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Parts Worth More Than the Whole
By -

Our 2004 yr. gas range stopped working and shows tan error code of EO F2. I used the contact info given on my owners manual to call. I received an automated service which gave me a time, confirmation number and name of service company that would respond. The day before their appointment, I located them in the phone book to confirm, since I never had heard from them. They had no knowledge of me and definitely no service man in my area at that time. After a long discussion of my problem, I was told that the part needed was going to cost over $600.00 and maybe another $250.00 on another part, PLUS the service charge of $180.00 min.

NOW my repairs are worth more than the TOTAL amt. paid for the RANGE - $969.00. These are all plug in panels. Now they are worth more than half the cost of the entire product. I canceled my service call and have gone online to locate these parts. In the lowest amount found for replacement parts was $433.34 for the control panel and $182.14 for a spark module. This is much better than the price quoted me by my friendly Whirlpool service dealer representing the Whirlpool Company. BUT.. BUT.. most of all, these are highly inflated values created and controlled by Whirlpool because they are specific to their product.

Reviewing all their electronic parts cost list I saw a simple fuse (common in automobiles for $0.50 each with hook up wire attached) for $60.00 each. HOW MUCH MARK UP IS NEEDED!!!! I now see that WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCE now has a lasting and reliable product but also is raping the customers they have to keep their products operating. I did not buy the extended warranty at the time of purchase but believed Whirlpool to be a reliable company with a good product that lasts. (At least more than 5 years, for god's sake.)

NOW I am stuck with a repair that is telling me I have a 400 lb. throwaway product, "A LUMBERING STAINLESS STEEL PIECE OF CRAP." A $50.00 circuit board sold for $600.00 from Whirlpool makes me take my range to the dump and find a new one. MY QUESTION IS "will this comment help me or any one?" If not, I will follow up with letters to all consumer agencies, letters to the editor and all people I know to NEVER, NEVER BUY WHIRLPOOL APPLIANCES. AMERICAN GREED AND DISHONESTY.

I want explanations and my range to be of the value I paid for and WHIRLPOOL to stand behind their products and give a working man a break. THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE CONCERNED.

Adventures With Whirlpool - A Warning
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This review is concerning the Whirlpool freestanding ceramic top range with the electronic control center for the oven. Model number GY398LXPT00. Before I tell about the range you need to know that we reviewed many sources before deciding to purchase a set of Whirlpool appliances for our home. The first was a through-the-wall air conditioner. I am a former military electronics technician with an engineering background, so I'm completely capable of figuring things out for an installation. However, it was an absolute nightmare getting technical information from Whirlpool's customer service number.

I even attempted to get the data from their factory located near our home. No one returned our calls from the engineering department. I finally got someone on the phone at the customer service number, after fifteen calls to confused and clueless reps, who knew what the heck he was talking about, and even took the time to look up and interpret the information for me. It took me a week to finally iron out these problems. And, we found out that the instructions and tech drawings were wrong.

The unit then broke within one week of installation. Luckily, we were in warranty, and the repair was simple. But, I should have taken a hint that something was wrong at Whirlpool. We also bought a freestanding ceramic top range with the special electronic control center for the oven. It worked great for about six months. We only used the oven about three times. Then the control board stopped controlling the oven. OK, so we were in warranty, and the repairman had to visit twice and replace the board and the membrane control (you know, those control boards that are simple pieces of plastic with the wiring printed on them).

I found out later that those control boards only have a 90 day warranty. I found out why when this same control board stopped controlling the oven only 14 months later. We had only used the oven about three more times by then. When I visually inspected the membrane I could actually see a break in one of the printed conducting wires. Those printed circuits are almost impossible to repair or bridge even though it is a simple break because they are weak to begin with - bad engineering. And, of course, we were out of the warranty period. I also suspect that the control board is bad again.

The cost of a repair visit with parts would be about $600 to $750. If I replaced the parts myself, the cost would be about $300. This makes no sense on a unit that originally cost $1700 or so. Customer service was unwilling to stand behind the product with anything more than an offer to take 50 percent off the cost of the replacement parts. They also told me there was no problem listed in their files with this model, even though I have seen the problem listed frequently by dissatisfied customers on the internet. Or, they said I could purchase a new extended warranty (and we know who makes money on those warranties).

I attempted three times with three different representatives to get Whirlpool to stand up and protect their reputation. Their customer service scripts are so slick now that you would swear you were talking to one of those preprogrammed computer voices. I refuse to spend another penny on this stove. I'm experienced enough to know that the new control board and membrane, once installed, will most likely go bad again. All I want is a stove that works when I use it.

Every stove I have bought in the past has lasted over fifteen years with no problems whatsoever, and my last unit was a used model. None of them were Whirlpools. You'd think the technology would improve by now. So, here I am with a useless oven during the Christmas baking season and no spare money to purchase another stove for a while. Needless to say, I'm finished with the Whirlpool brand. I don't know what to recommend to other consumers because Whirlpool and its other subsidiaries manufacture most of the American brand names on the market. So, here's a warning about my experiences with this model.

Difficult To Clean Smooth Top Electric
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Rating: 2/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased a new Whirlpool smooth top electric range recently - don't have model number on hand. Mostly works fine, especially the oven. However, the glass/ceramic top develops stains with each use. We used the recommended glass cleaner over and over and over again but, the stains persist. We contacted customer service, since the oven was under warranty (just 3 months old). They sent a service technician out. The technician could not do anything about it and since it was over 30 days since purchase, the glass top (cosmetic issues) was not covered by the warranty.

We called customer service again and they were extremely rude and extremely unconcerned. They said someone would call back, but no one did. Chasing down someone in customer service who cares, is becoming impossible. On top of this frustration, the service company who sent the technician, on Whirlpool's behalf, sent us a bill for over $100 for the service call. We normally like Whirlpool products, but this oven is a disaster. Advice to others: try another brand.

Whirlpool Customer Service & Products
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased a new slide in Electric Range from Whirlpool and within a few days the electric controls did not operate properly. We contacted Whirlpool and after their endless questions and wait time they arranged service. The part was replaced by the service company. Within a few months the same problem, the numbers on the pad did not operate so I could not cook at certain temperatures. I contacted Whirlpool again and again they sent a company out to service the product. This happened 3 times. After the warranty was over, 12 months, I contacted them again and this time they would not service the product at their cost or send me a replacement part at their cost.

Very bad service. The customer service person and supervisor ** was not helpful or pleasant to deal with. This was a very expensive oven and we purchased all of our appliances Whirlpool which I do not recommend any else to do.

Do Not Buy Extended Warranty!
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Rating: 1/51

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA -- The control panel on my Whirlpool gas range stopped working after 15 months. Whirlpool suggested I get a repair +1 extended warranty for $302 and they would fix the problem and give me a one year warranty. It has been 6 weeks and I still do not have a working oven and the warranty company (Assurant) will not refund my money because they say it was used up sending all these repair people out. Today will be the 4th visit and no one can figure out what is wrong with the oven and now I can't even afford a new stove because of the extra money I gave them! Whirlpool has refused to get involved and the warranty company Assurant has been rude and unhelpful.

Whirlpool Microwaves - Avoid at All Cost
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Rating: 1/51

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA -- Amended after the previous remarks showed compliment - far from it! After 15 months, our Whirlpool Gold microwave is dead due to a bad magnetron. Whirlpool used to make decent products and now they can't even make good excuses for their substandard products. Corwin (Bismarck, ND) professes in their radio commercials that they sell the best rated products, but it seems to be another lie and will not make any effort to stand behind the product either.

I guess I was crazy to think a new convection microwave would last longer than 15 months of light use of warming oatmeal in the morning or vegetables for dinner. I have only used the convection feature once to see how it works. UGH! I want my 1980's microwave back - it is still going with a new owner.

Resolution Update 05/21/2012:

Whirlpool contacted me after posting here. We are completely satisfied with the response have since received.

Defective Stove Burners
By -

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a Whirlpool electric range and refrigerator in Nov. 2009 for a condo that I own near Charleston, SC. I bought them over the phone at Lowe's and had someone pick them up and install them for me. When I arrived in Dec. I noticed that pans would not sit level on the range burners and also that the refrigerator was making a loud vibrating noise. I tried to level the stove but the leveling pads/legs would not adjust the stove properly. I endured it for the week and notified my maintenance man of the problem. He also tried to level the stove and quiet the refrigerator without success on either. I had complaints from my short-term vacation renters on both problems.

When I last visited the condo in May of 2011 I tried again to level the stove and finally ended up putting wood blocks under the legs to level it as well as I could. The pans were still not level. I then noticed that ALL 4 BURNERS WERE WARPED! I took them to Lowe's and they agreed that I had a problem with warped burners and encouraged me to contact Whirlpool. (I did the best that I could with the noisy refrigerator by wedging a thin piece of wood in a plastic support structure in the back of the freezer compartment. It helped but did not stop the noise completely. It is still very irritating.)

I did contact Whirlpool but since it had been over 1 year since I bought the appliances they told me that they would not do anything to help me. They offered to sell me new burners for $197+ which included shipping. This was about half of the original cost of the range. I asked if they would, at least, give me a break on the replacement cost of the burners since I had an unusual situation and that one defective part on the stove prevented me from discovering the defective burners within the warranty period. They were very firm in letting me know "your appliances are beyond the warranty period. We are sorry but we cannot help you."

It was an obvious problem caused by defective burners and yet they would DO NOTHING to help remedy their mistake, not even drop the price on replacement burners. I did buy them on eBay for $34.49 which included shipping. This compared to their price of $197+. Something seems definitely wrong here. I will never buy Whirlpool/Maytag/Frigidaire products again and I would encourage others to do the same. I am grateful for this website so that these companies with such a lack of integrity can be exposed. Thank you.

Do Not Buy Range Model WDE350LVS
By -

Whirlpool 30 inch smooth surface drop-in electric range (color: stainless steel), model #: WDE350LVS. This product was purchased from LOWE'S and the control panel went out within a month. I called Lowe's and they said to call Whirlpool. Within a years this control panel has gone out 6 times. The control panel has been replaced twice and the other 4 times the technicians did something with the wiring. Two different technicians have worked on it and they both say that I should request Whirlpool to replace it because this particular oven has had wiring problems.

Whirlpool just gives me the run around and say that they will repair it. The control panel is currently out. You can use the top burners, but not the oven. Whirlpool stresses QUALITY but they don't back it. You can go to the LOWE'S website and read reviews on this oven. It's expensive and you would think they would back their product. Also, the time has always reset to 1200 when you use the oven part. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

30" Electric Range Model WFE381LVQ
By -

I bought this model range Aug 2010. I always buy Whirlpool products and have been happy with them. I had a ceramic top stove before this one and loved it. This one, however, is horrible. The ceramic top is impossible to keep clean. I clean before and after use. Grease, etc. sticks and you have to clean several times before it comes off. The accubake is not very accurate. Everything gets done way too quick. Cakes burn on the bottom and are undercooked in the middle. I bake from scratch and use cake mixes and both bake the same way. Cookies burn. Chicken, etc. is overdone. The steam clean is a waste of time. It does nothing!!

I would not recommend this stove. Keep looking and try another brand. I wish I had.

Cleaning a Whirlpool Gas Range
By -

This gas range/stove is part stainless steel and a black porcelain enamel cooktop with 5 burners, model number: WFG374LVS1. I bought this gas range/stove in Lowe's for a total of $729.71 on 10/26/2010. My main complaint with this gas range is the cleaning of the cooktop, gas burner caps, grills and pan. It has been very frustrating in keeping this stove clean. I have all the proper cleaning equipment/supplies as recommended by the manufacturer. The burner caps have spots on them that look like discoloration. The base of the burner looks like it is burned.

The cooktop itself has scratches or "things" that look exactly like scratches. It has "water spots" or something similar to water spots that do not come out. I have tried everything but it leaves a white streak all over the stove once you applied the Whirlpool appliance cleaner. It is very hard to get rid of the white streaks. I used their microfiber cloth and it takes about 15-25 minutes to get rid of the white marks/streaks. I contacted the manufacturer and was told that there is nothing that they can do and then prior to calling they had sent me an email telling me how to clean the stove. I already have the manual that shows you how to clean the stove.

I had another gas stove prior to this for almost 15 years and I never spent that much time cleaning it. I also did not have the problems above. The only problem I had was that some of the paint had come off and the gas needed to be calibrated!!

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