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Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- If you are looking to replace your appliances, do NOT go to Home Depot. They will recommend appliances and after 90 days - they no longer work. To make matters worst, they then tell you to work with the manufacturer versus assisting you with replacing/fixing the appliance. However, they were quick to take our money when we purchased the product. I would rather pay a premium price from a small retailer with better customer service than deal with a company who only wants our money.

All We Wanted Was a Refrigerator
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GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- We purchased a refrigerator from Home Depot. We have an existing refrigerator with an ice maker. The installation requirements with our order stated that we have to have a water shut-off valve (for the water line going to the ice maker) within 6 feet of the point of entry on the refrigerator. Our water valve is under our sink and 4'10" away from the point of entry on the refrigerator.

Installers (Town Air Freight, a subcontractor of Home Depot) show up and refuse to install new refrigerator because we do not have a water valve DIRECTLY BEHIND the refrigerator. The installer insists that "Maryland law" requires the valve be directly behind the refrigerator. He also says that he cannot touch our water shut-off valve because it is under our sink. He refuses to install the new refrigerator or give me time to call the store and clarify their policy. He leaves with our new refrigerator, but enters it in the system as "delivered."

We repack all our food into our existing refrigerator and begin one of the most frustrating customer service experiences of our lives.

We call Home Depot and they say that the installer should have installed the refrigerator because we meet the requirements (shut off valve less than 6 feet away). Everyone from Home Depot that we speak with (store manager, appliance department manager, corporate office) insist that our set-up meets the requirements for installation, even if the valve is under the sink. After multiple calls to the installer, it is finally clarified that the issue isn't a state law, but rather that Home Depot only sells kits that have a 6 foot-long hose to connect to the water valve. Because the line needs to have slack, this isn't sufficient when the distance is more than one or two feet.

I end up on a four-way call with Home Depot's corporate office, GE (the appliance distributor), and the installer (Town Air Freight). The installer says that they cannot use anything other than the kit sold by Home Depot because of a CONTRACT ISSUE between them and Home Depot. Yes, we were stuck in this mess because of a poorly-written contract between Home Depot and their subcontractor. Corporate and GE try to see if the installer will make an exception and use another line (not from the kit Home Depot sells, but just a regular old line with more length). The installer refuses, and keeps citing this "contract issue."

After many wasted hours waiting for installers, on the phone with Home Depot, and taking multiple phone calls from installers and subcontractors that work for Home Depot, it is clear that this refrigerator is not going to get installed. We request a refund and ask that someone send confirmation (via email) that a refund is being issued. One day later and we have yet to receive confirmation of any refund. A refund has not been processed to our credit card. So, Home Depot still has our $1200 and our new refrigerator. We have nothing.

Updated - Poor service for online purchase
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My condo neighbors all have the same washer/dryer set (other sizes do not fit into the laundry closet) so I purchased mine online when I moved in, since there was a special online sale. I had the washer/dryer set delivered this past Saturday (July 25) and on Sunday we did our first load. I sat in front of the machine the entire time to make sure it worked fine. Everything looked okay until it got to the rinse cycle, when the machine vibrated violently when it was on short spin. I immediately tried to call both Home Depot and GE and learned they are not open on Sundays.

On Monday (July 27), GE said maybe the delivery man did not remove the shipping bolts. So Home Depot delivery came again on Wednesday (July 29) and showed me he had installed the machines properly, and said probably it came damaged and recommended exchange. He and I both tried to call Home Depot, but I was on the phone waiting for over 30 minutes and nobody answered, even though we called at 9 PM eastern time (supposedly they close at 10PM).

Then I spent an hour this morning trying to get either Home Depot or GE to take care of it. Home Depot refused exchange and put all responsibility on GE, and the "manager" who called me back sounded like a high school student from the choice of words she used (lots of "yeah" instead of "yes", among other things). GE said they have to take a look first before replacement and next available service appointment is 7 days away!!! I mean if I live in middle of nowhere like I used to, I would understand, but now I live in city of Los Angeles, 7 days to wait and take off another day from work next week for something I paid $1500 for?!

Plus if they determine they can't fix it on the spot, that means another delay and another day off work to get replacement. They can't possibly think I broke the machine even though we didn't even complete one cycle on it. Don't they have faster options for people who just received the machine less than 24 hours ago?! I don't understand why Home Depot is not helping me even though they are the ones who took my money. I would not recommend shopping on, and I should've followed my friend's advice to purchase major appliances from a local, small, family-owned store instead.

Update #1: Feeling more outraged about how Home Depot has handled the situation so far, I called Home Depot again on July 30, Thursday afternoon, this time to request return of the items, instead of repair or replacement. However after waiting 25 minutes on the phone, I received an automated message stating that they were experiencing high volume of calls and asking me to leave my name, phone number, and order number (and that they would call me back before the end of business day), and I did. I also emailed Home Depot (from website form) twice times so far, once Thursday and once the day before, and had not received any call backs.

On Friday, July 31, 2009, 5;38 AM, I phoned Home Depot Major Appliance Related Issues and Questions, 800-455-3869, I was connected after about 4 minutes wait, I spoke to **. I was informed by ** that on their computer system, it shows ** at Ladera Heights store #1061 has already been informed of exchange for the set. On July 31, 2009, 6:09 AM, I phoned Ladera Heights store #1061, and asked for Norma in Appliances. I was informed by ** a store employee, that ** would come into the store at 8 AM.

On July 31, 2009, 8:01 AM, I phoned Ladera Heights #1061 store, and spoke to a man and asked for **. After being put on hold for 3 minutes, I was informed that ** had the day off. Then I was transferred to Special Orders, and spoke to **. ** said she is not familiar how to do this, so she will have to get manager to okay it. I asked her who is the manager of the store, and ** said that there is no manager at the location, as the manager had other stuff to do. ** promised manager will phone back before noon today.

I also informed ** that "I want the broken set out of my home this weekend, as we had just moved, and this has been going on a week." ** told me that usually they have customer contact GE. But I informed **, since the washer/dryer set arrived broken, I just want a replacement, not waiting for repair.

Only July 31, 2009, 12:40 PM, I received a phone call from ** (Baton Rouge area code) regarding my question about an online order. I asked if she has read my case and she said yes. She asked me how she could help me, and I told her that we had tried to call Ladera Heights store #1061 this morning but got the runaround and nobody returned my phone call when they said they would before noon, so I do not want to deal with Home Depot anymore and that I want a return and refund. She said that would be fine.

She asked me if I want to return the washer or both washer and dryer, and I told her I want to return everything because I do not want to deal with Home Depot anymore. She then asked me if she could put me on short hold so she could speak to my local Home Depot store (Ladera Heights), and I said yes. I waited 5 minutes and had to hang up.

About 20 minutes later, I received a phone call (I did not get the person's name or phone number), returning my call above with **, I told her that I am in a meeting at work and asked her if I could call her back. She said she is just calling to tell me that they are still trying to get in touch with the Ladera Heights store #1061 and would call me back in 20 minutes. I told her that is fine.

On July 31, 2009, 1:22 PM, I phoned Ladera Heights #1061 store, asked to speak to Special Orders, I was connected to ** again. I asked her if she had called me back because I had not received any calls. ** said, "I told you we are coming to pick up tomorrow." I asked when, and ** said, "They will contact you in the morning”, and then hanged up on me. I did not get to ask any more questions or speak to her further.

On July 31, 2009, 1:27 PM, I phoned Home Depot Atlanta office and spoke to **, regarding the return of an item because of the rude attitude I received. ** said she is trying to phone Ladera Heights store #1061 to speak to the store manager, but was not able to. She obtained my contact information and told me she would return my phone call. She said she would have to speak to the store manager regarding this matter. When I hanged up the phone it was 1:43 PM.

On July 31, 2009, 2:17 PM (5:17 PM Eastern Time), I phoned Home Depot Atlanta number asking for **. ** was not able to answer phone, so I left message asking her to return my call, since it has been 30 minutes.

On July 31, 2009, at 2:45 PM, I phoned Home Depot number 800-754-0688, and spoke to **. I informed ** the whole situation, we tried to do 3-way calling with Ladera Heights, but no one picked up the phone. ** said she would call me back regarding this matter. I also found out that the Ladera Heights' store manager is named **. I was on hold with ** for 33 minutes while waiting for Ladera Heights to pick up. I also received Home Depot Online Services number 800-430-3376 in order to make sure I will receive a full refund. I called and waited 8 minutes and 43 seconds for someone to pick up from Online Services.

On July 31, 2009 around 3:30 PM, I did not receive call back from woman in 5), so I called **'s phone number again, and I was connected me to a woman, who informed me that she is in the plumbing department, but when I asked to speak to **, she transferred me. I told ** my name and told her I had talked to her earlier about returning...(she cut me off) and she said "yes." I told her that I had spoken to ** at the Atlanta office, who said she would call me back but never did, and I did try to call ** back at her extension but she did not pick up the phone so I had to leave a message, and still no call back and that it is past 6 PM in Atlanta.

** asked me to hold while she tried to call ** and the Ladera Heights store. She had me on hold for two minutes, then returned and said she spoke to ** at the Ladera Heights store and confirms that they would pick up tomorrow morning. She said that she got the runaround with the Ladera Heights store too, so she can understand my frustration.

She also told me that she had tried to contact **, but was not able to get hold of her. I also told her that I want to confirm that this is not an exchange, but a return. She said "the computer shows that this is a return." I then told her that I want to confirm that I will get the full refund, and she said "the computer shows that this will be a full refund."

On July 31, 2009, 3:30 PM, I received a call from ** (Atlanta area code) and she told me that ** at the Ladera Heights store told her that the store had already called me to schedule a pick-up. I did NOT receive any phone calls from the Ladera Heights store about pick-up, but before I was able to tell ** this, she interrupted me and told me they understand that my need to know a time frame, and that the pick up for the washer is scheduled for between 12 and 1 PM, and that the store will call me after 9 AM. I said to her "washer AND dryer". She told me "the computer shows only the washer will be picked up."

I told her that "I want to return both the washer and dryer." She told me that because the dryer was not damaged, they will not pick up the dryer. I told her that but "** said I could return everything." ** said this is not their policy, because the dryer was not damaged. She said she has ** on the other line, and I said "okay." ** put us on three-way calling, ** said she asked me if I want to return the washer or both the washer and dryer and I told her that I want to return both. I told **, that is what I said (to **) before. ** said but ** never said I could return both. And I told ** that, but when I told ** that I want to return both, ** did not say I cannot do that either.

** said she is sorry that I was not informed but I still cannot return the dryer because it was not damaged. ** then went on to say that "I have been calling all over Home Depot about this case and now a lot of people are dealing with this." I told her "of course I am calling all over because the defective washer I received and that I could not even do one cycle on it." ** again interrupted me before I was able to finish my sentence and said that "I already know your story, but it stops with me and goes no further." She went on to tell me again that they will come to pick up the washer tomorrow between 12 and 1 PM, maybe a little earlier.

I interrupted her and asked her, "a little earlier?" She said yes they cannot get the exact time, so they will call me tomorrow morning to confirm. I then ASKED her, "You said they will call at 9 AM?"; she said, "Now you are putting words in my mouth, I said after 9 AM, because if I had said at 9 AM then you would expect the call at 9 AM and not at 9:05 or 9:10." She then asked me if I have any more questions and I told her not right now.

On July 31, 2009, 3:36 PM, I phoned Home Depot Atlanta office and spoke to **, all I asked for was **'s direct contact number. I was put on hold for 24 minutes and 55 seconds to be connected to **.

On July 31, 2009, around 4 PM, I received phone call from ** (Atlanta area code) and she told me that she is calling back because we had gotten cut off when she was trying to find the number for me. She said she will try to connect me with ** and put me on hold. She returned a minute later and said ** is not available right now because she is “in the queue” but she (**) will try to help me. ** said that tomorrow morning, the ASM, the assistant store manager, **, should call me at 9 AM to confirm the pick-up time. She asked me if I want to return the dryer too, if that is the other thing I called to talk to ** about, and I said "I would like to."

She then asked me if she could put me on hold. I did not answer her question but told her that, "** told me that ** told her that ** had called me already to tell me about the pick-up for tomorrow and also to schedule the pick-up, but I have NEVER received any phone call about scheduling pick up (we were only told by the corporate office about when they will pick-up tomorrow, but nobody consulted us about the pick-up time)." Leah asked, “So they never called you?” and then again asked to put me on hold. When she returned, she told me that I would have to call the online appliance phone number about returning the dryer, and she gave me the number 800-430-3376.

She also gave me **'s full name, and her own extension number. When I asked her **'s extension number, ** asked me to put me on hold again. She then returned and told me **'s extension number. I told her that I looked up that phone number for online appliance that she just gave me, and that I have already called that number twice today but nobody answered the phone and was not even able to leave a message. ** told me that number is the same one they themselves have to call regarding online purchases, so I should keep trying. I told her I will try again.

On July 31, 2009, 4:09 AM, I phoned Online Services again, 800-4303376, was on hold 16 minutes waiting for someone to answer. No one answered, but I was able to leave a message. I was told by the message system, someone will return by phone call before the end of business today.

On August 1, 2009, 6:06 AM, I phoned Online Services 800-430-3376, after 25 minutes of wait time, I spoke to **. I informed ** the only reason I do not want the set anymore is the attitude I received from the Ladera Heights #1061 store, as they are too difficult to deal with, and I cannot risk the dryer broken and having to do the same thing all over again. ** phoned Ladera Heights #1061, and spoke to manager **, and informed him of the situation.

I was informed that as long as I can return the dryer to the Home Depot store, then I can get full refund. I asked what I needed to show, ** said she would send me an invoice letter through email, which can then be used for full refund at the Home Depot store. ** also informed me that the washer will be picked up by GE, not Home Depot, and GE will take the washer directly to their warehouse, thus the reason why the dryer must be returned to the Home Depot store. I finished speaking to ** at 6:45 AM.

On August 1, 2009, at 9:12 AM, I received phone call from ** at the Ladera Heights store, and she told me that she is calling to set up time to pick up. I asked her when they are coming, she said "they are leaving now, would that be okay?", and I told her "yes that would be fine." She also informed me ** and ** are the ones who will be coming over.

On August 1, 2009, at 9:45 AM, I received phone call from a man who said they are at the door. I told him that we are coming down to open the door for him. On August 1, 2009, at 9:50 AM, I received phone call from man in 12) again and he said there is nobody meeting him at the front door and he asked me for my apartment number. I told him that my mom went downstairs to open door for him already but I will go down to see what is wrong. I went downstairs and did not seeing anybody either. So I called the man back and I asked him where he is. I told him that was my billing address. He asked for my residential address and for directions to get there.

I waited for ** and ** outside and they arrived within 10 minutes. They parked the pick-up truck with Home Depot logo across the street. ** walked over to me first. He had a Home Depot orange apron on, with his name written on it. He was wondering about the address mix-up and I told him that the billing address was not even the delivery address one week ago. He did not understand why he was given the billing address to pick up either. ** joined us a couple minutes later with the appliance dolly. ** was also wearing an orange Home Depot apron.

As we were riding in the elevator to get to second floor, ** asked me "what is wrong with the fridge?" I told him, "what fridge, I never bought a fridge from Home Depot." He said he was told he was coming to pick up a fridge and did not understand the discrepancy. I told him that I am returning the washer and dryer. ** and ** walked with me to the bedroom hallway where the washer and dryer were located. They first attempted to push the stacked unit toward themselves. I was standing a few feet away and warned them that the dryer is connected to gas pipe. ** took a peek to the side of the stacked unit and said it is and they stopped pushing for a moment.

Then they started pushing again and was able to slide the unit down the raised floor (of the laundry closet), I heard wood cracking sound but thought that it would be easy to replace the wood lip in front of the laundry closet. I also saw the dryer scraped the side of the closet wall but there was nothing we could do because the unit was tilting halfway down already. ** then tried to disconnect the various connections. He was able to pull the power plugs and took off the dryer exhaust pipe easily, but he said he needed tools to take off the rest and he did not bring any.

He asked me if I had any, and I told him I have a small box of tools that I can show him, but I do not know how to use them. He picked out the wrench from the box and was about to take off the gas connection. I immediately asked, “Doesn't the gas need to be turned off first?” He said "yes" and then turned around to turn the switch on the gas pipe to off position. Then he continued to try to take the gas connection off, but said the wrench was just a little too small to fit.

He asked me if I have pliers or a bigger wrench. I told him I would go look more. In the meantime, he took off the water connections. My mom went downstairs to bring up a tool box that was in my car trunk that had some tools, and I showed ** the pliers and he said that might work, and he was able to take off the gas connection with it.

** and ** got the unit onto the carpeted floor and put it onto the appliance dolly and wheeled it down the hallway and into the elevator. While we were in the elevator, ** told me he will come back to do paint touch up of the wall, but he needs to get the paint color. I told him that I still have some of the paint that the seller left, but I told him he does not have to come back to paint. He asked me if I am sure, and I told him yes. ** and ** wheeled the dolly and washer/dryer out of the condo building.

When we were at the curb, ** went to drive the pick-up truck from across the street to in front of the condo building garage, then he and ** slid the dolly (with washer/dryer on top) up into the pick-up truck and laid it down on its back and tied it with a rope.

** asked me if they are going to send me another set of washer and dryer, and I told him that "I am not buying from Home Depot again because we spent over five hours yesterday on the phone trying to get this problem fixed, and that even though I had great experience with Home Depot when I was living in the South, I do not know what happened here in Los Angeles."

** asked me where I purchased the washer/dryer, and I told him I did it online, and ** said to come to the store next time and ask for him and he will help me. ** also had me sign an invoice that looked like what ** had emailed me earlier this morning. ** said to just sign anywhere on the paper. I put on the paper "Pickup washer and dryer. Refused paint touch up."

When I returned to my condo unit and took a look at the laundry closet again, there were several paint scraps on the sides of the laundry closet, but they are very easily fixable with paint and paint brush. I also noticed then, that the wood lip in front of the laundry closet was damaged enough that we would have to either replace it, or spend an hour hand-sanding the damage down and repaint it.

Furthermore, I found a two-inch-by-one-inch hole on the tiled floor of the laundry closet. The tile inside the hole was pulverized to mostly dust, and that piece of tile will need to be replaced completely. I have photo and video evidence taken 2 weeks ago when we moved into the condo, to show that there was no hole on the laundry closet floor.

On the Home Depot website regarding online purchases, it states that, "A refund will be issued to the original credit card within 5-7 business days of receiving the returned item at our warehouse. Credit can be given in the form of a The Home Depot Gift Card upon request. Please call 1-800-430-3376 to request a credit via gift card." I wanted to make sure that a refund is being processed, so that on August 6, 2009, 5:09 AM, I called 800-430-3376, spoke to **, at 5:13 AM.

** called Ladera Heights #1061 and spoke to the manager **, and we were informed that the store was still closed at that time and will open at 6 AM. Once the store opens, ** will let the store clerk know to refund the money, as it should have been refunded by now.

On August 7 I called 800-430-3376 at 2:55 PM (it actually got through in 2 minutes this time). ** answered the phone. She said "the credit will go to the card, and it takes 3 to 5 business days." I told her, "but we returned the washer/dryer almost a week ago and ** said yesterday that he would get somebody to do the refund yesterday morning. She said understands but we only spoke to Alex yesterday, and it takes 3 to 5 business days to go through." This does not even make sense to me, because if I had not called yesterday to inquire, then there is no time frame?

But I felt I would not able to get anything else out of **, therefore I just asked her, “So 5 business days at the most?” She said "yes 5 business days at the most." I asked, "so that would make it next Thursday at the latest?" She said "yes." She said she will put the order in for refund again and she asked for my credit card number and security code and expiration date. I asked her "how much is the refund?" She asked if I returned everything to the store, and I said yes. She said then "it will be full refund."

I asked her if I need to go to the store for refund or just wait at home, and she said I could go to the store if I want. I asked her if I would get the refund faster if I go to the store, she said I might. I asked her if somebody could call me when they have completed the refund, she said "the store will call."

August 8, Saturday, I arrived at the Ladera Heights Home Depot store at 7 AM. I brought along three items that I found that ** and ** forgot to take with them last Saturday: dryer vent pipe, dryer rack, and two steel plates that I do not know if they belong to the washer/dryer or not, but they were next to the washer tag (which I also brought along). I entered the store told the cashier that I am there for a refund on a special order refund, and she directed me to the "Returns/Services" counter.

I saw a female associate doing a refund at the Returns aisle, and I was standing at the "Services" counter. After she finished, I do not think she saw me, because she walked to the paint counter across the aisle and stood there. So I approached her and told her that I am here for special orders refund, and she said she would try to help me. She got on the computer at the "Services" desk (and I sat down on the chair in front of it) and I gave her the print-out that ** emailed one week ago. After the female associate saw my case file, she said she is going to call the manager, because she did not want to give me the wrong information. She then paged ** on the phone.

We waited a couple minutes and she paged ** again, this time, somebody called her back and she told me that the manager is coming. While waiting for **, I showed the female associate the three washer/dryer parts and the tag that I brought along. ** came within 60 seconds and told the female associate to just do a refund. I gave my credit card to the female associate, and while she was in the "Returns" aisle working on the credit card machine, ** asked me what is wrong with the washer. I told her that "during the spin cycle, first it shook violently."

I was going to tell her that, then the installer came and the machine would not even spin. But interrupted me and asked me if I had a service call done on it, and I told her "no, because we just wanted a return and refund." She insisted that I should have gotten a service call first before returning it. She asked me if I had scheduled a service call for August 6, and I said yes, but I canceled it, since I no longer had the machines by the 6th, because I returned them last Saturday. ** said she knows. She then went to join the female associate at the Returns aisle.

While there, the female associate asked ** if I am getting the washer/dryer again, and ** asked me. I told her "Not with you guys". They returned to the "Services" desk together about 30 seconds later. The female associate handed me a credit card receipt that showed refund of full amount and asked ** what this is about, and ** told her it is about the washer and dryer in the back, and that she does not know what to do with them now. ** again insisted that I should have had a service call done. I told her that but the installer came and recommended replacement.

She asked if he wrote up a report about it, and I said no, but that he said he would have his company call Home Depot. ** said "he is lying." I asked her, "So the installer company never called you guys?", and ** said "No." I left the bag of washer/dryer parts on the desk, thanked the women and left the store. The entire visit lasted about 10 minutes.

I spent literally over 10 hours calling and talking to Home Depot in the last two weeks, trying to resolve this matter. About one-half of the time was spent waiting on the phone for somebody to answer, this does not even include the time we were put on hold after being connected to a representative, and I find this to be troubling. In addition, I feel that the managers at the Ladera Heights store do not follow-up on their promises (over the phone about giving me a refund) and lied to the corporate office (about their calling me to pick-up of the washer dryer).

Furthermore, even though most of the employees at the corporate office did try to help us, they were unable to enforce the decisions and agreements they have made with us, as the corporate office informed us that once a sale is made, the money is paid to the nearest Home Depot store, thus they have no control over those matters.

I used to see Home Depot as my number one choice for home improvement products and have spent several hundred dollars at the Home Depot stores over the past five years alone, while we were living in rental apartments. But this ordeal has made us feel that we cannot trust Home Depot anymore, especially when it comes to helping us take care of our newly purchased condo.

Update #2: I sent an email to various Home Depot customer care addresses on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 11, and on Wednesday, August 12, I received 4 separate phone calls from various Home Depot employees. ** called at 8:30 AM. She said she's calling from Online Customer Care in response to my email. She said the email has reached their corporate division, that they have read the email in full detail, and said the time it took for repair and bad experience for pick-up was unusual, and she offered us $200 gift card to keep us as loyal customers. I declined the offer.

** from Ladera Heights store called at 9:30 AM. She said she received forwarded email from **. She explained that she is no longer the manager and they are in transition and thus why the mess. She offered to fix or send us a check to repair the tile, I declined the offer.** from the Atlanta office called at 1:20 PM and said that she did call the store immediately after speaking to us and that the reason she didn't return our previously was because the store manager told her that they would call us regarding pick-up.

She said usually they would pick up and replace, if the customer says there's something wrong within 24 hours of delivery, which I had done in this case. She apologized profusely and said that what happened was not normal and is not acceptable. I thanked her for calling.

At 4 PM, an employee from Ladera Heights called and said the manager's note said that they damaged the floor when they came to pick up the washer/dryer. I told her, we don't know if the damage was caused by the pick-up, that it could have caused by the installer, the machine shaking violently, or pick-up. She offered $100 gift card and asked me if I could go to the store to pick it up. I told her not interested.

Update #3: At 11:12 AM on August 14, Friday, I received a phone call from **, who said he is the manager at Online Customer Care, he apologized for what happened and said they will definitely work on the wait time on the phone system and also getting store cooperation.

Held Hostage by Home Depot
By -

DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- As I sit here, shaking in total disbelief and anger, I struggle to find the words that will convey my disgust and disappointment over how my whole appliance purchase experience has turned out. I now have a manager who has lied and said that I "threatened to chew out associates" who were scheduled to come to my home and pick up the malfunctioning dryer that was delivered last week. I now am apparently expected to knuckle down to another manager in order to have this appliance picked up?? What, do I have to kiss his shoes or something? Are you KIDDING ME??

Yes, apparently "Chris" believes the lie that "Jackie" said, and has refused to pick the appliance until I speak with him directly due to "associate safety concerns"... I find this out after 6pm, when he has gone home for the day, and while I'm trying to find out why this dryer is still in my home after waiting for hours for them to come. I cannot have my money back, which is needed to purchase a WORKING dryer, until the store gets back the NON-working dryer, but they won't come and pick it up!! And did I receive any call telling me I'm being held hostage, any message or call at my home or on my cell? NO, I did not.

I sat here, waiting and ready to follow the truck back to the store, all my paperwork in hand including proof that the funds have cleared my bank, just so I could get my refund and go buy a dryer. Yet one more time I have been incovenienced by your company and its associates. I never threatened anyone, whether it be physically or verbally. As a matter of fact I stated repeatedly that I am only 5'3" and unable to move the dryer myself without damaging it especially when I was challenged with "Why can't you bring it back yourself?!". Ummm, I think that's why I PAID TO HAVE IT DELIVERED.

My SUV won't hold it, neither will my car, so I think my only option was delivery. Plus the fact that I'm a 5'3" woman and can't manhandle appliances. But I guess it's okay for YOUR people to be confrontational, just as long as the wronged and inconvenienced, AND PAYING customer doesn't get confrontational!! What I did say, and I don't have a problem telling the truth, unlike "Jackie", is that she needed to warn her employees that I am very pissed off, and that I am a **, to which she responded that I must be very proud... No, just honest, but way to improve my mood, smart aleck.

What do you all expect, that I throw my arms lovingly around your employees, offer them milk and cookies, and carry the dryer out to the truck on my back??? After the experiences of Friday, I was truly the angriest I have been in a while, and I told her that I wouldn't be nice. As in, "There's the dryer, let's go." Can you all be SO absolutely oblivious that you expect anything less after being sent a defective product, being lied to about it being fixed on Friday, and then finding out that if I wanted to return it I only had 48 hours to do so?

I call to try to get it taken care of, and all "Jackie" can do is whine and moan about being short-handed, her people taking off work because of schools closing early, etc. Again I ask, as I did in my first email, how is this my problem? It's not, it's hers, and by connection yours. Why couldn't she have tried to find another solution, like a Saturday pick-up. Surely school being released couldn't be used as a reason on a Saturday, or maybe the management is just so poor at that store, that it could have, I don't know.

But I know that when YOU screw up, YOU fix it, YOU don't make it worse, which is all that's happened each and every time I've tried to get this dryer out of my home. Please, for the love of GOD, just get this dryer out of my home, give me back my money, and I can promise you'll never see another penny from me, my friends, or my family.

Home Depot Does Not Allow Refunds - Even When the Product Is Defective!
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SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- We purchased a Maytag refrigerator from Home Depot on June 16, 2008; it was delivered to us on July 1, 2008. We noticed that the refrigerator compartment was too cold, no matter what setting we put it on - we threw out a bunch of lettuce and other produce that was ruined when it froze.

We scheduled service through the Maytag website and on July 15, Able Appliance came out. They said the thermostat was bad, and they needed to order a new one. They came out again on July 17 and replaced the thermostat.

On July 18 we woke up to find our refrigerator was warmer than it should be. I scheduled service through the Maytag website again, this time with Reliance Appliance because Able Appliance was on vacation. They came out on July 21 and said the damper had been detached when the thermostat was replaced, and they reattached it. On July 22, we found that the temperature was still in the upper 40-degree range. We called Reliance again and someone came out on the 22nd to recalibrate the thermostat. By the afternoon of the 22nd, we saw that the temperature was still not going down, so we called them and were told to give it 24 hours to cool down.

On the morning of the 23rd, it was still in the upper 40-degree range. Reliance ordered yet another thermostat for us. They came out on the 25th and replaced the thermostat a second time. The temperature did not change, and on the morning of the 26th we saw that it was still in the upper 40s. In the meantime, we threw out all of the food that was not safe to eat - an entire refrigerator full of meat, salad dressing, cheese, dairy products, etc.

After the second repair visit, I called Home Depot only to be told we could not return the refrigerator without prior approval from Maytag. When I called Maytag, they told me that the food I had thrown out wasn't their problem, and there was nothing they could do other than schedule a repair visit. I called Home Depot again and they said "Maytag has to approve it, we can't take it back."

I called Maytag and they said "A tech needs to call Techline before we can approve a return of the refrigerator." I did get the tech to call Techline on the 25th, so there is now a record of that with Maytag. However, it is now the weekend and Maytag does not have anyone available to make the decision to allow our return. After being without a refrigerator for over a week, having to sit home for five service visits (each time with a four-hour window that we had to be available), and throwing out two batches of food, we had had enough.

We took our paperwork to Home Depot and spoke with the manager. He told us he had called Maytag, but they were closed for the weekend and there was nothing he could do - he would not take the return and issue a refund until they approved it. We told him we would then be considering filing a dispute with our credit card company, and he said "Well, you could go that route." We have filed a dispute and at this point are awaiting the paperwork from the company.

We could not go any longer without a reliable, working refrigerator, so we went to Lowe's and found a nice one made by General Electric that will be delivered today. We find it ridiculous that we have been expected to waste five days waiting on repairmen for a refrigerator that clearly has bigger problems than a broken thermostat. My husband and I are both teachers, and we have to return to work soon. We will NOT be taking days off work to wait for someone to repair our fridge time and time again.

We would like to return the refrigerator and receive a refund, but Home Depot is not willing to do this for us. Maytag has made us jump through many hoops in the hopes of getting the refund, and we feel we have given them more than enough chances to fix our refrigerator. Five visits in 8 days for a unit that is less than a month old is more than can be reasonably expected.

We are out time (5 visits X 4 hours = 20 hours of sitting around waiting for repairmen) and we are out food - at least $200 of food was thrown out due to a bad $600 refrigerator. We are lucky that nobody has gotten sick from eating spoiled or contaminated food. We are ready for this fiasco to be OVER and we have vowed never to buy another Maytag or shop at Home Depot again.

I'll NEVER Shop at Home Depot Again!
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TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Last month I purchased a dishwasher through them and asked TWICE if I needed a plumber for the installation and was told both times no. I purchased the necessary items for the hook up. It was replacing my old one which was installed when I built my home in 1992. I also informed them the old one was built in under the cabinet.

A delivery date was set for Thurs then they called and said they couldn't do it then after I took time off from work losing $300. OK, we'll go along with the new day of today (Sat.) The guy shows up and says he can't hook it up and I need a plumber!! He then leaves with my dishwasher and tells me to make an appt with Home Depot for a plumber!!! I call Home Depot and ask for a refund as I'll go elsewhere since now this runaround is too much to swallow. They inform me they can't refund my money as the card I purchased it on was canceled this past Monday due to fraudulent charges. They want to charge me another $155 PLUS the cost of a permit for them to install it.

This runaround is now going on for almost 3 weeks and I still have no dishwasher or refund. They want to drop it off Weds and just leave it in my foyer leaving me with the dishwasher and nobody to remove the old one which was supposed to be removed for free by them. I was planning in redoing kitchen by them and now they made it so I'll take my business elsewhere, thank you very much!

Home Depot SUX and I will NEVER give them my business again. Just to note, I also took today off for this delivery which has me losing $600 for a $300 dishwasher I don't even have!!! What's the bets they screw up the delivery next Weds???

By -

On January 6, 2010 I made a phone call to the warranty company about a problem I was having with my Maytag refrigerator that was not cooling. I had purchased this from Home Depot. The warranty company (Assurant) called a local service company to come out and look at our refrigerator. After waiting for a few days I decided that the service company was not coming so on January 13th I called back. The warranty company called another service company that did come out on January 18th.

The tech said the fan was not turning and that was the problem. He told us to wait for a couple of days for the unit to stabilize and it should start cooling. It did not. We called the warranty company back and they sent another tech out on January 21st. He discovered that there was a broken part in the freezer and there was not repair part for it. I called the warranty company to find out what was to happen at this point. They said they would have to further research the matter and let me know. At this point my food is spoiled and I asked for reimbursement. They sent a check for $200.00. The situation looked promising at this point.

I called the warranty company again and reminded them that I had been without my refrigerator for more than 15 days. I was told that they were still looking into the matter. February 15th I still have no reimbursement for my refrigerator. I personally believe this is some sort of stall tactic in not wanting to honor the contract. This has convinced me that I will never purchase an appliance or a warranty from Home Depot again. I will not hesitate to let anyone know of the experience I have had with the warranty company contracted by your company.

Home Depot Doesn't Want Your Business - Even in a Recession
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Here is a ridiculous story of an attempt to buy something at Home Depot. I ordered appliances online with Home Depot. Delivery date was 11/1/08 (Saturday). Home Depot was a no-show. No one called me. I called "customer service" but they closed. I called Sunday 11/2 and was told I could find out what happened by calling GE in MO on Monday. I called GE in MO on 11/3 and was told, the drivers' "notes" weren't in yet and to call on Tuesday.

I called GE in MO on Tuesday 11/4 and after a long time on long-distance hold was finally told the truck broke down. I did not believe this given that I was dealing with two multi-million dollar companies. So I called Home Depot and cancelled the order and was told the appliances had been delivered on 11/1/08. I assured them they had not. I gave my credit card info and was told I would have a credit in 72 hours (11/7). On 11/8 I received an email that my credit card would not be charged. It was.

On 11/20 I emailed "customer service" that the charge was still on my card. I called my card holder but they said I had to wait 30 days. I got a message from Home Depot that I needed to call to process my refund. I called Home Depot the next day - 11/21 and was told that my card would be credited less $79 that I had to obtain by submitting a rebate form for delivery charges. I explained that I didn't receive a delivery and was told that the "computer did not allow" this to be refunded.

I obtained the form online, which states that it would be fraud under 18 USC 1341-42 to submit the form since I did not receive the merchandise or the delivery service and that it would take 6-8 weeks to receive the refund for service I did not receive. Now I have to submit the form - fraudulently - so I can preserve my 30 day limit to submit and I must send a formal dispute to my card holder requesting that they resolve this in the required 30 days. By the way I ordered appliances at Lowe's on 11/4 and they were delivered on 11/7. I had already waited 2 weeks for the Home Depot to make the no-show delivery. I suggest you shop at Lowe's.

Laundromat Woes
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EASLEY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- In Oct, 2012 my LG washer would not spin the water out of the clothes, constantly spun it to the floor and made a grinding noise. I had complained to the warranty company ASSURANT and had "repairs" done for nearly a year, to no avail. A&E repair service was always the one to come out. I have nothing good to say about A&E. They said I put in too much soap, etc. It was always me. I tried to comply with their 5 minute assessment of my problem; however the LG washer NEVER WORKED CORRECTLY.

When I pulled the washer out for repairs in Oct. I realized a 4'x6' of my floor had caved in. A&E said that the drum bearing was bad and MAYBE that was why the washer leaked on my floor! YA THINK? Seven appointments, seven days off work, four last minute cancellations, three actual visits, over $1400 in "repairs", six weeks later and the thing still did not work. A&E closed my order saying "it was complete" and it STILL DID NOT SPIN AT ALL!

Assurant could not help me, A&E was not helpful and I was spending $35.00 a week at the laundromat. I went to Home Depot, where I purchased it, and spoke to the store manager (**). Home Depot you better keep this man he is wonderful! He verified my tale of woe and did something unbelievable! He gave me store credit for the original purchase and paid for another five year warranty. I was floored but will always be a Home Depot customer. It still took several weeks to get my new washer and I still had to pay out of pocket $70 for the washer but I was happy! It took a week and a half to order one and it was so badly damaged it had to be re-ordered.

It is the end of Dec. 2012 and I am washing clothes at home again. Thank you goes to ** of Home Depot in Easley, SC. BY THE WAY THESE WEBSITES WORK, I went on pissed consumer and Assurant saw my complaint and paid for my floor repair. I was still out the money for 8 weeks of laundromat at $35.00 a week but Assurant really did their best to make up for not listening to me for months. A&E STILL HAS DONE NOTHING AND I THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN CARE OF EVERYTHING! Thank you to ** at Assurant.

Horrible Customer Service
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As far as appliances go, Home Depot is basically just a 3rd party contractor. They don't actually carry most of the products you purchase and they don't do any of the installation. I purchased a washer / dryer through Home Depot. Paid extra for the installation. I believe it was $19. Temco came to install the washer and dryer. However, the dryer was damaged and sent back to the manufacturer. This visit was rather pleasant even after the shortcoming with the damaged dryer. They installed the washer, were very friendly and answered all my question. They actually took their time and did everything right.

The 2nd visit however was horrible. 2 different guys came to install the dryer. They were in a rush. They installed the dryer even though it did not properly fit the base it was sitting on. There was a chance the dryer could tip over since the base was about 1" short. Meaning the 2 front pegs the dryer was on, was sticking out 1 cm off the edge! They told me get some 2x4 to balance it out and left. Wow...

I didn't have any 2x4 but I did have a nice piece of wood that would cover the base and extend the footprint by about 2 inches. So I had to remove the dryer, place the piece of wood on the base, and then place the dryer on top of the wood. While moving the dryer, the entire duct fell off. They didn't even screw it on tight. So instead of venting outside, a good amount would have vented into the garage.

I also manage to get my fingers bloodied up because of the way they cut the vent. I basically had to clean up their work and put some duct tape around the edges of the duct to finish it off after adjusting the clamps on both sides of the duct. Everything seems to be working fine but I still believe the duct isn't 100% venting the dryer to the outside. Also, there are some leftover parts from the installation. I guess some of the parts didn't fit so they just left it out. It's basically a piece of fitting that connects the duct to the outside vent.

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