarters in Georgia. I speak with the complaint department. I will not hang up until I am given a name and phone number of a vice president, a regional manager, you - Mr. Robert Nardelli, the CEO! Finally, I am given the phone number for the southeast Regional boss, Mr. Charles Williams. I call him and leave a message - again I am begging for someone to help me. No roof!

As of today, January 31st, it is two days short of 3 weeks since the prep crew arrived to start the job The nightmare continues. We gave Home Depot opportunity after opportunity to turn this situation around and make us satisfied and happy customers. When this nightmare started that is all we wanted. To be happy. Home Depot dropped the ball. We feel that we have been wronged and we want Home Depot to make it right with us. Just finishing the job is not going to be enough. We were sold a product and services on Sept. 13th. A very expensive product that came with very poor quality service (at top dollar cost). This is not the Home Depot way of doing business --- or is it? The Home Depot website makes promises that are not being kept regarding roof installation and professional services offered.

Obviously you as the President are not aware of the total lack of professionalism being offered to your south Florida customers. We can't seem to get anyone on the phone to help us. We have no alternative but to write you a letter and let you know. Well, now you know. This is a true story. This is not a joke. Will you please make things right? Please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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Posted by tander on 2005-01-31:
Thats horrible customer service, and I can see where you would be extremely frustrated.
I sure will think twice before I ever use there home service, I'm a too impatient person to wait like that.
Posted by jt101 on 2005-10-04:
Hmm so after 2 hurricanes and that many calls, I think you would've called someone else. Problem starts there and I can imagine everyone running out to service you after a hurricane. Good luck
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Roof Rip Off Free Screw
Posted by Scrapyard on 03/13/2004
Home Depot wanted $13000 to do my roof and gave me a BS sales pitch. Got about 12 other prices of $3500 to $6800 with same work and shingles. I thought they were a good company but now I see the light.

After seeing all the other bad news posted I will not buy a screw from them.

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Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
So, you shopped around, compared prices, and found a bunch that beat Home Depot? What exactly is the problem? Sounds like the free market and competition at work, and working well.
Posted by Rem Man on 2004-11-17:
Home Depot also stands behind their installations, because they are done by third party contractors and mistakes to happen. Like the previous post said, shop around and if you don't like thier price, don't give 'em your business. But don't say you got 'screwed' when you never even got in bed with them.
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Home Depot Roofing Alert
Posted by Michaelh7 on 09/03/2011
A Home Depot roofing salesman came to my parent's home yesterday, 09/02/2011. I sat in the other room as the salesman spoke with my elderly parents, 92 and 85. My parents did not sign a contract with the representative after I convinced them to get other quotes.

The long and short of it is that the guy was a con-man. He spoke of peace of mind, the reputation of The Home Depot, the large number of shady, non-licensed roofing contractors in the state of RI, etc. He had a binder filled with the names of non-licensed companies in the state of Rhode Island. He also spoke of being a family man, his church and his parents.

He quoted $14,000 to re-roof my parents house. Knowing that the price should be in the $400 a square neighborhood I was shocked when I heard the $14,000 figure, getting up and going into the other room to join them. (I try and give my parents a sense of self-reliance.) The roof is 15 square, the price should have been in the $6000 range. I said nothing about the price to the salesman, just made sure they did not sign a contract.

The salesman realized he was not going to make a sale at $14,000 so he lowered the price by $800, saying that he would give them the Architectural Grade shingle for the same price as the, "entry," shingle, saving them $800. The two types of shingles are the same price, he simply raised the price on one to discount later in the pitch. Still sensing no sale, he offered a 10% senior discount and 12 months interest free, along with a great deal on the HD credit card. The sales representative would not leave the written quote unless they signed that day.

Reading other similar Home Depot roofing reviews, many as far back as 2003, it is obvious that these very shady sales practices have been going on for a very long time. It is hard to imagine that HD is not aware of what is going on, if not outright encouraging such behavior.

Stealing is bad, we all agree, but preying on the elderly doesn't get much lower.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-09-03:
there are many factors in roofing. such as drip edge, facia, installing roof vents, type of roof vents and so on. architectural shingles do cost more than entry grade.

what prices were the other quotes?
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-03:
Getting multiple estimates for a job like roofing is a great idea, unless you know a reputable contractor.

I wouldn't arrange with Home Depot to shingle a dog house. $400 per square sounds reasonable, but there are variables such as the pitch of the roof (higher labor for higher pitch), material used, location, etc. Get more estimates!
Posted by HomeDepot_Care on 2011-09-03:
Michael. I would like to look into this for you & I of course apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Please email me your name/phone as well as the name/phone number the consultation was set for your parents (at Nicki_Care@homedepot.com). - Thanks, Nicki
Posted by chemman on 2011-09-04:
I am currently trying to get a roofer to fix my leaking roof and have had about 7 no shows now. $400 a square is high for this area (I'm in the south), it runs closer to $200 here. Mine is steep and needs some vent work and trim repair, I was quoted $600 for two squares but I can't get anyone to come back and do the work. It's very frustrating
Posted by graham.janie on 2011-09-07:
Wow, that is very shady. I prefer roofing contractors that aren't so big they are scattered over the nation.
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Beware of Bad Roofing
Posted by Not happy in WA on 09/21/2009
WASHINGTON -- We recently had a new - high quality roof installed on our house. We were promised that a Project Manager would come and review the work that was being done - and then get up on our roof to inspect it to make sure it was installed correctly! That never happened!

We recently had some rain (yes - we live in WA State!). My husband found that water was running down onto our furnace coming our of a vent. I immediately called the Home Depot Store in our area to let them know our roof was leaking. They found a Installation Manager who would come out and take a look. When he arrived - he looked up from the street and told us that the flashing was too small. He then said that he would have someone come out the next day to fix it - that he was too old to get up on the roof.

Well, the next day came and went - no roofer. WE called him back and he told us that the roofer had to go to a town about 45 minutes away to pick up the parts needed to fix this. Then - it was another few days before he showed up - only to come when no one was home - no call to let us know he was coming. He left a note - that was found in our bushes stating that he was there - and that he had fixed the problem! When my husband got home that day - he immediately could tell that nothing had been done! Same flashing - same problem!

Fast forward 2 weeks later - still no repair - even though we have been called - apologized to - and yet - NOTHING has been done! Today a couple roofers came out when I was home alone - stated that we didn't need a smaller flashing - that he screwed the pipe in tight - and put some sealer on the joints! When my husband got home - he was livid!! They had put black tar all over the flashing - and told me it was fixed! What a joke!!

We called the store manager - and he wasn't in! We talked to the Asst. Manager and he told us basically he could send them an e-mail - WE could do that! He told us - he can't "make them" come out if they don't want to!

We are so upset - and have made the decision to take our business elsewhere!
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Posted by homedepot_michael on 2009-09-24:
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m so sorry about your experience with us. I would like to offer my help. Feel free to email me at michael_care@homedepot.com so I may look into this for you.

Customer Care
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

Check out The Home Depot on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube
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Home Depot - Roofing
Posted by Tf22 on 06/21/2006
If you need a new roof, do yourself a favor and DON'T use The Home Depot.
Prior to getting a new roof I had 4 persistent leaks. I had the roof replaced 3 years ago and today I have more than ten (10 !) leaks all over the house.
I pay over $ 17 000 for this roof.
They give you a 5 year warranty with the roof. I have tried numerous times to get them to fix the problems. They come out and look at it, but never do anything. The warranty is worthless.
I have tried to get this resolved through the BBB, but Home Depot doesn't agree to arbitration. The BBB told me that they have many complaints about The Home Depot and most of them are not resolved due to failure of Home Depot.

We have hired a lawyer and will file a lawsuit.

Don't buy from The Home Depot if you want to avoid a similar experience.

With all the roofing complaints about The Home Depot: should we file a class action lawsuit?

Let me know if you are interested in joining a class action suit.

Best wishes

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Posted by miketech on 2006-06-21:
I drove 20 minuites out of my way yesterday to not shop at a Home Depot. Waht a waste of space and time they have become.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-22:
Ever since a Lowe's opened up across the street from HD, we haven't been to HD. I find Lowe's is just a better run store, more friendly help, and cleaner. Most dealings we had with HD and delivery/installation almost always had a problem. So far with Lowe's we've had nothing but easy transactions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-24:
Keep the board posted on your complaint. Good luck
Posted by ANEWROOF on 2006-07-28:
Home Depot has now installed three new roofs on my house in ten months and did over $1,000.00 in damages. They cracked my ceiling on 3-29-06 and it is still not fixed. The first two roof the flashing was not replaced and I found places where no roofing material was between the shingles and deck. Then they send out the GAF inspector and he approves the roof. During the winter the front porch leaked because the ice and snow shield did not cover the drip edge. When customers complain the Home Depot does not care.
Thank you
Don Wenzel
Oxford, Michigan
Posted by poor&wet on 2006-09-09:
We contracted HomeDepot to replace our roof. They're grossly incompetent out-of-state sub,(I-HAMMER) who actually did the work, flooded our house 3 seperate times by failing to dry-in properly (all 3 roof's failed inpection) and caused 45k worth of damages to our home in july 2005.( the third roof was later found to be not done to code or minimal standards and had to be replaced as well, in 2006) Then the sub tried to tell us he was a licensed builder and that he could fix the interior. What we got was 2 months of redoing the same work over and over ( the guys doing the job, we later found out, were handymen/day-labor, not tradesman. We finally threw them off the property last Oct. and demanded that HD fix our home. Since then, HomeDepot has systematically put off dealing with this. They seem to change insurance carriers every couple of months, lose employees who we were dealing with, and so on. We
hired a lawyer, but to date, we have gotten no response to our demands for payment. Recently they have pushed us back on the sub's insurance carrier. This company is obviously unable to be financially responsible for their mistakes. DO NOT hire them!!! As of yet, the HD corporation has not even had the decency to apologize for the misery they have caused us.
Posted by Evangeline Parker on 2009-08-10:
I will not agree to you fully because I hired a contractor from the help of a site it's call http://homecontractorsdirect.ca/ and they really help me for all my roofing work...
Posted by l. bint on 2012-10-23:
We signed a contract with Home Depot to have our house re-roofed by a certain date during warm weather by a full crew of workers. After bumping us back so many times they finally said they were sending one man to do our 1500 s.f. plus attached double garage. By this time we had snow on our roof. We really wanted to have our roof done this fall and now we will have wait til next spring. We cancelled with H.D. They didn't keep up their end of the contract. We wasted a whole season waiting for them to come but all in all I think it's best we're not using them from other reviews I've read since. I will use a med. size company this spring. Not a big box store.
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Home Depot 'At Home Services'
Posted by JohnEmac on 12/09/2009
I felt compelled to chime in responding to another post I saw about Home Depot's window program. A gal had been in the store pricing windows and ultimately agreed to an appointment with a salesman in her home at the behest of the store associate. She was miffed to find that the 'Home Services' salesman had different windows to offer than the store millworks department. As a THD At Home Services, Inc. salesman, I deal with similar frustration daily. The Home Depot has two distinct programs for replacement windows. One that offers a wide array of products and prices for 'do-it-yourself' projects and another that entails a turnkey replacement of existing windows (or roofing, siding or seamless gutters). My personal preference is to have my associates in the store 'spread the word' about our installed services and to offer an in-home appointment with someone like myself - a well trained sales consultant. In the home, we offer the same basic tenets that have grown The Home Depot into the world's second largest retailer. These are Convenience, Selection, and unbeatable customer service. If, after an in-depth consultation and quote, the customer does not desire to use the 'At Home Services' program, a good sales consultant will happily refer the customer back to the store to learn about window pricing that is exclusive of installation, delivery, installation warranty, ancillary products necessary for installation, disposal, clean up, and the peace of mind that comes from using the the nation's largest home improvement retailer - and the nation's largest replacement window contractor - The Home Depot.
I realize I may sound like an orange-blooded cheerleader for my employer, but as a 27 year veteran of the remodeling industry, I can say that there is very real value in using The Home Depot's installed services. Issues can and will arise in any remodeling project. I have witnessed my company 'making things right' when 'Chuck in a Truck' may not have been able to.
The Home Depot organized the 'At Home Services' division in response to customer demand about 8 years ago. Prior to that time, customers with larger projects than they cared to attempt by themselves were sold the necessary products off our shelves and referred to installation contractors who could install the store-bought products. If there was a problem with the installation, the customer had to contact the independent installer. This arrangement was flawed as The Home Depot lacked quality control on the installation side. No matter how unrelated to us, a third party installer could tarnish the impeccable reputation that The Home Depot has earned. Nowadays, a customer that contracts with The Home Depot for replacement windows enjoys the peace of mind of having every aspect of the project backed by The Home Depot.
The Home Depot's prices are generally in line with the local market. This alignment is carefully monitored by individual 'Program Merchants' that are assigned to their respective trades. One cannot easily compare windows off the shelf to windows that are installed. It would be like comparing apples to those yellowish, odd little fruit that slices up in the shape of a star. The company's challenge is to raise awareness of their 'At Home Services' division. Through the program, customers can have a huge array of products installed for them - as well as have electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services performed for them. Requests for quotes can be made online (www.homedepot.com), in the store, or by calling 1-800-HomeDepot. The 'At Home Services' division often has fantastic discount programs as well. I am currently able to offer my customers 10% off of the bottom line on premium installed roofing, siding, windows, seamless gutters, home insulation and storm protection systems. We also have roofing, windows and home insulation that qualify for the Economic Stimulus Tax Credit of up to $1500. This is a true tax credit, not a deduction from one's income - real money to offset the costs of installing energy efficient products in the home. Through our occasional credit promotions, folks using the Home Depot Credit Card can have energy efficient products installed at a 10% discount and have their tax credit money before the project is due for payment. This is possible as the company occasionally allows 12 months 'same as cash' - no payment / no interest for 12 months. The company also has other financing options that help make larger projects very affordable to folks with good credit. I hear very often after a consultation that the customer learned a great deal about the project they are considering by having me offer a consultation and quote. That's a free education folks - whether or not you buy from The Home Depot. 'Pete in a Pickup' may scribble a dollar amount on the back of his tattered business card. Your At Home Services Sales Consultant will give a thorough presentation of our wares and field all questions with superb product and industry knowledge.
The note I'll close with is this: The estimate is free - It costs one nothing but 60-90 minutes in the comfort of their own home to learn about great products, services and financing options.

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Posted by DrCop on 2010-05-21:
Too bad THD doesn't have a clue what constitutes the requirements for the Tax Credit since June 1, 2009. First off, nobody seems to be able to produce a Manufacturers Certification that is required by the IRS on the 6200 Series windows sold and installed by THD, making them legally ineligible for the Tax Credit. Simonton produces the 6200 and 6500 Series windows exclusively for THD and can't help you with anything about them. Check out THD website on the Tax Credits and page down the manufacturers and you won't find Simonton. Guess why?

Secondly, THD shows all the windows as having the Cardinal "NEAT" glass which reduces the need for exterior cleaning. Simonton, the maker of the windows, denies that glass produced by Cardinal for THD has this coating. Five of 9 windows ordered from THD and installed did not meed the .30 U factor and .30 SHGC requirements for the tax credit, although the salesman stated the windows would meet these requirements and we would be eligible for the $1500 credit. Even gave us documentation (NOT a Manufacturers Certification, so it's worthless) stating that.

Thus, people might want to realize if they do not have the Manufacturers Certification AND the NFRC labels from the windows showing the .30 U factor or less and the SHGC or .30 or less for windows, doors and or skylights thay may have purchased through THD since June 1, 2009, they are not eligible for the tax credit. And, if they are audited, they could be subject to penalties and taxes. Nice, huh?

The positive side. One of the best installs you could hope for. Oh wait, the installers are all subcontractors, so no wonder! They aren't THD employees. Silly me!
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Posted by Daytona Lee on 11/10/2005
MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND -- First off, Home Depot At-Homes-Services subcontracts all of their work. Being a middle-man, they have to get their gap of the action. While working for them, I sold many roofs at twice the price a regular contractor would charge. I was paid 8% commission of the contract if I did the estimate correctly. If I was short, it would come out of my commission. If I was over, I didn't get a penny more. 4% of my commission was paid up-front and the other 4% was paid after the completion of the job. If you quit or were fired, they wouldn't pay any commissions that they owed you. To collect you had to take them to court. Great company, huh?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-11-11:
Buyer Beware!
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Roofing Estimate
Posted by Kenepo on 05/18/2005
TEXAS -- In May 2004 I requested a roof estimate from Home Depot. I had already received numerous fly-by-night roofing company estimates whose round figure was about $4,000. I have a 2-story 3,000 square feet house, but since I was brought up with the "Sears" warranty service of the 1980's, I decided to go with a solid company who would warranty their work.

So who did I call, (big mistake)..I called Home Depot. We set up a date and the "salesman" arrivd at my house. We went over a beatifully crafted flip chart that he brought over and we apoke about the different styles of shingles, grades, and so forth. At which point, we began discussing the meat and potatoes.

Granted a I have a recently new house (5 years), built from the ground up, so we discussed the 'pitch' of the roof, the famous 'slide-ruler' that claims that I had 8 less vents and needed 3 more whirly-birds (turbines). I was pratically led to believe that my house was built wrong for some reason.

As we continued and we went over the numbers, when the 'salesman' began adding up 'the extras' I had a $9,057.00 quote!!!!

I told him he must be out of his mind. I told him to put that in writing and he said that he could not unless I was ready to do the job. Well I explained to him that my insurance company had only provided me half of the the estimated cost for a previous hail claim and I was not about to fork over $4,500 out of pocket.

He advised that I would not be forking out $4,500 since I could (and he pulled out a credit loan application) to cover the remaining balance. As a salesman myself, I saw I was not getting anywhere. So I told him unless I get an estimate in writing, I could not show my insurance company to see what they would cover. In all reality, I could have cared less about the job at that point, I WANTED THAT QUOTE..proof of what this company is doing!

After he graciously handed me the quote, I told him to get out...To make a long story short, I tried Lowe's. They quoted me $4,700.00 and didn't even bring a salesman...the actual contractor came out, measured the roof and advised me that Lowe's would get in touch with me and they did. I got what I wanted.

The sad story is that I talk with a fellow co-worker who lives by me and guess what? He was getting the same shaft from Home Depot another $9,000 quote and wanted him to get a home improvement loan (similar to same loan application they offered me). I referred him to Lowe's who again undercut their estimate by half. The guy was so thankful that he gave me a huge restaurant gift certificate for saving him about $5,000.

As you can see I am still pretty upset about this incident. I am well versed in home inprovement projects and I was a die hard Home Depot customer. Until my wife opened my eyes and sold me on the Lowe's environment and customer service driven policies. Since then I have never and will never go back.
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Posted by Old HD worker on 2010-01-28:
I worked for HD so I thought I would get a quote for a new roof. The estimate I received was for $12,000 plus. The next day I went to work and priced out the material off the shelf. Cost of the materials was $3500. The job was estimated to take two days to complete, so labor was $4000 plus per day for labor. I will let you be the judge is this was a reasonable quote. As a HD worker I checked with the Pro Desk and they indicated privately that many of their estimates are high.
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