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Whirlpool Responds ASAP
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Three days ago I posted a complaint under Disappointed customer. A Whirlpool employee responded by e-mail within 24 hours. She called me and set up an appointment to have my stove fixed,( the self-cleaning oven does not work) and Whirlpool will cover the labor and parts. Also if I have a problem getting my cracked microwave door fixed she will have that replaced at no cost to me. I was also given her direct phone line in case I have further problems. I am pleased that Whirlpool is helping to resolve my concerns. The employee could not have been nicer. I am impressed Whirlpool does want to restore my faith in their products.

Disappointed in Whirlpool appliances
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In Feb of 2005 we bought a Whirlpool, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and stove. In less than 2 years the microwave malfunctioned and the cost to repair was so much we bought another microwave and an extended warranty. The 3rd year the mother board went out on the fridge and cost us $300 for parts and labor. The stove self-cleaning oven does not work. And just this week we paid $158.23 for the dishwasher. A $28 dollar fuse the rest for a call and 15 minutes of labor. We thought these appliances would last for years without problems.

It is frustrating to keep re-paying for the appliances in repair costs. I think it has a lot to do with computer parts. The mother boards get moist or dusty and they blow. We are retired and do not abuse these products. If anyone knows of a great quality appliance please let me know. Growing up my parents had one set of appliances for 15 or more years, to include a washer dryer. And my microwave outer door cracks in the exact same place. It has been replaced 3 times. And has the beginning of a new one, just since Dec. It would be great if Whirlpool could do something for me.

Bad experience with Whirlpool and Appliance Direct
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290 N NOVA ROAD, DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a new Whirlpool dishwasher from Appliance Direct in Daytona Beach FL on 11/11/09 and took delivery on 01/08 2010. When our kitchen renovation contractors installed the dishwasher and turned it on, water flooded the kitchen. The appliance, in the box, had arrived broken. Appliance Direct sent a repairman to inspect the dishwasher. We were told the problem is minor, that pins that mount the motor were missing. We found out later that a new motor pump was ordered, in case it's needed. I asked Appliance Direct to send another dishwasher, since the one they delivered is defective.

Appliance Direct refused to do so saying that it's not their policy to replace an appliance even if it is delivered broken, that I would have to contact Whirlpool. I contacted Whirlpool; they told me that they have no program to upgrade an appliance. Obviously this problem is not an upgrade. Whirlpool apparently has no quality control program. Unfortunately, I've discovered too late that customer satisfaction is not a priority with either Whirlpool or Appliance Direct and that Whirlpool products are poor in general.

Terrible Experience
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MISSISSAUGA,ONTARIO,CANADA -- Two years ago when we moved to our new house my wife wanted a new appliances. It all made sense since we were to have our kitchen renovated soon after moving. She did not do any internet research and so just for their nice look. We ended up with new, stainless steel (pretty expensive) appliances. Our bad experience started soon. Dishwasher soap compartment door sometimes open and releases soap during cycle and sometimes not. This causes that every other load don't get clean.

Technicians came maybe six times already, some were truly sorry about the product's poor quality, some were looking for mistakes in installation (found none) but nobody can do anything about the junk. It's been a two year battle with company who really doesn't care about customers.

The same and maybe even more painful experience we have with their refrigerator. One full year we did not have a water dispenser connected. When we got our new kitchen we finally had our water hooked and water was so distasteful/stale tasting that I right away changed build in filter. I thought that it would solve the trouble. No way. You can change build in filters and drain the system how long you want, staleness is still there, service guys just listen to the story, spit out water that we offer them to try to that's it. Whirlpool? Never again!

Whirlpool not the quality I expected
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TEXAS -- I just purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher model GU3600XTVYO and it has operated well since installation. But now I have my first service call and I am really surprised at how cheaply the components of the dishwasher are. My complaint centers around the balance for the door. When you open the door there is a spring that keeps the door from falling down. The spring is connected to the door with a flimsy cotton twine about 1/8 inch in diameter. The string just snapped. Now at 58 with no children and no abuse of the product, I have to imagine this is a common problem with the unit and a really poor design.

The string is subjected to repeated stretching as well as moisture around the dishwasher and there is no way it is designed to last. Even the technician was critical of the design and said he had repaired several of these units in the last 6 months. It appears that cutting cost in production is more important than quality and common sense.

When I see a company that designs products that are not made to last, not made with common sense and made cheaper at the sacrifice of quality, I stay away from the product. This is not a cheap dishwasher and I purchased it because I thought it was a superior design. Unfortunately, I see many service calls in my future and if that starts to happen, I will yank this one out and purchase a superior machine.

Extremely Poor Performance
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LINCOLNWOOD,, ILLINOIS -- For those of you who think dishwashers are all the same - you are very wrong. When my husband and I renovated our kitchen - we decided to put all our money in the high end stove and refrigerator, and thought if a dishwasher can give you clean dishes at the end of a cycle, it does it job. In the little over a year and a half we have owned this dishwasher - the heated dry cycle does not do that. I am always shaking off the excess water before I remove the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I remember when I was a kid my parents KitchenAid dishwasher performed so well, if you opened the dishwasher immediately after its cycle - you really received a nice facial.

We had a technician from the appliance store come out and he said it was working properly. Secondly, the rinse aid cap twice has come loose during the cycle and completely melted it. Next time I look at a price tag, and say $554.00 will get the job done - I absolutely will contest it. I called Whirlpool and they took my notes, but of course were going to charge me for a technician to come out and service our dishwasher due to age of the dishwasher. Is it me, or are all Customer Service people people who just take notes, and say "I am sorry you are having this problem, but there is nothing we can do?"

Very Poor Product Support And Customer Service
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ALINGTON, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a brand new house in 2006 and it came with the listed appliances from Whirlpool. In less than a year the microwave was cracking, the range top was losing its ceran design over the burners, the dishwasher was not filling to correct level.

I contacted Whirlpool about this and it took so long to get back with me. The units were out of warranty. I contacted my home buyers warranty. Got the microwave door replaced for $50. Still having problems with all of them. Contacted Whirlpool again and after several e-mails back and forth they admitted to "sometimes" having an inferior product with defects due to mass production. But they will not fix my products or assist in having them serviced. Bad company. Unfortunately they own most of the appliance companies out on the market. My suggestion is to find one not owned by Whirlpool, pay a few more dollars and get a great product and most likely good customer service.

Dishwasher - Bad Customer Service
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently had to write this letter and have received no response. The CEO of Whirlpool is really out of the loop. Don't you just hate it when a company's web site states “Our Mission Everyone... Passionately Creating Loyal Customers for Life” and then by example proves the passion has faded and they just don't care? Don't you just hate it when you buy a “durable good” and it doesn't work as claimed? And more so when it then stops working altogether?

Don't you just hate it when you call to get assistance and you get a very lengthy, falsely cheerful automated message? And the message instructs you to punch in your phone number, etc. then forces you to listen to a lengthy menu of options, the last of which applies? Don't you just hate it – and start to worry – when the first two of the many messages and directions are about recalls of the company's faulty products?

Don't you just hate it when the message you must endure while waiting to speak to a person suggests that “for your convenience” you can go online and solve your problems by yourself and maybe allow the company to reduce customer service headcount? Don't you just hate it when you buy a product in good faith, expecting it to work, sometimes called being the “customer,” and are then treated as a nuisance or the enemy?

Don't you just hate it when you get a customer service representative who says she is “fully empowered” to help but can't? Don't you just hate it when you are told service can be provided, but only weeks in the future and only if you are willing to wait half a day for the nine-to-five service person to arrive, and you don't have half a day to wait around? (Whatever happened to the cadres of “lonely Maytag servicemen?”)

Don't you just hate it when the “customer service supervisor” offers to help out and then suggests you call the repair service yourself (i.e. do his job for him?) to try to get an acceptable time frame for a repair call? Don't you just hate the fact that the word “service” in customer service seems to have no meaning in your company?

If you haven't had such an experience, I suggest you (under an assumed name) buy a Maytag MDB-9 dishwasher. Then call your own customer service number and try to get satisfaction. The people I spoke with were ultimately polite and equally ineffectual. About as reliable as the product. I believe they are not personally to blame, as they were just looking at the computer screen and responding as they were trained. The innovation your PR department hails apparently does not apply to customer relationships.

My satisfaction level with the Maytag/Whirlpool product is ZERO. The few times I did get to run the dishwasher (approximately two to three times a week over a couple of months) I found it did not do a very good job of cleaning dishes. Then it just stopped working completely. I find additional points from your web site most interesting. My response: Huh? If the service company ever gets here when I can be available, I hope they can repair it and get it to work as claimed in your literature. If they can't get it to work as well as other makers' dishwashers, what recourse do I have? I eagerly await your reply.

Is Whirlpool's Maytag dishwasher recall a scam or just a lesson in total ineptitude?
By -

SHAWNEE MISSION, KANSAS -- On the 5th of February I heard about the Maytag dishwasher recall. On that day I started calling the phone number that was listed. I would get a recorded message asking me to punch in all the serial numbers then I'd be on hold anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. Finally a voice would come on and say they couldn't handle the call and to call back later. That went on for one week. Finally I called the dealer I had purchased the machine from and they told me the company was not including them in any of this. Finally two weeks later I was able to get through to the recall line. My information was taken on Feb 15.

First they tried to get me to take a $75 voucher for a new dishwasher. I think this was what they were hoping for so they could up their sales. That's why I am kind of wondering if they took this defect and tried to turn it to a profit event for themselves. What follows in my story makes me wonder even more if that is the case. I said I couldn't afford to buy a new dishwasher and didn't want to do that I just wanted mine fixed. They said the part would be shipped to me which seemed strange and that a repairman would come to fix it on Feb. 22.

On February 21 someone called to ask if my part had arrived and it had not. "Oh well. We'll have to reschedule you." We have been without a working dishwasher for three weeks and I said "Doesn't the repairman have a part he can bring out?" I was told that they didn't send the parts to the servicemen. I guess that would make too much sense and cost them a lot less. So it's looking more like they are trying to punish the customers who wouldn't just shut up and take the token $75 voucher. I called the company to complain and spoke with ** who told me they had done all they could do for me and all she could say was that the part was on order.

I tried to reach someone higher in the company to complain but I just kept getting customer service and being told "Well lots of people are mad." Basically join the crowd. The next day a service man - not a Maytag repairman but a contractor from Sears - called to ask if I had received the part. He pretty much said tough luck and said they'd reschedule me. So I called the company back. The customer service person said "Oh your part didn't actually get ordered. Some of them didn't." So she said she would re-order it and reschedule me for March 5.

So not only will I have to be without a dishwasher for at least a month - and I am afraid the way this is going even longer - but, to accommodate their parts delivery I have had to rearrange work schedules twice, at least, which usually ends up costing me money. I have serious doubts about this whole process. I'm not sure who to contact to find out about this or even complain to about it. No one higher up than a peon will get on the phone at Maytag or Whirlpool. The upper management seems to have locked themselves into their ivory towers to wait out their evil scheme.

Our Maytag dealer told us since Whirlpool purchased the company they have been very uncommunicative to any customer service requests. I own a Maytag washer, dryer, stove and dishwasher and purchased them because I considered Maytag to be top of the line in appliances and customer service. I will certainly avoid Maytag and especially Whirlpool in the future. They may make some money off their stupid voucher scheme but I think in the long run the loss of customers will hurt them. Just like a big corporation to think they can dump on their loyal customers in order to line their own pockets.

Poor Products
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Rating: 1/51

Five years ago I purchased both a Whirlpool Gold fridge and dishwasher. I've had to fix/replace ice maker on fridge twice. Within a year and a half I had the pump/motor go out on the dishwasher and now have had the control board burn out on dishwasher. I personally will never purchase another Whirlpool product and would highly recommend that others do so as well.

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