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Beware of Home Depot Extended Warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MENTOR, OHIO -- I purchased an LG washing machine Model # WT5101H on 11/27/2010. From HOME DEPOT and I also purchased the Home Depot extended 4 year warranty plan. It was a $1100.00 washer on sale for $749.00 . On 10/6/2013 the machine broke down. I called Home Depot's warranty center on 10/7/2013 to have the washer repaired an they set up an appointment two days later on the 9th and said the repair man would be there between 8am & noon. So on the 9th I received a call around 11am from the repairman and said he would be there around 5pm. When he got there he looked at the machine an said the whole motor assembly would have to be replaced an that it would take 10 to 14 days to get the part which I thought was ridiculous.

The next day I called an LG service and was told it only takes 24 to 48 ours to get the parts. So then I called Home Depot Warranty and told them what I found out, and I was told that they could no authorize any one else to repair it. I waited until 10/29/2013 and called them again and was told that the claim was not authorized yet. I could not believe it, nothing had been done, the parts weren’t even ordered . Then I asked to talk to a manager. When I talked to the manager I was told the same thing and there was nothing she could do about it. I lost it.

Then when I told her I was going to report it to the BBB, and a local news TV channel she then connected me to another person by the name of Aron. I had to explain every thing I went through and he told me that he would have to find out what actually happened because that it only takes minutes to get this authorization not weeks. He told me that he would find out what happened an would call me back. About 45 minutes later he did call me back an said he had found the problem but he would not disclose it to me. Then he told me that he got everything straightened out and that the parts were in stock and that he had talked to the service man and promised me that it would be repaired on or before Monday 11/4/2013, he also gave me his phone number so that I could call him back if there was still a problem and that he would call me on Tuesday the 5th to make sure that the repairs were made, So I waited until Monday the 4th of November and decided to call the service center that was supposed to do the repairs and was told that the parts were on order and haven't come in yet.

So then I called Aron at Home Depot warranty and ended up leaving a message on his answering machine about this but he never called me back, He never called me back on Tuesday either. So know here it it almost a month later and still don't have a washing machine to use.
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Installation Hassles
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Rating: 1/51
CORTLANDT MANOR, NEW YORK -- In May I signed a contract with Home Depot for new siding. The sales agent, Greg, promised that the installation would be done by the end of June. In July Home Depot informed me that my product would be delivered soon. On July 29th a contractor team was dropped off in a white van. No one had any badges and there was no manager on site. They started to destroy my wood shutters. I tried to tell them I was keeping them in both English and Spanish. I got no reply. One of the guys cut himself and threw bloody tissues and bandages all over my driveway. I did not notice this until they had left. My two year old son and dog picked up the bandages. My two year old son had blood on his hands. The men also piled my shutters and other debris on top of my newly planted rose bushes (that I had purchased from Home Depot).

The second day different men came and one went and peed in my neighbors yard near his five year old daughters window. My neighbor called me and I went outside and yelled at the guy. The men continued to dispose of my shutters even after my installation manager "Doug" told them not too. Doug called them off the job but they still stayed until I called Doug four times. Then a new team showed up the next day. These were professional people that cleaned up after themselves and did not pee on my neighbors property. However, they ran out of material and more material had to be ordered. Doug told me that the job would be complete in between 3 and 5 days. The contractors told me ten days. So I thought about 10 days would be about right.

On day 11 I begin to call Doug to ask him what the holdup is and he does not take my calls. I had a tree scheduled to be taken down and the debris left on my lawn (damaging my lawn) was in the way of the removal. The company I was getting the tree removed by is on my street and told me that they could not take the tree down with that debris there. The debris sat there from July 29th to August 11th. It killed the grass that I bought from Home Depot and planted there because it is hard to grow grass on my lawn. Now I have to do that again. Doug finally agreed to have the debris removed and actually ended up doing it himself. However, it has now been more than ten day or even 14 days. I keep calling Doug to see what the problem is but he avoids my phone calls, hangs up when he knows its me, forces me to call from different numbers, and generally ignores the situation. Home Depot than gives me the number of Terry, another installation manager. Terry is great with customer service and calling people back but the only answer he can give me is "I have to ask Doug" or "I don't schedule Doug's teams". This becomes very annoying as he has no answers for me.

Again I call the 1-800 number for help and they try to call Doug and get no response. I call the 1-800 number five times and get nowhere. In the mean time water started coming into a window that water had never came in before staining my wall and damaging my floor. (I have been told by Terry that an insurance claim would have to be opened up by Doug who does not take my phone calls.) The men come over to work 19 days later but don't have enough material to finish the job. They do stop the leak that was caused by an open J Channel and incomplete siding around the window (according to the contractor on site). I am then told they have to order white siding to wrap the porch. I then call Home Depot stores in the area and ask them if they have this in stock. Every store has this item in stock. I am not confused because I was told by Doug and Terry that this has to be ordered. When I told that to Terry he did admit the item was in stock. I call the 1-800 number again for help and this time the agent laughs at me for being so upset and tells me to calm down. I hang up with her and call the 1-800 number back to report the agent. the manager is very nice and tells me she will get me in contact with John [snip]. She also promises to call me back and follow up with me. She does not follow up with me and I am unsure if she ever got a hold of this John [snip].

It is August 22nd and my job is still incomplete but my credit card was charged the entire price of the job on August 4th. I am promised the men will come back and finish on Friday but am always promised they will be here on Friday every week. I believe that this is because its the end of the week and I can't start complaining again until Monday. I would never hire Home Depot to do anything again. They promised the job would be done by the end of June. It's the end of August and the job is still not done. I am having Lowe's install my gutters even though the nearest one is across the Tappan Zee Bridge. I am very disappointed by Home Depot.
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User Replies:
dan on 08/22/2013:
I was a rep that supplied Home Depot with carpet. Never use a box store for ANY installed items. There is absolutely no control, they mark up the labor, and all labor is subcontracted to who knows who. Not sure why you'd run to Lowes. You'll find the same scenario. The people in the store have little to do with the installation etc as they are contracted by outside suppliers and the store does not do the contracting. Find a local dealer for what you need. Looking forward to your Lowes' disaster story on installed gutters. Hoping for the best for you.
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THD Unfair Employment Practices & Securities Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MADISON, ALABAMA -- 1. THD employer fraudulent activity after appointment (hiring) and during retention employment practices. I applied for the advertised Head Cashier job offered on their website and at indeed.com. I was offered the Head Cashier position for employment with THD. I accepted the Head Cashier position with THD. After completing the majority of the planned computerized training (about 42 hrs over 2 wk period included about an hour training on register), I started working on the register with real customers. I was scheduled, worked, and compensated in a "Cashier" position at THD for a period spanning over five (5) weeks. I was never scheduled, worked, or compensated in a "Head Cashier" position. Conclusion - This is fraud (misrepresentation) action and unfair employment practice. The "Cashier" job position is different and separate from a "Head Cashier" job position. The Head Cashier position is a supervisory position involves more responsibility etc and therefore more pay.

2. THD employer intentionally and repeatedly performs unfair employment practices by ordering/allowing employees to perform the duties and responsibilities of other job classes on a regular basis. During my employment as a "Cashier", I was told by my supervisor (Head Cashier) to relieve another employee in her position so that person could go on break. The position the other employee was performing at the time was the position "Customer Greeter". I performed this position for 15 minutes or so. Conclusion - This practice is so prevalent (almost every employee in the store, new and old, was involved in "jumping departments/job positions" that it is difficult to distinguish who is actually assigned to which department and in what capacity.

3. THD employer intentionally and repeatedly performs unfair employment practices by ordering/allowing employees to perform the duties and responsibilities of other job classes on a regular basis. During my employment as a "Cashier", I was scheduled and worked as a "Pro Cashier" on certain days and for certain hours and told to relieve a fellow employee performing the "Pro Cashier" job. The "Pro Cashier" job position is separate and different from a "Cashier" or "Head Cashier" position. The "Pro Cashier" requires someone with more experience and knowledge to service "Pro Customers" who spend more monies because they are professionals. Conclusion - This practice of "jumping job positions" by substituting another employee hired in a different job position is prevalent that Cashiers who have worked for THD for years do not realize it is an "unfair employment practice" to switch job positions on an employee by ordering/allowing an employee to "jump job positions" whether it is for breaks, lunches or "as scheduled".

4. Each job position is assigned certain job duties. Each job has a certain capacity where knowledge is required prior to employment to meet certain employer expectations and then acquire knowledge (training) during employment to remain employable. Each job has a certain degree of responsibility which may involve supervisory or management skills and knowledge. Each job is assigned a pay scale based on the assigned duties, knowledge, experience, skills, responsibilities, and may include supervisory or management compensation. Every company is required to define every job position within their organization. When an employee is hired in one position but ordered to perform the duties of another position, in other words, "jumping job positions" this is an unfair employment practice. The employee is not classified to perform the duties of the other position. The employee may not have the necessary job skills, experience or knowledge needed by the other position. The employee is not fairly compensated for their labor in other position. The action of "jumping job positions" is a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. It is unfair to the employee because the employee work performance is not properly recorded and the employee work record is not properly cited for performance of work of a higher capacity nor is the employee properly compensated for work performed requiring a higher degree of knowledge, skills or experience. All "Sales Associate" job positions (all jobs performed by employees in other departments or on the floor other than "Cashier" or "Head Cashier" positions) are paid higher than "Cashier" job and most likely more than "Head Cashier".

5. These "jumping job positions" skews the actual payroll expense for every department within the Store causing a "watered payroll effect" (payroll is one of the biggest expenses to any retailer) and therefore it is fraud (misrepresentation) of expenses (financial data and reports) to intentionally mislead and obtain employee and management BONUSES, employee purchased STOCKS, individual purchased STOCKS, and STOCK GAINS or DIVIDENDS.

6. The "watered payroll effect" is an INTENTIONAL MISREPRESENTATION of financial information that is relied upon to make financial decisions and therefore is a SECURITIES VIOLATION and every employee, supervisor, manager who participates in the "watered payroll effect" is committing and partaking in SECURITIES FRAUD.

7. THD employer intentionally and knowingly participates in unfair employment practice in training its employees. I was observed on three separate occasions and written up by a Head Cashier for not offering customers the THD credit card (offer each customer to open a THD credit card account). I was never trained in offering THD credit card. At the time of each observation and writeup, I was never advised by any of the Head Cashiers who are required to train cashiers. It was later I was presented the three writeups. My defense was I was never trained nor have any knowledge I was supposed to offer customers THD credit card. How can I offer something I have no knowledge about nor was I ever trained about. Conclusion - It is an unfair employment practice to train only certain employees while other employees are left in the dark. Fair employment practices covers recruitment, hiring, retention, training, termination, compensation and benefits.
It is just blatantly obvious you are bullying, threatening, and retaliating against me by writing me up 3 times and not training me.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 08/06/2013:
All dogs are animals but all animals are not dogs. You seem to be taking the position that all animals are dogs. Many of the laws you have cited are not applicable in your situation. Many of the conclusions you have come to are not warranted. I do not see a long future for you at THD.
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Store Credit, in Store & Online Customer Service, ADA Access
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
KINGMAN -- On 3/17/13, I returned some plants to the Kingman, AZ Home Depot store. The refund was issued as FOUR OLD “STORE CREDIT” cards (no pin). At the time of the issuance, I was not aware there was more than one type of “store credit” card. I attempted to make a purchase online using the “store credit” cards and a manufacturer’s coupon. I attempted FIFTEEN times and continually got the same error message “there is something wrong with this order”.

I finally called customer service and spoke with David who also had the same problem. He even called the store and the store told him they are the ones who told David that I had been issued the OLD TYPE of “store credit” cards and I would need to return to the store and get a new type card. I returned to the store on 3/18/13 and a customer service representative exchanged the FOUR old “store credit” cards and combined them into ONE NEW “store credit” card with a pin number. The CS representative, then proceeded to place my order (0000000), then she said she had to call another number to get my manufacturer’s coupon applied. She was left holding for 20 minutes and became extremely busy answering the phones, helping other customers and cashiers who needed her assistance.

All of this happened AFTER I was at the counter. She then told me it would be another 45 minutes of her holding (I heard her tell the person at the 800# that I could wait no longer and she hung up)…. Then the CS representative told me, I could come back when they were not so busy or I could call myself from home. I opted to call from home because I am disabled and was sitting in a riding cart because someone had permanently removed the lower counters & chairs in the store, no longer making the customer service counter handicap accessible!

At approximately 5:30 pm, I called the number to get the discount applied. I advised the online representative that I needed to get the manufacturers coupon applied to my order and my address was missing the N/S/E/W direction. She wound up cancelling my original order and trying to redo the order with the correct information. Jeanette also called the store to see if they could help her, the store said they could not. When my order was cancelled, it deducted the amount of the purchase from my “store credit” and the transaction could not be processed. I got off the phone with Jeanette at 7 PM. Yet I had received an email stating no funds were charged to my form of payment. Jeanette tried again to place the order, but it could not be done as the funds had not yet been returned to my “store credit” card.

I was told by the online representative the funds should be back on the card on 3/21/13.
I checked on 3/21/13, the funds were returned and I called and placed my order (Conf # 00000000) again, finally without a hitch.
I have spent three days and six hours on the phone trying to place this order. I have been offered a $20 e-certificate and a $10 store certificate from Coral (via Jeanette’s conversation with her on the phone) but have not yet received or picked up either.
I feel The Home Depot has some serious issues to address:

1) Stop issuing the OLD “store credit” cards without pin numbers
2) Help customers COMPLETELY through a transaction and not take one another customer until you are done with one.
3) Credit back immediately to “store credit” cards once a purchase is cancelled.
4) More help is needed in store when Customer Service counter gets overloaded.
5) Return a portion of the Customer Service counter in the store to be handicap accessible. You have parking, riding carts and bathrooms that are handicap accessible, why not a customer service counter?
I would like to have a response to this letter….specifically to the five concerns.

On 3/22/13, I received the following e-mail:

Hello Ms.

I am emailing you in regards to the experience that you had in the Home Depot store. I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

I have reached out to the management team of the Kingman Home Depot
store and they will contact you in 24-48 hours to further assist with
this matter. I will follow up with you no later than March 28 to confirm that you have been assisted by the store.

Your Home Depot Reference number is 0000000.

Again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has


[snip] Loyal

On 3/23/13, I received a phone call from the Kingman Home Depot store apologizing for the things that happened in the store and advising me:

1) the OLD "store credit" cards have been removed

2) staff has been advised to call for more CS people to help when it gets too busy and the CS counter is in the process of being revamped to be handicap accessible. I was also offered a "discount" at my next in store purchase.

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/24/2013:
Seems as if they made a decent attempt to make up for their mistakes.
joystutzman on 03/26/2013:
Let me clarify for you. The "old" cards should not have been issued in the first place. I went online because the store did not have the item in their store and did offer the item online. To summarize for you, my complaints were 1) issuing obsolete cards 2) lack of customer service by not continuing to hold to get my manufacturer discount applied in the store 3)lack of online CS rep knowing how to correct and process my order and 4) lack of ADA accessibility at CS counter in store.
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Being treated like an identity criminal with my own credit card
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- I have a Home Depot card, I've had it for ten years never missed a payment never late. I go to buy something with my card, and it says ask for assistance on the self check out line. I was treated like garbage, they called someone and the people on the phone wanted them to verify my drivers license, they did that, then they wanted to talk to me, they said I have not updated my account profile and they needed to verify my cell phone number, I made that profile 10 years ago, I had no idea what the cell phone number was, so she tells me to give the phone back to the sales person, then they want to know if I have a debit card, I asked why they wanted to know that, no answer, I get my debit card out and she verified once again it was my card. She told the person on the phone that it was a Visa logo on the card. Then they finally let my card go through.

I have never been so humiliated in my life, when I got home I called Home Depot customer service and got this stuck up hag from Tennessee I was furious and yelling at her and all she kept saying to me was she was not going to talk to me if I kept yelling at her, she threatened me if I didn't stop I was going to be listening to air, meaning she was going to hang up. I finally got fed up with her snotty arrogant I don't really give a crap attitude and I will admit I called her a very nasty name and hung up on her.

Home Depot better get their customer service personnel in line, I still felt like I was being treated like garbage when I did nothing wrong. As far as I'm concerned they have lost my business.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/09/2013:
You stated that you were disrespectful to the CSR on the phone, so I am not surprised that she informed you she was not going to take it. People can have disagreements without yelling and using inappropriate language.

As to what sparked this incident, it sounds like a verification issue. When these come up with my credit cards, I am happy that the card issuer is looking out for the possibility of fraud. I don't get embarrassed, but everyone is different. Remember that it is the credit card company that is lending the money, and if there is fraud they may be on the hook to take the loss.
clutzycook on 03/09/2013:
Asking for a debit card after your ID had been verified with a DL is a bit overkill, but with so much ID theft going on these days, it's understandable that they want to make sure you are the owner of the card.
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Time to Leave Them
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
CANADA -- I've been a customer for over 15 years and always run credit for my clients. I'm part of a small group of property managers. Normally around year end we will have people who are late paying us. This year I received several calls before my bill even shows up telling me I'm late with payments. I explained that I don't have my bill yet and that the best time to call me is not 8:04 am. Again, this week I got another call at 8:04 am telling me I'm over due with a grand total of $43. The next day again the calling and again. HD has shown a total disregard for our relationship and utter contempt for me as a client. I don't know why this has changed but it's time for me to do something about these rude invasive calls.

What they don't realize is I'm also a financial blogger and represent 8 other property managers with over 300 units. We've discussed this to see if the others are getting the same abusive treatment. Sure enough they are. Normally by the end of Feb our clients are paid up. So we are all cancelling our credit facilities with them and going to our local suppliers who are now willing to match the prices and their credit actually cost less.

As a business guru with 40 years of experience I can tell you how much it costs them to get a customer and how much it will cost them to lose us. I'm the smallest in our group and worth about $10,000 in any given year. I would encourage anyone who is being subjected to their abusive behavior to pay out your bill and talk to your local supplier about credit terms. This is the only way to teach a company like this a lesson. We are people not numbers. They need to see the number disappear before they will smarten up.
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User Replies:
gsr118 on 03/07/2013:
Military Veterans of WW2 and the Korean War is treated like dirt at this company(Home Depot)
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Home Depot Is a Horrible Place to Work, and Has a HORRID HR Dept.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PORTLAND, OREGON -- A few key points of back story:

I dated a guy I worked with (Henceforth known as Gary, not his real name.)who is a serial emotional abuser, and has caused multiple situations at work... I broke up with Gary.

I filed a complaint with HD about his horrible and disrespectful behavior towards me and other people at work, and informed them about his compulsive lying and how I was worried that he would file a report with false allegations against me.

Gary went nuts, tried to HIT ME WITH HIS CAR. Luckily, I dodged well enough to not get hit. I called the police, police tell me there is nothing they can do because a) I didn't call 911 when it happened and B) he didn't actually hit me, despite his tries.

I told work about the incident with the car, and said I did not feel comfortable working in the same building with him where I have nothing to protect myself with. Work has since done everything they can to push me out, conducting a witch hunt against me, (writing me up for every little thing, but not punishing others for the same minor transgressions, etc.),

Had a meeting with the District HR, who told me that Gary did file a complaint against me (which was filled with false allegations), and when I asked when it was filed, they said it was filed 2 days before mine, which was not possible because he was on vacation and out of the store. It turns out they held on to my complaint for 2 days, and sent his complaint in before mine. The HR woman was very accusatory in her tone, and kept blaming me for the situation. Then the HR woman told me "(Direct quote) It sounds like I was on the bad end of a bad break up, and it looks like I'm trying to get retribution through the store, and I need to leave it up to the higher power that (NOT IF) I believe in." I was floored.
I told a few friends of mine about the incident with the cars, and the HR meeting, mostly to get their perspective on whether or not I was overreacting and what I should do, and how displease I was with the process. Someone apparently overheard and complained about my attitude towards Home Depot and Gary.

Then, today, I got a final write up (one step away from being fired) because I wasn't showing Gary respect. By telling someone the truth about what happened to me, I wasn't showing Gary respect. They also included that me expressing my displeasure with the Home Depot is not being respectful either. I responded with "RESPECT??? RESPECT??? HE TRIED TO HIT ME WITH HIS CAR. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP" and the idiot manager responded with "Well, if I did something bad, I wouldn't appreciate people at work talking about it either".

I have always been the best in my department at what I do, and in fact despite being massively understaffed, I get most of the work done ahead of time. I have been there 6.5 years, and I have a history of being truthful and reliable, whereas Gary has a history of constantly being late, rude and lying to and about people at work. They are actively protecting him, and I think that is disgusting.
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User Replies:
andbran on 06/06/2012:
this is why dating someone you work with is not a good idea. maybe you should contact the Labor Board or even a lawyer.
jktshff1 on 06/06/2012:
Has he done anything outside work? Ie, stalking, calling, texting etc...
raven2010 on 06/06/2012:
Sounds like a hostile environment case to me. Also leaning toward constructive discharge.

And just a note, he could have filed his report two days before yours---you don't have to be at work to file. Most large companies let you do it over the phone or via an HR website.
MRM on 06/06/2012:
What a shame. I'm going through the same ordeal as this person. The witch hunt, lies, trying to push me out, etc. I'm still here, standing my ground.
jktshff1 on 06/06/2012:
MRM, hope ya got feelers out, easier to find a job when ya got one..good luck.
trmn8r on 06/06/2012:
There's a bottom line here - it has to do with dating people at work. I did it several times. It can be great and it can be a nightmare. I still have the fork tine marks in my forehead from a bad breaker upper.

Companies are so busy trying to make money that handling matters that bridge work and personal issues is something they aren't good at and don't want to be.
Justice74 on 06/06/2012:
If Gary had a "history of constantly being late, rude and lying to and about people at work"...then why on earth would you have dated him in the first place?
MRM on 06/06/2012:
Because she likes bad boys.
Anonymous on 06/06/2012:
Justice, that's the kind of guy that us girls love.
Justice74 on 06/06/2012:
Then don't buy a cow and complain that it moos.
Anonymous on 06/06/2012:
Hey I didn't write the review. I've had my bad experience dating a co-worker. At least the OP didn't get pregnant. Trust me, that ain't pretty when that happens.
Justice74 on 06/06/2012:
Who's fault is that?
Anonymous on 06/06/2012:
Trojan's for making faulty products.
TLSmith on 06/06/2012:
If '"Gary" tried to hit you with his car in the store's parking lot, it should be on the security tape.
Anna Molly on 06/06/2012:
Dating people you work with is indeed a BAD idea. I didn't have someone try to hit me with a car, but I ended up getting married (and divorced) 3 times.
robridingbike on 06/06/2012:
Can u transfer to another store?
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Hidden Costs and Horrible Experience With the Carpet Floors Dept
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND -- I just decided to sell my condo. I need to do this expeditiously and with as least cost as possible as I don't make a lot of money and am a single mom. So I decide that I could better my condo by replacing carpet and kitchen and master bath floors.

Home Depot has a sign that says carpet install complete for $97. I spoke to the sales person in the carpet dept at the Annapolis Home Depot and he told me that if you have more than 6 pieces of furniture per room it would be another $100 dollars per room. So of course I have a 7 years of toys and stuff and there are a lot more than 6 pieces of furniture per room. So I pack up a ton of boxes and furniture and hire the movers to take it all to a storage room I rent. Then I call Home Depot and make the measure appt.

I spent 2 hours on Saturday waiting for the measure person to come and measure. She was very pleasant. A few few days later measurecomp called me. I spoke to Greg, who yelled at me when I asked for a break down of the two rooms pricing. I didn't understand at first that there is not separate price for labor. But he was very gruff with me. I asked for a supervisor and spoke to Keith for 45 minutes. After speaking with him, I find out that he can only gave me a quote for one bathroom, the wrong bathroom. Apparently, the measure person who came out to did not include the master bathroom in the floorplan and I need the master bath tiled not the second bath. So I called the measure lady myself and found out that the problem: She mislabeled the diagram.... So I told Keith about this mislabeling problem. The master bedroom is labeled a foyer. So I tell Keith about the mislabeling and he says I have to have the measure person come back out and remeasure.

But I called her back and she said she would fix the diagram. Because it is hard to cut out time and wait half the day for these companies to come out. Then Keith calls Home Depot and tells them that I want labor only so they can't help me. Home Depot calls me and leaves me a cryptic message that indicates that can't do my carpet or tile work and they don't even leave a number to call them back at. I called them back and the manager of the carpet dept gave me the breakdown and on top of all the other issues I have had so far, there are hidden costs. Or costs that I didn't expect. For example: It is 100 per room with more than 6 peieces of furniture and 5 and under are $50 per room. No one told me this and I have been at the Home Depot several times for hours talking to the carpet employee staff.

Also there is a separate charge which is the same price as the carpet itself to take out the existing carpet. I was going to go with Home Depot because I had a credit card with them that I hadn't used but with all these costs that are not apparent, I don't know what to expect next. It has been an absolute nightmare. Why doesn't Home Depot train their employees to tell the customers all of the costs and not to have them learn after they get the estimate. It has been a terrible experience. It is not $97. It is $97 plus the cost to rip up the existing carpet and plus the cost of $50 per room to move furnitre. The price of carpet is high enough. But be honest with us customers before sending out the measure person. This has been an awful company to deal with. As a customer who isn't familar with carpeting and tiling, I would appreciate that Home Depot tell us up front what to expect. Knowledge is important and even a sign with the costs would be appreciated or an employee with the wear with all to tell the customer the hidden costs up front. Just beware!

Any assistance you can give me is deeply appreciated.
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BigAl on 05/05/2012:
You may be making a mistake to change carpeting and tile prior to selling your home. Many prospective buyers may not like your choices in colors and styles. What you may want to do is remove all clutter and unnecessary furniture(since you have storage area) remember to also declutter your closets. Sell your home with a "carpet credit" This means at closing you cut a check to the buyer so that they choose the carpeting. Before any prospective buyer enters your house make sure you have used a pleasant but not overpowering air freshener. Good luck.
Peggy on 07/05/2013:
Home Depot wants to charge me for extra carpet they are not installing. Ex. They tell me they have to use carpet off another whole roll for my hall and with this nonsense it will cost me an extra $400.00. Their measurements do not add up to what the carpet measuring person got. They will not budge and I will be looking elsewhere for carpet. I had bedroom carpet installed a few years ago from Home Depot and no problem. Also, installed a garage door with no problems. They should be upfront with customers when it comes to having to use extra carpet for an area. So, in the end, with much aggravation, I am being charged for more carpet than I need. This is bad business.
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First Class Service
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ELDERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I purchased a Glacier Bay high arch brushed nickel kitchen faucet in 2007 from HD along with a new sink, disposal, and new counter tops for my kitchen. Their installer was impeccable I might add. So 4 years later, actually last year, the faucet started leaking around the base of the spout - where it swivels. I'm not much of a plumber but researched the issue on the Internet and found out the brand is not well-liked by the plumbing trade and consumers have issues with them too. I discovered on the 'net how to unscrew the collar at the base of the spout and pull the spout up and out to get at the o-rings that needed to be replaced. I tried calling my local HD store but could not seem to get anyone that knew how to help me (OK, that's not a compliment). So I grabbed the old spout with worn out o-rings attached, and headed up to my local HD in Eldersburg MD. In the store I went back and found (1) a small box of replacement o-rings that appeared to be the same size, and (2) the exact same Glacier Bay faucet still being sold there for $88. Printed on the faucet box it still has "Limited Lifetime Warranty". So I took the box up to the Service Desk.

The Service Rep greeted me and asked how she could help. I showed her the new faucet box, explained the purchase I made in 2007 from that store and asked how the Glacier Bay "Limited Lifetime Warranty" is applied. She looked at my old spout, at the new faucet box and asked if I was sure it was the exact same. "Yes". She said, "Well then we'll just have to replace the bad part." I showed her that the old spout still had the collar on it that I had marred in trying to break it lose to unscrew it. That was my fault I explained and did not expect that to be replaced but could I buy a replacement. No problem she said, they would replace that as well since I damaged it when removing the failed spout.

Minutes later I left with new spout (with o-rings attached) and I still bought the box of replacement o-rings just in case. THAT was first class service. She did not ask for my receipt from the original sale, which I actually did not have with me but could have gotten with an extra trip back to the house. I do a lot of business at that store so she probably recognized me.

With service like that, I cannot think of a good reason to NOT keep buying my home improvement materials there.
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localgod on 02/19/2011:
Great review and great customer service! This Home Depot store should hear your review. Please contact their corporate customer service by e-mail and let them know how you feel about this store. Contact them at: 1-800-466-3337 or Homedepot.com.
THD_Daniel on 02/19/2011:

My name is Erfon with Home Depot's customer care. This is great news. I am happy to hear the store was able to get you taken care of. Thank you so much for taking time to share your experience, and I will forward this over to the store. If I can help in any way at all, please feel free to let me know.

Thank you,

Social Media Resolution Expediter
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
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Do not order from Home Depot
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MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- Dear wonderful Home Depot :
To who it may concern I would like to share my concern with your customer service at the Home depot in the Missoula city. I am a General contractor from California and work with your customer service as well as the store manager on issues at my home store in San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and as well in Santa Maria. I have to tell you I have never meet such an individual as the store manager you have in Missoula , Orrion French who flat out lies to your face and tells you he will do anything to please you. His actions and the lies he tells you provide the proof he is not customer service oriented.
I am telling you this information first so you will understand what I have been dealing with for the last three weeks. I am in the town of Annaconda working on a one and only master bathroom for my aunt, with my dad, and his two other brothers. This required installing new drain lines, new copper lines, new flooring new framing, new insulation, new bathroom fan, new cast iron Kholer bath tub and new Swanstone surround. All of these materials were purchased at Home Depot with no hesitation. Now the fun starts. The tub was ordered along with the Swanstone tub surround on 9th of August 2010 with your sales associate Greg Bennett at your Missoula Home Depot. We asked for a time frame for delivery Greg at that moment said let me call and ask, he call your distributor on the phone who stated that 5 – 7 days it would arrive as its destination. The Swanstone tub surround would arrive 2 weeks later. OK Greg asked so it may arrive by Friday but possibly by Monday, but definitely would arrive on Monday. The distributor on the phone said yes that is correct. The order was placed and the time frame seemed to be working with the timing on the bathroom work. Greg did not post on the order under notes who he talked, when the time or the date when he talked with them, big mistake.
Friday came and went, Monday, Tuesday then on Wednesday 18th of August 2010 at 1:35pm we called Home Depot and asked where was our tub that was supposed to be delivered. They, fist Phill who was working in the department and later Orrion French asked for the order number to check on the order and to talk and ask the distributor about the order. Now I would assume that they would pull up the invoice and read the entire invoice – especially the notes at the bottom that stated ship the tub as soon as possible. It was in stock when we ordered and was still in stock when Phill and Orrion French called and inquired. We were told by your store manager Orrion French that the tub was placed on hold waiting for the delivery of the tub surround and that they are going to ship just the tub it and it will take two weeks to reach us now. Now I have dry wall installers asking if they can start work, and I have no cast iron tub to install – to finish drywall down to continue with the progress of the bathroom. I was told by Phill and by Orrion French that there is no way that Home Depot can get the tub any quicker than two weeks. I asked and inquired no you can overnight, expedite or express ship anything you want – please help me out and get it expedited so I can continue my project. Again your representatives told me there are no way they can get it any quicker than two weeks.
On Thursday, mad about the situation that the project is in – since in two weeks my vacation / work helping my aunt would be over my dad and I drove 120 miles 1:45 mins to get to Missoula to confront your representatives who were pushing me off. Orrion French and Phill of coarse are unreachable at the moment so at 8:15 am we start the scenario over with a new representative Tanya Kuhl. Who after a little bit of time actually has a good head on her shoulders and is very will to help customers in the store. Big help – she tells us let’s call the vender and find out what is going on. So she calls and finds out that they did send it out regular shipment- no express or no send this out rush. Nice Phill and Orrion French you did me a big favor. She asked if the tub could be returned and shipped faster, the distributor stated that it was just put on the truck and the truck had not left but was still being loaded. She was also informed we could overnight ship it, rush or expedite ship it to the store in Missoula and was amazed that Phill or Orrion French did not offer this to us.
For the next 4hrs, yes my dad and I stayed there in the Missoula Home Depot to get this tub – it was that important. We worked asked questions, inquired and waited for responses from the distributor and from Tanya kuhl the Home Depot representative on the availability of the tub getting shipped faster. So from 8:15 am until 12:15pm my dad and I worked with Tanya to get this tub. Orrion French realized that Tanya was helping us with our order, 9:30am in the store, that he messed up and told us “oh good Tanya is helping you, she will do right by you and get your tub quickly – no worries”. What in the world does Orrion French do in Home Depot besides hide out and just walk around? Placed and expressed over night order with your vender made possible through Tanya and Jill in your ordering and express shipping department. No at 12:15pm the order was in, it was approved and agreed by Home Depot that the distributor would pick up a large portion of the cost to ship the tub since they made the mistake and did not read the paperwork to send the tub. Home Depot would pick up a small portion of the cost to ship the tub. No the really fun part - 15 minutes later ( after we did some banking) while going for some lunch thinking that the tub issue was resolved and that we received a call from Orrion French the store manager that he personally canceled the order and that the tub would arrive 5 – 7 days from today. I told him you have to be kidding do you understand how much work we did to get the tub by Friday. He told me, you will just have to wait – that is the best we can do, but we could refund you money and give you +10 % and you could go order from Lowe’s. Let me understand this correctly first you mess up my order, don’t help me when you are at fault then you are paying me to go to your competitors’ because your unable to fulfill an order, interesting. I really wonder how often Orrion French does this because he was sure quick to offer this.
On that note I am still waiting for my tub that should have arrived 5 – 7 days and thinking that Orrion French needs to be fired from Home Depot and that Tanya needs to be promoted. I mean all Orrion French did is tell us lies in the store and on the phone. The following picture’s show the work order and the order number (note also the notes at the bottom of page) and a picture of the bathroom minus the glorious tub.
At this point I wish to show my concern with others visiting your store. First I will have to give them this letter and they can read the following instructions .
#1. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been in the department. In Missula they move people around to cover the different departments. I personally watched ten individuals from other departments work in the kitchen area taking orders and answering questions.
2. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been working in the department – more so how long have they been training. A lot of Home Depot employee’s get a shotgun introduction to work in the department they are working in – in other words the guy your ordering from may only have 4hrs experience training in their department.
#3. Ask about their name and department number – there may be several phill’s in the store and remember that may not be his regular department he works in .
#4. Ask if he or she is going on vacation or what days and hours he or she works. You want to reach them since you have spent hours placing and deciding on your fixtures and their color scheme.
#5. Find out if Orrion French is the store manager or works there or worse your in the Missula Home Depot – if he does run for the hills , your order is going to get messed up and he will stump any progress in you getting your fixtures on time. Go to Lowe’s – learn from my recent mistake.

T. Edwards Construction
Credit card holder, Pro products purchaser – how much longer ?
P.S. Maybe others can buy pass Home Depot and go directly to Lowe’s and eliminate the headaches that I am having. Maybe even order from their home town building supply shops, which I should be looking in to once I get back home.
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Alain on 08/29/2010:
Missoula is probably a different district than your store in San Luis Obispo, etc. Contact Home Depot corporate, via their website, about this problem since they may not be aware of it.
rockfishing on 08/29/2010:
Most times your better off paying extra and using a plumbing supply or kitchen and bath outfit to get your material. Both Home Depot and Lowes are unreliable. I last had to buy a 14 inch rough in toilet. Home depot was a lost cause, Lowes found one with a couple week wait. I check Amazon dot com and fount one for $150 less than
THD_Daniel on 08/30/2010:

My name is Sheronda and I am with the Home Depot Customer Care department. I apologize for your experience and I would like to look into it further for you. Would you mind emailing me your order number and contact information? My email address is sheronda_care@homedepot.com. Thank you.

Social Media Specialist
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
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