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Roofing & Gutter Installation By Home Depot Expensive And Faulty
By -

MEDFORD, MARYLAND -- When I realized my roof needed to be repaired, I had several estimates, including Home Depot. Home Depot was the most expensive but they were willing to start within a week and showed up on time to give the estimate. The estimate seemed comprehensive and detailed. The installers showed up on time and cleaned up the majority of the debris. They did leave some leftover wood and shingles hidden behind the garage. They replaced my wooden gutter with new aluminum. When I asked them about the new gutters being larger than the wood ones, they said there was no problem. To my dismay, they cut off all the rafter tails (an architectural element of my historic Craftsman home).

Several months later, after a big rainstorm, the roof leaked and a big hole appeared in my living room leaking water. To make a long story shorter, there have been repeated leaks in the same spot. The installer has returned for the 5th time, and "discovered" that some areas of the roof were not shingled. Additional leaks and disintegration of interior walls have occurred. I requested that the installer repair the plaster ceiling. After I requested him to re-plaster the ceiling the installer's solution was to put drywall tape & mud on the cracks and paint.

Now I have a network of 6 inch seams and bumps. They did not even sand the joint compound. In the meantime, the roof was not angled properly and now drains off the end of each roof down a remaining rafter tail which is now rotted. I asked for flashing to be installed to redirect the water. After the 4th request, drip edge was inserted under the shingles, which partially fixes the problem but is unsightly.

The process of making a claim is also very convoluted - first call GAF and get a claim number, they call Home Depot and you get another claim number for the problems with installation. If there is resulting damage, you get another claim number and customer service person to remedy the damage. 2 years after installation, I now have a damaged ceiling in the living room, the bedroom, new damage in the dining room, and several rotted rafter tails.

Home Depot does not feel they are liable to fix the wet wood in the attic or replace the rotted wood. My advice is Home Depot is overpriced and their installers are not professional. During one repair session, I found the installers turning over boxes and emptying donation plastic bags to use for their trash.

Watch The Workers On Your Property
By -

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- While I must say the new roof on my house passed city inspection and seems to be just fine, I do have a problem with the workers, who on the last day, just before leaving, decided to strip all but one of the green fruits from my mandarin orange sapling. They did not even bother to pick them properly, merely yanking the fruit off, leaving pieces of skin attached to the stem, which could have broken the fragile trunk. Thank God I had the tree staked or it would have been broken in half for sure.

I had locked the gates the night before, got up early to unlock them. At that time the fruit was on the tree...I know, because it is on my way to the gate and the stark white of the remaining skins would have caught my eye. When I brought it up, the worker's supervisor ** stated, "Did you SEE them do it?" Hello, I'm the victim, not you. The fruit was there in the morning and after the last guy left it was gone.

**, having called the workers, said they had not used the back gate even, which was not true as I had seen some of them go out, including one who was sweeping the walk just inside the gate. I was told my car in the driveway would be locked up that night for me, though around 9 P.M. I went to check and it was unlocked and the back gate left wide open.

After you take care of a little sapling tree for a year is it so wrong to be upset at having the fruit thoughtlessly stolen? The fruit wasn't even ripe! Just don't turn your back on these guys. If they'll steal when they're outside, I can't imagine what they'd do in your house!

Don't Hire Home Depot
By -

Less than 6 months ago we hired Home Depot to install a new roof. We paid more than we would have for a local contractor, but their warranties are good and the salesmen are good. The only problem is the salesmen don't tell the truth, and the warranty is only good if you can get in touch with someone about it. They apparently hire the lowest bidder, they leave a huge mess, and now less than 6 months later our roof leaks. The warranty covers the leaky roof, but no one will return my calls to fix it, and really should a new roof that has never even seen a winter start leaking. That speaks towards the workmanship you will get if you hire the Home Depot.

Roofing Scam
By -

NEW YORK -- I contracted with Home Depot At Home Services to replace the roof on my house for several reasons. First, I wanted to go with an installer who was certified by the manufacturer, thereby allowing the highest level of warranty protection. I researched the project thoroughly and worked closely with the Home Depot salesman, **, for several months before signing the contracts. Mr. ** assured me that the work would be performed by a Home Depot crew, and not a subcontractor.

Imagine my horror when I arrived home unannounced one morning to find a crew of illegal alien, day laborers installing my roof. They were under the direction of an American foreman, and took great pleasure in urinating in my bushes. The extent of this problem came to light some months later when a neighbor's child described to her parents, in detail, the characteristics of an uncircumcised penis. Several shrubs were damaged along with this poor child's innocence.

The installation was completed the next day. The end product looked exactly as one might expect, given the qualifications of the "installers." GAF Camelot shingles (their most premium product) were jammed and buckled against the dormers. At least two bundles of a different color shingle - the GAF representative was later able to name the errant color from fifty yards - were used in the roof.

Nonlinear shingle courses gave the illusion of a deep valley in the center of one roof. When shingle courses ended in wildly variable lengths, the excess was simply hacked off. It looks more like the excess material was bent back and forth until broke off, leaving a jagged edge.

Needless to say, I was very dissatisfied with the finished product. I was able to arrange a site visit with the regional GAF representative, a Home Depot representative, and the subcontractor. Yes, a subcontractor, after I had been assured that the work would be performed by Home Depot employees. The subcontractor drove up in a brand new Mercedes Benz and claimed that his "partner" had supervised the entire project.

I had never seen this person before, and he had certainly never been on my property. He described a crew that was about two generations removed from the illegals who installed my roof. Luckily, I have a pretty sophisticated video security system and was able to capture some resolute portraits.

The GAF representative was mostly unwilling to acknowledge the roofing errors, preferring to inquire as to whether the month-old roof was leaking. If it wasn't leaking, he said, the matter was one of aesthetics, a subject in which he was completely uninterested. I reminded him that the old roof (30 years old to be exact) wasn't leaking either, but I sure wouldn't pay $25,000 for it.

Home Depot is not sure who installed my roof, but they admit that there are serious problems. They have offered to have the subcontractor of record correct the errors. I have informed Home Depot that I prefer to avoid the robberies, home invasions, sex crimes, and homicides associated with the undocumented-alien workforce.

Had I wanted to expose my family to these perils, I would have a chosen a roofing company from the yellow pages, and taken my chances. Instead, I selected the most recognized name in home improvement. They sold the job to a subcontractor, who in turn sold it to a sub-subcontractor.

I would like to thank those of you who have contacted me with information. You will be happy to know that local media have expressed an interest in the case. One investigative reporter has offered to bring in experts to oversee the removal of the Home Depot roof. The entire process will be documented on tape for later broadcast. Footage from my security system will supplement the professional footage.

Images of the roofing crew will be sent to law enforcement for comparison to known fugitives. Please learn from my experience and avoid Home Depot At Home Services. They are prostituting their name and reputation at the expense of the consumer.

Don't Ask for Help Because You Won't Get Any
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Rating: 3/51

TOPEKA, KANSAS -- I went in the store with my 3-year old son & wife. When I first came in, the guy at the front door offered his help and took me directly to the item. I went to meet up with my wife who took our son to the restroom. We decided to get an extender as well and walked the store looking for the item. After a time we asked for help at the front of the store and were told to go to the back of the store.

We couldn't find the item and asked an associate for help. He said we should be able to find it based in his directions alone and refused to take us to the item. Eventually a customer who heard us asking for help took us to the very corner of the store where the item was. That's pretty bad although the customer service received seems to average out.

Horrible Gutter Installation
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, OHIO -- I signed a contract in April 2013 for my gutter installation. There were several appointments set up and they never showed up. Finally in July they showed up to do the installation. The installer went up the ladder, came right back down and said the rafter tails were rotten and more work needed done. He said I would be getting a call. 2 weeks later I still haven't heard anything.

I called and talked to the person that gave me my original estimate and he told me it would be an additional $1,500. I agreed and finally was able to sign a contract agreeing to the additional work on 8/2/2013. I had not heard anything, so on 9/10 /2013 I called to see what was going on and was told my installation would start on 9/9/2013. When I said the date already passed he said he would have to check into it. I then received a call that my gutter installation would start 9/16/2013. The installers showed up about 10:00 am, worked about 5 hours and left.

I haven't seen or heard anything from them since until I called and complained about the pile of wood they left in the yard. They came out and got the wood and my gutters are still not done. So five months and no gutters. They don't show up for appointment and don't even call to let you know they aren't coming. Also the work they did get done in those 5 hours looks awful. The supervisor has an attitude like it's not a big deal. I will never do business with them again.

Outrageous Roofing Quote From Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- We have a small house with a very simple shingle roof. A reputable contractor who has done a good bit of work in our neighborhood gave us a quote to re-roof our house for $3,800. I told him that quote sounded high and I would like to have a quote for identical shingles, GAF Architectural, from Home Depot. The Home Depot salesman came by on April 7th and read me page after page from his sales flip charts, measured our roof and prepared a quote.

After even more sales efforts he finally gave me the price, $7,600.00 for the exact same work. When I told him that Home Depot was twice as much as the last contractor, he offered to drop the price by 10%. We were astonished at the quote and can only assume there are too many sales people to be paid commissions to have a reasonable quote.

Contractor Services
By -

They hire subcontractors and it is pot luck what you get. I paid top dollar for good work and they sent over a bunch of angry dirt bags and my roof is a mess. Their salesman is a top of the line SCAM ARTIST. Said they would replace any bad wood and did not. They sent over the angry foreman and I had him pull up two spots and found one rotted wood and one they had attached a piece of tin to try to hide it.

Roof Contractor said he was not supposed to replace and salesman said he was supposed to and they still never fixed the other spots. Roof is a mess. Nail after nail pushing up shingles. It was next to impossible to get a Home Depot representative over here and he just escaped as fast as possible after his duct and cover act.

Total Rip Off
By -

CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- So I am currently getting a new roof. I had a few contractors come out and give me quotes. Home Depot was $1300 more. Their contractor told me I was paying for who was swinging the hammer. Hahaha. And apples to apples their roof is better. I live in NH and get giant icicles and was told they don't use snow slides because it will ruin the warranty on the shingles. My other quotes included snow slides and they could shingle under my porch. So I am getting more materials and more work from someone I know has done great work for others.

I asked why they couldn't beat his price and I got their apples to apples bit. My friend had her roof done by them and said a van of Mexicans pulled up and did her roof in a day. Hmm I am from Jersey. I can buy my materials and pick up my own van of Mexicans cheaper. I don't care that they are Mexican but that shows me they are telling me I am paying for who is swinging the hammer but that would be cheap labor work to me.

After further reading reviews, I am very happy to have gone with my gut and hire a professional who gave an honest price the first time. I am not going to ask the guy who is doing the better job and honest the first time to write up a quote for them to beat. I hired the hardworking guy who isn't a sleazy corporation.

Totally Astronomical/Ridiculous Roof Estimate
By -

BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA -- OK, so I thought Home Depot would be a little bit higher than other estimates for a complete tear off and new roof installation on 3100 sq foot roof... I FELL OFF MY CHAIR AFTER THE 'SALESMAN' (who came to my house) showed me the cost of $16,000 for a new roof... Sure, his presentation was awesome, sure they give you 25 years warranty on labor, but really, $16,000!

Well of course he had the phone number of the bank which could finance it for me, yeah right. How about $310 monthly for SEVEN YEARS! YES, I LIE NOT, SEVEN YEARS to pay off a new roof... Come on now. I went on line and price out all of the material alone for the job, and it came to @ $4200.00. There is nooooo way labor, permits, dumpster, can add up to $11,000. Getting more estimates, wish me luck!

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