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Refrigerator Fails and No Warranty Appointment for 11 Days
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a French door Whirlpool Gold with bottom freezer on 10/05/2013 for $2,142. The refrigerator failed on 08/20/2014 and we lost at least $100 in food from spoilage. I called Whirlpool service on 08/22/2014 requesting a service appointment and after being on hold for over 26 minutes, I was told that the soonest available appointment was seven days away on 08/29/2014. I told the representative that this was not acceptable and that my family could not be without a refrigerator for 7 days. He informed me that whirlpools resource team would contact me if there was a sooner opening for service.

On 08/26/2014 I received a call that my appointment for service was now scheduled on 09/02/2014. I called to ask why they had extended the appointment rather than finding a sooner opening. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that they had the same information. They (representative ** in Michigan and her manager) told me that because I did not take the first appointment that they now only had 09/02/2014 available. I let them know that I did take the first appointment and that I was told the resource team would call if they had a sooner appointment. I expressed that being without a refrigerator and waiting 11 days was not acceptable for my family.

They responded that it is not their fault that the factory approved service facilities were booked and did not have appointments. I stated that Whirlpool should have resources in place to take care of their customers and to repair and replace failed appliance is a timely manner. I let them know that the way Whirlpool handled this situation is unacceptable. If Whirlpool cannot handle the failure rate of their products and provide proper service and warranty support then they will lose my business for life.

Whirlpool refrigerator noisy
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Rating: 2/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- This is a 22 cu. ft. bottom freezer, french door refrigerator. It has adequate space and the finish is not as flimsy as some other makes and models. It was actually a replacement that Whirlpool furnished because the crisper drawers on their model WRF560SFYM kept falling off the drawer guides, clearly a design fault.

The problem with this appliance is that it makes a high-pitched whistling noise which is extremely annoying. A technician examined the fridge and said that this noise is normal. I have found another consumer who had exactly the same problem with a similar Whirlpool Gold model and received the very same reply from Whirlpool.

If this is normal, I am a monkey's uncle. Ridiculous! I am a very senior citizen and have heard plenty of fridges and air conditioners with compressors. Any product which makes such a disturbing noise is defective. Better admit it Whirlpool!

Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Bought Whirlpool Refrigerator in end of Nov 2013. Had problems with the door sweating when I turned air conditioner off. They replaced the door. The seal still sweats a little bit, but now there was a solenoid that leaked under the refrigerator, whenever you called for ice or water in the door it sprayed water under the frig. It wet the whole underside of the refrigerator, my carpeting in the other room and one of my kitchen cabinets is ruined.

I am worried about the underside of the frig rusting. Called Whirlpool asked about an extended warranty or a replacement, they will do nothing but replace the bad parts. This $2000 refrigerator is a real piece of junk. Am so worried about it rusting out after the one year warranty. Will never buy a Whirlpool appliance again.

Do not purchase Whirlpool products
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Rating: 1/51

In 2007 I purchased a Magic Chef Refrigerator model: CTB1821ARW. The refrigerator is not six years old yet, and it looks like new. I never had any problems with the refrigerator until recently; the defrost heater stopped working. I called a service professional to fix the problem, and this is when I ran into another problem; defrost heater part is not available anymore.

I cannot find a defrost heater part # 63001387 for my refrigerator which would cost me approximately $30, so I have to dispose of my refrigerator which costs $600 and buy a new one, preferably one of the Whirlpool's family; this is what a Whirlpool customer service representative suggested. Do you think it would be reasonable to throw away five or six years old refrigerator? I don't think so, but Whirlpool corporation's customer service representatives think it's a great idea.

Whirlpool Corporation acquired a company which was producing Magic Chef Products, but it is obvious they forgot to acquire their liabilities. Searching for defrost heater online I discovered that I am not alone in this frustration. Many other consumers who purchased Magic Chef Refrigerator five or six years are having the same problem. When consumers purchase costly products they do not expect the assembly parts for their products to be discontinued in the next five years or even sooner. I have to question, “Is this how Whirlpool Corporation makes their profits?”

Because I couldn't accept the fact that I have to buy a new refrigerator just because of a small part which is discontinued, I sent a letter to CEO Mr. Fetting asking him for help. Two weeks later I received a phone call supposedly from the executive office, and ** was trying to explain me that Whirlpool corporation is not responsible for not having parts for Magic Chef refrigerators; instead, she offered a 30 percent discount of suggested retail price on my choice of the Whirlpool brand refrigerator.

Anyone who did a research before purchasing a costly appliance knows that Whirlpool products are more expensive and lower rated compared to Frigidaire or Kenmore products. 30 percent discount on a Whirlpool refrigerator still doesn't match a regular price of Frigidaire or Kenmore.

Later, I got another offer in the mail which said that I can purchase an extended four year warranty which will cost me $356. The agreement states that if a refrigerator cannot be fixed it will be replaced with a new one (sounds great), but there is a little trick. For refrigerators such as mine which are 5 years old only 40 percent of its cost will be replaced. Any reasonable person who can calculate will see how foolish this offer is.

I already know that my refrigerator cannot be fixed due to discontinued part. Whirlpool Corporation wants me to pay $356 for extended warranty which will make me eligible for a refund of 40 percent - approximately $240. Where is the logic? Do they really want to help their customers? I feel as if they slapped me on my face.

Here are a couple of quotes from the Whirlpool site, “Whirlpool Corporation is committed to building products that consumers around the world can depend on to meet their daily needs. This commitment to quality begins in the concept stages and continues throughout the lifetime of the appliance. The result of these efforts is a sustainable and competitive advantage for the company.” “Our vision reinforces that every home is our domain, every customer and customer activity our opportunity. This vision fuels the passion that we have for our customers, pushing us to provide innovative solutions to uniquely meet their needs.”

Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, OHIO -- Our less than two year old Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator stopped cooling in the upper fridge portion but the freezer works. So far the response from Whirlpool has been a runaround and blanket answer from customer service that they can't deviate from warranty regardless of the situation - but they could book the service appointment for us. I asked who I could escalate this to within the company since the fridge isn't old, is supposed to be a nicer model and appears to be a major defect in early in the lifespan of the appliance.

I was told I could speak to a manager and was put on hold. After waiting, the CSR told me it would be a long wait and I could instead have him call me back. I agreed and asked for the name of the man that would be calling me. The CSR said she couldn't give me the name because there is a "line" of managers and it could be anyone". Odd since the CSR specifically said "he" would call me. I agreed to the callback and booked an appointment since we need it fixed anyway. I didn't receive a call back that day but was told it could be the following Monday.

A service tech came and advised that the computer is defective. A basic search using Google show that the "Jazz board" or computer appears to be a known defect with these models, however Whirlpool has not issued a recall or service advisory. Moreover, this fix cost us $115 so far, we will be without the fridge for a week until the part can be ordered and received - about $150 for the part and then another service call to install the computer board.

This is a large inconvenience and both the breakdown of the fridge and response of customer service doesn't build my confidence in Whirlpool. I understand that appliances don't last forever and the purpose of (1 year?) warranties. But I also don't expect a major issue with an important appliance so early in the life of the product. How a company responds can make all the difference. They can stand behind the product or hang the consumer out to dry.

Reading other reviews of the Gold series I now know, it is possible that this fridge might have regular breakdowns. Since the kitchen is all Gold series appliances (dishwasher and stove) we will be disappointed if we need to replace the fridge. Based on our experience with Whirlpool so far, it will not be a Whirlpool replacement. I will update this after the fridge is repaired with details of the fix and any further responses from Whirlpool.

UPDATE 1 - Whirlpool offered to pay for the part only. That leaves me with over $200 in labor costs. Moreover, it's been over a week without the fridge and 8 days since the tech Whirlpool sent diagnosed the problem. They were to call when the part came in with an estimate of Friday and repair Saturday. It's Saturday and no update.

Since they need to give me 24 hours notice because the Board failed in two ways - one being that it won't defrost the freezer - and we need to unplug the fridge to let it defrost so they can do their work - this means at least another 3 days minimum before repair. Not having the fridge for two weeks is enough of an inconvenience let alone replacing the food that went bad. Coolers and ice only do so much. (Another expense.)

Update 2 - The company sent to fix the problem called in the morning on a Monday asking to come out between 11-1. It's a good thing I could pull it off. So much for 24 hours notice so it could be defrosted. The tech didn't even know what the prior tech had done to know it needed to be defrosted. Out more time and money - but it's running. Based on other reviews - it looks like I'll have more breakdowns to look forward to but I hope not. The bottom line is that while I appreciate that Whirlpool paid for the part, I'm still left not please with a majority of the costs of the repair, the time it took to get repaired (add lost food to the cost) and the initial customer service.

Rust Coming Through Appliance Finish
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BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- Whirlpool Refrigerator - Surfacing Rust through vinyl exterior finish. In 1999 we purchased a Whirlpool Refrigerator Model ET18PKXGW01 with top freezer. The finish on the exterior surfaces is a plastic or vinyl coating. By 2003 we began to see pinhole size rust spots appearing. By 2006 there were large patches of rust appearing through the finish.

Whirlpool's only comment was the product was out of warranty. Our 3 year old Kenmore clothes washer just died and the Sears "service call" was going to be $125.00 to walk in the door. Out the door that item went. Whirlpool makes Kenmore and now owns Maytag. See Consumer Report's site: ** Having a problem with Whirlpool or related product? Suggest you just write it off as a difficult and expensive lesson learned and move on with your life. Don't expect QUALITY from a low end product line.

Whirlpool Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a KitchenAid (made by Whirlpool) refrigerator in July 2013 for $2600, French door, freezer on the bottom; water and ice in the door. Began having water leak out of the ice maker and frost on the back of the fridge in September. Called Whirlpool. They told me they know it's a problem but couldn't do anything until Oct. Wiped up water everyday!! Called back on October 9th, sent a service repairman out. Replaced a gasket. Next day, water leaking again. Called for service - left me a note they ordered a part. Called back to service twice, part on order.

On 11/2, the refrigerator and stopped cooling and motor ran constantly with a loud hum. Called Whirlpool on 11/4 was told part was on back order until December 15th!!! They would get me a part within two days or I would get a new fridge. Called them back on 11/7 and lady out of office; left a voicemail. She sent me an email on 11/9 saying the part was being FedEx'd to me and I should have it 11/10 or 11/11. No part. Called back to Whirlpool - new service person. She referred my file to another department and they would call 24-48 hours with a delivery for my new fridge. Asked that they call my cell.

Indeed, they called this morning (9/12) while I was at work, left a message to call. Called back, yet another service person. She ordered my frdige which would be delivered in 10-12 business days!!! Day 12 is Thanksgiving so they cannot guarantee I will get it before Thanksgiving???? WHAT?? I've been going around and around with them since September and now I may not even have a refrigerator by Thanksgiving?? Worst customer service I have had in my life. I will never, ever buy any product made by Whirlpool.

Brand New Whirlpool Side By Side Doesn't Work
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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, OHIO -- My new Whirlpool side by side refrigerator arrived today. I purchased it from Lowe's and they did a great job as usual with delivery and unpacking. But it is garbage. As soon as the delivery men left I decided to clean it and found a huge gap in the seal at the top of the refrigerator. I called Lowe's and was told to call back in the morning that may be they could replace the door. I turned on the water supply to the ice maker and nothing. No water. I know the line works because it worked perfectly on my old refrigerator.

There is also no lights in the freezer or refrigerator unless you giggle the switches then they don't do out when the door is close. They eventually go out but won't come back on again. I also have a indicator light for the compressor on the ice maker display that blinks and beeps every five minutes. I don't know or have found any information on what this is for. I can only assume it is an error light and indicates a problem. Whatever the reason it is extremely annoying.

I will try to return this refrigerator tomorrow since it has some problems and I don't want to have to deal with the service and repair dog and pony show that may follow. I have already gone through this with A Frigidaire washer that I am stuck with. This is the worst I have seen an appliance. It obviously did not make it out of the factory in working order. It is really sad to that in this great country we are being robbed by companies and have their inferior products to deal with and nothing is done about it. I will fight like hell to return this unit because I don't want it. I don't want to see what else will fail on it and have my 1500 investment wasted.

Whirlpool defroster failure on 15 month old appliance
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Rating: 1/51

VENTNOR, NEW JERSEY -- I have had my Whirlpool refrigerator for 15 months. It gets limited usage as it is in a summer home and we don't have young children - in the off season it is left on and used just one weekend/month.

Two days ago, in a matter of 6-7 hours, everything in my freezer melted/defrosted. We had not lost power and the refrigerator was working fine. At noon I had taken ice out of the freezer and it was fine. At 9 pm when I went to get ice, the ice cube tray was a complete liquid and the freezer was hot.
Called Whirlpool customer svc - was on the phone with ** for about an hour. She said the only thing she could do since my unit was out of warranty was to sell me a one year warranty contract for $342. I asked to be transferred to a manager and after a long hold was disconnected.

Then I called back and spoke to **. I asked her if there was an incident write up on my previous call and she said there wasn't. I asked her to create one and I got disconnected. The third time I called back I spoke to ** - She at least created an incident report for me and transferred me to a customer svc manager, ** #3502. After a pretty lengthy conversation ** authorized parts coverage but not labor. I am now waiting for my appliance center to send the repairman out on Friday

I had my previous Amana refrigerator for 22 years (still have it) without a problem. Really upset that the most expensive appliance I ever bought appears to be a lemon and that the defrosting component is not considered one of the self-sealed refrigerator components that has a 5 year warranty since it is affecting the operation of the freezer. I think anything that causes everything in my freezer to melt is part of the refrigerant components.

Problem After Less Then 12 months. Tech Caused 2nd Problem. Water Damage
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased a Whirlpool Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator less than 12 months ago. Water leaking down to the bottom of the freezer and freezing. When the sheet is too thick to accept anymore water the water tuns out of the freezer on to our kitchen floor underneath the tile on to the wooden sub floor. Called Whirlpool for service. Had to try to keep eye of ice and chip out so water wouldn't run out on floor, Ice would freeze sometimes overnight and we would wake up to water on the floor. In the morning you walk in the kitchen and slip because water on the floor.

Week later sent out technician. Technician came out, removed freezer drawer, reported problem was due to clogged drain, cleared the drain and attempted to replace the drawer. Drawer wouldn't go back in properly. I was told he attempted several times to shake, wiggle, shimmy drawer back in but he couldn't get it back on track. Freezer drawer won't close completely. We were told he would have to order parts and another tech would come out a week and a half later. He left us with a drawer that doesn't close so food is not completely freezing and the original problem which he reported was due to a clogged drain was no fixed.

The water is still leaking to the bottom of the freezer and freezing plus the water still leaking out of the fridge. Basically worst position then before the tech came out. I called Whirlpool and inquired what going to happen to the food we have in the freezer that's not freezing. Their solution "take it someone else home." Not a logical solution. In addition not convenient for my family. Then I inquired about the damaged to the kitchen floor due to the water leaking out. Told to complete damage claim form. In order to see the damage on the floor have to pull up the tile to see the wood sub floor.

Pretty sure Whirlpool is going to required us to pay up front for the cost to replace the floor than have us fight to have them reimburse us. WE are not happy about how Whirlpool addressed the issue and our concerns. WE are at a place not to purchase anymore Whirlpool products. I feel when you purchase a product a consumer should be able to at least get a 5 years without any issue. Things are not made like they used to. I am 43 years old now I know what my parents and grandparents mean about products now being disposable. Back in their days they had appliances for 30, 40, 50 years with no problems or minimum problems.

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