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Posted by Zurc on 09/29/2004
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- On 08 Apr 04 I purchased an Excell Pressure washer from Home Depot. Model VR2500 with a 6.5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor. I used the machine 3 times for approximately 10 hours running time. On my fourth job on 15 Aug 04, the unit ran for about 30 minutes and then would not start again. I utilized all of the troubleshooting tips and checked all things listed. Still it would not run. Upon returning it to Home Depot I was told it had to be sent out for repair. The washer isn't a coffee pot that I use every day, it is hard to return something in 30 days of purchase when it's used once a month at the most.
The unit was used for 10 hours. The card says years and years of use. I have 2 lawn mowers with B&S motors, one 10 years old that runs great. An associate at Home Depot that I work with told me after my purchase that they get a lot of returns on that unit.
After 10 hours of use I shouldn't have to wait for my pressure washer to be fixed. I cleaned about 1/4 of my driveway with plans on doing the house too. When I bought the washer I counted on the name Briggs and Stratton as well as The Home Depot. At this time I am disappointed with both.
Customer service said that, that’s the way it is, you wait because Home Depot doesn't make the product and that’s the way the manufacturer handles things. This is poor at best, I had a weed whacker that broke that I had for approximately the same amount of time and when I returned it to Sam’s Club they didn't even question me and told me to get a new one. I'm not sure but I don't think Sam’s makes Poulon products.

The pressure washer is back and they say that the washer needs a new motor. They say there was lack of lubrication. I've only used it 3 times and I had just filled the oil. If it used all the oil, there must have been something wrong with it from the beginning. Home Depot wants $39.50 to pick it up and the shop wants $364.50 to fix my $295 pressure washer. Once again I want to say that I’ve been told that I’m not the only customer to bring back this pressure washer with problems.

Last month I sent them an E-mail and received no response. I take this to mean that they don't care about my problem or my business. Within the last year I have renovated my living room and done numerous projects around my yard. There were problems with my delivery of the products that I purchased and only after I pushed the subject did I actually get someone to help me. They offered me a refund of the delivery charge and after 2 months I had to call and ask where it was. They never sent it. Then we purchased carpet for my living room, after 2 tries at installing it, they measured it twice and cut it wrong twice, then in our frustration we cancelled the order. Now I have a pressure washer that is useless. That is my feelings about The Home Depot at this time. I’ve spent well over $1,000 in the last six months and now over a $300 pressure washer I will do all my business at other retailers and I will tell everyone I know about the service that I’ve received. The same is true for Briggs and Stratton and Devibliss.

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Posted by Berry on 2004-10-01:
I can't believe the similiarity of our two pressure washer experiences. I too had my pressure washer for only 4 months. A total work time of 10 hours or even less. I am very peculiar when it comes to anything mechanical, I know without a doubt the pressure washer I was using always had the proper oil level. Anyway, my washer begain to loose pressure and finally locked up. The same story, sent off for repairs and the response was a $453 repair cost. Of course I declined and will pay $30 for a diagnostic fee. I was told the engine locked up due to inadequate lubrication????HELLO, after it locked the first thing I did was to check the oil level and it was full. Besides, after breaking, there was a slow trikle of a grayish liquid that came from the bottom of the washer, definetly not motor oil. Anyway, my assumption was the pump locked up and wouldn't not disengage from the engine. I'm really upset about the matter especially now that I know the diagnosis is incorrect. I too will voice my concerns to Briggs and Stratton and Home Depot. The washer I have is the same model as yours.
Posted by Rem Man on 2004-11-17:
In defense of Home Depot and all other retailers, I have two comments. First, all retailers see their fair share of people who try to 'rent' a product by using it to complete a project and then return it for a refund. Sometimes the 'renter' purposely breaks the product so make the return seem legit. They also see their fair share of people who 'scavange' parts off of a new unit and then attempt to return it under the same guise. I've seen this first hand. Unfortunately for the honest consumer such as this poster, returns now have to be highly scrutinized to keep the costs of these returns down.

Second, Home Depot is a SALES store, not a REPAIR center. They sell the stuff, but don't make it or warrant it other than the fact that it is fit for its intended use. If you buy something there and it works, the fact that it quits working later on is an issue between you and the manufacturer, not the sales person. How long of a time between purchase and when the item quits working is really the only gray area subject to question and common sense. I've seen people return a whole water heater to a store after FOUR YEARS of use, expecting to get a refund. No, I'm not kidding. Common sense tells me that if the water heater worked after initial installation, then it is an issue between the customer and the manufacturer.

People, grow up and accept some responsibility here. Be reasonable. Don't trash the retailer because you're $200 powere frizzlehopper quite after using it 5 times in two years. Take it up with the manufacturer who actually warrants the product.
Posted by depotgirl on 2004-11-17:
I am so tired of you customers who think that they are the only customer.. we sell extended warranties, that are very reasonable..for your 298.oo dollar pressure washer, you would have only had to pay about 34.99 for a 3 year warranty. when you invest in a purchase like this you should buy a warranty, like you do when you buy a car.. you dont know if you will use it, but you might. home depot customers are the most helpless people i know.. grow up.. how do you people make life decisions?
Posted by Consumer A on 2005-01-03:
I purchased the same Excell pressure washer in June of 2004. I also used mine for two weekends, about 12 hours of running time, in June. I started it again in December 2004 to clean a grill and it froze-up. I have the exact same story on the cost for repair exceeding the cost of the product. Seems to be a trend here -- DO NOT BUY AN EXCEL PRESSURE WASHER (and have second thoughts before buying anything) AT HOME DEPOT - they obviously can not recognize when they are selling faulty products.
Posted by brett10 on 2006-07-04:
I have had similar issues. On my first use of the product, the gun would not release the pressure any longer (unit stayed pressurized and very dangerous). I went and to home depot and received a replacement. Same issue with this gun after 1 hour of use. Contacted Excell and they sent me a replacement gun and acknowledged that they are having issues with the original gun. I was in contact with Home Depot and also sent them an email with my issues. I informed the manager that they should forward my email to the other store managers or up the ladder to prevent serious injury when the gun stops working with high pressure locked in the gun and hose.

Now I am using my pressure washer again (use it once a year to clean patio and sidewald). It has been about 1 year since purchase and about he 5th time that I've used it. The engine started making a loud sound and then a piece of the engine (looks like the piece that connects the piston shoots through the engine case. Its broke for good. I am going down the path of speaking with store manager at home depot. I will keep everyone informed.
Posted by brett10 on 2006-07-04:
just got back from the home depot and the manager was an experienced individual and understood my pain. He gave me a store credit. I purchased another one (this one has a Honda engine). Hopefully I have better luck! Hope this helps you.
Posted by tiredofbeingburnt on 2006-10-05:
I have the same problem with my Excel VR2500 pressure washer. I have appx. 8 hours on it and the motor is bad. Home depot says it is due to lack of maintenance. I have only used it four times. It still looks like new and they want $357.00 to repair the motor. The whole motor is only around $185.00 on ebay.They seem to always have a good supply of reconditioned ones out front for sale. Now they are selling the unit with a
Honda engine. GEE I wonder why!!!
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-05-07:
DO NOT believe what Home Depot says about the pressure washers. It seems that "inadequate lubrication" or something similar is Home Depot's standard response to pressure washer complaints. I have never owned a pressure washer, but the fact that Home Depot plays the "inadequate lubrication" card for all the broken machines makes me think they are not telling the truth. Not that many customers would fail to fill the washer with oil, so I think that all these pressure washers have something more serious wrong with them. I also believe that HD is trying to get more money from us, the customers, by saying the machine broke due to customer error and that the customer must pay for repairs. I recommend simply returning the pressure washer and getting your money back, then purchasing another one from a reputable company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-07:
"Inadequate lubrication" - ROFL!!!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-07:
Use some Olive Garden breadsticks - they will lube it up just fine...
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Washer/Dryer Horror Story
Posted by Jfazio3799 on 11/11/2012
DENVER, CO. / MARATHON, FL, FLORIDA -- Bought a new GE washer and dryer from Marathon, Florida store to be delivered to my daughter in Denver, Colorado. The Marathon store set up everything to be delivered to her in Colorado the following Saturday. The delivery company was rough with the appliances jerking them back and forth in the truck. It was snowing at the time and they left the washer out in the snow while they brought in the dryer and hooked it up. They were unfriendly and very unprofessional. They hurried the installation because they had many deliveries that day but did mention to my daughter to talk to Home Depot to get a new machine because the one they had for them was dented in several places, then they hurried off. When they did the first load of wash the machine leaked all over the floor on the spin cycle flooding the new tile floor. My son in law called the delivery to come and get the machine because it was defective not to mention the possible damage to the tile floor. They said they were not coming back and it was basically their problem because they accepted the delivery. He said you told us it was damaged after it was installed and to talk to Home Depot. The Home Depot in Colorado said they can't do anything and it would have to be taken care of from the Marathon store. Really? I thought all Home Depots were the same and they would stand behind it. Because they "accepted" the delivery Home Depot was willing to send out a repairman and give us 25.00 off the machine because it was dented and damaged. Not acceptable, I didn't buy scratch and dented machines, I bought new ones. I wanted a replacement washer and the issue would be resolved and the customer would be happy. Of course this turned into a fiasco because Home Depot wanted to just repair the washer, then GE needed to send a technician out to determine the problem then it had to go back to Home Depot to deal with me on what they were going to do so it goes on and on and my daughter can't do laundry because of all the hurdles and red tape dealing with Home Depot and GE. It could have been so simple and easy to resolve making their customer happy and glad they chose Home Depot for their purchase. Also they gave us a 48 hour hot line to call if anything goes wrong within 48 hours and they would send someone out immediately to take care of any problems but when we called it they wouldn't come out and do anything. So here we sit with a broken brand new GE washer and nno one wants to do the right thing and simply replace it with what I was suppose to get for my money. This is terrible and consumers should beware of these practices. I don't know where this is going to go and if eventually I have to take them to court but I'm standing on principal here and enough is enough. I simply want what I paid for and we're getting the royal run around.
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Posted by HomeDepot_Care on 2012-11-11:
Hi my name is Sheronda and I'm with Home Depot Customer Care. Please email your order and contact information to me at sheronda_care@homedepot.com. I'd like to help resolve this for you and your daughter. Thank you.

The Home Depot
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-11:
I'm sorry you are going through this, but I don't necessarily agree with the assumption that "all Home Depots are the same". Ordering an appliance through a store and having it delivered over a thousand miles away I haven't heard of before.

Your complaint highlights the risk in accepting delivery of a damaged appliance, and if nothing else readers can take your experience as a warning.

Good luck - it sounds like you are mired in dealing with at least three companies.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-11-11:
I ordered a washer from Home Depot last year and they bought it in, removed the old one for me, set it up and ran it on the shortest cycle (about 15 min) and didn't leave until they were satisfied that it was in perfect working order. I'm so sorry you were so poorly treated. The nerve of them offering $25! First of all scratch and dent machines are FAR cheaper and you paid for new, they should have replaced it with NEW. Sounds like a scam of the highest order :-(
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-13:
It's absolutely astonishing that a company like Home Depot outsources its delivery. The difficulty becomes separate entities all pointing at one another as to who is at fault. In this case, Home Depot becomes the retailer. They sell the product and turn it over to the outsourced delivery. The delivery team delivers the units, getting the customer to sign off and both the delivery team and the retailer are relieved of any initial liability. Now, if there is physical damage, it becomes the responsibility of the owner. And, if the unit(s) fail, the problem(s) become shifted to getting it serviced through the local, authorized service center.

Not to add insult to injury, so to speak, but G.E. is the one washer system I'm careful about promoting. Their top loading units are good, but their front loading designs have a lot to be desired. They have some inherent flaws that you'll never resolve.

Best of luck on this one. Please keep us informed.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-11-13:
Ordering an appliance from 1000 miles away is no novelty. It's not as if it was loaded up at the local store and personally driven that distance. I would be furious if I paid that amount of money for a gift and the recipient was left to deal with the problem.

Years ago a family member purchased a matching washer and dryer set for his son living out west. He ordered it from Sears back when appliances were better made. In that small town Sears did not have a store but did have a store front for pickups. Delivery and set up could be arranged but the son wanted instead to pick up himself, he had a number of friends plus a truck, and he was as happy as could be. There were no dents, scratches or any damage whatsoever. No problem there at all.

I'm not keen on delivery folks who just want you to sign on the dotted line so they can be gone. Nothing is tested before they leave. Give me the local independent business for all services but sometimes it's not an option.
Posted by irajane on 2012-11-20:
Use a credit card when you make a purchase.

You can always question a credit card purchase with the bank who issued the card.

Then you have the Bank speaking to Home Depot. They're biggerv than the customer.
Posted by new car on 2012-11-20:
What a disgrace. But it happens over and over again especially with the big box stores. We as consumers need to stand up and say "This has to Stop". Home Depot would never have shipped over 1000 miles, they simply would have shipped from a local dealer, well, at least if they had any brains they would. Anyway, best of luck. Let's hope that the last comment from Sheronda works because it would give us all pause before we ordered large items like this from these stores. I would love to know how this is resolved.
Posted by LuvBreathing on 2012-11-20:
I too, had a major problem with Home Depot, and was getting nowhere. I google searched the CEO of Home Depot and sent several email using different naming conventions for his address. I tried firstname.lastname@homedepot.com First_Last@homedepot.com, etc. I send the email late on a Friday nite, and got a call from his personal assistant on Sunday. He was more than happy to help correct my situation. You may want to try this approach. Contacting the CEO is sometimes the best ammo. I hope this helps!
Posted by stratus200 on 2013-02-04:
You can order a machine from one state, and have it delivered to an address to a home in another state (this is highly discouraged). It is not being delivered from the purchase state, it is being shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouse to delivery agent closest to the destination address. When this happens, the customer always has to go through the actual selling store to resolve any issues, home depots are not connected when it comes to special order items due to they are purchased under a service contract with a particular store. When customers come into the home depot I work at, and want to order for delivery to another state, I let them know up front the negatives of this type of transaction, and explain to them that if they do want to continue with the purchase, that I will be more than happy to contact the store nearest their delivery destination and let them set this purchase up through them. This eliminates any long distance issues, the store closest to the delivery address that sold the items will be able to take better care of, and even go remove the items from the house for a total refund.
Posted by Kim on 2013-04-10:
I am having the same issues at 2 different stores we couldn't even get someone to help and when we did they had no idea what they where talking about. The appliance manager was not cooperative when we called to complain when it took me 2 hours to order my appliance even though when I went in I already knew what I wanted. Then I called to complain to the main headquarters and as sympathetic as she could the rep told me their was nothing she could do. I still do not have my appliances due to where I live. I ordered my set out of MA but yet the outsourced delivery company is from NY and they are just about the most unfriendly people I have ever met in my life with no consideration at all.
Posted by Take Control of your Money on 2013-08-18:
Bottom line always read the small print! make sure you know the return policy inside and out, its your money get smart!
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Problems with Excell VR2500 pressure washer
Posted by Tiredofbeingburnt on 10/04/2006
I recently bought an Excell VR2500 pressure washer from the local Home Depot store in Gulfport MS. At the time of purchase I was told by the cashier that If I had a problem with the pressure washer that I could bring it back for an exchange within the first 90 days. After that then it would be covered under the manufacturers warranty. The manufacturers warranty is two years on the unit. After only 7-8 hours of use the unit quit working. It lost all compression and had an oily sludge coming from the area where the pump and the engine connect. When I tried to return the unit (in the original box with all paper work and not one scratch on the unit)I was told that since I had purchased it more than 30 days before I would have to pay $35.00 to have the unit sent out for inspection. I informed the CSR about what I was told when purchasing the unit. They wanted me to give them the persons name that I spoke to and said they were wrong. I am supposed to remember this two months later plus I have to pay for the error of their employee? Now they want $357.00 for a new motor and it isn't covered under warranty due to lack of maintenance.How much maintenance is necessary for a unit with 8 hours on it. I have been a mechanic all of my life and have never had a motor come apart like this. If you look in the reconditioned power equipment area at any Home Depot you will see several of the VR2500 Excells sitting reconditoned and for sale at a discount and they all are leaking oil from the same place. I wonder why they no longer sell the Briggs & Stratton 6.5 on their units at Home Depot and only offer the HONDA!!!!!!! The same unit but only a different motor!!! Home Depot is aware of the problem yet they still continue to pawn their junk off on unsuspecting customers by selling their old stock and their so called re-conditioned units that they know are going to have problems. I didn't hear from them for one month so I went there tonight to learn that I a professional mechanic and I didn't maintain my equipment properly. Whatever! I will be back there tomorrow to try to get some resolve and will post the results tomorrow. Anyone who thinks this is a duplicate post under another name is in total denial and evidently a proud Home Depot employee. I too used to be a Home Depot employee. I quit At Home Services because of poor management, poor work quality, management lying to my customers and Home Depot overcharging my customers on a regular basis. I had customers waiting 3-6 months to get windows and roofing installed. Over half of the jobs were not done properly and windows were ordered wrong on a regular basis. 14 days after hurricane Katrina they went up $60 a square on installed roofing and said they had to bring in out if state crews. We have never had a crew in the state of Ms, we always used out of state crews for roofing!!!
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Posted by tiredofbeingburnt on 2006-10-11:
I went to the store to talk to the repair facility on the phone, they said the motor blew because of lack of lubrication.(supposedly not covered by the warranty) I asked them what would cause a motor with 8 hours on it to loose its oil. I explained that almost every unit that they had reconditioned still had excessive oil leaks in them. You can find them at almost any home depot store out front by the exits. I happened to see the store manager at a register and asked him to meet me outside by the power equipment when he got a chance. I showed him the problem and he told me he was going to get my machine back to the store and that he would authorize a complete refund on the pressure washer. All I can say is sometimes you just have got to go to the chief to get results.
Posted by GM Buffalo on 2006-12-05:
My adventure is even more entertaining! After one use, the unit failed to start. It has the HONDA motor and I have had many powered tools with Honda motors with nary a problem. Anyway, the return to Home Depot was a waste of time since the item was "used" and their "policy" states that they will not take fuel powered tools back if they've been "used". To add insult to injury, I took advantage of Excell's mail-in offer for a free wand attachment which required I send in the purchase receipt (no I didn't copy it...my bad), so now without a receipt, the HD helpful folk treated me as if I had shoplifted the product and was trying to return it for cash. The "best" they could do was to send it in to an approved repair center which they guranteed would take 60 days at minimum. I could always go directly to Excell and take it to one of their "factory authorized repair centers". Low and behold, there was one on their website right here in Tucson, AZ...lucky me!

Upon arrival at the repair center, I was asked for the purchase receipt to prove that I actually bought the thing and that it was within the warranty period. Here we go again....so I asked them to look at the "showroom clean condition" and use common sense that the thing had less than 20 minutes on it. No go...no receipt, no fix.

Not wanting to throw away $369.89, I went back to my friendly neighboorhood Home Depot and bought another Excell pressure washer, same model, same box. Snatched the receipt, took it home, copied it, and promptly took the unopened box back to HD for a full "refund" :)

Now with a purchase receipt in hand I returned to the "factory authorized repair center" and they gladly took my defunct pressure washer in and gladly gave me a claim check.

Each week I call them to check the status...4 weeks later, still nothing. They have "assigned" it to a tech. Week 6 and it's "almost ready". I want a tech job there. Week 8 and it's DONE!...stop on by and pick it up. Oh by the way, you owe us $98.90 for fixing it. But wait, it's under warranty..."well...either you pay the repair bill or we keep your pressure washer...you decide. All you have to do is send in your repair receipt to Excell for a refund"...ya right.

So now I have an operable Excell pressure washer (for now) and a "free" $98.90 wand for it.

Thank you Excell and Home Depot and Happy Holidays to one and all!
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Knowingly Selling Faulty Refrigerators
Posted by D-Man on 04/19/2005
LIHUE, KAUAI, HAWAII -- Once again I'm reporting to you about the Home Depot who continues to sell faulty products to people on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Since I provided the information about the Maytag "SAV" model line Washers and Dryers, one more product has come around to the junk pile. Once again, the same management approach to victimize the customer and be truly apathetic to customers is in operation. The Magic Chef 10 cubic foot refrigerator has a problem with the light "switch." The switch does not turn off the light when the door is shut. Since this model is so small, the light will cause the unit not to cool. There have been numerous occasions of returns and I have made management aware of the problem. Once again, the same department head with the same operations manager have knowingly said, "sell the product and let the repair people handle it."
I know of one incident where the unit actually caught fire and the customer said she was going to bring a lawsuit against Home Depot.
The one thing I'm sure of is Home Depot is apathetic to anyone or anything, just get the product out the door. I hope this was able to save someone greif or prvide the information they could use!
Have a nice day!

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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-04-19:
Check with consumer reports and check online for recalls. Complain to the company that manufactured the products and the FTC.gov. You might want to contact your local DA’s office and your State Attorney General.
Posted by candace on 2005-04-25:
For several years I owned by own appliance store in a small town. People drove for miles to save 20 dollars at some big box store. I never could get it through their thick heads that once you leave a big box store you are a nobody. Please, next time you are making a purchase that you want backed up by some kind of customer service...visit a local dealer. You may spend an extra 20 dollars but six months from now when there's a problem.....they will be their for you.
Posted by yesfan on 2005-11-26:
Oh my gosh, D-Man! I bought the Magic Chef 10 cubic foot refrigerator in March in Atlanta. I put it in my rental house, and my tenant said it never cooled enough. The authorized warranty service provider has been there about five times, replacing various parts. I don’t think he ever thought to remove the light bulb. I will tell the tenant to try that.
Magic Chef told the tenant they would not replace the refrigerator. Atlanta is Home Depot headquarters, and they just said if the item had been used, I could not return it. I will let them know they are selling a defective product. Just in case they haven’t heard about it from anyone else yet! If I have time, I will also let Atlanta consumer advocate Clark Howard know. And the Greater Atlanta Better Business Bureau. I am trying to get my money back while the refrigerator is still under warranty. I'm really glad to find this 3cents Web site.
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Dishwasher Install
Posted by NCO on 08/09/2007
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Home Depot #3010
7481 S. Lindberg Blvd
St Louis, MO 63125
(314) 894-6099

On 7/28/07 I purchased a dishwasher from this Home Depot location for a total cost of $723.50 which includes delivery and installation.

On the scheduled delivery date I had utilized annual leave from my job to assist and escort the delivery personnel into our home. Upon their arrival, late afternoon, I was informed they could not install the dishwasher because I had a ¼” deficiency of space between the floor and bottom of kitchen counter. I was informed that the salesperson should mentioned this to me before hand, but many times they do not. Therefore, the next day I had chiseled our wooden kitchen floor away from this area leaving plenty of room for a rescheduled delivery.

A week later, taking another day off from my job this dishwasher was delivered again. This time I advised once more they could not install the dishwasher because our home did not have a separate electric breaker designated to power only the dishwasher. Once more I informed that the salesperson should mentioned this to me before hand, but many times they do not.

I eventually installed this dishwasher myself with no problem what so ever. I have found this business experience to be extremely ethically flawed. This unprofessional business transaction reeks of poor training, poor communication and complete incompetence.

The obvious fact that time is money; I unnecessarily lost paid annual leave due to Home Depot's negligence.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-09:
I had to have a customer chip her Tile floor away in front of her old dishwasher,because it wouldn't come out of the hole.They tile setters just layed over her existing floor.So after she called me back I went out and installed the dishwasher,and advised her to have the tile setter come back,and redo his crappy job.

"very helpful"
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Warranty Problem
Posted by T-roy on 11/17/2006
TENNESSEE -- The below is one of the frustrated emails I sent to Home Depot over a month long challenge to get a pressure washer repaired on an extended warranty plan. They denied my claim and contiue to do so.

I have told this story numerous times to countless customer
service representatives over the phone and sent numerous emails also.
I originally filed a claim on 10/16/06. I was told to take the product
to store #003 which I later found to be in Atlanta, GA. I live in
TN and purchased the product at store #7XX. I took the
product to the store in which it was purchased and the staff there
looked at me as if I were an alien. After about thirty minutes the
manager finally called the 18882Repair # and arranged a repair service
center (un-named Repair Service) to pick up the item for repair. During
this time I called the repair shop numerous times only to be told
several different stories such as, "they were ordering a part for the
item" or "it hasn't been looked at yet". I also called the 18882Repair #
several times and after waiting for a representative for as long as one
hour and six minutes, I would be told they were waiting on the repair
center. I finally received a call on October 30 by the Repair
Center and the service tech said the machine had no oil in it and the
warranty would not cover
it. I asked him what would happen to the oil if the side of the crank
case on the machine were to crack and rupture. He stated the oil would
run out of it. I told him and the original representative I filed the
claim with, that the crank case had in fact ruptured and the machine
quit running as oil poured onto the ground. After I spoke with the
service tech, I called the 18882Repair (again) and waited over 40
minutes and was told they called the service center and was told by
the repair service that the machine was waiting on a part
(surprise). I called back and spoke with a supervisor and was told she
would send it to authorization department and promised I would receive a
phone call from them in 3 to 5 business days. I placed this call on
11/08/06 and according to my calculations 11/14/06 would have been 5
business days. Today is 11/15/
06 which would be 6 business days. I just got off the phone with another
one of your representatives, who was very polite, and once again
received no answer on the status of my claim nor have I received my
machine. I called the Repair center and they said, you guessed it, " they
were waiting on a part for it". I filed a complaint with the Better
Business Bureau of and they have transferred it to the
Atlanta branch of the BBB for follow up. The complaint # is 37XXXXXXX.
Not only do I feel I have been wronged in this situation but the
customer service I have received, or total lack there of, is or should
be deemed pathetic at best. I have never received a phone call and the
only email I have received is the "auto reply" email describing how
important of a customer I am. I believe I am important and word of mouth
travels quickly. In a very competitive market, one bad revue can dampen
sales. I sent this email for documentation purposes so someone could not
say that they
have no knowledge of the problem.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-18:
Extended warranty means: You just paid for extended headaches, many hours of driving and the same results as if you never got the extended warranty. Sorry about your dilemma and I feel you pain.
Posted by you r stupid on 2006-11-18:
What kind of pressure washer is it? How long ago did you purchase it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-18:
I've been telling consumers that extended warranties are worth the paper they are written on.
Posted by BBast on 2007-05-27:
any warranty only covers manufacturer defects unless otherwise stated, if you busted the crank case that sounds like poor maintenance
Posted by demonized340 on 2008-02-27:
My comments come from 14 years of experience in small engine repair. First, i want to say, that is the typical service you get at the " big box " stores. They DO NOT work on the equipment they sell. They sell very few if any parts. Second, obviously there was a failure with the connecting rod ( hole put in the block where the oil poured out ).Even with no oil present, there are tell tale signs that we look for to determine if failure is from lack of oil or a defect in the part itself.
Posted by Christian at Home Depot on 2009-01-21:
Dear Home Depot Customer,

On behalf of The Home Depot I apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in regards to your Extended Service Plan purchase with our company.

Please know that it is The Home Depot’s goal to satisfy all of our customers with our products and services. We look forward to assisting you and your family with all of your future home improvement needs. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Christian L. Sagna
Agent Expert
2455 Paces Ferry Road/B-3
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770) 433-8211 or 800-654-0688 x84861
Fax: (770) 384-5038
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-21:
Christian, I would say you are just a little late. If his problem hasn't been fixed in over two years you probably would be of little help.
Posted by Cadillac Eli on 2013-10-09:
10% off sale 2013 Memorial day for Vet's I spent 2 hours picking out over $2000.00 worth of things and the manager would not accept my VA card to get the 10% off and three other VET's were behind me in line and they were turned down too! Went to Lowe's store and they take our VA card for 10% off 365 days a year!!!!! But now I'm caught in the same spot they have my pressure washer in Atlanta and was told to day 10/8/13 that it could take up to 4 weeks before I will know anything!!!! But I have taking gas tools back to Lowe's and if they could not fix it in store they did replace it!!!!!!!
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Posted by JMorrow on 02/14/2010
On January 6, 2010 I made a phone call to the warranty company about a problem I was having with my Maytag refrigerator that was not cooling. I had purchased this from Home Depot The warranty company (Assurant) called a local service company to come out and look at our refrigerator. After waiting for a few days I decided that the service company was not coming so on January 13th I called back. The warranty company called another service company that did come out on January 18th. The tech said the fan was not turning and that was the problem. He told us to wait for a couple of days for the unit to stabilize and it should start cooling. It did not. We called the warranty company back and they sent another tech out on January 21st. He discovered that there was a broken part in the freezer and there was not repair part for it. I called the warranty company to find out what was to happen at this point. They said they would have to further research the matter and let me know. At this point my food is spoiled and I asked for reimbursement. They sent a check for $200.00. The situation looked promising at this point. I called the warranty company again and reminded them that I had been without my refrigerator for more than 15 days. I was told that they were still looking into the matter. February 15th I still have no reimbursement for my refrigerator. I personally believe this is some sort of stall tactic in not wanting to honor the contract

This has convinced me that I will never purchase an appliance or a warranty from Home Depot again. I will not hesitate to let anyone know of the experience I have had with the warranty company contracted by your company.

James Morrow

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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-14:
You have a warranty for a Maytag appliance. Home Depot does not make these. Home Depot is not the problem. maytag quickly reimbursed your cost of lost food, and because they are taking a bit of time to research the potential problem you call this bad service and never want to shop at Home Depot again. Ok.

Posted by biomajor on 2010-02-14:
I believe that they bought the extended warranty from Home Depot. After more than a month with no refrigerator, I would be a little upset also.
Posted by localgod on 2010-02-15:
Home Depot is not to blame and does not own/control Assurant. Your complaint is with the warranty company and not the retailer. For example: I will never read my3cents.com reviews again because I do not agree with the reviewers; instead of blaming the reviewers, I blamed the messenger.
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2010-02-15:
This is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry about your experience with Assurant, I will be glad to help. Please send a detailed email to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Posted by Renee Greene on 2011-06-28:
I am having the same issue with Assurant which we purchased from Home Depot! I think Home Depot needs to find a more reliable company to offer to their customers. We are going on the technician coming out for a 4th time to declare our 3 year old LG refrigerator unrepairable AGAIN. Each time the claims department says that the technician needs to provide them with something else before they can move forward. It's usually 8 to 10 days before they can get out. I have 3 children in the house. Since April, we've only had 2 weeks with a working refrigerator. LG fridge- horrible! Assurant Warranty sold by Home Depot -horrilbe! Someone LG, Assurant and/or Home Depot need to take responsibility for this Lemon!
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-07-27:
If the OP purchased the warranty from Home Depot, then it should be Home Depot's responsibility to make sure their warranty company is, in fact, helping customers. If the warranty company is not doing its job, Home Depot should get a different company. The OP has a valid complaint against HD because they clearly are not keeping track of their warranty company.
Posted by Sue Prince on 2012-08-22:
I am having the same problem with a May Tag Refrigerator. The ice maker broker in June and the repairman has been out several times and is still unable to fix the problem. I disagree with the statement that Home Depot is not responsible. They sold be a four year Extended Warranty Plan. They took the money and processed the warranty. I am sure they get some kind of commission for selling this product. Even though the Warranty is through Assurant, the name of the plan is THE HOME DEPOT EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN. The warranty companies name is not to be found anywhere on the Service Plan. SO YES HOME DEPOT IS RESPONSBILE FOR THIS WARRANTY.
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Home Depot Doesn't Want Your Business - Even In A Recession
Posted by RAGina on 11/21/2008
Here is a ridiculous story of an attempt to buy something at Home Depot. I ordered appliances online with Home Depot. Delivery date was 11/1/08 (Saturday). Home Depot was a no-show. No one called me. I called "customer service" but they closed. I called Sunday 11/2 and was told I could find out what happened by calling GE in MO on Monday. I called GE in MO on 11/3 and was told, the drivers' "notes" weren't in yet and to call on Tuesday. I called GE in MO on Tuesday 11/4 and after a long time on long-distance hold was finally told the truck broke down. I did not believe this given that I was dealing with two multi-millon dollar companies. So I called Home Depot and cancelled the order and was told the appliances had been delivered on 11/1/08. I assured them they had not. I gave my credit card info and was told I would have a credit in 72 hours (11/7). On 11/8 I received an email that my credit card would not be charged. It was. On 11/20 I emailed "customer service" that the charge was still on my card. I called my card holder but they said I had to wait 30 days. I got a message from Home Depot that I needed to call to process my refund. I called Home Depot the next day - 11/21 and was told that my card would be credited less $79 that I had to obtain by submitting a rebate form for delivery charges. I explained that I didn't receive a delivery and was told that the "computer did not allow" this to be refunded. I obtained the form on line, which states 1. that it would be fraud under 18 USC 1341-42 to submit the form since I did not receive the merchandise or the delivery service and 2. that it would take 6-8 weeks to receive the refund...for service I did not receive.

Now I have to submit the form - fraudulently - so I can preserve my 30 day limit to submit and I must send a formal dispute to my card holder requesting that they resolve this in the required 30 days. By the way I ordered appliances at Lowe's on 11/4 and they were delivered on 11/7. I had already waited 2 weeks for the Home Depot to make the no-show delivery. I suggest you shop at Lowe's.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-21:
I just returned from HD, where I went a few rounds with them regarding the price on the shelf not matching the item at the register. The difference, once totaled, was $140.00
and once I finally got someone I thought to be competent involved, he had the gall to pull the price tag off the shelf and tell me that it was wrong and should have been removed. I commended him for doing HD a great service by removing that tag, and then let him know that I got in under the wire - it's against the freaking law to advertise one price then charge another. Another dude in an orange apron walked over, I suspect because he overheard my tone, took the tag from the rookie and corrected the price at the register. I don't like when shopping ticks me off! lol.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-11-21:
You kinda lost me when you said that you didn't believe their truck broke down because you were "dealing with two multi-millon[sp} dollar companies." I fail to see why a truck couldn't possibly experience mechanical trouble based on your reasoning.
Posted by Blaise on 2008-12-01:
Right on, RAGina! Don't give up! I tried to buy a cordless drill, but the shelf tag description did not match the box contents. Talked to 3 orange aprons ... after 20 minutes of careful reading, they decided the shelf tag was wrong, so they removed it. After I dug in, firmly but politely, Apron #3 decided to give me a packet of extra drill bits that were allegedly included ... it shouldn't be so hard. Lowe's, I've got to find out where you are.
Posted by RAGina on 2009-01-28:
Thanks Blaise. Why is it so hard to buy a drill or a W/D. In a friendly world, giving our money away would be easier. In WA Lowe's is near every HD's. Thankfully.
Posted by RAGina on 2009-01-28:
In follow up to my ridiculous purchasing attempt at Homely Depot for a w/d which were a no-show, I received 2 "how great are we" surveys to complete. I thought I had cancelled my order via phone with “customer service” but 2 weeks later got a call that I needed to provide information to cancel my order -same info again. This alleged “customer service” person said the “computer didn’t allow” them to cancel my shipping charges. Now we know! The computers are in charge!! So I had to send a REBATE letter to Homely Depot in AZ to get my shipping charges back BUT the form stated that should I attempt to receive the shipping rebate if I had not actually received the items, it was a illegal!!! OMG. Thankfully my credit card company is not as stupid as Homely Depot & credited my account. This credit however was followed by THREE phone calls from Homely Depot’s “consumer service” that they wanted to “understand” what the problem was with the shipping. Tell me, can this get any funnier? Only if you shop at or work for Homely Depot.
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-04-04:
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Protection Plan Is Worthless - Service Is Horrible
Posted by Rotarjen on 01/30/2014
COLORADO -- The service provided by your Protection Plan department is absolutely pathetic. I purchased a dishwasher in June 2013. I called in January to file a claim and request service. I provided several phone numbers - home, work, and the phone number for the tenants where the appliance is housed. I was told that service technician would contact me to schedule an appointment and I never heard from them again. I called back today and after 40 min on hold I was told they tried to call and were unable to leave a message. THAT IS A LIE - I GAVE THEM THREE PHONE NUMBERS WHICH ALL VOICEMAIL AND THEY DID NOT LEAVE A SINGLE MESSAGE FOR US.

I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was transferred to a person named "Rose" who is a horrible representative of the company. She is rude and unhelpful. Her response was that the repair was not their responsibility and to call the manufacturer.

The $50 paid for the protection plan is a worthless rip off.
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Posted by Home Depot on 2014-01-31:
Oh no! We would love to look into this experience further. Please email details to teamsocial@homedepot.com. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the feedback.

Home Depot Customer Care- Team Social
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Breezys80 on 12/18/2013
EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My biggest problem is with the appliance delivery. Before Thanksgiving I ordered a new stove. They were supposed to deliver it today (12/17/13). My current stove had broken so I was looking forward to receiving it especially since I have family coming for Christmas to stay with me. I'm told that there are no stoves available (sold more than what they have in stock) and can't deliver it until 12/30/13. They couldn't provide me with a decent alternative that could be delivered before Christmas. And since they waited until the week before Christmas options at other stores are limited and not deliverable before Christmas either. I've waited 3 weeks already and they couldn't tell me before now so I can find alternatives? Customer service was a nightmare trying to talk to people and jumping through their hoops.

I was on hold for nearly an hour twice with Home Depot and Maytag. Home Depot doesn't care. I barely received a sorry and they screwed up my Christmas dinner that I'm supposed to cook. I'll never give another dime to Home Depot. I've shopped with Lowes before and their delivery was flawless.
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Posted by HomeDepot_Care on 2013-12-19:
Breezys80, we sincerely apologize for the delays with your order and the problems it has caused! We are located in the Customer Care department too but we'd be happy to reach out to the store to discuss any other options available to resolve this for you, ASAP. Feel free to email us the full name/phone/address on your purchase and the store location you purchased from with details so we can jump in. Thanks. - Nicki (TeamSocial@homedepot.com)
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