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A real NIGHTMARE and at the end I still don't have a water heater
Posted by on
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I bought a water heater and the installation services at HD on Wednesday night, they told me that someone was going to install it the next day. Home Depot also told me to measure my existing unit and to call them if my current water heater height or width was more than 4" larger or shorter. I got home I measured my unit and notice that the new unit to be installed was the same width (20") but it was taller, 58" vs. 50" of the current water heater. I called Home Depot and told them that the new unit was 8" taller than the existing one, the person from Home Depot told me that she was calling the installers to let them know and not to worry about anything. Later that day somebody from a plumbing company called and said that they were coming around 3PM. At around 4PM someone from the plumbing company came, he asked where the existing water heater was, I told him that it was located in the attic and showed him how to get to it.

He got into the attic, took some measurements and then came down to tell me that the unit he had in his truck was taller and that this was not going to work, then I told him, didn't someone from Home Depot told you guys that I called to tell them that the new unit was 8" taller, to what he responded...nope, they didn't. So I called Home Depot and told them about the problem, the lady in the phone told me that it was fine, that they were going to exchange the water heater but there was going to be an extra $75 charge for the extra trip...oh boy, that made very upset. I told the Home Depot girl from Home Services that there was no way I was paying $75 more for an extra trip when I followed what they told me about calling them if the size of my water heater was different.

I asked to talk to a manager and to my surprise the manager was very understanding and he told me not to worry about anything, he was going to void the $75 for the extra trip. I was happy. The installer told me then that he was coming the next day with the new smaller water heater to install it. Next day came and the installers called me to tell me that Home Depot never sent the new order and that they still had the same water heater, the tall one. I called Home Depot and they apologized for the inconvenience, they offered to call the installers again and explain everything so they could get the new shorter water heater.

Again, I sat and waited....and waited...and waited. Then I got a call from the installers saying that everything was ready and that they were coming between 2 and 4 that evening. It was 5PM and no one had showed up yet...I called the installers and they told me that the technician that was coming to my house had an accident at a different home while installing another water heater but they also said that they were sending another person at 8PM that night. I was really pissed, I told them that I was calling Home Depot to straighten this up. So I called Home Depot, told them about what happen and they said that they knew how I felt and they apologized, they also said they were calling the installers to make sure they were going to be at my house at 8PM to install the water heater.

At around 7:30PM I got a call from the installers telling me that they were really sorry but they couldn't install my water heater until the next day, Friday...that was it, I got really upset, I told them that this was unacceptable, I explained how I had to stay home that day and the day before to wait for the installer to come home and install the water heater, I explained that I had three small children which were showering with cold water since Wednesday...man I was really upset. The only thing the guy from the plumbing company said was...I am sorry there is nothing we can do, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. OK so I said what time tomorrow and he responded some time between 9 and 5PM...WHAT!

I said never mind, forget about the water heater installation, you are not a professional, you should not be in business, this is unacceptable. I called Home Depot and told them about this mess. The person from Home Depot said he was calling the installers that same moment to find out what was going on. About 15 minutes later I got a call from the guy at Home Depot and he told me that the reason the installers didn't go to my house to install the water heater was because the installer that came to my house the previous day have noticed that I had a problem with venting in the current water heater, supposedly he had noticed that there was carbon monoxide coming into the house...WHAT!! that was it this time I couldn't contain myself, I told them that was BS and that they were obviously lying, I asked the Home Depot to cancel everything and I hanged up.

The next day I went to Home Depot, I asked to talk to the manager, and he was not there, then I asked for the name and phone number of the district manager and everyone I asked told me that they could not release that information to me...they were rude and they told me to come back some other day to speak to the store manager. That happen last Saturday, today is Sunday and I finally got my water heater, I bought the water heater, and my brother in law offered to install it, I helped him and you know what, there was no science to it, it was very simple and now I have hot water again.

Home Depot should do something about controlling the professionalism and customer service offered by the subcontractors they use in Home Services.

I am never using Home Depot or any other big store's installation services for that matter.

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Sparticus on 10/22/2007:
Home Depot is such a crap shoot when you use their random pool of contractors. I wish they would bring installers in-house... you just never know what you are going to get... which sucks.
WhineX on 10/22/2007:
So, you didn't measure available clearance in your attic before you purchased a replacement water heater? Not saying you got good service from HD, but some pre-planning could have saved a lot of trouble.
BJ1985 on 10/25/2007:
Unfortunately, those smaller places you will go to in the future ARE the ones contracted by Home Depot. Especially in a smaller area. Granted, you did get poor customer service at HD. Good or bad experience, just fill out the Voice of the Customer form accessible from your receipt. Those reports are printed and posted in every store, and they DO take them seriously.
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$660 to replace a $220 water heater that is still under warranty!
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I noticed for some time, a puddle of water repeatedly forming on my basement tile floor......after six months of this, I examined the floor with a strong flashlight and noticed that the bottom of the G. E. hot water heater was rusty and leaking.....Since the unit was still under warranty, I called the Home Depot store from which it was originally purchased....after calling G. E. for suggestions...which were: the heater is still under warranty and we will replace it free of charge. I was satisfied with this and made arrangements to have the unit replaced....I was told that I would have to uninstall the heater and take it to Home Depot for the swap; whenupon, I explained that I was in my mid sixties and had a small Mercedes convertible and asked if other arrangements could be made....after several waits, lost calls and transfers, an arrangement was made that I would pay over $500 and Home Depot would arrange to have someone come to my home and take out the old heater and replace it with an identical unit. I was somewhat annoyed that the "replacement" with installation.....after all, the unit was defective and leaking, after all!......was going to cost more than the original heater, with delivery and installation! I agreed to the proposal, with some reservations. So, today, the chosen contractor....sent by Home Depot, by the way......came by, immediately told me that I had to write Home Depot a check for $663(!)...which I did.....He verified the funds and proceeded to removed the old heater.......Then he told me that I needed to go to the Home Depot store and return the old heater and pick up the new one! I explained that that had already been worked out....That was why I was paying this exorbitant charge, wasn't it. He said "No"......that I had to do all of this. I was furious and felt totally ripped off, and called the Home Depot Store on Ponce De Leon Ave., Atlanta, waited while the operator finished a personal conversation with another operator, then eventually put me through to the store manager or assistant manager. Again, I had to explain what was going on.....The manager spoke to the installation person and told him that he was to take the old unit back to the store and return with the "warranty" replacement and install it......I am currently waiting for him to return and do this so that I can clean up the muddy footprints and the mess that was made during this ordeal......AND.....the cost of all this, my time and worry.....all for a unit that was failing before its "time" ......within the warranty period.......That's why I am now determined to go to any and every message board and complaint blog and express my disapproval of how this was handled. Customer service at Home Depot has really gone down the tubes in the many years since I first began to frequent the old Sidney Marcus Blvd. location where I was always treated fairly and politely. That is no longer the case, is it?

So....I suppose Home Depot considers it fair for me to pony up over $800 to replace a $220 hot water heater.....I feel totally ripped off and intend to express my grievances on any and all message boards and complaint sites that I can possibly locate on the internet and to write personal letters to both Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, for what that's worth.....probably very little! So, I am having dinner guests this evening and NO WATER!

addendum: it's 5.40 P.M. and the installer has returned with the new unit to install it. The store manager has agreed to not charge any additional expenses (Over the $660 already charged to me and paid by me) for the replacement. I'm still annoyed and a bit disgusted by all this inconvenience and waste of my time and energy.

Sincerely, Reed Savage
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Anonymous on 12/14/2009:
I had a similar experience. Bought the 6-year water heater, which started leaking at around 3 years. Unfortunately, labor and installation are only covered for the first year, after that, it's on the owner. When I called Rheem (which makes or made GE water heaters at the time), they tried to discourage me from filing a warranty claim. Since I installed it myself, wound up having to remove the old heater and cart it back to the store.
localgod on 12/15/2009:
"I feel totally ripped off and intend to express my grievances on any and all message boards and complaint sites that I can possibly locate on the internet and to write personal letters to both Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, for what that's worth....."
Unfortunately, it is worth very little, as Bernie and Arthur are no longer affiliated with The Home Depot. As expressed by Trixta, only the first year of the GE warranty covers in-home warranty service, and it only covers manufacturing defects(if you fail to routinely maintain the item, it is not covered by any warranty, check the fine print). Furthermore, the water heater is being replaced by GE, but they're not going to eat the labor and delivery costs because you no longer qualify for the in-home warranty service. The Home Depot is not to blame here as they are only the retailer and are not responsible for honoring any manufacturers warranty. Voted Not helpful!
veristes on 12/16/2009:
well....this is over, I suppose.....The Store Manager told me that I was "getting a break", because I was told that Home Depot wanted to charge me another $180 (!) but decided to "waive" this additional charge.....Like it was doing me a favor! AND, the county gets $50 for an inspection of the work fee and someone, either Home Depot or the installation company, Bynum & Sons Plumbing, Inc., gets $35 for a permit administration fee. I thought we were in an economic depression!
Fremen9 on 12/29/2009:
Charging someone $660 to remove the old heater and install a new one is highway robbery. But I found that most plumbers and that includes Home Depot contracted ones are thieves in one way or another.
What did it cost for you to buy it brand new and have someone install it in the first place? Hopefully more than $660 right? Otherwise that would be very silly to pay more to replace it like this under "warranty"
buttacupss on 01/02/2010:
well let's start by saying the product is warrantied be the manufacture not Home Depot,and installation is not covered nor pick up and delivery.It depends on the replacement water tank you choose,as whereas where you live for cost of hot water tank installation.basic installation from Home Depot where I live starts at $300 plus hot water tank.You could have had someone return the unit for you,and you would have been given a credit for $220 to do as you please.The installer whom Home Depot contracted out should have taken the old unit away,this part was a fluke and management took care of it was they were aware.Remember warranties are limited and to read the fine print.
Jeffy Jeff on 07/26/2013:
Maybe the problem isn't HOME DEPOT. I had a similar experience where the COMPANY Home Depot sends to install (since they are sub-contracted out through HD) doesn't want to waste their time and gas making trips to the store so they figure if they end up taking old unit with them they might as well make some money out of it!
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Beware of Hot Water Heaters
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
CARROLLTON, GEORGIA -- I had the Hot Water Heater (I would write the name and make of heater but the TOS agreement seems to suggest otherwise) installed on 9/15/2008 and noticed in August of 2012 that it was leaking. Since it is in the basement I can't be sure when it started. I had a professional plumbing service come and eventually it was concluded that the seam was leaking which means the hot water heater had to be replaced. I called Home Depot because there was a 6 year warranty. Who I spoke with was pleasant but what I was left within terms of their warranty was not. What happened in this situation as in others I assume is that they depreciated the hot water heater and I was responsible financially for the delivery and installation. When added up I might as well pay for a new hot water heater and be able to get one of a different name brand since I did not want the same. I am up in years and have never heard of a hot water heater lasting less than 4 years. Yes, they are still selling these heaters.

I tried to post this on Home Depot's consumer reviews and they blocked it so one might want to calculate when reading these reviews just how many are not there.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/10/2012:
Was the warranty through the Home Depot or the water heater's manufacturer? And was the warranty for both parts and labor or just parts? If the warranty is through the manufacturer then Home Depot doesn't figure into this at all, and your complaint is with them. If the warranty is through Home Depot but it only covers parts then you're responsible for the installation/removal charges and they'll pay for the cost of the replacement water heater. However if the warranty is for both parts and labor and it's through Home Depot, then they should cover the whole job.
HomeDepot_Care on 11/10/2012:
Hi, dijon509181.
I apologize for the issues with the water heater.
It is correct that if the 6 year warranty is a manufacturer's warranty that they would be able to advise what parts are covered under it & if labor is covered or must be paid by the customer. If this is under a Home Depot Extended Protection Plan, we do have a special team here to assist with EPP issues. Please email the specifics & I can look into for you. Nicki_Care@homedepot.com. Thanks, Nicki
trmn8r on 11/10/2012:
More details are needed to know if this is a HD complaint or manufacturer issue, amongst other things.

The TOS does not prevent you from posting Brand and Model, which would be very helpful. The TOS states that personal names are not to be used.

You state you believe depreciation was involved, but you are being asked to pay for delivery and labor. Those are different, I believe.

What is stated in your warranty is critical. What does it say is covered if the tanks leaks?
HonestForSure on 11/11/2012:
Warranty is part(s) only for the 6 years; and not all the parts. Labor (the plumber) is only covered in year 1. Home Depot has ZERO to do with the mfr warranty. The mfr warranties are the same wherever you make the purchase. Contact the mfr to arrange for repair choices.
Starlord on 11/14/2012:
It is a Water Heater, not a hot water heater. Who wants to heat hot water? Home Depot is the retailer, not the manufacturer, so the problem lies with the maker, not Home Depot. Ig HD was not honoring their extended warranty, you could be complaining about HD, but in this case, it is the make of the water tank.
dijon509181 on 11/15/2012:
The warranty was through Home Depot and it was not repairable ..when the seam starts linking the hot water heater has to be replaced. Home Depot would have replaced the heater but as I said it would have cost me as much as purchasing a new one from a local plumber.
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Home Depot/Fast Water Company Install
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- I called Home Depot, who outsources to Fast Water Heater Company. What an experience! The best part if you call Fast Water Heater company directly, the prices are CHEAPER than Home Depot. No surprise, as Home Depot needs their cut.

Regardless, they identify all the code requirements and charge you extra fees for code compliance. This was clearly stated when scheduled, but the upsell charges are RIDICULOUS!

Here where they are scamming customers: $89 to install one bare copper wire. Seriously? This costs less than $20 in materials and 5-10 minutes of labor.

Another example, $119 to install 3 straps. Again, maybe $40 in parts and at best 20 minutes to install.

Third example to prove the over-the-top pricing, $39 for a gas sediment trap with is less than $8 in parts from Home Depot and less than 10 minutes to install.

Fourth example, requiring Expansion Tank at $179 when the part retails for $52.50 and you get online for $29.95.

Are these the type of people who deserve your business? Don't get taken by these guys!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 10/31/2012:
paying for labor is always costly.
leet60 on 10/31/2012:
Most plumbing companies will charge you a minimum fee for coming to the door. In my area the average is around $75.00. Parts are additional. The fee is not based on portions of an hour and in most cases any time over the hour is also an additional charge.
Bill on 08/22/2013:
Surprised you didn't do it yourself. You sound like an expert.
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Home Depot Water Heater Install (Sub Contractor)
Posted on
KIRKLAND, WA -- So I was quoted $679 for the installation on my hot water heater, which seemed high, but the company was offering a 12 month no interest if charged on their credit card deal, and since finances are kind of tight right now, it seemed worth it.

My house is a 1935 home, and is admittedly not up to code on a lot of stuff. It still has galvanized pipes and most of the repair and installation work prior to me, looks to be DIY.

I would have installed this myself as well, but I am terrified of wiring, and since the water heater had to be wired in, I decided to avoid an electrical shock or fire and have it done professionally.

So the quote was $679 - when they left they ended up charging me $1379. I thought WOW! My house must have really sucked, until I started looking at what I got charged for and how much. The drip pan they "installed" cost me $59. When I looked it up on the internet, it costs $22 max to purchase, and the installation on that is ... sit the heater in the pan.

Everything on the list and the charges they added were 3X cost of the item. I was charged $80 separately for earthquake straps on my heater - every plumber I have talked to afterwards tells me that is something that should have been included with the installation and original quote.

Wonder why I contacted plumbers afterwards? Well I went to take a nice hot shower to wash the stress of paying twice what I thought I was going to pay for the heater, and found out the hot water is not going to my bath tub, which is located 5 feet away from my hot water heater. I called the installation company to ask them to come and fix the issue, and they said since I signed the job complete and in the completion signature there is a block saying that if I have galvanized pipes they are not responsible for their installation to work, I am out of luck and to call a plumber to fix their installation and flush my pipes.

So what I learned was this: Home Depot's sub contractors just suck. Their no interest deal sounds awesome, until you are paying double. Also I learned, don't sign papers until YOU test the item, not just take the word of the installation guy.

The sub contractor for this was: Fast Water Heater Company (Kirkland, WA).
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User Replies:
ChuhBaca on 08/20/2011:
Wow, that's horrible! Start by contacting Home Depot and working your way up there. I assume you had hot water to the tub before the install.

Even though you signed the work order, there should still be some accountability to make sure it functions at least as well as before. Start looking into small claims court if you think you can win. Maybe ask a reputable plumber to do a free estimate of the cost to fix their error and what there assessment is of the situation. Maybe even the mention of small claims court will get these jerks off their duffs.
trmn8r on 08/20/2011:
No interest is a red herring in this complaint, IMO. Whether you paid interest or not, the job still cost almost twice what you expected. And interest on the original quote is almost trivial - at 2% interest, over a year that is $13.60.

I don't really know what advice to offer on the job. Seems to me it needs to be sussed out when you sign the contract to have the job done. My guess is the fine print allows them to charge for all these extras. The problem with using a home center and not a plumber is the CSR may not be familiar with the codes that require "earthquake straps".

I agree with the first reply - get on the back of Home Depot and try to get them to approve sending the company back to fix their poor work.
Anonymous on 08/21/2011:
I wouldn't complain so much about the pricing. That old of a home can easily require a lot more than what is standard today.

They should, however, guarantee their work. Not having hot water running in your showing area shouldn't be something of a surprise.
jsmithepa22 on 09/28/2011:
HD charges you for EVERYTHING. If your place is not in-code, CHARGE; the guy has to go up to 2nd floor, CHARGE; difficult parking, CHARGE (OK parking fake) and they charge you super-retail, and yes expect a $20 item be charged 3x.

BUT, once they come to your home and tell you need all these things, at that point you can tell the guy to go away. You don't have to sign anything if you have any doubts. So if you felt pressured and gave in, that's partially your fault for not doing enough research ahead of time.
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Plumbing Nightmare
Posted by on
My water heater stopped working just before the July 4th weekend. I called Home Depot, who had a good price on a small water heater. I liked shopping at their stores, so I wrongfully assumed that their customer service would be just as good for installation. They gave me the price for the water heater, delivery fee and installation. It was a great price. They said the installer would be in contact with me and that I would pay for it once the installation was complete. The installer called me and said they could not come out until July 5th, due to the holiday. An old guy showed up and walked around my basement. He called his boss and told me that he would have to install an electric line for the new heater and the price was $125 more. I agreed. He was to return the next day. He never showed or called. I called Home Depot corporate customer support. I spoke to Jeff who said there was nothing Home Depot could do. It was up to me to call the installer. I asked if Home Depot did not care and if that was the case, what was the point of using Home Depot? He apologized, but said there was nothing more he could do. So, do not use Home Depot for installations. They don't care what the installers do or don't do so there is no reason to use this service.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 07/06/2011:
This is why it's better to call a local plumber. There's no middleman. It may cost a bit more, but it's worth every penny.
Anonymous on 07/06/2011:
I don't think it is so much a case of they don't care about the customer as it is a case of them not having too much authority over their subcontracted installers.
Venice has the right idea about calling a plumber. Or consider asking friends or family to help. I have installed a waterheater myself, (Just had to have help with lifting) it is fairly simple.
Venice09 on 07/06/2011:
Ript, I think we're on our third water heater, and my husband installed them all. He didn't have to add any lines or anything though. As you said, the hardest part is lifting and maneuvering the tank.

When he has trouble with plumbing, he calls a local plumber who has given advice and talked him through things at no charge. It's good to develop a relationship with local businesses.

You're right about Home Depot. We got all the heaters from our local HD store. They helped us get the broken ones replaced under the warranties. The customer service is great, but I don't think they have a lot of control over the installers.
HomeDepot_Care on 07/08/2011:
Hi. This is Stephanie with Home Depot Customer Care. I'm very sorry about the service you received. Will you share your order information? I'd like to look into this.

Stephanie (stephanie_care@homedepot.com)
HD Installer on 02/29/2012:
The consumer must remember that HD is hiring a sub contractor. Now if HD has a lower price be aware that they are taking 30% off of that price to pay themselves. That leaves the installer with next to nothing. Therefore some of the basic things a plumber would normally do on a standard install are considered extra through HD. HD sets these prices again the installers labor and material must be accounted for and then HD tacks 30% on.

In my opinion installers fall into two different categories.
1. Will use the cheapest and easiest products and means to get the job done to try an make a little money.

2. The installer that wants repeat business from the consumer therefore doing a job the quality that they normally would do the job, and in turn they are lucky to break even or even lose money.

I have no ill will towards HD. They are a major corp. and there goal is $$. As any company.
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Hot Water Heater Scam on Installation
Posted by on
I agreed to purchase a 50 gal. 9 Year Warranty GE Hot Water Heater from Home Depot (HD). The price plus installation came to $879. I also checked with a couple of plumbers and their quoted charges for a similar product and installation was $900 to $1000. So, I thought I would go with Home Depot and save a few dollars. (Plus, I had used Home Depot to install the hot water heater it was replacing 10 years previous and the price HD quoted and I paid was the same - $433, wow BIG inflation.) One of the plumbers warned me that they would quote me $879 and before they left they would charge me over $1300. Sure enough, O'Shan Plumbing came out with the heater and reviewed where I was having it installed (in a garage in a raised open faced closet). Within 5 minutes he had come up with different things that was needed and code violations that pushed the price to over (you guessed it) $1300. After I punched the wall and told him that a plumber warned me that this would happen, he packed up his truck so fast and got out of my driveway. I called O'Shan Plumbing and dared them to try to collect their cancellation fee. I was going to every newspaper and TV investigative reporter in the Dallas, TX area. I ate crow and called the plumber that warned me and he installed a better grade heater for $950.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/27/2011:
Is the scam on the part of HD or O'Shan? I don't see where HD is responsible for this.

The $433 you paid years ago is a canard - the prices you quoted from plumbers were all higher than the $879 at HD.

Did you pay HD for the installation that you cancelled? I wouldn't be surprised if they try to nick you with a penalty on the refund.
BillG28 on 06/27/2011:
O'Shan operates with the authority of (and in cohotes with) HD. I went to HD customer service at the store and they said they had no control over what the plumbers charge. If HD get enough cancellations and complaints, they will control the plumbers. It is time for consumers to let companies know they refuse to be ripped off, by hitting them where it hurts... in their profits.
HomeDepot_Care on 06/28/2011:

So sorry to hear about your experience. What store did this originate from? I would like to notify the installation management team so this doesn't continue to happen.

Home Depot Customer Care
saj80 on 06/28/2011:
Very good review, and I am pleased that Home Depot has responded and seems to want this corrected.
MF on 07/01/2011:
Same but Different:Home Depot Installer Delta Mechanical:
7 hours Late
Didn't have all parts listed on invoice (wanted to know where nearest HD was located)
Didn't actually know the plumbing code
Sucker on 07/02/2011:
I had the same experience. Home Depot Installer (Fast Water Heater Company in WA) quoted me a low rate for $849.00 for the GE 50 Gal 12 yrs warranty water heater. But when the technician came to install, he said he needed to change the configuration on the pipe line. I ended up paying $1135.52. And he replaced my brass line with the cheaper stainless steel ones. Now I know this is how they do business. Not very nice!
Rob on 07/20/2013:
Honestly the plumber was probably going to bring up to code a shotty original installation. If you got a permit the inspector could tell you what if any changes needed to be made. The plumber who charged you 900 might have just swapped it, leaving potential life threatening problems in place. When the knowledgeable (and I'm sure licensed master plumber) was doing the right thing. If you saving money is more important then the safety of your family. Then wow look at the great deal you got.
Jim on 11/25/2013:
Actually, Home Depot doesn't pay the installer enough. So, the installer makes things up in order to make extra money to make it worth it. They tell you its a code upgrade etc. but that's not true. It is a common practice with the big box stores and the home warranty companies. They pay like $100 to the installer to install a water heater that should be a $300-$400 install both the big box store and the plumber agree they can make it up on the extras they will push on the home owner that is rarely even needed. Like an expansion tank. I am a licensed plumber. No I don't do installs for the big box stores. I prefer to be honest. He is a true story for you. I was I. Home depot today and was looking at what they are selling water heaters for these days. While looking a Home Depot employee approaches me asking if I had any questions. I figured I may as well ask how much they are charging for installs. They guy starts to tell me their will be some extras such as an expansion tank if I don't have one. I ask him why. He replies its code, I said says who? He says its code on all water heaters and his contractor says so. So I reply no its not... I'm a state licensed master plumber. I continued to explain that it is only required when you have thermal expansion. Which will only happen if, you have a closed system. What that means is this. If your meter has a check valve or other back-flow preventer or a prv with no thermal bypass or o e with a thermal bypass but water pressure outside that exceeds the rating on the t and p. Which are very rare conditions here. I see it in lime one in a hundred installs. Either way the installer should check, not just upsell. So, its only code if needed.. Not blindly needed like the claim. You can go tp your local library and look it up in the code book. Or call you building department and ask to speak with a plumbing inspector and ask if what I said was true. He will agree with me 100%.

All of this is well known to Home Depot. They pay the plumber almost nothing and promise he can make it up by doing these up sells. So they are preying on the home owner who is not informed. A lot of plumbers in my area would tell the people when they called for a quote to not believe the false install price they advertise, but people don't listen. They are blinded by the price they think is cheaper. When I quote I sound a little more but in truth I am cheaper because I don't push lies. I just do what is required and look out for my customer. By the way, that depot employee could not leave that aisle fast enough lol.. I made him look like a fool.
Kyle HAC on 12/20/2013:
Jim, your response is insulting. I don't work for Home Depot, but there is a reason why its so expensive. Code upgrades / disposal / installation. Ball valve, gas line, copper fittings for drain and 30 lb relief, expansion tank installation, labor warranty the flue needs to be double walled per international mechanical code, insurance for the worker, insurance for the truck, gas money for the truck, gas permit (which includes inspection from the city) - you need a permit. Why? If the guy who out your tank in does a snotty job, or the tank decides to burst and flood your basement in a few years, your home insurance company will ask you for your plumbing permit from the county. If you don't have one, or didn't have it inspected, guess who foots the bill? And trust me, it's easy to make someone leave your house, but home insurance companies REALLY don't care about what you have to say, or punching walls over the phone.
Big Daddy on 01/05/2014:
Agreed. not one of these companies is trying to reip you off. Home Depot requires the installers PULL a permit, and install the water heater up to CURRENT CODE. this means no matter what, when you are quoted the extras you have a right to say no, then pay pedro to do it without doing it right. When your family dies of carbon monoxide poisoning, then you can sue everyone. Trust me, there is a reason for the upgrades to code. FAST WATER HEATER always tells customers about these upgrades before we even send a technician to the home. SO, stop crying and pay for a safe, licensed, insured, and responsible installation. Then you know you are safe, albeit, with less money to spend at Starbucks.
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Life Threatening Installation
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HIXSON, TENNESSEE -- I had installers hired by Home Depot install my gas new hot water heater. A pipe connecting the water heater and my furnace fell off and I stopped using my furnace. I hired a friend who has owned a very reputable heat and air service for decades to correct the problem. It turns out that the installers never attached the pipe with screws but only with silver tape. That was it. In the meantime, carbon monoxide was spewing into my garage every time my family used hot water. This horrible "installation" job could have killed my family if left undetected. Do not have Home Depot be in charge of installing your appliance if you value your life. You can't trust who they send out. They are not Home Depot employees and cannot be trusted.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/31/2010:
I hope you contacted the Home Depot and let them know about it. Also, here is corporate's #;
1-800-553-3199. Let them know also.

Venice09 on 10/31/2010:
You're lucky the carbon monoxide was leaking into the garage and not your living area. I would take ript's advice and let Home Depot know about this for the safety of other customers, if nothing else.
saj80 on 11/01/2010:
Why are you heating hot water?
Anonymous on 11/01/2010:
Thanks for posting this...it's always best to do your research and hire a reputable/certified company to do this type of work, or check with your homeowners ins agent and ask if they have a list to choose from. HD type corporations contract out their work, and unfortunately people don't always realize they of course are going to take the lowest bidders.

Glad you and your family are safe!
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Water Heater Installation Scam
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FLORIDA -- Ordered by phone a replacement 50 gal electric residential water heater with installation service by a Home Depot sub-contractor. Answered various questions about the install, agreed to price and gave my credit card to be charged. Later the sub-contractor's office called to schedule the work. My install was of the quick and easy variety -- same size unit, no stairs and lots of space to work, as it was in my garage on a concrete platform.

Next day sub-contractor arrives with new water heater on his truck. He looks over the existing installation, then pulls out a tape and measures the platform height. It's 20" -- I had previously explained when ordering that it was about 18". The installer demanded an extra $70 "up charge" saying that any platform over 18" incurred this extra charge. I said $70 for 2" higher seemed absurd -- nobody had warned me about that. He became somewhat rude at that point.

I asked him to please wait a minute in my garage while I phoned his (the sub-contractor's) office. The office was firm about the policy. Not wishing to fall prey to this obvious scam, I canceled. On returning to my garage maybe 5 minutes later, I found the installer had left.

A short time later, Home Depot called to say they had gotten word from the sub-contractor that I'd canceled and that they were making $35 trip charge. After stating that I would vigorously fight any such charge because of the circumstances, the caller checked with her boss and reported the charge would not be made. We'll see.

I am very much of the view that this incident and probably other aspects of up charges for similar installs are scams. Sub-contractors to Home Depot probably give them low prices, then due to some little detail wind up making their money on exorbitant up charges...the ageless game of exploiting a consumer in distress.

In my case, I could have had a local plumber do the work on Friday but waited to have Home Depot do it on Saturday. Now I'll have to wait until Monday when the plumber's supply houses reopen. Yes, it's a considerable inconvenience to me, but I detest scams.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/15/2005:
I like your spunk! Stick to your guns !
jabber on 10/17/2005:
As an associate with Home Depot we are trained to ask questions regarding installations along with explaining the various things that could result is additional charges when the installer arrives. Conusmers then fudge on the mrasurements when the associate writes up the order in hopes that they will NOT have to pay additional monies. Get a life, as we have your number and cover oursleves by inserting notes to the installer that the numbers you the customer have given could be wrong. Hope your plummer charged more than Home Depot.
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GE Water Heaters
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I have installed hundreds of water heaters in my 23 years in business, I have found that the Lowes and Home Depot water heaters are junk, they have about half the lifespan of a Bradford white or a Smith tank, that and the fact they jerk you around when the tank fails.

Save yourself the flooded house and buy a decent tank, they cost about the same, and you get them from a true plumbing supply house that knows what you really need.
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trmn8r on 06/14/2011:
The trick is to find a quality tank at a plumbing supply place that will sell to a retail customer, so you can install it yourself. It can be done - just takes a little work.

I on the other hand got lucky, and bought whatever Home Depot had on the shlef (Reliance) in 1995. It turned out to be great, and is still going strong. When it fails, I'm planning to put in another.

I have heard that the stuff at home centers today is largely junk. Helpful review.
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