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Furnace Installation Resulted in Gas Leak, No Mechanical Permit
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Rating: 1/51

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- I am writing to document the dangerous and frustrating experience I had with Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort following the installation of a new furnace and air conditioning system in June of 2013. While the installation appeared satisfactory at the time of installation, it wasn't until Oct 20th that I discovered a gas leak left by the installers which caused me to take a more in depth look at the service I received from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort.

On Oct 21 a service technician arrived from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort to repair the gas leak. The technician found and documented that the leak was caused by a damaged fitting that had been used by the installer. Gas leak testing by the installer could have easily uncovered the mistake. Apparently there was no gas leak testing. While the problem has been corrected, gas had been escaping into my home for 20 weeks. I requested that Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refund my installation costs and re-inspect my furnace and air conditioning for any additional mistakes.

Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort refused any adjustment to the installation cost but did agree to re-inspect the furnace/AC. The re-inspection appointment was then cancelled because of a conflict with the technician's schedule. I then scheduled an appointment with another HVAC company for re-inspection. **, my salesman, did reassure me that there would be no charge for replacing the damaged fitting and stopping the gas leak. That work, he reassured me, would be covered under my warranty.

While the gas leak was the most serious and dangerous error made by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort, there were several other mistakes made that caused significant frustration and hours of follow-up time to correct. Those errors were as follows. The $200 rebate from Rheem (the furnace manufacturer) was temporarily lost in the mail because Home Depot / A-ABC…/ Total Comfort had given Rheem the wrong address (wrong zip code). Follow up work by the mailman and post office did result in the rebate check being delivered.

A $300 rebate from Center Point Energy and a $450 rebate from Xcel Energy also listed an incorrect house address on the application form but were eventually delivered to my home. A fourth rebate ($100 also from Xcel Energy) had the incorrect address on the application and never did arrive at my home. According to Mr. ** this was the fault of Xcel Energy because they “lost” the rebate application. Once this rebate was resubmitted I did receive the $100 approximately 3 months after furnace installation.

While reviewing the rebate paperwork I did notice that my address and zip code, while incorrectly written on every rebate application, was correctly written on the A-ABC / Total Comfort invoice and Home Depot invoice. When going through the furnace installation documentation in October, I found a letter from Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort explaining that the customer, not the contractor, was responsible for arranging final code inspection for the furnace/ AC installation.

While discussing the inspection process with the city, I discovered that the appropriate permits were never pulled for my job by Home Depot / A-ABC / Total Comfort. Apparently an electrical permit was pulled but a mechanical permit was not pulled. When I mentioned this to Mr. ** he looked into the issue and told me that it was the city's error. In an unlikely coincidence, the city told the contractor that a mechanical permit was not required for installing a furnace and the contractor apparently agreed and (at least temporarily) saved the $186 permit fee.

In conclusion, I must say that had I been a less observant customer, I would be living with a gas leak approximately 18 inches away from the furnace flame, I would not have received $300 in rebates, I would not have had my furnace installation inspected by the city and the appropriate permits would never have been pulled.

My hope is that this information will lead to a review of the technical, financial and administrative competence of Home Depot /A-ABC Appliance & Heating / Total Comfort and that it will serve as a wake up call to as many current and future Home Depot / A-ABC Appliance &Heating / Total Comfort customer's as I can inform.

Don't Buy Home Depot Extended Protection Plan
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- Buyers should be aware that Extended Warranty is not serviced by Home Depot!!! But a Subcontractor who is out to make money from you! Terrible experiences from Home Depot extended warranty service!! This is not first time that I had a BAD EXPERIENCE. I purchased Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers and the extended protection plan. After it went in for warranty service... my lawn mower is cutting the grass unevenly! I had a similar experience 4 years ago with the extended warranty service. The customer service, I should say, is one of the worst I've encountered. I called H.D warranty dept. explaining to them of how my lawn mower wasn't cutting evenly...

Next day BPT warranty company?, not Home Depot called and asked about my tractor. I explained to the representative that the lawn mower was cutting the left side of the grass shorter than the right side. She asked me "Did you check tire pressure?" I answered "Yes." Nothing was wrong with tire pressure and that I did check it. But she ask me 3 times about tire pressure. And her exact words to me,"You need maintenance" and pushed persistently that I needed to have maintenance.

I said "I don't need a maintenance." And that I had this issue previously... Maybe balance needs to be adjusted and requested to have it service (under my purchased Extended Warranty). We went back and forth with the same issue at hand. She did everything in trying to TELL me that I needed to be scheduled for Maintenance. PAY for it of course (this went on for more than 30 minute). She said "THAT'S WHY YOU NEED A MAINTENANCE... YOU NEED PAY FOR MAINTAIN FEE."

I said "You did not even look my tractor yet telling me to schedule and PAY for maintenance." She replied, "I KNOW, I'M DOING THIS BUSINESS FOR LONG TIME... Maintenance mean is oil change, filter change, and belt change..." Lol lol... I went along and asked her,"How is oil, filter, belt change related to the uneven leverage cutting of the grass?" She replied "It does." Does she take me for a fool? Does Home Depot even screen the subcontractors when they pass on the Extended Warranty that their clients purchased?

I strongly advise people from purchasing their Extended Warranty! Just know that when a problem starts from your equipment know that you're not dealing with Home Depot! You will get easy 30 minute of run around and "so called specialists" just trying to rip you off into PAYING for something other than using your warranty! I want to share my terrible warranty service experience with future Home depot extended protection plan buyer.

Don't Take a Job in Refacing Unless
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Rating: 1/51

PHILLY REGION, PENNSYLVANIA -- I started working for Home Depot in Oct with three other--two of which were smarter than me and quit before training was over. Basically 998 out of 1000 appointments that reps go on are people that have no interest in refacing their kitchen they were in buying something else and a lead generator pressures them into taking an appointment.

The problems with this are many, 1) you must be a high pressure salesperson in order to convince someone to spend 12,000-20,000 on prefacing, 2) You must be willing to spend 40.00 a day and travel as much as 300 miles to do this and drive an hour to each appoint. Must be willing to make that commitment and realize that some won't even answer the door because they really didn't want the appointment. Be ready to make this hour drive for an appt at 8pm if you get in the door an appt is a minimum of 2 hours. You will have many bank turndowns for the financing of the kitchen.

Also be ready for 1 of every three sales will cancel the next day. Most of all Home Depot runs this like amateurs. Not only supplying you with completely inadequate train two weeks at an average of 3 hours a day. You will be asked to sell things from a book such as back splash and in the end we were given a black and white sheet of paper that the customer had to use to pick out hardware with because there was not enough new hardware ordered. How embarrassing is it to work for an 90 billion dollar company and people have to pick out hardware for their 15,000 kitchen from a black and white piece of paper.

Last but not least you will never get paid correctly because of your lack of training you will make mistakes that will be deducted from your check you will find this out when you get it because there is ZERO communication between the measure people and your sales manager. Home Depot has no regard for you personally and they will run you into the ground if you let them. They couldn't care less about the quality of the lead because it doesn't cost them anything to send you there. The lead generators will say whatever they have to get the lead even if it i™s not true.

Estes Terrible for Home Depot Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- Ordered vinyl flooring from Home Depot online. Estes called to confirm date and time that it was going to be delivered. Estes made it perfectly clear that if no one was home to take the order, we would be charged to reschedule delivery. They never came in the time frame that they stated. I was home ALL DAY.

I called Estes a 1/2 hour before the end of the time frame to see what the problem was and the person who answered the phone was laughing as she answered and said that all the dispatchers were gone for the day, and she could not tell me anything about my order as to whether the driver was on his way or not. This was on a Friday. The following Monday my husband called Estes and the person who answered said that the driver had attempted delivery on Friday - this was a lie. Estes did not attempt to make a delivery, they never showed up and then they lied about it.

They rescheduled the delivery for the following Wednesday. The driver was totally unprofessional...I asked him to please put the vinyl in the garage because it was raining, he refused to do this because he said it was too heavy. He was rude and told me that I was lucky to have him place it where he did, which was just a few feet from the back of the truck.

Why are they delivering things that cannot be delivered properly? I hesitate to EVER order anything from Home Depot again if they continue to Estes as a delivery company. Also when my husband called to find out why Estes did not deliver on the first date, they could not find our order - very frustrating. Estes had no clue that there was merchandise that had not been delivered on the previous Friday.

Customer Dis-Service - Delivery
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I will never purchase another thing from Home Depot. The first item we purchased was a John Deere Lawn Mower. It was delivered missing critical parts. Home Depot is happy to act as a middle man. They are happy to take your money but they do not stand behind what they sell. If something goes wrong you have to call the manufacturer directly, even if you get an extended warranty. Now the wheel housing is cracked and Home Depot has done nothing to help us.

Two days ago we bought a refrigerator that cost $1000.00. We heard nothing from Home Depot regarding delivery of the appliance in spite of the immediate removal of funds through our bank account. My husband had to call to get a delivery date. In spite of all the information he entered into the existing account, they didn't even have his phone number.

I waited all day long for their promise of a call 30 minutes prior to delivery which never came. There was someone at the house the entire day. We have a dog that was kept downstairs out of the way of the front door and out of the path of delivery. My dog barks if someone next door starts their car. The dog never barked. No one called. No one attempted to even come to the door. We would not even have had time to empty out the old refrigerator as a courtesy to them. They said they came by at 3:45 pm. Well, they never called.

They didn't even have the correct number in spite of it being provided to them online and over the phone personally to the representatives at the 1-800-455-3869 repeatedly. They never came by... never knocked on the door... Someone was here the entire day. They tell you via the aforementioned number (customer disservice) that you have no control or say so as to when they will deliver the appliance. THEY TELL YOU WHEN THEY CAN DELIVER IT AND EXPECT YOU TO PUT YOUR LIFE ON HOLD FOR IT!

Particularly unhelpful and downright rude were Michelle (Employee #**) and her supervisor, Viviane (Employee #**) who don't listen, make you repeat everything twice, treat you as though you are the one who is wrong and stupid in having to do so, and then telling you there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to help you... that YOU have to call back "tomorrow" because even though they wasted an entire day and all my time up to 6:45 pm (the delivery period was supposed to be 2:45 pm to 6:45 pm and they were to call 30 minutes prior), it was 7:01 pm when I called and the "HD Department is closed for the day."

Is anybody there actually accountable??? Does anybody have the power to do anything for the customer??? No!!! I am cancelling the purchase tomorrow because I'm told I have to wait an additional seven days for what doesn't even constitute an ATTEMPT to deliver anything.

Not a Great Place to Work
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- To anyone who is thinking about joining the Home Depot as an employee, please beware. First of all, I left my last job as an assistant manager to join the Home Depot as a cashier. Why? The pay was better and seemed as if everyone worked together. When I went back to fill out my paperwork I was told that the only position that was available at the time was as a Lot Attendant. So the Human Resource Manager told me not worry, that he knows I have management skills, and that he would not forget about me and leave me in this position. So I went from being an assistant manager to a lot attendant. No problem I don't mind working my way up.

On my first day I learn from my co-workers that there are no other lot attendants other than myself. If you didn't know, a lot attendant's duties include loading customers' merchandise, returns of carts to their designated positions, and cleaning of the outer area of the store. As the first month pass by I continue to do my job and what every else someone ask of me to do. I'm always being told that I am doing a great job, but management has not hired another lot attendant to provide me with help.

Around the beginning of June the garden loader associate quits. Now while most companies would hire more help the position is left opened and I am now being called to also do garden loader work inside and outside. Now keep in mind that the pro-loader only works until 4 p.m., so when he is off, I must also pull that load. Okay now I am starting to get frustrated. I now find myself (a lot attendant) inside of the store pulling and cutting wood because there is no pro loader after four and because customers cannot find any lumber associates. So I continue to do my job without complaining.

In the middle of June Home Depot hires another lot attendant, but get this, he is only part-time. I showed him the ropes and what we would being doing and the first thing that came out of his mouth was why are lot attendants treated like dogs. So now I have another lot attendant here, I would go and talk to the Human Resource Manager and let him know that I would like to come inside to be a cashier now. And get this when I went to talk to this guy he forgot who I was and all about what he said in the beginning.

I want to not just because I wanted to get off of the lot, but because we have a great need for cashiers. Many are going back to school, moving back home, or just quitting. He told me that he would get the ball rolling for me to get me moved to a cashier position. Like I said before I was an assistant manager, I had done returns and exchanges at my last job and I have over five years of cashier experience. Instead of bringing me inside to be a cashier they started hiring and bringing in outside help before considering the people they already had. After a while I just got fed up with the process and stopped asking about the position.

So it comes around to my review. I am told that I am doing an excellent job and that the company wanted me to start forklift training and cashier training. So I am excited that they want me to be a cashier, but that's not the point. They want to train me as a cashier, leave me as a lot attendant, and only bring me on the inside when they need help. Many of my co-worker told me to quit, but I am a hard worker, so I stayed.

A couple of days later I learned that my other lot attendant would be leaving to go back to school. He left in the beginning of July and had already let the company know that he was leaving. It is now the end of August and I have not had any help in the lot since he has left. When I take my breaks and come back to work, management whines about the lot being full of carts. But what am I supposed to do, work on my break and lunch? So now I am pissed. This company care little if anything for your well being and getting some decent help. They knew this guy was leaving beforehand and haven't even tried to get me any help.

So last week I was approached by one the managers who told me he wanted to talk to me about my attendance. I had missed a lot of the days because of being dehydrated from constantly working in the lot by myself. He never even talked to me because he did not want to hear my side of the case. I am a lot attendant at the Home Depot and yet I work in lumber, plumbing, garden-inside and out, building materials, hardware etc. So be forewarned about working at Home Depot. They do not possess a great deal for employee care.

Disorganized, poor communication, faulty information, slow granite countertop installation
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Rating: 2/51

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA -- I am so exhausted from all the frustrating details. At this point all I have the energy to say is - it seems like I'm their first customer and they are learning as they go on my job. It is far from finished at this point, it's been a month, and I've had to spend so much time trying to get this job done... It is just ridiculous!

Overall - terrible explanations, communication, planning and organizing between the different companies they subcontract with, Home Depot, and me, wrong information given to me which sent me on a wild goose chase for a sink that would not fit... and on and on... and very slow progression of this job that was suppose to take 3 weeks. I can't book anything on my days off because I am keeping them open for the next step of this project which requires me free during the day... and it has gone on way too long!

Terrible Customer Service for kitchen countertops and special order Bi-Fold doors
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Rating: 1/51

NATOMAS SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Home Depot countertop was not trimmed properly to allow the refrigerator to slide in the 36" space. After several phone calls and trips to the Natomas store, tagged the installers to correct the problem, still NO response after 6 weeks!! I had to pay someone to fix the problem.

Similar problem with special order 8' Bi-Fold doors that were too narrow even though the HD salesperson checked with Masonite factory before ordering. Masonite regional representative promised to correct the problem but no response 3 months later despite several telephone calls to HD and the supplier - Masonite. Don't do business with the Natomas store! Customer service does not exist!

Not Everyone Is a Thief
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Rating: 1/51

AURORA, COLORADO -- Been doing business with them for years, now for some reason they feel ALL customers are thieves. Each person is checked upon departing and searched. That is unwarranted and I cannot do business with someone that feels their clients are thieves. They may have a problem, well that's not my problem. But the insinuation and inconvenience is my problem. An easy way to fix their problem without inconveniencing their customers is mag strips and more cashiers. I won't shop at Costco or Sam's for the same reason.

One time when I was with a friend at Sam's around the corner I remember waiting in their exit line for twenty minutes. This only took five but still, who's paying me for my time they are taking up. Or is this just their opinion that your time doesn't matter. Doesn't matter that it's 5 minutes of five hours taking your time to search you is an implication you're stealing. A blanket accusation on all customers is just plain wrong.

I also tried to talk to them, and was even more somewhat surprised that they didn't really much care. Including being told very quickly into the conversation, "Sorry you feel that way, have a nice day". Wow?!? So denizens of the net, please don't shop there. That kind of attitude is wrong. Plain and simple. Their competitor is not far up the road and I will be finding myself going there from here forward. Thanks for your time reading this.

Toro Tractor Lx460
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Rating: 1/51

MERRILVILLE, INDIANA -- Most all the same things happen to my tractor where they claimed they would not fix anything. My tractor is also a LX 460, v deck belt had to be replaced twice year. The day I got the tractor I went to put it in reverse and it shot me across the street in forward, they came and got it and fixed that. Now the rear end is out and the only place you can buy toro trans and parts is Sears. You should replace all these töros that were sold from Home Depot at their cost. Dollar for dollar, you cannot get a better piece of junk, never buy from there again or toro. Don't understand why Toro would put their name on such junk.

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