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Poor Carpet Quality And Worse Customer Service
Posted by on
LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- Tip: Before you decide to purchase a new carpet, just pinch a few strands of the carpet sample between your thumb and forefinger and pull. If you pull out some fuzz, you may want to keep on looking. This little test would have saved us a lot of headache...

We purchased 124 square yards of Mohawk carpet from the Home Depot store (Louisville, CO.) Our problem is that it fuzzed terribly. We later found out that it was made with polyester or PET fibers, and not the normal nylon fiber construction. It was from their "special purchase" display. The sales person indicated that it was just as good as their other carpet on display, but it was discounted due to the large volume that Home Depot purchases. They failed to mention the shedding problem. We nearly trashed our new Oreck vacuum trying to remove the fuzz. Then we bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and vacuumed another dozen times.

I understand that some fuzz is perfectly normal, but this carpet just keeps shedding massive amounts! The customer service at Home Depot has been dismal. First there was a week of delays while they had to talk with different store managers, who seemed to always be away in training class. Next, they told us that we had to keep the carpet installed for three months before the carpet manufacturer would come out to look at it. What a bunch of run around. They have yet to respond in any way to indicate that that customer satisfaction matters to them. Even after constant vacuuming, if I kneel or sit on the floor while wearing dress clothes, they get covered with hundreds of tiny micro fibers. This sure seems like a potential serious health hazard. We certainly do not want our children inhaling these fibers while playing on the carpet.

The quality of this carpet is awful! It looks like we will probably have to go to a real flooring or carpet store to purchase a carpet that does not shed constantly. Unfortunately, we learned an expensive lesson. Don't expect to go to a big box store like Home Depot to be educated on anything. Their flooring specialists are not properly trained - even on their own products see updates->

Update #1: After submitting our frustrating experience on my3cents, we promptly received an email from Home Depot consumer affairs stating that they would look into the issue. Later my wife received a phone call asking for more information. She was informed that they would contact the local store to see what they could do to deal with this problem. We were very impressed with the fast response from Home Depot corporate! But, since then, over a week has passed by and still no response from the Louisville CO. store. The breakdown in communication seems to be with the Home Depot local store manager. He has failed to return any of our calls as well.

Update #2: Since our local Louisville, CO. Home Depot Store manager seems to have decided not to respond to us at all. (No reply to phone messages, no "sorry we can't help you letter", nothing.) We went ahead and purchased 124 square yards of new carpet and had it installed. To add insult to our already sad Home Depot carpet experience, we had to pay someone to have Home Depot's lousy carpet removed!

We purchased our new carpet at The Carpet Exchange. The Carpet Exchange sales person was very helpful and very well trained. The new carpet was only slightly more expensive than Home Depot's "special run" carpet. And instead of having to wait several weeks for delivery, they installed it three days later!

The real test was when we vacuumed the new carpet from Carpet Exchange. Once over cleaned up all of the cuttings from the carpet installation. The second pass was basically clean, no fuzz, no clogged vacuum cleaner. Now this is how a new carpet should be! We now feel that it is safe to let our kids play on this carpet.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed with our Home Depot's lack of concern for customer satisfaction regarding this issue. We like the selection of materials at Home Depot. We have purchased nearly all of our remodeling and basement finishing materials through them. The Home Depot used to be our first stop for all of our project materials. Until now, we have never had to test their customer service. Sadly, now that we have experienced first hand that Home Depot will not stand behind their product, we will look elsewhere for any future major purchases.

Update #3: We recently received a settlement letter from Home Depot Corporate. They basically offered a 50% refund on the carpet only portion of the invoice. We feel that this is reasonable and we will be accepting this settlement. To be perfectly honest,we would have been satisfied with less monetary compensation, if our Local Home Depot store management would have demonstrated any concern at all about customer satisfaction with regard to this issue. Even with this settlement agreement, it will take a long time before we feel the same enjoyment as we used to when walking into a Home Depot store.

Update #4: Well it's been a month since we faxed in the signed agreement. We have not heard a word from Home Depot corporate. We are starting to wonder if they are going to follow through at all...

Update #5: We tried to call the Home Depot "Resolution Specialist" who signed the Release Agreement that was sent to us. He does not answer the phone or return any of our calls. All we are asking in our phone message is for an update on the status of this Agreement. It doesn't seem like this is an unreasonable request. We did our part and signed the agreement, faxed it and mailed it, but have had no response from Home Depot's Resolution Specialist for over 2 months! It seems that Home Depot is truly not serious about customer satisfaction. It sure makes me wonder what their motive was for sending us this agreement in the first place....

Final Update: Well, Home Depot did finally come through and honor their settlement agreement. We have taken the check to the bank and are waiting for it to clear. As soon as their check clears, we will consider this issue resolved and closed. Home Depot customer relations sent us a gift card today. I consider this a very smart move on their part to get us to start going back into their store! Thanks!
Resolution Update 07/16/2008:
Settlement agreement offered and refund received by customer.
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 03/29/2008:
I worked for Mohawk for many yrs and spent 25 yrs working for carpet and floorcovering mills. Not all PET will shed like yours and it doesn't sound normal. Just a fyi Home Depot used to require all suppliers send their own people into stores to train salespeople. HD stopped that 4 or 5 yrs ago and hire their own 'experts'. You should utilize local dealers whenever possible as if a product caused them problems they wouldn't keep selling it, but a box store sells whatever they can get a 'deal' on not what's necessarily best for the consumer
DumdHead on 03/31/2008:
As they said... the mnfc. will not go out to look at it for three months. With carpet wear this is common. So complain with the maker. Next time rember it is cheap for a reason.
Moofin on 04/06/2008:
I purchased counter tops and it took 9 MONTHS to get them right. The first 2, were wrong, and after going so long with no counters, I called the corporate office and got immediate action. Instead of sending a HD employee to my house, they had the company that would be making the counter come out and measure correctly.
I suggest that you call the corporate office and let them know about your carpeting.
R.S. in So Cal on 10/25/2009:
Congratulations on getting your claim resolved!

I'm not sure that buying flooring from a local Mohawk distributor would have been much better.

I recently purchased 1000 square feet of what turned out to be defective Mohawk tile from my local Mohawk distributor, and I've been waiting over seven weeks for a response on my claim.

Unfortunately, Mohawk Industries has terrible customer service and cheaply-made Chinese flooring products that are plagued by defects. Buyer beware!!!
corktrav on 07/28/2012:
I agree I glad yours got resolved I have been at mine for almost 2 years within weeks after it was install I do agree Mohawk carpets has the worst worst customer service they depend on one man opinion and even it you write letters they really don't care I have never seen just cheap carpet for a high price Mohawk is going down hill and fast
CarlS on 04/27/2013:
Best response to poor customer service? Don't give them your business any more.

I had a bad carpet install experience from Home Depot years ago and I've never returned. Since that time I've done major remodel work on two homes and many hobby projects, all without spending one dime at HD. The profit alone on those supplies would dwarf any small compensation I would have accepted to maintain my patronage. It's one thing to assume that a big box retailer just doesn't care, it's another when they loose real money and are too short sighted and foolish to realize it.

Unfortunately people are sheep and keep coming back for more. If they boycotted like I did Home Depot would either drastically improve their customer service or be out of business within a month.
Joe on 07/16/2013:
Dyson is a piece of junk. It will destroy all carpet in no time. They void your warranty also.
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Carpet Nightmare From Home Depot!
Posted by on
In February 2010, I went to purchase a carpet with Home Depot. I had so many problems with the purchase that, I should've realized right then and, there that, this was a bad sign. At first they wouldn't do it because, they said, you might have asbestos tiles and, told me I would have to rip them all out before they could come in and, do the carpet. I called EPA and, the guy said, NO DO NOT RIP THEM UP!!! EPA said, if the tiles are good don't rip them up, if you do that's when the get in the air. There was only one that, was broke and, I went to hope depot and, purchased another identical tile!!! Hhhmmmmmm!!! They had to order the carpet from out of state and, have it shipped from either, N. or S. Carolina. Unfortunately, it took 2 1/2 weeks to ship. Once I finally received the carpet, I was happy and, they did a wonderful job putting it in. Then a few months later, I started having problems itching. I had blood work done with my UC Davis doctor and, my doctor found out that, I was highly allergic to something. Come to find out, the beautiful carpet came with a price I didn't expect. I had carpet beetles and, they have been eating up my clothes and, shoes and, furniture. And I didn't just have the varied carpet beetles but, the black one to. Thank you Home Depot!!! (I am exaggerating!!) I had purchased the carpet on my Home Depot card because, of the no interest for one year deal. That seemed like a good deal and, with the recession I didn't pay it off in one year. I thought my payments might go up possibly about $20 - $30 dollars more a month. I had tried to use my card to purchase a home spray to kill these carpet beetles from Home Depot and, was denied with my card. I had to pay cash to purchase the bug spray for the carpet beetles that, there carpet gave me! Without my permission, they had re-run my credit without me asking and, lowered the maximum amount on my card in February 2011.

They lowered it to the amount I owed! The next month because I didn't get to completely pay of the amount on the credit card within 1 year, they added all the interest of $800. onto the amount of the loan and, made it look like I was over the limit! My payments went from $28. a month to, $135. a month. Almost a car payment!!! The interest on the card is 26.99%. It just doesn't seem legal to me. I called the Home Depot card and, let them know about the carpet beetles but, they didn't care and said, they only deal with the amount owed. I told them that, I was not expecting the payment to increase so much and, they said there was nothing they could do about it. They said, that is the amount due. I asked, if I paid off the $800. interest amount would my payment go down. They said, only to $99.00. Now, I'm paying more than I should monthly for a carpet full of carpet beetles. They said, the only way they could help me is, if I don't make my payments for a few months then, they can try to put me in one of their programs. So, I would have to let my credit go down the drain! No, no, no!!! Please, I'm trying to save anyone else a headache! My plan is to try to go through my own bank to get a lower interest rate. This was carpet hell!!! I will never purchase anything with them on any of their cards and, I'm scared of their products that, they have to order out of state!
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/28/2011:
I prefer to use a local flooring store for my carpet.
installer on 06/24/2011:
Almost all carpet is made In Georgia on the US east coast. No matter where you buy carpet from, its likely going to have to be ordered from out of state as you put it. As for the carpet having beetles.....I have never ever heard of that in my 20 years installing. I have installed carpet from all over the world.....never had bugs in it....sounds like coincidence or bad luck.
Scott on 01/10/2012:
I've been in the flooring business nearly twenty and never heard of carpet beetles. You'll never prove they came with the carpet, your screwed on the financing, and you always get what you pay for.
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Defective carpet
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GA -- Frank Blake
Chairman and CEO
Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30330

Dear Mr. Blake:

I have an issue with my $6000 carpet that I purchased from the Bellevue, WA Home Depot March 24th, 2005. The carpet was on back-order at that time, but then came in early, and was installed in April 2005. After a few months, the carpet started turning black, not in a particular area or spot, but everywhere – especially where the carpet was next to the hardwood flooring – so from the hardwood floor to the living room, the dining room, the family room, and the hallway to the bedrooms. The area in front of the couch in front of the TV was also turning black.

I had the carpets cleaned, and initially took out the black, which was spreading across the carpet. But then the black streaking reoccurred, and kept spreading. I had the carpets cleaned again, but the after a couple months, the black returned. My gut instinct was there was no “stainmaster” in my Stainmaster carpet. It seemed odd to me that the carpet was on backorder, then came early, and then started staining and turning black.

I called the Bellevue Home Depot for two months before someone (Keith) actually came out and looked at my carpet and took samples. I told Keith what my gut instinct of no “stainmaster” so he took samples from my home and also the roll I had leftover from the installation that was in my garage. Eventually I received a letter (November 8th, 2007) from InVista from Susan Baker, Stainmaster Consumer Care, which stated that I had no Stainmaster in my carpet. She ordered new carpet in December 2007, and I had the new replacement carpet for the entire house installed on February 16th, 2008. Which means I had to take two days off from work to hire movers and have all the furniture moved out of my home for the installation to take place. I was happy that Home Depot had stepped up and taken responsibility for the defective carpet, and I told my friends and everyone I worked with at Qwest and Microsoft about my good experience.

The new replacement carpet started turning black again within 3 months. I was either in denial or didn’t think that Home Depot would replace $6000 worth of carpet with defective carpet. I had the carpets cleaned, but the carpet just started turning black in the same places it did before, usually from the hardwood flooring to the carpet, or if I dropped anything, it would start to turn black. I had the carpets cleaned again in May 2009 – but the carpets just started turning black again.

I called Susan Baker, InVista, to tell her that my carpet was turning black again. Susan asked if it was the same as before, the hardwood flooring to the carpet and in front of where people sat (TV). I said “yes” and at first she said that could not be possible, that the Stainmaster had been reformulated in April 2008. She looked at my file and then said she had ordered the new replacement carpet in December 2007, and I had the new replacement carpet installed in February 2008. Two months before the carpet/Stainmaster was reformulated.

I called the Bellevue Home Depot after I talked to Susan Baker, and a Kurt (expeditor) came out and took samples of the carpet from the leftover replacement carpet I had in the garage. He was supposed to send this sample to Stainmaster for a test to see if there was any Stainmaster in the new replacement carpet. He also hired a 3rd party “expert” to see what was wrong with my carpet. As soon as Kurt said that, I knew I was going to get the “runaround” with Home Depot. I am sure they didn’t want to have the expense of replacing my carpet again! I have worked at large companies, and I know….

As soon as the 3rd party expert arrived, and when the first thing he asked is if I had cats, I knew he was going to say it was the cat’s fault. And of course, the results came back that the stains (all over in the exact places as the first carpet?) were cat urine. What your “expert” didn’t ask me is when I got the cats. My other cat had passed away in November 2007, before I got the new replacement carpets. I didn’t get new cats until September-October of 2008. The new replacement carpet, installed February 16th, 2008, was already turning black, and had already been cleaned once. There is no “cat” smell in my home, and people who visit don’t even know that I have cats. I am sure if I would have told your 3rd party “expert” that I had no cats and/or pets, he would have come up with another reason. He is the “expert” for Home Depot, and obviously wants to be hired again – which isn’t going to happen if he allows a claim against Home Depot. I have dealt with 3 wood flooring “experts” and each one had a different story.

Home Depot’s customer service (if you would call it that???) closed my claim. Stainmaster doesn’t cover cat urine - never mind that I had no cats when the new replacement carpet was installed and there probably is no Stainmaster in this new replacement carpet. I would not know, because Home Depot and/or InVista has never gotten back to me with the Stainmaster results. I have called HD customer service, and also talked to a manager, Amy, December 23rd, who said she would call me back, but never has. I have left her 3 messages this week (Mon, Wed, Thursday) with no response. All I received was a letter in the mail, dated December 23rd, 2009, telling me that because of the cat urine (?) my warranty was void.

I am giving Home Depot the opportunity to replace my carpet. Obviously I would never have the exact same carpet – because it probably still has no Stainmaster, but something comparable to what I purchased in the first place. I understand now that there is a test Home Depot can do to make sure the carpet has Stainmaster before the carpet leaves the warehouse. If I don’t hear from anyone, or my claim is not reopened, and I receive the Stainmaster test results, then I am going to contact my local media. Maybe they can assist me, or at least bring public attention to this matter, so other consumers don’t have to go through this. I am sure there is no Stainmaster in the new replacement carpet, the black spreading stains are the same as before in the original new Home Depot carpet.

I have my original receipt, the letter dated November 8, 2007 from InVista, and the letter from Home Depot dated December 23rd, 2009 rejecting my claim if you need copies.

I would appreciate a response to this letter, and the Stainmaster test results.
Thank you for your time.

Kim Bodtker
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User Replies:
trp2hevn on 01/20/2010:
I think this is a well written review, and I think it's a good idea to involve your local media.
trp2hevn on 01/20/2010:
BTW Alley... in the sub-title it says cabaret...(red)
PepperElf on 01/20/2010:
I'm wondering what's in the stains
it sounds like mold possibly.

is there any water damage or moisture below the carpet?
Anonymous on 01/20/2010:
It's time to take HD out of the equation to figure out what's wrong with your carpet. You should hire your own expert to examine everything, including whatever reports HD generated. (Ask your insurance company if they use any particular company for such matters.) Then take Home Depot to small claims court.
madconsumer on 01/20/2010:
this is a manufacturers issue, not home depots. especially if the carpet was laid in 2005.
Ytropious on 01/20/2010:
2 carpets turn black within the same span of of a few years. I would think it's not the carpet after the second failure. Are you using any chemicals on your carpet when you vacuum? Do you and your family wear shoes in the house? I mean I would contact the manufacturer and ask what would turn carpet black. I would still assume that carpet doesn't just magically turn colors unless something is first applied to it.
homedepot_michael on 01/21/2010:
Hi Kim,
This is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry that you are continually having problems with your carpet. I understand you are currently working with one of our agents, if I can be of further assistance please send an email to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
kbodtker on 01/21/2010:
Carpet is light beige, Cabernet is the name of the carpet. I just had my own 3rd party expert out yesterday afternoon. He tested the carpet, and also pulled up the carpet (something Home Depot's 3rd party expert did not do) and there is no water, moisture issue, and no stains on the back side of the carpet, so no cat urine. Yes, it is a mfg issue, but since Home Depot's 3rd party expert said it was a "cat" problem, Stainmaster (Invista) automatically does not take any responsibility for the carpet, nor will they test the carpet for amount of stainmaster product formulated in the carpet, which is the problem, and was the original problem from the carpet I purchased in 2005, and had replaced in Feb 2008.

The biggest problem I have is I paid $6000 for carpet that my 3rd party expert said is polyester - not nylon - polyester is a much cheaper carpet, and is more pourous, which may be the problem.

No, I do not use any product on my carpet, just vacumn. Just walking across the carpet is turning it gray.

Any other suggestions are appreciated!
kbodtker on 01/21/2010:
Where do I buy carpet that is GUARANTEED???
Ponie on 01/21/2010:
Kim, I sure can't give you any suggestions on what to do but I'm with Ytropius in questioning why carpet would mysteriously turn black--in two separate cases. It's not just plain dirt, is it? I can't imagine a large corporation just falling back on the 'it's cat urine' answer if you've had carpet experts out to say otherwise. Of course, my imagination has been incorrect many times.
kbodtker on 01/21/2010:
Because there is a lack of stainmaster in the carpet, if even a small drop of anything is spilled, the stain just keeps spreading..... if you wipe it up, it still keeps spreading. I have had the carpet professionally cleaned, but without some type of stainmaster formulated in the carpet, it will just keep happening. I think having the carpets cleaned every 3 months is unreasonable. I just wish I would not have listened to Helen at the Bellevue Home Depot - who told me she had this type of carpet in her home, and it never had any stains, and was very easy to keep clean because of the stainmaster product. She also told me that she had a great spot cleaning product, but do you think she ever called me back when I started having problems..... NEVER - she is full of it! She probably has never had this type of carpet!
Ponie on 01/21/2010:
I still can't understand why the carpet turns *black* in each case. If you spill lime Kool Aid on it, does it turn black? About 18 months ago new carpeting was installed in my apartment. Since I didn't have to pay for it, don't know whether Stainmaster was involved. Anytime I spill anything on it, it turns the color of the liquid. But those handy-dandy ShamWows are terrific! I just place one over the spill, step on it a few times, an it's completely slurped up with absolutely no sign of the spill.
moneybags on 01/21/2010:
OK. Did your cats (now deceased) ever have accidents? The problem may be with the slab. Cat urine can penetrate the slab and even with new underpad and carpet, the urine can affect the carpeting. The ONLY way to remedy this is pull up the carpet and seal the slab. You can use a pigmemnted sealer (like KILZ) but it works.
kbodtker on 01/21/2010:
Even if you just walk on the carpet - it turns gray. If you wipe up a spill, no matter what product is used, the carpet turns gray and the spot keeps spreading - because there is no stainmaster formulated into the carpet, which is the same problem I had with the original new carpet I purchased in 2005.
No, the now deceased cat never had an accident in the carpet. I never had problems with my original builders carpet (which I am sure is not that expensive) which was in my home (purchased new) in 12 years. Now I am wondering why I ever replaced the carpet I had in the first place?
kbodtker on 01/21/2010:
I have also had a new furnace installed, all the airducts cleaned, there is no moisture (or water) under the house.... Maybe I should have just bought GRAY carpet from Home Depot - instead of beige...
Wpooh on 10/16/2012:
Wether it is a manufacter problem or not it is still HD problem. They sold the carept they are responsible for it. I have had multiple issues with HD as well with $7000 work of new carpet. 6 months later and it is still not corrected.
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Foreman Is Disgusted
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Let me first say that I am the foreman on a house which my father and I am flipping, and before now we recommended The Home Depot in full faith. On two previous flipped houses, there were zero hangups. However, the method of approach for installing floors has changed, and by far for the worse.

The store I am referring to is on the East side of Ft Worth, in the Meadowbrook area. This is the same store which we worked with for the previous two houses. The best way I can write this review is to compare past experience with this recent experience.

Previously: Walked into Home Depot, dealt with the flooring department only, and arranged a flooring estimate. The flooring sales person was the person who arrived at the jobsite to conduct the estimate. He made measurements, inspected the existing floors, knew the potential problems, and did a 10 minute overview, including pointing out what he was concerned with, before leaving. This happened over lunch-time and by late evening he called back with prices. At this point, who wouldn't be thoroughly impressed? Went in-store paid what needed to be paid to start. The installation took a little over a week to start, which I expect residential customers to complain about, but coming from a foreman's perspective, I don't hire someone who proclaims they can be there the next day. Reading between the lines, this means that they don't have any work lined up, and there is always good reason for it. Everything went smoothly on both houses- there were two crews that showed up, one for vinyl, one for carpet. The vinyl installers floated the floors (necessary prep work) and the carpet guys did what they needed to. Everything was finished in a timely fashion, and this is why we went to Home Depot for work on our current house flip without a second thought.

Presently: The flooring salesman couldn't be nicer in assisting in our flooring choice. We take a few days to decide what will look best in the house and go back to pay for the materials. We scheduled the estimate for a Saturday. 7:30 Saturday morning, the estimator calls to give us a 3 hour window, and shows up on the early side of that window. No problems yet. The estimator pulls up in a little white sedan (NO ONE in construction should be driving anything other than a truck), shakes my hand, walks in, and pulls out his computer (by computer, I mean an instrument shaped like the computers that UPS has which you sign for packages, but with a large touch screen).

It's now that I find out that Home Depot will no longer be involved in the installation. Home Depot is basically a broker for installations and nothing more. The Estimator doesn't say a word to me, and goes right to work. However, he doesn't quite seem to understand how to navigate through his computer. I spy on him a bit, more out of curiosity of his "toy" than to actually check up on his work, and sure enough, he's inputting data and erasing it over and over. It probably takes around 90 minutes to estimate every room in a 1700sqft house. He doesn't say much more than "bye" and walks out the door. I don't know what the next step is, so I call Home Depot.

From here on out, I deal with both the Pro desk and the flooring department, their managers, the various employees in both departments, and the estimator's secretary. Rarely do I ever get to speak with the same person twice in a row (except the secretary...) They tell me they will have an estimate by the next day and will call. 3 days go by, and nothing. I call back, and they say they have been trying to get a hold of me (This infuriates me when someone says this, as my phone is by my side 24/7. This was a flat out LIE!), re-read my correct phone numbers to me, apologized for the inconvenience, then said that she didn't have my information in front of her and put me on hold. I hang up after holding for 15 minutes and call back. I call the same number and the phone rings and rings, and someone from the garden department answers?!? He says that the lady I was talking to went home for the day! I'm ticked...

I go in-store the next morning to figure out what's going on. Now that I'm there, the gentleman pulls my information right out. He shows me my estimate, and the vinyl information was created using the wrong pattern. (this is important in how much waste material will be produced matching up patterns, which ultimately effects my final price). This set me back another 2 days. I'm so frustrated typing this out, I'm going to abbreviate the rest. Today, 16 days after I have been putting up with 15 minute holds, non returned calls, lies, mis-entered information into computers, trying to change the cost of the materials I'VE ALREADY PAID FOR, and dealing with incompetent and/or shady representatives.... I get a call today saying that The Home Depot regrets to inform me that they cannot perform the installation due to crowning in my sub-floors.

The only representative who has been to the jobsite was the Estimator, who didn't mention this, which means that everyone who has seen this estimate has had the chance to catch this. I have had this estimate passed through a ridiculous number of hands on Home Depot's side of things, and NOBODY including the estimator EVER mentioned that there was even a slight chance that prep work would be an issue. The lady who called me today to tell me that Home Depot is refusing my job recommended I hire a flooring contractor in the area to fix the crowning in the floor because Home Depot no longer will prep the area in which they work. <--- This is the shadiest thing I have EVER heard. READ BETWEEN THE LINES! Talk about a scapegoat! Anything the Home Depot installs, and ends up failing, will then be blamed on how the area was prepped before they got there, and will try to push all blame elsewhere and of course will NOT fix their work! IM TICKED

From someone who has been a loyal customer since I was 16 years old (lol a long time)I HATE HOME DEPOT. Once again, coming from a foreman's perspective- why in the world would I ever use someone to install something, if they refuse to prepare their own worksite?!? Crowning in the subfloors translates to a day of prep work using a self leveling compound.

So, 16 days later.... I am about to leave my house and get a $4000 refund for the materials I've already paid for and raise a storm at the pro desk. All are invited to come watch!

From a foreman's perspective- DO NOT USE HOME DEPOT for your flooring needs...
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/29/2009:
if you are a serious house flipper, you either will do the work yourself, or have your own crew or contractors. if you are new to flipping, heed the previous advice.
Soaring Consumer on 05/29/2009:
It is sad to see companies turn bad like this. What a lousy cop-out excuse indeed.

Voted helpful.
dan gordon on 05/29/2009:
its been posted on here so many times. First I was the Mohawk, bruce Hardwood and Armstrong rep that called on HD so I know their program. They won't schedule an install until the product arrives at their store. You will never get to talk to someone more than once. Almost always the install is subbed out labor. If you have a problem the installer is also the 'inspector' and you know its never an installation related problem. They mark up both their labor and the product and charge for things that most stores wouldn't. They routinely add 10% more ydg for extra profit. If you think they are bad they are good compared with Empire today.
Anonymous on 05/29/2009:
WhitG, excellent review. Yes, I wish I could be there to watch you cancel and get your money back. I'm sure you will do just great at it. But be ready for every excuse in the book to come from Home Depots talking heads. You would think in these trying times for home centers they would jump through hoops for that $4,000 order?
WhitG on 05/31/2009:
I didn't realize I was going to be notified when people left comments on my review, but since I know now- just two more things to add:
1) I am a serious house flipper, but I'm a contractor/foreman. My personal crew did what I needed them to, but I have no interest in stretching installing carpet or laying sheet vinyl myself, and as a contractor, I sought out Home Depot to fulfill this task. Just like I'm not going to get out and weed the flower beds myself. Get real...
2) I was actually a bit disappointed at how EASY it was to get a refund on the materials I had already purchased. This could possibly be because the installer never picked up the materials from Home Depot, so I didn't have anything to physically return. The fella at the return desk asked my why I wanted a refund, I said I was sick of dealing with Home Depot's third party installers before the job even started, and he just smirked and said "yea, get that kind of stuff a lot." Manager approved and I was on my way. Very odd indeed.
jktshff1 on 05/31/2009:
Seems as if it's more the estimator's fault more than anything else.
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Do Not Buy Carpet Here! Ever!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AVON, COLORADO -- I went to Home Depot early in July to order some carpet, (because it is the only supplier in the area). After waiting nearly 45 minutes for a representative to assist me at the carpet counter, I got my quote scheduled for someone to come out and measure. You would think that something as simple as coming on the right day for the measurement would be an easy task, but they showed up on the wrong day when I was at work, so therefore they were unable to get in the house. Delaying the measurement until another day when we could reschedule.

We finally settled on a day when I could get them in the house (that we were not yet living in at the time) to measure, and I told them to call me when they got there so I could be sure that they got the correct rooms measured. Of course they did not, and I received a quote for $500 dollars over what they had initially estimated. I reviewed the measure, and found that they had added on an additional room DOWNSTAIRS, when I specifically told them that it was only the upstairs that I wanted carpeted. Normally, I would be shocked by the quote, but after seeing how shady Home Depot is with the quotes and estimates, I kind of expected it. After straightening things out, we finally ordered the carpet and they told me it would be a few weeks until the carpet arrived. They then send you off to some company called Home Solutions that takes care of the install. You have a better chance of getting hit with lightning than you do getting a hold of these people on the phone. 6 WEEKS LATER, they call and tell me that the carpet had arrived and we were ready to set up an install date. We decide on a date and then they told me they would call the day before to specify an exact time. After calling them and leaving several voice mails the day before to try to figure out when these yahoos were coming, it climaxed with 0 success...leaving me to wonder if they were actually going to come or not. The next day, which I had requested off from work, (Day of Supposed Install), I call several more times in the morning to try to figure out when these mystery men were coming to lay my carpet. NO ANSWER ALL DAY LONG.

They finally called the next day to apologize on their techs calling in, and we proceed to set up another install date. At this point, I would've gladly taken my service elsewhere, but we live in a remote mountain area with good ole' Home Depot being our only option. Anyways, we set up another install day, which I can't make, but my dear wife who had just had a baby was able to get off work in order to be there. Two days of missed work out of our budget to try to accommodate these people to lay our darn carpet that we paid plenty of money for. Well, wouldn't you know it, the same issue of not being able to get ahold of anybody to figure out when the hell they were coming to our house.

The day of rescheduled install, we've finally got a call from one of the techs saying they wouldn't be there until the afternoon now. Perfect. Wife has an appointment for our infant son to get to, so I leave work early to get to the house to let them in. More money gone. The installers work until late that night, and you think at this point, with the steam coming out of my ears from this whole ordeal that they would be sure to clean up well. They left all of their scraps and the giant leftover pad that I now have to take to the dump and spend more money on. WOW Home Depot, I hope you're proud of your customer service and glad to know that I will never be coming back to you stores anywhere in the country as for the rest of my friends and family. I will deliberately drive 50 miles out of my way just to make it to another store where they will actually appreciate us as customers.

For anybody out there trying to decide if Home Depot is the right place for you for your install, say NO, just like you'd say no to drugs. Run away as fast as you can. I am not the only one with this same heartbreak. I have had friends and family from other store locations with the same problems. Hope this helps!!!
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Bait & Switch
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VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- We paid $50 to have someone come out and give us an estimate, we are up in the mountains, but less than 20 miles from a major city and they gave us a big hassle about that but we finally got someone to come up. When the estimator took the measurements, he tried to include areas that were not going to be carpeted but we corrected that before he left. When we got the estimate, they said it was 10 square yards bigger than what we had calculated. When we questioned that, we were told it was because of the "overage" that would be needed to cover the area. I might buy 4 or 5 extra square yards but 10? That is enough to do another whole room, this is a small house, under 900 square feet, and we're only carpeting about 2/3 of it.

Furthermore they are wanting to charge an "out of town" charge plus a "mountain area" charge totaling up to about an extra $77. When we requested the estimate, we were specifically told that there would be no "out of area" charges. AND, if they have to glue it instead of using tack strips, it could be an extra $200 (the estimator should have been able to tell this, plus, the old carpet had tack strips that wwere nailed, not glued). As a result, their estimate was about 30% more than we had calculated. Besides all of that, they said we had to pay full cost, then after the carpet is delivered, we could schedule installation--it could be up to a month before they could install. I guess these clowns think we just fell off the turnip truck or something.

SHAME ON HOME DEPOT! I don't care if we have to pay more somewhere else, these crooks aren't getting our business!
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User Replies:
azRider on 06/05/2011:
OK, you said yourself that its out of town and at least 20 miles away. so why get upset when they say they have to charge you extra for the distance? if you live that far out of town, then you should expect this. I'm sure its not the first time someone said they'd have to charge a fee because of it. Any dealer that is 20 miles away I'd expect it. all most all installers want some overage. its normal to have that, you don't say how much they are covering, other than roughly 600 sqft so I'm guessing that based that number that 10 yards of overage is normal. but depending on the shape of the rooms, that perhaps they could have used 5. but better to be longer than short on carpet cutting. gluing is also very time consuming vs. stretch and tacking and cost extra for the glue. so $200 which I'm assuming includes the glue is not that bad a price for the labor and clue work. Now I would expect Home Depot to be higher end on prices. but in my experience they are not always that much higher. sometimes within $150 or so. as a person that owns several income properties I hate it when carpet is glued. makes replacing it a pain in the a$$ and cost more labor to remove it. but if you plan to live there for many years. glue away.

madconsumer on 06/05/2011:
10 square yards extra is normal. does the carpet have a pattern? generally one has to order 10 - 20 percent more than required for matching patterns and un-forseens.
Rick47 on 06/05/2011:
azRider, the point isn't that they are charging me for an out of town installation, it is that they are charging me for it after the representative at the store said they wouldn't and when we told them that, their attitude was "oh well". If I had been told about the charges from the beginning, I probably wouldn't have had a problem with it. Also, I found out after my initial post that the price they quoted for the carpet was about 10% more and the pad was almost 50% more than the store's listed price. My impression is that the store's price is per square foot, the estimate price was per square yard and I guess they think we're to stupid to figure it out.
Skye on 06/05/2011:
Did you get it in writing, you would not be charged the extra fee? Did they include that in your contract?

It's just always a good idea, to get everything they tell you in writing, so as to avoid having to deal with issues such as this later on.

trmn8r on 06/05/2011:
When I used Home Depot, I was given a layout that showed how they would cut the pieces out of a certain length of carpeting, and where the waste was. 10-15% isn't surprising.

I seem to recall there were things quoted in square feet in one place and yards in another. Since it is easy to convert, I was always up to speed on what was happening.

You say that when you requested the estimate, you were told there wouldn't be a trip charge. Maybe once the estimator actually made the trip, it became apparent there needed to be, based on distance, location.

When I used HD, I got estimates from 3 places. Good luck with the other estimates. It will be interesting to see if the waste decreases. My guess is it will not, unless a different width of carpeting is used.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
This post really floored me...
THD_Daniel on 06/06/2011:
Hi this is Robert with Home Depot Customer Care and I would like to look into this for you. Would you mind emailing me your order number and a way you can be reached? stephanie_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Customer Care Team
HomeDepot_Care on 06/06/2011:
Hi this is Robert with Home Depot Customer Care and I would like to look into this for you. Would you mind emailing me your order number and a way you can be reached? stephanie_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Customer Care Team
installer. on 06/24/2011:
There should be no extra charge for a direct glue down installation, as the installer provides the glue. However, if the tack strips need replacing, and the concrete is super brittle, or perhaps has radiant heat pipes in it, then the tack strips might need gluing. I can't tell from your post. Regardless, installation over a concrete floor is always more expensive. If your floor is wood, then I don't know what glue they would be talking about.
As for overage.....don't ever go by 10 percent or some form of standard. Every layout is unique. A square room 11'6" wide will have almost no waste, but a bunch of odd sized rooms with closets and hallways will have more seams, and fills to figure out....a good estimator will balance yardage with reducing how many linear feet of seams you will need. If he explains that, then you will see what the extra carpet is for.....
I always try to eliminate as much seams as I can, and if it means you have a bit more left over, then so be it.....you only do this once every 10 years or so......don't cheap out.
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Home Depot; 20% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Posted by on
NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- On September 21, 2001 I purchased and had installed a carpet by Home Depot in my family room. The carpet we chose with the advice of the carpet representative at that time (Sharon.) was a Berber. When we inquired about the warranty of the carpet, the sales representative flipped over the sample of the carpet and we noted that it was a 10-year warranty. We subsequently went along and had the carpet installed. Two years after the carpet was installed we noticed that the fibers were coming out. We called Home Depot and alert them of the problem. At that time they sent someone to take measurements and subsequently replaced the portion of the carpet that was problematic. Because the portion of the carpet replaced was not cut from the same batch of carpet installed originally, we can clearly note a difference in the tone between the original carpet and the portion replaced.

In June of 2006, we noticed the same problem on other parts of the carpet; i.e., the fibers were coming out in several places. I subsequently went to the Home Depot Store and talked to Allison Dodson (the expeditor) about the problem. She looked into the computer database and could not find any record of Home Depot having installed a carpet at my home. I told her that the installation was done in 2001. She replied that all recorded from that time were deleted from their computer because they had a new computer system. I then gave her the folder provided to me by Home Depot at the time of purchase of the carpet. She made a copy of the record and stated that she would “look into in.” A week later, because I did not hear from her I went back to the store to speak to her. She then stated that I need to contact the manufacturer and provided me with their phone number. I immediately called the manufacturer from the parking lot with my cell phone and they told me that it was Home Depot’s responsibility to call then. I returned to the store and related the information to Allison. She mentioned that she would talk to them and make a claim on my behalf.

On July 14, 2006, I returned to the store to inquire about the status of my case because once again I had not heard from Home Depot. Allison apologized from not having contacted me and asked me if I had the carpet cleaned professionally. Surprised, I asked her “Why did I need to?” She then replied that the warranty was void because the carpet was not professionally cleaned. I was shocked! I asked her, “Where in the paperwork provided to me it states this?” I also added, “Does Home Depot have a copy of these guidelines to be given to customers?” She then said she would call the manufacturer and get a copy of the warranty. She called and received a faxed copy of the warranty which she handed to me. At that point I said to her, “How do you expect me to know about the terms of this warranty if Home Depot does not even have it to give to customers at time of purchase?” Allison then said that she would see what she could do to solve the problem.

In September 2006, I went back to Home Depot because once again I have not heard from them. At this point Allison informed me that given that the carpet was not professionally cleaned, the manufacturer would not send anybody to my home and inspect the damage. I said to her that this was not good enough because from my prospective, Home Depot failed to clearly disclose the term of the warranty by providing the paperwork at the time of purchase. I again reiterate that if Home Depot itself does not have the paperwork to be given to customer, how could they expect the customers to know it. The only thing they showed at the time of purchase beside the information in the folder was the 10-year warranty sticker on the sample. So Allison said she would speak to her manager (Bill Shields) to see how they would resolve the problem.

In November, I returned to the store and Allison informed me that Home Depot would contact an independent contractor to repair the carpet. She said that the contractor would contact me. She also said that the only stipulation is I would have to pay for the repair and Home Depot would reimburse me. I added that I would have no problem with this arrangement if Home Depot puts it in writing.

In January 2007, I went back to Home Depot because I had yet to hear from the contractor. I spoke to Bill Shields who informed me that Home Depot was changing contractors and that they would not be available until February. He also added that if I wanted, I could give me a 20% discount if I wanted the carpet replaced. I then said that I did not think it was appropriate for me to pay anything and that I would accept the repairs.

In February 2007 I was contacted by the new contractor. They sent an inspector to my home and pictures of the carpet were taken. Later on, a representative from the contractor came to my home in attempt to repair the carpet. He deemed that the carpet could not be repaired and needed to be replaced. He said that he would send a report to Home Depot.

In March I went to the store again because I hadn’t heard anything since the report of the contractor. Allison said she would arrange for the measurements of the room to be taken. On March 17, measurements of the room were taken.

On April 3, 2007 I went back to Home Depot because once again I did not hear from anybody. I asked Bill Shields about what I needed to do given that measurements of the room were taken. I was convinced that given that Home Depot initiated the measurements of the room because the contractor stated that the carpet need to be replaced, they would just replace the carpet. I was shocked to learn from Bill Shields that Home Depot would only give a 20% discount if the carpet needed to be replaced. I was furious. I said that it was unacceptable and that Home Depot used every delay tactic possible to avoid replacing the carpet. And I left. On April 4, I returned to the store to speak to Allison because I was dealing with her during the 10 months ordeal. She said that Bill Shields had spoken to Jim Elder (the zone installation manager) and that the only thing Home Depot would do is to apply a 20% discount toward the replacement of the carpet. I then let her know that I would file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this unfair business practice, i.e., failure to make full disclosure to customers regarding the term a warranty and using a n unfair delay tactic to stonewall an issue. Allison advised me to call the corporate office before doing so.

On April 5, 2007, I called the corporate office and talked to Susan Robert, a level 2 agent. She informed me that the corporate office will back the store decision. She also said that she would refer the case to a zone manager. Again, I questioned this delay tactic. I inquired as to the ability of the zone manager to do anything given that she stated earlier that the corporate office will back the store decision. Nevertheless, I agree that she could refer the case to a zone manager.

On April 9, 2007, exacerbated about all this, I decided to speak to the store manager himself (Rich Roach) to bring about a resolution to the case. Once again I explained the case to the store manager who assured me that he would look into it. Later in the same week I received a call from Jim Elder (the zone installation manager) who stated that he would send an inspector to my home. Again I voice my frustration to Jim Elder. I told him that I believed that this is yet another delay tactic given he and Bill Shields have already decided that Home Depot would only give a 20% discount toward the replacement of the carpet. Jim Elder replied that he never made such decision. I then said that he needed to check with the staff at the Natick store, because Allison related that information to me April 4. I also said to him that the Home Depot already sent and received a report from a contractor. So I was questioning the necessity of yet another report. Nevertheless, I agree to have an inspector come to my home.

On April 20, the inspector aforementioned came to my home. Before leaving he sated that Home Depot would contact me. He would send the report within 3 days to Home Depot.

On May 16, 2007, because I haven’t heard from Home Depot I went to the store and was determined to speak top the store manager to bring a closure to this case; the case was lasting for almost a year. Unfortunately, I was told that the store manager was in a meeting and was not able to talk to me. The customer service representative suggested I speak to one of the assistant manager. I at first I was reluctant to do so because I knew that he would not be able to bring any resolution to the case given that he was never involved in the issue. The assistant manager came up. After I explained the problem he went back and returned with Bill Shields. Bill Shields then reported that Home Depot’s offer of 20% discount would stand because the warranty was void. I then told him that he was not giving me ant new information. I added that the warranty was void because of Home Depot’s failure to properly inform their customers. I told him that I was very patient however they have abused the process by using any possible delay tactic to stonewall and avoid their responsibility of failing to provide appropriate information to customers.

In the end it appears that Home Depot’s quote “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” written on my folder at the time that I purchased the carpet is meaningless. Home Depot is only interested in providing a 20% satisfactory service to their customers.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 05/22/2007:
I am naive about carpet warranties , but why would NOT shampooing the carpet void the warranty?
rhondam718732 on 05/22/2007:
Another question...in the polciies for the warranty where it mentions the need for shampooing...does it say when or how often you need to do it? Can't you get it done now and show proof if it to get around their silly rule?
Justusryan on 05/22/2007:
Good post, this shows the fallacy of beurocracy (sp?) at work!
Ponie on 05/22/2007:
I know almost a year's delay was caused by Home Depot, however your carpeting is almost 6 years old. In this case, I think it would be more fair of HD to give you a 40% discount on new carpeting that had a 10 year warranty. For consumables, e.g., carpeting, mattresses, etc., no retailer I know of will give 100% discount for replacement. They deduct the number of years it's been in use from the warranty and use that figure as discount for replacement. I'm surprised they came out and replaced just a patch. Also, I don't really get the thing about not having been professionally cleaned. I'm certainly only guessing, but I think this is the best you'll get out of them. Good luck.
Pomona Guy on 05/22/2007:
I think it is time to hire a lawyer and sue Home Depot for the cost of a new carpet in your house.
adzidek on 05/22/2007:
Hire a lawyer and pay him/her 3 times the value of a new carpet? Are you mad?

I think for a while there you were making some good progress; I would push on with top-level managers, but be much more persistent. Make a point of the 100% satisfaction claim on your folder. Good luck!
doglovingreviewer on 05/29/2011:
This case should not have lasted a year. Home Depot used every delay tactic they could think of to avoid helping you. And it sounds as if the "professionally cleaned" thing is just another avoidance tactic. The fact that they don't give the warranty information to customers at the time of purchase makes me think they just wait for the product to fail, and then make up some random excuse to void the warranty. Since it is a 10-year warranty, and you have had it 6 years, HD shouldn't really charge you anything for the replacement.
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Home Depot does not stand behind the products it sells
Posted by on
In August of 2009 my husband and I visited our local Home Depot store, #1302, in Anchorage, Alaska looking for new carpet for our entire home. We stressed the fact that we needed a carpet that was tough enough to handle a family of four with dogs. A Home Depot Flooring Expert helped us choose a carpet she felt was perfect for us.
September 2009 the carpet was installed. By December 2009 the "tough" carpet was beginning to look slightly worn in spots. In January 2010 I contacted my local Home Depot to file a formal complaint. A couple of weeks later a representative from the Home Depot flooring department visited our home and agreed that the carpet did look worn but they couldn't judge it properly until the carpet had been professionally cleaned because it was his opinion the carpet was just dirty. We not only arranged to have the carpet professionally cleaned but we also visited Home Depot again and spoke to the EXACT SAME Flooring Expert who helped us choose the carpet. We explained the problems we were having and asked for help choosing a new vacuum thinking that would help. We had a Dyson Animal that was a few years old and liked the brand. She suggested we purchase the Dyson DC14...which we did.
The carpet cleaners finished our carpet and noted on their form that the carpet showed excessive wearing. Once again we contacted Home Depot to please come inspect our carpet because the cleaning had not helped. We were informed that they couldn't come out for a few weeks.
Almost a month later a representative from Home Depot visited our home and agreed that the cleaning had not helped and the next step was to have a professional unbiased carpet inspector take a look at our carpet and our vacuum. The carpet inspector visited our home in April and, after crawling all over my home and inspecting my vacuum, spoke to me about how the vacuum we were using was very aggressive and was tearing and tangling the carpet fibers which was making it possible for ourselves and our pets to damage the carpet just by walking on it.
Several weeks later I received a phone call from the Home Depot Flooring Manager informing me that the carpet inspector had sent them his report and because it was not a carpet defect Home Depot was not responsible. He then told me that the report indicated that the cause of the problem was my pets. I challenged this by reminding him that I had spoken to the carpet inspector and that was, in fact, NOT what he had said. At this point I requested that he either send me a copy of the report or I would contact the carpet inspector and request one from him. The Flooring Manager faxed me a copy of the report which said exactly what the carpet inspector had verbally told me. The Dyson Vacuum was very aggressive which had allowed the damage to be caused. At this point the Flooring Manager reiterated that because it was not a carpet defect Home Depot was not responsible and that may be I should contact Dyson.
It was, and is, my belief that Home Depot should have stopped at this point, apologized for the problem and offered a store credit to replace the carpet. Instead, after repeatedly asking for help, the Flooring Manager gave me the 1-800 number for Dyson. When I informed him that this was unacceptable and that I expected more help he became obviously irritated and said he would see what he could do and return my call. Several days passed with no contact from Home Depot so I called the flooring manager again. He said that he had gotten some names and numbers for me and they should have called me by now. Because they had not I took his list and started making calls.
The employees at Dyson were very professional and arranged to have my vacuum shipped to them for inspection. Today I received a phone call from a Dyson representative informing me that their claims department has ruled that my vacuum is functioning in the manner in which it was intended, my claim is denied and I should contact Home Depot and the carpet manufacturer.
It is my belief that it never should have come to this point. Home Depot should stand behind the products it's employees suggest. My next step is to contact the Public Affairs office on Fort Richardson and report Home Depot for its maltreatment of this country's Veterans.
My belief remains the same. We gave Home Depot $3700 for beautiful new carpet. They have their money and we're still waiting for the new carpet.
Resolution Update 10/23/2010:
RESOLVED! My husband and I received a refund check from Home Depot last week. This entire ordeal has taken 10 months from first complaint to a refund check but it was well worth it considering we had paid almost $4000 for a worthless product. It hasn't been easy but with perseverance we've come out on top. I cannot stress enough the importance of truly believing that you are in the right and then backing that up with documentation. Everyone thinks they're right.....you must SHOW WHY.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/03/2010:
Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of the carpeting as well? You might try that approach as well while you continue to pursue a remedy through Home Depot.
THD_Daniel on 06/03/2010:

I'm sorry to hear about all of the challenges regarding your carpeting and vacuum. I'd like to see what I can due to help. Would you mind sending me an email with your name, address, phone number, and order number to daniel_care@homedepot.com? I've opened a case for you. Please include reference number 5766353 in the email as well so I can find your notes in our system.

Social Media Resolution Expeditor
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Waite4it on 06/05/2010:
Hugh, thank you for your comment. I have not contacted the carpet manufacturer because I was given the impression by the Home Depot representative that Mohawk was very much already involved and curious about the final determination. However, as I no longer trust Home Depot I wonder if I shouldn't contact Mohawk directly with the report from Dyson.
Waite4it on 06/05/2010:
THD Daniel, thank you for your offer of assistance. I have e-mailed you all the information you requested.
Waite4it on 07/02/2010:
Update 7/2/2010: STILL not resolved!

The following is what I've experienced with Home Depot since my My3Cents post.

6/5/2010: I e-mailed Daniel Derk, the Home Depot Resolution Expeditor, my information with the hope that this would be cleared up in no time.

6/7/2010: Mr. Derk contacted me asking for my patience while he is contacting people regarding my problem

6/9/2010: Mr. Derk contacted me asking if $450 would be acceptable. I informed him that $450 would not be acceptable as I had given Home Depot $4227.15 for the carpet & vacuum that was recommended by a Home Depot flooring expert. Once again Mr. Derk asked for my patience while he contacted more people regarding this matter.
Later this same day I FWD'd Mr. Derk detailed pictures of my ruined carpet. This e-mail contained comments made by the original carpet inspector stating that he believed the vacuum that the Home Depot flooring expert had recommended was the cause for my carpet damage.

6/10/2010: Mr. Derk e-mailed to let me know he was still working on this. Thanks for my patience.

6/16/2010: Mr. Derk e-mailed to let me know he was STILL working on this. He'd be back in touch soon.

6/23/2010: I e-mailed Mr. Derk asking if there was any news as I had not heard from him.

(7:32 am)I e-mailed Mr. Derk AGAIN asking if there was any news as I had STILL not heard from him.
(7:00 pm) I called Mr. Derk's office and reached his recording. It stated that he would return all calls within 24-72 hours. 72 hours is this evening. I won't hold my breath.

What is so sad is that when I didn't hear back from Mr. Derk I couldn't believe that Home Depot had just decided the best course of action was to simply ignore me. I was convinced that something must have happened to him. However, he left a public comment regarding another person's post on 6/24/2010. Obviously, he's not sick. Just sick of customer service.
Waite4it on 07/08/2010:
Update 7/8/2010: Still not resolved.

On 7/6/2010 I read over Mr. Derk's e-mails and noticed at the bottom it indicates that one should contact his coworker, Ms. Bradford, in the event he is unavailable. As I would consider weeks without any contact "unavailable" I phoned Ms. Bradford. She did not answer her phone so I left a message with my name, telephone number, reference number and a brief description of events. She has not returned my call.
Waite4it on 07/28/2010:
Update 7/28/2010: Still not resolved. Home Depot has neither returned my phone calls or my e-mails. I have been forced to consult an attorney to see what, if anything, I can do about this situation. Ridiculous! All over carpet that HAS A WARRANTY. Oh, and the carpet is now peeling away from the steps. What a mess.
SaMoore on 07/28/2010:
Mr. Derk seems to post on online forums just to give the perception that his company is willing to provide resolution Waite4it. Thanks for the updates. I have wondered how the resolutions were handled by company reps after they posted and offered assistance.

I bought a $500 rug from Home Depot less than a year ago and with no pets or kids on it it managed to unravel at the seams and matting underneath within 8 weeks. I am not surprised you carpet did not hold up.
Waite4it on 08/10/2010:
Update 8/10/2010:

Still not resolved. I filed suit against Home Depot in small claims court and their representative in my state was served with the paperwork on 8/2/2010. They have until 8/22/2010 to respond.
Waite4it on 08/31/2010:
Update: Well, Home Depot responded to my suit on the last allowable day. INCORRECTLY. The court gave them 13 more days and instructed them to read over the small claims handbook so that they can fill it out correctly this time. They stated in their paperwork that Home Depot was still investigating my claim. I would think it would be difficult to investigate something you weren't looking at that is owned by someone you won't speak to.
Coincidentally, Mohawk carpet called last week and, because I was not home, they left a message to call them! The young lady left her contact info and I returned her call within 2 hours. I have not heard from them since.
Waite4it on 09/03/2010:
Update: I noticed that my last update sounded as if I had spoken to the representative from Mohawk. I did not. I left a message apologizing for missing her phone call and she has yet to attempt contact again. However, we have spoken to a representative from Dyson Vacuum TWICE this past week. They have been very professional and pleasant. We have no idea how this is all going to turn out but it's certainly nice to see some sort of activity after being ignored for so long.
Waite4it on 09/22/2010:
Court date set for Oct. 21!! The wheels of justice are slow.
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Waite, thanks for keeping us informed, as few do who post on this site. We will look forward to hearing what happens in court.

BTW, I have the same vacuum and have had no such problems with it.
clutzycook on 09/22/2010:
Hope you get this sorted out. It's too bad that people have to resort to unplesantries like this.
Waite4it on 10/07/2010:
Update: The attorney for Home Depot contacted me last week and they have decided they would rather settle. My husband and I met with their lawyer and signed all of the necessary paperwork to get this over with. Home Depot has agreed to return ALL of our money within 21 days. When the check actually arrives I will change this complaint to RESOLVED!
trmn8r on 10/07/2010:
That's outstanding! Your updates were great. Too bad the HD representative was not as proactive as the initial post led you to believe he would be. BTW, the wheels of justice ARE slow. I sued a guy in March, won in July, and just this week is the deadline for him to produce the financial statements my suit requested.

Hope you get that check.
roger.james@jamesflooring .com on 06/17/2014:
i understand that you are unhappy with your carpet but nobody in the industry recomends dyson vacums since they are not ajustable
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Inmates Running The Prison At Store 0551 (No Management)
Posted by on
PLANO, TEXAS -- If I could rate lower than a one I would. My husband and I went to purchase carpet at this Home Depot for our new house. I had called first and asked to speak to a manager because we joined the movers club and got a 10% coupon off of our first purchase. I spoke to a man named Raul and he said it would be honored at this location and just to come in.(Come to find out later that he was just an employee pretending to be a manager over the phone!) We then visited the location and placed the carpet order. The third party company came out to measure our area and then the problems started. We were told it would take 24 hours to get a call back to finalize our order. We had to call the location after 72 hours had passed to see what was going on. They has the measurements and just weren't calling us. Then when they gave us the total amount to pay it was extremely higher than what we expected. Come to find out our order was not taken down correctly and they were charging us for carpet removal and new tack strips which we did not need. On top of that they did not apply the 10% off to our purchase. Once they removed the costs for the carpet removal and tack strips the employee was then unwilling to take the 10% off the purchase. Of course we asked to speak to a manager to get this resolved. Manager Dave got brought into the situation. He was not helpful at all. I spent almost THREE hours talking to him trying to just get the 10% off the purchase. He kept asking if he could call me back to get some more information about what was going on with our order. Finally he said we would get the 10% off of the purchase and everything was going to be taken care of. 4 Days past and we did not hear anything regarding to the installment of our carpet. Plus I checked our account and they charged us the full amount!!!! I called back to speak to Dave and he asked me to hold. He covered up the phone not knowing I could still hear the conversation and the employee said he did not give us the 10% and that he did not turn our order in to the installment team even though they already charged us! I was promised again by Dave that he would take care of the 10% and put a rush on the carpet installment. (I should tell you at this point that we did order carpet that was in stock so we would not have to wait). I finally thought everything was taken care of and the next day my husband got a call that the carpet was now out of stock and we were going to have to wait until the location ordered it again. Furious at this point I called Dave back and told him I wanted to just cancel the order which he acted surprised about. Just to see I asked if the 10% had been applied yesterday as he promised and he did not even follow through to make sure that got credited back to our account and sure enough it didn't. Before he let me get off the phone he spent 5 minutes telling me what great team he had and that he had the best employees (I should have hung up at this point.) Then they called my husband to get our CC card again to refund us. (why did he not ask for that when I was just on the phone with him??) Finally, after all of this at least I thought I was done dealing with these morons and horrible store.... but they still have not refunded my money....
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User Replies:
BEJ on 01/30/2010:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company. My husband an I had a similar experience with Home Depot and wanting to order carpet--In our case it did not go that far. We were charged a fee for them to come out and measure--we could never get them to come out to measure. We were charged for this and got a refund after a bit of a tussle.
Ytropious on 01/30/2010:
I was unaware those mover coupons could be used on home carpet installs...
homedepot_michael on 02/01/2010:
Hi this is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care; I am disappointed to hear that your experience with our store turned out as it did. I would be more than happy to look further into this for you, please send an email with more details to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
doglovingreviewer on 05/29/2011:
Maybe the coupons can't be used on carpet purchases. However, Home Depot should have told you this at the beginning instead of giving you the run-around. Also, why did they initially charge you for carpet removal and tack strips? If you did not specifically add them to your order, they have no business charging you for them.
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Carpet Install Gone Bad
Posted by on
OREGON -- Don't buy carpet or flooring at Home Depot. Don't have them install either.
It took two visits and three months just to have Home Depot come out to my home to measure for carpet and vinyl. They over order and charge you for what is ordered, not what is installed. There was a lot of extra carpet and flooring left over. You end up paying for installation calculated by all carpet ordered not by the size of the room. Then came the installers.

"Their professional installers" were two vinyl installers that had never laid down Carpet before. They complained the entire time on the job. They never showed up on time for install. They came and went on their own schedule. Some days not even showing until 2 PM. A two day job took 6 days. They left a mess everywhere. Nails in the driveway. Tracking in and out of my home with their shoes on while installing my white carpet. The carpet job was a nightmare. The carpet on all of my stairs was laid own in the wrong direction. The patterned carpet was not seamed to the pattern. The seams are showing everywhere. It took Home Depot 7 months to offer to order all new carpet and redo the entire job which included having a crew come out to move all the furniture back out of the house. They admitted that the two installers that they sent out were not qualified to task this job.

After 7 months of stress. The end result: They only ordered one room of new carpet and only sent one working out to my home for the fix. They had promised me the world to make all right telling me that they would have the job done in one day. I got was one worker for the day and he only got the living room and my master bed room done, and it was all pieced together. Different dye lots pieced together in each room. My husband and I had to move all the furniture out of the house, clean up after the installer then put all the furniture back in the house. My living room was now in six seams. The bedroom was in 4 seams. Not to mention that the installer used a black magic marker to outline the carpet before he cut it. I found him in my bedroom trying to scrub up the marker stain off my white Berber carpet, after laying the carpet down. I almost went postal. I called Home Depot Corporate. They are in the process of giving me a full refund on the job. I have a big mess on my hands now as I will have to hire another company to come out to my home to move the furniture back out of the house (for a third time) Rip up and discard the Home Depot Carpet and start this job from scratch. Bottom line: Don't have a company that sells lumber come out to your home to install carpet.

As Home Depot states: "you can do it we can help." They sure made me do it, but I am still trying to figure out what they did to help? I went backwards on this deal.
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madconsumer on 11/09/2008:
when ordering carpet and other flooring, it is not uncommon to order noless than 10% extra. if the flooring has a pattern, it can be as high as 30% extra.

flooring is measured to the longest point in each room. so if the floor has an odd shape, this odd shape adds extra to purchase.

at least you were offered a refund.
ainokea on 11/20/2008:
I went to the Home Depot in Panama City, FL. and it took forever for them to install my flooring (carpet and tile). The guy had to come out 3 times to measure because they kept missing a room or an area each time they came out. After 4 months of trying to get them to install already they still missed the hallway. I called them a million times to get everything straightened out and each time I called a different person was handling my account and nobody knew anything. It was extremely annoying and even after all that I was so annoyed I didn't even want to have to deal with Home Depot anymore that I just hired somebody else to do the hallway. Home Depot sucks.
doglovingreviewer on 05/29/2011:
Their UN-professional installers did not offer to help move furniture, left a mess everywhere, and tracked their shoes on your white carpet, not to mention the Magic Marker. No wonder you are angry! HD was right--these installers were not qualified to do this job. I hope you get an immediate refund.
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