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Roofing & Gutter Installation By Home Depot Expensive And Faulty
By -

MEDFORD, MARYLAND -- When I realized my roof needed to be repaired, I had several estimates, including Home Depot. Home Depot was the most expensive but they were willing to start within a week and showed up on time to give the estimate. The estimate seemed comprehensive and detailed. The installers showed up on time and cleaned up the majority of the debris. They did leave some leftover wood and shingles hidden behind the garage. They replaced my wooden gutter with new aluminum. When I asked them about the new gutters being larger than the wood ones, they said there was no problem. To my dismay, they cut off all the rafter tails (an architectural element of my historic Craftsman home).

Several months later, after a big rainstorm, the roof leaked and a big hole appeared in my living room leaking water. To make a long story shorter, there have been repeated leaks in the same spot. The installer has returned for the 5th time, and "discovered" that some areas of the roof were not shingled. Additional leaks and disintegration of interior walls have occurred. I requested that the installer repair the plaster ceiling. After I requested him to re-plaster the ceiling the installer's solution was to put drywall tape & mud on the cracks and paint.

Now I have a network of 6 inch seams and bumps. They did not even sand the joint compound. In the meantime, the roof was not angled properly and now drains off the end of each roof down a remaining rafter tail which is now rotted. I asked for flashing to be installed to redirect the water. After the 4th request, drip edge was inserted under the shingles, which partially fixes the problem but is unsightly.

The process of making a claim is also very convoluted - first call GAF and get a claim number, they call Home Depot and you get another claim number for the problems with installation. If there is resulting damage, you get another claim number and customer service person to remedy the damage. 2 years after installation, I now have a damaged ceiling in the living room, the bedroom, new damage in the dining room, and several rotted rafter tails.

Home Depot does not feel they are liable to fix the wet wood in the attic or replace the rotted wood. My advice is Home Depot is overpriced and their installers are not professional. During one repair session, I found the installers turning over boxes and emptying donation plastic bags to use for their trash.

Roofing Estimate
By -

TEXAS -- In May 2004 I requested a roof estimate from Home Depot. I had already received numerous fly-by-night roofing company estimates whose round figure was about $4,000. I have a 2-story 3,000 square feet house, but since I was brought up with the "Sears" warranty service of the 1980's, I decided to go with a solid company who would warranty their work.

So who did I call, (big mistake). I called Home Depot. We set up a date and the "salesman" arrived at my house. We went over a beautifully crafted flip chart that he brought over and we spoke about the different styles of shingles, grades, and so forth. At which point, we began discussing the meat and potatoes. Granted as I have a recently new house (5 years), built from the ground up, so we discussed the 'pitch' of the roof, the famous 'slide-ruler' that claims that I had 8 less vents and needed 3 more whirly-birds (turbines). I was practically led to believe that my house was built wrong for some reason.

As we continued and we went over the numbers, when the 'salesman' began adding up 'the extras' I had a $9,057.00 quote!!! I told him he must be out of his mind. I told him to put that in writing and he said that he could not unless I was ready to do the job. Well I explained to him that my insurance company had only provided me half of the estimated cost for a previous hail claim and I was not about to fork over $4,500 out of pocket.

He advised that I would not be forking out $4,500 since I could (and he pulled out a credit loan application) to cover the remaining balance. As a salesman myself, I saw I was not getting anywhere. So I told him unless I get an estimate in writing, I could not show my insurance company to see what they would cover. In all reality, I could have cared less about the job at that point, I WANTED THAT QUOTE... proof of what this company is doing!

After he graciously handed me the quote, I told him to get out...To make a long story short, I tried Lowe's. They quoted me $4,700.00 and didn't even bring a salesman...the actual contractor came out, measured the roof and advised me that Lowe's would get in touch with me and they did. I got what I wanted.

The sad story is that I talk with a fellow co-worker who lives by me and guess what? He was getting the same shaft from Home Depot another $9,000 quote and wanted him to get a home improvement loan (similar to same loan application they offered me). I referred him to Lowe's who again undercut their estimate by half. The guy was so thankful that he gave me a huge restaurant gift certificate for saving him about $5,000.

As you can see I am still pretty upset about this incident. I am well versed in home improvement projects and I was a die hard Home Depot customer. Until my wife opened my eyes and sold me on the Lowe's environment and customer service driven policies. Since then I have never and will never go back.

Contractor Services
By -

They hire subcontractors and it is pot luck what you get. I paid top dollar for good work and they sent over a bunch of angry dirt bags and my roof is a mess. Their salesman is a top of the line SCAM ARTIST. Said they would replace any bad wood and did not. They sent over the angry foreman and I had him pull up two spots and found one rotted wood and one they had attached a piece of tin to try to hide it.

Roof Contractor said he was not supposed to replace and salesman said he was supposed to and they still never fixed the other spots. Roof is a mess. Nail after nail pushing up shingles. It was next to impossible to get a Home Depot representative over here and he just escaped as fast as possible after his duct and cover act.

Total Rip Off
By -

CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- So I am currently getting a new roof I had a few contractors come out and give me quotes. Home Depot was $1300 more. Their contractor told me I was paying for who was swinging the hammer. Hahaha. And apples to apples their roof is better. I live in NH and get giant icicles and was told they don't use snow slides because it will ruin the warranty on the shingles. My other quotes included snow slides and they could shingle under my porch. So I am getting more materials and more work from someone I know has done great work for others.

I asked why they couldn't beat his price and I got their apples to apples bit. My friend had her roof done by them and said a van of Mexicans pulled up and did her roof in a day. Hmm I am from Jersey I can buy my materials and pick up my own van of Mexicans cheaper. I don't care that they are Mexican but that shows me they are telling me I am paying for who is swinging the hammer but that would be cheap labor work to me.

After further reading reviews I am very happy to have gone with my gut and hire a professional who gave an honest price the first time. I am not going to ask the guy who is doing the better job and honest the first time to write up a quote for them to beat. I hired the hard working guy who isn't a sleazy corporation.

Totally Astronomical/Ridiculous Roof Estimate
By -

BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK, so I thought Home Depot would be a little bit higher than other estimates for a complete tear off and new roof installation on 3100 sq foot roof... I FELL OFF MY CHAIR AFTER THE 'SALESMAN' (who came to my house) showed me the cost of $16,000 for a new roof... Sure, his presentation was awesome, sure they give you 25 years warranty on labor, but really, $16,000!

Well of course he had the phone number of the bank which could finance it for me, yeah right. How about $310 monthly for SEVEN YEARS! YES, I LIE NOT, SEVEN YEARS to pay off a new roof... Come on now. I went on line and price out all of the material alone for the job, and it came to @ $4200.00. There is nooooo way labor, permits, dumpster, can add up to $11,000. Getting more estimates, wish me luck!

Unfullfilled Promises
By -

MASSACHUSETTS -- I contacted Home Depot while searching for roofing options. The Salesman quotes me a reasonable price, and promised that everything would be up to code, clean, and they would drill soffits for roof ventilation. He also told me that Home Depot employees would do the job. 3 days before installation, he contacted me and informed me that they would need to charge an extra 10% for an unforeseen issue in on the chimney, and it was too late to withdraw.

On the day of installation, they put their supplies and dumpster on the grass, while there was cleared space on the driveway. They also subcontracted the job. After the job, they cleaned up only major debris, leaving nails all over the place. They also destroyed some perennials and placed great weight on our Junipers, distorting their shape and giving them a yellow color. They also did not drill the soffit holes, and short circuited our attic light. After installation, when these problems were brought up, they promised to fulfill their duties. However they did not.

You Cannot Be Serious!
By -

EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I needed a new roof for a little cape cod and a garage so I decided to get a few estimates and boy am I glad I did. The first four estimates ranged from $3600 to $5000. Now it was time for Home Depot. When the polite and courteous representative told me the price after examining the job I told him he must have made a mistake. He said there was no mistake- the roof was over $11,000. I had the job done for $4500 using a family business with a good reputation and good references and a fifty year history. Do some research before you get a roof done, folks. I hope I saved somebody money by relating this story. I have nothing against Home Depot. Just don't get a roof there!

Lowes and Home Depot both quoted my job
By -

LEESBURG -- I needed a new roof on my home and put the job out for bids.... Home Depot sent a SALESMAN who measured from the ground-- would only give a verbal estimate while spouting HD's great attributes and bashing Lowe's hiring of "subs". HD does NOT hire subs he assured me. Well... I went with Lowe's, they had a local roofer (sub) come to the home for the estimate. He actually climbed the roof and I was presented with a complete itemized estimate from my local store. I checked out the local guy-- fine, no complaints. AND the job was perfect and cheaper than HD. PLUS they have a much better financing option. Go with Lowe's.

Watch The Workers On Your Property
By -

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- While I must say the new roof on my house passed city inspection and seems to be just fine, I do have a problem with the workers, who on the last day, just before leaving, decided to strip all but one of the green fruits from my mandarin orange sapling. They did not even bother to pick them properly, merely yanking the fruit off, leaving pieces of skin attached to the stem, which could have broken the fragile trunk. Thank God I had the tree staked or it would have been broken in half for sure.

I had locked the gates the night before, got up early to unlock them. At that time the fruit was on the tree...I know, because it is on my way to the gate and the stark white of the remaining skins would have caught my eye. When I brought it up, the worker's supervisor ** stated, "Did you SEE them do it?" Hello, I'm the victim, not you. The fruit was there in the morning and after the last guy left it was gone.

**, having called the workers, said they had not used the back gate even, which was not true as I had seen some of them go out, including one who was sweeping the walk just inside the gate. I was told my car in the driveway would be locked up that night for me, though around 9 P.M. I went to check and it was unlocked and the back gate left wide open.

After you take care of a little sapling tree for a year is it so wrong to be upset at having the fruit thoughtlessly stolen? The fruit wasn't even ripe! Just don't turn your back on these guys. If they'll steal when they're outside, I can't imagine what they'd do in your house!

By -

Hello. I have also recently had a roof installed by the Home Depot. I got five quotes before I chose a company to do my project. I had a couple local contractors give me some real low quotes, a larger local home improvement company that gave me a real large quote and Home Depot that was somewhat in the middle. Home Depot and the Capizzi Home improvements both went though the scope of work they do and why certain aspects of the roof need different materials.

Home Depot explained they install and weather stopper roofing system that has many components that are required for them to install i.e. ventilation and rubber leak protection. Capizzi explained a similar system to me without a fancy name, but they were overpriced. I then being a smart consumer as I do consider my self one, researched this "roofing system" and found it on GAF's website **. I was happy to see it really existed and saw the value in having it protect my home.

I decided to have Home Depot install my roof the original installation was scheduled for a Friday but the day before the coordinator called to reschedule because she was concerned about the weather the following day. At first I was upset but then realized she was just looking out for my home. The next day it rained all day. We rescheduled for the following week. The day of the installation the crew showed up early to get started.

The Project manager was there in the morning although he did not stay for the whole project he assured me that I was in good hands. About an hour in to it one of the workers came to inform me that I had some rotten wood that needed replacing. I knew this was a possibility and asked if I could see. Because it was so high up on the roof he showed my pictures on his digital camera. They replaced 5 pieces of ply wood and informed me once again that it would be an additional cost.

They finished the project in one day and cleaned up to perfection. I was expecting to have to clean up a lot from what I had heard from friends after their roofs had been done. Not only did they rake my yard they used magnets to get all of the nails that ended up in my yard. All in all I was very happy with the project that was done. The project manager returned the next day to inspect my roof and collect final payment. I informed him I was very satisfied with the project.

After he collected the payment he told me that GAF the shingle manufacturer would be out in 6-8 months to do ANOTHER inspection of the installation. I realize I probably could have saved some money by going with one of the other guys but I am sure I would have not gotten the same quality roof or service.

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