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Replacement Window / Bait & Switch
Posted by LINDAMAL on 05/09/2008
LEESBURG, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I went to Home Depot looking to purchase replacement windows and have them installed. We found what seemed to be a good window in the price range that we felt we could afford. We have 30 windows that need replacements. We spoke to the salesman about the American Craftsman 8500 double hung replacement windows, he provided us with more information and we subsequently decided to schedule an appointment to have the Home Depot rep come to our home to give us an estimate to install them in our home. The salesman said he couldn't give us any price until someone came to the home.

The "sales consultant" came to our home, we sat down and he proceeded to tell us to put all the information we obtained at the store to the side because they didn't install those windows only Simonton windows that they didn't even have on display in the store!! We questioned him about why didn't the salesman in the store tell us this and he told us he was "new". He also told us that they only sold the American Craftsman to be installed by the purchaser - didn't we ever see that big sign on the store that said "do it yourself" !!! (nice huh?)
Of course, the Simonton windows turned out to be VERY expensive, way over what we had budgeted for and we literally wanted to throw the salesman out of our home. He also stated that any other company such as "Lowe's" would come in and basically use "bait and switch" techniques. I told him if anyone was using "bait and switch" it was Home Depot and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Having been loyal Home Depot customers for many years, they are now in our opinion a sleazy operation with false advertising practices and need to re-evaluate their practices and procedures. They wasted our valuable time and we will not be going to Home Depot for any future purchases. Let other's beware!!!

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Posted by yoke on 2008-05-09:
My elderly neighbor had a Home Depot sales rep come to her house to give her an estimate on windows. He told her she had to sign the contract right then and there or the prices would go up 10%. She called hubby and I over and once we showed up the guy told her he would give her an exception and not charge her the extra. We told her not to sign anything and asked the guy to leave.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-09:
Was the "sales consultant" a contractor? It sounds like the "sales consultant" was trying to screw you over and not Home Depot.
Red flag #1 - put the store paperwork aside.
Red flag #2 - salesman doesn't know what he is talking about.
I would speak with the HD store manager and relate what the "sales consultant" told you. Home Depot may not even know he is doing this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-09:
They work on commission so expect them to pump the deal the best they can for a bigger pay check. It's not right but it's just the way it is. VH review and info.
Posted by Jake Lister on 2008-05-10:
Wow - the same exact same thing just happened to me. I was at Home Depot last weekend because of their 20% off windows/door sale. A sign also clearly said "$419 installed". When I talked with a salesperson, he declined in giving me a price for a new sliding door (after I gave him measurements) and instead set me up with an appointment with the Home Depot in home specialist. I specifically asked if this would still be 20% off and he said yes, it was in the computer. Fast forward a few days and HD "at home services specialist" arrives. This guy gives me a much higher price than I expected. When I asked if this was with the 20% off, he was no, that only applied to Jeld-wen windows in store and that he only sold Simonton windows. What the #$%#? Okay, well installation is $419, right? No, he says that is with subcontractors through HD and that he works for Home Depot. I asked that if he worked for HD, why couldn't he sell me the Jeld-Wen window. He said he could only sell Simonton. We went back and forth for a while and it became apparent that HD pulled the classic bait and switch. When I told him exactly what the store salesmen had said, he delivered the "oh, he's new" line. I kicked him out of the house after that.

I'm not saying that I'm not going to use Home Depot anymore, but I will certainly look at other stores as well - which is something I never really did.
Posted by Cullykiyi on 2008-05-22:
Everyone needs to understand that these major retailers who offer "at-home services" subcontract out the work. Those subcontracted companies are basically renting the retailer's reputation.

The off the shelf products you get at the store are sub-par. They just are. That's why the price is so low. No where in the known universe can you find best quality coupled with lowest price -- something has to give!

As for the subcontractors -- no one can stay in business driving around giving out free estimates. Companies need to earn customers... so they offer incentives to entice you to place the order. It's no different than Macy's having a one day sale.

That said, there ARE ways for people to protect themselves concerning price. You have to truly understand the home improvement game. If you do, you'll understand how to save a significant amount on your major purchases. If you don't, well... you're spending way more than you have to.

www.consumerstrategies.org offers an on-line seminar that teaches homeowners the secrets to negotiating with home improvement companies. There's some pretty shocking information in the articles. Worth the read.
Posted by Scratch33 on 2008-10-04:
I've just joined the club. Last month I visited Home Depot looking for replacement windows. I chose their American Craftsman 8500 series; and scheduled an appointment to have a HD rep come to my house to make arrangements and give a quote for installation.

The rep arrived a few hours ago. After walking around, taking measurements and learning that I'd chosen the 8500 Series (I showed him the price sheet they'd run for me at the store); he stated that Home Depot [b]won't[/b] install that particular series. Instead, he attempted to convince me - unsuccessfully - to buy their higher-priced AC86 Series windows instead.

I responded that this appeared to be a classic bait-and-switch approach. He expressed surprise and claimed I was the [i]first[/i] customer he'd dealt with in his 8 years in the business to make such an allegation. Uh huh. When I attempted to at least get a cost comparison between the 8500 series I'd chosen and his higher-priced ones, he claimed to be unable to break down the total cost between the windows themselves and the labor.

I'd think that if Home Depot's store reps overall were aware that they don't install the 8500 series, I would have been advised of that prior to them scheduling a rep from the install side of the house to visit me. What I also find interesting is that the AC86 series he was pitching are not listed on either the Home Depot website nor American Craftsman's.

Though I'd been a generally satisfied customer of Home Depot for some years; this experience is making me rethink this company.
Posted by cheapheads on 2008-12-13:
I had SEARS trying to screw me, so I tried LOWE'S and they screwed me a little bit, so I tried Home Depot and they seemed to be ok, but when it was time to install the windows Home Depot told me I'll be getting some different kind (cheapest) of windows for the same price. They told me they were really good. Well, they are not really good and have the least insulation and weather stripping is the thinnest. I paid $500 per window including installation and wrapping with aluminium and I got the lowest end (I think it is American Craftsman windows... no wonder everything with the name "American" usually is of inferior quality, be it goods or services or sometimes an outright scam). I saw such windows selling for as low as $75 each. Wrapping should cost around $50 per window. That's $125. Let's double that to $250, that is the max they should charge for these cheap windows installed and wrapped. The other $250+ were a pure profit for Home Depot. Not bad for them. Not a complaint, I should have said "No" to the cheap windows. Just a note.
Posted by Annoyed in North Hollywood on 2011-12-13:
I went into the North Hollywood Home depot and told them I needed window. The guy(s) who sit there are basically useless. They can't tell you the difference between the different series of any window. He said he would send out there expert Michael to give an estimate. Ok, I was fine with this since he told me that this guy would explain all my options and then I could choose a window. The estimate guy called that he was running late, I was fine with this since it was a free estimate. However, it was a waste of my time since he had two banged up windows to show me that were not impressive. They were the ones that are mentioned above- simonton and some ohter crap. I told him why he didn't have others he said because that was the sale and that the sale ended in a week. He straight out said he doesn't give measurements??? So he gave me an estimate in chicken scribbles (pencil) and when I asked about specifics, he started to write it out. I asked him to separate window costs and installation and he said "they don't do it that way". Anyhow, Lowes is no different they do the same crap. Finally, pessed off I went to another home depot that had more windows on display and sat there until and explained my situation to the poor guy who wanted to take his break. He said i had to pay $40.OO and they would send someone out to take measurements. Then he said I could order from there- either install myself since I do get the sizes since i am paying for them or have them install (subcontractor) and that they warranty all the services??? We will see since they haven't called me yet and its been one day. I will keep you all posted. My next plan is to contact the manufacturer directly and let them know what these idiots are doing.
Posted by Gary P on 2012-07-31:
I work for Home Depot. There is no "bait and switch". The store has two programs. The Door Install in store program installing store stock and special order doors is managed at the store level. The At-Home Services Division sells much better products with lifetime warranties. The stock windows in store are builder grade with only a manufacturer warranty and you or your contractor intall them. The Simonton/PGT/Andersen windows installed thru Home Services are all more energy effecient, better quality and carry Lifetime Product and in most cases Lifetime Craftsmanship in some cases relacing even accidental broken glass and torn screens. If you researched the web you would know that the Simonton Window Line has earned the J.D. Power Highest Customer Satisfacttion Award 4 of the last 5 years. Check with Remodelors Magazine on line. They should have charts with what a licensed/insured reputable company charges for all types of home improvement installs in your marketplace. Just remember that the BBB says that 93% of all home owners who went with the least expensive quote were NEVER satisfied with the quality of craftsmanship, the product installed, the warranty and service after sale.
Posted by jason moore on 2014-01-31:
After many mistakes by the salesman, and over two months of waiting for install we were not too happy. We expressed our concerns and the salesman offered a discount. One of the many problems was the reordering. We signed multiple contracts. Once the salesman had us pay our final payment with the discount we were happy this 3 month ordeal was over. Then a month later we received a call about our unpaid bill. Turns out the salesman did not close all of the contracts and has since been fired. So instead of a discount, with our account closed we are now responsible for another payment which was supposed to be closed. I know I will never do business with this company again, and will tell everyone the same thing.
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Sleezy Services
Posted by Dee-Browns on 05/15/2007
KNIGHTDALE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a 2 storm doors for our home. My husband install one, and home depot was paid to install the other. Well, well the installer shows up at our home 1 hour and 15 min.s later than schedule time without the parts to install the storm door, he later returned to the store to picked up parts. Now it's 1 hour and a half passed by. We called the store and was told he went to do another job, because they thought we have left to go out of town(SOMEONE MUST BE AT HOME). We kept getting all kind of excuses down to: We did'nt have you schedule.Our conclusion we recieved the most sleazy services and will not use this company for anything else.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-15:
Did you get your money back?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-15:
You should have got in your car and hauled ass over to Home Depot and confront their manager on WTF was their problem and why you weren't getting the service you paid for. Phone calls do diddly squat...confront the idiots in PERSON!
Posted by Demonoid Phenomenon on 2007-05-16:
I don't see how this qualifies as 'sleazy'.
Now, if he had shown up on your doorstep in a thong...
THAT'S sleazy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
Owwww. My eyes.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-16:
LMAO Demonoid!! Sleazy is when Basher shows up at your door step naked with her tampon string hanging out. Gag a frigin maggot!!!
Posted by Dee-Browns on 2007-05-17:
Home Depot did not give us a refund nor apology. Secondly, we call this sleazy because a company this big should not have sleazy workers with thongs, tampon strings or any gadgets stuck in their mouth when trying to be professionals.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-05-17:
LMAO DEE!! I agree 100% there!
Posted by ppiper on 2007-06-06:
Since I'm currently looking for a replacement storm door, including installation this comment was really helpful. Elsewhere a similar comment re: Lowes. When I think that between Home Depot and Lowe's they drove 98% of our locally-owned hardware/home improvement stores out of business, it really burns me up. I'm gonna search out one the remaining 2% locals and get my storm door there.
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Home Depot Ordered the Wrong Sized Windows -- Refuses to Exchange Them
Posted by Chief Black Bimmer on 05/02/2006
FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered new windows and doors from Home Depot -- $22,000 worth including installation, on January 18th, 2006. Prior to that, specifically, on December 30, 2005, Home Depot sent its subcontractor, B n B Associates, out to professionally measure, for which Home Depot charged me $30, to be applied against purchase, should I choose to buy their windows and have their subcontractors install them, which I did.

The windows included two Andersen 400 bay windows, three Andersen 400 double windows, and seven Andersen 400 single windows, plus three replacement sliding windows for the basement. In addition, I ordered an Atrium patio door and a new Feather River front door.

After many delays, the windows and doors were finally delivered on March 15th, and installation was scheduled for March 20th and 21st.

The installers, the same B n B Associates, showed up, and the crew chief informed me that most of the windows were the wrong size, as was the patio door. (B n B faxed their measurements over to Home Depot, which then placed the order -- and for the most part, B n B's measurements were correct.) For example, the patio door, which was supposed to fit a rough opening of 80" high and 66" wide, was in fact 96" (8 feet) by 66". The bay windows were much too narrow and too short. As the installers had removed one of the bay windows first, and couldn't replace it, they had to install the too-small one, "building in" the rough opening by about 4 1/2" on each side, and by about 2 1/2" on top and on bottom. As regular, or even wide decorative molding, was too narrow to mask the framing, they used 5 1/2" wide plywood to do the job, which really improves the appearance of my family room. Moreover, although my original (Andersen) window was a 30 degree bay, the one installed was 45 degrees, which doesn't match the cornice above the window.

The other bay window, which was to go in the dining room, was also too short and too narrow, and I told the contractors not to install it. In addition, all the windows for the second floor of the house were the wrong size. Some were too short, some were too wide for the rough opening, and four (out of seven) were both too short and too wide. They weren't installed either. As for the front door -- the original one was a double door whose master door was on the right, as one faces the house. The one they installed had the master door on the left. I reluctantly accepted that, provided the doorbell was relocated from right to left. (It hasn't been, so far.)

The next day, Home Depot's Zone Manager came out to speak with me and with the contractors. She assured me that all would be straightened out, and that I would get the right sizes.

The following day, however, the Zone Manager called me and said there were "discrepancies" in my store, and demanded that I attend a meeting to take place at the local Home Depot, which is Store 0941 and which is located in Flemington, New Jersey. At the meeting, I was informed by the zone manager and others at the store that Home Depot would not exchange my windows. The reason? A month earlier, I had realized that they ordered the wrong-angle bay windows, by using standard trigonometric formulas to prove that, which made me, in their eyes, an "expert." This should serve as a go-to-sleep call for all you readers now in high school; paying attention in your trig class may prove detrimental to your wealth. Home Depot did, graciously, agree to replace my 8' door with one the correct size.

I immediately starting contacting Home Depot's Customer Care department. Every time I was connected, I was routed to a call center in India where the representative was always very polite, but unable to do anything. Finally, I got a Customer Care woman in Atlanta, who heard my story, and agreed to help me. But when I called her back, she said that the store had E-mailed her, saying that I was unhappy with the measurements that were taken, and insisted, over the store's objections, in selecting the wrong sizes, saying "I'll make them fit." A total lie.

Finally, I got ahold of the store's corporate Conflict Resolution Department. The person handling the New York and New Jersey area wrote me a letter saying that I did my own measurements, and thus was responsible for my own errors. Again, a complete lie, and one easily disproven: I sent him records of the credit card receipt for the measure, a copy of the measure itself, and lots of other documentation. If I did my own measurements, how would Home Depot know they were wrong, and try to dissuade me from ordering those sizes in the first place?

The Conflict Resolution specialist then agreed to reexamine my situation. A week later, he called me on my cell phone while I was out jogging, and told me that while I did prove that Home Depot measured before the order was placed, I was still responsible, since I initialed something saying that custom orders weren't returnable. The fact that this wasn't a custom order to begin with -- everything purchased was of a stock size, seems irrelevant to Home Depot.

After being rebuffed by the Conflict Resolution Specialist, I called Jose Lopez, who is Home Depot's Corporate Senior VP and Chief Customer Officer. I told the woman who answered the phone my situation, and told her I was sending Lopez the same material I sent the Conflict Resolution Specialist. She seemed very cooperative, and even gave me Lopez' floor location so the material would arrive sooner. I told her it would go out by Express Mail the next day (Thursday, April 27th), and that he'd have it Friday (April 28th).

I sent the material Thursday morning, and that afternoon, I got a call from some woman in Atlanta who said she was in the same department. With a sugary-sweet Southern accept, she asked me if I needed anything, then proceeded to tell me that Home Depot was standing by their decision not to exchange the windows, and that this would be the last communication I would receive from Home Depot. I very impolitely, in my best Tony Soprano New Jersey accent, told this woman to go to hell, but before that happened, I'd see them all in court.

I have since filed complaints with the Hunterdon County Department of Consumer Affairs, who normally try to mediate complaints, but in my case have forwarded the material on to the New Jersey Attorney General's Office. I have also filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, and have retained an attorney.

As for that patio door Home Depot agreed to take back? On March 31st, two people from the Flemington store came by with a pickup truck to take back the window, which they did. They also had some paperwork for me to sign, which was an order for a door 80" high and 72" wide, again, the wrong size. I refused to sign it (there was no credit for the old door, so if I had signed it, I'd own two doors that don't fit).

I have yet to receive either a new door nor a refund for the old one.
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Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-05-02:
Wow, I hope all goes well for you. Keep us posted.
Posted by KenPC on 2006-05-02:
Wow.... do you ever need a lawyer! I can't imagine that a good lawyer couldn't clean their clock over this debacle. Good luck, I too, would like to hear how this sorts out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
Astounding, what a nightmare! At any rate hopefully somebody will get to the bottom of this fiasco but it seems B n B is the instigator. I would check the state of NJ's contracting complaints about B n B (if they have a valid contractors license). One other item is to call your city building inspector and lodge a compliant there as they may be ineffectively installing against your local building code. Is there a consumer action television reporter in your area?
Posted by Chief Black Bimmer on 2006-05-02:
B n B were the good guys throughout all this. The problem was primarily with the millwork expediter at Home Depot. He had the measurements for my rough opening, and before he submitted the order, he should have checked B n B's measurements against what was ordered. In fact, he squirreled away my order (which was paid in full on January 18th) until Feb. 9th. His explanation: Home Depot had a 20% off sale on the Atrium (patio) door and the Feather River (front) which ended on the 18th, and he claimed he wasn't sure I was entitled to the discount. Frankly, I don't believe any of it.

The real problem with Home Depot, however, goes far beyond some $20 an hour glorified clerk but lies with the so-called "6 Sigma" program brought to Home Depot by the G.E. executives who succeeded Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, the founders. The "Six Sigma" program, which was instituted at General Electric, means that 99.999% of the time, everything will be perfect -- zero defects. That's fine when you're talking about skilled union machinists making $40 an hour and up building aircraft engines -- failure can be catastrophic. But here we're talking about $10 an hour cashiers and floor personnel who are being monitored every step of the way by these so-called "efficiency experts." So when somebody screws up, which happens all the time, it may mean their jobs. This was a major f**k-up, which came on the heels of another FUBAR involving a contractor who's a friend of mine (he was reimbursed, oddly enough). So store and district management covered up rather than admit their errors. Only trouble is that they were just as incompetent at lying as they were at filling the order.

Home Depot has turned into a terrible place to work, and it shows. Back in the old days, if you needed help, there was always Joe the semi-retired plumber who'd be glad to give you the benefit of his 40 years in the industry. But Joe the retired plumber is long gone, fired because he was making too much, and replaced by Vinnie the HS dropout who used to work at Shoprite where he was making $6.50, and who went to Home Depot for $8. Vinnie knows as much about plumbing as I do about needlepoint.

BTW, I am not a contractor. But I sure got an education about windows.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
Here's where I'm confused "they used 5 1/2" wide plywood to do the job" so they (B n B) did a botched job with plywood on the window? Good grief dear. I would find a good private window retailer who doesn't out source with Home Depot. $22,000 is a lot of money and it sounds like you have a lovely home. Home Depot from what I've read, so far, is useless at major home repairs (roofs, windows, cabinets and so forth). I guess the matters is in the hands of your attorney, good luck. Why can't Home Depot accomadate the consumer dammit. Here's a good source for home and car repairs: http://www.doneright.com
Posted by Chief Black Bimmer on 2006-05-02:
BnB put the plywood "framing" in because it was agreed that the window would be replaced ASAP. Then Home Depot reneged, so the plywood and the window are still there.

I am having another contractor come out, and he will install the proper-sized bay windows. We'll probably be able to simply replace the sashes upstairs, so once I get my money back from Home Depot, I'll end up with the job done for less money than if Home Depot did it.

I own an investment property in San Diego. Home Depot installed new carpet. They measured wrong, so they had to come back for the closets. They ended up giving me far more carpet than I needed, and didn't charge me extra. But I had another contractor do the rest of the renovations (new kitchen, etc.) and he did an outstanding job.

I learned my lesson. I won't buy so much as a 1 lb. box of roofing nails from Home Depot ever again. I just feel sorry for the people who work there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
Excuse me that was a San Diego website. How's your experience with Lowe's? (http://www.lowes.com ) I'd check the feedback listings here at my 3 cents, also it would'nt hurt to find a good mom and pop hardware store near Flemington. Also how come you do not go with all double glassed windows? Get the UV glass, it save your wall pictures and drapes from fading. We went with those here and I tell ya keeps the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Just my three cents, I guess:>
Posted by Chief Black Bimmer on 2006-05-03:
This morning (Wednesday, May 3), I received a letter from Home Depot via UPS, which essentially reiterated what they said in a previous letter, namely, that I measured, and based upon the measurements I provided, the store ordered the correct sized windows. Of course, I didn't measure, and based upon the measurements THEIR CONTRACTOR provided, they ordered the wrong-sized windows.

This, after I sent Home Depot incontravertible proof that their contractors measured. I guess HD is showing that it is the God-given right of American corporations behave stupidly.

My next step will be to contact some of the pension fund managers of the major pension funds who hold HD stock, and tell them that their investment in the company is being compromised by the overpaid fools running the company, and that maybe some top management changes would be in order.
Posted by MadAlbanian on 2006-05-05:
Wow; what a nightmare! I hope it is resolved in your favor soon. I have learned from experience, although not as expensive as yours, that Home Depot is OK for very low cost do-it-yourself stuff, but when it comes to spending more than $100, go to a good, reputable local dealer that's been in business for many years with many satisfied customers and good references. For the person who asked about Lowe's - caveat emptor. Big box stores don't give a hoot about the consumer. All they want is the money. Again, you may pay a little more, but you get more professional service and better quality goods. Good luck.
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Special Order Blinds
Posted by Mandy000001 on 05/21/2010
GREENWOOD VILLAGE, COLORADO -- On 4/6/10 I met with an associate about having blinds ordered and installed for 19 of our windows in our new-build home. We paid the $85 deposit for the installer and were given the sample book to take home and select our blinds.

On 4/10/10 the installer had come over to our home to measure our windows for the blinds. He wasn’t the most professional, as our home is a new-build and we have new carpet. He kept his shoes on (and did not have any kind of shoe covers) as he walked through our home.

On 4/15/10 I went in to the Home Depot in Greenwood Village (store number 1509) and met with another associate in the window/blinds department. She had said that they were running a sale on their Bali Today blinds of 30% off. She had also said that they had some in stock in the color that we were looking for, however, that we would be better off ordering them from the manufacturer because they can cut the blinds more accurately.

Originally, I had wanted to go with the real wood, but she assured me that the faux wood would have been better due to the fact that they were more fade-resistant in the Bali brand. I also wanted to go with the cordless option, but she had told me that it was not available with the blind that I was selecting. So, after discussing these items with her, I opted to go with the Bali Today brand, in the faux wood, with the cords. She placed my order and said that it would take anywhere from 7 to 14 days for the blinds to be delivered to my home. She said that most of the time the blinds tend to “trickle” in (they do not all come in one shipment), and that they typically start arriving in 5 days. I paid the full amount of $2,029.09, and awaited my blinds.

4/30/10: It has been two weeks + 1 day, and we still have not seen one single box arrive. An associate for Home Depot called me and informed me that my blinds were on back-order and that they would not be delivered for another 14 days. She said that they should be at my home by May 14th. She said that she was “sorry” and that was all that she could do.

5/14/10: It has been two weeks from the previous phone call, and we still have not seen one single box arrive. This time, I did not get a call from anyone at Home Depot.
On 5/17/10 I sent an email to the CEO as I was extremely frustrated that it was over a month ago that I had ordered and paid for my blinds, and still did not have any product. I also submitted a complaint on Home Depot’s website, in hopes that someone would be able to find out what was going on with my order. Around noon, I received a call from a corporate employee who informed me that she worked for the CEO and was responding to my email. She asked me if I had heard from the store manager. I told her no. She said that she had called him and asked him to call me in reference to the issue. She said that she would call him back again. 6:30 pm: the store manager called me and had also sent me an email requesting to speak with me about the blinds order. His email stated the below:

I would like to speak with you about your window covering order as well ensure you receive your order complete and to your satisfaction. I apologize for the time it has taken to receive your order and am currently working to find the answers as to where and when it will be arriving. Please feel free to call or e mail me at your convenience so we can discuss all the issues and ensure this is resolved immediately.

I called him back shortly after receiving his voicemail. He was apologetic in the situation and had assured me that he was doing everything he could to locate my order. I expressed my frustration and how I was perplexed that my order was so difficult to locate. He said that he would do everything that he could to make sure that we get our blinds and that we were happy with the results. I discussed discounts/rebates/compensation for the inconvenience and the time and he said that he would like to make sure that we get the blinds first and that they are satisfactory, and then he would discuss any kind of monetary compensation after that point. He said that he would call me back the following day before noon to let me know what had occurred.

On 5/18/10 the store manager called me back around 11 am and had informed me that my blinds had been put on back-order due to some issues that they were having from the manufacturer and that they had to be shipped from China. He also stated that my blinds would not be arriving to my home until June 16th. He said that if I wanted to go with a different manufacturer, then he could see what kind of a time-frame we would be looking at for delivery. I clearly stated to him that if I go with that option, then I would like either a comparable or better quality blind, that I do not want to pay any additional money for them, and that I would like them within a reasonable time-frame. By now, a reasonable time-frame to me was within 5-10 days. He agreed, and said that he would check with different manufacturers to see what he could come up with. He called me back around 2pm and said that he could offer me a Levolor blind and that it could be delivered by June 4th. I had asked him if that would be an additional charge (as I am aware that Levolor is a more expensive blind) and he told me “No, it will not be an additional charge.” Not completely satisfied, I agreed to go with that option. He said that he would have his Install Expeditor call me. He also gave me her phone number.

By about 3pm, I still had not heard from the expeditor, so I called her. She said that she had just spoken with the store manager about the issue (this was an hour after I had initially talked to the store manager). She said that if I wanted to come in and pick out the color then she could call the manufacturer to make sure that they were in stock, and we could order them. I agreed, and told her I could leave work and would be there in 30 minutes. 3:30 pm I met with the expeditor in the store, and selected a color in the Levolor blind. She called the manufacturer and they said that that color was on back-order. Becoming more frustrated, I agree to just take the sample book home and try to select another color that might be a good match to my home. She told me that if I wanted to give her a call the next morning with my color selection, then she could get the order in. She said that if she placed the order before noon, then it would be processed that same day. I agreed that I would do that, and left with the sample book.

On 5/19/10 I called the expeditor back (per our conversation the previous day) at 8:05 am. I left her a voice message with the three color selections that we had picked out and had asked her to call me back. After not hearing from her, I called her back again at 11 am. She had stated the day before that if we got my order in before noon, then it would process that same day. I was trying to make sure that my order got in before noon. I left her another voice message. I also called the store manager at 11:50 am to find out if maybe his expeditor wasn’t in. I ended up having to leave him a voice message as well. At 1:20 pm, I went in to the store to return the color sample book. I still had not heard back from the expeditor. I went to the service desk to ask for her, and the associate behind the desk asked for my name. I told her, and she said, “first and last name”? She said that she saw my file sitting on the expeditor’s desk. This was frustrating because she had never called me back… The expeditor came up to the front desk, and said that she had not checked her voice messages. She had not checked her voice messages from 8 am until 1:20 pm? Why would she not check her voice messages when she had my file on her desk and was awaiting my call? I gave her the three color selections, and she called the Levolor office to make sure that they were not on back-order and that they had the colors in stock.

After about 10 minutes, she was able to confirm with them that our first color selection was in stock. She verified with them that it would take roughly fourteen days for them to be manufactured and delivered to me. She said that they would be delivered around June 4th. Still not 100% satisfied with the delivery time-frame, I elected to go with that option. I gave her the specifics of what I needed and left the store. The store manager called me back at 2:40 pm to inform me that there was an issue with the pricing. He said that because we were going with the cordless option (which I had wanted in the first place, but was told it was not available with the type of Bali blind that I was ordering). He said that I would have to pay an additional $1,400 if I wanted to go with the cordless. This was completely contradictory to our previous conversations. I had told him that I did not want to pay any additional money. He was the one who had suggested the Levolor blind, but had assured me that there would not be any additional charges for the blinds themselves. He also did not mention any additional charges for any kind of upgrades. Not wanting to completely come unglued on the phone, I asked him if I could just call him back within an hour to figure out what I wanted to do next.

I called the store manager back at 3:40 pm and told him that I would just go with the corded option, as I did not want to pay Home Depot any more money. I also asked him if there was any way that he could expedite the shipping (as I’m fully aware that there is not anything that can be done about the time that it takes to manufacture and cut the blinds). He said that would most definitely look in to that. Then he informed me that we had another pricing issue. He said that because I was going with the Levolor blind that there was another $1,700 difference. He said that he was only authorized for up to $1,000, and that he would either need to get approval from his corporate office for the additional $700, or I would have to pay for it. Again, I did not want to pay Home Depot any more money. So I asked him to go through his corporate office to get approval. He said that he could not guarantee that they would approve it, and if that were the case then we may have to just go back to the Bali order…the one that would not get to me until June 16th. He said that he had already sent in the request to his corporate office (to the same woman that I had spoken with), but did not have a phone number to call her. I told him that I had the phone number, and gave the phone number to him. He told me that he would call her “right now” and then would call me back. He never called me back that day.
On 5/20/10 at 7:46 am I sent the store manager an email asking what the status was on the approval that he had submitted. I also asked him to please reply to me via email, as I was going to be in and out of meetings during the following two days and did not want any information to get convoluted or lost in translation. At 9:10 am I received the following email back from the store manager (he had also copied the corporate employee on this email):

My apologies… I was under the understanding that you were going back to speak to your husband and would call me back in an hour after we spoke at 3:40. We spoke to the $1700 difference in cost for and the portion in difference you were potentially going to incur. As for the partnership with Customer Care. I have only been able to leave messages for _______ at Customer Care and inform her of our conversation. I have yet to hear back from her at this time. I will be in contact with you as soon as I receive a reply.

My reply:
Actually, I had called you back at 3:40 (after we spoke at 2:40) and I had already spoken with my husband. You had told me that you were only authorized to cover $1,000 of the $1,700 difference and that you were going to have to get approval for the additional $700 from your corporate office. I’m not trying to be petty here, I just do not want to pay an additional amount for an error that was not created on my end. I’m not sure if you recall, but in prior conversations that we had had, you had offered me to go with the Levolor blind because you had said that it would be shipped to me prior to the time that Bali would be able to ship my order (original date should have been 4/29/10 then it was delayed to 5/14/10 and the new date that you had given to me was 6/16/10). You had also assured me that this would be to no additional cost to me. I am just trying to make sure that that agreement is being honored. I hope that you can appreciate my frustration with this whole issue, as all that I’m trying to do here is receive a quality product that I have already paid for. Thank you for your effort and your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing back from you.

I called the corporate employee at 1:55 pm (because I had not heard back from either one of them via email or via phone) to find out what the status was on the above email. She more or less had no idea what I was referring to. She said that the store manager would not have sent the request for compensation to her, but that it should have gone to someone else. I tried to explain to her that this was not a compensation issue, but was more of an order issue. She said that she would call him right now to find out what the status was, and would call me back. She called me back at 2:15 pm with the store manager on the line and he told me that the overage was too excessive and that I would have to go with the Bali blind. That would mean that I would still have to wait until June 16th for delivery. And even then, he could not guarantee that date. He said that he could give me $500 back. I told him to just cancel my order and I want a full refund for my blind order and that I will never shop at Home Depot again. The corporate employee told me that it would take about 7 days for my credit card to be refunded. We’ll see if that takes another 4 weeks…

There are three issues here that I’m extremely upset about. First of all, I paid for a product (in full) that I never received. The estimated time frame kept on being pushed out, but no one bothered to let me know exactly what the issue was, or even looked in to it. Second was that the store manager made had offered me a product that he was not able to uphold/support. Third was that I wasted about another week’s worth of my time, only to be back at square one. Oh, and I still don’t have any blinds.

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Posted by momsey on 2010-05-21:
Long review, but very good. I'm sorry for your experience, if I were in that situation I'd be flipping out.

Good luck getting blinds!
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-01-17:
Have you gotten a refund from Home Depot yet? If not, I suggest you dispute the charge with your credit card company. If that still doesn't bring results, this is what you should do: file with small claims court, and contact every newspaper and TV station in your area. Maybe they will run a story about Home Depot's horrendous customer service.
Posted by Steve in Maryland on 2012-07-01:
I have a Bali book from our local Home Depot. While your problem stemmed from bad personnel in your store, I'm not going to take a chance by ordering through Home Depot. I'm going to go online and save myself 1) a good amount of money, and 2) the problems of potentially dealing with the ridiculous and incompetent Home Depot staffers you did.
Posted by Cheryl on 2014-01-13:
WE went in to HDepot 7 times and dealt with a half dozen people and it too us from Oct until Dec 10th to finally order, wait finally receive our blinds January 11th and have them installed. We got the real wood for the family room and they have a number of dark spots which I won't ask to have redone (might never get them back) and the installer needs to come back to tie down my garage blinds and straighten a couple of others. We didn't notice before he left. He said he will return for the tie downs and I will ask him to then straighten the two that are not evenly mounted. Otherwise, I like the Bali blinds. We paid upfront and waited too. Also had an issue with our dishwasher there. We traded a too tall nice one for a not too good one and were willing to keep it until I saw the small dents in the door and one in the back of the tub. Then I realized the back was pushed in. The manager I spoke with said he had to contact GE and I might have to wait for it to be fixed. I had already been without a dishwasher for several months and we bought a houseful of new appliances besides houseful of blinds. Finally, my husband emailed corporate HD and they made concessions based on all the misery we had with the blinds. We almost let them do our counter tops and floors. We won't now. Sympathetic with your dilemma.
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Windows Blinds at Home Depot: What A Nightmare!!!
Posted by Dan L. on 10/24/2005
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I ordered blinds for my condominium on August 4, 2005. The delivery was delayed because the Home Depot Sales Rep did not ask the supplier if
they had the blinds I requested in stock. After speaking with the Home Depot Assistant Manager in charge of blinds at the store, she apologized for the mistake and assured me that the blinds
would be rush ordered. She apologized for the inconvenience and said the employees were explained the correct procedures for ordering blinds so the event wouldn't occur again in the future.

Unfortunately the issue still hasn't been fully resolved, 3 MONTHS AFTER I BOUGHT THE BLINDS FROM HOME DEPOT. My question is whether it takes longer to build a house or have Home Depot install blinds? Stay tuned because I still don't know the answer to that question.

Unfortunately the supplier did not send all the parts that were supposed to be included in the order so the installer has to come again when the parts arrive. It's hard to believe that almost 3
months after my purchase the blinds haven't been fully installed yet! This is very ironic since I chose Home Depot because of their misleading
ad on their website regarding 48 hour blinds. This has been a nightmare to say the least. The blinds are for my tenant and I wanted them installed before the tenant moved in. Because of the initial delay the first installation had to be done when my tenant had already moved in. Now my tenant will have to be inconvenienced a second time. This is outrageous and I hope other consumers read this complaint so they won't have to deal with this unacceptable situation. I didn't pay $359.93 for blinds to be installed in 3 MONTHS (IT MAY TAKE LONGER!!!!).

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully they will take things more seriously at Home Depot after they receive a letter from BBB.
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Posted by jabber on 2005-10-24:
CRY< CRY< CRY. You could have gone to 3 Day Blinds and received them in 3 Days. Why complain to the BBB. You should have gone to the General Manager at Home Depot and asked for your money back.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2005-10-25:
Well, the poster said the website said 48 hours so she expected them in that time frame. Why expect 3 day blinds to deliver in 3 days just because they say that. Obviously not too many businesses really deliver what their ads promise.
Posted by poison pen on 2005-11-08:
Nien manufactured beautiful, well built horizontal, sheer venetian blinds. I am contacting the manufacturer of Nien blinds regarding collusion and restraint of trade between Home Depot and Hunter Douglas, et al. Nien makes a vastly superior product at a price 90% less than the Hunter Douglas/Levelor product. Nien had an exclusive sales agreement with HD. My observation is that HD consigned the Nien product to remote, hidden locations in their stores with the intent of stifling or preventing the sale of a product which would negatively impact their profit margins on the Hunter Douglas (hmmm - same initials as Home Depot)and /or Levelor product. It appears that HD and HD and Levelor conspired to restrict the sales of the Nien product to the detriment of the public. So, Nien has suspended production of their superior, lower priced blind and HD, HD and Levelor, et al, have successfully put a manufacturer out of business. I plan on testifying to this series of events in a federal court.
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-09-26:
you can have blinds installed from lowes for ten bucks!
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Beware of "real" cost of door installation
Posted by Sparticus on 10/06/2005
ILLINOIS -- We recently spent about 3 hours at our local Home Depot picking out a new door for the side of our house. The reason it took so long was because they had accidentally deleted our original quote from the system. Anyway, that was just the beginning of our problems. We picked out a door that cost $126. Standard installation of the door was $285. We thought this was high, but just in case it takes a few extra hours labor, we can see why they might mark the price up.

So we scheduled an appointment for a measurement. We had already measured our door and brought the dimensions in with us. The door measured out to be a 32x80 inch door. Well the contractor who came out to measure spent about 5 minutes here said he would submit the details to HD and we'd be contacted regarding the scheduling of the installation. Well HD calls us the next day... tells us the contractor said we needed a bigger door, and that door would have to be cut down to fit our house. This new door would cost us almost $500. And he also said there would be additional labor to make it fit, so the total cost of getting our door installed was now $900!

I am currently having a different company come out and do the installation. If the new company measures and installs the original door we ordered (32x80), you can bet HD will be hearing from our lawyers. We will be seeking our $30 measurement fee back, as well as time wasted at their store and on the phone with them.

My advice, be wary of their installation services and contractors....

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Posted by anotherone on 2005-10-06:
sounds as if the problem is the customer! and with that said, all you have done is pay a 30 dollar measure, so get your money back if you are dissatisfied. here is how it works. if home depot installs, then there is a mandatory measure,, the merchandise is not ordered until the measure is back and the customer comes back to the store to go over the results. if you are dissatisfied with the results, then go somewhere else, you are not obligated to purchase. sounds to me as if you are way overstating the 3 hour time, especially for 1 door at a cost of 126.00. next point, if a door has to be custom sized, then the price goes way up, just the facts of life, so deal with it. you can buy or not buy, either way, your complaints are baseless at this point in your non transaction.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-06:
You may have a case. If another contractor states your original measurement was correct and indeed is able to install a 32 x 80 door without substantially modifying the door or the frame then HD should refund your measurement fee. If they don’t then I would take the matter to small claims court for the 30 dollars and any associated court fees. I would also file a complaint against HD and the contractor with what ever bureaucracy in your jurisdiction handles such things.

I doubt you could get anything other than the 30 bucks and court fees and it probably wouldn’t be cost effective hiring lawyer. Good luck.
Posted by Sparticus on 2005-10-13:
I'll keep you guys posted... we haven't had the new company out yet for the measurement.
Posted by jabber on 2005-10-21:
Get A Life!!!! You paid $30.00 for an estimate to install a new door. If you did not like the results from what you were told by Home Depot/Installer, you have every right to seek other estimates for what you want done. What makes you think getting a attorney will change things. You say you wasted your time, what about the time you caused the associate to waste working with you and the person who came to give you a CORRECT ESTIMATE. You really need to get your head out of the sand.
Posted by windopro on 2006-11-12:
bite the bullet, let's be honest, YOU are the one who spent all that time at Home Depot. Wouldn't you realize that something isn't right after "wasting" your time in the store? A smart consumer would have walked away after a half hour.
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Nothing custom about it!
Posted by Shopgurl on 02/15/2010
I highly recommend using a local contractor instead of Home Depot installation. My biggest mistake was in using the Home Depot installation because of convenience and not consulting a local contractor until after the installation problems. First - when the installers arrived they asked for an electrical outlet so they could plug in their battery for the drill and charge it, while charging they sat in their truck and waited.(this was my sign!)I was then charged custom for building up the sill, which is when they place a piece of board under the new door sill to fill in the gap between the old and new sill. The board used is shorter than the width so I have gaps on both sides that were not filled in with insulation or anything and the board used was not covered with flashing or flashing tape so I have bare wood exposed to moisture, water, and the elements. I was also charged custom for placing 1x4, to fill gap between new door and the house. This also was left bare and is exposed to the elements. Since the installation I have learned from a local contractor that there is always a difference when installing a new door, because the chances of the new and old being the exact sizes are very slim and sill build up and trim fill in is normal in the installation process. I think the worst part will have to be the trim and what I am left with. The installers removed the old trim and had I had paid for and they had brought the new trim to be installed inside. When it came time to install, it was easier to use the old, which was already cut to size, so they put the old trim back up. The trim has holes from the old nails, the new nailheads are sticking out and the trim has splits in the wood from removing. Nailheads were not sunk, holes were not puttied and the split looks horrible! Then on the outside trim, they removed and reused what was there. Once again I have nails sticking out, holes from the old nails, and they did not line up the trim properly. I have shingle siding and the previous trim had shims behind so the sides would line up with the header. They removed and did not reuse the shims so the side boards twist at the top and are not level with the header. Everyone's first impression is "what happened?" All I can say is to avoid inferior work, PLEASE - use a local contractor, they guarantee to leave you with just touch up painting to do, whereas I now have to have my trim replaced. I would never recommend nor will I use the installation services of Home Depot again!
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Posted by homedepot_michael on 2010-02-15:
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about your experience with us,I would like to offer my help. Feel free to email me at michael_care@homedepot.com so I may look into this for you.

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Posted by shopgurl on 2010-04-18:
Just an update on my home depot door installation. Had to have the man because the deadbolt did not line up and couldn't use. One of the original installers came and I've never seen anyone look so puzzled as to what to do. He fiddled around for a good half hour and thought he was done. It still wouldn't work unless you leaned and pushed the door in hard and engaged the deadbolt. I told him that wasn't acceptable - that I should be able to close the door and just click the deadbolt. After a "hmmm" he continued to work on it. You could tell he didn't know what to do. Finally after an hour, it was acceptable. Not the best but I can't afford to keep missing work for inferior work.
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Don't let Home install anything!
Posted by Huey on 03/21/2005
RENO, NEVADA -- I should have listened to a distraught woman at the Pro Desk of Home Depot when she told me about her horror story on granite installation, ordering and rugs. I didn't! Most of you won't.

I ordered 2 sets of French doors. After having 3 shipments come to my home, none on time, I was forced to accept doors that did not open the way they were ordered. I was even asked to help unload a truck driven by a woman! No helpers! This process took 6 months!

I was just plain tired of dealing with incompetence, absolute and constant lying about delivery dates, manufacturing problems, installer who don't know what to do when encountering problems, manufacturers reps who can't confirm if the orders were entered correctly or on time, store managers that won't help or return calls, employees that say I would have gone some place else to order.

Again my issues revolved around warped doors, doors that opened incorrectly or on wrong side, very, very poor communications and deceit.

After writing letters to the President of Home Depot I could get no satisfaction or sympathy. They know how to keep you away from the upper management. The only thing I can suggest is to write to anyone and everyone on the board of directors or internal management staff you can locate of the WWW.

I don't go to Home Depot unless I have to buy something I can install or something someone else doesn’t have.

I did get some monetary return from them but the frustrations are unbelievable, constant, bitter and have left a taste in me that says tell your friends about them and suggest they go some place else for any installation.

Good Luck, Bob

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Faulty Window Installation
Posted by Newwindowscolderhouse on 06/02/2008
WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK -- In August 2008 we contracted for the purchase and installation of 37 top line windows from Home Depot. I like our new windows- so far. Installation was subcontracted, and there began the problem.. Instructions for installation were on stickers on each window,( I saved one) and included wrapping with insulation ( not done) and using predrilled holes to attach windows ( not done) and inside and outside sealing. ( inside seals developed many gaps). Immediately the house started whistling with any wind. When winter started cold air could be felled streaming in through the gaps in sealant. Home depot came several times, blamed "little holes" in sealant, would fix. Eventually one smart guy took off stops and found the lack of insulation and the open pre drilled holes, letting the air in from the outside right into the home- which caused the whistle. He felt windows needed to come out and new windows ordered because they were "cemented in and would be damaged during removal". ( This was Christmas and I did not fancy having windows removed during that cold time, so I requested it done early January.

By that time Home Depot did not want to re order windows and reinstall, so they assured me it would be equivalent to take off the interior window stops and stuff insulation along three sides of the window from the inside.Plus they would take off something outside and stuff insulation along bottom of window. ( nice guy, I requested the one who discovered the problem in the first place, but as you probably realize I am pretty gullible. I am not sure this way of insulating is as good as if it had been wrapped around the window properly the way it should have been done in the first place)). He had to scrape the sealant and putty from the poplar wood stops, which caused some unavoidable damage, and they now look awful, and some were gouged or broken.

He also drilled screws into the existing holes. No more whistles now.
I did lots of other things to decrease my oil consumption before last winter. ( New storm doors, from Home Depot ha ha), pipe covering, caulking and plastic over the basement windows that were not replace, sealing crawl spaces and lowering the thermostat to 64 in daytime)

There was NO decrease in oil consumption. ( gallons, not dollars). I checked heating degree days, they were about the same as year before. ( did you know you can do that on line? )

So, my complaints were monetary loss from heat loss due to faulty window installation, loss of work for multiple home visits, and a terrible looking inside window frame. ( the contract specifies they are not responsible for this, but it looked neat after the first installation. and taking these window stops off a second time really ruined them, had they done it right the first time that would not have occurred. Home Depot, offered to replace them with pine, but said it was not as good as original poplar.

We settled my collective gripes for a 450 dollar gift certificate ( end March). After a while, I had to send a release form, ( end April). I am still waiting for this gift certificate and the project manager is so fed up with me, he no longer answers or returns my calls. I expect I will eventually get this 450 dollar gift certificate- may be even this year, but want to warn every one about Home Depot. I will never contract for any services with HD again!.
Now, in all fairness, here are the good things.

The windows look and seem to work really nice, and every one- (well, all the people I have met from Home Depot), tell me they are better than some famous name brand windows. This story also makes for great dinner conversations and a support group, who have followed along with me, through all the ups and downs of this saga. At work, the joke is " did you get your Home Depot check yet". And some times at night I miss the howling whistle sound of the wind coming in through the holes in my window frames, very soothing as long as I did not think of the warm air pouring out.

I even made some new acquaintances because I called some other customers that had window installation done by the same company. ( HD left a customer list- not on purpose I assume)

So will I ever shop at HD again? Well, I may have a gift certificate, right?. So I keep dreaming.
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Posted by newwindowscolderhouse on 2008-06-14:
Follow up
I was so upset when I wrote my complaint that I did not check for spelling errors. ( I type with 2 fingers). Also, the windows were ordered in 2007, not 2008.
I still have not heard from Home Depot, and no gift certificate has artrived. I call and leave messages every monday. plan to do this a couple of months. All documented of course.
Then I will contact the better business bureau, 7 on your side, and probably small claims court. I figure the cost and hassle of small claims court will be a good course in civics for all of us, including my kids.
I also plan to contact every one on the list of projects that was left at my house, just to advise them to check the quality of the installation.
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Don't Hire Home Depot
Posted by riptide10x on 05/02/2008
A lot of people fall for the pitch for "Expert Installation", when shopping for their new door, cabinets, roof or whatever. It's really convenient to let HD handle everything for you, but you'll probably regret it. My experience has been that it almost always turns out to be a complete nightmare for the unsuspecting homeowner. Most of the employees at Home Depot don't have a clue what they are talking about when it comes to the actual work itself. I know, I've been in construction all my life and have heard many many HD horror stories. I myself have been through unbelievable B**L S**T just from trying to special order something. What you are doing in effect is paying Home Depot a fee to hire a contractor to work on your house.

You don't get to talk to the contractor first to get a feel for what type of person they are, and when you have a problem you have to deal with HD and not him. I would recommend you asking friends and co-workers for suggestions on a contractor instead. Good luck.
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Posted by kickass on 2008-08-27:
Well said and it's too bad more people do not do their homework prior to going to the Big Box Stores for product/installs as you mention. We get caught up with all their advertising and hype that we loose sight that the crap they give us when making the sales pitch has much to be desired.
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