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$900.00 Architect Series Microwave broken after less than 2 years.
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Rating: 1/51

NORTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I finally had my dream kitchen. My hood/microwave combo was the 36" Kitchenaid from their Architect Series and cost over $900.00, PLUS installation. After about 14 months of use, it stopped heating. All other parts worked fine, but the magnetron gadget that actually heats the food was not working. I contacted Whirlpool. Too late... the warranty ended about 65 days before the magnetron blew. And they couldn't have cared less... they weren't going to work with me, even though it was a high-end item that had cost a lot of money and wasn't something I had been using for years and years. They were cavalier and adamant.

POOR BUSINESS MODEL. I was offered an extended warranty plan for a tiny fee of $159.00!! I declined, and asked for a Whirlpool repair man contact in my area. When he arrived to do the repair, he told me I would have to give him $150.00 as a service call fee, and this was NOT included in any diagnosing or repairing, which would be additional. I said "No thanks" and sent him on his way, shutting my door firmly.

I diagnosed the problem myself (I'm a nurse, not a mechanic), went on Amazon, ordered myself a new magnetron for $75.00, and my husband watched a youtube video on how to change it himself. SCREW Whirlpool Corporation. I am one unimpressed customer.

Prior to this incident, (and before I realized Kitchenaid and Whirlpool were the same corporation), my Whirlpool Duet super-washing machine, which I only had for about 6 years and had cost over $1100.00, decided to break. First it was the motherboard, which my husband replaced. Then it was the bearing, which blew. Husband again. Then the rubber ring blew and water was leaking all over my new bathroom, damaging my wood moldings and floor. Thank God for Amazon. THEN, the thing started banging and shaking and banging, into the walls, pipes, the dryer next to it, etc. Some arm holding the drum had broken.

What a joke... time to get rid of the 'cheap' piece of garbage. My $300.00 Kenmore that had lasted over 20 years (and was still working when I gave it away, although it was no longer very pretty to look at) was looking better and better! And worst of all, I STUPIDLY bought a new model of the Whirlpool Duet after this one was too far gone to repair.

It is 18 months old now, and it has broken 3 times. The bearing went, the drum and rubber gasket molded, and then the rubber gasket blew holes in it when the screws loosened from all the banging when the bearing went, causing a loose screw to rip holes in the rubber gasket, and causing yet another flooded bathroom. Whirlpool? Kitchenaid? NEVER AGAIN.

Whirlpool's "Ring of Promise" -- NOT
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Rating: 1/51

Here is the letter I sent to Whirlpool and have not gotten a response regarding our frustration with the Whirlpool microwave we purchased. We still have not heard from anyone at Whirlpool after 30 days. We have now purchased another brand microwave and the broken one is still at Ronnie's Appliances waiting for a response from Whirlpool.

RE: Whirlpool Stainless Steel Over the Range Microwave GMH6185XVS-1, Serial Number TR00610674. We are writing to express our extreme frustration with our numerous efforts to resolve our complaints with your customer service representatives and managers regarding the failure of our Whirlpool Gold Microwave. We purchased our Whirlpool Stainless Steel over the Range Microwave GMH6185XVS-1, along with a stainless steel double oven and refrigerator in 2010.

Seventeen months later, the magnetron failed and we paid for parts and labor to have this replaced. Then seven months later, the same failure occurred and we are now faced with the decision to again pay for parts and labor for a product that we feel should be taken off the market for poor quality.

We believe, after reviewing copious complaints listed throughout the Internet regarding this product that this microwave obviously has design flaws or Whirlpool is using substandard parts in its manufacturing process. As an executive of Whirlpool, how would you respond if you had purchased this unit and had the same performance history that we and many others have experienced with this product? Would you feel that you are being truthful in your corporate communications that are publicly displayed on your website? We feel that you would be as frustrated and irritated as we are and would take action to adequately address these issues.

As we reflect on our memory of the past 50 years and what our parents told us about Whirlpool products and the quality they represented, we are quickly losing faith that this is still true today. Do you still uphold the statement in your logo? "€œThe ring of promise circling the Whirlpool Corporation logo denotes the company'€™s commitment to quality."

In our research to write this letter, we have thoroughly reviewed the Whirlpool Corporation website and feel that your intent for over 100 years is to deliver quality products that develop customer loyalty. From our recent experience to resolve our complaint, it is evident that the customer service folks at Whirlpool, and most importantly the Management at Whirlpool, have forgotten the concept of MVC (Most Valuable Customer). Just in case you aren't familiar with this approach, the MVC is the customer that you already have ( i.e. **, and our network of friends, family, and day-to-day acquaintances).

Normally, these are the customers you don't want to lose. After all, research has revealed that it will cost you seven times as much to find a new customer as it does to keep an existing one. What about current "customer-centric" concepts such as One-to-One marketing? Or, have you ever heard of customer relationships management (CRM)? "Whirlpool customer service is ranked #429 out of the 536 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.77 out of a possible 200 based upon 475 ratings. This score rates Whirlpool customer service and customer support as Terrible".€

If the following statement you make is true, then I feel that you will satisfactorily resolve the problems with our microwave at no additional cost to us: "What truly distinguishes Whirlpool Corporation is our Unique Sense of Responsibility. We have built a culture of responsibility that is good for the business, the environment and society overall."€ Should you feel the responsibility to resolve this in an amicable manner, please call us to discuss a satisfactory resolution at your earliest convenience.

Held Hostage By Whirlpool
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- We bought this microwave on 02/25/12. We paid for professional installation because it is OTR. The microwave was installed on 02/28/12. On 03/18/12, the microwave quit working. The exhaust fan and the fan that runs while in use quit working. On 03/19/2012, I called Whirlpool, and they sent out a local contractor to fix it. They came out on 03/22/12. The tech had to order 5 parts for the microwave! 5 parts! He said he would be back on 03/29/12 at the same time (afternoon). They were a no call/no show. On 03/30/12, I called 3 times during the day about the status of my parts and they still couldn't find them.

So, I called Whirlpool and they said that their delivery wasn't in yet and I should call the next day. So, I had to wait over the weekend. I called the contractor on 04/02/12 and they still didn't have any information. On 04/03/12 I called again, and they had the part but the only way they could install it was in the morning. So, my son had to take off from school. Yep, you guessed it, wrong part! I called Whirlpool on 04/04/12. The customer service representative did a 1-2 priority shipping on the part. On 04/10/12, I called Whirlpool and said I did not hear anything about my part. So, Whirlpool called the contractor and yes, they ordered the wrong part again!

So, another priority 1-2 day shipping of my part was on the way! On 04/17/12, I called Whirlpool and said I haven't heard about the part. They called the contractor and said the part was in. So, it's almost closing time and we had to call the contractor. They said they had to check with a tech and that I should call the next day. On 04/18/12, after much argument, they said they would come out on 04/23/12! So, because of Whirlpool and this contractor, I was out of my brand new microwave for 37 days. The contractor said that Whirlpool was to blame because the schematics were wrong for the part. Whirlpool blamed the contractor because of their poor service.

To summarize, Whirlpool customer service, "understands my frustration." Yeah, I would like to see any of them in the call center go 37 days without a microwave! Whirlpool should be ashamed of themselves. 37 days! And no one treated us with any compassion or priority. Whirlpool should be fined for this treatment of their consumers.

The "Singing Oven" - Grrrrr
By -

I am just so angry about this brand new $2000 plus combination oven and microwave I could just scream. I have never had occasion to replace one of these, so I had no idea the 'questions' to ask--but bet you would never think to ask this either. "Does the oven make noise while you cook?" No, one would never know to ask this--but now you know. There is a fan that runs the entire time you use this oven.

NO, it is not a convection oven. It is a regular oven with what is known as "Accubake." As soon as you turn the oven on, on comes a fan. A fan which not only makes noise but blows hot air out of the top and out of the bottom of the oven. Lovely. After you turn off the oven, the fan continues to blow until the oven is completely cooled off. I am talking OVEN and not MICROWAVE. That I would expect to "hear" - but an oven? Never.

I called Whirlpool the 2nd day after installation-they said this is normal and ALL wall ovens now do this. They all have fans. A 'safety feature' for idiots who have left their ovens on and warped their cabinets, etc. Be sure you do not buy a wall oven (or any oven maybe?) without having a demonstration first. Buyer BEWARE. This is one annoying design flaw if ever there was one and I am STUCK STUCK STUCK with what I call the "singing oven." I was forced to give up my other combination one because the microwave died. I miss it every time I turn this stupid thing on.

Horrible Products And Customer Service
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- I bought a $1400 Whirlpool built in microwave and oven 4 years ago. I bought it instead of a GE because Cavedine's in Syracuse said it was a better product. Funny but I never had one problem with my GE microwave or 25 year old oven. The very first day the Whirlpool was installed it didn't work.I had to wait 2 days for someone to fix my new oven. A few months later as I was getting ready to put my family's dinner in the oven, the door locked and I had to have someone come 2 days later and fix it. Whirlpool's response when I told them I was not happy with the product was that they would determine whether it was a lemon or not and I was pretty much stuck with it.

2 weeks ago my microwave oven stopped working. When I called Whirlpool the incredibly rude customer service person said "I don't know what your question is and we cannot offer you any financial assistance". On 6/3 the service person from Cavedine's showed up (after failing to call me and tell me that the part was on until I called them, after 8 days) the latch springs were broken and the door sensor is not working. He told me that the door springs almost never break. Of course he couldn't fix them on 6/3 because he needed another part and why fix the sensor if he'd just have to take it all apart again.

Of course, what's another week without a microwave?? Today after 1 hour, the springs are fixed and the sensor is not, now it might need a whole new control board, because "when electric things break..." Has anyone ever had an crank microwave???? He will get back to me and I begin week 3 without a working microwave that is all of 4 years old.

I again called Whirlpool today and spoke to yet another rude CS person named Tracy, who refused to connect me to anyone who might actually care about the company's product. After much conversation she did promise to get me a supervisor , who of course is not available. She took my name and number and promised I would get a call back. That was 3 hours ago, and surprise, no call. Please take my advice and never ever ever buy a Whirlpool product! THIS COMPANY DOES NOT PRODUCE GOOD APPLIANCES AND THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!

General Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

I just wanted to state that I had Whirlpool appliances forever and loved them. Then I had to replace the wonderful microwave and dishwasher, so I went with Whirlpool again. After searching everywhere I finally decided on a Whirlpool Microwave and Dishwasher. After using them for several months now, I can safely say that I HATE THEM. The Microwave (supposedly with sensors) burns popcorn, etc. The Whirlpool Dishwasher must have been designed by an idiot too. Both products are the worst designs ever. The old ones I had were designed wonderfully.

I actually took the silverware basket from my old one and cut it to fit in the new dishwasher. There's nothing I can do about the Microwave but bumble along with it, since I'm one of the few people that actually COOKS with my microwave. This one is so poorly designed it's laughable. MUST HAVE BEEN A MAN THAT DESIGNED IT. Won't purchase Whirlpool again even though my old ones lasted 10-15 years and I loved them. Can't wait until these blow up to replace them!!

Unreliable Microwave
By -

Bought a Whirlpool microwave in Sept 2009, within 2 months it stopped working. Would not heat/cook. Whirlpool sent out a technician, who fixed the problem. Then 2 months later same thing happened, again sent out a tech to fix the problem, same issue/same part. Now is the fourth time the microwave has stopped working with the same issue.

Whirlpool refuses to replace the unit. They will only continue to send out a technician to fix the same problem over and over again, at least until the warranty runs out. I definitely do not recommend any Whirlpool products, the company will not replace its faulty units even with a pattern of the same problem continuing to occur. Very unreliable.

Whirlpool Microwave Is Junk
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Whirlpool microwave from Lowes less than 1 year ago and its cracking and coming apart on the door. The plastic door around the window has several cracks in it and they are getting worse. I told Lowes of the problem and all they did was give me a phone no. to call for service. I called the service company and they argued with me but finally agreed to send a repairman. The Repairman came agreed it was a problem BUT... Whirlpool will not guarantee the quality of materials in the product and doesn't care that the door is cracking and beginning to come apart.

Whirlpool in the old days had a good name for its products... NOT Anymore... Now Whirlpool does not stand behind its products defects... instead they want me to pay more for the replacement door then the microwave cost in the first place... plus pay to have it installed. DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS... **. A very dissatisfied customer.

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Rating: 1/51

My daughter bought a mobile home manufactured by sunshine mobile home co. in Red Bay AL. The home is only 6 month old. In that home there is a Whirlpool microwave oven model # WMH2175XVB-1 Serial # TRY 20 23398. After 2 months my Daughter microwave stopped working. Whirlpool sent a repairman out to fix it. He didn't have the parts to repair it so he left to order some parts that he thought might be the problem. When the repairman returned two weeks later with the parts, he replaced a door switch. The oven started to work.

About 4 days later it quit working again. The repairman returned for the third time, tried repairing the oven and was unable. I had to help him remove the oven so he could take it home with him so he could try to repair it. At that time I was so angry that the Whirlpool co. would send a repairman out three times to repair something that was obviously junk. When I talked to the people at Whirlpool they told me all they were authorized to do was repair it.

I explained the repairman has tried three times and couldn't and that they in good faith replace the unit. The answer I received had to come from a mentally challenged person. If this is the response of Whirlpool about their product, then I want no part of them in the future.

Poor Quality Appliances
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Rating: 2/51

MIDLOTHIAN, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a new home and then purchased 4 appliances, all Whirlpool Gold. In less than a year the stove electronic ignition and the microwave hood keypad went out. Since they were under warranty, a repairman replaced a bunch of parts and now they are working fine.

One month after the refrigerator was out of warranty, the water line to the ice cube maker split about an inch and a half and water would spew out onto the hardwood floor under the unit. We were on vacation for all that month and didn't see any damage until one day there was a puddle in front of the refrigerator. When we pulled it out we saw that the floor was ruined under the unit, the cabinet next to it black with mold and of course, the line had to be replaced. Whirlpool wasn't interested in the fact that the refrigerator had probably still been under warranty when the split occurred, only that we hadn't reported it before the warranty expired.

Next to go was the water seal that goes on the inside of the door of the dishwasher. I was running it about a month after the refrigerator debacle and water came spewing out of the side. The seal had come out and nothing was stopping the water from exiting out the side of the door. That's 4 for 4 in less than 15 months. I will never buy a Whirlpool product again. That also goes for Maytag since I understand Maytag is made by Whirlpool. If this is American made product, let me please by Japanese. Couldn't be any worse.

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