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Very Disappointed
By -

ALASKA -- After researching new washers for a couple months, I decided to purchase the Whirlpool duet rather reluctantly because I didn't really care for all the electronics on all these new machines, but there isn't a lot of choices for front loaders and we only have room for stackable in my home. The electronic part of this machine so far has worked fine but after using the machine for 2 months, it leaked water out the front door... I happened to notice right away and stopped the cycle. I thought perhaps something had gotten caught in the door. It ran fine for at least another week. I was in the room adjoining the washer installing hardwood floors when I noticed water underneath the pad...

It was coming from the washer. It had spilled out quite a bit and I again had to stop it. This time, I called Lowe's and said, "You know, this must be defective and I would like to take it back." They said it was past the 30 days and that I would have to call the local service repair company to do the warranty work. They came out and took the washer apart in the back looking for flow level indicators etc. and couldn't figure out what was wrong. They called Whirlpool technical support and were told that they have been having trouble with the doors and to order a whole new front panel. The repair guys call in 3 weeks to say the part is in and they can install it.

When they show up, they say they will have to remove the dryer. "Why?" I ask. To install the door and gasket, they have to take off the top. After they repair the machine and put the dryer back, they wrote me a bill for $80.00 for removing the dryer. I said I was not paying for that and that Whirlpool should pay. I called the repair company's office and they were very rude when I said I would not pay... We are not on very good terms right now... They are threatening collections.

I have talked to Whirlpool employees and supervisors and they will not pay stating that the dryer was of a different make and they did not have to pay. It probably takes 5 minutes to uninstall and reinstall the dryer. I could have done this myself if I had been told ahead of time that the dryer had to come off.

I'm very angry that both companies are telling me I need to pay for this extra fee and citing the need for their wash machine to be accessible. Their wash machine almost flooded my home and who's to say if it's really fixed and it won't happen again. Also, my guess is they don't pay the repair company enough to do warranty work and they in turn, try to charge extra. I feel Whirlpool knows about this problem with the leak because their technician sure did.

The duet washer
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- After reading reviews on this piece of junk that Whirlpool put out I'm getting more and more angry. I too have the duet washer and dryer. The washer is a stinking, no good, expensive piece of crap. Whirlpool's customer service people are **holes in the first degree. My duet is 2 years old. I've had nothing but problems since day one.

First to go up the CCU, then the door lock, then the gasket 2 times that was replaced and no I don't wash anything sharp. I've thrown away countless articles of clothing because it was ruined by this garbage machine. I made the mistake of using bleach to wash some whites. Next load was colors. Seems leftover bleach stays in the dispenser or somewhere and lo and behold next load colors with big white dots on them from leftover bleach.

My hardwood floors were ruined when this junk leaked. Now the dispensers don't work. My laundry supplies are going down the drain. Our clothes stink and yes I used the recommended products to kill the mildew and no to the person that said it was from too much soap.

I measure the detergent and I use the h.e. products. This machine should be banned. I've gotten the daylight's shocked out of me from water leaking into the inside of the machine. The damn door has locked and not unlocked with clothes in it and these were ruined when I've had to wait weeks for a repairman.

I wish a class action lawsuit would start. I'd be in line in a heartbeat. Next income tax time I'm going to have to buy a new washer the dryer isn't so good either it takes 99 or more minutes to dry a load of even towels jeans take at least 3 hours this is a gas dryer. I'll be buying a new dryer too and you better believe it won't be whirljunk. They can take their junk and put it where the lord split them. Whirlpool is no good. Buyer beware.

Worst Service Ever
By -

GEORGIA -- Over the years, my husband and I have purchased countless appliances from brand name companies. In all of the years in dealing with companies... we have never, ever encountered more horrible service than with Whirlpool. When the new Duet Front-Loading Washing machines first came out in 2002, our Maytag top loader washing machine had finally given out and we purchased the Whirlpool Front Loader.

No one even knew how to work on these yet so we got an extended warranty and we have renewed that to make sure we had a running washing machine at all times. We are a family of 7 and our baby is in cloth diapers so we generate a lot of laundry. We have been 7 weeks without a washer and all bec/ of a $28 dollar part that the Whirlpool company can't or won't seem to get mailed. We have been on the phone with them (have recorded the time on each phone call) a total of 6 hours over this and have dealt with the same service every single time. This is the routine:

We get automated everything and are put on hold for several minutes to longer until we finally make it to a "department". From that point on, we get transferred from one department to the other until we lose count and give up writing them all down. We have memorized the parts department, the service department, the warranty department, and so on.

We have now been told *four* times that our washing machine part was ordered, Fed X'd, and that we'd have it within two days... and this has been 7 weeks. We still have no part. When the phone contacting proved futile and a never ending frustration, I tried contacting the company by email. The CEO never replied to my email and the reply from the regular "customer service department" was a template they basically added my name to saying sometimes people aren't happy with their appliances no matter how good the quality of the appliance is.

We are now being told ...yet again... that Fed X will be delivering this part sometime in the next few days. Being the 4th time we have been told the same thing makes us weary of believing that the part will come at all. The crazy thing is... people can deal with waiting when necessary, prolonged problems when they arise with an appliance, and whatever. What most of us cannot stand or easily tolerate is horrible service and being treated like a number they send auto forms and auto messages to when the number makes enough noise.

I now see that Whirlpool does not care at all about the fact that we won't recommend them to anyone for anything... that we are more disappointed than any other company, and that we won't bring another Whirlpool product into this house after this not due to bad appliances but horrific service. They might not care... but maybe ONE person can be saved the torture of having to deal with them!

F35 / Suds code, Whirlpool Duet Steam Washing Machine
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- WFW9500TW01 - "F35" / "Suds" code 14 months after we purchased washer. Hose / air trap is clear and the hose from the analog pressure switch is connected properly. The appliance tech we had come out to look at the washer determined that the analog pressure switch was defective. He told us that this is a common problem with this washing machine.

Whirlpool supervisor ** (female) stated that they could send tech out - and charge us for the call - to diagnose problem. She refused to transfer me to someone who could help and couldn't comprehend that the "it's out of warranty" excuse isn't a proper defense for a product defect. There are MANY posts about Analog Pressure Switch problems with this washing machine.

The posts about Whirlpool's poor customer service are absolutely accurate. They are horrible - good luck in getting them to work with you. We read the reviews for the Whirlpool Duet Steam washing machine before purchasing one and we disregarded the bad ones as disgruntled customers. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE WE MADE. After my conversation with their customer service dept today, I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product again. Defective parts happen. Refusing to fix a known problem is unacceptable.

Poor Manufacturing of Washing Machine
By -

I have been having a nightmare experience with a Whirlpool Duet front-loader washing machine. Here's why. I purchased the washer in August 2010, just after we moved. The washer was installed and worked fine. May 2011: The washer began shaking during the spin cycle. At first we ignored it, but after a while, the machine shook so hard it actually sounded like a jackhammer in our laundry room! We didn't think that was normal, so we contacted the retailer we purchased it from and scheduled a warranty appointment to look at the washer.

When the tech arrived and examined the washer, he determined that the springboard had not been added to the washer during manufacturing. He scheduled another appointment to put in the springboard. We thought everything was fixed, and the washer ran properly for about two months.

July 29, 2011: Today my mother had some clothes in the wash when we heard something that sounded like a jackhammer. When my mom went to investigate, she discovered that the washing machine was in its spin cycle and was shaking violently. NOT AGAIN! We just had this thing fixed TWO MONTHS AGO! So my mom called the retailer again to schedule an appointment. We have one set for tomorrow afternoon.

Overall, I believe that Whirlpool made a very big mistake in the manufacturing of this washer. They left out an important component of the machine. It's a good thing it was still under warranty from Lowe's, or Whirlpool's manufacturing error could have cost us a ton of money!

By -

I purchased a Duet Washer and Dryer set about 4 years ago because of the reviews. What a mistake!!!! Don't buy this product unless you like to change colors of your machine every few years, cost is not a problem, and not concerned about placing new large appliances in the environment!!! I had my prior set for over 10 years and should have kept them. They were never repaired and I gave them away (they are still working). This duet washer has been repaired 3 times in this short period.

The last repair bill of 65.00 revealed that this duet washer can only be repaired for the price of a new washer. The repair man told me that this is very common for this machine and not to spend the money. I called the company customer service to find out how the company is handling the failure of this machine and concern about our environment because of its short life. She said no customer service recommendation. They are not helping customers with this machines early failures. I told her I would be writing this review and she welcomed me to inform others. I am currently shopping for a new washing machine and welcome all customer experiences.

Do Not Buy A Whirlpool Duet Washer
By -

There should be a recall on this washer. Since the purchase of it in November 2008, I have had nothing but problems after problems. Cannot run it on high because it is so loud and walks. Even on low it will walk half way across the floor. It has scratched my wall and even tore the flooring. It is the worse piece of crap every made and Whirlpool won't do a thing about it even though there are so many unhappy customers. Yesterday the piece of crap's door opened and water gushed out everywhere. You wouldn't believe it - but the washing was off and we even unplugged it and it was still running.

I called Whirlpool to issue a complaint and they have such a cocky attitude. IT'S A TERRIBLE MACHINE AND I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND IT TO MY WORSE ENEMY! My friend had the same machine and experienced the same problems and after 4 service calls and still problem after problem, she bought another machine and top loader at that. I plan to do the same. We even bought the pedestals and the machine would always read level, but would always walk across the floor even on the low cycle. We had to use the quick cycle to wash our clothes and couldn't use any of the other features. The machine sucks!

I am now out of $1000 plus $200 for the pedestal. Now I have to buy another machine and get rid of both my pedestals at a cost of $400. Will have to buy a cabinet now for storage. Thanks Whirlpool for causing me to spend more money in this wonderful economy that no one can seem to get ahead of.

Whirlpool Front loader Washer Duet Sport DEFECTIVE
By -

We purchased the Whirlpool Duet Sport Washer and Dryer in 2006 and spent around $2000. Just one year after the purchase, we experienced a very serious leak out the bottom of the washer. Luckily, we had purchased the extended warranty. We called a repairman and they came out to look at it. The metal basket had actually wore completely through the outer plastic basket. The entire contents of the washer had to be replaced. We had to take our laundry to the laundromat for nearly 2 months while we waited for repairmen and parts.

Today, we are still experiencing problems with the washer, though no leak. Currently, the washer is so loud we have to shut the door to use it and even then, we can still hear it. At what point does a maker recall an appliance with such extensive problems? It's time!

Duet Washer: Bearings Shot After 14 Months!
By -

My $1,000+ duet washer has crapped out after 14 months of light to moderate home use. The bearings are shot. If you haven't experienced it, the washer sounds like an airliner taking off every time it goes into extract. It extracts about 5 or so times per load. Not good. Soon, the bearings will just seize.

As I do some research, I am realizing it's not an anomaly. It's fairly common. Bearings seize because the metal from which they are constructed is poor and they loose their shape. Absolutely lame for $1,000 washer. What's worse, they don't stand behind their products. I WILL NEVER BY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT OF ANY SORT! EVER!!

Whirlpool Mistake
By -

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- We purchased a Whirlpool Duet Washer less than 5 years ago. After the first year of purchase one week after the warranty ran out, we began having trouble with the washer. It would start the wash then stop in the middle of the wash with a beeping sound indicating an F11 or DL. Worst of all, the model and serial numbers are inside the washer door so when there is a problem, you can't even open the door, because it automatically locks itself and can't be open. Not too smart, Whirlpool makers!

Whirlpool customer service told me that they don't place it in the back because then people have to move them. Hello! Better to move them and get the numbers for repair then to be stuck and not be able to open the door. Daaaa. Yes, it's the mother board that's bad! Cost over $350.00 not including labor. What a rip off! DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!

Maybe one day, Whirlpool will recall them and pay back the consumer for the misleading information on these cheap washers. Better yet, they should be sued for putting out such expensive machinery that doesn't last. I went and bought an old used washer that has lasted a good 5 years and has required NO repair. What does that tell you? PEOPLE, DO NOT BUY THIS. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

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