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Home Depot
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DAVIE, FLORIDA -- My hurricane protection (accordion shutters) and impact windows (two jobs) were ordered from Home Depot April 23 (along with a garage door and front door). I was assured and reassured on at least four occasions the job would be done before or around the first part of hurricane season (June 1). Only after threatening to cancel the job did anyone bother to come out and measure the windows/shutters. This was done on May 16 wherein the contracted measurer said he would put in the job/order that evening or the next day and I would get a call the following week about installation which should take about 3-4 weeks or less. He further stated everything would be done at the latest by mid June. I received a call around the first part of June and was told a permit was applied for on June 5. Yesterday (June 14) I received a call whereby I was informed the eta for the windows was July 10. JULY 10??? I asked about the hurricane protection and was informed they wouldn't do that until AFTER the windows were installed. A separate job having nothing to do with the shutters...Furthermore I was told as of June 18, no permits had been applied for yet. THREE MONTHS FOR HURRICANE PROTECTION AND WINDOWS?????? It was bad enough it took two months for a front door to be installed but THREE MONTHS. I've called several shutter and window companies and have been told four weeks max. Home depot has intentionally put my property at risk, has intentionally and purposely caused stress and undue hardship. Home depot knew fully well what the installation time was but weren't truthful only to get the job. I wouldn't hire Home depot to install a kitty litter box . I was going to go to Home Depot for a kitchen remodel, and new carpet and tile. That will be a cold day in hell. So this is a warning... if you want bad sex, go to Home Depot for installations, they'll screw you every time.
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Door Department never called with information
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HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- 1 Star for Hyattsville MD store only (5 Star for Silver Spring store)
I went to the Hyattsville MD store on December 14 to get a price and order doors for all of the doors on my house after a burglary on December 7 (2011). This man from the Door Department said the computer was down, or so he said. I gave him my telephone number and e-mail to send me a ballpark figure as soon as the computer was running. After a few days, I called and he said (which I do not believe) that he needed my address -- and still (this is December 29) I have not heard from him. On December 27, I went to the Home Depot in Silver Spring MD. I said that I was tired of being jerked around by the Hyattsville store and I wanted someone who knew what they were doing. Two very professional people (a man, Albert, and a woman...I think Florence) came and got the ball rolling. Within 30 minutes, my order was placed and the company called the next day to set up an appointment for measuring (which they just did). The woman, Florance?, called the next day to confirm the appointment and asked if there was anything else I needed. This Home Depot in Silver Spring MD is 5 Star.

When I called Hyattsville MD Home Depot, the woman disagreed that the door man did not know what he was doing. The "manager" -- if he really was the manager -- just kept saying Yes 'Mam and then hung up. he never heard a word that I wa saying.

So, all I can do is warn people against ever stepping foot into the Hyattsville MD store -- head immediately to the Silver Spring MD store where they know how to be professional.
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User Replies:
HomeDepot_Care on 12/29/2011:
Hi koiner8,

I am sorry to hear about your experience at the Hyattsville MD store. I will share your feedback with management so that they can improve. Please feel free to provide any additional information to robert_care@homedepot.com Thanks again for your feedback. It is very helpful and we hope that you can afford us another opportunity in the near future, to better meet your needs at this location. Happy New Year!

HD Customer Care
Social Media Team
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I wasn't kissed
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LAKE OZARK, MISSOURI -- I just discovered this site and after reading some of the complaints I thought I should tell of my experience with Home Depot. In June of last year I ordered two screen doors to replace the ones that had fallen apart on my screened in porch. I was told they did not have my size in stock but had some on order and they would be in within 2 weeks and they would call me when they were in. OK, no problem but I went ahead and paid for them. I waited until the last part of July then called to see what was going on. They hadn't been received yet but they were expecting them within the next two weeks. I waited until sometime in August and called again, this time I was told according to their records I had already picked them up. This was news to me, I argued with the lady but she would not budge. I ended up calling the home office in GA to complain, I spoke with a nice lady there who took care of my problem. The manager of the local store was told to find me some replacement doors a. s.a. p. in the mean time the lady in GA was hot on his heels calling me every other day to report on the progress. I was finally called that the doors were in so I went to look them over, by this time I wasn't trusting anything I was told about their condition. The funniest part of the whole thing was while I was looking the doors over the lady was on one side of me telling me that I had already picked them up while a man from the warehouse was on the other side telling me that the original order had never been delivered. My thoughts on the subject are that someone came in and wanted doors right then so he was sold my doors and they thought they would order more doors for me but since by then the season was over the manufacturer had stopped making them.
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User Replies:
Alain on 11/02/2011:
It would have saved you and the local HD a lot of trouble if they had just admitted the mistake and taken care of it at the store. However, at least the corporate office came through for you and solved the problem. Nice review and appreciated!
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Be aware
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PALM BAY, FL, FLORIDA -- If you are looking on doing some remodeling in your bath and need to costume shower door:
I order a shower frameless door from Home Depot and they used this company Contractors Wardrobe. They send the door without instruction on how to put it together and without the handle. Call Kaitleen Tuesday 7/19/11 she said she had to investigate, investigate??? A door that it cost me $1000.00 and she’s investigating what, she told my contractor she will call buy 8:00pm and the same with Home Depot, she told the lady “A” at Home Depot she will give her a call by 8:00pm. Did not call my contractor or lady “A” from HD. My contractor call the at 9:00 am to find out where was the handle and they told him they couldn’t give him any information because Kaitleen was not in and she will not be in until 11: - 11:30am, they also told my contractor I could use the door by sticking my finger in one of the holes for the handle. I was very upset when I learn about this, I just paid $1000.00 for a door that should have a handle so they tell me to put my finger through the hole and use it that way. WHAT!?!? So I thought well maybe I’m over reacting so I tried it and that door is so heavy I almost broke my finger. So I call to be on hold for 40 minutes to leave a message that to this time and day they have not returned my call. Seriously, do they have children with no education working there? They don’t have a clue about customer service; they are not professional and very irresponsible. I felt like I was dealing with someone that has their business at their back yard and employees their family members to save on payroll.
At all this I purchase the door with HD so I though why I making phone call using time I don’t have adding stress to my life. So I got HD to do what they were supposed to do, call them and get me my handle after back and forward with HD lady “C” in management from Tuesday that we realize we didn’t had the handle we could get the handle Friday. I say could because at this point I don’t trust any off them and today is Thursday. So I have a beautiful shower that cost me a lot of money and can’t use it. Can anybody say dissatisfied customer…… If your need a shower door do your homework, if the store you are buying from is buy from someone else cut the middle person, it didn’t do anything for me. I search reviews on the company you are about to use, trust me you will have a lot less stress.
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User Replies:
HomeDepot_Care on 07/21/2011:
Cielito Azul,

Sorry to hear about your experience with your new shower doors. I will be sure to share your feedback with the store. Should you need anything else email me at stephanie_care@homedepot.com

Home Depot Customer Care
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Botched Door Install
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JENSEN BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased 2 sliding doors from Home Depot at a cost of $3500 which included install.

The contractor came to the house measured everything and the doors were ordered.

30 days later the door arrivied and the installer came out to install.

When he had 1 door inplace, I noticed that the bottom track did not fit in as it should. The door track was 3 inches higher than the floor.
For the doors to fit properly, the concrete that the doors have to sit on has to be dug out. The contractor advised me that he does not do that type of work and if it was done then the top of the doors would have to be brought down as well, which the contractor does not do as well.

I went to Home Depot and advised the sales staff. They called the contractor and the install was stopped.
The contractor had already discarded my original door so he had to leave the door with the bad track in place and unfinished. The placed duct tape around the door to keep the cold air from blowing in. (mind you it has been the coldest Dec on record in FL).
He had also started some work on the other door which at this time looks really bad, but the original door is in place and working.

Home Depot said they would try and find something that would work on my doors.
2 days later after not hearing anything from Home Depor I called and went into the store. I spent 3 hours with the sales person trying to find a door that would meet the measurements. (According to the staff my door entryway is not standard)

Finally the sales staff and myself found something that would work. The doors worked out to $70 more than what I had really wanted. The new doors are not really what I want but it is all that could be found.

Home Depot was going to put together another sales receipt but couldn't at the time because they could not remove the doors that did not fit from the bill until they were back in the store. The account manager said it would take a day and she would call.

It was Christmas so I gave them 4 days, but no call, so I called back. The Account manager said that the installer wanted $1100 more for the install since it was a different type of door and Home Depot thinks I should pay that.

I told them at this time I have not agreed to the install because we cannot agree on a price. That the botched job was not my fault. Home Depot had the responsibililty to make sure the correct product was delivered as I am not the expert in the field, and that I what I was paying them for.

The account manager said she had to talk to her manager and would get back to me.

That is how it is left at this time.

I have already paid for the doors with a Home Dpot Credit card I got at the time of purchase.

My doors look like C#$p. There is now way they can reinstall the original doors as the contractor discarded the first. I have duct tape falling off the walls which was supposed to be my primary insulation around the doors.

It will take another 30 days to get any new door to my house, which will make it 2 1/2 months since I first went into the store to order them.

I am not going to pay another $1100 or more for the install, and if that is what they want then I want my doors back the way they were. Unfortunately the installer threw away the original doors so the cannot be put back in.

I am very unhappy with Home Depot
I have an appt with an attorney in the morning.
I thought I could rely on Home Depot

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User Replies:
getoverit on 12/28/2010:
As I read your write-up, I was thinking "it's lawyer time". I hope you get this worked out.

The only thing I would add is that I, personally, would NOT have relied on Home Depot. I can't honestly say that I have had really bad experiences with them. But that's because some not-so-good experiences I have had with them have made me decide that Home Depot is not where I would go for anything important.

I mean, look at their hardware shelves on any given day. You know how it is. They'll have tons of #8 bolts and only #10 nuts - or whatever. They don't have the basics of inventory management together.

So, I'm hardly going to start asking Home Depot who's really going to do an expert job on fixing my house.

Still, I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get this resolved.
trmn8r on 12/28/2010:
I wouldn't contract with Home Depot to put a door on a dollhouse. I suppose that since they sell all this stuff, they have started selling services to install it. By third parties, of course.

It's too bad you didn't find a competent contractor directly. They can be hard to find, but it is worth it. Good luck to you.
ok4now on 12/28/2010:
It sounds like the original contractor screwed up on the measurements. He didn't know that the concrete would have to be dug up for a proper installation? Now he wants to whack you with an additional $1100 for his incompetence?? Pleeeze!! I wouldn't pay them another dime. Have them complete the job to your satisfaction or make them eat the doors with a C.C. dispute. You will win.
stuartflorida on 12/29/2010:
Thanks for your support. I have contacted a lawyer on this issue. I cannot see any other way around it. I spoke when he manager again yesterday who said he would try and work things out by yesterday at close, but after one phone call to say they were working on it, I got nothing again.
I called customer support, seems like my first complaint was closed last week. Someone told them the issue was resolved.
I had them reopen the complaint with the corp office andthey too said they would get back with me.
This is sad. In these time where the construction business is down, one would think that a company like Home Depot would want to provide service that is above par and not sub standard.
stuartflorida on 12/29/2010:
I also have to post that the install of the doors the way that they were being installed did not meet the code requirements for my state. Even if the doors did get installed, the inspector would not have passed them.
This would have caused my homeowners insurance to go way high as the home would not have met wind and rain standards for Florida (mitigation)
It also would lower the value of my home greatly.
THD_Daniel on 12/29/2010:
Hi! This is Stephanie at Home Depot Customer Care. I have received your email. I am looking at your install and am working to get this resolved for you. I apologize for problems you've had with this project. Please feel free to email any additional information.

Stephanie, Home Depot Customer Care
stuartflorida on 12/30/2010:
Thanks for contacting us. I apologize for the problems you’ve had. I see that the store has reordered your door, it’s scheduled to arrive on 1/19/11, and the store has been in contact with you. The management is going to ensure that this is resolved for you. Is there something additional that I can communicate with the store about for you?


Stephanie, Social Media Specialist

My Reply__________________________________________

Thank you for getting back with me.
I had a confrence call with customer care and T#### from the store this afternoon.
I hope that we can get things worked out.

At this time I have at least gotten some more information about what is really going on.

I now know that the doors should be in sometime around Jan 19th.

That the increase in install fees due to the mistakes between the installer and the store are going to be worked out between themselves and I will not be charged that added $1100.00 or parts thereof as was mentioned by the store manager yesterday. At least this is what I was advised today. Until I see a final bill I tend to be a bit skeptical

I have much reserve about the new doors that are on order, Silverline 5800 series

After working with S#####, the sales rep at the store for several hours, the Silvelilne doors seem to be the only product that Home Depot can get that will fit and meet code for this county using contractors that do not do custom installs.

Certainly not my first choice in doors and had this been the door presented at first, I would not have bought them.

S#### the sales rep at the store has been very helpful I might add.

Its unfortunate that these things can happen, but I do understand that sometimes things don't go as they should. I am very patient in that respect but I would expect that everyone was on the same page.

I know a bit more today than I have for weeks but I have much reserve about where we are.
Too often things get forgotten too fast.

Thank you for getting back with me

Home Depot Reply -----------------------------

I’m glad to hear the store has provided more information. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance.


Stephanie, Social Media Specialist
Hopefully the store will do what is right. I am getting doors that I would not have decided to have if this had not gotten to where it is now.

I still remain skeptical about what is to come, and fear other suprises.
Ponie on 12/30/2010:
Stuart, keep those emails! It's good to have a paper trail. Hope they can get this worked out to your satisfaction.
ok4now on 12/31/2010:
Stuart, At least you got a response from H.D. Customer Care. It appears that they are at least trying to help you and correct the problem. Be glad that you didn't purchase the doors from Sears. You would be really screwed. SearsCares is a joke. They would not respond to this problem and would try to wear you down with excuses when you contacted them. Keep us posted with the results.
stuartflorida on 01/11/2011:
its been a bit. Since the last post I have gotten 1 phone call from the store.
They say I will only have to pay for the cost of the doors and install from the first quote and that the doors will fit, based upon what the installer says.
Its going to be Jan 19th when the doors get to the store. I would guess they would be installed that week.
About 3 months after I first went into the store.
We have been living with holes in the wall since the installer left.
Again they make no apology for having to have a lesser door because of their mistake.
After looking I have found other stores that sell a door that would have fit.
This whole purchase has been a $3500.00 fiasco.
I am only waiting on the next problem to come.
ok4now on 01/11/2011:
Stuart: Glad to hear that you are making progress and they are finally going to honor their original quote. H.D. is now acting like they did you a favor when in fact they failed miserably. Their contractor originally screwed up and you have been greatly inconvenienced for the past 3 months. They should definitely compensate you for their mistake. Are you listening Stephanie, Social Media Specialist at Home Depot? Treat the customer right!!
stuartflorida on 01/20/2011:
Well Jan 19th, doors were supposed to arrive.
Not sure if they have or not. It seems I have been forgotten again.
Got a message left on my answering machine from Home Depot national customer service, just to check in yesterday, They are just doing a follow up, and don't know any status. I think they just want to be able to close the open ticket.
Still no other calls from the store or the installer.
Thank you for the support on here. I cannot believe how much my electric bills went up during this time. More than 40%. Guess its from having those seals open in the wall left by all this.

Looks llke again I'm just a number. Oh yes, Home Depot credit card did send the bill today wanting payment.

On the plus side if you google Home Depot, install, doors then this post ranks in the top 10
stuartflorida on 01/20/2011:
Well now....
About 40 minutes after posting here, I got a call from the local store, They said the doors were in and that install could be done tomorrow.
Sure the doors don't match the exterior of the existing windows, or trim in the house, and I am now going to have to paint the
living, kitchen, family room and entry way to make it match the doors, and the quality of the doors is far less than what I could have gotten if Home Depot would have been up front at first and said they cannot install them because they would consider them custom and I could have gone to another shop, but at least I won't have open holes in the walls.
Hopefully the doors will be good enough to keep the value of the home, and not drop it in value any lower than what everyone is already experiencing
Do you note an unhappy customer here... !!!!!!!
stuartflorida on 01/23/2011:
Here is an update. 01/23/2011

The doors were delivered and installed.

The wrong doors were delivered and installed.

We ordered an outside color of beige and an inside color of white, We wanted all beige (to match the current) but when we purchased a dual color was the only option. They sent all white

We also did not order screen doors with the unit, but the unit was sent with screen doors, making the track an extra 1/2 inch long. This makes the track a bit too wide for the case.

I am going to have to find a way to "case in" the bottoms so the weight of people stepping on the vinyl supports does not crack them off.

(and we really wanted aluminum to match the other windows and doors)

The installer did a good job of putting them in, for what the doors are they are solid in place.

But here is more icing on the piece of cake.
Today we got a call from Home Depot, Credit Card.
They wanted to let me know I was in default on the payments, because I had not send in a payment.
I had to explain the situation, and let them know, I have never even gotten a revised bill, with any changes, and that the store was going to call and inform them not to start the billing until the project was done. (They never did that)

I had to file a dispute against the charge until I can get into the store and have the account managers at the store give me a new bill, and make any of the adjustments.

What a joke this has all been, but not funny.

2 and a half months and 3500 dolllars later, to make a cosmetic change, only to be left with a product I did not want that I still need to make repairs to in order to make them sturdy. (the installer doses not do concrete work, just charges 400 dollars to repatch stuco)

I now have to call the county inspector, to make sure this is going to pass code.
I may have to buy new hurricaine shutters as it looks like the current shutters will no longer fit.


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doglovingreviewer on 03/12/2011:
WOW! I have never in my life heard such a ridiculous tale of an install gone wrong. Sounds like Home Depot should pay for any changes you need to make to your home, since it was their incompetence that caused you to get the wrong door. I am so glad you got this resolved. What a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!
barneye on 06/28/2011:
Check other internet board sites regarding problems with Home Depot exterior door installation and warranty problems. There is a proliferation of complaints. Home Depot doesn't stand behind its products or the Home Depot contractors. Recently Home Depot has a 'social team' surfing the internet in an effort to do damage control of it's reputation. The social team member I.e. Stephanie has no more authority to assist you navigate your problems than the local HD store manager. All Home Depot employees do is refer you to the vendor of the product or the contractor. It is up to a second party to resolve the problem for the Home Depot customer. If the vendor chooses to do nothing. Home Depot will make no effort to help you.

Blame Home Depot corporate offices for this policy.
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Nothing custom about it!
Posted by on
I highly recommend using a local contractor instead of Home Depot installation. My biggest mistake was in using the Home Depot installation because of convenience and not consulting a local contractor until after the installation problems. First - when the installers arrived they asked for an electrical outlet so they could plug in their battery for the drill and charge it, while charging they sat in their truck and waited.(this was my sign!)I was then charged custom for building up the sill, which is when they place a piece of board under the new door sill to fill in the gap between the old and new sill. The board used is shorter than the width so I have gaps on both sides that were not filled in with insulation or anything and the board used was not covered with flashing or flashing tape so I have bare wood exposed to moisture, water, and the elements. I was also charged custom for placing 1x4, to fill gap between new door and the house. This also was left bare and is exposed to the elements. Since the installation I have learned from a local contractor that there is always a difference when installing a new door, because the chances of the new and old being the exact sizes are very slim and sill build up and trim fill in is normal in the installation process. I think the worst part will have to be the trim and what I am left with. The installers removed the old trim and had I had paid for and they had brought the new trim to be installed inside. When it came time to install, it was easier to use the old, which was already cut to size, so they put the old trim back up. The trim has holes from the old nails, the new nailheads are sticking out and the trim has splits in the wood from removing. Nailheads were not sunk, holes were not puttied and the split looks horrible! Then on the outside trim, they removed and reused what was there. Once again I have nails sticking out, holes from the old nails, and they did not line up the trim properly. I have shingle siding and the previous trim had shims behind so the sides would line up with the header. They removed and did not reuse the shims so the side boards twist at the top and are not level with the header. Everyone's first impression is "what happened?" All I can say is to avoid inferior work, PLEASE - use a local contractor, they guarantee to leave you with just touch up painting to do, whereas I now have to have my trim replaced. I would never recommend nor will I use the installation services of Home Depot again!
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User Replies:
homedepot_michael on 02/15/2010:
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care. I’m sorry about your experience with us,I would like to offer my help. Feel free to email me at michael_care@homedepot.com so I may look into this for you.

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
shopgurl on 04/18/2010:
Just an update on my Home Depot door installation. Had to have the man because the deadbolt did not line up and couldn't use. One of the original installers came and I've never seen anyone look so puzzled as to what to do. He fiddled around for a good half hour and thought he was done. It still wouldn't work unless you leaned and pushed the door in hard and engaged the deadbolt. I told him that wasn't acceptable - that I should be able to close the door and just click the deadbolt. After a "hmmm" he continued to work on it. You could tell he didn't know what to do. Finally after an hour, it was acceptable. Not the best but I can't afford to keep missing work for inferior work.
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Do NOT sign a contract with Home Depot
Posted by on
ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- April 10, 2008 – I paid Home Depot 1302 (HD 1302) for an estimate for replacement windows for my home. Cost of the estimate was $45.00 which I placed on my Chase card

April 20, 2008 – Based upon the estimate from the HD contractor, I ordered the windows with the following specifications: Desert Sand color and 1/4 inch glass. This was a change from the original estimate that was for white vinyl and standard thickness glass. The cost of the upgraded windows was $5,573.93 which I placed on my Chase card. The contract specified a 5/20/08 delivery/installation date.

July 9, 2008 – The contractor arrived with the windows. The windows were white, not desert sand and were not 1/4 inch glass as specified in the contract. It is evident that HD1302 sent the original specifications to the window manufacturer Jeld-Wen and not the specifications that were in the contract .

July 9, 2008 – I telephoned HD 1302's manager. I requested that my payment for the windows be refunded. [snip] arrived at my home at approximately 4:35 P.M. and met with me and my father. He handed me paperwork showing a refund of $3,255.59 (I do not understand how that amount was determined.) and a charge for the same amount ($3,255.59). I did not sign the credit card slips, nor the new contract for the windows. We asked why the windows had been reordered, because I had not given permission to reorder the windows as it was already more than a month and a half past the contracted installation date. The manager avoided the question and promised that “there would be some compensation” for me and my father for the delay, moving all the furniture, taking down drapes, taking down blinds in preparation for the installation of the new windows. However, he was evasive as to the amount and continued to evade the question of why the windows had been reordered. the manager said that he would have the store manager call me. I have not received a call from the store manager.

July 11, 2008 – Drove to HD 1302 and talked to the store manager. Asked why there had been a reorder on the windows and what the compensation would be. The store manager said that compensation would not be discussed until after the windows were installed. I was not satisfied with his answer and called HD’ customer service. I talked to “H” (no last name).

July 16, 2008 – Received a phone message from "H" which stated that she was sending a release and that “After you sign a release we will install the windows.”

July 17, 2008 – My father called "H" to confirm our interpretation of her message. She confirmed that the windows would be held until the release was signed. My father also talked to her supervisor who also confirmed HD would hold the windows until after the release was signed. My father stated that was unsatisfactory, as there could be additional issues with the windows and/or the installation.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/13/2009:
In your opening paragraph...did you intend to write $4500 and not $45.00?
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/13/2009:
Doc - it probably was just $45 - if they are like Lowe's they charge a token fee for coming out and doing the estimate. I guess that's how they separate to real buyers from the lookers.

As far as the OP - what happened? The story just stopped.
Anonymous on 01/13/2009:
Thanks Hugh. I have a habit of writing down amounts and then doing the math. The $45 as a 'retainer' to HD makes sense. I wondered if I had missed something. As you noted, the post just stops.
Soaring Consumer on 01/13/2009:
It is likely he accidentally hit the enter button while he was typing and that there is more.
WatchYourPurchase on 01/24/2009:
This is a typical Home Depot/JeldWen story-had a similar situation which I will write about-HORRIBLE customer service and HORRIBLE product. The only way to deal with these people is taking them to court, but of course corporations have tons of money to spend on attorney's fees, unlike regular people who just want what they ordered!
Harvey69 on 02/11/2009:
$45.00 was for conducting the estimate.
Harvey69 on 02/11/2009:
My problem is NOT with JeldWen, but, with HomeDepot.
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Search For Other Door Stores So You Don't Have To Use Home Depot
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My husband and I placed an order on 5/14/08 to have a storm security door installed by Home Depot #6152 (Gateway Mall in Brooklyn.) For the most part the door and the actual installation of the door went fine. The frustrations and terrible service come from the time it took for the door to be ready, delivering the door, and removing the old door and box from our property.

~The finish date for the door on the purchase order was 6/13/08. It wasn't ready until 6/23 and I had to call to find out what was up.

~On 6/23 I made an appointment to have the door installed. She said the earliest appt. was 7/3. So now we had to wait another almost 2 weeks again before we could get our door.

~The installer comes on 7/3 bright and early just to say that the wrong door was put in the truck. That our door was in the Bronx and first thing on Monday they'll install our door.

~Monday, 7/7 comes the installer calls me at 7 in the morning to make sure they have the right door. "It's a black door, right?" he asks. NO! I ordered a white door. It says white on the invoice. Now he's going to call me back in two hours.

~Three and a half hours pass and no call. Where is MY DOOR? So I get out my paperwork to call the supervisors and expeditors. The guy at the first number I called had the nerve to say that the expeditor is out today call back tomorrow. I tried other numbers. After being put on hold several times and refusing to "call back tomorrow" a few times, eventually someone agreed to look into this for me and would give me a call back.

~Instead of waiting, I called the installer again and he said my door was delivered to New Jersey and he'll bring it tomorrow. I asked him what time. 3 p.m.

~Tomorrow is here. We did some shopping with our kids in the morning because we had until 3 p.m. to be home for the door. We drive into the driveway at 12 p.m. and we see the door box on our porch. Aw, common!

~Evidently they were waiting across the street because they came to the house soon afterwards. Like I said before, the installation went fine. The door works fine.

~I asked the guy what about the old door? He says if you paid for removal, the guys who delivered the door will remove the old door.

~I called the guy who I had been calling to deliver the door. He says he's truck is full and he'll pick it up on Thursday (2 days from today). I told him I don't want that big door hanging out on my porch where my kids want to play.

~Anyway, here I am Saturday morning at 3 a.m. writing this and that big old door is still on my property. We've been calling and calling for them to remove it and it's just excuse after excuse after excuse.

~Another thing that I'm mad at Home Depot about is the young lady whom they have taking the door orders told me to make sure I buy the knobs and lock for the door. I bought it right then and there because she stressed that we need it for when they install the door. Come to find out we didn't even need to make that extra purchase. The door came with locks. So now I have to go back to Home Depot and get my money back.

I have 2 more doors to buy but I am NOT going to buy them from Home Depot. The time it took to get 1 door was outrageous. In between the time I placed the order for the door to actually getting it, I got my kitchen cabinets and counters refaced by another company--and they had to make 2 new cabinets for us and install a microhood.

So, Home Depot, I'll use you to get supplies and stuff, but nothing with installation.

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Very Poor Service
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NAPLES, FLORIDA -- On February 7th 2008, I signed a contract with Home Depot at Home Services to install Hurricane Windows and a Hurricane Sliding Glass Door on my mobile home. I was told it would take about 2 weeks to order and two days to install.

On Feb. 19th I got a call from Pilar, project manager who told me my installation date is March 5th.

On March 5th nobody showed up.

On March 13th 3 windows were put in none of them locked.
On March 17th Pilar called to see if contractors were there. Told her they told us there was a job with one window left to do and then they would do ours. Per Pilar they were not there either. They didn't show up.
3/18/08 More windows that didn't lock were installed and I was told by [snip] that the company knew of this error and they would be switched next week...
3/19/08 [snip], contractor went to pick up slider that wasn't there.
3/20/08 called Pilar expl was told Den and Bath
doors are wrong sized. And no locking replacement windows.
4/2/08 One locking window installed by [snip] the others haven't come in. Per Pilar
Be patient on slider the slider had been put in with a defect in the glass. and a gap in the frame.
4/12/08 Received postcard from [snip] asking how I like my new windows.
4/14/08 Called [snip] and explained dinged slider not finished, windows don't lock and damaged plaster around windows also paid $85 out of my own pocket to have rug recut. Gave him job number. He said he would check and call back,
which he did not.
4/24/08 Pilar on vacation next week,Tim Parks is coming Tomorrow with locking windows and slider panel. Reminded her that there are six nonlocking windows and an $85 gift card .
4/24/08 [snip] called $100 gift card is coming from Atlanta, GA. and [snip] will fix slider and windows.
4/25/08 Had to show [snip] how to reuse locks as replacements don't come with locks. Claims wasn't told that. Checked slider and claims not right and replacement won't fit.But will have a Manufacturers Rep come and check it out.
4/25/08 called Pilar and Expl above. Per Pilar keep calling [snip] to get this Straightened out.
4/29/08 Left word to call [snip].
4/29/08 Received bill and 1 year no interest has been shortened to six months per Adrianna will see right date on next statement. ( Have I paid anything? NO! Would you ? )
4/30/08 Left word to call [snip] who called back claims spoke to manufacturers rep and someone will come out today or tomorrow MAYBE.
4/30/08 Ellie from Security Window and Doors called claims doesn't know why she had to call me. Explained Home Depot installed hurricane windows that did not lock until last Friday and the slider is stuffed with newspaper. Are you the manufacturer's rep who is going to check this out? Claims need P# will call Home Depot and call back. Explained I will have somebody from the local newspaper come and see this as it has been six weeks.
5/1/08 recalled Ellie she called back befuddled
claims didn't get PO#.
5/2/08called [snip] He called back will call manufacturer's rep today and call back.
5/2/08 call [snip] Explained Nobody has called with appointment. Tim called back says he was told I would get a call that morning, Told him it didn't happen.
5/5/08 Elly claims still no PO# but will schedule me for May 12th at 10:30. Called [snip] claims that is the Purchase Order Number
/job number that is on my paperwork and that Security Windows has had it right along and he received a fax ten minutes ago that he is filling out for them.

So here it is 11:53 at night. All I want is what I signed up for can anyone suggest anything else I can do?

On 5/15 after calling and getting recording several times called back Customer Care this time demanded supervisor. Supervisor set up conference call with Ron Brannock and Tim Boling who promised would get back to me with someone to fix trim.
5/16 both Tims came out replaced and caulked inside trim.
Now I got what I signed up for.

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User Replies:
Marlin336M on 05/06/2008:
I can relate to your anger, I recently went through a similar situation. Not to sure that huuricane windows and door are going to help you much in a mobile home, The walls are as vulnerable to flying objects as windows and doors. In a block home I can see protecting the week spots.
Bear from the Woods on 05/06/2008:
Marlin336M, This is a 2002 Jacobsen that is built to code and survived the 2005 hurricanes including Wilma which was a direct hit. I live in a newer park and nobody lost a house - carports, screens, shingles and lampposts yes but no houses. We evacuated but even people who stayed were OK.
Marlin336M on 05/07/2008:
OK, I stand corrected, I meant no direspect, I to live in a Mobile Home and have children, And am working on a emergency plan, My home is a 1997. I'm thinking of building a small storm shelter or something. Those storms we had that year opened my eyes to the dangers even living more inland. Good Luck to you.
Bear from the Woods on 05/13/2008:
On 5/12/08 A work crew from Security Window and Doors came out. They repaired the dinged slider and worked over 2 hours to straighten the bent frame as contractor overtightened screws and did not shim properly. They also put in the remaining pieces and caulked the outside to make it tight but could not replace inside framing. Ellie called back to be sure job was done OK I explained the guys said that this was the worst Home Depot job they had ever seen. Ellie said they had told her the same thing and could see why I am so upset. Recommended I keep haunting Home Depot which I had done. I called customer care at 800 553-3199 as no call back from Home Depot giver reference #696912 and passed this along to 888 242-6002 siding window & door with contact info. On 5/13/08 at 3:42pm received call from Pilar Tim Parks claims spoke to me and would be out today.
I explained no phone call and all calls from all phones are
being routed here to my cell. Needless to say no one showed up.
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Poor Customer Service and Management
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Rating: 1/51
CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I purchased two 70 Series Double Buck Hung American Craftsmen Replacement Windows online. When we installed the second one we noticed it's keepers (lock) were broken in half, one completely off the window. I called Home Depot in Concord and spoke with Katy (handles special orders) and she said she would have American Craftsmen expedite two new ones to my home. We cannot lock this window (safety issue) and it's very cold out!. We still have not seen any new keepers in the mail and it's been 3 days so I called the manager Elisha at the Concord Store to see if he would just give us two keeper off a display window or something so we could lock the window and stay warm. He refused to do so and gave no other alternative.

This is very poor customer service from Home Depot. They do not take care of their customers! Now we are left hanging with an unsecure window and cold getting into the house and its winter!.
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