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Home Depot Doesn't Want Your Business - Even in a Recession
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Here is a ridiculous story of an attempt to buy something at Home Depot. I ordered appliances online with Home Depot. Delivery date was 11/1/08 (Saturday). Home Depot was a no-show. No one called me. I called "customer service" but they closed. I called Sunday 11/2 and was told I could find out what happened by calling GE in MO on Monday. I called GE in MO on 11/3 and was told, the drivers' "notes" weren't in yet and to call on Tuesday.

I called GE in MO on Tuesday 11/4 and after a long time on long-distance hold was finally told the truck broke down. I did not believe this given that I was dealing with two multi-million dollar companies. So I called Home Depot and cancelled the order and was told the appliances had been delivered on 11/1/08. I assured them they had not. I gave my credit card info and was told I would have a credit in 72 hours (11/7). On 11/8 I received an email that my credit card would not be charged. It was.

On 11/20 I emailed "customer service" that the charge was still on my card. I called my card holder but they said I had to wait 30 days. I got a message from Home Depot that I needed to call to process my refund. I called Home Depot the next day - 11/21 and was told that my card would be credited less $79 that I had to obtain by submitting a rebate form for delivery charges. I explained that I didn't receive a delivery and was told that the "computer did not allow" this to be refunded.

I obtained the form online, which states that it would be fraud under 18 USC 1341-42 to submit the form since I did not receive the merchandise or the delivery service and that it would take 6-8 weeks to receive the refund for service I did not receive. Now I have to submit the form - fraudulently - so I can preserve my 30 day limit to submit and I must send a formal dispute to my card holder requesting that they resolve this in the required 30 days. By the way I ordered appliances at Lowe's on 11/4 and they were delivered on 11/7. I had already waited 2 weeks for the Home Depot to make the no-show delivery. I suggest you shop at Lowe's.

Where Is My Fridge and How Many Did I Order?
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Rating: 1/51

ON LINE SALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered a fridge online from Home Depot. It was to be delivered on a Tuesday morning, they said the deliveryman would call me at my work number 30 minutes before arriving at my home. The call never came, I went home for lunch and a card was on my door saying they had been there and no one was home. I called the number on the card and was told they couldn't come back until the next Tuesday and they would call me at work this time. I wait another week with my food rotting in my old fridge. They called and they came but couldn't hook up the water because Home Depot doesn't like copper pipes. O.K., I can hook it up myself.

The delivery men were very nice. I went with Home Depot instead of Lowe's to save $100.00 because of an advertised sale. Lowe's would have delivered and installed it the next day. So I get my Visa bill and I am billed for two identical refrigerators from Home Depot. I only have one, that I hooked up myself. I called Home Depot and they told me they had to check to make sure what happened to the second refrigerator. ??? She called back and said they found it in their warehouse, the second fridge would be removed from my bill by Friday. I check my account on Friday, still 2 refrigerators.

I call my Visa Company, they say to wait 15 days and let them know if it has been removed, they say that they will remove any interest they may have charge me if I call again after Home Depot removes the 2nd fridge from my account.

Each time, and there have been several, I call Home Depot or my Visa Company, I must navigate through all the automatic answering systems pushing various numbers until I manage to get a representative. It appears that my time is of no value to Home Depot. I had planned to remodel my kitchen because I found cabinets I like at "Home Depot", I am no longer sure I would be able to live through the experience. I'll go see what Lowe's has.

Laundromat Woes
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Rating: 5/51

EASLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- In Oct, 2012 my LG washer would not spin the water out of the clothes, constantly spun it to the floor and made a grinding noise. I had complained to the warranty company ASSURANT and had "repairs" done for nearly a year, to no avail. A&E repair service was always the one to come out. I have nothing good to say about A&E. They said I put in too much soap, etc. It was always me. I tried to comply with their 5 minute assessment of my problem; however the LG washer NEVER WORKED CORRECTLY.

When I pulled the washer out for repairs in Oct. I realized a 4'x6' of my floor had caved in. A&E said that the drum bearing was bad and MAYBE that was why the washer leaked on my floor! YA THINK? Seven appointments, seven days off work, four last minute cancellations, three actual visits, over $1400 in "repairs", six weeks later and the thing still did not work. A&E closed my order saying "it was complete" and it STILL DID NOT SPIN AT ALL!

Assurant could not help me, A&E was not helpful and I was spending $35.00 a week at the laundromat. I went to Home Depot, where I purchased it, and spoke to the store manager (**). Home Depot you better keep this man he is wonderful! He verified my tale of woe and did something unbelievable! He gave me store credit for the original purchase and paid for another five year warranty. I was floored but will always be a Home Depot customer. It still took several weeks to get my new washer and I still had to pay out of pocket $70 for the washer but I was happy! It took a week and a half to order one and it was so badly damaged it had to be re-ordered.

It is the end of Dec. 2012 and I am washing clothes at home again. Thank you goes to ** of Home Depot in Easley, SC. BY THE WAY THESE WEBSITES WORK, I went on pissed consumer and Assurant saw my complaint and paid for my floor repair. I was still out the money for 8 weeks of laundromat at $35.00 a week but Assurant really did their best to make up for not listening to me for months. A&E STILL HAS DONE NOTHING AND I THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF EVERYTHING! Thank you to ** at Assurant.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

As far as appliances go, Home Depot is basically just a 3rd party contractor. They don't actually carry most of the products you purchase and they don't do any of the installation. I purchased a washer / dryer through Home Depot. Paid extra for the installation. I believe it was $19. Temco came to install the washer and dryer. However, the dryer was damaged and sent back to the manufacturer. This visit was rather pleasant even after the shortcoming with the damaged dryer. They installed the washer, were very friendly and answered all my question. They actually took their time and did everything right.

The 2nd visit however was horrible. 2 different guys came to install the dryer. They were in a rush. They installed the dryer even though it did not properly fit the base it was sitting on. There was a chance the dryer could tip over since the base was about 1" short. Meaning the 2 front pegs the dryer was on, was sticking out 1 cm off the edge! They told me get some 2x4 to balance it out and left. Wow...

I didn't have any 2x4 but I did have a nice piece of wood that would cover the base and extend the footprint by about 2 inches. So I had to remove the dryer, place the piece of wood on the base, and then place the dryer on top of the wood. While moving the dryer, the entire duct fell off. They didn't even screw it on tight. So instead of venting outside, a good amount would have vented into the garage.

I also manage to get my fingers bloodied up because of the way they cut the vent. I basically had to clean up their work and put some duct tape around the edges of the duct to finish it off after adjusting the clamps on both sides of the duct. Everything seems to be working fine but I still believe the duct isn't 100% venting the dryer to the outside. Also, there are some leftover parts from the installation. I guess some of the parts didn't fit so they just left it out. It's basically a piece of fitting that connects the duct to the outside vent.

Home Depot's Delivery Company
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN -- My complaint lies with Home Depot's contracted delivery service. The drivers on the first delivery were alright. The Maytag washer we purchased did not work, kept filling Hot Water, would not stop. I can understand that sometimes this sort of thing will happen, Really I do. My complaint lies with the service and how they can't get their story straight.

The drivers left the washer and a re-delivery of a working washer was scheduled in 2 days. I was told I would be called ahead. No call. I did not become immediately concerned as the original drivers called twenty minutes ahead from the stop and I had not received the 4 hour window call that I was told I would get, so I figured this would be the same thing.

Later into the afternoon I called. I was told they did not have my phone number to call me (it was given) so they came and sat outside the house for twenty minutes. I, since I was stuck home all day for the second time was outside all day (it was very warm) re-doing my front yard raised flower bed. When I told the lady this on the phone, the story was that they "tagged" my door after twenty minutes and left. (Again, impossible as I was out front all day). I asked why they did would they have not simply knocked on the door if they were sitting there that long, was told they don't do that.

What??? They will sit outside a home, and eventually "tag" the door but won't knock on it? I expressed my feelings of disbelief of that statement, it just does not make sense. Why would they not call their dispatch to check and see if they got the right phone? When I restated that I was out front all day anyway and it was impossible that they were parked out front for twenty minutes, the story changed that they must have had the wrong address. What??? Are these people third graders earning a few bucks for a field trip or what? They certainly have a problem with their stories.

Now I am told I have to wait 3 more days for a delivery. That's 3 wasted days stuck home all day. Terrific! Home Depot... Better ditch these folks, they don't care about your operation and certainly not your customers. You are the one who will be losing business. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem.

Funny thing, Home Depot will spend millions on advertising, price match anyone in town, have extremely competent employees, as well as management just to get me into the store but will allow the ball to be dropped at the one yard line by their incompetent delivery contractors. I for one will not buy from Home Depot again. Hello Lowe's, I need more appliances among many other home related products.

Resolution Update 03/22/2012:

No where left to go with this, they brought out a new washer, thats all I wanted.

Awful Experience - Complete Kitchen
By -

GROVE CITY, OHIO -- My wife and I purchased a home and went right away and purchased a kitchen which included stainless steel stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher for what we thought was a great deal from Home Depot. The following week the delivery came and the stove was fine. The dishwasher didn't have the clips to complete the installation, the microwave was bashed in on the side and the refrigerator had a ding on the right door. We found out that the replacements would be delivered two weeks later. The refrigerator that was damaged was left with us until the new one could be delivered.

We went to Home Depot and ordered the next best microwave so we could have the installation sooner and not have a hole in our wall where the microwave should have been. The company came out the following Tuesday (I had to take another day off of work.) and installed the microwave. A few days later the kids were playing in the basement and heard water dripping. I went down and took a look and saw the water. I called our home warranty company and they scheduled to come out the following Monday.

They got there and could not cut into our walls to locate the leak so I did it (another day off from work). I traced the leak to where the installation crew put an anchor bolt right through a 3" riser drain pipe that services two bathrooms. Every time we took a shower, a lot of that water was going to our finished basement. The installation company did come out that night and repaired the pipe and patched up all of the drywall and installed the microwave correctly this time. But now they have to paint and everything because of this.

Now on to the fridge! I was supposed to the fridge delivered today. They stated that they called me twice but I have no voicemails or record that they called and said that I have to call and reschedule. UGH. I just raised such a stink that they are now coming out in the evening to deliver the fridge. My personal experience had tainted my taste for Home Depot and the delivery/installation company. If you buy appliances just have them deliver to your kitchen and do it yourself!

Horrible Delivery Process
By -

I ordered an appliance from their website for my parents and set the delivery date for Wednesday. Due to the weather conditions, I received a call on Tuesday and was told the delivery had been reschedule for Sunday! Not their fault because of the weather, but a major inconvenience since they have set Wednesday aside.

Received a call on Thursday that I couldn't answer. Got a voicemail stating the person didn't know who they were calling and what to say. Called the number back and it was an automated machine for GE delivery. WTF? Called the GE delivery line, was told that computer shows our delivery was still schedule for Sunday, but that it's possible it could be delivered Friday. Again WTF?

They set Friday aside, but the weather got worse so no delivery. Understandable. Called Friday to see what the delivery date now was. Was told the system still showed Sunday and that it will be delivered Sunday. Got a call Saturday at noon stating that the delivery would be made in the next 20 mins. Luckily, my parents were home to receive the delivery. If they hadn't, idk what would have happened.

Based on other complaints, it would have probably been left on the curb, idk. They delivered the item, and initially refused to take the old appliance away, which was guaranteed on the HD website. Maybe because my parents were older, they thought they could get away with that. After going back and forth with my father, they finally took the old appliance away.

I know the weather played a huge part in this, but the delivery process was handled poorly. Got 3 different delivery dates and it was delivered on a different date. No call until 20 minutes before it was going to be delivered. Initially refused to haul away our old appliance when it was guaranteed. May not be Home Depot fault since it was GE delivery, but still a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Will stay away from next time.

Worst Delivery Service EVER!
By -

I ordered a new dishwasher from Home Depot three and half weeks ago. The one I wanted they currently didn't have in stock. The worker told me that they would place the order and have it delivered to my house. I was prepared to pick up the dishwasher myself, considering I have a truck and able bodied men to help me, however, the worker said it's best I go with home delivery. I agreed.

I set up an appointment for them to deliver the a week from that day. The guy told me to call the number on my receipt to set up a time. When I got home, I called and got the automated recording that I cannot set up times, and they will call me the night before with my time free. I had to work that Saturday night so I went ahead and called and changed to a day I would be off, which ended up being a week and a half later since they were so overbooked.

The night before the scheduled delivery I got a phone call saying to expect them between 7-11. I took my husband to work that morning, but I would make it home by 7. When I got home, I had a message saying they tried to come by and make the delivery. I called back and they would not bring it back to me that day. They won't allow you to come pick it up or take it to the store.

I had to reschedule again for another week and the lady specifically told me the 26th. On the 25th I received no phone call, and the lines are closed so I couldn't call. I got up at 6 am on the 26th and waited and waited. At 9 I called to see when they were going to be here, and they told me my appointment was the 27th, the next day, the day I had to work.

I'm going to pay my sister to sit at my house tomorrow and wait for the delivery guy. If something happens and my dishwasher does not come tomorrow I will be going to Home Depot and getting my money back. I have never paid so much money for something and had to wait so long to get it.

Too Big to Serve
By -

BENNINGTON, VERMONT -- My Home Depot has some of the nicest employees one could want. However, their good intentions become worthless because of the myriad systems in place that prevent a customer from getting reasonable service on appliances once the sale is completed. Case in point: 18 months ago I purchased a top of the line LG double door stainless steel refrigerator. I also purchased, for $100.00, a three-year extended warranty which, I was assured, was held by the Home Depot Corp and not "farmed" out to some third party as in the case of automobile purchases.

15 months after the purchase date both front door gaskets were worn out and torn. I called the extended warranty company and set up an appointment for a home repair technician. He never showed. (I lost a day's pay.) When I called, he claimed that he never received a work order from the warranty people, he was going on vacation and hung up.

A second appointment then was set up with another technician however, the day after his visit, he called to say that the gasket part request was denied by the warranty company "because gaskets were not covered by the warranty" and that it was up to me to fight it out with the warranty company. Since there was no gasket exclusion clause in the warranty, finally the warranty company reversed the denial and told me they were texting an approval to the technician.

Several days later I phoned the technician only to discover that, again, no work order had been sent. It is now a month or more since I started on this journey and I'm still fighting and still have torn gaskets. In the meantime, the refrigerator is leaking air and running all the time. The workers at Home Depot are not empowered to deal with these issues so once the sale is made... you're on your own.

Bottom Line... Don't try to save a few bucks buying appliances from the big box stores. Especially not Home Depot. Certainly don't buy extended warranties from them unless you are ready to battle the system on your own. Shop a local dealer that you can go to when there is an problem (and there always is one with appliances!) and handle it face to face.

Dryer Purchase
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NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- My existing dryer broke on Saturday 04/10/10. My husband and I went to Home Depot in Newport News, VA to purchase a new GE 7.0 Super Capacity Electric Dryer on the same day. We knew exactly what we wanted when we arrived at the store and the ordering process was efficient and quick (we have the matching washer). We were told that we would have the dryer delivered on 04/14/10 which I was happy about since it was only going to be a couple of days without a dryer.

I received a message on 04/12/10 from the Home Depot GE customer service department stating that my dryer was on back order and my new delivery date was 04/27/10 which is 13 days after the initial delivery date. When I called the customer service number back and inquired if they could provide me with any discounts or compensation. They said no and that they could only upgrade my model if there was an upgraded model for that appliance (which there wasn't). She proceeded to tell me that I could return to the store and pick another dryer.

I told her that I may cancel my order and that I was very frustrated that I would have to do without a dryer for 2 weeks and come out of my pocket to pay to use a laundromat. The main point that I explained to her was my biggest issue was that when we placed our order at Home Depot there was no disclosure about the item on back order. She explained to me that the appliances are housed in Maryland and there are only a certain number of each appliance at a certain time and a number of states take from the Maryland warehouse and it is first come first serve.

She also stated that the person at Home Depot who placed my order may not have known that it was on back order. I am surprised at this because it seems as though Home Depot would need to know what was in the warehouse to give consumers the option of still placing the order or not. I stated that I understood that but I would have liked to have been informed of possibly how many GE dryers were at the warehouse and that my order could be back ordered depending the availability at the time of purchase. We may have purchased another dryer or purchased it somewhere else.

It seems the system that Home Depot uses does not reflect the real time numbers at the warehouse. I am highly frustrated and still may cancel my order and purchase somewhere else. All my appliances are GE and I have made many big ticket purchases at Home Depot and am not sure if I will continue to do so because I feel like this is a major oversight by Home Depot.

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