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After Poor Fridge Installation, Floor Damage, HD Does Nothing!!
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Rating: 1/51

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH -- On March 20, 2017 I accompanied my 80 yr neighbor and friend to HD to purchase a Whirlpool refrigerator when her old one quit. We had to wait for several other customers, but when we finally were waited on, the clerk was really helpful and efficient. This was on a Monday and install was scheduled for Sat. WE WERE HAPPY!

Sat. they came to install the refrigerator about 12:00. After, she took a nap. When she got up she found water all over the floor and water coming from the back of the refrigerator. She called HD and they came right out to fix it (Ice Maker Tube had come out of the fridge). It had been about 4 hrs since install by then. They told her someone would come out to assess any floor damage. (Hers floors are wood) No one ever came and it didn't seem there was any damage so we did not call back.

Forward to July 2. The ice maker stopped working (This was a day after burying her son). She called HD on Mon. July 3rd and they said someone would come in the next couple of days. By Wed. July 5th, no one had come, so she called again. Later that day, the floor in front of her fridge starting buckling. Thur, July 6th a repairman called and said they would be there in about 30 min. (around 11:00) by now, water was on her floor, leaking downstairs and starting to puddle there. The floor under her fridge was very wet. By 2:00 no one had come. We tried to call the repairman's # several times but he did not answer or return our call.

So we called a REAL plumber and had them come to fix the leaking fridge. He found the connector at the bottom to be at fault. The water stopped leaking downstairs. Friday, there was no ice coming so we did not know if that was going to work. Then Sat. July 8, it looked like that had started working, but on Sat. afternoon there was water all over the floor again.

I looked behind the fridge and found the ice maker tube had come off again. (I assume the force from the water tube had pushed it out) I pushed it back in. The ice maker was working, no more water was on the floor, and the HD repairman showed up on Mon. July 10. I went over the story with him. He inspected the fridge and found the clamp had fallen down on the ice maker tube so he tightened that up and left. Said everything looked good.

An "investigator" Chad, came out July 12. Reviewed saga again with him. He said he would report his findings to "Judy" @ ** and she would make the decision but he thought they would fix the floor. To shorten this saga, I have made 6 phone calls since then to Judy, Brandon **, and Jeb at HD store in American Fork about the problem. I was told it is being handled by Sedgwick Insurance Co. Escalation Team and HD has nothing to do with it anymore.

The next day we received a letter from Bailey's Logistic Services stating they are unable to honor the claim because "Home Depot and a plumber were involved and we were not initially contacted to verify our liability and to date nothing has been presented to us indicating any of the issues were related to the installation we cannot assume liability." Signed: ** Logistics. There is no phone #, address listed on letter or way to contact this company.

I assume my friend (who depends on others to help her) was supposed to call this company?? I guess the people at HD could have told me when I first contacted them (July 7th) if that was needed. Instead, I was told they would take care of it and referred to Brandon ** who was on vacation until the next week.

I have talked to so many people during all of this who could have told me the correct procedure to follow if I needed to. I have not included everyone and every call made during this time. Well, we are all tired and HD and the Insurance Co. and Bailey's probably know eventually everyone will wear down and forget it. IT is so sad to me that a huge corporation like HD handles things in this manner. Letter after letter states the same type of treatment of their customers. It is either someone else to talk to, wait for, make a decision, or a sub contractor at fault. This is what we get! I will never walk into a HD for something serious again.

I will also share our experience. It pays to go to the little "guys" and local company's in the long run. HD you're not worth my time and mental health to save a dollar. I am sure you will continue to have plenty of customers. Sad for everyone isn't it?

Don't Use Home Depot Dishwasher Installers. They Are Not Qualified and Give You the Run-Around.
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I spent $74 to have my dishwasher installed by technicians using the proper tools and to have the old one hauled away. 7/4/2016 - the dishwasher was ordered for delivery on 7/26/2016. I paid $74 for installation and haul away and I ordered the side cabinet brackets for $6 to assure the installation would be solid. Believe it or not, the brackets would be delivered sooner and delivery was extra or I could pick them up at my local store. I saved myself the separate delivery charge and picked up the brackets myself, but the installation kit would be delivered with the dishwasher. Neither was a stock item so the split delivery was strange.

7/25/2016 - nobody called to advise the delivery/installation window. I called 7/26/2016 in the morning and the person acted like I should know that my delivery would be sometime in the afternoon between 12:30 and 4:30 pm. My wife had surgery and would not likely be able to answer the door quickly so I requested they not to come before 1:30 pm.

They actually arrived around 3:20 pm. They didn't bother to pilot drill the holes for the screws and split the wood of the cabinet and stripped the screw head too and could not fully seat the one screw. They test ran the dishwasher with the sample soap, rinse aid, and coupons on the top rack. And they left without leveling the unit. The installer actually waved his wrench at the leveling screw and declared he was done.

7/26/2016 - we noticed the racks would slide forward too easily when the door was opened. 7/28/2016 - I verified the installation instructions that the dishwasher was supposed to be plumb. It was an estimated 10 degrees away from plumb.

7/29/2016 - I contacted Home Depot. Recording says they are sorry I am having installation trouble. Hope says she needs to contact the installer and after being on hold for a few minutes she says she sent an email and I would be called within the hour. I asked who would be calling and was told it was Home Delivery. But I need a service technician, I already received the delivery. I was assured I would be contacted within the hour and that person would work out what was needed. Nothing of course happened. I even checked my emails to see if they had responded that way. I could not find any company called Home Delivery and so I waited.

8/8/2016 - I called Home Depot again and explained I had not received a call. I was told they had no record of my previous call and Hope did not work in that department. I insisted I had called the same number and menu options. So Holly put me on hold and then advised I needed to call back during business hours.

I pointed out that it was not even 4:30 local time and she said I had to call when the contracted delivery company would be open to answer their phones. I advised it was not convenient for me to call the next day and asked why she couldn't contact them and get back to me and she said she would but I should also follow up. I assured her I would after my earlier experience.

8/12/2016 - Tiesha answered my follow-up call and after putting me on hold told me to call Home Delivery Link. I questioned why I should be calling them since I was not their customer. Tiesha simply stated I needed to "authorize” them to come fix the installation.

8/12/2016 - I called the phone number Tiesha had given me, which was for a hairdresser, but Dawn confirmed they were the technicians for Home Delivery Link. I explained that the installation was not done per the manufacturer's instructions and requested a qualified technician to come fix the installation. Dawn told me someone would come check it and arrange return. I explained there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher, only the installation. I asked if the person who checked it would have tools and be qualified to do the installation per the manufacturer's instructions.

Dawn put me on hold and after 4 minutes I was connected to a voice mailbox so I hung up. 8/12/2016 - I then received a call from Nicole, who said she was Dawn's supervisor. I explained I hung up because I was transferred to a voicemail box. Nicole advised there was no capacity on the truck to make a delivery for several days and I explained to Nicole that we already have the dishwasher and just need a service technician with tools who is qualified to install my dishwasher. I was advised I would be contacted on 8/15/2016 between 12 and 3 to confirm an appointment for 8/16/2016.

I reiterated the number to use to reach me because my wife needs to rest and recover from her surgery. Nicole assured me she would update my profile. Of course, I never received that call either. But I found out that they called and disturbed my wife.

8/16/2016 - 3 guys showed up and I asked them if they had tools and were qualified to install my brand of dishwasher. One guy responded, “We do a little bit of everything.” He moved the front leveling screw feet some but the dishwasher was still not plumb. I got my small level and saw that it was still about 5 degrees off. They continued to level the dishwasher using my level.

I questioned them if they didn't have the appropriate tools and he said his level was the same size as mine and could not reinstall the mounting screws because he was not the original installer, but had he done the installation he would have pilot drilled the holes and set the dishwasher properly but all he could do now was adjust the leveling screws. He seemed to do a pretty good job eventually getting the dishwasher level even though he did not remove or even loosen the screws into the cabinet or countertop. Hopefully the wood will not split further and everything will remain secure.

I am disgusted that Home Depot charges for expert installation and then uses a fly-by-night company operating from a hairdresser's business. And then that they expect their customers to know what they are scheduling, and to continue to call back when it is convenient for Home Depot and their contractors rather than caring about their customers. I love the new dishwasher but next time, even though I am not young and fit, I will probably install it myself.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MONTREAL, QC -- Completely dissatisfied with Home Depot's customer service and relationship with Samsung Appliances. We moved into a new house with no appliances and the best date Home Depot and Samsung could give us was a week and a half after we moved in. I explained that we had a baby and they couldn't care less! Then our delivery got ended up getting delayed another week! Two and a half weeks with no appliances at all. Samsung confirmed all the appliances arrived BUT sitting in a warehouse 5 hours from where we live and still could not be delivered until a week after!

Both companies have no care or sympathy at all for their customers. Do not shop at Home Depot if you're expecting to get fast, efficient, and quality customer service. The valued customer service that they promote is BS!!! I will never shop at Home Depot again! I will be choosing Leon's, Canadian Tire or the Brick. Do yourself the favor.

Delivery of LG Washing Machine, Did Not Start
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Ordered an LG Top Load Washer on Sept. 5th. Delivery scheduled and installed on Sept. 13th. The machine would not start. The delivery team were good guys. The machine was returned. Advised Home Depot sales person and supervisor on Sept. 13th. Advised that LG may take up to 72 hours to call back and advise when another machine would be scheduled for delivery.

Home Depot advised that "We may have better luck in getting LG to respond." After 24 hours there was no call, I called and spoke to a representative and then supervisor. Advised that a potential delivery may be possible by Sept. 22nd. No apology or regret from LG. We went to Sears and got a Kenmore in two days.

My wife went to Home Depot on Sept. 15th to cancel the order. The sales representative, supervisor nor store manager would meet with my wife nor offer the simplest of apology. The problem with the LG machine became our problem with Home Depot "washing" their hands of the problem and us to deal with LG. The lack of customer service from both LG and Home Depot was alarming and shameful.

Beware of Home Depot Extended Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

MENTOR, OHIO -- I purchased an LG washing machine Model # WT5101H on 11/27/2010 from HOME DEPOT and I also purchased the Home Depot extended 4-year warranty plan. It was a $1,100.00 washer on sale for $749.00. On 10/6/2013 the machine broke down. I called Home Depot's warranty center on 10/7/2013 to have the washer repaired and they set up an appointment two days later on the 9th and said the repairman would be there between 8am & noon. So on the 9th I received a call around 11am from the repairman and said he would be there around 5pm.

When he got there he looked at the machine and said the whole motor assembly would have to be replaced and that it would take 10 to 14 days to get the part which I thought was ridiculous. The next day I called an LG service and was told it only takes 24 to 48 ours to get the parts. So then I called Home Depot Warranty and told them what I found out, and I was told that they could no authorize anyone else to repair it. I waited until 10/29/2013 and called them again and was told that the claim was not authorized yet. I could not believe it, nothing had been done, the parts weren't even ordered.

Then I asked to talk to a manager. When I talked to the manager I was told the same thing and there was nothing she could do about it. I lost it. Then when I told her I was going to report it to the BBB, and a local news TV channel she then connected me to another person by the name of **. I had to explain everything I went through and he told me that he would have to find out what actually happened because that it only takes minutes to get this authorization not weeks. He told me that he would find out what happened and would call me back. About 45 minutes later he did call me back and said he had found the problem but he would not disclose it to me.

Then he told me that he got everything straightened out and that the parts were in stock and that he had talked to the service man and promised me that it would be repaired on or before Monday 11/4/2013. He also gave me his phone number so that I could call him back if there was still a problem and that he would call me on Tuesday the 5th to make sure that the repairs were made. So I waited until Monday the 4th of November and decided to call the service center that was supposed to do the repairs and was told that the parts were on order and haven't come in yet.

So then I called ** at Home Depot warranty and ended up leaving a message on his answering machine about this but he never called me back. He never called me back on Tuesday either. So know here it it almost a month later and still don't have a washing machine to use.

Theft by Home Depot Delivery Staff
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Rating: 1/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- After getting a requested consultation visit from Home Depot's sales associate, on Nov 19 my wife purchased new kitchen appliances, granite counter tops and plumbing work for the kitchen and two baths. She was really excited to get a new kitchen in our small Melbourne, FL home. On Nov 27 we had appliances delivered from the $8,511 purchase at Home Depot in Melbourne. When I arrived home from work three hours later, I went to my den as I always do to take off my wedding band and put it in my leather watch case - the case is about the size of a fat loaf of bread.

I was shocked when I opened the case and found the top level of three watches missing. I called for my wife ** and her jaw dropped. We knew what had happened. No one else had been in the house that day. The den is right around the corner 8' away from the kitchen. It was the Home Depot delivery guys. I sat down at my desk and opened the center drawer. An iPhone and a thin digital camera were missing. We checked for her iPad that had been on the kitchen counter. It was gone. Subsequently I have found that another watch from a drawer by the doorway was also taken. Nothing else is missing other than our confidence in Home Depot.

Apparently Home Depot outsources delivery. In this case Home Depot has an arrangement with Ralph's Delivery but Ralph's Delivery outsourced the work again to CMJS. Two sketchy guys handled the delivery. ** was at the house although on her hands and knees cleaning behind stove and refrigerator, moving stuff so the microwave could be installed, and making sure our two Golden Retrievers didn't bother the 'Home Depot' delivery guys.

One of them made a quick snatch and grab visit to my den while she was not paying attention. Now she feels badly that it happened under her nose and we both are just really disappointed that a big deal Christmas present for us both has cost us so much. We both feel violated. The delivery guys, of course, denied the theft and the Sheriff's office has been unable to tie the theft to the two guys. We still have finger print dust in the den (leather doesn't take prints).

Three of the stolen watches were valuable. The three police reports document the case but not the disappointment. The Home Depot store manager knows about this but didn't reach out. The delivery people turned it over to their insurance company who said it wasn't a loss, it was a theft and the staff denied the allegation.

My homeowners policy doesn't cover valuables like this. Typically I am chary about offering unsolicited advice. I'll make an exception here because I am pissed. Were I faced with this problem and the CEO of Home Depot, I would do a few things: yell at the store manager, change the three level deep no accountability delivery process, and make it right with the customer. NONE of that happened. Buyers beware - Home Depot delivery contractors steal!

Washer/Dryer Horror Story
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, CO. / MARATHON, FL, FLORIDA -- Bought a new GE washer and dryer from Marathon, Florida store to be delivered to my daughter in Denver, Colorado. The Marathon store set up everything to be delivered to her in Colorado the following Saturday. The delivery company was rough with the appliances jerking them back and forth in the truck. It was snowing at the time and they left the washer out in the snow while they brought in the dryer and hooked it up. They were unfriendly and very unprofessional.

They hurried the installation because they had many deliveries that day but did mention to my daughter to talk to Home Depot to get a new machine because the one they had for them was dented in several places, then they hurried off. When they did the first load of wash, the machine leaked all over the floor on the spin cycle flooding the new tile floor. My son-in-law called the delivery to come and get the machine because it was defective not to mention the possible damage to the tile floor. They said they were not coming back and it was basically their problem because they accepted the delivery.

He said, "You told us it was damaged after it was installed and to talk to Home Depot." The Home Depot in Colorado said they can't do anything and it would have to be taken care of from the Marathon store. Really? I thought all Home Depots were the same and they would stand behind it. Because they "accepted" the delivery Home Depot was willing to send out a repairman and give us 25.00 off the machine because it was dented and damaged. Not acceptable, I didn't buy scratch and dented machines, I bought new ones. I wanted a replacement washer and the issue would be resolved and the customer would be happy.

Of course this turned into a fiasco because Home Depot wanted to just repair the washer, then GE needed to send a technician out to determine the problem then it had to go back to Home Depot to deal with me on what they were going to do so it goes on and on and my daughter can't do laundry because of all the hurdles and red tape dealing with Home Depot and GE. It could have been so simple and easy to resolve making their customer happy and glad they chose Home Depot for their purchase.

Also they gave us a 48-hour hotline to call if anything goes wrong within 48 hours and they would send someone out immediately to take care of any problems but when we called it, they wouldn't come out and do anything. So here we sit with a broken brand new GE washer and no one wants to do the right thing and simply replace it with what I was supposed to get for my money. This is terrible and consumers should beware of these practices. I don't know where this is going to go and if eventually I have to take them to court but I'm standing on principle here and enough is enough. I simply want what I paid for and we're getting the royal runaround.

Home Depot should be shut down
By -

Starting by the end, I will never buy anything there again. I ordered a dishwasher, and it was scheduled to be delivered 2 weeks later. They never called me to ask for a good day for this-just called and said they would deliver on a Tuesday. Because no one else on this world works, they must think everyone should be home so they can do stuff whenever they want? I called back, held the flaming and rescheduled to Saturday, explaining I can only be home at 5:30-6 pm, too late for them. It would be between 11 am-5 pm. Nice, got to be stuck waiting for them to show up whenever they want.

They never called, and at 5:30, I called to find out what was going on. They were not delivering that day because of some **, and I couldn't get a reschedule right away, it would have to be checked for availability. Got a call Monday, deliver would be Wednesday AM. Again no one else works besides them, and it's all fine to make the CUSTOMER stay home waiting for whatever. I called and rescheduled for Saturday. Couldn't be done, this time was not their fault, a blizzard made it impossible. I was told that new delivery would have to be checked for availability. OMG they are soooo busy to satisfy their customers!!!!!

Wednesday would be the day and most certainly the final attempt, it's been a MONTH since I ordered the ** machine and was absolutely sick and tired of all this ridiculous situation. They finally showed up Wednesday at 11 AM, but unfortunately I was not home. Such lack of interest and respect, they dropped it off and said they could not install it because there was a "problem with the water valve" and it would have to be checked by a plumber, they couldn't do it. I assure there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM with the valve.

What am I going to think of this? It's absolutely absurd. It's hard to believe how bad this has been, not because I really need the dishwasher so urgently, but because I've been so neglected and disrespected on this matter. I'm no brute, I'm polite and I've been trying to be through all of this. But no more. I got home, the guys were just leaving. I though that was fast, I had left 30 Mins ago, till I got inside and saw the box sitting on my living room. My wife explained the situation above, valve problem and abort mission, and I boiled.

I grabbed the phone to call them-my wife held me back and said she would take care of it. Answering machine. While she was leaving a message, because THERE WAS NO ONE TO PICK UP THE ** phone, I made sure I flamed and cursed as best as I could and that the would hear it. Honestly, I think it's enough of this **, I didn't get my appliance from some underground bogus store, or did I? I got a call back a couple minutes later, and I was told they would send someone here right away. Maybe the cursing and flaming had some effect, and that I will finally get this done. I'll wait, but if they fail me again, this is not going to be the end of it.

Again, I will never buy anything there again, and if they tell you there will be some delay while you wait for something, my advice is for you to be tough and make them see that WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS, and that we paid for it. No customers, no business, and someone will learn a lesson.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- If you are looking to replace your appliances, do NOT go to Home Depot. They will recommend appliances and after 90 days - they no longer work. To make matters worst, they then tell you to work with the manufacturer versus assisting you with replacing/fixing the appliance. However, they were quick to take our money when we purchased the product. I would rather pay a premium price from a small retailer with better customer service than deal with a company who only wants our money.

All We Wanted Was a Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- We purchased a refrigerator from Home Depot. We have an existing refrigerator with an ice maker. The installation requirements with our order stated that we have to have a water shut-off valve (for the water line going to the ice maker) within 6 feet of the point of entry on the refrigerator. Our water valve is under our sink and 4'10" away from the point of entry on the refrigerator.

Installers (Town Air Freight, a subcontractor of Home Depot) show up and refuse to install new refrigerator because we do not have a water valve DIRECTLY BEHIND the refrigerator. The installer insists that "Maryland law" requires the valve be directly behind the refrigerator. He also says that he cannot touch our water shut-off valve because it is under our sink. He refuses to install the new refrigerator or give me time to call the store and clarify their policy. He leaves with our new refrigerator, but enters it in the system as "delivered."

We repack all our food into our existing refrigerator and begin one of the most frustrating customer service experiences of our lives.

We call Home Depot and they say that the installer should have installed the refrigerator because we meet the requirements (shut off valve less than 6 feet away). Everyone from Home Depot that we speak with (store manager, appliance department manager, corporate office) insist that our set-up meets the requirements for installation, even if the valve is under the sink. After multiple calls to the installer, it is finally clarified that the issue isn't a state law, but rather that Home Depot only sells kits that have a 6 foot-long hose to connect to the water valve. Because the line needs to have slack, this isn't sufficient when the distance is more than one or two feet.

I end up on a four-way call with Home Depot's corporate office, GE (the appliance distributor), and the installer (Town Air Freight). The installer says that they cannot use anything other than the kit sold by Home Depot because of a CONTRACT ISSUE between them and Home Depot. Yes, we were stuck in this mess because of a poorly-written contract between Home Depot and their subcontractor. Corporate and GE try to see if the installer will make an exception and use another line (not from the kit Home Depot sells, but just a regular old line with more length). The installer refuses, and keeps citing this "contract issue."

After many wasted hours waiting for installers, on the phone with Home Depot, and taking multiple phone calls from installers and subcontractors that work for Home Depot, it is clear that this refrigerator is not going to get installed. We request a refund and ask that someone send confirmation (via email) that a refund is being issued. One day later and we have yet to receive confirmation of any refund. A refund has not been processed to our credit card. So, Home Depot still has our $1200 and our new refrigerator. We have nothing.

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