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Roofing Estimate
Posted by on
TEXAS -- In May 2004 I requested a roof estimate from Home Depot. I had already received numerous fly-by-night roofing company estimates whose round figure was about $4,000. I have a 2-story 3,000 square feet house, but since I was brought up with the "Sears" warranty service of the 1980's, I decided to go with a solid company who would warranty their work.

So who did I call, (big mistake)..I called Home Depot. We set up a date and the "salesman" arrivd at my house. We went over a beatifully crafted flip chart that he brought over and we apoke about the different styles of shingles, grades, and so forth. At which point, we began discussing the meat and potatoes.

Granted a I have a recently new house (5 years), built from the ground up, so we discussed the 'pitch' of the roof, the famous 'slide-ruler' that claims that I had 8 less vents and needed 3 more whirly-birds (turbines). I was pratically led to believe that my house was built wrong for some reason.

As we continued and we went over the numbers, when the 'salesman' began adding up 'the extras' I had a $9,057.00 quote!!!!

I told him he must be out of his mind. I told him to put that in writing and he said that he could not unless I was ready to do the job. Well I explained to him that my insurance company had only provided me half of the estimated cost for a previous hail claim and I was not about to fork over $4,500 out of pocket.

He advised that I would not be forking out $4,500 since I could (and he pulled out a credit loan application) to cover the remaining balance. As a salesman myself, I saw I was not getting anywhere. So I told him unless I get an estimate in writing, I could not show my insurance company to see what they would cover. In all reality, I could have cared less about the job at that point, I WANTED THAT QUOTE..proof of what this company is doing!

After he graciously handed me the quote, I told him to get out...To make a long story short, I tried Lowe's. They quoted me $4,700.00 and didn't even bring a salesman...the actual contractor came out, measured the roof and advised me that Lowe's would get in touch with me and they did. I got what I wanted.

The sad story is that I talk with a fellow co-worker who lives by me and guess what? He was getting the same shaft from Home Depot another $9,000 quote and wanted him to get a home improvement loan (similar to same loan application they offered me). I referred him to Lowe's who again undercut their estimate by half. The guy was so thankful that he gave me a huge restaurant gift certificate for saving him about $5,000.

As you can see I am still pretty upset about this incident. I am well versed in home inprovement projects and I was a die hard Home Depot customer. Until my wife opened my eyes and sold me on the Lowe's environment and customer service driven policies. Since then I have never and will never go back.
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Old HD worker on 01/28/2010:
I worked for HD so I thought I would get a quote for a new roof. The estimate I received was for $12,000 plus. The next day I went to work and priced out the material off the shelf. Cost of the materials was $3500. The job was estimated to take two days to complete, so labor was $4000 plus per day for labor. I will let you be the judge is this was a reasonable quote. As a HD worker I checked with the Pro Desk and they indicated privately that many of their estimates are high.
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Outrageous Roofing Quote From Home Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GEORGIA -- We have a small house with a very simple shingle roof. A reputable contractor who has done a good bit of work in our neighborhood gave us a quote to re-roof our house for $3,800. I told him that quote sounded high and I would like to have a quote for identical shingles, GAF Architectural, from Home Depot. The Home Depot salesman came by on April 7th and read me page after page from his sales flip charts, measured our roof and prepared a quote. After even more sales efforts he finally gave me the price, $7,600.00 for the exact same work. When I told him that Home Depot was twice as much as the last contractor, he offered to drop the price by 10%. We were astonished at the quote and can only assume there are too many sales people to be paid commissions to have a reasonable quote.
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dan gordon on 04/09/2012:
first of all the Home Depot guy is a contractor who has to pay HD a commission. Installed products from any box store are the highest cost of anything. Its not what they do best.
BigAl on 04/09/2012:
$3800 does not sound high to me even though the size of the roof may be small. There are certain set costs that occur no matter what the roof size. Materials must be procured, crew assigned, tools on hand, permits, and disposal fees. What I am saying is that 2,000 square foot roof will not be 1/2 the cost of a 4.000 square foot roof.
Tab on 04/13/2012:
I'm reading this because I go the same(deal) from HD today. After several estimates from local roofers, HD comes out and high balls an estimate then knocks 10% off when I balk. If it sounds to good to be true............
h on 04/20/2012:
Home depot doesn't get commission...ever ask the first contractor if he only quoted for labor or material....
jayarby on 06/01/2012:
I live outside of Philadelphia. I have a Rancher with attached Florida room and laundry room. HD came out and gave me an estimate of $17,000+ to completely replace the roof and two skylights. Later I received estimates via email from two contractors that were out to my house the previous day. Using the same materials and matching the job work to be done, one was $7900 and the other $8400. Still getting more estimates, but can someone tell why HD would be more than twice the others?
CowboyFan on 06/01/2012:
These quotes just show the importance of getting various estimates, because each company has their own price, profit, and overhead structure. Smaller companies may be willing to do the job for less because of the need for business or in hopes of future referrals. A large company may have so much work, it does not care whether it gets the job and referrals will come anyway because of its name. (That's assuming the quality of the work and worker is the same.)
Linda on 06/18/2012:
Same experience. Home Depot quote was twice as much as recommended roofing company, from 11,000 to 22,000 for same work. Home Depot representative didn't even go up on roof as other contractor did, but still advised that I'd probably need "several" plywood sections replaced, while first roofer said probably two replacements, and plywood even cost 30 dollars
lance on 06/29/2012:
Its all in the warranty Home depot puts in writing a 50 year non prorated parts and labor warranty... look into your other estimates they all will say 50 year shingle warranty 1 year or 5 year labor...now I don't believe its twice as much I know mine was 4000 more than 2 other bids but I believe iam going to have someone to come to if it fails and since my last 20 year shingle failed in 8 years and cost me 1/2 of what this did I'm a little more wary now.
Anonymous for retaliation coverage on 07/21/2013:
Home Depot is always 2 x more. And yes, it is because of a branch manager commission, sales manager commission, salesman commission, etc. The sub-bottom of the barrel contractor doing the job is only getting the same as you were quoted from other roofers. The other half is for the sales persons involved all the way up the ladder. And forget about lifetime warranty. If you need service on your roof which you paid through the nose for, do NOT hold your breath, they're not coming.
Fred on 11/13/2013:
I am very interested in the fact that "h" claims that HD does not make any commission, and "anonymous" quotes several different managers which get a commission. Can one of you please provide credentials as to how you know this information so I can tell which is actually true. Thanks.
Anon on 06/18/2014:
They do get commission. Sales person alone makes between 8% and 11% on total job cost.

I know this because I was offered the job, after reading these reviews I am sad to say that I am skeptical about accepting it. I am a proud salesman but I like selling product I believe in 100% and can back-up. Maybe this is a case of voice the negatives while the happy go about their life. I hope so, because I love the HD.
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Contractor Services
Posted by on
They hire subcontractors and it is pot luck what you get. I paid top dollar for good work and they sent over a bunch of angry dirt bags and my roof is a mess. There salesman is a top of the line SCAM ARTIST. Said they would replace any bad wood and did not. They sent over the angry foreman and I had him pull up two spots and found one rotted wood and one they had attached a peace of tin to try to hide it. Roof Contractor said he was not supposed to replace and salesman said he was supposed to and they still never fixed the other spots. Roof is a mess. Nail after nail pushing up shingles.

It was next to impossible to get a Home Depot representative over here and he just escaped as fast as possible after his duct and cover act.
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tnchuck100 on 08/28/2011:
And yet another case where the location has been omitted.

WHERE is this happening? This is an ESSENTIAL piece of information to give value to your review.
trmn8r on 08/28/2011:
I actually find this helpful, because I wouldn't use Home Depot to roof a dog house. There are plenty of roofing contractors out there, since everyone's roof wears out on a regular basis.

I prefer to work with contractors one on one, which is one reason I wouldn't go through a place like HD.
HomeDepot_Care on 08/29/2011:
Hi! This is Stephanie with Home Depot Customer Care. I'm sorry about the issues with service you've had. Please feel free to email more details. I'm happy to help resolve any unresolved issues.

Stephanie (stephanie_care@homedepot.com)
Melissa on 02/15/2012:
I have an appointment with Home Depot later today for a new roof I am very nervous so many awful reviews I'm sure they will make me the same promises idk what to do I'm in south Florida miami dade
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Total Rip Off
Posted by on
CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- So I am currently getting a new roof I had a c few caontractors come out and give me quotes. Home Depot was $1300 more. There contractor told me I was paying for who was swinging the hammer. Hahaha And apples to apples their roof is better. I live in Nh and Get giant icicles and was told they don't use snow slides because it will ruin the warranty on the shingles. My other quotes included snow slides and they could shingle under my porch. So I am getting more materials and more work from someone I know has done great work for others. I asked why they couldn't beat his price and I got there apples to apples bit. My friend had her roof done by them and said a van of Mexicans pulled up and did her roof in a day. Hmm I am from jersey I can buy my materials and pick up my own van of Mexicans cheaper. I don't care that they are Mexican but that shows me they are telling me I am paying for who is swinging the hammer but that would be cheap labor work to me.

After further reading reviews I am very happy to have gone with my gut and hire a professional who gave an honest price the first time. I am not going to ask the guy who is doing the better job and honest the first time to write up a quote for them to beat. I hired the hard working guy who isn't a sleazy corporation.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/09/2011:
I used HD to put carpeting in my mom's house, because we didn't need a great job.

Good thing, because we didn't get one. At this point, I wouldn't use HD or Lowes to hire someone to wash my car, let alone work on my roof.
Venice09 on 04/09/2011:
The price of Home Depot roofing is one of the highest. Using a private contractor was a good decision, assuming you did your research first. Our roof was installed in one day. That's not unusual.
Ytropious on 04/09/2011:
I still can't help but feel you're equating Mexicans with poor work. That somehow these Mexicans can't possibly be professionals themselves.
Cwazychicken on 04/09/2011:
Whites, blacks, Mexican...I don't think it really matters what race they are, as long as they do their job. Doesn't mean they are a sleazy corp. Of course its not the workers fault that Home Depot charges so much (nor does it mean they are cheap labor work). But good you found a cheaper price elsewhere. Seems like real popular places like lowes and HD tend to charge more.
dan gordon on 04/09/2011:
all the box stores contract out their labor and mark it up even more. An independent won't
fast327 on 04/10/2011:

For the most part,Mexicans and Hispanics, are filling a need that perhaps other groups have refused to fill. Food service, construction, and other somewhat menial tasks are gladly performed by them when others have shunned hard work and hard labor. My last two roofing jobs were handled by Hispanic workers with good results, meaning neat work and no leaks.
MacOSXpert on 04/10/2011:
I really dislike the use of mentioning mexicans over and over...it seems as if there is this subtle racism.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
And they come "by the van" too! Doesn't even seem subtle to me.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
Yeah...the whole " I can pick up my own van full of Mexicans cheaper..." is a bit much.

Home Depot is pretty pricey for stuff like that. You were better off finding a small reputable company for a job like that. Glad it turned out well.
Venice09 on 04/10/2011:
We have a large Mexican community here, and I see them as hard working, friendly people who are easy to get along with even when there's a language barrier. I think fast is right. They take jobs that are sometimes shunned by other people, but that doesn't mean they can't perform those jobs just as well, if not better.
Anonymous on 04/10/2011:
Just because HD came it with a higher bid does not mean that they are a rip off. Your racist comments are uncalled for. Being Mexican doesn't automatically mean undocumentent worker.
getoverit on 04/10/2011:
As far as the Mexican thing is concerned, the OPs statement seems to imply that one van full of Mexicans would presumably do the same quality of work as another van full of Mexicans. I would question that assumption.

So, the difference was $1300. The OP didn't say what kind of percentage that is but, unless that's one really big roof, $1300 would be pretty significant.

Home Depot is a middleman that hires a contractor to re-roof somebody's house. It doesn't surprise me at all that that has a higher price than when you hire your own contractor.

Ben There on 04/10/2011:
Great point getoverit. I have several Mexican friends that are doctors, account managers and real estate agents, but I would really question their ability to roof... Maybe if they all rode in a van together they would pick up that skill.
FlShopper on 04/11/2011:
I got an estimate for a new roof after a summer of hurricanes took their toll. Home Depot was by far the highest and they offered nothing that the others hadn't. I politely listened to the HD guy's schpiel and sent him on his way.
Venice09 on 04/11/2011:
That's exactly what my husband did, FlS. He got a lot of estimates, and HD was the highest.
Gator81 on 01/27/2012:
The most important thing when it comes to a roofing job is to do business with a company that has been in business for say 20 years with a very good track record. Roof warranties can be for 30 or more years and settling with the manufacturer of the shingle usually doesn't work out well. The rep will find something wrong with the original install so material does not have to be replaced over 80% of the time. The roofing company that did the install needs to take responsibiity if this happens. Remember meeting roofing codes and meeting product install specifications can be very different. Do your homework before you spend thousands on a roof investment!
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Totally Astronomical/Ridiculous Roof Estimate
Posted by on
BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK, so I thought Home Depot would be a little bit higher than other estimates for a complete tear off and new roof installation on 3100 sq foot roof... I FELL OFF MY CHAIR AFTER THE 'SALESMAN' (who came to my house) showed me the cost of $16,000 for a new roof... Sure, his presentation was awesome, sure they give you 25 years warranty on labor, but really, $16,000! Well of course he had the phone number of the bank which could finance it for me, yeah right, how about $310 monthly for SEVEN YEARS! YES, I LIE NOT, SEVEN YEARS to pay off a new roof... Come on now.

I went on line and price out all of the material alone for the job, and it came to @ $4200.00. There is nooooo way labor, permits, dumpster, can add up to $11,000.

Getting more estimates, wish me luck!
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User Replies:
BEJ on 03/09/2011:
What were the dollar figures for the other estimates that you got? If you like the Home Depot product--show them the other estimates and see what they would be willing to do for you.
kcg on 03/09/2011:
I called the salesman, he said "there is no $8000 roof available at Home Depot"
SteveWiginowski on 03/09/2011:
It would depend on how long of a project it would expected to be. If it's a week long project with 3 or 4 people involved, then it may be a high estimate. If it's any longer than a week, it might be a fair price.
azRider on 03/09/2011:
for a 3100 sqft roof I'd say about $7900 would be a close guess for cost. so $16K is high. you could shave off about $900 if they roof can be be covered with the new roof. but that depends on local rules and common sense.
Anonymous on 03/09/2011:
Does cost vary by state? Because I am in California and supposedly its going to cost $25,000 to put a new (shake) roof on my 1700 square foot house! Granted, my father-in-law is the person coming up with this figure and he knows nothing about roofing or materials but my husband seems to agree that a new roof is going to cost 25,000!!!!!!
momsey on 03/09/2011:
You have to compare apples to apples. You're only looking at material costs. Labor is the unknown, so until you get actual estimates of the whole thing, then you can't say whether it's high or not.

You also have to make sure that you go with a company who is insured and bonded and doesn't just go pick up the guys hanging out outside Home Depot to do a day's work for $100. So you could get a cheaper quote, but what are you getting?
Anonymous on 03/09/2011:
I get roofs all the time. Sixteen grand is really, really high. I don't know maybe in Pennsylvania you ain't got illegals doing the labor or perhaps it's gov fees jacking the price up. Ya know for sixteen grand I'd do it myself.

Hey op if you don't mind share the other estimates on here. I'd be really interested in seeing what other companies quote.

Excellent review.
Venice09 on 03/10/2011:
When it was time to replace our roof, my husband got a lot of estimates. If I remember correctly, Home Depot was one of the highest. We ended up hiring a second generation local company that's been in business for many years in our area. We chose one of the best roofs with a fifty year warranty, and the price included all new gutters, leaders and a vented peak. The owner, who supervises every job, arrived fully prepraed with a large crew that worked like a well oiled machine. They tore off the old roof and installed the new one in a day. I believe the square footage is about the same as yours. The total price was $8,000.

Word of advice. When you do have the roof replaced, DO NOT stay home. I made a huge mistake by not leaving before they blocked in my car. Being inside the house was pure hell, especially when they worked on the vent. I couldn't even hear myself think.

I would never go with a chain for home improvements. We used local companies for fencing, driveway and roof. Don't be afraid to get a lot of estimates. It may be time consuming but definitely worth it. If someone really wants the job, they will be more than happy to come to your house and discuss it for free. Ask a lot of questions and use good judgment. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Also ask for references and the warranty.
Anonymous on 03/10/2011:
Our roof was about $9,000 with a roofing contractor, five years ago. They also did it in one day. They delivered the roofing material and dumpster the day before. This price included taking off all the old shingles. Venice, I left the house too. I had mine done during the heydey of building and also got one of the more expensive roofs because the look of it went better with our house.

Samantha's mom--shake roofs are more expensive--and also a fire hazard. Insurance is usually more with these roofs too. You may be able to get "faux" shake for less. It's safer, your insurance rates may go down and it will look just fine, not to mention be less costly.
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Watch The Workers On Your Property
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- While I must say the new roof on my house passed city inspection and seems to be just fine, I do have a problem with the workers, who on the last day, just before leaving, decided to strip all but one of the green fruits from my mandarin orange sapling. They did not even bother to pick them properly, merely yanking the fruit off, leaving pieces of skin attached to the stem, which could have broken the fragile trunk. Thank God I had the tree staked or it would have been broken in half for sure.

I had locked the gates the night before, got up early to unlock them. At that time the fruit was on the tree...I know, because it is on my way to the gate and the stark white of the remaining skins would have caught my eye. When I brought it up, the worker's supervisor Todd stated, "Did you SEE them do it?" Hello, I'm the victim, not you. The fruit was there in the morning and after the last guy left it was gone. Todd, having called the workers, said they had not used the back gate even, which was not true as I had seen some of them go out, including one who was sweeping the walk just inside the gate. I was told my car in the driveway would be locked up that night for me, though around 9 P.M. I went to check and it was unlocked and the back gate left wide open.

After you take care of a little sapling tree for a year is it so wrong to be upset at having the fruit thoughtlessly stolen? The fruit wasn't even ripe! Just don't turn your back on these guys. If they'll steal when they're outside, I can't imagine what they'd do in your house!
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 11/22/2008:
Someone came in the middle of the night and picked all my peaches off of my tree. These were prized peaches that I put a lot of work and money into. They were not like the tasteless things that you buy in the grocery store. These tasted like real peaches and were good eating. I am so mad. Last year someone actually cut off a branch of the tree with ripe peaches on them. I give up. I know how you feel.
jktshff1 on 11/22/2008:
grandma..that's what the make dogs and shotguns with rock salt for.
Anonymous on 11/22/2008:
I would be pissed off too. You cannot prove it was them but the workers are the more than likely the culprits. Unfortunately there isn't a lot you can do about it. I would notifify Home Depot corporate just so that it is on file. There may be other complaints against the contractor.
Principissa on 11/22/2008:
I agree with John. Even if they can't do anything for you, they are contracted out by Home Depot. I would call the store they were contracted out from and speak with a manager. At least they will have something on file and you never know, you may not be the first person to complain about them.

Even if they do nothing for you, you still need to let the store know about what happened in case it happens to someone else.
katmykittiesmom on 01/28/2009:
Thank you for all your comments. I did tell Home Depot--and well above the manager--what happened with my fruit being stolen. They did NOTHING! Hello! It is a sad time we live in. They got their money and simply just don't care. And now their EXPO is going out of business...why? Because their customers know THEY JUST DON'T CARE! If they treated their customers right, they wouldn't be closing. What the hell is wrong with people these days?
katmykittiesmom on 01/28/2009:
Thank you for all your comments. I did tell Home Depot--and well above the manager--what happened with my fruit being stolen. They did NOTHING! Hello! It is a sad time we live in. They got their money and simply just don't care. And now their EXPO is going out of business...why? Because their customers know THEY JUST DON'T CARE! If they treated their customers right, they wouldn't be closing. What the hell is wrong with people these days? I am in the middle of a remodel, so need new floors and new kitchen appliances. They know this. And still THEY DON'T CARE!
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Don't Deal With Them
Posted by on
I have called Home Depot eleven times regarding a roof installation they did for me - I have had no one come out to deal with the repairs. Stay away from them.
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User Replies:
HomeDepot_Care on 09/23/2011:
Hello, there. I would be happy to look into this for you if you will email the details/location you went through. Nicki_Care@homedepot.com.
Sorry for the inconveniences. - Thanks, Nicki
ChuhBaca on 09/23/2011:
I hope we can stay updated on this. I would love to know if the responder is able to come through on this. Sometimes all it takes is someone like HomeDepot_Care to listen.
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Unfullfilled Promises
Posted by on
MASSACHUSETTS -- I contacted Home Depot while Searching for roofing options. The Salesman quote me a reasonable price, and promised that everything would be up to code, clean, and they would drill soffits for roof ventilation. He also told me that Home Depot employees would do the job. 3 days before installation, he contacted me and informed me that they would need to charge an extra 10% for an unforeseen issue in on the chimney, and it was to late to withdraw. on the day of installation, they put there supplies and dumpster, on the grass, while there was cleared space on the driveway. They also Subcontracted the job. After the job, they cleaned up only major debris, leaving nails all over the place. they also destroyed some perennials and placed great weight on our Junipers, distorting their shape and giving them a yellow color. They also did not drill the soffit holes, and short circuited our attic light.
After installation, when these problems were brought up, they promised to fulfill their duties. however they did not
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User Replies:
homedepot_michael on 06/09/2010:
This is Tinzley from Home Depot Customer Care; I'd like to contact you so we can get this taken care of for you. Can you email your order number and store location to tinzley_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta GA 30339
ohman12 on 04/09/2011:
They're warranty reminds me of black sheep If I take a poop and put it in a box and slap a warranty on it You are still buying poop
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You Cannot Be Serious!
Posted by on
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- I needed a new roof for a little cape cod and a garage so I decided to get a few estimates and boy am I glad I did. The first four estimates ranged from $3600 to $5000. Now it was time for Home Depot. When the polite and courteous representative told me the price after examining the job I told him he must have made a mistake. He said there was no mistake- the roof was over $11,000. I had the job done for $4500 using a family business with a good reputation and good references and a fifty year history. Do some research before you get a roof done, folks. I hope I saved somebody money by relating this story. I have nothing against Home Depot. Just don't get a roof there!!
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/20/2009:
Well written review with some excellent advice. VH Thanks
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
Good review. Always get 3 estimates.
Skye on 12/20/2009:
Good review and good advice!
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
Excellent review!
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
Very helpful. I wonder why they are so much more?
dan gordon on 12/20/2009:
I worked for Mohawk and Armstrong flooring. HD is good at certain thing but anything requiring installation is an absolute disaster. If your thinking carpet or any installed products HD or Lowes is not the way to go.
redmx3racer on 12/21/2009:
I never would have thought of HD for my roofing needs, nor anything else they have to install. But VH review!
voiceoff on 01/05/2010:
So can you recommend this roofer ? Mine needs work.
doglovingreviewer on 01/16/2011:
Good grief. $11,000?! For a small house and garage? You have got to be kidding. HD prides themselves on being a "discount" home improvement store. They certainly do home improvement, but where's the discount?
trmn8r on 01/16/2011:
It is always wise to shop around, whatever you are having done. When I built my house, I had the same experience with HVAC quotes - one company was twice what the others were. There are several possible reasons for disparities. Could be greed, they don't *want* to do the job, difference in quality, etc. In the case of HD, could be a couple factors since a middle man is involved. In my opinion, it would be better to seek leads via word of mouth rather than go to HD. Everyone needs a roof - there must be several contractors in most areas that could do the job.
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Lowes and Home Depot both quoted my job
Posted by on
LEESBURG -- I needed a new roof on my home and put the job out for bids.... Home Depot sent a SALESMAN who measured from the ground-- would only give a verbal estimate while spouting HD's great attributes and bashing Lowes hiring of "subs". HD does NOT hire subs he assured me. Well... I went with Lowes, they had a local roofer(sub) come to the home for the estimate. He actually climbed the roof and I was presented with a complete itemized estimate from my local store. I checked out the local guy-- fine, no complaints. AND the job was perfect and cheaper than HD. PLUS they have a much better financing option. Go with Lowes
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