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Home Depot Carpet Installation - Not
Posted by on 12/21/2003
PALM HARBOR, INDIANA -- In early Nov 03, I purchased 123 yds of carpeting from the Palm Harbor store. The installers were hired by Home Depot In Home Services. The install date was the Monday prior to Thanksgiving. The carpet installer showed and laid the carpet in the driveway and into the street. He then went inside to work...leaving the carpet unattended. Someone down the street began to power wash their driveway and the power washing fluid, along with the dirt, oil, mold, etc., from their driveway ran down the street and over the carpet. The carpet installer tried to get us to install the carpet anyway (wet). We refused so he laid it out to dry in our garage. At this point he left the house. We had the family room partially done, one bedroom completed (minus the closet), half of the stairway and one landing partially done, one hall partially done. Two bedrooms were completely empty. The next day the installer came back and started to haul the wet carpet into the house. When we refused to allow it to be installed, he said that he just wanted to put it out flat on the carpet pad so it would dry quicker. We again refused and he walked out. We spoke the install company (US Installations) and they promised to send someone out that could at least finish the stairs with carpet that didn't get wet. They sent the same guy and he never showed up. We made many calls to the expediter at the Palm Harbor Home Depot store and he just said "what do you expect me to do" and other smart remarks. He did come out once to look at the job and didn't do much else. Meanwhile at this time our house is empty and we have the movers coming the day after Thanksgiving. We have liability issues with tack strips, etc on the stairs, in the rooms. Could trip over where the carpet was tacked down in other areas. We had a garage full of wet carpet. We couldn't get anyone to come haul the carpet away. Finally Wednesday another crew showed up to do at least the stairs. They looked at the work and said that it was so bad they refused to touch it. They got a supervisor over to look at it and it was agreed the work was deplorable and the carpet installed needed to be torn out and reordered. The tack strips were installed backwards, there were seams where there weren't supposed to be, there were cuts in the carpet and just left, pieces were cut short, the seams were not heat sealed, we had nails sticking straight up out of the hallway. We ended up taking the wet carpet out of the garage ourselves and put it out on the lawn. No one would take it away (they finally did 2 days later). This was the beginning of the nightmare. Palm Harbor Home Depot store managers wouldn't speak to us, always too busy or if we happened to catch one, they would do "it is an install problem." They finally agreed to order all new carpet and make it a priority. It took longer to come in than the original. Guess what, they came out to install and got it half done and had to leave. The stairs still weren't done and we still had a seam once again where one wasn't supposed to be. Another crew came and found that the remainder of the carpet to do the stairs had a big "forklift" stair down the middle and it was not usable. Away they took it. Then we were told they didn't have any more of that dye lot available and wouldn't have any at all in the mill until another 4-6 weeks. Then they would have to redo the whole house. We still didn't have stairs that weren't dangerous to walk on. After calls to the corporate office of both Home Depot In Home Installations, US Installations, the Palm Harbor store, we were told to go to the store and pick new carpet. We spent 1 1/2 hrs doing that. The carpet we picked was more than the original carpet. We were assured that it wasn't a problem, we wouldn't pay more. We were relieved ... after 3 weeks maybe we could start over. Looking at the first carpet is starting to make us feel ill. The next morning they called and said that they magically were able to find just enough of the dye lot we needed to do the stairs and it would be in in 2 days and immediately installed. We were depressed because that meant that the backorder was still on for the family room (due to the seam down the middle that shouldn't have been there) but said ok...feeling we had no choice in the matter. On Thursday the carpet came in, the installer came on Friday and started the job. Took him all day to "fix" what was wrong with the steps so he could start the job. He left with tack strip and padding down, no carpet. Was supposed to be back on Sat morning...he called and said he couldn't make it. Now we are on again for Monday. We got a call from Home Depot on Friday saying that the new carpet we ordered had come in so we asked if we could get that instead because we could have it all completely installed and the job finished before Xmas, Nope...we have to stick with what we ordered originally even though by the time it is finished being installed it will have been the 3rd batch of carpet. This store sucks, the management and expediter are unresponsive. Promises made are not followed through on. Home Depot doesn't take responsibility for the actions of the contractors they hire. In our case they even sold us a product that doesn't suit our home or lifestyle. They sold us Berber...which is like the worse you can use on stairs, especially ones with small spindles....and it is awful for stains and we have 3 pets. So we paid a lot of money for a product that shouldn't have been sold to us...and then we can't even get the job done right or even close to on time. Home Depot has lost my business for good. I would never recommend them to anyone and will make sure to tell my story to anyone that I can

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-21:
and I was thinking about laying Berber in my backroom...hmmm....
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-26:
Of course, if you paid by credit card, you can fight the charge. TAKE PICTURES, notify the CC company and even perhaps, threaten and follow up with a law suit. Pictures don't lie. Take pictures of everything, the delivery truck, the installers, etc. Good luck.
Posted by buddyneal on 2004-03-16:
I have installed carpet for over 20 years now, and have seen many so-called installers just like the ones you were unfortunate to get. This only goes to prove that you should buy floor covering from a very reputable flooring store that only does floors. And get references before you spend 2000 dollars on something you will be walking on for 10 years. Sounds like you got a bum installer more than once, and Home Depot should definitely be more careful of their installers. Last thing, the installer or his company should have been insured for his mistake when he let the carpet get damaged while outside.
good luck, and oh, I have a very good berber carpet throughout my whole house, and the stairs.
Posted by wallyhammer on 2004-08-27:
they just work their , they don't care....

and the subs are the biggest underpaid dummies that walk the earth, you can see that from your own experience.

just be glad you didn't have a something like a water heater or some other appliance changed out that could have really caused you some extensive water damage , that would have really taken you over the top.
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Poor Carpet Quality And Worse Customer Service
Posted by Fuzzed-out on 03/29/2008
LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- Tip: Before you decide to purchase a new carpet, just pinch a few strands of the carpet sample between your thumb and forefinger and pull. If you pull out some fuzz, you may want to keep on looking. This little test would have saved us a lot of headache...

We purchased 124 square yards of Mohawk carpet from the Home Depot store (Louisville, CO.) Our problem is that it fuzzed terribly. We later found out that it was made with polyester or PET fibers, and not the normal nylon fiber construction. It was from their "special purchase" display. The sales person indicated that it was just as good as their other carpet on display, but it was discounted due to the large volume that Home Depot purchases. They failed to mention the shedding problem. We nearly trashed our new Oreck vacuum trying to remove the fuzz. Then we bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and vacuumed another dozen times.

I understand that some fuzz is perfectly normal, but this carpet just keeps shedding massive amounts! The customer service at Home Depot has been dismal. First there was a week of delays while they had to talk with different store managers, who seemed to always be away in training class. Next, they told us that we had to keep the carpet installed for three months before the carpet manufacturer would come out to look at it. What a bunch of run around. They have yet to respond in any way to indicate that that customer satisfaction matters to them. Even after constant vacuuming, if I kneel or sit on the floor while wearing dress clothes, they get covered with hundreds of tiny micro fibers. This sure seems like a potential serious health hazard. We certainly do not want our children inhaling these fibers while playing on the carpet.

The quality of this carpet is awful! It looks like we will probably have to go to a real flooring or carpet store to purchase a carpet that does not shed constantly. Unfortunately, we learned an expensive lesson. Don't expect to go to a big box store like Home Depot to be educated on anything. Their flooring specialists are not properly trained - even on their own products see updates->

Update #1: After submitting our frustrating experience on my3cents, we promptly received an email from Home Depot consumer affairs stating that they would look into the issue. Later my wife received a phone call asking for more information. She was informed that they would contact the local store to see what they could do to deal with this problem. We were very impressed with the fast response from Home Depot corporate! But, since then, over a week has passed by and still no response from the Louisville CO. store. The breakdown in communication seems to be with the Home Depot local store manager. He has failed to return any of our calls as well.

Update #2: Since our local Louisville, CO. Home Depot Store manager seems to have decided not to respond to us at all. (No reply to phone messages, no "sorry we can't help you letter", nothing.) We went ahead and purchased 124 square yards of new carpet and had it installed. To add insult to our already sad Home Depot carpet experience, we had to pay someone to have Home Depot's lousy carpet removed!

We purchased our new carpet at The Carpet Exchange. The Carpet Exchange sales person was very helpful and very well trained. The new carpet was only slightly more expensive than Home Depot's "special run" carpet. And instead of having to wait several weeks for delivery, they installed it three days later!

The real test was when we vacuumed the new carpet from Carpet Exchange. Once over cleaned up all of the cuttings from the carpet installation. The second pass was basically clean, no fuzz, no clogged vacuum cleaner. Now this is how a new carpet should be! We now feel that it is safe to let our kids play on this carpet.

Needless to say, we are very disappointed with our Home Depot's lack of concern for customer satisfaction regarding this issue. We like the selection of materials at Home Depot. We have purchased nearly all of our remodeling and basement finishing materials through them. The Home Depot used to be our first stop for all of our project materials. Until now, we have never had to test their customer service. Sadly, now that we have experienced first hand that Home Depot will not stand behind their product, we will look elsewhere for any future major purchases.

Update #3: We recently received a settlement letter from Home Depot Corporate. They basically offered a 50% refund on the carpet only portion of the invoice. We feel that this is reasonable and we will be accepting this settlement. To be perfectly honest,we would have been satisfied with less monetary compensation, if our Local Home Depot store management would have demonstrated any concern at all about customer satisfaction with regard to this issue. Even with this settlement agreement, it will take a long time before we feel the same enjoyment as we used to when walking into a Home Depot store.

Update #4: Well it's been a month since we faxed in the signed agreement. We have not heard a word from Home Depot corporate. We are starting to wonder if they are going to follow through at all...

Update #5: We tried to call the Home Depot "Resolution Specialist" who signed the Release Agreement that was sent to us. He does not answer the phone or return any of our calls. All we are asking in our phone message is for an update on the status of this Agreement. It doesn't seem like this is an unreasonable request. We did our part and signed the agreement, faxed it and mailed it, but have had no response from Home Depot's Resolution Specialist for over 2 months! It seems that Home Depot is truly not serious about customer satisfaction. It sure makes me wonder what their motive was for sending us this agreement in the first place....

Final Update: Well, Home Depot did finally come through and honor their settlement agreement. We have taken the check to the bank and are waiting for it to clear. As soon as their check clears, we will consider this issue resolved and closed. Home Depot customer relations sent us a gift card today. I consider this a very smart move on their part to get us to start going back into their store! Thanks!
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Posted by dan gordon on 2008-03-29:
I worked for Mohawk for many yrs and spent 25 yrs working for carpet and floorcovering mills. Not all PET will shed like yours and it doesn't sound normal. Just a fyi Home Depot used to require all suppliers send their own people into stores to train salespeople. HD stopped that 4 or 5 yrs ago and hire their own 'experts'. You should utilize local dealers whenever possible as if a product caused them problems they wouldn't keep selling it, but a box store sells whatever they can get a 'deal' on not whats necessarily best for the consumer
Posted by DumdHead on 2008-03-31:
As they said... the mnfc. will not go out to look at it for three months. With carpet wear this is common. So complain with the maker. Next time rember it is cheap for a reason.
Posted by Moofin on 2008-04-06:
I purchased counter tops and it took 9 MONTHS to get them right. The first 2, were wrong, and after going so long with no counters, I called the corporate office and got immediate action. Instead of sending a HD employee to my house, they had the company that would be making the counter come out and measure correctly.
I suggest that you call the corporate office and let them know about your carpeting.
Posted by R.S. in So Cal on 2009-10-25:
Congratulations on getting your claim resolved!

I'm not sure that buying flooring from a local Mohawk distributor would have been much better.

I recently purchased 1000 square feet of what turned out to be defective Mohawk tile from my local Mohawk distributor, and I've been waiting over seven weeks for a response on my claim.

Unfortunately, Mohawk Industries has terrible customer service and cheaply-made Chinese flooring products that are plagued by defects. Buyer beware!!!
Posted by corktrav on 2012-07-28:
I agree I glad yours got resolved I have been at mine for almost 2 years within weeks after it was install I do agree Mohawk carpets has the worst worst customer service they depend on one man opinion and even it you write letters they really don't care I have never seen just cheap carpet for a high price Mohawk is going down hill and fast
Posted by CarlS on 2013-04-27:
Best response to poor customer service? Don't give them your business any more.

I had a bad carpet install experience from Home Depot years ago and I've never returned. Since that time I've done major remodel work on two homes and many hobby projects, all without spending one dime at HD. The profit alone on those supplies would dwarf any small compensation I would have accepted to maintain my patronage. It's one thing to assume that a big box retailer just doesn't care, it's another when they loose real money and are too short sighted and foolish to realize it.

Unfortunately people are sheep and keep coming back for more. If they boycotted like I did Home Depot would either drastically improve their customer service or be out of business within a month.
Posted by Joe on 2013-07-16:
Dyson is a piece of junk. It will destroy all carpet in no time. They void your warranty also.
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Home Depot Nightmare
Posted by Charlon on 09/23/2004
ORANGE CITY, FLORIDA -- We are currently 4 months into a carpet installation gone awry with Home Depot. The unprofessional manner in which we have been treated is appalling.

ATTENTION PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: If you are considering ordering carpet from Home Depot, and are counting on them abiding by their "100 % Satisfaction Gurantee" DONT!!!!! This is only a marketing ploy to dupe already wary and weary customers.

On Memorial Day weekend, we were lured into the store with the 6 months same as cash deal many others have fallen prey to. (P.S. I understand there is a class-action suit about shady interest dealings on this issue too).Carpet was ordered, and finally delivered and scheduled for install on July 2nd. U.S. Installation was the installer that Home Depot scheduled. Their outfit is another story for another day....

3 of 4 of them spoke no English, which is pretty convenient for avoiding the customer's questions about the install process. After the job was finished, we were shocked to find carpet of two different colors, seamed right down the middle of our living room. This is visible from the front foyer, the dining room, and our master bedroom.

After months of finger pointing between Home Depot, the carpet manufacturer, and U.S. Installation, and after two "professional inspections", and even an inspection by the local store department manager it was determined that the carpet had a "side match" defect. DUH.

Carpet was re-ordered, and re-scheduled for installation on September 18th. (Mind you, in this span of time, we have weathered 2 major hurricanes in our area of Florida. Some of the hurricane victims have already had their houses repaired in this time frame). On the 18th, we moved the furniture out AGAIN, and half our house was carpeted. But, wonder of wonders, the installer did not have a floor plan with layout drawing for the Living Room, Master Bedroom, Dining Room half of the house. The Installer headed back to the warehouse with that roll, since he was prohibited from installing without said layout. Meanwhile, back at Confusion Central, the layout was located and faxed to us. But guess what? The carpet wasn't here at the house, and the only person on planet earth who could re-open the warehouse with what is evidently the only key, had gone to her son's soccer game, and could not be located. So..... Install was re-scheduled for the following Tuesday, Sept.21 with the promise of
3 burly men to help move furniture the THIRD time, since my husband actually has a life and a job to do most Monday through Friday's! So Tuesday morning ONE, count them, 1, installer shows up with the carpet in the back of his Nissan pickup. But guess what? He has just dragged the carpet on the streets between the warehouse and our home, so now there is a lovely hole in several layers of the rolled up carpet. Just peachy.

We still have no "100 % Satisfaction" only 100% disgust. The current offer on their negotiation table is a half refund, with half the carpet installed, and the original problem still on the floor in the living room.

RUN......DON'T WALK AWAY....RUN, TO ANY OTHER COMPANY IN YOUR AREA WHO HAS A GOOD REPUTATION FOR CARPET INSTALLATION. We learned the hard way that any company which relies on outside contractors to finish a job has absoulutely NO incentive for actually seeing the job through to completion.

"Burned" in Florida, alias: "Will no longer step foot in a Home Depot Store Again" :-{
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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2004-09-24:
We had carpet installed by Home Depot two years ago. We did'nt have your problem, but beware...supervise the installation because our closet doors were gouged not by the floor area, but in the middle of the door. As you can imagine, that presented another set of problems. Hope all turns out well for you.
Posted by Sagiz on 2005-06-30:
I purchased floor covering from Home Depot & had experience problems with their installation service. My advice to anybody who purchases anything(floor covering) from Home Depot that involves a contractor working with Home Depot is to get all of the terms of what the deliverables are and who is responsible for each part of the deliverable.

Home Depot & their installers are not reliable people to deal with because there is no real effort to explain to the customer what to expect from the installation and what the responsibility of the customer is.

My experiene with Home Depot is that when the contractor does not feel that the installation site is prepared for them in the manner that is consistent with their requirements, the contractor will just leave your house in total disarray & you are left to deal with Home Depot.

The management & customer service departments will at that time tell you why you are wrong & insist that they will not be responsible for the installation & that you will have to pay additional monies for the contractor to finish the job.

My advice to anybody purchasing any type of floor covering from Home Depot is to hire a lawyer to write a contract with Home Depot for the purchase so that you know exactly what the deliverables are & what the responsiblity of Home Depot, the contractor and the Home Owner are.

Otherwise, you will be subject to whatever remedy Home Depot decides to impose on you and this could be costly & very disruptive to your life.

Caveat Emptor with regard to Home Depot!

Posted by Sagiz on 2005-06-30:
I purchased floor covering from Home Depot & had experience problems with their installation service. My advice to anybody who purchases anything(floor covering) from Home Depot that involves a contractor working with Home Depot is to get all of the terms of what the deliverables are and who is responsible for each part of the deliverable.

Home Depot & their installers are not reliable people to deal with because there is no real effort to explain to the customer what to expect from the installation and what the responsibility of the customer is.

My experiene with Home Depot is that when the contractor does not feel that the installation site is prepared for them in the manner that is consistent with their requirements, the contractor will just leave your house in total disarray & you are left to deal with Home Depot.

The management & customer service departments will at that time tell you why you are wrong & insist that they will not be responsible for the installation & that you will have to pay additional monies for the contractor to finish the job.

My advice to anybody purchasing any type of floor covering from Home Depot is to hire a lawyer to write a contract with Home Depot for the purchase so that you know exactly what the deliverables are & what the responsiblity of Home Depot, the contractor and the Home Owner are.

Otherwise, you will be subject to whatever remedy Home Depot decides to impose on you and this could be costly & very disruptive to your life.

Caveat Emptor with regard to Home Depot!

Lessons, learned the Hard Way.

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To Carpet Or Not - Through Home Depot Or Lowes???
Posted by KC88 on 05/27/2008
Just wanted to say we feel very bad when we see yet another person troubled by Lowes or Home Depot. I have lived through it myself!

We are 20+ yr carpet installers, cleaners, wholesalers in Portland, Or. We used to work for both companies as sub contract installers. We fired both companies from us. Their delays, bad customer service & bad rate of pay to us keeps good guys like us from working for them.

FYI - We estimate we spend 2-3 hours waiting for them to "find" your carpet the day of the job. This is AFTER we called 3, 2 & then 1 day before to remind them! We have even called the day of & said "we will pick up at 9am- knowing we wouldn't be there until noon & STILL it's not ready at noon!!

When we sub'd for them we even faxed a copy of our pick up dates & still not ready for me!

With that in mind, I understand many people have to get product there because of finances. IF you do buy flooring there I URGE you to find an INDEPENDENT, LICENSED, Bonded installer (who uses a power stretcher) to install. Use the licensed installer NOT his hired hands left on the job alone. Pay him his due wages, (you got a deal at Lowes, didn't most of you?) This guy can & will work harder than anyone else, to do a good job on your project.

These stores pay the installers FIFTEEN + YEAR OLD RATES - can anyone live on this now? This is why many of you get a bad install on top of it! Adding insult to injury! They HAVE to throw it in to make their money. The stores need to stop making awful sales offers - just sell the product & pay decent guys to install.

The company that these big boxes hire have a CCB# but then the guys they hire don't "need" one (according to the law in many states) Most likely the installer doesn't have one & has only been "trained" by another installer in that company. Much of the time, No other schooling/training has been done.

I have fixed problem installs done by these guys. I see crooked seams, knee kicked only stretches, staples only, to hold stair carpet down & edges by hard surface areas. (no tack strip), pad that isn't laid in proper, etc...

Talk to the installers or their office manager & try to get a sense of his abilities, you can usually tell if they are idiots! Good office personnel should be able to give you good info.

A couple of other thoughts.
Are you the consumer being proactive?
Stop waiting for them to call you. Call the store the next afternoon & ASK who you can call to get the measurements.

When we worked for them, we always gave the consumer our phone number when we measured. Sorry, we aren't the norm. but it's because consumers want something for free or heavily discounted. So you get horrid customer service, etc...They can't pay for good installers.

Also with re: cleaning the carpets.
Imagine spilling something on your shirt. It goes all the way thru to your skin. Now take a damp sponge & wipe it. Now hang the shirt up to dry & wear the next day. Do you want to??

This is what you get with a Chem Dry service! You need to clean & rinse to remove it. Of course it will wick up. But NOT neccessary from the back of the carpet but from the bottom of the carpet FIBERS. Carpet Manufacturers state your carpet warranties will be voided if you use chem dry but that you have to use a truck mounted steam clean every 10-16 months to keep the warranty up.

Also - when we order carpet, the savings we get our clients for the carpet, pad & install ends up being like their price when they say - "carpet, install & free pad." Only with us you save enough on the carpet to afford BETTER pad & get a great installer to boot! NO FUSS NO MUSS! Also carpet arrives in 3-8 business days - average time is 6.

Last, don't buy polypropylene or olefin carpet BUY nylon carpet it lasts longer! Doesn't show wear paths like the other will. Except short tight looped Berber carpet is ok for olefin.

Well there is my 3 cents. Please feel free to write me if you have any further questions. REFUSE to pay RETAIL, PLEASE!

Hope anything I have said at least helps someone else from having these same problems!


[no solicitations please]

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Posted by fazie on 2008-05-27:
I agree, my hubby is also a flooring installer and he refuses to work for either company for all the reasons you listed.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-05-27:
Nice informative and most educational; however, on some other reviews you have offered your website for those in in Portland area. We appreciate your advice, but you might want to keep your advertising, if that is what is is, to yourself and just continue with some hints for others.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-05-27:
Home despot or lows....neither
Posted by KC88 on 2008-09-16:
Thanks Nohandle - I did adjust my review but I never did state my company name, number, email etc.... I am letting people know there are other decent installers in the universe & it pays to THINK before jumping into a home depot "deal".
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Home Depot 100% no Questions Asked Guaranty
Posted by Clearprop2 on 02/06/2004
MORROW, GEORGIA -- On 10-15-02, I purchased carpet and installation of 266.33 yards of Beaulieu Command Performance (color, Teddy Bear-09) carpet and 49 yards of Stoney Crest vinyl floor covering and installation from Home Depot (store 0114) in Morrow, GA. The carpet was represented to be a premium 90 ounce grade of carpet with stain guard protection. The carpet and vinyl were sold under Home Depot's 100% Satisfaction “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.

The was properly installed, and the carpet is of substandard quality because stains cannot be removed from the carpet after two professional carpet cleanings.

The carpet cannot be cleaned. We tried, unsuccessfully, cleaning stains on the carpet with a home carpet cleaner. I contacted the store complaining the carpet could not be cleaned and questioned whether the carpet had been treated with stain guard as warranted. A Home Depot representative told me the carpet had to be professionally cleaned and that Home Depot would pay for the professional cleaning service. The carpet was professionally cleaned by Chem-Dry Carpet Pros but the stains again bled back to the surface of the carpet. The store representative asked us to have the carpet professionally cleaned again by a service recommended by the carpet manufacturer (Silver Leaf Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning). After the second professional cleaning, the stains continue to bleed back to the carpet surface. In spite of Home Depot’s offer to pay for the professional carpet cleanings, we have never been reimbursed. Diet Coke, among other stains, bleeds back to the surface of the carpet after cleaning. On two occasions, Home Depot asked for carpet samples to be tested for stain guard but we have never heard the results from those tests.

The Home Depot store manager and a Beaulieu Carpet representative visited my home to look at the problem. The Beaulieu Carpet representative said Diet Coke is one of the easiest stains to remove. My complaint has been pending for a year before I heard from Home Depot. They said the Beaulieu Carpet manufacturer said the carpet was not defective and it was a problem with the stain "wicking" back to the surface of the carpet. Then Beaulieu Carpet asked if they could send their so called "independant carpet tester" (All Flooring Inspection??) out to test the carpet again; it was his "professional opinion" there was nothing wrong with the carpet...imagine their inspector would say that? They said repeated professional cleanings should remove the stain. When asked how many professional cleaning would remove the stains, they didn't have an answer.

Since Beaulieu Carpet would do nothing about the carpet problem, Home Depot refused to honor their 100% Customer Satisfaction guaranty on the carpet or installation.

NEVER! EVER buy from Home Depot. They do not stand behind the products and do not honor their
100% Satisfaction “No Questions Asked” Guarantee.
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-09:
You're a nut. Home Depot went out of their way to make sure you understood you were important to them. You need to quit spilling stuff on your carpet. Sorry to be a jerk, but you were treated like royalty - what else did you want them to do? I won't assume you were just trying to use their policy to score a new carpet, but that's what it sounds like.
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-02-16:
yeah, after the carpet cleaners left, you probably dumped Diet Coke on the floor again.
Posted by mstonitsch on 2004-02-17:
I clean carpets for a living..wicking is a problem with "deep " stains,but easy to take care of..all you need to do is make some carpet cleaning solution{about 2 cups worth}and pore it on the stain. then step up and down on it to work the solution down into the carpet pad,{this is were the wicking is comming from}.then put 4-5 white towels on the spot,put some heavy weight on the towels{I use 3 cinder blocks}and leave it overnite...by morning, you,ll see that the stain "wicked" up into the towels, and your carpet should be stain free..this trick also works really well on pet stains
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-19:
The science of Capilarity is one of unwaivering wonder for me.
Posted by buddyneal on 2004-03-16:
After reading your complaint, I can only tell you that one mistake is the 90 ounce carpet you bought. It must be very thick and long pile for that weight, so therefore, even most professional cleaning will not dig deep enough to get the coke stains out. It is most usually the sugars in drinks that cause the most problem. Nevertheless, no company that sells carpet like Home Depot will do any more thatn they offered to do for you. I understand your problem, but at the same time, the warranties that the carpet manufactures state are only worth the paper they are written on. But, they did try to help you. I can only agree with you about the Home Depot Guarantee, but if you get further into their Guarantee, I am sure they have themselves covered for that somehow. Think about that, over 260 yards of carpet installed must have cost well over 5 grand. oh, and I would be willing to bet this is a polyester carpet if you check it, that is another downside to really thick carpet...sorry you had the troubles
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
After reading your post, I am going to make sure I consider Home Depot for any carpeting needs. They treated you very well, and to be honest, your inability to navigate a Diet Coke from can to mouth is not that fault of Home Depot. Consider a bib if you need one, but your complaint here is absurd.
Posted by cantbelieve on 2004-05-20:
Well, I purchased the same carpet from Home Depot in April 2003. My problem wasn't stains but after about 6 months the carpet appeared to be wearing very bad. Finally, in March we decided to talk to Home Depot about the problem. We were told to bring in a piece and they would test it.....I said OK I wonder how that test will come out..... To my surprise they advised us that the carpet failed the manufactures test and would be completely replaced (both carpet and labor covered). I couldn't believe it. I was not a fan of Home Depot, but I have to say that they handled this professonially. I have seldom in my 53 years experienced better customer service!!!!!!
Posted by Kerry on 2006-06-11:
Hi, keep fighting. It took me 2 yrs. on puter & refrigerator. Finally replaced/upgraded.

I also have carpet problem with Mohawk & their 10 yr. warranty. 6 mo. after water was spilled, completely removed color, now in several places.

Had 2 yr. complete warranty, they said I poured bleach on. Right. I was consultant on properties until Lyme Disease hit me hard.
Also dad 45 yrs. in drycleaning, I certainly know not to clean carpet with bleach.
It is bad run, piling +++stains that can`t be fixed due to color wiped out.
I am still battling.
Other options TV & small claims court. Usually you will win.
This may be my next step, If have en-gerny for.

Mohawk has huge slush fund & they have spent more in time & inspector etc.

My salesman totally agrees,small business, offers to install free. Mohawk will NOT budge.

Last night wrote my last plea. It is not whole house.
Had 20 yr. old carpet not 1 stain,DUH???
Why now with new stainmaster, I call stain grabber.
Good Luck, do not give up. Frustrating isn`t it when you do something to enhance or make life tad easier. Arghhhh To all my 5 recalls in battle with & yours....
Home Depot & carpet companies have huge slush funds to take care these things. 1st hand knowledge.
Keep plugging maybe another root. I posted on my refrig. fiasco,last week delivered new 1/old was 4 yrs. by now, but upgraded & saved me thousands.

Sometimes you have to just hit right NICE person.
I find that often 1 cuts you off, other doe`s best to help.
Go to the top of management.
I have much experience, sigh, lately.
Keep us informed.
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Don't get carpet installation from HD
Posted by Jason22a on 10/06/2010
Don't fall for Home Depot's $199 deal. First there are hidden costs. In the final bill, they will charge you $45 for "removal of shrinkwrap that the carpet comes in", and even if you ask, the installers will refuse to leave the shrinkwrap (which may at most amount to a plastic shopping bag, ridiculous) because it's part of their cut from HD. Plus, they oversell you carpet, by as much as 30% (on top of the regular 10%-15% ). Plus the installers have a deal with HD that they charge you for the same amount of underlay as the carpet, no matter what (esp with stairs and irregular installations, actual underlay is much less than carpet, as it doesn't need to be cut from a single roll as the carpet plus not all areas are underlaid). Not only that, but the installers refuse to leave you any leftover underlay (which you paid for) because they go around and use it in another job. It's a scam arrangement between HD and installers. Quality of job depends on installers, but outfits like HD usually deal with the most incompetent installers that cannot find jobs other way. All in all, stay away, in the end, you will pay 3 times as much for a half assed job.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-10-06:
Where did you experience this? Not all stores do things exactly the same. To make this review useful you need to include the location of this particular store.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-10-06:
When we moved into our house 9 years ago, I bought carpet for one of the bedrooms from HD, and they also did the install. I don't remember exactly what they charged me but it was pretty much the price quoted, with no surprise fees at the end. I was very satisfied with their service.
Posted by THD_Daniel on 2010-10-06:

My name is Sheronda and I'm with Home Dept customer care. I apologize for your experience when your ordered your carpet. We'd like to look into this for you. Please email your order information to sheronda_care@homedepot.com.

Social Media Specialist
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Posted by installer on 2011-08-14:
...the 45 bucks is to remove the plastic packaging, the cardboard core AND all the scraps and cuttings from the install. Get your facts straight.
As for the overage, it depends on your layout. There is no such thing as a standard 10%...carpet is just under 12 feet wide....there is going to be as little as no waste, or a bunch....it depends on the layout and every job is different.
Lastly, its an industry standard. Not just home Dpeot that the customer pays the same yardage in underlay as carpet. Yes more underlay will be left over, and its yours to demand to keep. Most customers don't want it, so yes it gets used on another job....every company does this. The installers get paid by materials handled...not installed.....If I haul 90 yards of carpet and pad to your house, pack it in, install 82 yards of carpet and 76 yards of pad....Im supposed to give you a break on the difference.....I don't think so.
Posted by Linda on 2012-07-16:
I am supposed to be getting the rapid install carpet and they said with the estimate and the install it should be 10 days. Well after not hearing from them, calling every day to try and see what is up, it has been two weeks and no carpet has gone in. I now have to pay an extra month of rent because my new house is not ready to move into. Home Depot in Pembroke Ontario SUCKS!
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Defective carpet
Posted by Kbodtker on 01/20/2010
ATLANTA, GA -- Frank Blake
Chairman and CEO
Home Depot
2455 Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30330

Dear Mr. Blake:

I have an issue with my $6000 carpet that I purchased from the Bellevue, WA Home Depot March 24th, 2005. The carpet was on back-order at that time, but then came in early, and was installed in April 2005. After a few months, the carpet started turning black, not in a particular area or spot, but everywhere – especially where the carpet was next to the hardwood flooring – so from the hardwood floor to the living room, the dining room, the family room, and the hallway to the bedrooms. The area in front of the couch in front of the TV was also turning black.

I had the carpets cleaned, and initially took out the black, which was spreading across the carpet. But then the black streaking reoccurred, and kept spreading. I had the carpets cleaned again, but the after a couple months, the black returned. My gut instinct was there was no “stainmaster” in my stainmaster carpet. It seemed odd to me that the carpet was on backorder, then came early, and then started staining and turning black.

I called the Bellevue Home Depot for two months before someone (Keith) actually came out and looked at my carpet and took samples. I told Keith what my gut instinct of no “stainmaster” so he took samples from my home and also the roll I had leftover from the installation that was in my garage. Eventually I received a letter (November 8th, 2007) from InVista from Susan Baker, Stainmaster Consumer Care, which stated that I had no stainmaster in my carpet. She ordered new carpet in December 2007, and I had the new replacement carpet for the entire house installed on February 16th, 2008. Which means I had to take two days off from work to hire movers and have all the furniture moved out of my home for the installation to take place. I was happy that Home Depot had stepped up and taken responsibility for the defective carpet, and I told my friends and everyone I worked with at Qwest and Microsoft about my good experience.

The new replacement carpet started turning black again within 3 months. I was either in denial or didn’t think that Home Depot would replace $6000 worth of carpet with defective carpet. I had the carpets cleaned, but the carpet just started turning black in the same places it did before, usually from the hardwood flooring to the carpet, or if I dropped anything, it would start to turn black. I had the carpets cleaned again in May 2009 – but the carpets just started turning black again.

I called Susan Baker, InVista, to tell her that my carpet was turning black again. Susan asked if it was the same as before, the hardwood flooring to the carpet and in front of where people sat (TV). I said “yes” and at first she said that could not be possible, that the stainmaster had been reformulated in April 2008. She looked at my file and then said she had ordered the new replacement carpet in December 2007, and I had the new replacement carpet installed in February 2008. Two months before the carpet/stainmaster was reformulated.

I called the Bellevue Home Depot after I talked to Susan Baker, and a Kurt (expeditor) came out and took samples of the carpet from the leftover replacement carpet I had in the garage. He was suppose to send this sample to Stainmaster for a test to see if there was any stainmaster in the new replacement carpet. He also hired a 3rd party “expert” to see what was wrong with my carpet. As soon as Kurt said that, I knew I was going to get the “runaround” with Home Depot. I am sure they didn’t want to have the expense of replacing my carpet again! I have worked at large companies, and I know….

As soon as the 3rd party expert arrived, and when the first thing he asked is if I had cats, I knew he was going to say it was the cat’s fault. And of course, the results came back that the stains (all over in the exact places as the first carpet?) were cat urine. What your “expert” didn’t ask me is when I got the cats. My other cat had passed away in November 2007, before I got the new replacement carpets. I didn’t get new cats until September-October of 2008. The new replacement carpet, installed February 16th, 2008, was already turning black, and had already been cleaned once. There is no “cat” smell in my home, and people who visit don’t even know that I have cats. I am sure if I would have told your 3rd party “expert” that I had no cats and/or pets, he would have come up with another reason. He is the “expert” for Home Depot, and obviously wants to be hired again – which isn’t going to happen if he allows a claim against Home Depot. I have dealt with 3 wood flooring “experts” and each one had a different story.

Home Depot’s customer service (if you would call it that???) closed my claim. Stainmaster doesn’t cover cat urine - never mind that I had no cats when the new replacement carpet was installed and there probably is no stainmaster in this new replacement carpet. I would not know, because Home Depot and/or InVista has never gotten back to me with the stainmaster results. I have called HD customer service, and also talked to a manager, Amy, December 23rd, who said she would call me back, but never has. I have left her 3 messages this week (Mon, Wed, Thursday) with no response. All I received was a letter in the mail, dated December 23rd, 2009, telling me that because of the cat urine (?) my warranty was void.

I am giving Home Depot the opportunity to replace my carpet. Obviously I would never have the exact same carpet – because it probably still has no stainmaster, but something comparable to what I purchased in the first place. I understand now that there is a test Home Depot can do to make sure the carpet has stainmaster before the carpet leaves the warehouse. If I don’t hear from anyone, or my claim is not reopened, and I receive the stainmaster test results, then I am going to contact my local media. Maybe they can assist me, or at least bring public attention to this matter, so other consumers don’t have to go through this. I am sure there is no stainmaster in the new replacement carpet, the black spreading stains are the same as before in the original new Home Depot carpet.

I have my original receipt, the letter dated November 8, 2007 from InVista, and the letter from Home Depot dated December 23rd, 2009 rejecting my claim if you need copies.

I would appreciate a response to this letter, and the stainmaster test results.
Thank you for your time.

Kim Bodtker
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-01-20:
I think this is a well written review, and I think it's a good idea to involve your local media.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-01-20:
BTW Alley... in the sub-title it says cabaret...(red)
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-20:
i'm wondering what's in the stains
it sounds like mold possibly.

is there any water damage or moisture below the carpet?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-20:
It's time to take HD out of the equation to figure out what's wrong with your carpet. You should hire your own expert to examine everything, including whatever reports HD generated. (Ask your insurance company if they use any particular company for such matters.) Then take Home Depot to small claims court.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-20:
this is a manufacturers issue, not home depots. especially if the carpet was laid in 2005.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-20:
2 carpets turn black within the same span of of a few years. I would think it's not the carpet after the second failure. Are you using any chemicals on your carpet when you vacuum? Do you and your family wear shoes in the house? I mean I would contact the manufacturer and ask what would turn carpet black. I would still assume that carpet doesn't just magically turn colors unless something is first applied to it.
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2010-01-21:
Hi Kim,
This is Michael from Home Depot Customer Care, I am sorry that you are continually having problems with your carpet. I understand you are currently working with one of our agents, if I can be of further assistance please send an email to michael_care@homedepot.com

The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Posted by kbodtker on 2010-01-21:
Carpet is light beige, Cabernet is the name of the carpet. I just had my own 3rd party expert out yesterday afternoon. He tested the carpet, and also pulled up the carpet (something Home Depot's 3rd party expert did not do) and there is no water, moisture issue, and no stains on the back side of the carpet, so no cat urine. Yes, it is a mfg issue, but since Home Depot's 3rd party expert said it was a "cat" problem, Stainmaster (Invista) automatically does not take any responsibility for the carpet, nor will they test the carpet for amount of stainmaster product formulated in the carpet, which is the problem, and was the original problem from the carpet I purchased in 2005, and had replaced in Feb 2008.

The biggest problem I have is I paid $6000 for carpet that my 3rd party expert said is polyester - not nylon - polyester is a much cheaper carpet, and is more pourous, which may be the problem.

No, I do not use any product on my carpet, just vacumn. Just walking across the carpet is turning it gray.

Any other suggestions are appreciated!
Posted by kbodtker on 2010-01-21:
Where do I buy carpet that is GUARANTEED???
Posted by Ponie on 2010-01-21:
Kim, I sure can't give you any suggestions on what to do but I'm with Ytropius in questioning why carpet would mysteriously turn black--in two separate cases. It's not just plain dirt, is it? I can't imagine a large corporation just falling back on the 'it's cat urine' answer if you've had carpet experts out to say otherwise. Of course, my imagination has been incorrect many times.
Posted by kbodtker on 2010-01-21:
Because there is a lack of stainmaster in the carpet, if even a small drop of anything is spilled, the stain just keeps spreading..... if you wipe it up, it still keeps spreading. I have had the carpet professionally cleaned, but without some type of stainmaster formulated in the carpet, it will just keep happening. I think having the carpets cleaned every 3 months is unreasonable. I just wish I would not have listened to Helen at the Bellevue Home Depot - who told me she had this type of carpet in her home, and it never had any stains, and was very easy to keep clean because of the stainmaster product. She also told me that she had a great spot cleaning product, but do you think she ever called me back when I started having problems..... NEVER - she is full of it! She probably has never had this type of carpet!
Posted by Ponie on 2010-01-21:
I still can't understand why the carpet turns *black* in each case. If you spill lime Kool Aid on it, does it turn black? About 18 months ago new carpeting was installed in my apartment. Since I didn't have to pay for it, don't know whether Stainmaster was involved. Anytime I spill anything on it, it turns the color of the liquid. But those handy-dandy ShamWows are terrific! I just place one over the spill, step on it a few times, an it's completely slurped up with absolutely no sign of the spill.
Posted by moneybags on 2010-01-21:
OK. Did your cats (now deceased) ever have accidents? The problem may be with the slab. Cat urine can penetrate the slab and even with new underpad and carpet, the urine can affect the carpeting. The ONLY way to remedy this is pull up the carpet and seal the slab. You can use a pigmemnted sealer (like KILZ) but it works.
Posted by kbodtker on 2010-01-21:
Even if you just walk on the carpet - it turns gray. If you wipe up a spill, no matter what product is used, the carpet turns gray and the spot keeps spreading - because there is no stainmaster formulated into the carpet, which is the same problem I had with the original new carpet I purchased in 2005.
No, the now deceased cat never had an accident in the carpet. I never had problems with my original builders carpet (which I am sure is not that expensive) which was in my home (purchased new) in 12 years. Now I am wondering why I ever replaced the carpet I had in the first place?
Posted by kbodtker on 2010-01-21:
I have also had a new furnace installed, all the airducts cleaned, there is no moisture (or water) under the house.... Maybe I should have just bought GRAY carpet from Home Depot - instead of beige...
Posted by Wpooh on 2012-10-16:
Wether it is a manufacter problem or not it is still HD problem. They sold the carept they are responsible for it. I have had multiple issues with HD as well with $7000 work of new carpet. 6 months later and it is still not corrected.
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Posted by Michelle R on 08/07/2009
The Beaulieu of America carpet I purchased and had installed through Home Depot began to "Pucker" after less than 1 year. Home Depot sent their carpet repair tech, who said the carpet is delaminating and it is a factory defect. Home Depot then sent their "inspector" who reported that there is a "foreign substance" on my carpet and there is no factory defect. Whatever...!!! I ended up paying someone to come and re-stretch my carpet just to get rid of the puckers. That carpet repairman advised me that it didn't appear to have been power-stretched when initially installed and that was part of the problem. I advised the Home Depot representative of this, and they replied that they always use a power-stretcher. Since their representative wasn't here, and I WAS HERE, I think I know better than they do whether a power-stretcher was used. I didn't know at the time of installation what a power-stretcher was, so I didn't know to insist on it. I never saw one until the carpet repairman came to re-stretch the carpet. As he was re-stretching, he showed me the extreme delamination and told me that the original installers probably noticed this also but put it down anyway knowing that it would be a while before I saw the signs (puckering). If the installers point out defects, then the carpet can't be installed that day and the installers lose a day's pay. I guess you're supposed to know what to look for yourself. Home Depot offered to send me a $100 gift card "for my trouble" and said they would get back with me regarding a resolution to the problem. After a couple of weeks of not hearing back, I called the Home Depot representative who rudely advised me they had closed the issue because I accepted a $100 gift card as settlement. (Like I would really be interested in buying ANYTHING from Home Depot again!) Who in their right mind would accept a $100 gift card as settlement for $2500 in carpet??? I sent Home Depot AND the manufacturer, Beaulieu of America, pieces of the delaminating carpet and BOTH of them refuse to honor their warranty. Rude reps from both companies contacted me. Beaulieu's position is that it's Home Depot's problem, even though Beaulieu is the one who provides the 10 - 20 year (depending on the problem) warranty. Home Depot offered to SELL me new carpet at cost and I would have to pay for the installation. So their position is that I must pay to replace my defective carpet that was not installed properly. I wish I had read all of the other Home Depot reviews BEFORE I purchased carpet from them. It has certainly been an education!!! This carpet will probably only last another year or two, or less if I have it steam cleaned (according to the repairman). Obviously I won't shop at Home Depot to replace it!!!!!

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Carpet Nightmare
Posted by Sorry customer on 09/28/2007
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- Purchased carpet in the amount of $7,000 plus. Placing carpet in a house that I was getting ready to move into. Current carpet was removed. Selling current home and moving into home that carpet was purchased for. Installation date was 4 days before house closing and moving date. Carpet and installers arrived at designated time. In this area Home Depot contracts their installs through Coverall.. Installers alerted me to flaws in the carpet. Home Depot had them to remove all carpet for return. That started my problems with HD. Talked with HD to reorder carpet. On the second day, was told that carpet would have to be made taking approx. 3 weeks to make then schedule for install and then install. I decided to travel another hour trip to the closest HD to pick out another carpet that was already in stock at the carpet mill which would expedite the process. Changed carpet, there was a small difference in cost that HD picked up. They were supposed to expedite the order to have in 5-7 days. It was scheduled to arrive in that approximate time. HD policy is to not schedule installation until the carpet arrives, with no exceptions. I asked for an exception due to the fact that I had to move my entire belongings out of a 2400 square ft house that I hade lived in for over 20 years to a house that had no carpet in it. This was causing me to put much of my furniture and possessions in storage the garage, etc. This was a huge inconvenience due to cost and pretty much having to move twice. Put a mattress on the bare floor with a TV until carpet could be installed.

Made countless calls to HD and to Coverall checking on the carpet. HD stated that the trucking company had it in route and should be delivered on time. Coverall claimed they did not receive it. This continued for 31 days between the day the carpet was removed from the house until they came back to install the replacement carpet. Somewhere in the second week of Coverall saying they still had not received it and the trucking company saying they delivered it, Coverall found it at their facility. Since it was a different carpet and manufacturer, they said they had missed it. Larry, a HD expediter, said "it had been there for a while". I ask for supervisors, managers, VP's, and get a "second level" customer service rep (Judy) who assures me she will help expedite the situation.

I was told to call Coverall and schedule installation since it had been found. When I called they told me it would be two weeks before they could install it. I complained that I should have been on the install schedule already, due to the wait. They told me they were sorry, but that one of their installation crews had quit, one guy was in the hospital and they could find the other crew!! I am like what?? I communicate this to HD with no help. I had never asked for a dollar refund due until now and I tell "Judy" that I all of my phone calls and daily efforts had not helped at all and that I felt there should be a credit given on the cost. She told me that HD would discuss that with me and work something out, but ONLY after the job was completed and I was satisfied and that was their policy.

After completion, I asked for 50% she said that would not happen. She offered me a $500 gift card. I told her I felt 20% was reasonable due to all of the mess ups and inconvenience. She said she understood and would check further and let me know. I then received a call from the Evansville store, assistant manager Jason who informed me that installation issues happen and that is out of their control. He had talked to his superiors and they did not feel that the circumstances warranted any credit at all or further consideration. That was over a month ago. I have repeatedly called "Judy", only to get her VM. I have left countless messages for her to call me. She has not. I have called her three times today.

I strongly urge others to reconsider before using Home Depot for any large projects or purchases with installation requirements.
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Posted by fazie on 2007-09-28:
my hubby is a flooring installer and he sees this all the time, has to go make repairs etc to flooring installed by HD's sub contracters. these people are not known for being dependable. HD is correct that it is not their responsiblity about the installation. they contract with this company and the company sends out the installers. My hubby has built a name for himself all by word of mouth, he says he will be there then he is there. i wish all sub contractors were like that! good luck in the future.
Posted by geather-c on 2007-09-29:
THANKYOU. I am getting ready to buy new carpet,now I have scratched off home depot as a place to look.
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-09-29:
Sorry Customer I gather you purchased your carpeting from HD and they made the decision as to the subcontractors, not you. If that was the case I feel HD shouldn't expect the customer to handle the problem. There was a similar situation in my neighborhood when the neighbor contracted with Lowes for a kitchen remodel, they paid Lowes and then discovered after countless delays and substandard work that they were expected to deal exclusively with the subcontractors since Lowes basically did nothing. Yours is a classic example of why we should go with a locally owned company and let them take charge of everything, responsibility and all. Thanks.
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Carpet installation and pet urine stains
Posted by LiRio on 10/08/2010
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- After paying for my dinning/15 steps stair/ and hallway carpet, instalation for over a month...it took the installers a whole month to contact me....after calling them numerous time and giving them my direct number...they finally set up the date for the instalation...but they again didn't call on that day so I called them myself to find out they were calling a different #(??) /so anyway they came home, and started removing the carpet when they saw some old pet's urine stain ... they refused to remove the carpet and they left my house...i called Home Depot, they only asked me to remove the carpet myself and the removal money would be refunded back to me... they stated it was a new law that installers can't remove carpet with pet's urine stain on it...what?? WHAT???? since when??? this is something new for me since I got my living room carpet removed few months ago with more urine stains than the dinning and hallway!!! they hung up on me asking me to call them back to set up a new appoitment when ever the carpet got remove...... what a service!!! THANK you HOMEDEPOT...
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-10-08:
Maybe it's a new rule? Maybe these stains are fresher?
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2010-10-08:

My name is Erfon, I am with Home Depot's customer care. I am happy to look into this for you and assist anyway I can. Please feel free to email me your contact info, order number, and more details to erfon_care@homedepot.com.

I am happy to help.

Social Media Resolution Expediter
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-10-08:
It could be a new health code law.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-08:
homedepot: an explanation here would benefit Heck Depot and the other reading the post.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-10-08:
homedepot, why do you want the OP's contact info? So you can ignore them too?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-10-08:
There's HD michael and HD daniel, but the people posting under these nics are never michael or daniel! Why not make a single HD cares nic and you can all use it. It looks better for you that way.
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