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Maytag MDB8551AWW Dishwasher won't stop running and leaks
Posted by on
DENVER, COLORADO -- Built our home and moved in February 2008 and filled it with Maytag appliances. What a mistake. Our Maytag microwave burned out and now our Maytag stainless steel tub dishwasher won't stop running. It's been leaking at the bottom front for months, now the control panel is frozen, keypads won't work and the thing keeps running and is stuck on it's current cycle. I called Whirlpool who owns Maytag and they said this unit is not involved in any of their recalls.(Should be)! No help there, no warranty, no advice other than call a repairman. I suspect my problem is like the other post on here regarding moisture and leaking into the electronics. I'm done with Whirlpool and Maytag. Headed out the door to Lowes to pick up a Bosch dishwasher. Maytag is Junk!!!
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Venice09 on 11/19/2010:
I suggest doing some research instead of just switching to another brand. It's better to research specific models than to assume that buying a different brand is the answer.
uintahiker on 11/20/2010:
I appreciate your well intending comment but I can't go on supporting a company that doesn't support their customers with reliability and good customer service. My Maytag fridge is already showing signs of distress too. That is three different models and all in trouble. Time to end the relationship and date somebody new.
Venice09 on 11/20/2010:
Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't buy another Maytag either. I just meant don't get your mind set on buying a certain brand. I find that it's better to shop models instead and to research those to find the most reliable one. Because I honestly think the customer service from all the appliance companies is pretty much the same.
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WHIRLPOOL dishwasher electrical smoke DO NOT BUY
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Go to consumer affairs and read posted complaints about Whirlpool dishwashers before purchasing. This is by far the worst dishwasher I have ever owned. It has been in our new construction home for 4 years. It did not clean dishes, it left rust stains, and had a 3 hour clean cycle. This past July 2010 the dishwasher filled our kitchen and dining room with electrical smoke and stopped working. Whirlpool replaced the burnt part and control panel. A few weeks later the dishwasher stopped working again due to a burnt fuse that was missed the first service call. Now 6 weeks later the dishwasher has stopped working again. Whirlpool has offered us 15% off of a new product or $122.57 prorated value. Whirlpool will not stand behind this defective product.
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Venice09 on 10/26/2010:
Thanks for warning others who might be thinking about purchasing this model.
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Kitchen Aid Dishwasher a piece of junk
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought this dishwasher a top end model about 15 months ago. I own 5 rental houses for over 15 years. I have never had a dishwasher that I was unhappy with. I mean tenants don't take care of things and still I am pleased with all those dishwashers. But at a price point of $1000.00 to break down is 15 months( not years) is a shock. I have called and called and have yet to get any technical help. The manual does not tell you how to reset the dishwasher. The called help says there is no one who is technical there. The dishwasher itself tells you that you can reset it and gives you the name of keys that are not on this model. I have searched the internet and many many complaints about the flashing green light. It is a known problem and the is no response from Whirlpool. I have given up on the machine. This is the first appliance where I really feel like I got ripped off and Whirlpool does not care they took the good name of Kitchenaid have ripped of consumers how spend the extra money to get quality and then give then junk.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/08/2010:
Actually, Kitchenaid is an overall great quality dishwasher. The problem is, even with the best brands, there's a certain percentage that can run into problems. It can be the environment their in, how they're being used, or just the luck of the draw.

You do reveal something that is interesting, however. You've had many dishwashers over fifteen years for five rental units, each of which has operated satisfactorily as far as you're concerned. Maybe it was just time to draw the proverbial short straw. Statistically speaking, you were going to get a dishwasher or appliance at some time that didn't hold up as you hoped.

Again, Kitchenaid really does make a quality dishwasher, especially if you purchased an upper end piece. Have it serviced and continue to enjoy its use.

Best of luck.
Venice09 on 07/08/2010:
Judging by the amount of Kitchenaid and Whirlpool complaints here alone, "great quality" are not the words I would used to describe either brand. I wonder how old those other dishwashers are. Maybe they're from a time when quality still existed.
tallsue on 07/09/2010:
I am surprised that there is not more outrage at the poor quality of our manufactures these days. I am getting an idea that it is better to fix an old machince that was quality than to buy a new one that we have accepted to be poor quality.
Venice09 on 07/09/2010:
An even better idea, talllsue, is to just buy used appliances in the first place. I know that sounds crazy to some people because it did to me at first, but I now wish more places would start refurbishing and selling old appliances. I would definitely buy one.
Anonymous on 07/09/2010:
I agree with V09...in fact my washer and dryer are both 2nd hand, from a reputable small business owner that refurbishes appliances, and came with a 1 year warranty. I paid less than half what they would have been brand new and both have worked great for going on 5 years now.
Venice09 on 07/09/2010:
Many years ago there was an appliance store in my town that would put all the old appliances out on the sidewalk. I'm not sure if they were refurbished because at the time I thought it was crazy and never bothered to find out. The town finally made them take everything away because apparently some people thought it was an eyesore. The store then built a new fancy building and now sells the same junky appliances as everyone else, but no longer offers the old ones.

Well, now I wish they were still selling those used appliances because I don't think it's crazy anymore.

I really think what went wrong in the world of appliances is that instead of manufacturers building a better machine, they decided to make appliances more eye appealing. And it worked. People got so wrapped up in owning fancy electronic appliances that were impressive and fit into the decor, etc. that they didn't consider the quality. I think they are finally starting to realize what an expensive mistake that is.

It's hard to believe in this high tech world that a reliable appliance can't be offered at a reasonable price.
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Whirlpool Responds ASAP
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Three days ago I posted a complaint under Disappointed customer. A Whirlpool employee responded by e-mail within 24 hours. She called me and set up an appointment to have my stove fixed,( the self-cleaning oven does not work) and Whirlpool will cover the labor and parts. Also if I have a problem getting my cracked microwave door fixed she will have that replaced at no cost to me. I was also given her direct phone line in case I have further problems. I am pleased that Whirlpool is helping to resolve my concerns. The employee could not have been nicer. I am impressed Whirlpool does want to restore my faith in their products.
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User Replies:
goduke on 03/31/2010:
That's quite cool.
Anonymous on 03/31/2010:
The pen is mightier than the sword.
Venice09 on 03/31/2010:
I'm impressed that you took the time to update your review with such good news. I wish more people would do that. We may not be able to buy quality appliances anymore, but good customer service helps make a difference in our experiences.
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Disappointed in Whirlpool appliances
Posted by on
BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- In Feb of 2005 we bought a Whirlpool, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and stove. In less than 2 years the microwave malfunctioned and the cost to repair was so much we bought another microwave and an extended warranty. The 3rd year the mother board went out on the fridge and cost us $300 for parts and labor. The stove self-cleaning oven does not work. And just this week we paid $158.23 for the dishwasher. A $28 dollar fuse the rest for a call and 15 minutes of labor. We thought these appliances would last for years without problems. It is frustrating to keep re-paying for the appliances in repair costs. I think it has a lot to do with computer parts. The mother boards get moist or dusty and they blow. We are retired and do not abuse these products. If anyone knows of a great quality appliance please let me know. Growing up my parents had one set of appliances for 15 or more years, to include a washer dryer. And my microwave outer door cracks in the exact same place. It has been replaced 3 times. And has the beginning of a new one, just since Dec.
It would be great if Whirlpool could do something for me.
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Bad experience with Whirlpool and Appliance Direct
Posted by on
290 N NOVA ROAD, DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a new Whirlpool dishwasher from Appliance Direct in Daytona Beach FL on 11/11/09 and took delivery on 01/08 2010. When our kitchen renovation contractors installed the dishwasher and turned it on, water flooded the kitchen. The appliance, in the box, had arrived broken. Appliance Direct sent a repairman to inspect the dishwasher. We were told the problem is minor, that pins that mount the motor were missing. We found out later that a new motor pump was ordered, in case it's needed. I asked Appliance Direct to send another dishwasher, since the one they delivered is defective. Appliance Direct refused to do so saying that it's not their policy to replace an appliance even if it is delivered broken, that I would have to contact Whirlpool. I contacted Whirlpool; they told me that they have no program to upgrade an appliance. Obviously this problem is not an upgrade. Whirlpool apparently has no quality control program. Unfortunately, I've discovered too late that customer satisfaction is not a priority with either Whirlpool or Appliance Direct and that Whirlpool products are poor in general.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/28/2010:
If it is delivered broken then it is the obligation of Appliance Direct to replace it or refund your money. Not repair it, replace it. Don't accept their "policy" BS, I suggest filing a complaint with the BBB since they seem to be responsive to complaints on there:
dolycha67 on 07/12/2010:
We had this same experience with this store. We called the store as soon as we opened and unpacked the box and realized the condition of the appliance. Upon calling them to discuss the situation, they "refused" to take it back, and refused to discuss remedy, hung up on us! We simply packed it all back up and showed up at the store with the receipt in hand, requesting a refund on the same date of purchase. It was that bad, and I didn't even want to mess with it. I just wanted a refund. It's the law, not an option. Reported them to the BBB afterwards for their behavior. Any attempt to avoid refund or correction is really improper.
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Terrible experience
Posted by on
MISSISSAUGA,ONTARIO,CANADA -- Two years ago when we moved to our new house my wife wanted a new appliances. It all made sense since we were to have our kitchen renovated soon after moving. She did not do any internet research and so just for their nice look we ended up with new, stainless steel (pretty expensive) appliances. Our bad experience started soon. Dishwasher soap compartment door sometimes open and releases soap during cycle and sometimes not. This causes that every other load don't get clean. Technicians came maybe six times already, some were truly sorry about the product's poor quality, some were looking for mistakes in installation (found none) but nobody can do anything about the junk. It's been a two year battle with company who really does't care about customers.
The same and maybe even more painful experience we have with their refrigerator. One full year we did not have a water dispenser connected. When we got our new kitchen we finally had our water hooked and water was so distasteful/stale tasting that I right away changed build in filter. I thought that it would solve the trouble. No way. You can change build in filters and drain the system how long you want, staleness is still there, service guys just listen to the story, spit out water that we offer them to try to that's it. Whirlpool? Never again!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 12/04/2009:
You bought appliances merely for their appearance and did no research whatsoever on what brands/models are the best bet for your budget? I don't feel a bit sorry for you.
Anonymous on 12/05/2009:
Clutzy, me either.

Oh, and on my dishwasher I removed the little soap door. It is really unnecessary anyway.
clutzycook on 12/05/2009:
Yeah I could never get the point of that thing.
qualityappliance on 12/06/2009:
The soap door is there for a reason. The first cycle is only a rough rinse cycle to remove big chunks from the dishes. On most models the main wash, when the soap door opens, is three or four fill cycles in. The main wash is longer than the rinse cycles and the water is heated.
PaulPL on 12/06/2009:
....as I recall, I did not ask anybody to feel sorry for me. you really don't have to feel that way if you don't want to... what I want is to let other people know about 'crappy product' and hopefully get help from people at Whirlpool
clutzycook on 12/06/2009:
Thanks quality, that makes sense now. Paul, you set yourself up for our lack of sympathy to your plight by admitting that you didn't do your homework.
jktshff1 on 12/31/2009:
Ya'll are all just feeding the hog so to speak. LOL!
Anonymous on 01/01/2010:
Stew, it don't bother me. I say what I want regardless what ya'll think of it. I, however, got out of grade school years ago and refuse to act as the others do. I do not have to poke at or make snide remarks to members simply because I disagree with them. Too bad people seem to think that is acceptable behaviour. I don't have to. I just feel sorry for people who have to pick on others to make themselves feel big.

My self confidence is just fine.
Ytropious on 01/01/2010:
Stew, there's a big difference between disagreeing with OPs and what Twisted is choosing to do, which is basically the definition of a troll. Nothing they post is ever relevant to the discussion, it's just for the sake of bashing the people who post. At least when we bash the OP it's RELEVANT, lol.
PepperElf on 01/01/2010:
good point, yt
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Whirlpool not the quality I expected
Posted by on
TEXAS -- I just purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher model GU3600XTVYO and it has operated well since installation but now I have my first service call and I am really surprised at how cheaply the components of the dishwasher are. My complaint centers around the balance for the door. When you open the door there is a spring that keeps the door from falling down. The spring is connected to the door with a flimsy cotton twine about 1/8 inch in diameter. The string just snapped. Now, at 58 with no children and no abuse of the product I have to imagine this is a common problem with the unit and a really poor design. The string is subjected to repeated stretching as well as moisture around the dishwasher and there is no way it is designed to last. Even the technician was critical of the design and said he had repaired several of these units in the last 6 months. I appears that cutting cost in production is more important than quality and common sense. When I see a company that designs products that are not made to last, not made with common sense and made cheaper at the sacrifice of quality, I stay away from the product. This is not a cheap dishwasher and I purchased it because I thought it was a superior design. Unfortunately, I see many service calls in my future and if that starts to happen I will yank this one out and purchase a superior machine.
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User Replies:
qualityappliance on 11/15/2009:
The string does not streach it pulls on the spring. 99% of the time the problem is not that the string broke but the knot that holds it in the plastic part has come untied.

As for it being made to not last, they have been using this exact design for over 10 years without an overwhelming number of problems.
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Extremely Poor Performance
Posted by on
LINCOLNWOOD,, ILLINOIS -- For those of you who think dishwashers are all the same - you are very wrong. When my husband and I renovated our kitchen - we decided to put all our money in the high end stove and refrigerator, and thought if a dishwasher can give you clean dishes at the end of a cycle, it does it job. In the little over a year and a half we have owned this dishwasher - the heated dry cycle does not do that. I am always shaking off the excess water before I remove the clean dishes from the dishwasher. I remember when I was a kid my parents Kitchenaid dishwasher performed so well, if you opened the dishwasher immediately after its cycle - you really received a nice facial. We had a technician from the appliance store come out and he said it was working properly. Secondly, the rinse aid cap twice has come loose during the cycle and completely melted it. Next time I look at a price tag, and say $554.00 will get the job done - I absolutely will contest it. I called Whirlpool and they took my notes, but of course were going to charge me for a technician to come out and service our dishwasher due to age of the dishwasher.

Is it me, or are all Customer Service people people who just take notes, and say " I am sorry you are having this problem, but there is nothing we can do?"
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User Replies:
Failalot on 04/12/2009:
Just from experience, I can say it's very difficult to find a decent dishwasher these days, and even harder to get a crappy one replaced.
I recall back when I was a child, when my parents finally replaced the monster of a dishwasher they had, my father split his toe open giving the thing one final kick as he left it at The Dump.
I personally do my dishes by hand because quite frankly, I don't want to deal with the non-sense.
Nevertheless, I feel for you.
So sorry to hear about your dishwashing woes.
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Very Poor Product Support And Customer Service
Posted by on
ALINGTON, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a brand new house in 2006 and it came with the listed appliances from Whirlpool.

In less than a year the microwave was cracking, the range top was losing its ceran design over the burners, the dishwasher was not filling to correct level.
I contacted Whirlpool about this and it took so long to get back with me the units were out of warranty. I contacted my home buyers warranty. Got the microwave door replaced for $50. Still having problems with all of them. Contacted Whirlpool again and after several e-mails back and forth the admitted to "sometimes" having an inferior product with defects due to mass production. But they will not fix my products or assist in having them serviced.

Bad company... Unfortunately they own most of the appliance companies out on the market. My suggestion is to find one not owned by Whirlpool, pay a few more dollars and get a great product and most likely good customer service.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/16/2008:
they put a lot of these low cost appliances in these new homes.
Will your home warranty cover the other items? If not look for a local sales/service company to handle your appliance needs.The factory will only give you grief

Good Luck!
qualityappliance on 09/16/2008:
The Estate and Roper lines are at the low end of the Whirlpool product line which is why builders like to install them as they are cheaper. They all had a 1 year warranty from the date you moved in. The ceran surface on the cooktop can be damaged by scratches from rough pans or from abrasive cleaners thereby loseing it's patern.
m-izzle-328 on 10/25/2008:
Nothing lasts forever. However some items do slip through the cracks after all we don't live in a perfect world. Maybe use habits should be reviewed and use and care manuals should be read before using the products.
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