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Nothing custom about it!
By -

I highly recommend using a local contractor instead of Home Depot installation. My biggest mistake was in using the Home Depot installation because of convenience and not consulting a local contractor until after the installation problems. First - when the installers arrived they asked for an electrical outlet so they could plug in their battery for the drill and charge it, while charging they sat in their truck and waited. (this was my sign!) I was then charged custom for building up the sill, which is when they place a piece of board under the new door sill to fill in the gap between the old and new sill.

The board used is shorter than the width so I have gaps on both sides that were not filled in with insulation or anything and the board used was not covered with flashing or flashing tape so I have bare wood exposed to moisture, water, and the elements. I was also charged custom for placing 1x4, to fill gap between new door and the house. This also was left bare and is exposed to the elements. Since the installation I have learned from a local contractor that there is always a difference when installing a new door, because the chances of the new and old being the exact sizes are very slim and sill build up and trim fill in is normal in the installation process.

I think the worst part will have to be the trim and what I am left with. The installers removed the old trim and had I had paid for and they had brought the new trim to be installed inside. When it came time to install, it was easier to use the old, which was already cut to size, so they put the old trim back up. The trim has holes from the old nails, the new nail heads are sticking out and the trim has splits in the wood from removing. Nail heads were not sunk, holes were not puttied and the split looks horrible! Then on the outside trim, they removed and reused what was there. Once again I have nails sticking out, holes from the old nails, and they did not line up the trim properly.

I have shingle siding and the previous trim had shims behind so the sides would line up with the header. They removed and did not reuse the shims so the side boards twist at the top and are not level with the header. Everyone's first impression is "what happened?" All I can say is to avoid inferior work, PLEASE - use a local contractor, they guarantee to leave you with just touch up painting to do, whereas I now have to have my trim replaced. I would never recommend nor will I use the installation services of Home Depot again!

Do NOT sign a contract with Home Depot
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- April 10, 2008 – I paid Home Depot 1302 (HD 1302) for an estimate for replacement windows for my home. Cost of the estimate was $45.00 which I placed on my Chase card. April 20, 2008 – Based upon the estimate from the HD contractor, I ordered the windows with the following specifications: Desert Sand color and 1/4 inch glass. This was a change from the original estimate that was for white vinyl and standard thickness glass. The cost of the upgraded windows was $5,573.93 which I placed on my Chase card. The contract specified a 5/20/08 delivery/installation date.

July 9, 2008 – The contractor arrived with the windows. The windows were white, not desert sand and were not 1/4 inch glass as specified in the contract. It is evident that HD1302 sent the original specifications to the window manufacturer Jeld-Wen and not the specifications that were in the contract .

July 9, 2008 – I telephoned HD 1302's manager. I requested that my payment for the windows be refunded. ** arrived at my home at approximately 4:35 P.M. and met with me and my father. He handed me paperwork showing a refund of $3,255.59 (I do not understand how that amount was determined.) and a charge for the same amount ($3,255.59). I did not sign the credit card slips, nor the new contract for the windows. We asked why the windows had been reordered, because I had not given permission to reorder the windows as it was already more than a month and a half past the contracted installation date.

The manager avoided the question and promised that “there would be some compensation” for me and my father for the delay, moving all the furniture, taking down drapes, taking down blinds in preparation for the installation of the new windows. However, he was evasive as to the amount and continued to evade the question of why the windows had been reordered. The manager said that he would have the store manager call me. I have not received a call from the store manager.

July 11, 2008 – Drove to HD 1302 and talked to the store manager. Asked why there had been a reorder on the windows and what the compensation would be. The store manager said that compensation would not be discussed until after the windows were installed. I was not satisfied with his answer and called HD' customer service. I talked to “**” (no last name).

July 16, 2008 – Received a phone message from "**" which stated that she was sending a release and that “After you sign a release we will install the windows.” July 17, 2008 – My father called "**" to confirm our interpretation of her message. She confirmed that the windows would be held until the release was signed. My father also talked to her supervisor who also confirmed HD would hold the windows until after the release was signed. My father stated that was unsatisfactory, as there could be additional issues with the windows and/or the installation.

Faulty Window Installation
By -

WESTCHESTER, NEW YORK -- In August 2008 we contracted for the purchase and installation of 37 top line windows from Home Depot. I like our new windows- so far. Installation was subcontracted, and there began the problem.. Instructions for installation were on stickers on each window, (I saved one) and included wrapping with insulation (not done) and using predrilled holes to attach windows (not done) and inside and outside sealing. (inside seals developed many gaps).

Immediately the house started whistling with any wind. When winter started cold air could be felled streaming in through the gaps in sealant. Home Depot came several times, blamed "little holes" in sealant, would fix. Eventually one smart guy took off stops and found the lack of insulation and the open pre drilled holes, letting the air in from the outside right into the home- which caused the whistle. He felt windows needed to come out and new windows ordered because they were "cemented in and would be damaged during removal". (This was Christmas and I did not fancy having windows removed during that cold time, so I requested it done early January.)

By that time Home Depot did not want to re-order windows and reinstall, so they assured me it would be equivalent to take off the interior window stops and stuff insulation along three sides of the window from the inside. Plus they would take off something outside and stuff insulation along bottom of window. (nice guy, I requested the one who discovered the problem in the first place, but as you probably realize I am pretty gullible.

I am not sure this way of insulating is as good as if it had been wrapped around the window properly the way it should have been done in the first place). He had to scrape the sealant and putty from the poplar wood stops, which caused some unavoidable damage, and they now look awful, and some were gouged or broken.

He also drilled screws into the existing holes. No more whistles now. I did lots of other things to decrease my oil consumption before last winter. (New storm doors, from Home Depot ha ha), pipe covering, caulking and plastic over the basement windows that were not replace, sealing crawl spaces and lowering the thermostat to 64 in daytime. There was NO decrease in oil consumption. (gallons, not dollars) I checked heating degree days, they were about the same as year before. (Did you know you can do that online?)

So, my complaints were monetary loss from heat loss due to faulty window installation, loss of work for multiple home visits, and a terrible looking inside window frame. (The contract specifies they are not responsible for this, but it looked neat after the first installation. And taking these window stops off a second time really ruined them, had they done it right the first time that would not have occurred.) Home Depot, offered to replace them with pine, but said it was not as good as original poplar.

We settled my collective gripes for a 450 dollar gift certificate (end March). After a while, I had to send a release form, (end April). I am still waiting for this gift certificate and the project manager is so fed up with me, he no longer answers or returns my calls. I expect I will eventually get this 450 dollar gift certificate- maybe even this year, but want to warn every one about Home Depot. I will never contract for any services with HD again! Now, in all fairness, here are the good things.

The windows look and seem to work really nice, and everyone- (well, all the people I have met from Home Depot), tell me they are better than some famous name brand windows. This story also makes for great dinner conversations and a support group, who have followed along with me, through all the ups and downs of this saga. At work, the joke is "did you get your Home Depot check yet". And sometimes at night I miss the howling whistle sound of the wind coming in through the holes in my window frames, very soothing as long as I did not think of the warm air pouring out.

I even made some new acquaintances because I called some other customers that had window installation done by the same company. (HD left a customer list- not on purpose I assume.) So will I ever shop at HD again? Well, I may have a gift certificate, right? So I keep dreaming.

Replacement Window / Bait & Switch
By -

LEESBURG, VIRGINIA -- My husband and I went to Home Depot looking to purchase replacement windows and have them installed. We found what seemed to be a good window in the price range that we felt we could afford. We have 30 windows that need replacements. We spoke to the salesman about the American Craftsman 8500 double hung replacement windows, he provided us with more information and we subsequently decided to schedule an appointment to have the Home Depot rep come to our home to give us an estimate to install them in our home. The salesman said he couldn't give us any price until someone came to the home.

The "sales consultant" came to our home, we sat down and he proceeded to tell us to put all the information we obtained at the store to the side because they didn't install those windows only Simonton windows that they didn't even have on display in the store!! We questioned him about why didn't the salesman in the store tell us this and he told us he was "new". He also told us that they only sold the American Craftsman to be installed by the purchaser - didn't we ever see that big sign on the store that said "do it yourself"!!! (nice huh?)

Of course, the Simonton windows turned out to be VERY expensive, way over what we had budgeted for and we literally wanted to throw the salesman out of our home. He also stated that any other company such as "Lowe's" would come in and basically use "bait and switch" techniques. I told him if anyone was using "bait and switch" it was Home Depot and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Having been loyal Home Depot customers for many years, they are now in our opinion a sleazy operation with false advertising practices and need to re-evaluate their practices and procedures. They wasted our valuable time and we will not be going to Home Depot for any future purchases. Let others beware!!!

Lies and broken promises
By -

WASHOUGAL, WASHINGTON -- Promises from Home Depot and not delivered: Install by Home Depot and not an outside contractor. Home Depots point of sale in store and on trucks makes it appear that Home Depot actually installs windows. Asked salesperson and he assured me that Home Depot was doing the install. Spent additional time speaking about this since I would have NEVER gone with them if I knew it was an outside contractor. To clarify his point, the salesperson pointed to his Home Depot smock and said that by having the Home Depot clothes on made him an actual employee.

Excellent quality windows – over 50% had broken glider/rollers from the factory. Expert installation – Installers left metal shards over entire house with no clean-up. Windows were so dirty it took a HD employee 45 minutes per window to clean. Insulation not used when installing new windows letting air and water inside the window. Spaces of up to 4 inches on sides of windows where light and water could come in.

All windows taken out of home first and then the two installers went back to the first window to start the install of the new ones. In 36 degree weather this was a lack of common sense and the furnace had to run extra hard to keep up with the cold. Common sense says that you take one out and install the new one, individually.

A disabled person lives in the second home install having to deal with the cold plus the sharp metal shards. Only 1 drop cloth brought on job that was covered with paint so when it was put down in front of the front door, paint chips scattered everywhere. No drop cloth was used inside or out when installing all the windows. The cloth was thrown inside the homes only.

Shims used on the outside of the windows poking through to the inside on about 50% of the windows. For the insides to be finished, these shims needed to be chiseled out. HD came out to “trim” out the outside of the windows. This consisted of filling in the gap in the “J” channel. The windows do not look professional at all. They should have actually been trimmed using molding over the “J” channel.

Promised quick service but the after the install, HD was to come out and inspect the install. When called the next day after install, homeowner was told it would be two weeks. Only after a loud complaint was this changed. “Everything taken care of by Home Depot, promised “no worries”. This has been the most stressful construction job I have ever been involved with and it has lasted 2 months.

“Go with Home Depot instead of a” fly by night” local outfit”. The installers came a day early with absolutely no identifying marks on their clothes or their truck. It literally looked like an installer and his homeless friend that came to help. Extremely unprofessional in all aspects. Substantial credit promised over 21 days ago and never received.
Promised all completed paperwork over 14 days ago and never received.

Promotional windows at $299 plus a $30 disposal fee, total $329. Actual total was $414 per window with NO documentation given to homeowner as to why the difference. Classic “bait and switch” by businesses on promotions.

Poor Customer Service and Management
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I purchased two 70 Series Double Buck Hung American Craftsmen Replacement Windows online. When we installed the second one we noticed its keepers (lock) were broken in half, one completely off the window. I called Home Depot in Concord and spoke with ** (handles special orders) and she said she would have American Craftsmen expedite two new ones to my home.

We cannot lock this window (safety issue) and it's very cold out! We still have not seen any new keepers in the mail and it's been 3 days so I called the manager ** at the Concord Store to see if he would just give us two keeper off a display window or something so we could lock the window and stay warm. He refused to do so and gave no other alternative. This is very poor customer service from Home Depot. They do not take care of their customers! Now we are left hanging with an unsecured window and cold getting into the house and it's winter!

Customer Service, Negative10
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Rating: 1/51

ARVADA, COLORADO -- Ordered 1 bay window and 1 patio door September 20 from home consultant sent by Home Depot. I have had four scheduled installations and four times they have been canceled. Two times I was not notified. It is now the last of December and still no windows. Reasons for cancellations? 1) Oct 28 - It is a big window and we don't have 3 man crew. 2) Nov 13 - The window is heavy and we don't have installers to do it. 3) Dec 5 - The weather is bad. 4) Dec 21- The installer quit. My response: The window is the same size as the day that I ordered it and paid $6300 up front. Do not ever order home improvement installations from Home Depot!!!!

Great job at developing plywood for our door play train for a 3yr old's birthday. It turned out great and I can't express my thank
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Rating: 1/51

6000 SKILLMAN ST, DALLAS 75231, VIRGINIA -- ** at the Skillman store in Dallas, Hinged 2 pieces of plywood for me and had it hand painted with fences, trees, and faces for my 3 yr old friend ** so he could put his plastic track and train on it. My original plan was for it to be outside as he was having a party that day. However, as luck would have it.....it did rain. It worked just fine and his parents had to put some tape to cover the hinges so as to preserve the floor. But ** designed it to be outdoors as I requested. I can't thank Home Depot enough, as you have an outstanding employee in **.. I think **'s parents will come by and thank him also.

Storm Door Scam
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My wife and I have been trying to buy new storm doors for our home for over a month now. We went into Home Depot one day and waited for service, but nobody seemed to be staffing the department. We finally went and found someone who didn't have the product knowledge to help us. We left when it became obvious there was no one who could really help us. A few days later, I stopped into a different Home Depot and went to the doors and department, and once again could find no one to help me.

I find it interesting that HD has a surplus of people to greet you when you come into the store, but they lack staff with knowledge of the actual products they carry. About three weeks ago we went into the original store again and found one staff person manning the doors dept., but we waited our turn until we finally got him to help us. He told us that we would need to pay $30 up front to have their contractors come out and measure our doors.

The next week the contractors called and came out and left a card saying they had gotten the measurements. They said that Home Depot would be contacting us with a full estimate. We waited for a week but didn't hear a word from HD. We called, but they had no estimate for us and promised to get back to us later that day. They didn't. So now we're out the $30 and still have no storm doors or even an estimate. After many years of being a loyal Home Depot customer, I'm through with Home Depot. This is the poorest customer service I've ever experienced anywhere.

Home Depot Stole Nearly $200 From Me
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Rating: 1/51

HYANNIS, MASSACHUSETTS -- My daughter and I bought my husband an electric smoker for Father's Day. He decided to exchange it, with the cash receipt, for a gas one. The clerk made an error and issued a store credit to make the exchange. When he opened the box of the gas smoker, it was so severely damaged, it would not have worked. He immediately returned it, and requested our money back.

Even with receipts for all transactions, the store manager and the representative at 1-800-HomeDepot, say they can only give us store credit because the clerk did a store credit on the first exchange. That was their fault, not ours. And now we have a credit for a store we will NEVER visit again.

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