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Lies about their Mission Statement and Corporate Vision and Values
Posted by on
2000 N M-63, BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- On the Whirlpool Website, they promise this to consumers:
Our Vision

Every Home… Everywhere… with Pride, Passion and Performance

Our vision reinforces that every home is our domain, every customer and customer activity our opportunity. This vision fuels the passion that we have for our customers, pushing us to provide innovative solutions to uniquely meet their needs.

Pride... in our work and each other

Passion... for creating unmatched customer loyalty for our brands

Performance... that excites and rewards global investors with superior returns

We bring this vision to life through the power of our unique global Enterprise and our outstanding people... working together... everywhere.

They continue to say:
Our Mission
Everyone, Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life

Our mission defines our focus and what we do differently to create value. We are a company of people captivated with creating loyal customers. From every job, across every contact, we will build unmatched customer loyalty…one customer at a time.

Our Values
Our values are constant and define the way that all Whirlpool Corporation employees are expected to behave and conduct business everywhere in the world.

Respect — We must trust one another as individuals and value the capabilities and contributions of each person.

Integrity — We must conduct all aspects of business honorably – ever mindful of the longtime Whirlpool Corporation belief that there is no right way to do a wrong thing.

Diversity and Inclusion — We must maintain the broad diversity of Whirlpool people and ideas. Diversity honors differences, while inclusion allows everyone to contribute. Together, we create value.

Teamwork — We must recognize that pride results in working together to unleash everyone’s potential, achieving exceptional results.

Spirit of Winning — We must promote a Whirlpool culture that enables individuals and teams to reach and take pride in extraordinary results and further inspire the "Spirit of Winning" in all of us.

Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.

Those are simply just words: this is my experience with them so far. They will not let me speak to the CEO because I am sure he would like to know how customers feel about their products that are so highly touted as the best there is. I also have complaints about the highly priced stainless steel product used on both our stove and dishwasher, I believe the stainless steel is substandard low grade. Yet as consumers we paid a lot of money for this feature. And are sold in the retail stores on this very premise that the extra $$ is worth it because it is such great quality. Complaints on the web (hundreds) say differently. Most feel that they are fraudulent quality SS claims.

Explanation of complaint:
Our KitchenAid dishwasher purchased 5/26/07 for just under $500 has a few defective items. One is the wheel & transport assembly (part number 8268645) just simply broke. There are 4 of these on the dishwasher, they let the lower dish-basket roll in and out of the dishwasher. I am very concerned that the others will breakdown as well. KitchenAid claims that our machine is old and basically 'that's too bad'. The other problem is actually the gasket inside the door. But we read about numerous folks with the same gasket problems get their gaskets fixed (at a cost) and now they can't close their doors or the doors pop open. My husband and I use the dishwasher maybe once a week. There are only two of us and we just wait to fill up the dishwasher before we wash dishes. So even though the unit is just over 3 years old, we don't use it that often. KitchenAid has a mission statement that says they are committed to building products that consumers around the world can DEPEND on to meet their DAILY needs. But when I inquired about the broken assembly piece, they basically gave me some mumble jumble : On 1/13/2011 1:25 PM, Kitchenaid_customerexperience@Kitchenaid.com wrote:
> > Dear
> >
> > Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to write and for calling my attention to the concern you expressed regarding your KitchenAid dishwasher. I am sorry to learn a replacement roller is needed and for any delays in responding.
> >
> > When one of our appliances fails to meet a customer's expectations it concerns me, as I take pride in the quality of our products. I know how disappointing it is whenever any manufactured item requires servicing.
> >
> > Since I am also a consumer, I certainly understand your frustration. I would like to take this time to inform you, however, that although our appliances are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, occasionally failures do occur. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will be no repairs or part replacements needed during the appliance's lifetime, as components do deteriorate or fail on occasion due to factors over which we have no control. I would also like to advise, that I researched your specific model KUDL02IRBS4 and am unable to explain what factors have contributed to your concern, since no recalls or known issues are present.
> >
> > With the above in mind, in an effort to administer our warranty fairly to all customers, KitchenAid Corporation complies with our legal, written, product warranty. Therefore, once a product warranty has expired, any costs for maintenance, service, or component replacements are then within the owner’s time frame of responsibility. Taking this into consideration, I regret to inform you that that due to the age of the product, we will be unable to assist with a replacement roller.
> >
> > For your convenience, I have attached the Parts List in the form of a PDF document to this email. You will want to review this document to determine the part number of the roller. Once you have the part number, you may place an order for it by contacting one of the following places.
> >
> > 1. Our Consumer Direct Sales Department at 1-800-442-9991 or 1-888-222-8608.
> >
> > 2. One of our authorized service providers.
> >
> > For listings of service providers in your area, please visit our website at:
> >
> > http://www.servicebench.com/wp_locator/Kitchenaid.html
> >
> > 3. One of the local parts distributors.
> >
> > W. L. May Company, Inc.
> >
> >
> > Reliable Parts, Inc. East
> >
> >
> > Reliable Parts, Inc.
> >
> >
> > Reliable Parts, Inc.
> >
> >
> >
> > I do apologize for any inconvenience you’ve encountered, as you are a valued KitchenAid customer and I appreciate your support of the KitchenAid brand. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you today.
> >
> > I invite you to contact KitchenAid again either by calling 1-800-334-6889 between 8:00am to 8:00pm EST weekdays or by emailing whenever the need arises. When calling please press the available option or stay on the line to reach a representative.

The phone call I had today basically said 'tough' your warranty is expired. Even though I clearly stated that since the product is NOT used daily that the 'wear and tear' should be rather minimal. The part may have 'worn' out or broke within warranty if we had the need to run it daily.

My premise is that their whole image, mission statement, vision surrounds these words: Our vision reinforces that every home is our domain, every customer and customer activity our opportunity. This vision fuels the passion that we have for our customers, pushing us to provide innovative solutions to uniquely meet their needs.

Our unique needs are that we do not use the machine daily yet the parts broke, maybe there is something with the quality of the part?

Integrity — We must conduct all aspects of business honorably – ever mindful of the longtime Whirlpool Corporation belief that there is no right way to do a wrong thing. Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.

The ring of promise circling the Whirlpool Corporation logo denotes the company's commitment to quality.

I don't see it. It appears that they are resting on the laurels of the old KitchenAids from years ago. As far as I am concerned, they show no good faith to work with customers once they get the money for their products. I continue to see hundreds of complaints about substandard customer service. As a consumer I expect a company to be HONEST about their mission statements and promises in providing quality products. Their marketing image is that they have a solid product that would last years.

Here are their words: Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.

Globally, Whirlpool Corporation manufactures products using principles of lean manufacturing and operational excellence to ensure continuous improvement of processes and to produce products that meet the company's high-quality standards.

At Whirlpool, there is a constant focus on seeking out new and unique ways to improve the function, performance and sustainability of our products.

I am saying that as a consumer, since I do NOT use the product every day that may be the parts are substandard and should be replaced for free. They suffer from a complete failure to acknowledge, let alone take responsibility for a poor quality product. We spent well over $3000 for the stove and dishwasher with the quality expectation based on their marketing image. But as a consumer who was told 'tough, the warranty is over no matter how much you may or may not have used it' tough, just plain tough! I am very afraid of what will happen to the stove now that it too is out of warranty. I say buyer beware. Just like many corporations out there in these economically troubled times, it's all about the BOTTOM LINE -Profit and Shareholders and bonuses and salaries to the rich who get richer by taking advantage and lying about their products. Who cares they say because someone else will buy the items even if I boycott them for life! No one cares about Middle America, they only care about themselves and money...quality and customer service skills have left the building. All they have on their mission statement and vision are words..lies to the consumer.

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Whirlpool Kitchen Aid Dishwasher
Posted by on
I purchased a new Kitchen Aid dishwasher @ $800.00 Purchased at Sheelys in Ohio. At the time of purchase Sheelys said they service their products. After needing service they came out 4 x’s then said they were doing me a favor servicing my dw and passed the buck to Whirlpool. I live about 15 mi from Sheelys. I have purchased 1 slide in range, one defective convection oven, Jenn air owned by Maytag I believe owned by Whirlpool) a lamp, chandelier, 2 leather couches, 2 leather ottomans, one oversize leather love seat. 2 beds. 4 dishwashers,2 freezers, and washer/dryer and kitchen table/chairs, rocking chair and ottoman. Totaling in the thousands from them.
I had a new Whirlpool dishwasher. installed because the old one was leaking and after a few service calls could not be fixed. I purchased a good one with a stainless steel tub. It initially leaked. Strangely that stopped on its own. It was purchased in May. I was hardly around all summer conditioning and working 7 horses and some showing. In August the basket broke. I called for parts. Whirlpool sent the wrong parts to the wrong person at the wrong address. I tracked them down and saw that they expected me to put the wheel housings together myself. I called again and a technician came out verified that correct parts were needed and ordered them. Each time they came out and I said the DW wasn’t working they all gave me a preprepared speech about how the phosphorus ban on soaps is the whole problem. I told the 2nd repairman that the arm wasn’t moving the dishes weren’t being cleaned and I noticed it stopped during the cycle. He ran a short cycle and declared nothing wrong. #3 came out and I begged him to call the company and see if they have any known issues. They did.. the machine stops during the cycle. He ordered the part, the control panel and another repair visit, another day and the machine wasn’t even getting the top rack wet. And it was still not running complete cycles. Sheelys gave up on me and said they could no longer service me because I am out of their area. And passed the buck to Whirlpool. Whirlpool sent a repairman who said indeed the sprayer was not even getting the top dishrack wet and the control board wasn’t working. So he ordered a 2nd control board and a new pump/motor. At this point everything has been replaced at least once. The control board twice. Repairman #6 comes in today installs the pump and control board and leaves. I load the dishwasher leave and come back to find my floor flooded because its leaking again. Sheelys spoke to Whirlpool’s Kent, who said last time if this wasn’t resolved they would take care of the issue. And after 3 major repairs replace it. Today Scott at Whirlpool refused to honor that and very shortly, asked if I would be home next Wednesday between the hours of 8-5 for service call #7. He was very robotlike stating have I helped you today? Which was irrelevant because he hadn’t helped me with anything and just committed me to another full day service call. Which just shows they are insincere and unconcerned. They build an inferior product, refuse to stand behind it, bury you in service calls. Who can take 7 days off in less than 2 mos for dishwasher repairs. BTW today I had to take my Whirlpool washing machine apart and fix the F2 error because of a design flaw. They didn’t include a drain screen so it clogs on a regular basis if you forget change in your pocket etc, today I pulled a bra support wire out of it. How can you plan for that. Lg makes a nice one with a screen. If you need a place to store clean dishes after you wash them yourself, this is the product for you. Keep in mind the basket does break and you will have to replace it. If you expect to purchase a DW that will clean/sanitize your dishes and not leak all over your floor look elsewhere. Just Google Whirlpool and review or ripoff and you will see I am in good company. I wish I had before purchasing.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/13/2011:
So much for relying on the retailer. In this case, you were let down by both the retailer and the manufacturer. What an awful experience with two appliances.

There is a lot of helpful information in this review and a lot to be learned. As you said, they build an inferior product, refuse to stand behind it and bury you in service calls. That's why the solution is not an extended warranty. It just results in more of the same at a higher price.
At Your Service on 10/13/2011:
Very well written review msews. I appreciate how detailed your review is. Many reviews written are left without necessary information and leaves all sorts of questions as to the issues at hand.

To me, the issue is more of one with the retailer you're working with. Yes, even you admit most of the issues weren't caught initially because you weren't around to readily use the dishwasher. Typically, physical breakage, as you're describing within the initial issue with the dishwasher, isn't covered under most warranties. Normally, if this happened during the period of exchange with the retailer, they'd just replace it and get it back to the manufacturer as a defective product but, as you've stated, you weren't using it and it didn't happen until months later. IMHO, it was still wonderful for Kitchenaid to exchange the parts and ultimately get a service technician out to handle to issue.

The issue, which concerns me more, is the pump and control panel problem you're dealing with. As you've indicated, the panel has been replaced twice and the pump once. Normally no-lemon guarantees require three times servicing the same issue. By the forth, the merchandise is generally replaced. Even though you're not at this level yet, I would agree that an exception be made, partially on your well detailed records, and the dishwasher should be exchanged. This is normally handled directly through the merchant, however. Which is why I would be disappointed if the merchant has found it advantageous to remove themselves from the process. They will normally contact the manufacturer, receive an R.A. (Return Authorization) and get the exchange completed out of their own inventory.

I would ultimately recommend contacting the merchant's customer service department with all of your records. It sounds like you're well detailed and I would hope you have work orders each time something was serviced. Address the issue with them directly but make sure to be nice and polite. Remember the old adage about attracting flies ;-) I'd like to know what they have to say.

As for researching the internet, you can replace Whirlpool or Kitchenaid in your search criteria with any other manufacturer you wish -- not limited to appliance manufacturers -- and as I think you would know, you can get results of people complaining about every manufacturer or major retailer in the market. It's the nature of the internet. I would comment that I Googled your model of dishwasher and, besides this review, there isn't one complaint out there listed. Kitchenaid, IMHO, makes one of the better dishwashers on the market.

As for the washer issue you're speaking of, I would agree that you can't expect a washer to necessarily plan for an under-wire support to be left in it. I believe it's recommended that most larger chested women wash their bras by hand to help deal with this issue.

Finally, I would comment on your dishwasher being used for dishes "only after you wash them yourself." Part of the issue with the new dish washing detergents is that you cannot pre-rinse the dishes before placing them within the tub. The detergents absolutely require a certain level of grease to activate and pre-rinsing will actually hinder the wash system.

Please let us know how things turn out and thanks again for the review.
trmn8r on 10/13/2011:
Excellent review. The dishwasher gave you the F2 error, but the manufacturer is giving you an "FU" error. Good luck - you've been put through the wringer.
Venice09 on 10/13/2011:
It would be easier to wash dishes and clothes by hand than to go through all this. Owning and maintaining appliances is equivalent to having a second job. Except instead of getting paid, you get taken to the cleaners (or should I say laundromat?).
ok4now on 10/14/2011:
At Your Service: Excellent point about not pre-washing your dishes. Just yesterday my Kenmore washer died. The previous owner left it and I got 2 years of service out of it. Called for repair. The service tech was excellent. He determined that the main bearing was shot. It would cost over $600 to fix it. Looking for a new washer now. Back to the topic. We got to talking and he explained the same thing you did. It's better to leave the dishes dirty, just scrape off the heavy food. He also recommended running the hot water first and making sure the garbage disposal is empty. Good advise.

Venice: We have discussed many reviews about the poor quality of appliances. You pay big bucks and they are junk. Now I need a new washer. I'm really doing my homework on this one. Very frustrating. Consumer Reports rates the Whirlpool number one. Researched that model ($1000) and the first 20 reviews absolutely trash it. Bad circuit boards, it leaks, vibrates etc. Catch my pending review on what I bought and why. You'll like it.

Hint: It won't be a Kenmore from Sears.
Venice09 on 10/14/2011:
I'm getting a Speed Queen top loader as soon as my washer bites the dust, which could be any day now.

I don't use a dishwasher. Too much trouble.
At Your Service on 10/15/2011:
Appreciate it ok4now.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your insights of a new washer. There are lots of good information to gather. If you decide to get a front load, the one brand I'd stay clear of is G.E. They make a lot of good products but they've had so many problems that with their initial front load design that anyone buying into their product is too much of a guinea pig IMHO. I'm also sheepish about Samsung. It's not that they're bad, but their service system still leaves a lot to be desired in many areas of the country. I'd definitely research this area specifically before purchasing one. Also, good call on the Kenmore. It's not that Kenmore makes a bad product, they just don't make any product at all. For the most part, they're the equivalent to other brands and models on the market which have had the Kenmore name slapped onto it, just to have the price jacked up.

As for the brands I like, Whirlpool does the Duet line along with their Maytag counterparts. They are all fairly decent. L.G. does some good stuff too, but you have to know certain models and which ones specifically are or are not a good value. Ultimately, the one I would look at the most seriously is Frigidaire's Affinity line. They're a reasonably good product at fairly reasonable pricing. If you're in need of one, or yours has become old enough that it could be in its end life cycle, you can purchase the washer with dryer and still be within the same price range as just a more expensive washer. For example, look for a model FAFS4473 or FAFS4272. These models offer a tub that is over 4 cubic foot and full steam wash as an option. The matching dryer is generally 7.0 cubic foot and also allows for steam, along with one of the better accu-sense drying sensors I've seen on the market. A full stainless steel tub rounds out it's design. If you can find them on sale, expect to be around $1175 for the PAIR. The optional pedestals, to raise the units and make a nice storage area, can be an equally good value of about $100 apiece, again on sale.

We've had a lot of discussion about extended warranty coverage. I still believe it's something to consider. There's no absolutes with any product, nor has there ever been. IMHO, I would only shop from major retailers and retailers that actually handle and back their own warranty programs. I'm not a big fan of third-party extended warranties. A good warranty on a washer might be $130 for five years; $80 for a warranty on a nice dryer. It's a little more out of the pocket, but in the long run it could also pay off.

Let me know along the way if you have questions I may be able to help with. Again, I'll be interested as to what you choose.
Venice09 on 10/15/2011:
The companies that manufacture Kenmore appliances do so with Kenmore's specifications. I disagree that the Kenmore name is just slapped on a product to jack up the price. On the contrary, I find Kenmore appliances to be very reasonably priced. I have had the most luck with Kenmore than any other brand. Regardless, I would never recommend Kenmore or any other brand because buying appliances is a crap shoot.
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Maytag's "MDB" Dishwashers are Junk
Posted by on
BENSON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I have owned two Maytag "MDB" model dishwashers within the last three years and both failed to operate, within and after the warranty period expired. The first Maytag dishwasher I bought in 2007 for over $ 500 (not a small amount of money to me - it's 50% of my net bi-weekly salary). Six months or so into the warranty period, the machine's control panel stopped working. I called the company and found out it had been recalled because it was constructed so poorly that rinse agent could leak into the wiring of the control panel and cause a fire.

Maytag replaced my dishwasher with another "MDB" model which has the same control panel problem as the first dishwasher, and in addition has a defective heating element assembly which also causes a fire inside the dishwasher. I discovered accidentally (Maytag did not notify customers directly)that this model is subject to recall, so I called about it. I was told I could get a $ 150 to $ 250 rebate off the cost of a new (more expensive) Maytag dishwasher, or a free repair. I opted for the free repair, because I certainly am not going to buy another Maytag/Whirlpool appliance.

First, Maytag told me they could not replace the control panel because it went bad (three days) after the warranty expired. When the technician came out to repair the heating element assembly, he informed me that even though the warranty had expired, if I was "nice to the company" when I called, they would replace the control panel at no charge, though they would not cover his labor charges ($ 416.00). I called the company and the service/recall representative told me that Maytag does not reimburse for a failed control panel after the warranty expires. When I told them what the service technician had told me, and that I was prepared to file a class action lawsuit over this issue ( I am an attorney), Maytag offered to cover 50% of the cost of the replacement parts.

Now I have found out from this website that on June 3, 2010, Maytag announced a voluntary recall of 1.7 MILLION dishwashers "amid concerns that a wiring problem in the appliances could spark kitchen fires."

This is a totally fraudulent way to conduct a business. First they sold me a defectively constructed product for over $ 500. Then when that product failed to operate due to wiring problems, they recalled it and replaced it with an equally defective product. When the replacement product failed for the exact same problem, they refused to repair it at no cost to the consumer, claiming the problem was outside the warranty period. Finally, They lied about not covering defective products after expiration of the warranty.

I will never, ever buy anything by Whirlpool, Maytag or any of their other subsidiary companies (Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Performa, Admiral and Crosley). Whirpool has basically bought out the appliance market and now has a virtual monopoly on refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, etc. And Who approved the merger that turned Whirlpool into a monopoly? You can thank The George W. Bush administration, back in 2006.

Now, the plants that manufactures the parts for Whirlpool Group appliances are all offshore, although the company takes great pains to inform you that the appliances are "assembled" in the US. They have not only outsourced our jobs, they left quality behind along the way.

Whirlpool/Maytag used to stand for affordable, quality products that lasted at least 10 years. Now they stand for expensive, mediocre products that don't last even 3 years.

Last year, before I learned about the merger between Whirlpool and Maytag, I bought a Whirlpool "frost-free" refrigerator/freezer from Lowe's. Guess what? It ain't frost free. Good thing I purchased an extended warranty.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 08/03/2010:
This is an excellent, well-written and very informative review. Thanks for posting it.

"Whirlpool has basically bought out the appliance market and now has a virtual monopoly on refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, etc."

Good observation. I realized this when I received the recall notice for my refrigerator. This makes an already bad situation even worse.

I can't believe they replaced a recalled dishwasher with another defective one that would also be recalled. I guess that's how they move the merchandise.

The extended warranty you purchased may be an even bigger disappointment than your broken appliances. It is very hard to get warranties honored when something breaks. And something always breaks. You may find yourself wishing you had skipped the cost of the warranty and instead put the money aside for taking care of the repairs yourself. That way you can use the service company of your choice and not be a prisoner to the terms of the warranty.

I hope I'm wrong and that you get the service you expect from the warranty.
goduke on 08/03/2010:
It is well written. As an attorney, however, you probably have to know that, at this point, there's no proof that Maytag had knowledge of the defect while the repair issues were being had, and there's really no evidence that they were lying about anything when they said they wouldn't repair it outside of warranty. It could be it wasn't until they had a number of situations with the same issue that they realized they had an issue that was addressed through a recall.

I'm not saying that their service wasn't inept, or that their products aren't bad; I'm just pointing out there are some assumptions about intent to defraud that would have to be proved.
Venice09 on 08/03/2010:
You're right about that, goduke. However, it's good to see an attorney take interest in this as a consumer. Maybe something something will actually come of it.
Helpful on 08/03/2010:
I have a question to the OP that is beside the point, but raises a so-called red flag within the review. You originally state that $500 is half of your net, bi-weekly salary. This means you receive $1000 every two weeks or approximately $4000 per month. This seems rather low to me for an attorney's salary.

That aside, it's unfortunate that you've had such a terrible experience with the MDB line of dishwashers. I have a close relative that owns an MDB7600 series and absolutely loves it. Never has it caused a moment of problems. This was, at the time, the entry level model which offered nylon racks in place of their step down model which only used a vinyl coating on the racks.

With all respect, there are a large group of additional appliance manufacturers within the industry. Electrolux/Frigidaire, GE/Hotpoint, LG, Bosch/Thermadore, Asko, Miele, Danby, Haier, Westinghouse, Viking, Wolf, Subzero and Samsung all produce appliances; some manufacturer dishwashers and actually specialize within this area. Hopefully no one would actually believe the concept that the market is without competition. Although, just like any other merchandise on the open market, I'd be surprised if all of them didn't have complaints on this site.

Best of luck. Let us know if you end up getting it serviced or replaced.
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
You're right. The OP's salary has nothing to do with the review. Does seeing it as a red flag mean you are questioning the OP's credibility?
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
Just to correct some math.....1000 bucks bi-weekly would be 2000usd a month, not 4000. :)
Helpful on 08/04/2010:
Thanks for the catch Judge. You're absolutely right.
Maytag is JUNK on 05/11/2013:
Funny stuff, but the OP is correct (what does OP stand for). I had a MDBTT60AWW that had the recall after 2 yrs ownership. They came out did the reapir and 2 days later the control panel went.... After an exhasted fight the company doing the re-call work did come out and change the control panel and board. Now 2.5 yrs later, the control panel (cheap touch panel) in front went again..... I can fix it, but at $100.00 for the part I figure, it is just going to break again in 2 yrs, so I went and bought a new dishwasher, not of the Maytag/Whirlpool family. PS: Customer service at Maytag worthless. ...
R H on 06/02/2013:
We bought this same model and it also broke.
It is only 3 years old and the control panel.
The Maytag repair man must be busy on this model. But don’t worry I won’t be buying a Maytag again. So your life will be slow again.
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Whirlpools Products
Posted by on
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Less than 2 years ago my fiancee and I went out to by all new appliances for our home which we had just bought. We decided to go with all Whirlpool products since we had been told by multiple salesman that they made good products and we had both had Whirlpool in our homes as kids. It was the worst decision we could have made. Now before I write my review I know I should have purchased warranties for some if not all the products but as I mentioned we just bought our house and money was tight, that's why we went with what we thought to be top of the line products. 13 months from the date of purchase the Dishwasher seals went bad and needed to be replaced and 1 other minor thing which we paid for out of pocket around $150. 19 months from the date of purchase the washing machine completely went bad, the motor had burned up and it was a total loss. We paid about $650 for the washer and had to pay $700 for a new one. Just today still 19 months from the date of purchase we found out that our fridge has a bad defrost control and total to fix (after they get the part) would be $400 and it was recommended that we replace the thermostat which I did not get a price for. I called Whirlpool and explained to them our situation and told them that everything in our home was Whirlpool (except the washing machine we just replaced) and less than 2 years old and would they be able to help such a good customer with part of the repair, I was not even looking to have them pay for everything, just help us out and I was told by multiple people that there is nothing they could do but "THANKS FOR BEING A GOOD CUSTOMER".....Whirlpool does not care about their customers AT ALL. So if you are thinking about buying any of their products you need to get ready to be screwed. If they don't want to help someone that spent the money we spent they will never help out someone who just buys 1 or 2 items. It is so sad to think that a company that had such a good name and still does to some people is treating their customers this way. I can't tell anyone what to buy but just let them know of my experience with Whirlpool. STAY AWAY.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 12/05/2011:
Brand names mean nothing today. Now they are like a coat of paint. It has nothing to do with the quality underneath.

For years now companies have bought, sold and traded brand names as if they were baseball cards.
Venice09 on 12/05/2011:
Another case of planned obsolescence. Don't beat yourself up over not purchasing extended warranties. Nothing worth buying needs an extended warranty. These Whirlpool products were obviously not worth buying. Extended warranties just create more aggravation and inconvenience. All the service calls alone! Who has time for that?

That's the truth, chuck. Brand means nothing.
At Your Service on 12/05/2011:
I am my family have had wonderful experiences with Whirlpool appliances. I don't hesitate in recommending them.

The reality is that just about every manufacturer on the market has limited the length of time that they warranty a product. Most manufacturers now provide a one year-limited warranty with the purchase of a product. Some have even started offering less! Based upon research done by Consumer Reports, along with other independent organizations, about one in every five appliances will experience some sort of difficulty within the first three years of ownership. It's why the intelligent consumer takes this statistic into consideration and purchases accordingly. There are retailers which provide well backed and reasonable extended warranties for appliances purchased through them. For a small amount up front, the cost having an appliance serviced or replace is left to the retailer. Well, as you've stated, that's something you've now come to realize.

The cost of servicing an appliance can be a lot. It's why I don't think you'd find any manufacturer willing to arbitrarily cover such costs.
Venice09 on 12/05/2011:
"There are retailers which provide well backed and reasonable extended warranties for appliances purchased through them."

Care to name any? I think everyone would be interested to know them by name.

"Based upon research done by Consumer Reports, along with other independent organizations, about one in every five appliances will experience some sort of difficulty within the first three years of ownership."

What an embarrassment to the entire appliance industry! They should hang their collective heads in shame.
bsanders77 on 12/05/2011:
Interesting how its to be 1 in 5, but the OP had a bad experience in 3 of 4 Whirlpool appliances? I personally are batting 2 for 2 with bad experience with Whirlpool products and although Whirlpool and their current subsidiaries account for approximately 27% of the appliances sold in the USA and Canada, but yet receive over 50% of the complaints generated on this site.

Using this site as a cross-section of the general appliance market, that would mean Whirlpool is failing at over double the rate of the remainder of the industry. So, for every 20 failures in 100, that means Whirlpool and their sister brands are responsible for at least 10 of them. For having 27 out of every 100 from the Whirlpool "family" and 10 or more being failed units, that seems like a pretty bad track record.

Good luck jmwftm22. My recommendation is to start combing through recalls to see if any of them apply to your problems. Because that is about the only way they will acknowledge it being their product problems and not just your tough luck.
Venice09 on 12/06/2011:
It's obvious that Whirlpool is in trouble. All you have to do is look around. It's foolish to deny it.

That's good advice, bsanders. It's always a good idea to look for recalls. Not everyone receives notification by mail. Sometimes you have to find out on your own.
At Your Service on 12/06/2011:
Actually, in many ratings Whirlpool is considered a very good brand of appliance, as can be seen in sites such as http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/search.htm?header_health_search.x=0&header_health_search.y=0&query=Whirlpool
ok4now on 12/06/2011:
Whirlpool and Sears have a lot in common. They were once both well respected names that offered quality and excellent customer service. Sadly this is not the case today. Both are living off of their previous reputations but fail the consumer.

I'm being redundant but I recently needed a new washer after my 5 year old Kenmore failed with a bad main bearing. The repair was over $600.00. Trashed it. Consumer Reports rated the Whirlpool number one. Did a Google search on this model. All the reviews were negative with numerous problems. Most complaints were for the circuit/idiot board which has a high & expensive failure rate. I bought Bosch recommended by the repairman as having the fewest problems. I have a Bosch Dishwasher and it has worked flawlessly.

Conclusion: Sears Kenmore/Whirlpool were once the gold standard. You purchased this product and it was trouble free. Customer service took care of you if there was a problem. This is not the case today. The products are mediocre at best and you have to fight for repair/warranty work. The consumer is getting ripped off.
Venice09 on 12/06/2011:
Nice and concise, ok4now. And all true.
andbran on 12/06/2011:
I have bought 2 Whirlpool washing machines. the first one lasted about 15 years. the one I have now is still going great. so I still have a lot of faith in Whirlpool. my mother in law gave us a Kenmore refrigerator. I am waiting for it to go out just so I can get one from Whirlpool.
Venice09 on 12/06/2011:
I'm sure there are Whirlpool products out there that are working just fine. The problem is in the failure rate and the customer service that ensues. I have/had Kenmore products that I love, but I still have no confidence in the brand because of all the complaints. Buying appliances shouldn't be a crapshoot. Consumers should be able to buy with some level of confidence in the brand. Right now, I have none.
At Your Service on 12/06/2011:
Sure andbran. That's exactly what were speaking of. This site, and others like it, has always been an arena for the vocal minority. The ratings are a good reflection of why Whirlpool is still a well trusted name.
2cent-er on 12/10/2011:
Yeah you sure can't go by brand name anymore. ya just got to buy what you like,close your eyes and hope for the best..Ridiculous that one would feel compelled to purchase an after market contract for repairs..there's legitimate expectations on the consumers part that the appl will last, at least a 'reasonable' time before something- just wears out..when the manf's started to reduce their warranties their spin was "consumers didn't place much emphasis on length of warranty"..HuH! it was because they thought the appl would last; at *least* until it was paid off...in case' like the OP' the manf should offer some relief..it's now a win win for these co's; they get out from under any costs after the year warranty, they provide a revenue stream for their buddies selling contracts and they get to sell the replacement parts.. for all the customers they turn off-who cares! since they're all doing it, it's just a round robin..Crazy world.
Venice09 on 12/10/2011:
That's the problem. They're all doing it! That's why they're getting away with it. And people are fed up.

I would never finance an appliance. I'd still be paying it off long after it was in the junk yard.
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Don't Buy Appliances Made By Whirlpool
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Brand new house, brand new appliances by Whirlpool. Dishwasher Model #DU1015XTXB0 Serial # F00702058 within less than 6 months this dishwasher electronic board went bad. Instead of replacing the dishwasher Whirlpool replaced the part. Not even one year later the same part went bad. Now is dishwasher is not even 18 months old and it will cost $255.00 to repair.

Whirlpool says too bad. It is just the two of us in the home and I buy Cascade packets 20ct x 5 at Sam's...not even done with the packets so I know 100% that we have run the dishwasher 70 cycles in 18 months.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 09/15/2011:
Electronic control panels are a sore spot on many brands. The steamy environment they reside by tends to result in expensive failures. I would always recommend getting a mechanical controlled D/W (or laundry) when the option is available with similar features. It's usually cheaper that way as well.
At Your Service on 09/15/2011:
The model of dishwasher you're speaking of is what I would consider a "contractor" level appliance. These kind of appliances are placed in new homes as cheaper "fill-in" models. The brand really isn't the indicator. You just have to know the things to look for on the appliance that makes it a little lower level piece. This is generally why the builder gives the option of upgrading the appliances if you are the one having the home built.

I wouldn't put out the $255 for servicing this unit, as its not an expensive model to begin with. If you want to try maintaining a certain level of continuity throughout the kitchen, and thereby replacing the unit with a similar looking model but better built, I'd look at a DU1300 series. You can purchase these units for about $400 plus; depending on the finish. If you'd rather try a different manufacturer, I'd consider a Bosch model SHE43. Although this is a European designed appliance and takes a longer dry time. It is not recommended for someone doing more than one load of dishes per day.

Just be aware, there isn't a manufacturer around that doesn't have its share of complaints or those who may support them. If you want to take the extra precaution, you may want to shop around for extended warranty programs.
Venice09 on 09/15/2011:
The "level" or price doesn't matter. Top of the line appliances usually have a shorter life than the less expensive versions, usually due to the electronics, as Slim pointed out.

Anything worth buying doesn't need an extended warranty.
WP2008 on 09/16/2011:
Hi my name is Kyle and I am a representative of Whirlpool. I am sorry to learn of the issue you are having with your appliance. If there is anything that I can do please reach out to me via Facebook (Whirlpool) or Twitter (WhirlpoolCare). Or contact us directly via e-mail Whirlpool_Digital@whirlpool.com please include your user name and what site we contacted you on for our records.
At Your Service on 09/17/2011:
Thanks Kyle. It's good to at least see you put out the additional effort to help.
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Whirlpool Gold: Bad New Product, Bad Service
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Finished doing a new kitchen last month. 2 Whirlpool Gold refrigeraters, which need to have the doors flip (open in other direction). The accompanying instructions are for a differnent very different door handle. Call the company to have them tell me if it isn't in the book they can't help. After a lot of screaming and yelling back and forth - on hold forever, etc. Their customer service department could never come forth with how to "flip the door". No supervisor for escalation. No technical department to help. Just "if its not in the book there is nothing we can do for you". Mind you Whirlpool "Gold" is supposed to be their top of the line" product.

It should also be noted that 2 Whirlpool dishwashers also purchased. Within 6 weeks the stainless fronts of both dishwashers had hundreds of small rust spots on them. Nothing would take them off. After a lot of back and forth Whirlpool sends stainless cleaner. It doesn't work either. Look on the internet to find LOTS of people have the same problem. They inform that their warranty is for 30 days (!!!!!!!)- I am out of luck - and nothing they can do for me. Are you kidding me... major appliances with a 30 day warranty? Their solution for a 6 week old machine is I CAN BUY new dishwasher fronts but they won't guarantee they won't do the same thing. How can they get away with this? I intend on telling everyone who will listen what bad experiences I've had with KitchenAid Whirlpool. Their customer service is in the dark ages. The CS reps are nasty, know nothing about the products. I can read from the instruction booklet too! All they seem to be able to do is read you word for word from the instruction booklets.

It is maddening that this company, Whirlpool-KitchenAid gets away with making inferior product, not stand behind it, and be nasty in the process.
They offer no help with DEFECTIVE BRAND NEW PRODUCT, nor any help in setting up product when their instruction booklet does not address the issue. How can they change for example the door handle, and not change the booklet to reflect a changed product. But hey - that can happen. But for their customer service department not be able to help NOR WILLING TO GET YOU THE ANSWER is appalling. Six MAJOR appliances from Whirlpool, and FOUR HAVE MAJOR ISSUES/PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST 45 DAYS, AND WHIRLPOOL REFUSES TO HELP. NICE!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/21/2010:
Did you request the door placement at the time you bought the refrigerator? That would be the time to make sure the door opens in the right direction so there is no problem when you get it home.

Check the warranty yourself. I doubt that it is only thirty days. Who would buy a major appliance with a 30-day warranty?
MarkyMark29 on 10/24/2010:
The refrigerators were ordered, and came "one way" but we were assured that the door was reversible and easy to do. With instructions it would have been easy to do. They changed the handle and never bothered to change the instructions. The morons in CS just kept saying the same thing "if its not in the book I don't know what I can tell you". It was pathetic. Store says call Whirlpool, and Whirlpool customer service can't figure out HOW to get the information? Crazy!
Venice09 on 10/24/2010:
I agree, it's crazy that no one will help you.

Try looking at this manual, but I'm not sure if it covers the new handle. Start on Page 5.


You could also try posting a question here:


or here:


It seems other people are having a problem with the new handle not being included in the instructions. It also seems that Whirlpool created this little snafu and has no solution.

You could also try going back to the store to see if someone can help you. Show them the refrigerator you purchased and the handle. Hopefully someone will be knowledgeable enough to know what to do.
2cent-er on 11/08/2010:
you didn't post model # but the door reversal is pretty straight forward regardless of model. I think you have "failure to communicate" did you call W itself or the co you bought it from? go on W web site and look up your model.there's different procedures for different models. some have a hidden handle screw for instance..was this an inter-net sale from an unauthorized seller? I'm not aware of any ss panel problems on d/w [may be].wonder if these d/w were exposed to some type of environmental situation prior to your purchase and now are showing signs of rust.they would consider this cosmetic. that's why they're saying 30days. I would schedule a service call with W factory service-tell them both are noisy. when tech comes out show him d/w and ask how to do door swing. he should be able to determine what's up with ss panels.
MarkyMark29 on 11/22/2010:
Thanks everyone. Yes, I called Whirlpool directly. Yes, I also went online but it was the same as the brochure - showing a completely different handle... and it was the same as what the Whirlpool service people were looking at also. The fact that a customer service person can not research it, and get back to someone with an answer is ridiculous. They just kept saying "I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do for you". When I escalated it to a supervisor - same thing. And you are right about the d/w being exposed to something - or just a manufacturing problem with the stainless rusting. The reality is that I don't think that it is "really" stainless. Stainless doesn't rust, hence the name. This got hundreds of little round dots of rust. We got it off after hours of elbow grease, baking soda and water. But not because of any help of any ideas from Whirlpool. Who knows if it will reappear or not? Too bad such bad customer service! I will say that having on this site with a manufacturing problem with a very expensive KitchenAid built in 48" refrigerator... I wasn't able to resolve for years now, (ice clumping, freezer burn despite their replacing the door, seals, several times, etc.) But since I vented on this website I have been approached by KitchenAid customer service. It's too bad this is what it took to get noticed. But I will post that they fixed the problem IF they fix it. It's only been 4 years trying to get resolution! It's no Sub-Zero.... I guess you get what you pay for, I don't know.
Venice09 on 11/22/2010:
The problem is, I don't think you get what you pay for anymore, regardless of brand. Nothing seems to be built to last or is easy/inexpensive to fix. There's just no winning.

I'm glad you at least got their attention. Please do let us know what happens.

Good luck.
coy walker on 07/22/2013:
I bought a Whirlpool refrig in feb 2012 had it 17 months
there is a drain hole in the back of freezer it plug up water ruin my new floor repair man said this was an ongoing problem Whirlpool has no way of fixing it.
my refrig is a bottom freezer double door.model gi6sdrxxyo7
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Dishwasher - Bad Customer Service
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently had to write this letter and have received no response. The CEO of Whirlpool is really out of the loop.

May 29, 2007

Mr. Jeff M. Fettig
Chief Executive Officer
Whirlpool Corporation
553 Benton Road
Benton Harbor, MI 49022

Dear Mr. Fettig:

Don’t you just hate it when a company’s web site states “Our Mission Everyone... Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life” and then by example proves the passion has faded and they just don’t care?

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a “durable good” and it doesn’t work as claimed? And more so when it then stops working altogether?

Don’t you just hate it when you call to get assistance and you get a very lengthy, falsely cheerful automated message? And the message instructs you to punch in your phone number, etc. then forces you to listen to a lengthy menu of options, the last of which applies?

Don’t you just hate it – and start to worry – when the first two of the many messages and directions are about recalls of the company’s faulty products?

Don’t you just hate it when the message you must endure while waiting to speak to a person suggests that “for your convenience” you can go online and solve your problems by yourself and maybe allow the company to reduce customer service headcount?

Don’t you just hate it when you buy a product in good faith, expecting it to work, sometimes called being the “customer,” and are then treated as a nuisance or the enemy?

Don’t you just hate it when you get a customer service representative who says she is “fully empowered” to help but can’t?

Don’t you just hate it when you are told service can be provided, but only weeks in the future and only if you are willing to wait half a day for the nine-to-five service person to arrive, and you don’t have half a day to wait around? (Whatever happened to the cadres of “lonely Maytag servicemen?”)

Don’t you just hate it when the “customer service supervisor” offers to help out and then suggests you call the repair service yourself (i.e. do his job for him?) to try to get an acceptable timeframe for a repair call?

Don’t you just hate the fact that the word “service” in customer service seems to have no meaning in your company?

If you haven’t had such an experience, I suggest you (under an assumed name) buy a Maytag MDB-9 dishwasher. Then call your own customer service number and try to get satisfaction. The people I spoke with were ultimately polite and equally ineffectual. About as reliable as the product. I believe they are not personally to blame, as they were just looking at the computer screen and responding as they were trained. The innovation your PR department hails apparently does not apply to customer relationships.

My satisfaction level with the Maytag/Whirlpool product is ZERO. The few times I did get to run the dishwasher (approximately two to three times a week over a couple of months) I found it did not do a very good job of cleaning dishes. Then it just stopped working completely.

I find these additional points from your web site most interesting:

Whirlpool Corporation

…the success of Whirlpool's global business is driven by its ability to truly understand and fulfill customer needs

Customer Loyalty
Creating unmatched customer loyalty for our brands is the cornerstone of our strategy. This simple idea is based on an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs, wants and expectations, so that we can consistently deliver unique, innovative solutions to meet or exceed these expectations. The success of our strategy depends on knowing the rational and emotional drivers that build customer loyalty for a brand.

As a company, we are learning and building new skills that will enable us to better earn customer loyalty. In a rapidly changing global marketplace, our customers are more knowledgeable and have more choices than ever before. We understand this and believe our efforts to build unmatched loyalty for Whirlpool Corporation brands will make them the best choice for many customers and provide Whirlpool with a unique and differentiated value creation strategy.

My response: Huh?

If the service company ever gets here when I can be available, I hope they can repair it and get it to work as claimed in your literature. If they can’t get it to work as well as other makers’ dishwashers, what recourse do I have?

I eagerly await your reply.


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User Replies:
poppapia on 06/08/2007:
Great letter, and I hope it gets a response. I remember the government saying our nation would become a service nation when manufacturing jobs started going overseas, but that was just a lie to get all of us feeling a little better about all the job losses. Corporate America has no idea what customer service and quality products are anymore, and it doesn't look to get any better any time soon.
Anonymous on 06/08/2007:
Try going through a local shop,you won't have to wait as long as going through the factory.

Where was the unit purchased?and have you tried to call them?

If purchased at a hardware store(Home Depot,Lowes)good luck
Lobo on 06/08/2007:
Many thanks. I did buy at Lowes, who said I had to take it up with the manufacturer. I've copied Lowes on my letter, not expecting any response.
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 06/20/2007:
Actually, customer service is alive and well. Problem is that the consumers that call in everyday seem to think that they will get stellar treatment when they are @$$holes to the people on the phones. Sorry, doesn't work that way. The amount of assistance you get is based on how much you make them want to help you,nothing more.
great-grandma is M-A-D on 07/08/2007:
I was very courteous to the customer service in both Lowe's and Whirpool's head office, as badly as I was feeling about the product, I knew that getting excited would do me no good at all. In fact, being pleasant did me no good at all.
I must say that Whirpool was head and shoulders above Lowe's though. I have a non-working fridge from them and can't seem to get anything done, they say they can't find the problem with it...well, duh, I knew I couldn't, and if they can't, where do I go...I am still under warranty and still it doesn't matter..the unit is less than a year and a half old and my frigerator part is warm as I write...they said 'they don't know what the problem is', well, guess that means I just dispose of it? I have since read on one of these site that more than just I am having problems and they explain them to be exactly what I am going through. If they are aware that multiple people are having the exact same problem, why are they putting their heads in the sand?
money...I forgot...until they issue a recall, they will just keep stalling me and I will have to try to do with an old fridge in the garage and someone to help me get the things I need from there. NO YELLING SIR...but, I am in my 70's and I am medically handicapped - it's been a trial for me with this extra burden...what would you suggest I do, I have neither been nasty or obnoxious on the phone, nor have I ever raised my voice..actually I ma not strong enough to do so. Oh, I forgot a very little thing..when I called for service on my NEW fridge, I was told by the repairman it had been serviced before I purchased it...I bought it in January and it had been surviced and they installed a new compressor in December...but, still no yelling, just shock
so, I will not purchase another item in Lowe's and I will check all appliances I purchase from now on with the manufacturer to find out if it has a repair record . It is not funny, not one bit
Ol_Lonely_is_dead on 10/09/2007:
If a unit cannot be repaired it is replaced if it is under warranty. This has always been the case and it always will. If your unit is warm and they cannot fix the issue you will get a new one, the tech out on the field just has to call the manufacturer to report it.
auspiciousbunny on 04/15/2008:
Lonely is dead, I'm sorry but I did not hang up on someone in customer service at Whirlpool. They hung up on me. After I was pleasant and chatted with them. And then they transferred me to oblivion. And then told me they were unable to do their job.

What you mean to say I think is that your customer service department is a bunch of lame-os who can't be bothered to do their jobs and have chips on their shoulders about it. Why don't they get creative and find new jobs if they can't handle their responsibilities?

Whirlpool CS is a joke. I was nice to everyone I spoke to until the SEVENTH time I called.

You get what you earn.
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Is Whirlpool's Maytag dishwasher recall a scam or just a lesson in total ineptitude?
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SHAWNEE MISSION, KANSAS -- On the 5th of February I heard about the Maytag dishwasher recall. On that day I started calling the phone number that was listed. I would get a recorded message asking me to punch in all the serial numbers then I'd be on hold anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. Finally a voice would come on and say they couldn't handle the call and to call back later. That went on for one week. Finally I called the dealer I had purchased the machine from and they told me the company was not including them in any of this. Finally two weeks later I was able to get through to the recall line. My information was taken on Feb 15. First they tried to get me to take a $75 voucher for a new dishwasher. I think this was what they were hoping for so they could up their sales. That's why I am kind of wondering if they took this defect and tried to turn it to a profit event for themselves. What follows in my story makes me wonder even more if that is the case. I said I couldn't afford to buy a new dishwasher and didn't want to do that I just wanted mine fixed. They said the part would be shipped to me which seemed strange and that a repairman would come to fix it on Feb. 22. On February 21 someone called to ask if my part had arrived and it had not. "Oh well. We'll have to reschedule you." We have been without a working dishwasher for three weeks and I said "Doesn't the repairman have a part he can bring out?" I was told that they didn't send the parts to the servicemen. I guess that would make too much sense and cost them a lot less. So it's looking more like they are trying to punish the customers who wouldn't just shut up and take the token $75 voucher. I called the company to complain and spoke with Kenisha who told me they had done all they could do for me and all she could say was that the part was on order. I tried to reach someone higher in the company to complain but I just kept getting customer service and being told "Well lots of people are mad." Basically join the crowd. The next day a service man - not a Matag repairman but a contractor from Sears - called to ask if I had received the part. He pretty much said tough luck and said they'd reschedule me. So I called the company back. The customer service person said "Oh your part didn't actually get ordered. Some of them didn't." So she said she would re-order it and reschedule me for March 5. So not only will I have to be without a dishwasher for at least a month - and I am afraid the way this is going even longer - but, to accommodate their parts delivery I have had to rearrage work schedules twice, at least, which usually ends up costing me money. I have serious doubts about this whole process. I'm not sure who to contact to find out about this or even complain to about it. No one higher up than a peon will get on the phone at Maytag or Whirlpool. The upper management seems to have locked themselves into their ivory towers to wait out their evil scheme. Our Maytag dealer told us since Whirlpool purchased the company they have been very uncommunicative to any customer service requests. I own a Maytag washer, dryer, stove and dishwasher and purchased them because I considered Maytag to be top of the line in appliances and customer service. I will certainly avoid Maytag and especially Whirlpool in the future. They may make some money off their stupid voucher scheme but I think in the long run the loss of customers will hurt them. Just like a big corporation to think they can dump on their loyal customers in order to line their own pockets.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 02/22/2007:
The recall went back as far as models 10 years old. If yours is anywhere near that, a $75 credit is very fair, and not much of a money making ploy. A $400 unit costs the retailer about $300 and costs Maytag about $200 to build. They would only make about $25 on a replacement. What they really want is the easy way out, as opposed to the mess you're dealing with as far as coordinating a parts delivery with a service tech.
warddw1526 on 02/22/2007:
I agree with SlimJim that the $75 discount is much easier for them. On another note, when I worked at Sears customer service, we had someone who felt that Sears should reimburse ($150) him because he had to wash his own dishes for a week.
plums on 02/22/2007:
Yes perhaps making $25 off me isn't much but multiply that by 400,000 and it's a chunk of change. Plus it makes their sales look strong which is what I think they really want. I'm not asking to be reimbursed for anything I just want honest answers and accountability. And you're right a $75 dollar credit isn't anything to them but I am just a poor schmoe trying to keep my head above water. I don't have $400 to replace a dishwasher. Or the money to keep scheduling days off to be here for the repair.
Anonymous on 02/22/2007:
Yeah plums you're getting shafted. You make an excellent point about upping the sales or maybe dropping inventory levels regardless of the profit margin. These companies anymore are more about stock prices and the wall street perception than the actual profit margin or god forbid the customer. Obviously they are not interested in repairing existing units. Great review! I hope it all works out for you.

Kudos to Slim & warddw1526.
badmamma on 02/24/2007:
as a Maytag/Whirlpool employee I have to say that any time a consumer feels they are not getting the right answer regarding this recall, ask the csr for the call to be escalaed. Orders are to escalate all calls that request a supervisor. A special supervisory teamhas been set up for this. On the other end of your complaints. I am the one who answers your calls and I can tell you, I see where you may be frustrated, but don't call me names and act like I personally gave you a defective dishwasher. Some of you people are so mean and hateful when you call me that I don't have a lot of incentive to help you past what I have too. I am sure you probably don't think that is good customer service but you need to sit in my chair. I want to help you, but don't call me names and don't call your dishwasher junk, etc. It has served you well for almost 10 years and now there is an issue that MT is stepping up to resolve. You know MT could have gone a long time without telling anyone of this issue, but didn't. $75 for a 10 year old dishwasher is not bad. If you sold it at a yard sale you may get $10 so don't act like it is made of gold all of a sudden. You be nice to be when you call me and I'll be ever so sure that you get the best treatment in the world. Talk mean to me and you get what you give.
Bodi on 02/25/2007:
I didn’t call anyone names ever during my dealings with Whirlpool / Maytag. When I FINALLY got someone to put me through to the escalation line the person was pretty cold and had an attitude. I was very polite and nice but extremely frustrated because the date for my repair came and went and the part had not arrived. The woman told me she had done everything that could be done for me and that the part had been ordered and that was that. However the next day when I called again to see if the part shipment could be tracked I was told THE PART NEVER GOT ORDERED. And I was told that happened to a lots of people. So the woman in the escalation department really not only did nothing for me but cost me another 8 days away for the reschedule. Whirlpool should stand up to the plate and handle the glitches instead of hiding in their plush offices. And if they are such a good company why don’t they use the Maytag dealers to go through for the fixes? It’s costing Whirlpool a bundle to send a part to each household that needs a fix. They would have saved thousands of dollars and promoted a lot more goodwill if they would have sent a few boxes of the parts to the Maytag dealers to let them handle the fixes for their own customers who bought the dishwashers from them. Since you guys screwed up on not getting my part ordered when you said you did I think the part should have been overnighted to me. If Whirlpool can’t trust it’s own contractors at Sears with the parts why should I trust those contractors to come into my home? I bought Maytag and want to deal with Maytag. Since the $75 dollar voucher was pushed so much on me I can’t help but believe it’s a ploy to up sales figures as well. I don’t think it has anything to do with cost or profit. I think it has to do with the way the sales numbers look at the end of the year. This is being handled so badly I agree it’s a scam to make Whirlpool look like they are selling tons of machines. Big corporations are so crooked these days and the CEO’s and upper management only care about their stock options and incentive packages. They will probably lay off all the employees who are in there taking the calls and sticking up for them as soon as this settles down.
guido on 03/08/2007:
I absolutely agree with the comments. I submitted my comments in another report. My Maytag dishwasher burst into flames and almost burned down our house. Maytag has been very unresponsive and the "customer service" group is the most useless group of people I have ever met. I hope more people post their feedback. I have written several letters to the president of Whirlpool and would like to include others comments in my future letters, as I'm not expecting Maytag/Whirlpool to fix the issue.
dawnie on 03/13/2007:
I understand your frustration at this recall. I actually answer the phones for this recall. I am not an employee of Whirlpool but work for the call center that was hired. Rest assured, there were LOTS of problems to begin with. The system set up for us to enter information was so full of problems and overloaded we could not help the customers as we wanted. It was not fraud that kept us from helping - it was a computer software system that kept us from helping. I personally disagree with the statement that we were encouraged at 1st to offer the voucher. We were trained to make both options known and that is all. I was never told to persuade people to take the voucher option, in fact, most don't.
skyecat on 03/14/2007:
I had a similar experience. After a few weeks I went online and registered for the recall repair. I contacted the assigned repair service and they told me to wait for the parts and then call for an appointment. I got the parts after about 10 days. I set the appointment and the guy showed up the next day. He spent about 2 hours doing the repairs and then he told me that he needed some additional door switches that were not included in the parts box that I was sent. He told me that this was a problem with every repair he had done to date. He would order the parts and I should get them in a few days. After not getting the parts I called the repair contractor and they told me the parts were ordered and I should get them in a day or two. After 10 days I called Maytag and was told they were sent a few days earlier. Not trusting anyone, I called Maytag again the next day and was told that no parts had been ordered. After numerous attempts I was transferred to "BABS" in the escalation department. She was abrupt and rude. She could not care less about my problem. Finally, she told me the parts were on Back Order and that it would be a minimum of 2-3 weeks. She kept hinting that I could take the $75 rebate. I could not stop laughing at the process. I told her I was going to get a new machine and it would not be a Maytag/Whirlpool product. She then read me the riot act about how I am responsible for rendering the machine unusable and that if someone is injured by my discarded machine I would be on the hook. If requested she would send me an affidavit and I would have to fill it out in order to get the $75 rebate if I bought a Maytag/Whirlpool/JennAir. What a joke. I went to Lowe's and bought a Bosch on Saturday. They called that evening to explain the process. Their installer called on Monday to set an appointment. It was installed on Tuesday and I love it. It is the most quiet and efficient machine I have ever seen or used. It has a stainless steel interior and uses the heat from the water to dry the dishes. No heat element or food grinder ever again. #1 Consumer Reports recommended buy. I spent a bundle to get out of the Maytag hell, but I decided the best direction was to get away from Maytag for ever. I can imagine the recall parts arriving in a few months.
eolafan on 03/29/2007:
The experience described here is actually almost a duplicate of what I have been experiencing for two months now without a working dishwasher. I am close to calling the Illinois Attorney Generals office on this situation. If ever there was a case for a class action suit, this is it. MAYTAG/WHIRLPOOL STINKS, PERIOD.
eolafan on 04/04/2007:
I have now contacted the Chicago Tribune columnist who writes articles about consumer problems...hopefully he will write about this fiasco and Maytag/Whirlpool will get back some of the grief they have caused us consumers.
slimjim21 on 04/04/2007:
Beleave it or not, sending the part to you directly is a lot easier than shipping it to a service company, this way you can contact Whirlpool directly for service. also the $75 voucher isn't a rip off if the unit is 10 years old, or even 6-7 years old.
eolafan on 04/05/2007:
This is NOT a good program for the consumer. If Maytag made defective dishwashers it is their ethical responsibility to repair them in a timely manner or risk losing very, very many formerly loyal customers (like me). I have had cars recalled in the past and they were fixed very quickly with very little hassle for me and others, but this Maytag situation is ridiculous!
KathrynB on 04/16/2007:
I read about the recall on March 31 and called then, to be told by a nice woman it would take 7-10 days to receive the repair kit. Fine. I called again on April 11, spoke to another woman who said "that's 7-10 business days - wait till Friday." I called back then only to be told that since I live in Canada (Toronto - where I bought the machine!) they have no way of EVER telling me if the kit has left the warehouse and gone on its way to me.

The woman I talked to on March 30 had said there was a "supply-demand issue" that might cause it to take longer, but they could track it for me; the woman on April 11 said there was no such problem anymore and the woman on April 13 told me yes, things were going a bit slow - as mine was a popular model - and that I should wait AT LEAST 2 more weeks before calling again - but that if I did call, there was absolutely nothing they would be able to tell me. Because I'm Canadian and the company doesn't track our orders. I did ask for a supervisor, was "escalated" and got no more satisfaction from the next woman I spoke with.

I realize it's not the fault of the women who staff the phones - and I told them that. But what absolutely dreadful customer service.

Will I ever buy anything from the Whirlpool Corp. again as long as I live? Absolutely not. Will I tell lots of people I know about this? You better believe it.
jspecklze on 04/26/2007:
I called about the Maytag dishwasher recall back at the beginning of Feb. when I first saw it on the news. They said the parts would arrive in roughly 1-2 weeks and that I should stop using the unit altogether and disconnect power to the unit. After 2 plus months I just called today 4-26-07 and they said that the parts had been on backorder and that they had just arrived in their warehouse. However when I asked how long it would take for my part to arrive they couldn't tell me anything! I told them this was completely unacceptable and that I needed to speak with someone who could make this happen now! They then transferred me to another dept. where I was told that in fact the wrong part # had originally been ordered for me and that the person I was just talking to, had corrected that mistake and that the correct part would be on its way. Still no time frame was actually given when asked. I told them that is unacceptable, they ordered the wrong part I still have to wait and wonder. I told her that the new part needs to be installed no later than next week or I would hire my on personal attorney and "I would take them to the cleaners". She quickly asked me to hold and when she returned she said they would be replacing my dishwasher free of charge. I said that was great and wanted to know which model and she said she thought it would be MDB7601. I then asked for contact info so when they didn't call I could call them in a couple of days and ream them out for being so slack. She could not give me any contact info, just that I could call the recall line and they could look the info up on the computer for my claim/file. I think I will let them replace the unit and go buy a Bosch and have it waiting for the repair man to replace and put the new Maytag in a vacation home.
dragoncat on 05/01/2007:
I am one of those individuals that was hired by an outside company to help with the incomming calls. I feel for each and every person I deal with and I leave them happy and laughing no matter what their mood. I do everything in my power to help and I DON'T lie to each customer that calls. The truth is told by me and each step is explained in detail. I don't push any option on a customer but by the same token when a customer can not make up their mind and has to talk with their significant other (politically correct, yes?) I inform them of the hazard of continuous use of the machine, even if a rinse agent is used 1 time. There are 6 of us in this house and 5 cats, you don't think we rack up some dishes? Yes, but I have never liked dishwashers because I had to clean the dishes first then wash them again???? PLEASE! I do like my grandmother before me and have a sink of hot water almost constantly. The motto of the day was "clean as you go". And it has been that way in this house always and dishes don't stack up and I DON'T have dishpan hands. And as to the problem with the recall here is the information I researched and found out:
1. Jet dry is NOT the cause of the problem.
2. There was a problem in the original mold insofar as
there was a weak spot in the dispenser that wore a way
over time - like water through the grand canyon.
3. ALL the back up plastic inserts in inventory had to be
destroyed since they all had the same weakness.
4. The molds had to be redone to correct this AND
stringently tested to insure strength and durability.
5. Then all new plastic inserts had to be created from
6. BACKORDERS are caused mainly by having to try to
anticipate how many of each model is going to be
required as quite a few people did not register there-
fore anticipation of requirements is difficult.
7. GROUND SHIPPING takes up to 7 days alone - therefore
you are looking at approx 15 BUSINESS days for receipt
before you get upset.
8. The original software we were using did not interface
very well with the Maytag software and dropped or
corrupted records during the batching process is
common to ANY software program relying on this method
of transferring data. But we have since changed over
and are using their software now.
We as contractors are trying our best to help you as a customer. But PLEASE you must try to meet us half way. When we ask you to wash those dishes by hand, it is because we want you to see your children, grandchildren ro another sunrise or sunset with your partner or dog or cat. We are not trying to make your life difficult during this trying time. We are truly concerned for your safety, or at least I am. I worry about each person I speak with. And I have handled potential problems and eased the persons emotions and mind with my help.
Maytag had no idea this would happen 10 years ago. It was not planned. And most of you I speak with even say it's the best machine they have ever owned. It's kind of like having a child make a D or F on a report card - are you going to throw them away even if they have always been the best kid on the block???? Or are you going to fix the problem and press on?
alisonalwayz1 on 05/26/2007:
OK really people I understand that you paid money for a dishwasher 10 yrs ago and you expect it to work because you paid for it but life expectancy of a dishwasher is 11-12 years so most of you have gotten the use out of it...and its a dishwasher...who is above washing dishes by hand???
DaveA1234A on 09/01/2007:
I hear you. My story is similar to many. Ours was leaking a little and became intermittently. It would work or occasionally just stop for no reason. Open the door, close it and it would resume. We called Maytag and gave them the numbers, they didn't warn us of the recall. Suggesting we have someone come out. Being a DIY type I went to the Internet looking for ideas a discovered the recall. Checked our numbers and found lots of similar complains like ours. So I took the replacement parts, setup for someone to come in and install them.

At this point, it worked great. Did two loads. Next time we tried to use it it was completely dead, no lights - I mean nothing. Called the service guy up and he wants $75 to fix.

We always had to wait 3-4 weeks for everything. Been without a dishwasher (automatic) all summer. Going to end this weekend. Just checked the door switches, and they are OK. So it is likely something like the electronics.

So I have researched my new dish washer, made real sure it had nothing to do with Whirlpool or Maytag and are off to get it. If we like it in 1 year, Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer give troubles, I will replace them with non-Maytag. Also wrote Whirepool corporate. Not a Whirlpool/Maytag customer. While I see Whirlpool bough Maytag, I am not going to trust either.
Super Tech on 06/19/2008:
HOLD ON!! I'm actually a tech that has been installing these repair kits.(SF22-799). First things first, these repair kits are being issued by Whirpool in an attempt to remedy a problem that they inherited from the acquisition of Maytag. Second, of course they're going to offer money on a new purchase, because it would be cheaper than what they pay us to install the kit. They could say that this is all they are willing to do, but they are giving an option to fix it for the people who can't afford a new one, or don't want the hassle of getting a new one- AT NO COST!! The discount isn't to drum up sales, it's simply the NATURE OF BUSINESS!! Come up with the best way that both parties agree with for the lowest cost. Simple economics. Finally, these kits take about 45min. to an hour to install, and if the unit is old the door handle microswitches are brittle and break easily (which are not included in the kit). Your part of all this is to make sure that you have correctly listed the model and serial numbers, and follow up on if the part was ordered. As of now these kits are being assembled and shipped in order of mod# and ser# oldest being first to ship. As an installer, a lot of this is out of our hands. We don't order this kit or stock it on the truck, it is directly shipped. So before you strike down the hammer, please remember that this is for your safety, NOT A SCHEME. I'm proud of what I do and would like personally to help each person who had a negative experience, but I am only one. We're here to help and whether anyone believes it or not, YOU DO COME FIRST!! Have faith, we will make it right.
BuckeyenNJ on 11/17/2008:
We had the recall performed and the tech said the washer would be hard to close...and it was but within two weeks it began to shut down when it got hot...I guess the door moved away enough it would shut down... I called the recall hotline and the guy said "adjust the switch"...so we did and it worked for a few weeks then quit...my wife was propping a broom against the island to the dishwasher to get it too run...that soon failed. I checked the switches etc and they were fine and the washer tried to run...so now we have a setup with a broom handle from the island pressing against an 8" long block of wood to spread the pressure out over a larger area on the door and the washer is running...probably work for two or so weeks then crap out...sounds like the recall was poorly designed to me. I mentioned it to a friend and he said his mother had a problem after the recall and she raised such a fuss that they gave her a new washer...not sure who "they" were though.
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This My Second Whirlpool Dishwasher to Break Down. No Help From Whirlpool
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SNEADS FERRY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I will never by a Whirlpool appliance again! I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher in 2008 basically because I thought it was a good brand. The dishwasher broke down in 2010. I called Whirlpool, they said they warranty the product for 1 year. The repair man says it was the mother board. I thought that I just had bad luck and happened to buy the one Whirlpool dishwasher that had a bad part. So, I gave Whirlpool the benefit of the doubt believing that it was a fluke and bought a 2nd Whirlpool dishwasher as a replacement.

I bet you can't guess what happens next.... Your right! The 2nd dishwasher breaks down this time the dishwasher makes it 2.5 years and once again the motherboard is faulty. I called customer no service to ask if they would send me a replacement part so that I could have my repairman fix the dishwasher. They said that I should have bought the EXTENDED warranty. I didn't ask them for a new dishwasher or a refund. I only asked them for a replacement part and I would have it fixed myself. Let me ask you Whirlpool what is the life expectancy of your dishwasher?

The public should know the truth. about your cheap appliances and cheap customer service. They have no problem sticking it to a proven loyal customer. It has been my experience that the average lifespan of a Whirlpool appliance is 2 years after that your on your own with Whirlpool. The sad part is they fooled me twice. Well you will not fool me again Whirlpool. And one more thing you can take your extended service warranty and shove it.
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User Replies:
JoeKay on 08/22/2013:
The average life expectancy of ANY appliance these days is about 5 years. That means about half of them conk out in less than 5 years. Its not 1975 anymore. These aren't your mom's appliances. None of them, regardless of brand name. The odds are your next one will last over 5 years.
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Water Won't Drain Out of Dishwasher.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MT. JULIET, TENNESSEE -- Del-Webb installed my dishwasher and for 76 days I had 2 service company's, Sears and Kens Appliance try to repair a dishwasher that will not drain water out. They finally installed a new dishwasher and it is not draining the water out. Now, Kens Appliance is telling me that this is normal operation of the dishwasher and live with it and get another repair company. If this is normal then it is defective.

Standing water in a dishwasher is not normal and having to dry all the dishes when the cycle completes because it doesn't drain is not right. Therefore, I feel Whirlpool and its repair service is crap. The worst appliance I have every owned.
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At Your Service on 01/22/2013:
With respect, there is some information that isn't identified or, at least, clearly explained.

Where was the product purchased? You may have a slight amount of standing water after running but it should not be significant. Do you have record of each service call including the findings of the tech?

Post back and let's see if we can help you from a different avenue.
leet60 on 01/22/2013:
It may not be the dishwasher itself. Could be a couple of things:

The drain could be partially blocked. Most dishwashers are installed to share a drain with the kitchen sink, garbage disposal etc. Rarely do they have a dedicated drain. If the drain is partially blocked the force of the water being discharged from the dishwasher could cause it to backflow.

There may be some debris in the bottom of the dishwasher.

The motor is not reversing properly. Some dishwashers the motor reverses to pump the water out.

Sometimes there is a flow director in the discharge tube that keeps the water from the drain from flowing back down that tube and it is not working properly. Check all these things.
Mark M on 01/23/2013:
It could be the air vent cap on the sink that is plugged. I had this very thing happen. You need to pull the top cap off and make sure there is nothing stuck in there. Mine was filled with grease and debris from years of use. Cleaned it out and the dishwasher drained perfectly.
SearsCare on 01/24/2013:
Dear Roannahulandunn:

My name is Susan with Sears Social Media Support Escalations team. We are single point of contact for escalated issues which means that we handle issues start to finish with one dedicated case manager. I found your post here and wanted to reach out and offer our sincere apologies for the difficulties you are having getting your dishwasher to work properly. Even after replacing the unit this second dishwasher is still not working properly. This is certainly not the type of service that you deserve or the type of service that Sears has long been known for. We understand your frustration and would like to offer the assistance of a dedicated case manager to help resolve your dishwasher issue. We value your business very much and want to make sure that everything that can be done to help you is being done.

At your convenience please contact our office via email at SMAdvisor@searshc.com and a dedicated case manager will contact you directly. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the dishwasher was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide your screen name (Roannahulandunn) you used to post on this site, for reference to your issue, and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Susan R.
Social Media Moderator
Sears Social Media Support
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