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206 Whirlpool Refrigerator Leaking Water From Freezer Door
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Rating: 1/51

SAN BRUNO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a new Whirlpool refrigerator model #WRT519SZDW in 2016. It leaks water out of the top freezer door. After 5 service appointments and a door replacement it still leaks. They are ordering another freezer door instead of replacing unit. Their "customer experience" telephone help line is useless. Passing customers from one department to another with 1 hour wait times. This is one evil company, beware.

Company Response 12/05/2017:

Dear william: Thank you for contacting Whirlpool regarding your appliance. We are happy to look into your concerns but we will need your model and serial number, your address, your user ID (william), website you contacted us at (, and date of purchase emailed to

Whirlpool Worthless! Customer Service Useless!
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Rating: 1/51

Since May 3, 2016, five servicemen have failed to repair my defective refrigerator, which is less than 2 yrs old. (One trainee had the nerve to reinstall broken parts.) I am completely without refrigeration for the past 48 hrs & now find out that the repairman scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled because AIG warranty has not approved his visit. Further investigation reveals that the parts haven't even been ordered yet, pending AIG approval. Whirlpool can't help because AIG has not declared it "unfixable." hhgregg will do nothing.

I have spent countless hours on the phone on hold & wasted hundreds of dollars' worth of spoiled food. DO NOT TRUST WHIRLPOOL. They are not the reputable company they once were. Their warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Buyer beware!

Lemon Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a $3000 French door, freezer drawer on the bottom style fridge in October 2013, as of October 2016 my freezer stopped working as well as not producing any ice with the water/ice dispenser. Whirlpool told me fridge was not covered past the 1 year manufacturer's warranty, so ok fine, they convinced me to buy their warranty/repair plan that for the next year the item will return to full coverage, all repairs and parts included. I went for it.

The servicer came out several weeks later and looked at my fridge, and deemed it nonrepairable, they said I would be contacted within the week most likely for a refund of my warranty plan because absolutely nothing can be done. Fine, no call ever came.

The servicer ended up coming out FIVE more times with all different types of parts, control panels, motors, valves, nothing worked. So I wasted SIX days of my SEVEN vacation days I receive from work, for a fridge that had already been deemed not repairable. Finally the last service guy to come out was confused as to why they kept trying new parts because it was a sealed system leak and once that happens there is nothing that can be done.

I have been dealing now for a month and half trying to GET MY MONEY BACK from Whirlpool for the repair plan, I have called 27 times now to be given the same information: "Your plan is still being canceled and is processing. Give it another week." Well it's been 5 almost 6 weeks now.

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I haven't had a fridge in 3 months, I can't get another fridge because now all of my money is locked up by Whirlpool and their GOD-AWFUL customer service skills. DON'T BUY WITH THEM AND DON'T EVER BUY THEIR JOKE OF A WARRANTY. They will never give your money back.

Purchased New Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Purchased new refrigerator Feb. 2017 and not worked since installed. Whirlpool sent tech out and 2 appts. are no shows. 3rd appt. tech said he did not know what was wrong but he ordered parts and 2 weeks later installed. Still not working. Now that was in May. Now we are in June 12, 2017 and my new refrigerator is still not working. Still no parts and no one knows when they will be in or if they were even ordered.

Metro Builders have completely washed their hands of the matter even though my check was made out to them. I am at the point of having it loaded up and dumped back on Metro's front door with a knot. They can have it back because it is worthless and cannot even resale this piece of junk. DON'T BUY KITCHENAID OR WHIRLPOOL: gives a whole new meaning to made in America. Buy Bosch. Best appliance I have ever owned.

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Rating: 1/51

GRIZZLY FLATS, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a new Whirlpool refrigerator (model GX5SHDXV01) about 5 years ago. This company used to have a great reputation, but times have changed. At 2 years, the defroster went out and needed to be replaced. I thought at the time it was just one of those flukes, since Whirlpool makes such good products. But, here I am again with the defroster out at just over 5 years old. I contacted customer support and was told that they would not stand behind their product. Twice in 5 years is ridiculous! Poor marks for reliability. I won't be buying another Whirlpool product, ever.

Refrigerator Fails and No Warranty Appointment for 11 Days
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I purchased a French door Whirlpool Gold with bottom freezer on 10/05/2013 for $2,142. The refrigerator failed on 08/20/2014 and we lost at least $100 in food from spoilage. I called Whirlpool service on 08/22/2014 requesting a service appointment and after being on hold for over 26 minutes, I was told that the soonest available appointment was seven days away on 08/29/2014. I told the representative that this was not acceptable and that my family could not be without a refrigerator for 7 days. He informed me that whirlpools resource team would contact me if there was a sooner opening for service.

On 08/26/2014 I received a call that my appointment for service was now scheduled on 09/02/2014. I called to ask why they had extended the appointment rather than finding a sooner opening. I asked to speak to a manager and was told that they had the same information. They (representative ** in Michigan and her manager) told me that because I did not take the first appointment that they now only had 09/02/2014 available. I let them know that I did take the first appointment and that I was told the resource team would call if they had a sooner appointment.

I expressed that being without a refrigerator and waiting 11 days was not acceptable for my family. They responded that it is not their fault that the factory approved service facilities were booked and did not have appointments. I stated that Whirlpool should have resources in place to take care of their customers and to repair and replace failed appliance is a timely manner. I let them know that the way Whirlpool handled this situation is unacceptable. If Whirlpool cannot handle the failure rate of their products and provide proper service and warranty support then they will lose my business for life.

Do not purchase Whirlpool products
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Rating: 1/51

In 2007 I purchased a Magic Chef Refrigerator model: CTB1821ARW. The refrigerator is not six years old yet, and it looks like new. I never had any problems with the refrigerator until recently; the defrost heater stopped working. I called a service professional to fix the problem, and this is when I ran into another problem; defrost heater part is not available anymore.

I cannot find a defrost heater part # 63001387 for my refrigerator which would cost me approximately $30, so I have to dispose of my refrigerator which costs $600 and buy a new one, preferably one of the Whirlpool's family; this is what a Whirlpool customer service representative suggested. Do you think it would be reasonable to throw away five or six years old refrigerator? I don't think so, but Whirlpool corporation's customer service representatives think it's a great idea.

Whirlpool Corporation acquired a company which was producing Magic Chef Products, but it is obvious they forgot to acquire their liabilities. Searching for defrost heater online I discovered that I am not alone in this frustration. Many other consumers who purchased Magic Chef Refrigerator five or six years are having the same problem. When consumers purchase costly products they do not expect the assembly parts for their products to be discontinued in the next five years or even sooner. I have to question, “Is this how Whirlpool Corporation makes their profits?”

Because I couldn't accept the fact that I have to buy a new refrigerator just because of a small part which is discontinued, I sent a letter to CEO Mr. Fetting asking him for help. Two weeks later I received a phone call supposedly from the executive office, and ** was trying to explain me that Whirlpool corporation is not responsible for not having parts for Magic Chef refrigerators; instead, she offered a 30 percent discount of suggested retail price on my choice of the Whirlpool brand refrigerator.

Anyone who did a research before purchasing a costly appliance knows that Whirlpool products are more expensive and lower rated compared to Frigidaire or Kenmore products. 30 percent discount on a Whirlpool refrigerator still doesn't match a regular price of Frigidaire or Kenmore.

Later, I got another offer in the mail which said that I can purchase an extended four year warranty which will cost me $356. The agreement states that if a refrigerator cannot be fixed it will be replaced with a new one (sounds great), but there is a little trick. For refrigerators such as mine which are 5 years old only 40 percent of its cost will be replaced. Any reasonable person who can calculate will see how foolish this offer is.

I already know that my refrigerator cannot be fixed due to discontinued part. Whirlpool Corporation wants me to pay $356 for extended warranty which will make me eligible for a refund of 40 percent - approximately $240. Where is the logic? Do they really want to help their customers? I feel as if they slapped me on my face.

Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, OHIO -- Our less than two year old Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator stopped cooling in the upper fridge portion but the freezer works. So far the response from Whirlpool has been a runaround and blanket answer from customer service that they can't deviate from warranty regardless of the situation - but they could book the service appointment for us. I asked who I could escalate this to within the company since the fridge isn't old, is supposed to be a nicer model and appears to be a major defect in early in the lifespan of the appliance.

I was told I could speak to a manager and was put on hold. After waiting, the CSR told me it would be a long wait and I could instead have him call me back. I agreed and asked for the name of the man that would be calling me. The CSR said she couldn't give me the name because there is a "line" of managers and it could be anyone". Odd since the CSR specifically said "he" would call me. I agreed to the callback and booked an appointment since we need it fixed anyway. I didn't receive a call back that day but was told it could be the following Monday.

A service tech came and advised that the computer is defective. A basic search using Google show that the "Jazz board" or computer appears to be a known defect with these models, however Whirlpool has not issued a recall or service advisory. Moreover, this fix cost us $115 so far, we will be without the fridge for a week until the part can be ordered and received - about $150 for the part and then another service call to install the computer board.

This is a large inconvenience and both the breakdown of the fridge and response of customer service doesn't build my confidence in Whirlpool. I understand that appliances don't last forever and the purpose of (1 year?) warranties. But I also don't expect a major issue with an important appliance so early in the life of the product. How a company responds can make all the difference. They can stand behind the product or hang the consumer out to dry.

Reading other reviews of the Gold series I now know, it is possible that this fridge might have regular breakdowns. Since the kitchen is all Gold series appliances (dishwasher and stove) we will be disappointed if we need to replace the fridge. Based on our experience with Whirlpool so far, it will not be a Whirlpool replacement. I will update this after the fridge is repaired with details of the fix and any further responses from Whirlpool.

UPDATE 1 - Whirlpool offered to pay for the part only. That leaves me with over $200 in labor costs. Moreover, it's been over a week without the fridge and 8 days since the tech Whirlpool sent diagnosed the problem. They were to call when the part came in with an estimate of Friday and repair Saturday. It's Saturday and no update.

Since they need to give me 24 hours notice because the Board failed in two ways - one being that it won't defrost the freezer - and we need to unplug the fridge to let it defrost so they can do their work - this means at least another 3 days minimum before repair. Not having the fridge for two weeks is enough of an inconvenience let alone replacing the food that went bad. Coolers and ice only do so much. (Another expense.)

Update 2 - The company sent to fix the problem called in the morning on a Monday asking to come out between 11-1. It's a good thing I could pull it off. So much for 24 hours notice so it could be defrosted. The tech didn't even know what the prior tech had done to know it needed to be defrosted. Out more time and money - but it's running. Based on other reviews - it looks like I'll have more breakdowns to look forward to but I hope not. The bottom line is that while I appreciate that Whirlpool paid for the part, I'm still left not please with a majority of the costs of the repair, the time it took to get repaired (add lost food to the cost) and the initial customer service.

Products and Service in need of an overhaul
By -

I have a 3 year old Whirlpool Gold stainless slide in range and matching bottom freezer refrigerator. When the fridge arrived the freezer drawer did not function properly and a service tech was dispatched. It didn't take the tech long to determine that the two drawer runners were not a matching set and neither were the right runners for this refrigerator! How does something like that happen, and more importantly how did this fridge get through quality control?

A week later the tech returns with a new set of runners and installs them. Now the door makes an extremely loud clank every time it is opened - great repair work indeed! We work around not opening the freezer after a certain hour for fear of waking up everyone.

The range is another story. In the three years we have had this unit, we have cooked two turkeys, and one roast in the oven, the only other use has been to reheat small things for durations of up 45 minutes or less. On two of the three instances when we attempted to run the oven for over an hour, it has had a serious failure (displaying E2 -F3- on the controls panel), which according to the owners manual, requires service. In May of 2009 I had a technician replace a sensor and had to foot the bill for the repair because the manufacturers warranty had expired. Of course when you call Whirlpool, the first question asked is "did you purchase and extended warranty".

That was a red flag moment, and speaks volumes about the companies approach to profits (selling extended warranties they know you are going to need) and customer service. If the products were better made and Whirlpool stood behind them, the extended warranty would not be such a necessity, unfortunately this appears not the case.
In spite of my attempts to resolve what is obviously a product deficiency, the best I was offered by the customer service center was a discount on the replacement parts.

Well the real cost of any repair is labor and not parts, so what Whirlpool offers is essentially a slap in the face, I couldn't care less about a discount on a $5 part when the total repair bill will be in excess of $150 bringing the repair cost total to over $300 on a range that cost $850 three years ago. At this rate I will have spent more to fix my Whirlpool range that I do on brakes for my cars, or in relative terms than I do on healthcare!

At this point I have given up on Whirlpool and regret having purchased their products. The only bigger regret is having to deal with what they call, their customer service department. My best recommendation is to shop around and buy up to Maytag or even Sears, at least they stand behind their products. Whirlpool has become the appliance equivalent of what Ford was before this latest rebirth. In other words they are to be avoided, there are much better options available.

Side by side refrigerator
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On September 2004 my wife and I purchased a side by side refrigerator from a multi-store in Athens, Greece.
Serial number : S25B RSS31€“ A/G Type: SB 715W €“ Refrigerator/Freezer: Class N-ST Service: 856 166 01010 11 0326 017517

The brand and origin of product was our primary reason to choose from among dozens of brands of refrigerators that we ve been looking around. So we decided that a brand like €œ"Whirlpool"€ which was "made in USA"€ was our perfect choice, rather than purchase some European or Asian brand whose guarantee, lifespan, and quality would have been unknown to us.

However, the first problems began: No sooner had we settled in our new home (Sept. 2004), than we started hearing some strange noises (ticking sounds) coming from the refrigerator quite frequently and throughout the whole day. So we called the Greek service department, which sent a technician and replaced the faulty electronics chipset which controlled the ice and water dispenser at the front panel. The faulty chipset was replaced and it was within the guarantee time we've been given. But we were astonished initially by this, because it was supposed to be a brand new model at that time.

On June 2008 strange noises (ticking sounds) began once again. This time it was the back main chipset which controlled the refrigerator in general. We called the Greek service department, which told us that they had to apply for this special chipset in Italy. So it took about 10 days to arrive in Greece. (At least this is what they told us).

Lastly, one month ago ticking noises began once again. We didn't want to believe that it was another faulty chipset. So the ticking noises continued. Time passed and last week (11-17 Jan 2010) we realized gradually that the fridge did not keep the food as cool as it should be. Day by day food began to feel warm so we end up realising that our fridge was out of order! Above all, we have a new born baby in our family and the fact that our fridge was out of order for days made us upset about the whole thing once again.

We called the Greek service department, and the next day a technician brought the abovementioned chipset and replaced it with a new one. On our question why is it that so frequently those spare parts are out of order, we got the reply that "every electronic equipment and their spare parts, nowadays, is produced to last no more than a year and a half."€

All in all, we regret to say that your product failed our expectations for reliability, quality and long-range operation. And comparisons with friends and relatives, who own several side by side refrigerators of various brand names, make us believe that either we've been sold a faulty product all along the very beginning or the standards of your products for some reasons have been reduced. PS: Exact names, dates and our full contact details is at your disposal whenever you might need them.

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